Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time Fu Tom

Ursula + Tommy = Trouble.
We were heading towards the car park…going for the Golf Lunch together. I was walking with Marcus…behind me was this Tommy & Ursula. Then, this Tommy began to start the conversation with Ursula, by saying…you know ar…this J___ ar…very attitude one…she doesn’t look at people one…she look down on people one…then, this Ursula pula join in…ya lor…attitude problem…I buat tak dengar…what kind of bosses do I have…you want to tease your staff…of course, no problem…but I think that this is over the line already. The both of them memang sama species one…very ngam

Tea Biscuit

Leonardo – you are out from the race but you have step down with positive results last year.

Barry – you are also out from the race. I don’t see a need for you to resign at this moment. If it is about sales, then Tommy’s is in a bigger shitty situation than you are. You are no longer under Mr. Horton but under a much better boss of the new Commercial Director. Let’s call the new Commercial Director as Maximoff. However, Marcus did share with me that it’s better that you go. Otherwise, for the coming Hari Raya…if the sales are bad…you will be the kambing hitam for it. I blame the company and the management for not putting in the right support system in helping everyone to adapt to the new culture.

Marcus – if the news is correct and that you will be doing the Trade Plan portfolio and no GM post for you – then, you are really have been check-mate. Nonetheless, it may be a blessing in disguise. You will always have my vote. I don’t know Amelia, so I am a bit biased.

Ursula – you are the last one standing. The survivor. Congrats. The balance of power is shifting right now. Good luck!

Supershrink O

You know what Tommy – Pietro & I will just screw it & just do it :)

Superlift O

Hahaha – Pietro & I found the right word…Tommy is Noisy.
Actually, that was the word used by Marcus to describe Tommy.
What happen was…Pietro & I was looking for Tommy…we want to inform Tommy that we are going out now…for the Golf Lunch. But Tommy was nowhere to be found in the office. So, we check with Marcus. Marcus gave us the green light to go ahead first but also remind us to text Tommy about it. Otherwise, this Tommy will make noise to Marcus on why Marcus let us go without Tommy's permission. Then, Marcus went on to describe Tommy as noisy. Then, Pietro & I laughed and we high-5 with each other. Then, Marcus also wants a high-5 from us as well. Hahaha…

Main Paksa

We (Pietro & Myself) have made some discoveries regarding Tommy:

(1) Tommy likes to shout a lot. From one corner to another corner. Like want to seek attention like that.
(2) A small issue – Tommy likes to blow it into a bigger proportion.
(3) Tommy likes to dramatize on a lot of things. In the end, it reflects badly on us.
(4) Tommy likes to embarrass us a lot.
(5) I told Pietro that we should not take it as a joke when Tommy keeps on repeatedly remind us in front of everyone that our income for the month is not enough. There are 2 sides to a coin…either that Tommy is hinting on us that we need to work extra hard to get the money in or we are useless that we cannot get the money.
(6) I also told Pietro that our peers will either kesian us or they thinks that the both of us as tak boleh pakai langsung & tak berguna. Sigh…
(7) Celtic feels that this Tommy want to show power only.


You are in so deep trouble.

Tommy shouted the above sentence to me, twice…yes, the whole wide world knows about it now.

My bad. I don’t want to defend myself. As I was so busy with the whole planograming thingy – I forgot to place the orders earlier for the Merdeka Flags. Now, the shipment cannot arrive in time. But THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…that I manage to get hold of a local supplier to help me to bring in the stocks earlier. OMG. All of a sudden…I missed Ursula very much. At least, Ursula will get the indent part covered. I put into practice on what I have learned so far in my early morning devotion with God. I will not be in denial nor express my anger. I will just acknowledge my flaws, my negative emotions, my incompetencies. I will just have to manage my own motivation. I will not rebel or resign either. Instead I will rejoice. Why? Because God already have a solution for me before I know that it will become a problem :)

We all face challenges and difficulties in life.
But as God helped Nehemiah, He will also strengthen our hands for the rest of our lives in whatever tasks He gives to us.

Dear Lord, sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged
When faced with criticism or challenges. Help
Me to preserve and grant me the strength to be
Faithful to what You have called me to do.

Life’s challenges are designed not to break us but to bend us towards God.

Sledging And Praying

Sometimes we do the 10 seconds in the garden kind of praying – a quick, spur of the moment prayer or a short thanks before eating. At other times, we’re drawn to down the mountain praying – extended, intense times that require concentration and passion in our relationship with Him. Both have their place and are vital to our lives.

Lord, please challenge us to pray constantly – both in
Short sessions and long. As we face the valleys, hills and
Mountains of our lives, may we lift our hearts and minds
To You in constant communication.

The Veo


Stamford Tyres

My HeadHunter called me.
Salary package – around RM8700. Location is @ Glenmarie. I am very keen with the job scope. The only thing that I am not very comfortable with is the item – me selling tyres? But in the end, the company already offered to another candidate. I am not upset because having such an opportunity is already an affirmation that God is with me. I will be patient. I will wait on God’s answers. I will hold on to God’s words.

God is good, and He has a plan for our lives that is greater and more blessed than the lives we pick out for ourselves, and I am so thankful about that. Thank You, Lord, for bringing me this far and to this place. I leave the rest – my future – into those same hands and say Thank You.



Mahogany Park

#Sibling.Love.With.Small.Ham :)
#Lunch – GO Noodle @ Jaya1
#Pork Ball + Pork Belly Slices
#Ice Coffee & Green Tea Cheesecake - Salt & Koffee @ Jaya1
#May Project – DIY Camera

Tenang Abadi

#Pietro, Celtic, Stephanie, Barry & myself
#The journey ends here but a new chapter is about to begin for all of us :)

D’Camelia Court

Famous Thai Restaurant, Section 9 – farewell dinner for Ursula’s beloved minion; Saleha. Have dinner together with Paige.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Whenever you get an opportunity in life, don’t fear it.
Jump in to it and learn it as you go along.

By – Richard Branson.

Siphonia I

5F’s = Faith, Finance, Family, Fitness & Friendship.
If you have a balance with those 5F’s, you will always do well in life. If you break that balance, everything else will break apart and you will not be successful.

Nafiri 1 & 2

Looking back…being under Leonardo, Ursula & Marcus…changing so many bosses in a span of nearly 3 years…is not a bad thing after all. It keeps me from rottening because being in the G13 nest for so long…really can soften & rotten a person. It takes away all of the positive energy. Not only that…it also prepares me for Tommy’s arrival.

Leonardo – hmm…I didn’t learn that much…
Ursula – I learn how to drive the business. As a matter of fact…some success stories of this year is also thanks to her…leaflet exposure, ordering, bin display, sharp prices, store support, sales tracker, sharing of good practices, monitoring results etc.
Barry – always response…not to react.
Marcus – finding a balance.

Sigh…it’s really true what Miss Klein have pointed out to me the other day…in the retail hypermarket industry…when there is a change of the top management, everything change…when a new boss is on board, everything changes again. The industry is cycling with the same problem. I do feel stagnant already. I don’t mind new challenges. This one is like…the same old shit; week in and week out. I am not adding in anymore new knowledge depth, skills enhancement into my portfolio. I am beginning to lose the passion for retail. I am starting to compromise on myself and on everything else. Where am I going to be in 5 years time? Still a buyer?


Barry drop da’bomb. OMG. Last day is on 2/6.

I saw Barry bought a packet of envelopes the other day…I also saw that Barry’s whole team was having lunch together at the Chicken Rice Shop without Barry…Paige did comment to me that the Textile Team rarely have lunch together…unless there are something going on…the last time they had their lunch together was when they were celebrating on Marcus’s departure & Barry’s arrival back to their fold. Of course, later on…Christy, Celtic & My Source have also confirmed this piece of news for me.


#Morgan’sField :)
#in.the.good. company.of – Miss Klein, Mel Jag & Torres



Sigh…kena bashed…again & repeatedly this week…up…down…left to right…I don’t blame Tommy. Again, it’s my entire fault. I listed in item A but I overlook on item B. I did the ordering for item C but I forgot to order item D. Tommy is very bengang with me already. I did mention that I cannot cope…but to Tommy, this is not an excuse. I must know how to focus and prioritize. I am already 33 years old. I have 10 years of buying experience with me. 10 years of knowledge, skills & know how doesn’t come to this kind of shitty & half past six work. Sigh…

Nonetheless, I will rejoice as there are still people who are helping me especially the MFT Director & her team. The suppliers. And also Tommy. Marah – marah pun…Tommy is still hands-on in helping me to get the things done in an orderly manner. Tommy could any time jump ship or even left me to die alone. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD. YOU ARE INDEED MY GIVER, MY PROVIDER, MY PROTECTOR.

Serissa Terrace


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ficus Peak

FULL-TIME. It ends 3 - 1 to Crystal Palace at Anfield, with Jason Puncheon, Wilfried Zaha and Glenn Murray notching for the visitors after Adam Lallana opened the scoring. Aiyo, somemore this is Steven Gerrard last home game. Stupid!
#ThanksStevie :)

The Mews, The Ensemble, The Encore

Tommy emailed me – Great job in driving sales last week!!
I replied back – Thank you boss for your support & the store team effort.


The Glades

Insecurity is a prerequisite for humility.
Really ar?


When things get tough, don’t keep hammering against the brick wall, retreat & attack at another direction – David Foster.

East Residence

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life – J.K. Rowling.

Yes…I am starting all over again.
Can you believe it…in the morning, I actually bring my notebook to Tommy’s room and brief Tommy what I will be doing for the day…and then later on in the evening…I will brief Tommy what are the things that have been completed and what are the pending ones which will be carry forward to tomorrow.

I missed Ursula very much.
If I cannot cover A…Ursula will help me to cover. Tommy doesn’t have. Ursula will run reports to feed me…Tommy; satu pun tak ada. Ursula is sarcastic yet mild…but this Tommy is to the extreme.

Yes…I am starting from the bottom all over again…

Saturday, May 16, 2015

If People Overesteem Great Men


Assembly Required

Life doesn’t carry with it simple instructions, nor do we find all of the necessary parts in hand. We face situations with no clear idea of what we’re getting into or what it will take to pull it off. We can easily find ourselves overwhelmed with these difficult moments. But we need not face our burdens alone. God wants us to bring them to Him. Be anxious for nothing, but…let your request be made known to God; and the peace of God…will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. We have a Savior who understands and offers His peace in the midst of our struggles.

Extraordinary Showers

Sometimes blessings abound like rain; sometimes they trickle in one by one.
Whether many or few, the good things we receive come with a message from God: I see your needs. You are mine, and I will care for you.

Daily blessings are daily reminders of God.

How To Treat Trouble

Decide to face everything that comes not in a spirit of resignation but in a spirit of rejoicing.

There are 3 responses we can make in the presence of trouble: we can rebel against it, resign ourselves to it or we can rejoice in it. Many take the way of rebellion when confronted by trouble – they cry out against the heavens and question the justice of God, believing they have good cause to do so. It is an understandable reaction, of course – but it is not the Christian way. Others resign themselves to the situation and say such things as: Well, what will be will be. There is no point in crying over split milk. I will just have to grin and bear it. But resignation is not the Christian way either – although many believers think it is. Beneath all resignation simmers an unconscious resentment. It cannot always be observed and it is sometimes so deeply repressed that it cannot even be felt – but it is there nevertheless.

The Christian way of facing trouble is the way of Rejoicing. When the worst comes to the worst, we are not just to put up with it, but Rejoice in it. And if we can’t – then we still have a vital lesson to learn.


No matter how bad Tommy makes me feel – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…slowly…day by day…I am inching towards the finish line…even though I have missed the deadlines. REJOICE!

It’s Not Worth An Argument

Lord, put all the pressure on me You want; I know that the pressure You permit is all part of Your purpose – to make me the kind of person You want me to be.

Scripture tells us that God permits pressure for a purpose, and that sorrow and grief will produce tremendous benefits in our lives – providing we let them. There’s the rub! Whenever Biblical principles don’t seem to work for us, then don’t question the principle – question whether or not you are open to it, and whether you are applying it in the way God directs. There is very little point in arguing with God – He’s always right.

I am very open to Tommy’s critics of me…otherwise…I would have yell back at Tommy or could have cry in front of Tommy. I am very proud that I manage to hold myself this far. Very calmly. I did not yell back…I did not shout back…I did not rudely reply back to Tommy…for me…it was all business as usual. I did not complain about Tommy, I did not back-stab behind Tommy's back, I did not bad-mouthed Tommy to everyone else...even though I am very tempted to do so :) Because I know that the problem is with me. Is me. I am the problem. I need to fix myself first. I am the one who decides that I want to stay back & learn. I want to better myself. I want to improve myself.

The Dangers Of Denial

Happy are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Congratulations to those who are willing to face and feel sorrow, for they will discover in and through the comfort that I impart to them a new ministry and a new joy.

A mentally and spiritually healthy person is someone who is willing to face and feel sorrow, and recognize that it can be made to deepen one’s life – not devastate it.

Why Pretend?

Whenever we are unwilling to face a negative emotion, it implies that we are not in control of it, but that it is in control of us. Christians are often taught to pretend that they feel joyful when really they are miserable. The typical Christian reaction to negative emotions is either denial or expression. The issue of denial – refusing to face them and feel them. The expression of emotions is the act of letting our emotions out. This is a popular approach with many of today’s counselors and therapist. They say, when you feel upset, hurt or angry, then shout and scream or punch a pillow until you have released those pent-up emotions. There is no doubt that some relief can be gained in this way, but it is not a very biblical or mature way of dealing with our negative feelings.

The right way of handling negative feelings is neither to deny them or express them, but to acknowledge them.

I am acknowledging my weaknesses now lor

We Hammer Wood For A House

Celaka betul this Tommy…finally Tommy sounded me & burned me…right at my face…loud & clear that I am slow, that I am not efficient…that I don’t know how to prioritize. Say so loud until the whole office can hear it. And I am very sure that Madeleine (who is just next door) can hear it too. So Malu! :( I know that this is one of my weaknesses. Ursula also always points this out to me. But at least, Ursula’s tone was milder. Fine…I pick myself up lor, I learn lor

Learning to fall and to accept it. Many people are afraid of falling but it’s really liberating. Falling gives you the wings to explore so many things and you may just discover the fun in learning to let go.


But He Who Gains A Victory

Celaka betul this Tommy…goes and tells everyone that I hide here & hide there during the floor walk with the CEO & the new Commercial Director. Yes, I did that alright…but do you have to tell everyone about it? In the first place, you say you don’t want the CEO to have the walk because we are not ready to do the presentation for the whole department…then, eventually you also ask the CEO to take a casual walk through it. I am not ready at that time. I was not fully prepared…I didn’t even had my lunch in order to get the open space ready…of course…I avoid everything at all cost. Somemore, this Michel said that Tommy will not backstab, bad-mouthed or complain about Tommy’s staffs…yeah right…this Tommy is also very clever to complain and good at complaining too.

You Realize The Mystery

Hmm…lately…this Alice & Tommy are getting very close together. They are spending more time frequently. It looks like this Alice may be Tommy's new pet. It’s also a good thing…keep Tommy occupied and Tommy will not have the time to kacau me :)

Free From Desire

Amelia will be on board G13 on next week Monday.
Taking over from Marcus. So, where will Marcus be going next?
Well, according to both Madeleine & Baldwin – Marcus will be doing promotion-related-matters instead.
Sigh…so, as a conclusion…Celtic is right again…the management only wants their own new people…they want to kick out all of the old G13 people…this Ice Queen have promised so many people so many things and none of it materialize.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hector In Search Of Happyness

Tommy wrote me an email.
It said: Good job j___! And thank you for saving leisureware. Keep up the good work.
Leisureware was the only department that was positive on that day. The Stationery Category grew by 70%. Thanks to one of the East Malaysia store and the A4 Paper sales.


Fierce Wife

OMG – I had a conversation with Madeleine on the other day.
Madeleine finds Tommy to be nice & down to earth. The nice part…yes, occasionally Tommy can be very caring & nice…the down to earth part…OMG…which part is that?! I shared this with Pietro and the both of us have a good laugh together. I like the English’s culture, their processes, their systems, their self-confidence, their training-the-people-approach…but I don’t really feel comfortable with their sense of sarcasm though.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Reply From 2002

Baby Cambridge Number 2 is here – Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – what a fitting tribute to her grandfather Prince Charles (Prince Of Wales), her great-grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II) and her late grandmother (Princess Diana Of Wales).


Am I being too hard on myself?
The whole of last 2 weeks – I think Tommy have seen the worst, the bad and the ugly side of me. I was bad in everything from communication to organizing, to planning, to delegating, to executing, to coordinating, poor time management, poor product knowledge, poor leadership, poor efficiency, bad memory. Just about everything. Yingze is feeling very sad right now. 10 years of buying experience…have to come to this…sigh…

Monday, May 04, 2015

Egg Lab

Monday Purchases :) Happy. Happy.

Chat, Chew & Chocolate

I went to work today.
Linda was there. Ursula & her daughter were also there. Tommy came in too.
I didn’t help Tommy at the store level. I just get some of my paperwork done…then before the afternoon rain starts to pour in…I quickly make an exit dash and went to Sunway Pyramid to collect my bag.

I will not bad-mouth Tommy.
As a matter of fact, I will only sing praises of Tommy.
If Tommy wants to bad-mouth me, backstab me, complain me to the suppliers, to the store team, to our fellow colleagues, to the respective SCMs or even to the new Commercial Director…Tommy is free to do so. I no eye see. I suspect...I have a feeling...that everyone already knows about it :) Well, life goes on...

earlier games

One of the cina apek suppliers informs me that – Tommy’s previous success stories with the English…is that Tommy have very good & hardworking buyers under Tommy. Tommy does nothing at all…only the buyers will do everything. I think that Tommy was the one that provides the overall strategies & tactics for the department while the buyers were just doing the follow-ups & the paperwork. But I have learned from my mistakes…don’t take everything upon myself. Delegate! Be fast!


This year…I have known Celtic for almost 10 years now.
Over the years, Celtic has given me many good career advises & tips.
One of the most recent ones was – never give your Boss a good excuse to replace you. It’s like…you don’t like your job…you don’t like your boss either…yet you have no offers at the moment…your boss also don’t like you…but you still need to do your job or to be seen as doing your job…never give the boss a chance to find a reason to replace you. If your boss does find a replacement for your position...then, you are a gone case for sure.

Now, I know that I didn’t do a very good job on the planogramming & set-up thingy.
I know that Tommy is very pissed off with me since last week. I am trying to make amendments here but I know that it’s too late now. I am slow. Ursula have always said that about me. My sense of urgency is not as high as theirs. I repeat…I will just continue to do my best & give my best. If Tommy wants to recruit Tommy's previous konco-konco…then, Tommy is indeed free to do so.

Put It To The Test

If you are confused about something that God is doing – or not doing – in your life, than I invite you to apply the principles we have been discussing over these past days. Take the indirect approach – focus not so much on your problem as on the nature and character of God. Remind yourself of who and what He is – and that He can do nothing contrary to His character. Gaze one by one upon His glorious attributes. If you do exactly as I suggest, I promise you that you will see your problem from a different perspective. Gradually you will find it shrinking to its rightful proportions. If, on the voyage of life, we need fixed points from which to take our bearings, then we Christians have the most reliable of them all – one of them being the goodness and graciousness of God.

Here in this maddening maze of things,
When tossed by storm and flood,
To one fixed ground my spirit clings,
I know that God is good.

O Father, I stand in awe of Your goodness. Help me to know it and understand it more and more. And not only this, but every aspect of Your great and glorious character. In Christ’s name I ask it. Amen.

Still Struggling

If God can’t get to us one way, then He will try another.
He loves us too much to let us stay as we are. Judah might be bad, but the Chaldeans are a thousand times worse. Habakkuk is not the only one to be perplexed over the fact that God uses the unrighteous to refine the righteous.

Father, I am so grateful that You love me too much to let me get away with things that deprive and demean me. You will develop me – even though You may have to resort to most unusual means to accomplish it. Thank You Father. Amen.

bars, woman, beaches

Ling Ling drop da’bomb…left the Japanese within 24 hours…what happen was…the Japanese decide to hire someone from the English and to take over Ling Ling’s position in the Supply Chain Department. Ling Ling is damn pissed off with them. You can hire someone from the outside and let’s learn & work together but not until it sacrifices Ling Ling. It is at the expense of Ling Ling here. I fully agreed. The Japanese have manage this whole situation so so badly.

This year in the retail hypermarket industry…both the Japanese & us are going through a major transformation process. The English have been very low profile lately. Don't know what they are currently up to. In G13 – there is a mini T_____. Over there in A___ B__, there is a mini G____. Sigh…susah nak cari makan sekarang.

clubs, bottle service, trips to different cities

Ara Damansara…somewhere last year…with James…visited a cafĂ© open by James’s friend’s wife…we did lunch together…the place was call Mini Me…or was it Mini Moe…no, it’s not Mini Skirt…hahaha...

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Kapal Kertas

Sigh…Pietro & myself also make another discovery lately…when we have a one-to-one session with Tommy…whenever there is no one around…Tommy will just talk like normal…but whenever there is someone that passes by or someone is near…Tommy will then talks very loudly, raising the voice…like want to embarrass us like that. Yes, Tommy is indeed a bastard to work with…but I want to learn what is so great about the English’s culture, the English’s processes, the English’s system…the whole damn thing!

horrible T


During the last week planogram building – a lot of returns have to be done. I don’t deny that the whole storage of the store has been made messy by the Stationery Department. Then this Tommy asks me to ask the respective suppliers to go to the store tomorrow, sort their items out & collect the returns on the spot. However, today is Wesak Day, a public holiday which falls on a Sunday…so tomorrow (Monday) is also an off day for everybody. Thus, the supplier’s merchandisers are unable to make it. So, what Tommy decides to do was…tomorrow Tommy will go to the store and do it…and the remaining balance, the suppliers have to do it on Tuesday. Sigh…again…Tommy is seeing me as someone who can’t garner the supplier’s support. Even on a small matter like this. Sigh…whatever lah


Me: You are here…
Jonas: Yes I am…
Bump into Jonas at the downstairs store…must be spying on our promotions, merchandise etc…hahaha.

Ye Ke???

Both Michel & Ice have commented that – I – have a good reputation in the market – of being the previous & current bosses’ liking…ya meh? I certainly don’t feel it that way lor. Maybe, they are just saying it ambil my hati...

Nonetheless – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – if it’s true then.

Under The Dome

Liverpool 2 – 1 QPR :) Relief.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sponge Out Of Water

Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Colin Firth – what a top-notch choice, a gentleman, suave, sharply-dress.
Plot – a spy movie with plenty of style & wit to spare. Smart storyline, stylish execution & a sly humor. Ohh…I love when all of the human heads explode…they were like fireworks on the 4th of July. Unexpectedly good!

I need a suit :)

spy hard with a vengeance

#TheFoodLovers@KotaKemuning – lunch with Stewart & Celtic...took place last year…can’t recall we gather for what reason…hahaha :)

Kim Na Na

#Gathering at Stewart’s house – CNY 2015 – March…or was it in February? :)
Visiting Stewart together with Celtic & Stephanie have become a yearly routine now.

Color Bar


I think I have made Tommy to be very angry, bitter, frustrated & upset with me. Maybe even disappointed with me :(

Well, I don’t want to defend myself here.
I certainly did not manage well. I did not focus 100%. I was slow in my work. I cannot control my suppliers. I lack their support. I am not strict with them, I was too lenient with them. I take everything upon myself and did not delegate to them. Alice did well. She was good. I failed.

Yes, I have already inform Tommy earlier that I cannot land this project in such a short time frame…but Tommy still insists to land this thingy because Tommy have committed the schedule to the CEO. I don’t want to give any more excuses. I already have given my best, do my best. If Tommy wants to backstab me behind my back or complain me to the whole world (which I think the whole wide world already knew about it by now), Tommy is free to do so. My conscience is clear.

Tough Mudder

Spend RM50 on a seat – first time with Miss Klein, Mel Jag & Torres – worth it – awesome :)

Sexy Vancouver

#DimSum.Brunch.With.MamaHam&SmallHam :)

Standing On The Edge

If you are facing a test of faith, you too can move forward based on God’s character and His unfailing promises. Relying on Him will help you move from where you are to where He wants you to be.

Lord, we’re prone to quickly forget Your goodness
And care for us. May we trust You today and into the
New year – whatever uncertainties we face, You are the
God who can be trusted.

Fear fades when we trust our father.

He Leads Me

Psalm 23 describes the trustworthiness of our Good Shepherd.

He cares for us.
He provides for our physical needs.
He shows us how to live holy lives.
He restores us, comforts us, heals us and bountifully blesses us and He will not abandon us.

Delay May Not Mean Denial

My Savior hears me when I pray,
Upon His Word, I calmly rest,
In His own time, in His own way,
I know He’ll give me what is best.

Is Jesus Still Here?

When our lives are rocked by disappointment and loss, we may wonder if Jesus is still here with us. The Bible’s answer is a resounding Yes!

When all around me is darkness,
And earthly joys have flown,
My Savior whispers His promise,
Never to leave me alone.

360 Mind Plus

Liverpool 0 – 1 Hull :(

it goes by feelings

‪#‎WBA‬ 0-0‪ #‎LFC‬. Ouch!