Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Keys to Successful Career Transitions

I am endlessly curious. I love to learn. I can talk…and talk and talk…but I really love listening and learning more.

I do not see failure as fatal. I do not see success as forever. I fail every single day.

I think business is a fascinating puzzle, and I like a good puzzle.

I am an optimist. I ended the day after I was fired (sorry…”reorganized out of a job”) pretty sure that better things was going to come along. And it did.

I’ve developed pretty thick skin. No, I didn’t like being criticized in the press at certain points in my career any more than the next gal, but I think it’s a pretty small price to pay to get to do such interesting things.

I’ve built a strong network over the years. I try to help my connections as much as I can; and in return, they have been generous in helping me each step along the way.

I know what I’m not good at (processes…yuck; legal documents…..shoot me now), and I fill my team in to offset my flat sides….and theirs. It always amazes me how a great person on the team makes magic. As a result, I give the stars all kinds of rope.

I mentor younger professionals. Which means that they reverse mentor me. I am flabbergasted by how many in my age cohort are perfectly satisfied to stay in their knowledge comfort zone.

I recognize that career transitions are increasingly as much about playing defense as offense. The pace of change in business is so great that career transitions will become the norm rather than exception. And the biggest career risk you take may be standing still. So might as well get ahead of it.

And change is fun.

And we are all fortunate that we have been given opportunities that so many others haven’t.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hillberg & Berk

Hahaha…the other day, over lunch…Stewart; all of a sudden make such comments on Celtic…saying that this Celtic is very say pan, only know how to get sales, cannot do what I do, have the know how but cannot do…so, Stewart does realize about it…but failed to acknowledge on Celtic’s laziness which I cannot tahan…hahaha...

Embrace Nature

Hahaha…this is so very bad of me…I make Wayne to swear…cannot share this piece of information with other people…I told Wayne that for all of the budget related matters, it was Stewart who complete the work on behalf of Celtic…then only Wayne commented that sejak dari dulu lagi Celtic tak suka buat paperwork…then, after that…we were suppose to head down to the THO store for another revamping exercise…this Wayne said that Wayne have already finished the work, but malas want to go together with Celtic…hahaha…Celtic was suppose to give us a lift to the store…but as Stewart have a supplier appointment at the Store, and we have not finished with our work Celtic have to drive Stewart there first and cannot wait for us…Celtic was also very impatient about, people do actually know & notice…hahaha…

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Refreshing Spring Rains

How do we relate to God? Do we seek Him mainly in times of trouble, searching for answers in our distress but ignoring Him during our seasons of celebration? Are we like the Israelites, easily swayed by the idols of our age, including such things as busyness, success and influence?

Today, may we recommit ourselves to the Lord, who loves us as surely as the flowers bud in the spring.

Lord Jesus, You gave Yourself that we might be free. Help us to love You wholeheartedly.

Though we may be unfaithful to God, He will never turn from us.

Running & Rest

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your example of prayer alone with Your Father. Give us wisdom and determination to make rest a priority as we follow You. In our life of faith and service, rest is as important as work.

Spilling Through My Fingers

My life feels similar on many days. I find myself scrambling to solve problems, oversee details and control circumstances. No matter how hard I try, my feeble hands are incapable of managing all the pieces and parts. Something invariably slips through my fingers and pools on the floor at my feet, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. No amount of contorting my hands or squeezing my fingers more tightly together makes me able to handle it all.

Yet God can. Isaiah tells us that God can measure the globe’s waters – all the oceans and rivers and rain – in the hollow of His hands. Only His hands are large enough to hold them all. We needn’t try to hold more than the tablespoon He’s designed our hands to carry. When we feel overwhelmed, we can entrust our cares and concerns into His capable hands.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to hold everything in my hands, but instead to trust my needs and concerns into Your perfect care.

We can trust God to handle the things that overwhelm us.

After You

Today, as we face choices of many kinds, we can trust our father to guide us in His way. He has promised to care for us. He will always give us what we need.

Father, Your unfailing love and faithfulness guide us in every choice we make.

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

His Wonderful Face

We pray, but we remain caught up in our own questions and focused on ourselves, forgetting the character of the One we’re praying to. We ask questions without paying attention to the person we’re talking to.

Many of our concerns are best addressed by reminding ourselves of who God is and what He has done. By simply refocusing, we find comfort in what we know of His character; that He is loving, forgiving, sovereign, graceful.

The Psalmist believed we ought to seek God’s face continually. When David appointed leaders for worship and prayer, he encouraged the people to praise God’s character and tell stories of His past faithfulness.

When we turn our eyes toward the beautiful face of God, we can find strength and comfort that sustain us even in the midst of unanswered questions.

A Small Fire

Lord, I can always use help with the way I talk.
For this day, help me to speak words of hope and encouragement to build others.

#TeamBaz…I have 4 more days to go…God, I hope that I can use the remaining days…being a SUNSHINE to everyone in the team, the store team, the suppliers, the support team…to remind them on what life is all about, to pursue their passion & dreams, to start Day 1 & not 1 Day, to work hard, to be kind, to make themselves & the community a better place…

It’s Not Me

G13 Event Plan
G13 Promotion Space Allocation
G13 Weekly S&M Meeting
Communication To Ops
Lead G13 Store Walk
G13 Leaflet Brief
Laura’s WatsApp…the organization chart…I think the above are my job scopes…

God may call us out of our comfort zone, but He does so to develop our unique gifts and personalities to serve His good purposes. We honor His creative nature when we permit Him to use us as we are.

Thank You, Father, for the great individuality You have built into us. Thank You for my personality and for my abilities. Guide me in using them for You.

Loving Perfectly

We’ll still make mistakes, but God is able to redeem them and cause good to come out of every situation, for His Love ALWAYS PROTECTS & it NEVER FAILS.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Add Chic Elements

Marutama Ra-men, Empire Subang – dinner date with Mel Jag…just the both of us doing some catching up…no Torres around…no Miss Klein…well, Miss Klein’s father pass away a few months back, it was quite sudden for Miss Klein’s family…so Miss Klein is staying home these days to accompany Miss Klein’s mom…didn’t want to leave the senior citizen home alone…so, Miss Klein is sort of like not ready to meet us yet as well…I really hope that Miss Klein will not get burnout…coping with work, daily commute, house chores, grieving etc. It can be very taxing.

So Mel Jag & I had noodle for dinner and later on we grab some coffee at Coffee Bean :)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Box It Up

Transformers & The Last Night
Night Movie Date with Small Ham :)
Thank you to Tin Min for the free movie tickets :)

Confidence In God’s Power

When we go to God in prayer, we do so because we are confident that He can help. That help does not always take the shape we might have chosen or anticipated.

When we pray, we are merely going where we have been invited – invited by God who cares for us more deeply and understands us more profoundly than we can ever begin to grasp. And we come to the God who is able to do something about our every concern and need.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

8 easy ways to be a better employee and colleague in 2017

1. Have a to-do list
Delight your manager and team by never having to say “I forgot” anymore. Having a to-do list gives you direction and will help you accomplish more. Plus, ticking off tasks as they get done can be extremely satisfying.

2. Meet – and beat – deadlines
Don’t have everyone tied up in knots wondering whether you’re going be able to deliver on time. This doesn’t mean that you should deliver rushed work either. Once you’ve agreed on a deadline, avoid procrastinating, and focus on the task. If you foresee that you won’t be able to meet deadlines, tell your manager ASAP! Give them an opportunity to adapt to the delay.

3. Highlight problems, but have solutions
No one likes a constant complainer. Your manager will want to know the challenges that you’re facing, but that doesn’t mean just pointing out problems. Think about what could be possible solutions.

4. Act professionally
Be on time, be reliable, dress right, be respectful. No matter what your job is, it’s important to act professionally. It’s fine to be playful and joke around once in a while, but don’t affect productivity by overdoing it.

5. Be positive
Be positive about your job, your company, your workplace, and your employer. There are enough negatives in the world and there’s no reason for you to add to it by being a downer about everything. Besides, you can better overcome challenges when you have a positive mind-set!

6. Avoid gossip
Gossip can turn a workplace into a toxic environment. Keep your focus on your job and being a team player in helping your company achieve its goals.

7. Lunch together
Build healthy relationships with your colleagues by having lunch together. Find out more about them as people. Don’t forget to put away your mobile phones so you can talk to each other more.

8. Be kind and helpful
Being kind and helpful to your colleagues goes a long way to making the office a great place to work. Great workmates are a big motivation for people to come in to the office and do better in their jobs!

14 unexpected habits that can help you become successful

1. Sacrificing important things.
In the end, we all only have 24 hours in a day. To reach success you have to sacrifice spending time on important things to be able to have more time to spend on the things that really matter. Check every week what you can give up to gain something better.

2. Believing what you want instead of what others tell you.
Most beliefs people hold are not based on fact and are not true whatsoever. Get into the habit of believing that which empowers you and makes you feel amazing instead of the things that others tell you to believe. If it is not certain what is real, believe the thing that makes you feel better.

3. Getting motivated.
Motivation is an emotion that doesn’t last, but that is of enormous help. Find things that motivate you every day.

4. Thinking less.
Thought usually hinders us in our actions. When we think about things to do we tend to think about ways it can go wrong or reasons why we shouldn’t do something. Stop thinking and start doing.

5. Going to bed early.
To be at the top of your game you need enough sleep. Yes, successful people get up somewhere between 4 and 6 in the morning, but they can only do that because they go to bed between 9 and 11 in the evening.

6. Keeping track of your progress.
Even though you may believe that you know, unless you can actually see the evidence in front of you, you will never know for sure. Know exactly how you spend your time and how you are doing in your habits. If you are really motivated: Graph it!

7. Having a clean space.
Keep your apartment, room, and/or house clean. Leave as little clutter as you can, and always take care of the mess right away. Anything that aids your motivation and makes you feel great is worth doing.

8. Speaking only positively about your future.
Say things as if they already happened, or as if there is no way they will not happen. If you believe it is a fact that you will get an amazing life, you will act accordingly and receive it.

9. Gratitude.

Thank as many things and people as you can. Most successful people come from a place where they had absolutely nothing, which is why they are grateful about every little thing that they have. This makes even the most simple things special and amazing.

10. Doing it all.
Whenever you see tips online, or hear about some great strategies, do them all. You can never have enough of a good thing when it comes to reaching success.

11. Never giving up on what matters.
If you want something, find a way to get it. Not because you necessarily want that thing that bad, but instead because you absolutely have to prove to yourself that you can get whatever you set your mind to.

12. Doing what you said you would no matter what.
Success comes from not giving up halfway through. Everyone is on the way to be successful in what they do, but only 1% of all people actually see it through. Do what you said you would. No matter what.

13. Spending more money on yourself.

Not on beauty products, clothes or video games, but instead on gathering information, finding connections and learning more through books. Spend money on the only thing that lasts: Yourself.

14. Stop caring.
Not only about the people around you, but also about whether or not you will accomplish your goal. The less you care about it, the less stress you will experience when you work, which will make your work more fun and you will get to success much faster than you thought you could. Stop chasing it and you will get it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Confidence In God’s Care

It is confidence that God is able and that His ability guarantees that His purposes will ultimately be accomplished. It is confidence that in our God we can find help.

When we go to the Lord in prayer, we find Him more than sufficient for the heartaches, challenges, disappointments and pains of life. We can trust in that because our trust is in Him. And that trust is key – because trust is the opposite of worry!

Instead of fear or doubt or worry or anxiety, we go to God in prayer with confidence that He is more than enough for whatever we are facing. God cares deeply for our hurts and He is able to do something about them – but always according to His purposes. And while He may seem silent in our seasons of struggle, He is not removed from them.

We can have confidence in this – God does care and He is able, even when we suffer and don’t understand why. When His ways don’t make sense, we rest in the love and power He displayed on the cross, because that cross is the ultimate and undeniable evidence that He does care about us and that He is able to do something about our shame and sin and despair and pain.


Torn between faith & doubt, belief & unbelief? Believing, yet sometimes wrestling with doubts?

We believe, but are silently stretched on the rack of unbelief. So how do we respond? That may vary from moment to moment and circumstance to circumstance, so maybe a better question is this: How would we respond if doubt were replaced with confidence – not in ourselves but in the Christ we have trusted to secure our eternity?

Well, first we must have a basis for that confidence. It cannot be just warm feelings and happy thoughts. It must be a muscular assurance rooted in the One whose grace truly is sufficient and whose strength is mighty. And it must also be rooted in relationship with Him if we are to understand how to pray confidently, even when our faith is stretched.

Why is the relationship element so vital?

When relationship enters the picture, we realize that prayer is not a subordinate going to his commander for marching orders. Prayer is a hurting child turning to the Father who loves him or her. Thus, confidence in prayer begins with the profound understanding that God has powerful concern for His child.

This is the nature of the God to whom we pray, the nature of the Son and His care for His flock. We draw near with confidence to the throne of grace – we pray – because of who God is and how much He loves us.


Well, I have signed the revised Offer Letter and email back to Emerson (HR). This Miss Saliza have also replied back to acknowledge that the email have been received at 9.50 this morning. I call Miss Saliza up and was inform that the buy-out cheque have already been courier out since yesterday…I only forget to ask was it in the morning, afternoon or evening…however, upon checking...The Japanese HR have not receive anything yet as of today…this Miss Saliza also mention that she have also drop an email copy to The Japanese HR, again The Japanese HR said nothing have been receive thus far…sigh…God, please help me to park my fear, my insecurities, my doubts into Your mighty hands…knowing that Your pair of strong hands are the most safest place of all…all will be good, safe, well, certain, assured, secured and settled.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Think Vertical

This Emerson (HR) really I want to vomit blood already. No phone call, no WatsApp update from her today…the buy out cheque was suppose to be ready by today mah…so I took the initiative to check with her lor…I thought God will arrange everything accordingly mahmana tahu, God also have other plans...hahaha...then this Emerson (HR) informs me that she is on leave pula…ask me to call this Miss Saliza…when I ask for Miss Saliza’s mobile number…ask me to wait for Miss Saliza’s phone call…contradicting right…so, fine…I call Miss Saliza myself…I dial 5544 8888…this Miss Saliza is also another one…I said that I can come over today to collect the cheque…I finish work at 6pm, reach G13; maybe around 7-ish…this Miss Saliza said that this morning she was out from her kampung at 3am, so she wants to leave early…so, I suggested tomorrow lor, I come and collect from her…she hesitate pula…yes, I can see that she goes back on time…ask me to come during lunch time…of course no lah…want every people to see meh…so insensitive…so in the end…follow Lawrence’s way lor…Miss Saliza will courier over lor…headache…

Celebrate Form & Function

Then, on 5.28pm…Laura’s WatsApp message came in – Welcome back, J___
Somemore attach with the Marketing Division Organization Chart…my name was on it…
Meaning…there was a presentation going on…ohhh…

Urban Freedom

WatsApp Message from Miss Dong – welcome back :)
Came in on last week Friday at 5.27pm.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Timeless Craft

Mak Tiri Punya Cerita 004

Adoi…this Mak Tiri really teruk betul. Cannot keep secrets…she bocor everything again lor. Jonas ask me what category I will be doing in my new job…(I think people still assume that I am still doing a buyer’s job and are curious on what category that I will be managing)…so this MT is so clever…went and answer on my behalf, she went and told Jonas that I no longer doing merchandising.

Then after lunch, as I was on the way to the pantry to refill my water bottle, MT was walking towards me…I gave her the so-called frustrating gesture where I clench my fist with an annoying look…she only laughed…

Bring In the Outdoors

Mak Tiri Punya Cerita 003

The other day, both Li Fong & Mak Tiri gave me a farewell lunch at Sushi King.

Rupa-rupanya, Mak Tiri will be on leave for the whole of next week…going for a diving trip with her husband.

3 lunch dates…woo hoo…it came a little bit late…but it was better than nothing…

Print Party

Mak Tiri Punya Cerita 002

This lunch was held at the downstairs Fish Restaurant.

Stewart got join us but did not ask why…hahaha…

I actually confronted Mak Tiri lor…then she also admit that she ter-lepas cakap.

Rupa-rupanya, Mak Tiri also got sell things online…her pre-loved items…so, we also did some sharing…

MT sold her car twice on the Mudah website.

Half way through…Stewart join us…then I perasan that Mak Tiri terus diam from the conversations…of course, this Stewart also ask MT some work-related questions…maybe MT don’t like. Lunch time is lunch time kut…hahaha…

New & Now

Mak Tiri Punya Cerita 001

I don’t know what happen between Mak Tiri & her lunch buddy…apparently, they are no longer eating together now…so currently Mak Tiri’s new lunch buddy is Li Fong.

So, the other day I joined the both of them for lunch at Dave’s Deli.

This Mak Tiri betul – betul stun me. What happen was...I have yet to tell Li Fong that I have resigned from The Japanese…this MT went and ask me on the spot when is my last day…celaka betul. This is something private. Where I should personally informs Li Fong about it myself and not hearing the news from other people.

Then, I also told them that I am not doing merchandising anymore…I told Li Fong…that like MT, I also want to retire, but I cannot fully retire yet, so I retire from merchandising first.

Rupa-rupanya…MT also want to get out from merchandising…hahaha…MT commented that I was having the luck, being at the right place, at the right time.

I replied back that it was God’s bless, have to thank God for that…then MT also pointed out that it was good that someone actually thought of me and gave me the opportunity…hmm…I wonder if MT knew that it was Marcus who gave me the opportunity.

Later on, I recommend the both of them to drink #ChillChill.

Then, Li Fong mention that she is not working the next day…so I casually ajak Mak Tiri for lunch the next day…hahaha…like asking for a date like that…but the reason I ask MT out for lunch is to ask her why she blurted the whole resignation thingy to Li Fong…

OMG…Li Fong also got share with MT that I brought Li Fong for her first marathon back in March.

The Participation Of The Believer

Likewise, the life of faith is not a spectator activity; it is all about participation – and nowhere is this more true than in the matter of prayer. When we pray, we participate with the sovereign God by joining with Him in His plans and purposes.

The Sovereignty Of God

When we pray, we are not praying to a weak, undecided being who is wringing His hands and hoping everything will turn out okay in the end.

We are praying to the sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth who is working to accomplish His ultimate ends for our good and for His own honor and who will accomplish His purposes in His time and in His way.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


God is sovereign >> God is in control of the universe and His purposes are sure and settled.

The believer’s prayers matter >> we are told in the Bible that our prayers matter and that we are to join in with God in His work and purposes because our prayer are powerful.

Paul’s Intercession & Love

There are many areas of life for which we should pray – and none of them are off-limits. We certainly should pray for one another in matters of family, health, work and finances.

Yet as meaningful and important as it is to pray for jobs and family and relationships and health, there is also the deeper reality that needs to be addressed.

Spiritual development.
That their love might abound more and more.
That their love might be marked by knowledge and discernment.
That they might be able to reach for the excellent.
That they might be sincere and blameless in their living for the Savior.
That the righteousness of Christ might bear fruit in their lives for His honor.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lord Cholmondeley

I wonder what it is…Stewart mentions that Celtic is repeating the same mistake again and Stewart will have to manage Celtic. I think it’s the part where Celtic is just letting Wayne to do ordering and other paperwork only…instead of really teaching & guiding Wayne on how to drive the business further…is it regarding this…hahaha…

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Earl of Rocksavage

The whole Team Baz knew…know that I will be leaving…it went viral…hahaha…well, that is because, The Japanese will be moving to a new & compact office downstairs…Stewart was showing the team where each of them will be seating…of course, my name was not on it…Stewart then told them that I am leaving, I am moving on to do something different…I only told Celtic that I will be joining G13…so I don’t know how the rest of them knew…the chain should be like this, I think…Celtic tells Stewart, Stephanie & Wayne…Wayne will then share the information with Zila & Fify, Zila will share it with Henry pula…and it goes on and on…hahaha...but I am only very curious about Harriet…Harriet knew about it for quite some time now, before all of them does, Harriet claims that it was from Nigel…so who is the pembelot in G13?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I have You In My Heart

Marcus: Hi J___!

Me: Hola

Marcus: Sörenstam texted you? What was the latest update from Emerson (HR)?

Me: Yes ma’am

Marcus: Sörenstam said it was pending from G13 HR?

Me: Waiting. Yes. The cheque belum ready.

Marcus: Oh… Sörenstam really text you ah

Me: Yes ma’am

Marcus: I see…

Me: Tat was last wed conversations with Emerson (HR). Then no news already. But Lawrence say it takes 2 weeks

Marcus: Lawrence is your friend??? Lawrence came so fast?

Me: Lawrence from The Japanese. Ex colleague. Don’t know wor

Marcus: Now Emerson (HR) replied Sörenstam said the cheque will be ready by Monday 17/7

Marcus: Sörenstam cannot tahan already, as Sörenstam wants tradeplan to chair the sales meeting but I keep staying away from the office

Me: Ok, I collect the cheque on Monday after work. Will also wait for Emerson (HR) msg

Me: How big is this meeting ya?

Marcus: Top management, CEO & all directors. Not to worry, you just have to initiate the meeting. I mean “we”. Finance will present by them, and minute down the meeting and follow up with the stakeholders. For beginning, Mr. Horton’s secretary will join you.

Me: Gulp…I didn’t expect the scale is this huge

Marcus: It is still better than collect income

Me: Oh yes I agree

Horizontal Motivation

Sörenstam: Hello this is Sörenstam here

Me: Hi

Sörenstam: How r u? Been a while since we spoke

Me: All good…anything…

Sörenstam: Just wanted to touch base and excited that u r coming onboard by 1 Aug?

Me: Yes ma’am

Sörenstam: Aiya call me Sörenstam la. So old wui ma’am. Me mid life crisis haha

Me: Just to update u, only awaiting for the buy out cheque from HR side…

Sörenstam: Any delay?

Me: Only awaiting for the buy out cheque from HR…they haven’t update me yet…

Sörenstam: Ah ic, let me drop them an email to check

Me: Thank u

Sörenstam: Np

Sörenstam: Hr said cheque ready by 17 july next Monday for collection

Me: Thank u. I will follow up with Emerson (HR) then. Thanks again

Sörenstam: Np

Paul’s Vertical Motivation


Ya wor…I certainly would have never expect that this Sörenstam will WatsApp me…

Jesus make it clear that our confidence must be in Him, not in ourselves. We are to take no confidence in the flesh, but in the Lord who will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught. That will lift our prayers and strengthen our hearts because our confidence is in the God who is able.

And what is the good work? It is the ongoing work of growing to maturity in the life of a believer. It is the process by which God takes broken people and makes them whole, and it begins with salvation and continues until the day of Christ Jesus.

Paul’s Intercession And His Motive

I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Paul’s Intercession And Consistency

These 3 elements – Always, Every, All – are an example of consistency that can not only encourage us as we seek to live for Christ in our community but also shows that consistency is a key element in the work of intercession. Always. Every. All.

Greatest & Deepest Joy

Giving thanks to God is a significant part of prayer, because it speaks of a heart of gratitude for the goodness and faithfulness of God. It lifts up and celebrates the trustworthiness of God. Life is a crazy quilt of highs and lows, with seasons of tremendous joy and times of fierce disappointments. But God is good! Very Good!


Nope, the buy out cheque is still not ready yet…I was still very fidgety this morning…nonetheless, I have decided to wait, to hold on…and guess what…on 11.44 and 11.49 respectively this morning…I received both Sörenstam and Marcus WatsApp messages which I will share later on…what a relieved I was God! I praise You! Indeed, You did not fail me…

Monday, July 10, 2017


God – no phone call from Emerson (HR) today, no updates, no cheque…and I only left with exactly 13 more working days to go…now, I am the one who is very kan cheung…God…please Help!

hilarious | talented

This happen a couple of weeks back…I saw Mak Tiri and Stewart...the both of them were in the same room as I was when I met up with Stewart regarding my resignation. The both of them was in the same room for quite long also lah…I thought Mak Tiri resign…hahaha…actually, until now…I still didn’t ask Stewart, their meeting was regarding what…then, when the both of them come out from that room…Stewart went to Captain Johnson’s workstation…then, Captain Johnson take a look at the Team Baz angle. I betul-betul thought Mak Tiri resign…but nothing happens…cheh...hahaha…I am just curious on what took place between Stewart & Mak Tiri…

beautiful | brilliant

With Michel & Ice…it was a dinner cum early birthday celebration for me…really great suppliers they are, which we eventually become friends…or maybe that the both of them want to see whether I am able to jive in with them or not for future projects…hahaha…but I was actually very touched by their gesture…

Sunday, July 09, 2017

3 techniques to get your point across clearly

1. Keep it simple
Using big words, complicated sentences and long explanations doesn’t help anyone. Chances are that your listeners will become bored from trying to decipher your message and you’ll quickly end up losing their attention. Use simple words that everyone can understand. Keep your sentences short and simple. Create enough context but don’t go overboard with examples and explanations.

2. Structure your speech
Let’s say you want to make a point about meetings being too long. Structure your presentation to help you stay on point and deliver your ideas clearly. One example structure could be:
Introduction – Prep the listener with what you are about to talk about
Idea – State your point
Benefits – Make it relevant to your audience
Suggestions – Present some ideas on how to achieve the goal
Your speech would then sound something like this: “I’d like to talk about our weekly meetings, which tend to be quite long and take up the bulk of our Monday mornings. I’d like to propose that we shorten our weekly meetings from two hours to one and a half hours. I believe that shorter meetings will make our discussions more focused and productive. Finishing earlier will allow us to get on with our tasks sooner. We could impose a 15-minute limit on each person to talk about main tasks that are relevant to everyone, and schedule separate meetings for longer discussions that are relevant to smaller teams.”

3. Prepare
Preparation is key to communicating your points clearly. You could write your points down and refer to them when you speak. You could also practice presenting your points by saying the words aloud to yourself. You might be able to try out different and better ways to say something when you hear your points spoken aloud.

Another good way to communicating your point more clearly is to talk about it with someone else first. They might be able to clarify your ideas by asking you questions, poking holes in your argument, and making suggestions.


Throughout King David’s life, he faced life-threatening situations for which there seemed to be no way out. Yet, we read in Psalm 86 that during his darkest hours, David’s confidence was in the Lord – Hear my prayer, Lord; listen to my cry for mercy. When I am in distress, I call to You, because You answer me.

David also saw beyond the immediate danger by asking God to lead his steps. Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on Your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Your name. When the crisis was past, he wanted to keep walking with God.

The most difficult situations we face can become doorways to a deeper relationship with our Lord. This begins when we call on Him to help us in our trouble, and also to lead us each day in His way.

Lord, even as we call to You for help today, please help us to keep walking with You when this crisis is over.


I will hold on to Your Words, Your Stories & You.

I will hold on to David…this is a real character who have actually live and experience You.

His substance, his experience will be my beacon in knowing that Prayer Works, God Works!

Of Love & Old Shoes

Me: Hola. After going thru so many hierarchy, my last day can b on 27/7. So I can start on 1/8. Half a month earlier. I am going to apps Emerson (HR) and c wat she have to say. U ok?

Marcus: :( Only 2 weeks earlier

Me: I apps Emerson (HR) now. C wat she say…

Marcus: Ok

Me: Hola. Already 24 hours. No reply from Emerson (HR) wor. How…

Marcus: Ok, just wait lo. U done your part.

Me: Hola, I think she will check with the both of u now.

Me: Ta daa…

Marcus: Sörenstam had a WIP with me tis morning and asked about you. And so happened you text me and update yesterday, and texting me. Then I told her how Emerson (HR) answer you. Then Sörenstam immediately sent an email to ask Emerson (HR). Then Emerson (HR) quickly proceed loh


You Know all about me, Lord, and You love me.
Thank You for understanding me completely!

God - a second wave of fear is gripping me right now. The first one was…when I spill out everything to Celtic…I was really afraid that I will lose both sides…not until Marcus told me that Sörenstam wants to buy me off.

Now, this second wave…as my days with The Japanese are coming to an end…yet G13 have not issued out the cheque yet. No cheque, means no buyout, no buyout means I cannot leave The Japanese earlier & join G13. Additionally, The Japanese is moving to a new office downstairs and there is no space for me. All have been filled up. Of course, Lawrence have told me that it will take approximately 2 weeks for the cheque to be issued out…tomorrow baru is the 6th working day. I am feeling reckless God. This feeling was also the same feeling that I have when I was waiting for the Section 7 house process to go through.

Hear my prayers God – please let G13 issue the cheque by tomorrow. I do not mind to collect it myself and handed in personally to The Japanese's HR. I just want this last step to be completed, to be done with and everything is locked down & secured with.

God – please plan it out accordingly for me. Amen.

I absolutely loved the whole experience of / wanderlust / no responsibilities

4th July – it was Ursula’s birthday…no flowers for her this year…hahaha…

Me: Happy birthday. #awesome.always

Ursula: Thank you baby J___. Heard u are coming to GCH; welcome back & see u soon

Yerr…baby…yerrgeli betul...that one leave it for her daughters lah…hahaha…

I didn’t open Ursula’s WatsApp messages or read them…because I also don’t know how to reply back…or what to reply back…I think it’s just better for me to remain silent for now…

Acceptance & Peace

Whatever happened – all would be well.

Acceptance is much more about strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Resolve In Prayer

Resolved – not resigned.

Is not passive resignation – whatever will be will be – born out of a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.
This is Resolve, which comes from an encounter with the Father who strengthens us for whatever we must face – with confident assurance that His will and His ways really are best. Even when we don’t understand them.

The cup was not taken from Christ, but he entrusted himself to the Father. Paul’s thorn in the flesh was not removed, but through it he learned the power of grace-filled life.

It is this resolve that can carry us in the times when life is hard, when circumstances are painful, and when our questions seem to go unanswered.

The Resolve to trust is a supernatural supply when faith seems to make little or no sense.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Determination In Prayer

Pray at all times…don’t lose heart. That is a formula for persistence.

We go to the Father who loves us more than anyone loves us. This relationship must be at the core of how we pray, for it is in prayer that we see Him as the God who allows us to express our whole heart, soul and mind to Him, as well as the Father we can trust to have our best interest in His purposes – even when our prayers are not answered as we wish.

Honesty In Prayer

Instead of flowery oratory, our conversations with God should be marked by the genuineness of honesty and transparency.

Why do honesty & transparency matters in prayers? The simplest answer is that God already knows the true conditions of our hearts; He is not deceived or impressed by spiritual language or churchy jargon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I mock and tease them

OMG…this is drop dead hilarious…Supplier Edmoi commented that Celtic is SUPER LAZY! Not lazy but super lazy…the supplier pointed out that it’s due to the old age factor…so confirmed lah…people do know that I am the one who is running the show of D31…of course except for the plastic storage boxes & drawers…hahahaha…