Monday, June 30, 2014

Fortune Favors The Brave

Meaningful moments & lessons on leadership from X-Men: Days Of Future Past.


In our roles, we are bound to deal with different types of people. Among those under our leadership, there will be those who are achievers, who are brilliant at what they do. These are the people who make things very easy for us. They are the fast learners and get everything done efficiently. On the other hand, there will be those who are a little slow, who seem like they can’t get things done right, those who can’t produce work matching up to the standards of the organization. What can we do with this group? It is always easier to push them aside, terminate them or get them replaced. Sometimes, all they need is a little help, a little push for them to see their potential. Failure is not final. We have the privilege to offer people second chances and help them up when they fall, instead of giving up on them.


We are faced with many decisions to be made on a daily basis. We must acknowledge that all of our decisions, whether big or small, have some form of impact. The choices that we make today can determine a lot of things in the distant future for our career path, our team or even our organization. When you look for the good in people, you bring out the best in them.


Leaders play a key role in unlocking the potential in their people, especially those who are unaware of what they have. A leader’s role is to have a vision and to believe in their people in order to bring out the best in them, even when they are unaware of their own potential. Even leaders need help sometimes.


As much as it is important for leaders to play the role of a teacher, it is also essential for a leader to be teachable. A good leader is one who is humble enough to learn and accept guidance from others as well. Know your limitations and weaknesses.


It is easy for us to get carried away wanting to achieve great things and to do big things for our organization or for the people around us. We also get discourage when we compare ourselves to our colleagues and the work that they do. Each of us is unique in our own way and we bring different things to the table. We may not share the same strengths or skills as others, but the most important thing is that we always give our very best in all that we do.


By Hyma Pillay

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

That’s the time where Ursula created a WatsApp group which includes her good self, me and 2 of my downstairs store people. OMG. People are still sleeping yo. Its a SUNDAY morning. I didn’t read her message then…until I am fully awake at 9am :) Gosh…


Canon Price Increase – okie, tomorrow I will own it up to Ursula, I admit that I simply tembak, I didn’t check beforehand, I was careless, I screwed up, I was fast to jump to conclusion. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to learn from those mistakes if you want to get on. I’m straight up, I’m honest. I am not going to sugarcoat and avoid it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Usop Burger Celop

I think my answers stun Ursula :) Ursula came into my room – complaining about her tiredness and the latest going-ons. She even say F*#k The General. She is actually looking for a punching bag. She could not have share it with Shawn (no matter how close they are)…well, because Shawn is a guy after all…Paige has been admitted to the hospital due to denggi…she is enemies with Marcus, Barry & Leonardo…not sure of her current relationship with Gerrard, Sabrina & Christy though…so, I guess I am her only option then. When she was putting her head on my table – I told her – can you not do this…people from outside thinks that I am bullying you. Then, came in Marcus who is looking for Ursula. I think Marcus also find it strange :) This is a test for Ursula. Can she champion through all these? I can only be that faithful and loyal servant.

Smashies Burger

We have several floor walk last week, several changes to the Stationery Open Space, so tension & stress is indeed in the air…not sure if this Ursula is pretending or not…she mention that she is tired…and on last week Friday…she said to me that she wants to resign…I don’t know…if I can survive the French era…I’m sure I can survive this though? If Ursula is having a very bad time…imagine me. I am in deeper shit than her. I didn’t say much to her…I just told her…that it’s not a very big deal…I am sure she have had worst before…it’s just a big stone in front of her right now, for sure; she can overcome it. Mr. Jan Vet has given her a good time…now her fortunes have change. But it’s also because how The General treats her. Ursula didn’t divulge much to me…but I think that it got something to do with the Melaka store clearance project (which Ursula is the appointed project manager)…I think the clearance project didn’t went well and the appliance team lost a lot of money because Ursula slash the prices up to 50%. I just shrug the whole thing off…I break it down for her...I mean, isn’t it the objective – sales growth & aging stock reduction all at the same time. But The General commented that the prices should not have been slashed down so extreme. Profit margins are being affected here. I don’t know…I think The General is trying to make life difficult for Ursula :) Is he?

Burger Ayam Rock

Don’t know how true is this…it's coming from Celtic’s mouth. Celtic just came back from China’s sourcing trip, went with Leonardo, Nancy and The General. So, during the trip, Celtic manage to kepo some information back for me.

(1) Everyone at the operations level hates Ursula right now. No respect for her. After what Ursula did…during Mr. Jan Vet’s reign…Ursula have killed off many people, have done many things inappropriately…but because she was Mr. Jan Vet’s pet…she manage to get off the hook very easily. Currently, she is losing her credibility with The General and the operations people. They look down on her.

(2) Rumor has it that Ursula had an affair with Mr. Jan Vet. Several times, her car was spotted at Mr. Jan Vet’s residential place overnight.

(3) Ursula will bring Mr. Jan Vet along for every appliance supplier’s overseas incentive trip.

(4) Ursula’s husband is a businessman, in the textile business. She tried to create opportunities for her husband to open a business account with G13…but mana tahu, got rejected. From then on, Ursula always try to kenakan Barry. Mr. Jan Vet hated Barry the most.

(5) Before Lee Nee left G13 for the French, Lee Nee informs Marcus & Leonardo that Mr. Jan Vet slept with Ursula. One night, during a sourcing trip…Lee Nee shared a room with Ursula, Lee Nee was partially drunk…somehow, Mr. Jan Vet came to the room and Mr. Jan Vet & Ursula make out that night. Lee Nee heard the whole thing. Messy. I am not here to judge :)

(6) Nancy mention to Celtic that I need to be like Gerrard, dare to challenge back Ursula. Don’t let Ursula control me, overcome me, instill the fear in me, play mind games with me. So far, Nancy said – salutations to me that I have stood firm and Ursula have not control me yet. Anything, I can still call the shots and make the decisions without involving Ursula. Unlike Christy. Every time, Nancy ask Christy for something…Christy will always say – let me check with my boss first…see what Ursula have to say first.

(7) Nancy said that the store team will help me in any way possible…no matter how tough the road ahead is with Ursula…I must carry on. Well, I will keep a low profile…just do background maneuvering and stay out from the firing line for now :) As a matter of fact, I want to avoid everybody for now.

Burger Junkyard

It’s been a crazy few weeks now. I’ve been so busy on various tasks that basically all of my free time has been spent on brooding, sulking, calculating and pulling my hair while grinding my teeth. Yeah, sometimes hard work can be…well…hard work. I was all over the place. Most times, it felt like I was scaling a difficult mountain of…as cliché as it may sound…finding myself and re-evaluating my priorities all over again.

We have a new CEO on board. Because, this new CEO has been based with the English previously in Korea, China and USA – thus the new CEO brings in a lot of the English point of reference, pace, momentum and flavor into G13. I think it’s a good change. Within the first few weeks, good changes can already been seen. Unlike, The General – headless chicken – no concrete changes at all. Only take us pusing the whole garden. I think with the arrival of the new CEO, is a good sign for better things to come. I love the immeadiate Press Ad changes – Your 7 Daily Favorites At Giant Prices and Super Sundays. The changes at the End Gondola. The EDLP. The new CEO likes to walk the floor too. Just like the French way. I don’t mind…but of course, during my time with the French, I am handling less skus…here…is just so overwhelming that I truly wants to give up. By the way, the English have more headcounts in their head office compare to G13. I am one-leg-kicking here. Sigh…let’s see how it goes…

Burger Bakar Abang Burn

:( OK…I admit. I am not as good, great and awesome as I think I am. I am not that knowledgeable and experience as I thought I was. There…I admit it, I accept the truth. I know that if I continue in not doing well, I will have to give way to somebody else and Ursula will not hesitate to replace me. I need HELP.

So many bashes from her lately…but I will take the criticisms in the right way. When someone criticizes me, I need to remind myself that I have something to learn from that. I also need to ask myself if there, is at least a small aspect of their criticisms that I would like to incorporate into my life. Then, I will take this aspect and leave the rest. Thus, I will find myself constantly learning and improving. When I have self-respect and am aware of what I am doing, then criticisms can be taken in the right way. This will enable me to check on myself when I go wrong. Instead of always justifying my mistakes, my excuses & my faults, I will be able to learn from them and improve :)

Learning is very painful and tough. I need a PDA re-boot. Passion. Discipline. Action. I want to be the wild blaze that destroys…that bright star in the sky & light the universe up. More and more I realize that I am a piece of work in progress. And there is still so much room for growth.

Man Burger Kukus Lava

Energizer Night Race 2014 – OMG – I am so embarrassed. What happen was…Energizer is one of Sabrina’s batteries suppliers. This year, Energizer is organizing back their annual night race after they have cancel their event last year. So, after finishing their meeting, Ursula stands outside, in front of her office room and calls out my name. Asking me, whether I want to join the race or not. She was talking so loudly, everyone outside could hear her. And Sabrina was just stunned. Stun that Ursula knows that I participates in marathons. And I was just so malu…some more, the supplier mention that everything will be taken care of because Ursula is a close friend. OMG. Nonetheless, in the end, I sign up by myself and pay everything for it. Don’t want any free goodies from Ursula’s suppliers. I just give the excuse that I am very, I sign up first. Don't want to wait for the supplier. I am a stand alone child after all :)

Awesome Threesome Onion Blossom

X-Men : Days Of Future Past @ MBO, Subang Parade – James belanja me birthday lunch at TGIF, then we went and watch X-Men :) Wolverine; played by Hugh Jackman is as hot as ever, love the strong cast of James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart who plays the past and present Professor X and Michael Fassbender & Ian McKellen who reprises their role of the past and present of Magneto. They play their roles oh-so-convincely. The story line is edgy, almost all of the characters are so emotionally-charged up with their very own internal struggles, spectacular action set pieces, Jennifer Lawrence was flawless as Mystique but I love the most is Quicksilver. Evan Peters is such a scene stealer and comical at the same time :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Ursula have been having a very bad flu lately…the other day, she came into my office, sat her butt down and began talking. She was also clutching a bundle of tissues on her left hand. I offer her new tissues as those looks soiled and she keeps on having big sneezes. OMG. She is spreading her viruses around. Yuck!

1 Eat Burger

Ursula came back from one of the Melaka store visit…she went down in the morning with The General and was back in the office in the late afternoon…Ursula passed by my room and all of a sudden say Hi J___. She sampat or what…I was having a very bad sore throat…so I just reply back in a very weak Hi. Then, Ursula came into my room and told me that she is having a fever. She has been unwell for the past few days. She is sick…she is having a fever…so, apa kena-mengena dengan saya? I am not the doctor. I am also sick myself too.


Hahaha…this is so funny…the World Cup event has already started. For my department, in conjunction with this prestigious football tournament – Ursula have decided to indent the plush bear key chains. So what happen was…since I have some samples lying around in my room, I decided to give one to Clara. Thus, Clara has chosen the French Bear. Clara hook her office room key to the bear and let it hanging at the door. Then, this Ursula saw it. And she quickly thank Clara for the support on buying the plush bear key chain. But in actual fact, I have given it to Clara in the first place. So, Clara told Ursula about it. I think Ursula also malu already :) but still thank Clara anyway. Hahaha…

French Kids Eat Everything

Ursula’s father-in-law passes away recently, thus Ursula was on compassionate leave for 3 days. Paige told me that he was a 70 years old cancer patient. When I pass over the condolence money to Ursula before she left, I don’t know why Ursula feel so bashful in receiving them and I also told her to drive safely. I just feel at that point of time…Ursula was real, genuine…and…vulnerable.

New Order, Old Rules

I really want to pengsan already…I straight away tell Ursula that she is evil. What happen? Well, the other day, Jonas was in our downstairs store…doing survey of course. Ursula was there, bump into Jonas and was talking to Jonas…yeah, our prices are higher than the market recommended selling price…no need to survey us…we are in the midst of cleaning up the assortment…yeah, there are so many junks in it…there was no proper clean-up previously…something which we inherited. There. Bam…how can Ursula say these to Jonas. After all, they are former colleagues. What is in the past, is in the past. What has already been done, it’s done. We need to move forward without blaming anyone. I feel so guilty. I feel so paiseh that my boss utters such sentences. Sigh…


This is something new…Paige shared a secret with me recently…that our current Finance Director have previously launched a private detective investigation upon Barry & Marcus. Why? Because both Barry & Marcus’s other half are suppliers. Wow. Kind of invasion of privacy isn’t it? If their other half are suppliers, it is still not their fault though.

The Hippocratic Crush

Cheh…Ursula always says that I don’t always meet her tight deadlines…I owned her too many things, there are still so many pending homework from my side that I have yet to submit to her - then, mana tahu, this Paige also bocor her rahsia – Ursula is also the same! Submitting her work late to Paige :) Also always not meeting her deadlines on time. Say me some more...she is also the same what :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bottom’s Up / Time Wasted

Jibby & Co @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang – Paige & Baldwin celebrated my birthday dinner. Aww...they are so sweet and thoughtful.

A new makan place – a standalone building; the café from the roof down to its front façade features steel and glass that is immediately classy and reminiscent of the high-end New York restaurants. The furnishing is rustic while maintaining a clean and polished surfaces. Bare concrete is sufficiently mixed with brick for the walls and bar counter, while parquet graces the floor to dispel the industrial chic of many a recent café. Horizontal blinds built into the structure itself reduces the blinding tropical light streaming in from floor to ceiling glass windows – the entire structure is essentially glass panels held up by a steel skeleton. Furnishings include tables of solid wood and marble with heavy black steel chairs. The furnishings include showcases and shelves filled with tea pots and cups. The front door itself is gold coloured brass with “Jibby & Co” tastefully emblazoned upon it with the confidence of a law firm. Suffice to say, this is a top notch establishment that attempts to be worthy of Carrie Bradshaw and her compatriots from Sex and the City.

The pricing of the menu reflects its quality. Let’s just say that this café prices itself at the highest end of restaurant cafes in KL. A truly halal establishment, the menu features an eclectic cuisine with Western, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes. Najib Abdul Rahman, the executive chef of the Serai chain of restaurants, truly shines in delivering a culinary piece de resistance. Service was attentive without being intrusive and sufficient staff was on hand to manage the number of customers. Overall, Jibby & Co will turn out to be a signature locale with its combination of sophisticated cosmopolitan ambience and its impressive gastronomical experience. It's one heck of a classy experience to enjoy your daily dose of goodness here in this standalone premium café.

Tomorrow - #LoveRunsOut

Bangkok Beat Bistro @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang – had a lovely dinner with Victoria on Friday night. The food is not truly Bangkok enough…but then again, its concept is actually based on the new fusion of Thai / Western-themed. There’s still room for improvements, especially where there’s quite a number of popular Thai cuisine places around town. Not to be mistaken this with the Bangkok Jazz or any SEA Cuisine’s chain of Restaurants, this place is actually a chain from the Bangkok Jam Restaurants; currently located in Singapore and in Taiwan. I like the interior design of the place too. A coffee-shop-like facade, introduces the patrons to a rather fusion interior, where comfortable conventional / simple table and seating meets contemporary artistic display and wall decorations. The staffs are friendly and rather attentive as well. Their coasters are kind of cute too. As how they introduces themselves, their menu was a combination of authentic Thai cuisines with some hint of Western influences in them; ranging from authentic soups, refreshing salads, the mains from Thai homes and street favorites. From the grill to simple mouth-watering bites. We have a plate of mix grill, seafood glass noodle salad, Tom Yum clear soup & prawn fritters – all served in decent sized portion, filled up with a generous amount of seafood; like shrimps, slices of fish and squids and a lot of other ingredients that gives out an aromatic appeal.

After makan – we hang out again at Coffee Bean – we talk a lot…we share a lot more this time around…the personal aspects, family, love, work, finances, values…retail…complicated, getting more crowded…time to get out :)

Kecut, Kembang, Meletup

Godzilla @ MBO, Subang Parade – movie with James; after dinner at Sakae Sushi.

This movie is super duper awesome…why people want to watch Godzilla…because of Godzilla itself…and this movie fully shows Godzilla in its full glory…it roars fire too :) Everyone wants to cheer on Godzilla when it go against the 2 Mutos (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) – because Godzilla restore the balance of nature.

Sunday, June 08, 2014


There are a lot of sarcasm in Ursula these days – ok, I get the message loud & clear. I am trying my very best here, I am struggling, I am not a good juggler (like Jonas), I have to do Stationery, Books & Seasonal, I am not quick enough, I doesn’t have much common sense in me, I do not think enough, I am not street-smart enough, I am not business savvy enough…what else? I may be sad, I may be in denial, I may be offended…but tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow I will bounce back and try to do my best all over again. I’m past all of the shock, trauma & anger stage. I know that all of my previous bosses have been very kind, loving & generous to me. Ursula is the evil one here, but she is pointing me to the right direction. Yes, yes, life moves fast. So, I will stop whining about it and enjoy the journey! I guess for me, I’ll try to glow with excitement every day. I’m tackling new stuffs, new projects, new friendships, new social settings, need to work harder on my work portfolio, to be a better individual. I’m going to be continuously to be challenged by responsibilities, independence, decision making and self-discipline. I want to learn & grow. I want to be better. I’m just a big kid who likes to play :)


Hahaha…I don’t know whether this is a funny thing or a very sad thing…the person that I cared the most – Ursula & Leonardo; did not even wish me a very Happy Birthday on the actual day itself…of course, Ursula eventually wished me, the day after, claiming that she have forgotten all about it, Leonardo didn't even bother (as usual)…rupa-rupanya, in the end, it was Barry who wished me on the actual day itself (via sms) and even bought me a cheese cake from Secret Recipe on the next day. Funny…how life works…from the least unexpected people :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

McBusted Tour

Happy 32nd Birthday To Me :)

Category Planning / Range Review / Ursula / New Job/ Ken Rimba / Shelter 101 Project

Dear GOD, please give me the FAITH to believe that YOU can bring good out of any situation. Help me to see what YOU want to show me during adversity. CHRIST meets our needs now and for eternity.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

beyond my wildest imaginations

Ursula sounded me – I always WAIT on things…wait for so long some more…I don’t even know how to QUICK FIX things…I have all the information right on my table…but I lack in the end finishing part…sigh :(

Monday, June 02, 2014

the consensus

Sign up our first player – Rickie Lambert…aiyo, I think we need more defenders more urgently. We need to plug in the gaps. Nonetheless, welcome home :)

this was the dumbest thing of all

1.6.2014 – I am officially a member of the club now :)

all my preconceived notions about what a married life is

Ursula and I are no longer in talking terms. I mean…we do talk but when we talk, we only talk about random stuffs. All work related stuffs are now being communicated via email. This is because…Ursula felt that, since I am so clever in pusing her around…now, she wants everything to be in black & white so she can keep track of anything. She don't even call me up anymore.

I take it very positively. As a matter of fact, her list has helped me to re-align, re-focus and re-prioritize on my daily routine work. It’s not that bad at all. It’s not that bad as I expected it to be. There are just so many things to do every day, I get distracted very easily and her list puts me back on track. During my time with the French, as I don’t have to deal with this much of skus, suppliers, stores and problems – it was very manageable for me during that time. But now…it just spells catastrophe.

I think it doesn’t matter who governs over me. I just and always gave everything away. The problem is myself, I don’t think I am doing well currently, I didn’t think totally on what I should do, I didn’t follow the game plan…as a conclusion, in my head – I didn’t have any idea on how to play the match. So, these days…Ursula rarely shares gossips or happenings or strategies with me anymore. So, I also don’t know what is Shawn, Gerrard, Sabrina & Christy is up to. They sure will beat me drop dead.

it’s never the right time

Why did you volunteer – I know…my reaction at that kind of big, over-the-top, a little bit of overreacting and dramatic to the core. What happen was…after the 3 days of training session on category planning, I know that every buyer has to start to do the range review project. I know that...that I cannot escape this time around. It’s either sooner or later. I know that my department is not in the top 5, and neither it is in the bottom 5. I am in between, so I am pretty safe for a while…so I thought I can buy myself some time. Then, mana tahu…this Ursula is so pandai pula…she went and volunteer herself…sigh…

Pier Walk

Ursula was working on last week Saturday.
Wrote me this email:

Dear Ms. J___,

So polite again…I really want to puke…

if it happens, it happens

Ok, I ran the report this morning. The books sold a total of 2,394 units while the color pencils register a total of 225 units. But...the books value are at RM2,370.06 while the value of the color pencil’s is at RM2,158.75. Pretty close right…only an RM211.31 difference. Cheh...