Sunday, July 29, 2007


The Firm sent us to Pangkor Island for a Team Building Session. The theme was ‘Committed To Excellence: Pathway To Success’. Everything is being provided for free :) The whole event was outsourced to this Eco-Sports company that call themselves Play Village.

Day 1

7.45am – Depart from Sentral. To keep us from sleeping, Play Village got us to play Bingo and some deciphering games. Boring…I rather nap :)

9.45am – Tea Break at Tapah.

10.15am – Depart for Lumut via Gopeng.

1.30pm – Arrive at Rose Segar Bakery. Each participant was given a slice of cake and we have to decorate the cake creatively. Mine didn’t turn up that artistically, but it was presentable enough :) Then, it was follow by lunch.

2.30pm – Depart for Lumut Jetty.

3.00pm – Arrive at Lumut Jetty. Depart for Pangkor Island. The wind was strong, the air was fresh, the sea was calm :)

3.30pm – Arrive at Pangkor Island Beach Resort. Followed by Check-In. The place was perfect. It was serene and beautiful. I wish we could stay longer. My room was like a 30 seconds walk to the beach. The view was just breathtaking.

4.00pm – Team Activity 1. We are divided into groups of 10 and we can’t choose our team members. The Bitch and her friends was in the same group as I am :( So my group was definitely the bitches group. I ignore them. Each time a team session ends, I mix back with my own group of people. I love doing my own thing. With nothing to prove. Happy with who I was. Most importantly, avoiding the whole bitchiness and politics of group dynamics and inter-group dynamics. The first team activity was a cross-leg race. Both of our legs are tied and we have to race to the finish in the shortest time possible. It sounds easy but it was hard. It was all about coordination and working together. We tumble down a few times. Our first attempt was 60 seconds but we improved in our second attempt with 43 seconds as we begin to get our steps right.

7.00pm – Dinner. Main course was not that favorable but their cheesecake rocks :)

8.30pm – Team Activity 2. My favorite. It was a rescue mission. I was the hostage, tied up to the chair, with my mouth plaster :) My team members have to guide the ‘Blind Man’ over the obstacles course; find the key that was hidden under the chair to rescue me.

11.00pm – End of Day 1.

Day 2

7.30am – Buffet Breakfast.

8.45am – ExploraQuest Pangkor begins. It was a duplication of the ‘Amazing Race’. We were given clues to a particular location, find the location, look for more clues to our second location. We came in second :) It was so unexpected. Our team was not in the top 5. We were slow in fixing the puzzles, buying 6 items worth RM10.52…but I think we caught up in the later stage where we manage to pull out the longest noodle and fastest in sorting the Ikan Bilis :) It was fun. Not only we have to focus on the game but also paying a little bit more attention to your team members and the town in general. There is so much to experience in this tiny island.

12.30pm – Buffet lunch, followed by Check-Out, Shopping at Pangkor Island Town.

2.00pm – Depart for Lumut.

2.45pm – Depart for Tanjung Malim.

6.00pm – Dinner at Tanjung Malim.

7.00pm – Depart for Kuala Lumpur.

8.45pm – Arrive at Sentral. Tired but happy :)

And now I’m sick again :( It’s twice in a month. My flu has developed into a nasty head cold.

25th July – I said YES! But why do I get the feeling I'm beginning to thread on thin ice? :(

Monday, July 23, 2007

the beautiful scent

Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix.
James Blunt CD: Back To Bedlam.
MP3 Shuffle Pink Color.

It was 6 blissful hours.
It was such a simple afternoon. Yet I was left with such a happy glowing feeling :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Love

My nose feels so much better now. It’s no longer stuffed, clogged, snotty, grumpy and headachey :) And my taste buds are working.

Work Tales – I’m bored. I want more. I don’t find it stimulating enough :(
I came from an MNC company and am now based in a medium-sized local organization; even though The Firm is listed on the Second Board of the Bursa Saham Malaysia. M13 was a fast-pace environment and this is painfully SLOW. I feel that I don’t have quality anymore. I’m moving out of the loop so quickly. It scares me to think that I might be left out on the corporate shelf. On the other hand, I think I want a career change. I’d like to do something with a lot more soul. Something worthwhile, with purpose and value. I’d like to make a whole lot of good things happen.

Again…I wonder 'what if' I did something different. What if I didn't do what I did? Would it have been the right path? Maybe what I did was wrong because it created a mess not only for me but for others. But then again, there has to be a reason for everything.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Instant Star

I totally forgot that last week Saturday was 07.07.07. There was a Live Earth: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis that was held around the world – Aussie Stadium in Sydney, Makuhari Messe Hall in Tokyo, Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, Wembley Stadium in London, Hamburg, Copacabanta Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Johannesburg, New York – to persuade fans and governments to go GREEN! I think it’s persuasive to use famous singers, rock groups to come together, using their celebrity power to spread the environmental message across to their fans. But…looking at the scale of the concert and the extravagant set-up, I thought it will be wiser to use the money in a more appropriate way. Why not get the artist themselves to clean up the rivers, plant a tree for the future, beach clean-up, switch off the power for several hours, MNC to stop their factories for 1 day – you know, having the stars & corporate professionals to do some hands-on work; get their hands dirty to demonstrate that they walk the talk :) Nonetheless the concerts were hot! Shakira was sizzling when she sang ‘Hips Don’t Lie’.

Even in our very own KL, there was the Green Everyday Concert held at Bukit Jalil organized by SuriaFM. The organizers should get Jacklyn Victor, Maya Karin, Zainal Abidin, Cheryl Samad, Ashraf Sinclair, Sazzy Falak to clean up our Klang River :) As for me - be more responsible when utilizing and disposing the resources :)

I sent my pet tortoise back to the pet shop this evening :( Over the last 2 years, they have grown from the size of a fifty cent coin to the size of my palm. They have become so huge that they don’t have much place to run around in their house anymore. I thought of letting them go off to the lake…but I’m not so sure whether they are able to find food, protect themselves from the outside predators. They have been so sheltered all this time :) Will miss them much.

Argentina will beat Brazil in tomorrow's Copa America Final! :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Life is a drawing without an eraser

I am unwell :(

Work Tales – I came up with a solution to save The Bitch’s ass! :)

It was her fault, her negligence…thank God, I was alert at that time…or not I will be instructed to do that crap task. Life isn’t easy when you rebel against people who do you wrong. The Chevron project is put on hold :( Some of the contract details have yet to be finalized. I was so looking forward to it.

The music is on. No one is at home. The house is still. My afternoon has arrived.