Sunday, August 20, 2006

Frostenbury Party

Liverpool beat Chelsea :) England beat Greece. Double Celebration!
The only heart-breaking news is that Owen may be out for the entire Premiership season :( It’s not really a good thing. It may be the end of his footballing career. He may lose his place in Newcastle and also in the English squad. Peter Crouch has been playing well lately and if Crouchie continues to find his space, he will most likely be the first choice to partner Wayne Rooney up-front, if the 4-4-2 formation is played.

This week everyone cease fire :) The Director came back with a sun-kissed tan, immediately holds guard. Issues that need to be sorted out were sorted…for now. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Boss will not settle for anything less.

On Wednesday night – went down to Asia Café to meet up with Club 21. As usual, there were so many beautiful catching-up to do :)

On Friday night – Cassius and I went to Las Carretas – a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It really was one of the best fine dining experiences I’ve ever had. The food was yummy & large in portion, the interior design was so cool; it has a mixture of Mexican and Californian touch, the light were warm & cozy and to top if off, the waitstaff were friendly, not pushy, not hurried. The food presentation was immaculate. The timing between dishes was faultless. Plus the conversations were good too! I didn’t expect that Cassius and I were be able to hold such nice & decent conversation. Usually, we just talk crappy and shallow stuffs. But that night, the tête-à-tête was real and intelligent. I just went all loopy with excitement. It was all good. And it was certainly different. And I was up for something different. Cassius gave me a really good Friday night out :)

Tommy and myself also accompanied Nikolai to pick up some pieces. We were briefed on the procedures and the technicalities. They have a broad range of fabrics and colors for us to play with and I have to say that the designs were very trendy and up-market. It was very hard for us to choose since there were so many choices. We took 4 hours to choose the final 3 perfect pieces.

Oh yeah…I bump into Callum. And I’m still deeply adored Callum :( And I think Callum may feel the same way as well. Sigh…right person, wrong timing. It always happens to me, will I be able to get my timing right for once?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


*Terry is the new England Skipper. I love that lad but my first choice for that captaincy would be Stevie G. Because Liverpool rules! And they will win the Community Shield 2006 tonight.

*Troy gave me a fright – text me on 3am-ish with this message: ‘the heart is alone and wants to cry…grieving for the tears…I’m overwhelmed with sadness & loneliness…I don’t know how to cry anymore…’. I know Troy is missing home. The past year has been very cruel.

This week has been dramatic. The Others were in danger!
Someone created trouble, put the blame on Pietro, Seth, Juan & Tommy. Someone ran to daddy and make a complaint. Someone back-mouthed & back-stab and make a scene on purpose.
It smelt like there was a well-planned conspiracy going on. The Director was not in the whole week – went sailing in the Mediterranean. Thus, the timing was perfect. By the time The Director comes back, the storm would have subsided and the crew would have left the ship. (Tommy intended to leave on the spot but I told Tommy not to. It’s not to Tommy’s advantage to leave when Tommy doesn’t have a back-up job and the whole issue is not Tommy’s fault either. It won’t be hard for Tommy to find a similar job, but the tricky part will be asking for similar pay).
It has been very obvious that Boss harbor the ambition to reach the highest office of all; bringing along the team that Boss has build over the years. But this time the culprit was someone else. Someone who is more wicked than Boss. Everyone got a shock; someone was a devil in disguise.
We are yet to determine the motives but most likely it was a grudge at a personal level – against Boss, Pietro, Seth, Juan & Tommy.
But what was very touching in a way, was the way when Boss drops everything, unite the team and fight the outside enemy first. Of course once Boss is done with the culprit, Boss will continue with the office domination plan, but the impressive part of this week was the way Boss, Pietro, Seth, Juan & Tommy handle the situation. Professional, principled and ethical.
The story does not end here yet, I believe there will be a few more episodes to come in the coming weeks :)

From this week experience, I truly feel humbled. Grateful. Indebted. And slightly embarrassed :)
I gotta slow down - to remember that life is good. That things could be worse. And that my little problems aren't so bad in the bigger scale of things.

"I suppose you feel you let everyone down, and that you made a fool out of yourself and everything. But did you notice something, Charlie Brown? The world didn't come to an end."

- Linus, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ugh. This week has been like madness – all hell breaks loose. I was bubbling with bad vibes all over the place. Whatever I did, it just went utterly wrong. And when I try to make things right, the situation got worst :( The Matrix Action has certainly pissed off many people. All of a sudden I am so well-known for all the wrong reasons. Damn it. Anyway I drowned my sorrows with some shopping therapies and yummy sushi.