Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Better The Devil You Know

Yesterday, I also found out that Linda will resign next month :(
Linda was suppose to retire by the end of December…but mana tahu, Linda wants to quit next month.
I am so sad. I am so blessed to have Linda as my working neighbor…we greet each other every morning and lately…I am also very blessed because Linda always gives me food to eat…
Somemore…Linda’s resignation letter was composed by Ursula. Hahaha…
Sigh…so many farewells…no wonder that day, My Source told me that Emerson already hired someone but don’t know for who…

The Glazer Gatekeeper

Ursula pula…sat on the second table…but was side by side with me :)

Me: So, when is your new buyer coming?
Ursula: October…third week of October. The new buyer is very keng one…
Me: Good lah…fit into your chess board mah.
Ursula: See the buyer is more keng or I more super keng.
Me: Good…fit in very nicely into your chess board.
Ursula: The difference between you and the new buyer is that you speak in English, you debate in English…

Then, somehow…our conversation was interrupted :( Cannot dig anymore info...

Freedom Is Complicated

Yesterday was Gerrard’s farewell dinner – we had Thai Food.
Marcus & Linda were so naughty.
Pietro & myself was the first to arrive. There were altogether 4 tables. Pietro & I sat on the first table. Then Marcus & Linda arrived.

Marcus: I sit with you all lah…or not after your boss come and sit with you…
Linda: Yes yes…now no more working time…work time, have to face her…makan time, don’t want to face her lah


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Girl With 7 Names

My Source shares this with me – regarding The Witch.

Scenario 1 – during a floor walk with the CEO…Maximoff told The Witch – Alice, come here, you answer this. But what it is regarding about…My Source forget already :( This one also the grocery guy kepo with My Source one…hahaha...other people also perasan my boss.

Scenario 2 – during a closed-door meeting with Maximoff…Maximoff ask Alice some questions…so she answer…but it was tak tentu hala…in the end…Miguel steps in – don’t answer anymore, the more you answer, the more wrong it is…I will answer on your behalf. OMG! I think this may be the meeting where Clara have mention previously that Miguel sounded Alice...that Alice needed training...or, this is another meeting that Alice also kena from Miguel...

Women On A Mission

My Source kepo with me :)
Gerrard’s replacement is also from the English. The name is Nigel.
Not an easy person to handle though. Surprisingly, Nigel is a Buying Manager with the English…however by joining G13 – Nigel becomes only a Category Manager, a rung lower from the current position. Nigel is also a very loud & colorful character like Tommy. And this is the most important part – Maximoff doesn’t really like Nigel, but still hire Nigel anyway because there is no choice. Hello…can convince Gerrard to stay mah

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Hand That Feeds You

Liverpool 3 - 2 Aston Villa :)

Chipmunk Chatter

Sometimes humans feel entangled and react in fear to the Lord. Through the centuries, He has offered rescue and hope to people – yet we resist Him, not understanding the help He provides. In Isaiah 41, the prophet quotes the Lord as saying – For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, Fear not, I will help you.

As you think about your situation, how do you see God’s role? Are you afraid to turn things over to Him – for fear that He might harm you? He is good and He is near, wanting to free you from life’s entanglements. You can thrust Him with your life.

In what area of your life do you need freedom? Ask the Lord to show you and to give you the faith to trust Him for His deliverance.

Stuck In The Mud

God will help us too when we call on Him. Sometimes He intervenes directly, but more often He works through other people. When we admit our need to Him – and perhaps to others – we can count on His faithfulness.

I praise You, heavenly Father, that You can rescue me from any pit, no matter how deep.
Help me to accept the help of others and to be ready to offer it to those in need.

Mysterious Ways

Section 7.
GHSA Roll-Out, Other Stores Roll-Out, BTS 2015, Ordering, Planogram, Supermarket BTS, East Malaysia BTS, Christmas 2015, Trade Plan, Sales, Margin, Buying Income, Stock Value & Stock Days.
The Witch.
Retail Career.

Father, please help me to trust You even when I don’t understand why things happen as they do.
Comfort my heart and remind me of Your goodness and love.
Since God’s hand is in everything, you can leave everything in God’s hand.

The Night Sister


Ainul told me…this is base on assumption of course…that Gerrard’s replacement demand for the above salary scale. Apparently, someone saw Gerrard’s replacement CV.

(1) Ainul is also very curious on why Ursula did not ask Gerrard to stay. On the day that Gerrard tender…the very next day…Maximoff have already gotten a replacement from the English. When the CV was pass to Ursula…Ursula did not even bother to take a second look on it…just straight away pass it to the HR Department. Well...either Ursula really wants to get rid off Gerrard for a very long time (now that the opportunity is here) or Ursula have been instructed by Maximoff to do so. Knowing that Gerrard can deliver the results, knowing that Ursula did not even remove Christy when The General ask Ursula to do so...I strongly believe that Ursula have to do what she have to do. I do not judge and I will not judge.

(2) Ainul was wondering how come the relationship between Gerrard & Ursula is so frosty. Gerrard is a top notch performer in the division…some one who knows what they are doing, which suppliers to tackle, how to tackle and where the money is from. Well, I think Gerrard & Ursula relationship is good…Paige have earlier on dismiss that Gerrard is leaving because of Ursula…but is actually leaving because of Maximoff.

(3) Ainul also notices that Ursula & Shawn are very close.

(4) I remembered…Paige told me…that this is Gerrard’s second time in giving the resignation letter. Apparently, a few months back…Gerrard also have another offer from another Appliance/Furniture Retailer.

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Pietro shared with me…what Ramly shares with Pietro on the other day…regarding the SCM who give negative comments on Ramly…it’s confirmed…it’s Marcus…well…I have no comment…I can only give Marcus the benefit of the doubt…Marcus have good intentions…but probably some other people have misinterpreted it. I don’t see what Marcus is able to gain by dishing out negative comments on some of the buyers here…Marcus have already lost the merchandising power…and is now being given menial Marketing tasks…giving out negative comments…it doesn’t give Marcus any advantage at all.

Pietro shared with me one case…a luggage issue which Pietro shared with Marcus only before Tommy comes into the picture. Pietro was surprise how Tommy knew about it. Even if Marcus did told Tommy about it…I believe Marcus has good intentions…letting Tommy to know the whole story so Tommy can help Pietro.

Rupa-rupanya…Pietro also heard of the news that the CEO knew about Pietro’s poor performance. I suspect…still suspect…it’s either because of Tommy’s previous remarks in front of Mr. Horton…or…someone…just pluck the CEO name…someone is making up stories on Pietro by using the CEO’s name…I don’t think…any SCM…who hates her buyers so much…will go and kutuk their very own buyer in front of the CEO…this will only indicates poor leadership on the SCM only.

Voices In The Ocean

Aha…Ursula lied :)
Gerrard wanted to attend the Team Building Session. According to Christy…it was Ursula who told Gerrard not to attend. Gerrard can attend the afternoon session where it involves games & other team work activities…but not in the morning session where there will be a moving forward strategy presentation by the top management. Hahaha…this is so laughable. Gerrard is going to join our competitor, doing Marketing somemore…Ursula don’t let Gerrard joins in the Team Building Session…yet refuse to let Gerrard to leave earlier either. Gerrard can assess our system and retrieve every department information. That is more dangerous no?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Worlds Explode

Yesterday was a public holiday – Malaysia Day.
Yes, Pietro is having some problems with stocks.
The store team complains Pietro in the WatsApp group chat.
But The Witch did not protect Pietro or back Pietro up.
Instead, she (i feel) humiliated Pietro instead.
This is what she replied back.
Call Pietro to do something, can you guys email to Supply Chain to order and CC Miguel & Maximoff?
The she drives the knife further in…after some store continue to add oil that there are no stocks delivery from DC, there are high customer demand but no stocks etc.
That’s why needs your help to email supply chain to order tell them your shortages and sales is going down must CC Miguel & Maximoff. Pietro must follow up is your cat sales unless you can find BI to cover the lost sales if no action plan.
See…what kind of boss is that?!
Poor Pietro…really give Pietro no room to move. And must tell the whole world somemore. Bitch!
Want to scold, do it on a one-to-one basis lah...or among the 4 of need to malukan Pietro in front of everyone.

Just My Rotten Luck

Finally…both Ramly & Pietro understands…understand that The Witch indeed has problems.

(1) Ramly is very concern. If The Witch can convey the wrong message to us, The Witch can also convey the wrong message or information back to Miguel & Maximoff. Hahaha…I just told Ramly…with The Witch…I can’t differentiate what is white, what is black anymore…biar lah…if she want to cucuk, cucuk lah.

(2) The Witch said that our team has additional slots for the coming Press Ad. I ask – how come…The Witch said that it’s good…she did not explain why and I assume that she also don’t know why…and I was right…it was not more slots for us…it was only in different language newspapers. See…she as a SCM also don’t know and can’t even explain…sigh...sad...

(3) Rupa-rupanya…while Ramly & Alice was in China for their buying trip…when Pietro & myself did not reply her in the WatsApp group…The Witch got so mad…and tell Ramly & the suppliers that we are so rude & disrespectful to her. Then, when The Witch come back and has a meeting with us…she burns us for not replying all of the messages.

(4) During the Tuesday meeting…The Witch really bashes Pietro teruk teruk – she challenges Pietro…sigh…

(5) Ramly also notice that The Witch's listening, understanding & interpretation of things also does not run concurrently…in one of their conversation…The Witch keep on saying the ceremony takes place at night…but in actual fact…according to the supplier…it’s early in the morning…that is a big difference of time zone ya.

(6) This is the funny part…Ramly said that The Witch mention that we cannot do this, we cannot do that…it's sinful...The Witch act like a Buddhist Monk…but in actual reality…The Witch also do all of the above…hahaha…

(7) I only feel insecure about 1 thing. When The Witch bashes Ramly & Pietro…every time, she does that…The Witch like to use me as a benchmark…praise me sky high in front of them…scared only that both Ramly & Pietro will have ill feelings of me and go against me. Ramly can feel the tension & comparison already. I also naughty…I bullshit back…The Witch likes to compare me with Gerrard.

Book Scavenger

Ramly told me that there were actually 2 chosen candidates to take over from The Witch portfolio when The Witch got promoted: Ramly or Clara. In the end, Alice chose Ramly. Ramly also shares with me…apparently that there was 1 SCM whom Ramly thought was good to Ramly and will say good things about Ramly…but in the end; it did not materialize. Only give negative comments on Ramly instead. I wonder who the SCM is. Cannot be Emerson or Amelia. It’s either Ursula or Marcus. But from the sound of things…looks like Ramly is referring to a SCM whom Ramly is closely link with…Marcus?

Middle School Series

Early early in the morning (Monday) when I went into the office – I already saw Alice in Ursula’s room.
Then, while waiting for my turn to go in to see Miguel, I lepak in Ursula’s room first.
Then, this Ursula go and burned me :(
Ursula sounds me on why I didn’t help Alice with the Buying Income. That I should not be so stubborn and I should also change my attitude towards her. My foot!
Aargh…it’s either this Witch go and complain about me to Ursula or Ursula overheard the earlier conversation that I had with The Witch. The Witch came in to my room and asks for more Buying Income. I said that I don’t have any more at the moment and will continue to follow up.
Hello…excuse me…if indeed I have the money…I will hand over for sure…if I don’t have…then don’t have lor…it’s also the same attitude when I was under Ursula mah…somemore, with The Witch…I don’t even dare to menyampuk at all…I am such a good student…just keep my mouth shut.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Death Of The Hat

Err…actually, this is quite sad…what happen was…towards the end of the Team Building Session – there was this group photo. For the first row – everyone sits on the chair and for the second row is where everyone will stands…so, someone (which I don’t know who it is) said that all SCMs should sit in the first row. So, all of the SCMs was calling out to each other…but none of the SCM call out to The Witch to take the front seat…not even Ursula, Marcus, Emerson, Amelia or even Miguel…kind of like no one acknowledge Alice. I also did not voice out…I should at least say where is Alice…then, everyone will take notice…sigh…but then again hor…I am only a small potato…like bersuara terlebih pula…sigh…I think The Witch also feel that she is also not being recognize…and I also feel bad...feel sad for her...and feel guilty too...because I have bad intentions by not helping her out when the opportunity was given :(

Playlist For The Dead

On the Team Building day itself, during one of the break time - I manage to catch up with Ramly. Christy was right…their buying trip did not turn up well. Ramly complained:

(1) Alice keeps on hard selling herself.
(2) Ramly feels that Alice don’t want Ramly to be better than her.
(3) I thought it will be less tension because it’s outside from the office but Ramly said that it is still the same thing.
(4) Alice put down on Ramly in front of the suppliers.
(5) Ramly also did not talk much to Alice when they got back to their hotel room at night.
(6) Christy is right, it’s tough for Ramly because Ramly is taking over the portfolio which Alice is so familiar with.
(7) I was also naughty – I gave Ramly 3 options – telan, find a new job or bring Miguel into the picture.
(8) Ramly did not want to bring Miguel into the picture – scared that Miguel will find Ramly to be very negative in accepting new change.

Our Endless Numbered Days

Was lepaking in Christy’s room on last week Friday:

(1) Both Ramly & Christy are good friends. So, the story of The Witch…Ramly did share with Christy as well.

(2) Christy also pointed out that Ramly is already losing control of things lately.

(3) Christy also feels that The Witch & Ramly 1st buying trip together will not go down well at all.

(4) One night…around 9pm…Ramly was in Christy’s room…The Witch come over and ask Ramly to be excuse for a while because there was an urgent work task that needs to be attend to. Come on, it’s already after working hours mah

(5) Christy also mention that The Witch already think sideways…both Gerrard & Christy got invite The Witch to go for lunch together…The Witch declines their offers in following them…then, mana tahu…The Witch goes and tell everybody that both Gerrard & Christy refuse to eat lunch with her because she got promoted. It’s like indicating that Gerrard & Christy is jealous of Alice’s promotion. OMG.

(6) I told Christy that Ramly is lucky to have her, someone to talk to. I have no one. Both Celtic & Stephanie have left…can’t talk much to Pietro as well.

(7) I continue to ask Christy to keep on encouraging Ramly.

Violet Belle

Well, in the end – during the Team Building event – I did not shine as much as I wanted to…I did not shine as how I shine when I was in the same team as Ursula in our last Team Building activities in Tanah Aina. Anderson did not turn up; was on MC. I find that the both of Miguel & Emerson are very resourceful, creative, competitive, discipline. But I also Thank God that nothing happen as well…nothing embarrassing happen of course…

Queen Goblet

So, I carpool with Pietro to our Kinrara Training Center.
Then, Pietro told me that the grouping was actually done by Emerson. It triggers me:

(1) Emerson likes to shine. Zurick have told me before that it is good that I am not under Emerson, otherwise the top bosses cannot see me…so, does that means that the reason Emerson picks me is because Emerson can control me? Emerson knows that I will shy away from the limelight? Emerson can step up & be seen by everybody?

(2) Or is there a possibility that Emerson wants to give me the opportunity to gel in with them?

(3) Could it be that Miguel wants to test me?

(4) Emerson wants to give me the opportunity to ask Emerson on how to do the coming BTS? Which I did :)

(5) Probably I just think too much…it’s just a coincidence…really?

Tote My Heart

We had our Team Building session on last week Friday…indoor somemore…ok, before that…what happen was…before the Team Building event took place…I manage to take a peek on which group I am in. Guess what…I am in the same group as Miguel, Emerson, Anderson, Meximoff’s secretary and another 2 buyers under FW. I was the only original G13 member. Marcus, Clara, Madeleine, Linda, Pietro was in 1 team. Ursula, Laura, Ivan was group together. Lionel has Shawn, Amelia & Ramly. The Witch & Christy was in the same group. Gerrard…refuse to participate.

So…yes…I was happy with the allocation – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…it was like an opportunity…for me to shine :)

The Blue Between The Sky And Water

Ole-Ole Bali, Empire Subang – dinner with Stephanie & Dolores (the furniture buyer under Celtic). Lot’s of good catch up :) Yes, the Celtic’s issue needs to be address soon…but I will blog on it later on…

Make Your Home Among Strangers

SBO KL Charity Run; organized by Shell Malaysia.
Was there with Small Ham & her friends – Edward & Alden.
I haven’t been very active in running this year compare to last year. Last year, I went for two 10KM Marathons, two 21KM Marathons, one 15KM Marathon & a 5KM Walkathon. As this is my first 6.5KM marathon of the year, I quickly found myself to be a bit breathless and wheezy and unable to sustain a good running pace. I also have not practice on my running prior to this as well. I was a bit grumpy that my health wasn’t up to it. I ended up walking A LOT after that :) I didn’t really bother in timing myself…I think I took about 45 minutes…my slowest time ever! I was so tired and sore :) Then we add on more calories by having Dim Sum for brunch...hahaha...

Infinite Home

Liverpool 1 – 3 Manchester United :(
There we go again…hot…cold…hot…cold…

Barefoot To Avalon

Barricade or no barricade – Malaysians Must March On.
It is precisely for the love for this country that Malaysians must insist on a government that can run the country better. Nation Building, Economic Construction…and perhaps a BERSIH Administration…

Saturday, September 12, 2015

All Kinds Of Everything

Was lepaking in My Source room the other day:

My Source: Gerrard is leaving, why not you transfer over there?
Me: I don’t want…I will wait for Miguel…you have mentioned that there is a plan…but I don't know what is the plan...but there is a plan.
My source: (nodding in agreement) But it’s wasted…if you are not a buyer, you have no value…
Me: One year only mah…let me take a break first.
My Source: Emerson hates The Witch…
Me: Why?
My Source: The Witch asks Emerson on how to collect money from the suppliers…Emerson teach The Witch…then The Witch go and tell the suppliers…Emerson say this and that…Emerson said you gave Emerson this amount of buying income…
Me: Wah…
My Source: How can The Witch do that right? People are giving you the information…you pandai pandai to leverage on it mah…but you go and mention people’s name pula
Me: I don’t understand how The Witch can be promoted.
My Source: Emerson already scolds the person (Miguel) that promoted The Witch.
Me: Hahaha…
My Source: By the way...Emerson said...if you ever need help for the coming BTS, you can go and ask Emerson, but don't let The Witch see the both of you.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Days Of Awe

Hmm…don’t know whether this Marcus got bullshit me or not.

(1) Marcus felt that Miguel talks to me very ok…compare to the rest of the buyers. Well, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD.

(2) I remember that there is this one time…The Witch & I was in Miguel’s room…this Witch always like to mencelah one…so, when I was explaining something…as usual…she mencelah in again…luckily, this Miguel step in to shhhh her :)

(3) Marcus confesses that Marcus’s confidence is at rock bottom. I guess is because Maximoff and maybe perhaps even Miguel make Marcus feel that way. With all of their negative comments.

(4) Marcus also felt that both Maximoff & Miguel are very secretive towards Marcus.

(5) Marcus also feels that this Alice lacks of confidence and feel very insecure.

(6) The Witch not only lacks of confidence & insecure…leadership got problem, communication pun satu masalah…but I don’t deny that she is hard working but not working smart enough.

(7) Ramly also cannot tahan her…say that she is psycho. Hahaha...

(8) The other day – Ramly reacted harshly towards Alice because Alice reacted harshly in the first place but Alice don’t want to admit it.

(9) The both of them are away this week…together for sourcing trip…eat together, sleep together…by right they should have been bonded by now, all of their differences should be behind them by now, when they come back…should be more united and standing on the same wavelength.

Last Bus To Wisdom

Surpirse! Surprise! Surprise!

(1) I certainly did not expect Gerrard to leave. I mean...these G13 people are so into their comfort zone…even asking them to go for an interview…I don’t think that they will even have the courage to take the very first step.

(2) Furthermore, Gerrard is a star performer currently…the only department that is YTD positive...I don’t see the reason for Gerrard to leave. But – according to Marcus, Maximoff have been given Gerrard the pressure as well. It’s more of an internal factor than an external factor.

(3) Gerrard got a job with a local competitor. I lagi didn’t see this coming…especially for this company, the composition of the skin color is very obvious.

(4) Gerrard got a job as a Marketing Manager leh…not merchandising.

(5) Well, according to Madeleine’s interpretation – I think everyone just wants to escape from collecting money…if there is a job that doesn’t require collecting money and can still obtain a salary increment…why not right?

(6) According to Marcus – there is already an English candidate in place to replace Gerrard.

(7) Marcus also understands finally why Ursula does not sayang Christy…Christy is not well-versed in her department after so long and also some discipline issues.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole

The First Session in Ursula’s room.

It’s confirmed – Gerrard is leaving.

Me: Why there is a Secret Recipe cake?

Ursula: Today is Gerrard’s birthday.

Me: I see…can I wish Gerrard?

Ursula: Can…got surprise somemore…

Me: Ohh…you got Gerrard presents? Why you so double-standard one…you didn’t get me anything on my birthday…

The Second Session In Ursula’s Room

Ursula: I am so fed up…

Me: Well, you can do what Gerrard did…

Ursula: How you know…

Me: Got people tell me lor

Ursula: Gerrard told you? Linda?

Me: Gerrard won’t tell me anything…not Linda…got people tell me lor…didn’t ask Gerrard to stay? Gerrard is your star performer though…

Ursula: I am happy for Gerrard…what is the point…Gerrard’s heart is already not here…

Conclusion – interesting game…let’s see what is Ursula’s next step will be…I will not reveal my cards, I will just make don’t know, I will not show off, I will remain humble…I will wait for Miguel…for the rest of the coming days, I will be quiet, be calm, be still…no politicking around, no panic mode…I will just do my best…and crown the year as best as I can…everyone goes through different motions on how they handle their challenges in life. I just have to harness the positive energy.

Kitchens Of The Great Midwest

Stationery pages look good!

Got praise from Maximoff…not only in the email but also in today’s meeting as well.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Great Soul Battle

Bahagian Pinjaman
BTS 2015/2016

Am I talking to someone who is in a similar situation at this moment? Is your faith so badly shaken by what you see around you that you are tempted to give up? Then this is the word of the Lord to you today. HOLD ON. It is a dark tunnel you find yourself in at this moment, but God will bring you through. He never fails. Never.

Father, thank You for speaking to me today. Help me not to form my conclusions from what I see around – the immediate – but from what I see above, in You, the Ultimate. I wait in quiet confidence for Your word to come to pass. Amen.

welcoming and so open

Could this be true? OMG! Ramly told me…that Gerrard told Alice, Alice shares with Ramly…that Gerrard resigns?! Was that why Ursula ask me to re-join back her team? Interesting…

empowered to deliver

Was lepaking in Ursula’s room…Ursula ask me whether I want to join her team or not…I ask Ursula to give me one good reason why…but to my expectations & disappointment, Ursula did not give me any…I also told Ursula that I do not fit into her chess board. She terus diam

For Ursula – I will go to the moon & back. Appliance is totally a different ball game, just like Apparel. I am a true blue Bazaarian :)

I also share with Ursula on my fears for the coming BTS.
I ask her – shall I do the right thing or do the easy thing – to my surprise, Ursula’s advise was – just do your best.

Sugar, Spice Or Nothing Nice

WatsApp conversations with Tommy:

Me: I’m worried BTS Boss.

Tommy: I haven’t started. I’m going to die. I think you will have a great BTS. Miguel is under great pressure to deliver BTS.

Me: Sigh…wish u were here…

Tommy: Miguel remembers your request. Hang in there. The English now unstable. Will be unfair to bring anyone over.

Me: U all got communicate?! Ok boss.


I have no idea when they communicate. And what they have communicated. I take it as an assurance from God. I don’t want to remind Miguel for this month. Maybe next month :) Otherwise, Miguel will find me very fan. I will just focus in assisting The Witch, helping the team and do my best for the BTS.

O Father, give me the faith to believe in You in the midst of uncertainty and perplexity. Don’t let me settle for an ‘answer’ simply because it relieves my confusion. I know You do have answers, but help me go on even when they do not come. Amen.

problems with my theology

Hmmm…following the below incident…one evening, I was in Marcus’s room…Christy and Wayne was there too. Wayne wants to share the Marketing Folder…so Wayne ask Marcus…anyone else to add on to it…Marcus smilingly and jokingly said my name…but in the end, don’t have lah…hmm…does Marcus knows something…I mean did Miguel had a discussion with Marcus…or is it just a pure coincidence after all…

What Are Your Leaders Made Of?

I had a conversation with My Source the other day.
Apparently, My Source got communicate with Miguel.
Miguel asks My Source to ask me…whether I want to leave G13 or to leave The Witch. I must be very clear on this part. Of course, I want to leave The Witch. My Source do not want to reveal to me much…but only told me that it will be a waste if I don’t want to become a buyer anymore…of course my first choice is not to be a buyer, but if I have no choice, I still have to take up the buying role…my hair is already wet mah…My Source told me that there is a plan…and My Source also push me to be under Marcus to Miguel. Anyway, I think it’s good for me to follow Stewart’s path – take a break first then re-join back the buying team later on; if the timing & opportunity permits.

THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for having someone (My Source) to help me out here. To put in a good word for me.

a high-performance focus

He will try. But he does have a memory issue.

Adoi…Tommy is so right.
What happen was…during the Marketing meeting…Miguel was lamenting…that Miguel likes the French Marketing processes…then I pointed myself to Miguel…indicating that I was once attached with the French, thus I understand very well the French system and most importantly; I am the right candidate. At first, this Miguel doesn’t get it. Then, Miguel realizes…but this celaka Marcus pula go and suggest to hire someone else from The English. Adoi. Spoil my plan. Then, Miguel final words to me was to convince Marcus. Sigh…

Nonetheless – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – another opportunity for me to remind Miguel :)
Yes, I am indeed that desperate. Hahaha…