Thursday, January 30, 2014

whizzing around

Liverpool 4 – 0 Everton :)
Great game. The only disappointment was that Daniel Sturridge squandered an opportunity to complete his hattrick by blazing a penalty over the crossbar and showing his frustration when he was substituted. He deserved it. He was playing very selfishly; he wanted to score the goals all by himself and he refuses to pass the ball to others. Otherwise, the score line could have been even more.

bounce, slide, swim

After the below incident, another lunch-related incident occur again.
Aiyo…we had a fire drill exercise that morning. Once the drill was over, as Paige & I was walking back to our office, we decided then to have our lunch together that afternoon. Then, Paige pointed out to Ursula who was walking in front of us and ask - what about her? I said – ok, I give you the permission to bring her along :) Then, mana tahu, this Paige abandon me at the very last minute. So, in a way, I feel obligated to check with Ursula whether she wants to join Baldwin & myself for lunch at Coffee Bean as her lunch buddy have left her. When Ursula came down, Baldwin and my orders have already arrived at that point of time and we sat at the outside table. Then, I saw Gerrard came down, Shawn came down, the Minions also came down too…rupa-rupanya, I think…I assume lah that Ursula call her whole team down for lunch together. Wah, she could have invite Baldwin & me to join them too but she didn’t. Or maybe Ursula thinks that the both of us would like to have our lunch in private. So, the whole team has lunch together without me. My guess is that everyone in the office already knows about it. They will think that either I am very snobbish and that I didn’t want to join them or Ursula didn’t want me to be a part of her team. Isolate me from the group in one corner. Sigh…cheh…no big deal at all...I also don't care...I don't think that I will be able to integrate in with them anyway :)

My First Parachute

Ah Cheng Laksa - aiyo…the other day, Baldwin and I went over there to have our lunch. The place was pack with their regular lunch crowd. So, Baldwin & I was standing aside while waiting for an empty table. Then, mana tahu, this Ursula & Paige appear. Then, this Ursula suggests to Baldwin that we sit together. So, we sat at the same table and have lunch together :( So inconvenient and I was feeling awkward all the time. After lunch, I jokingly told Baldwin that moving forward, Baldwin must get my permission whether Ursula can join us for lunch or not :) Hahaha…

high in the sky

Wah…this month, I eat out a lot, I catch-up with a lot of people, I chill out a lot…I ate with absolutely no restraints :)

Turkey Ham – ok, this was last year :) I brought Turkey Ham to My Elephant at Happy Mansion, PJ for some Thai food dinner and then to Food Foundry for their crepe cakes :) I just love Food Foundry – the space there is specifically designed to encourage people to eat, to linger and to get inspired. It’s the perfect haunt for mid-morning brunches, quick business lunches or hearty dinners with the family. Good for chit-chatting and date nights too. Love the old school and night ambience here but they closes way too early at 11pm.

Stewart – this gathering was also last year :) Together with Celtic, we had lunch at Kota Kemuning and then to my favorite place: Chatime :)

Ling Ling – korean dinner at Korean BBQ Seoul Palace, Bandar Puteri, Puchong :) Celtic & Stephanie tag along too.

Stephanie – celebrated Stephanie’s birthday lunch together with Celtic at Fat Spoon (again) and Food Foundry (again). And these 2 kids were also very mengada – ada; forcing me to drive them around for that day while knowingly knew that my driving skills are pretty limited :)

bubble trouble

Aww…Baldwin is so sweet & generous to me this month :) Twice in a row, Baldwin bought me lunch :) I feel so blessed. First, Baldwin bought me lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop and then treated Paige & me to a free Bak Kut Teh lunch at Glenmarie. I can see that Baldwin have been stressing up lately. I understand that it is not easy to manage 2 very big & diverse departments. Plus, The General has also not been that kind to Baldwin as well. Just yesterday, Baldwin put in a request to have a sample room. The General ask Paige to look into it. But this Paige was quick to push it away and said that it was an admin job. Then, The General asks Baldwin to organize it. Baldwin said that Baldwin have a lot of work to do. The General shoot back to Baldwin that The General didn’t feel it that way, instead The General felt that Baldwin is very free. The General’s tone was very serious at that time but later on went to Baldwin’s room and informs Baldwin that it was just only a joke. But the damage has already been done, Baldwin feels sad about it. Sigh…no appreciation at all here.

On another matter, Baldwin told me that Marcus mention to Baldwin that I am a very nice girl. Weird :( How come suddenly, I am part of their conversations. Scary…

pop up & play

Bloody hell – my new room is so cold. It’s freezing in there. Paige said that the room is very cold because the previous tenant (Ursula) is one cold-blooded woman :) Hahaha...

sand & water fun

Last year, after Kendra’s birthday party – Stephanie & I went to play bowling. This year, the both of us did archery :) Yay, another new & memorable experience for us. We have never done any archery before. The staffs taught us the ropes of the sport – how to hold the bow in a proper position, how to insert the arrows into the right position, how to aim, how to draw the string, how to stand in the correct position and so on. We have to wear protective gears too. We have to wear a bracer – also known as an arm guard and finger tab to protect the hand while the string is being drawn. The bow was quite heavy as well, our hand muscles were aching as we have to stretch the string to let go off the arrows. I didn’t hit many bulls-eye, occasionally; there were a few misses here & there but I had so much fun :) Felt like Robin Hood.

Splash & Play

Kendra’s 6th birthday party was held at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park for the second time in a row. However, this year event was a bit boring for me because the only attendance was James, Celtic, Stephanie & myself. I mean...I get to see Celtic & Stephanie on a daily basis at the office and I just had a lunch session with James recently, thus there is not much of a following-up to do. The food was better than last year, we have a decorate your own cup cake session, we ate quickly and left early :)

meet our Toy Testers

Tin Min who left the French back in 2011 is back with the Japanese. Surprise surprise :) After Tin Min left the French, Tin Min got a job in the insurance industry, then Tin Min went to New Zealand under the holiday & working visa. Now, Tin Min is assisting Lee Nee as their new DIY buyer. Tin Min is not the only one that has re-joined back the Japanese but also the Stationery Buyer as well. Shocking.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Charm, Simplicity, Madness

Thank you u are the best
Appreciate very much

Watsapp message from Ursula this morning. I don’t take it as a compliment. It was a perli for sure :( New store opening, no newspaper delivery because insufficient stocks from the printers. I just accept the supplier’s explanation. Never thought of asking the supplier to cut the quantities for other stores and pass the quantities to the new store. Sigh. Didn’t use my brain. Hopeless. Useless. Have to think faster and better the next time around. I am so screwed. I may be humble. But for how long am I going to keep on saying that I am sorry and apologizing for everything. The first few times people will buy me, but if there is no further improvement on my part later on, people will just see me as being incapable. People say that to become successful, you must be sincere, honest and willing to admit mistakes. But if I continue to be like this…I am going nowhere. I am going to embarrassed myself further for sure.

She Rises

Ursula has a fifth minion – Liza. She has way too many spies in the office :) There are some renovations going on in the office at the moment. Ursula has moved to another cubicle while I moved in to Ursula’s cubicle. So, today while I was cleaning up my room, Liza came to my room and calls me Ursula Two. OMG. My guess is that everyone in the office has heard about it. Maybe I am perasan here. The more Ursula likes me, the more I will die faster :( Throughout these few months of interaction & conversation with Ursula, one thing I am sure is that…I am very sincere, genuine and real on my part. On Ursula’s part? I am not so sure about that. I hope that it is too. Based on what people have told me previously and based on the treatment that I have received from Ursula so far…it’s not really that tally. I know that I should be happy about it…but surprisingly, I’m not. I just feel that the devil in Ursula has not awakened yet. I don’t have the answer to the question yet…whether I am happy being under Ursula or not…but I don’t denied that every day, Ursula amuses me very much.

tossed by life’s waves

Sabrina is finally on board. Three perspectives here. Ursula has taken out certain categories from Gerrard & Shawn and giving them to Sabrina. As Sabrina is a newbie, everyone expects that Sabrina will take on a smaller portfolio; but mana tahu…this Sabrina’s portfolio is quite a heavy duty one as well. Pietro thinks that Ursula will not kill off Sabrina because it will reflect badly on her. Celtic thinks that Ursula will kill cold-bloodedly if necessary. I think that Ursula is just being a control freak here. Ursula may not be able to control both Gerrard & Shawn 100%, thus taking out their second highest or biggest portfolio from them and passed it over to Sabrina. Or probably Ursula is just trying to help them to lighten up their work load. Ursula did not offer this portfolio to me. Instead, asking me to swap portfolio with Christy. Thus, I know where I stand here. I am the first to stand in front of the firing line. Anak tiri is memang anak tiri. So, I have to be extra careful from now on. Because Ursula have never thought well of me. If she thinks that I am good enough, she would have given me a much more bigger portfolio, and not thinking of transferring me to a smaller one.

Now, this department re-structuring have caused some uneasiness for Baldwin. Baldwin thinks that there is a double standard going around by The General. Some buyers are taking on more jobs; and some buyers have their work cut out less for them. I will endure this. This is my final year. Make it or break it, I have to go. I will give my best. I will do my best.

an appetite for wonder

Embrace the value of TIME to reach your peak. TIME isn’t our enemy. Nor is it trying to sabotage us. Every task requires TIME as a partner. We need to give our tasks & journeys the TIME they need. Without trying all the TIME to take shortcuts or achieving things faster.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Game Plan 2014.doc.

Garage 51yum cha session with Victoria. Victoria brought me to this place – it is a new-ish coffee & cafe establishment by Coffee Societe which is located near the side gates of Sunway University. They are famed for their splendid coffee. I am quite surprise to find such an establishment in this industrial area. The area around Sunway University holds many car workshops and mechanics, and I suppose the name Garage is an apt name. Garage 51 is definitely the first F&B place of its kind in that area - kinda makes me wish that I had some cool place like this to hang out back then in between classes when I was in Olympia College, but then again, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it on my allowances at that time anyway. The atmosphere in Garage 51 was inviting and looked very promising, with a pleasant aroma of coffee and the happy chatter of many people on a Saturday afternoon in the air. Standing out on a street of auto workshops, Garage 51 hums with positive energy & friendliness. I really like how new coffee places are now mushrooming all over the city, with many of them offering really good quality coffee with some rather nice & quirky concepts. Gone were the days where espresso based coffee is only found at commercialized Starbucks and Coffee Beans. As for the café interior, like the name suggests, it is based on a garage theme. Long tables, minimalist approach and there is a big container at the back of the café and seating atop a container which is now a kitchen gives this place a pretty unique ambiance and I also really like the expansive high ceiling within the main area. It was also so pretty, serene, spacious and “naturally constructed”.

Love the Saturday afternoon chatting & gossips sharing with Victoria :)

brave enough

Sometimes, I am indeed very dong-dong :) The other day, I was having my evening jog. The sky looks dark & gloomy…like it wanted to rain. So, I told GOD – please don’t rain now. Rain later. Let me have my evening run first. Then, I feel there were several droplets of rain, then I decided to patah balik…then it hit me big time…wait a minute, I just prayed to GOD just now; asking HIM not to rain, why am I making a u-turn...I should have more faith in HIM then. So, I continue my run and there was no rain! It really hit me big time. I then realize that I always pray to GOD, GOD did answer my prayers; it was ME who did not have the courage to walk on that take the next continue the journey. I was the root of all my problems. I am paralyzed by my own doing. It was ME who always think that the timing was wrong to switch jobs…sedangkan…perhaps the timing may be right after all. GOD must be laughing his socks off; seeing how fickle minded I am. Aiyo…I really see GOD’s GRACE that day. The thing is…I am like a lot of people out there who don’t realize that there is actually nothing that is really holding us back. GOD – next time – I will ask myself Why Not? GOD – please give me the COURAGE to move forward. I don’t want to be stuck here. Remove my Fear. Remove my Doubts. Remove my Hesitation. Just go for it.

In Christian theology, GRACE has been defined as "the love and mercy given to us by GOD because GOD desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it".

Thanksgiving Table

Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord. Bless You GOD.

Before the start of the New Year, Emerson from the English camp offered me a job. Then, after the start of the brand New Year of 2014 – it was Stewart’s turn to offer me a job. Again, as always…I am just so thankful for these blessed opportunities that comes my way. It is indeed one of the many GOD’s amazing blessings for me before and after the New Year. I feel a strong gratitude towards the many people who have helped me to get to where I am now. Now, in Stewart’s case, due to my salary range – I am indeed overpriced for the SDD position. I am sure that the Japanese top management will question back on Stewart’s motives and I certainly didn’t want to get Stewart into any trouble. With my salary bracket, I know that I have to go back as a buyer or I need to lead a team. And, the time is also not right yet for me to compromise on my salary…even though…I am tempted to. Additionally, I also want to fix my current department…however, if the right offers do comes in, I won’t be surprise that I will abandon Ursula too. Because opportunity only comes knocking at my door once. So, our conversation was left hanging there. Nonetheless, I have applied for the Business Analyst position. I have to work closely with the Marketing Department & the Commercial Team on category review project, conduct SKU optimization analyses and make recommendations on insights & strategies which can be actionable. I got rejected :( Sigh…it’s what I wanted to do! I no longer wants to do a buying job anymore, I want to move behind the scene, I want to do more of the analytical, research, consultation, management & advisory role, then later moving up to the corporate roles, the furthest I will drive is to Subang, I want flexible working hours or being able to work from home and I want an RM_ salary per month :) I realized, that a buyer’s future is so bloody limited…its either the buyer gets to be promoted to move up the ranks within the company, join the supplier’s side or come out and open their own business. Aiyo

Jom Lepak

Chinese New Year is on next week Friday :) Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

big take away for big appetites

Discovery Channel – hahaha, that’s how Ursula is describing me these days – I’m like a discovery channel to her. I am making new discoveries everyday…but with no solutions :) I know that I am sort of…kind of…useless here…but seriously, I have no answers to what’s happening at the moment. I mean, the whole division is growing at a rate of 16% while my department is only at 2%?! How come? What’s wrong? Sigh…I can only say that the rest of the buyers are doing so well is because they are overstock. They have so many stocks to sell, so their chances for sales are there. I only have sufficient stocks…so my sales will only remain at this level lor. Have to stock-up lor. Lame!

New Yorker in Hyderabad

Liverpool 2 – 2 Aston Villa.
Adoi…drop points again :(

Sunday, January 19, 2014

kaki conteng

Ursula told me that – some people told her that she lectures me too much :) I think that’s because everyone sees me in her room, every day and I will be in the room, for at least about 20 minutes or more at times. Hahaha…

twelve months, eleven days

Fat Spoon, Damansara Uptown – had lunch with James, on last two Sundays ago. Damansara Uptown is an office area that is never short of F&B outlets. Even though, it was a weekend, the place is still jam-packed with people and parking is still a hassle. I really love Fat Spoon. The interior layout is very homely, 60s style, it gives such a raw & nostalgic feel to it. Also interesting to see the kitchen utensils, pots, tiffin carriers, silver cookeries etc are being hanged at one corner of the café. I notice that the people who run the restaurant business are a bunch of young adults who manage the operations with ease and friendliness. The only downside to it is that the place is quite noisy.

Fat Spoon is being known to offer grandma's recipe. They serve good comfort food. I love their Ulam Fried Rice :) It was so satisfying. The wok-fried rice with sambal and aromatic herbs was tasty, and loved the chicken curry too. Their KFC fried oyster was fresh and gratifying. But it was pricey too. RM18 for 4 mussels only. Their dessert was just as good. I had their fried banana fritters with vanilla ice cream. It was an awesome lunch.

It was good catching up with James. Getting bits of information here and there. The Japanese is currently renovating their Subang Office. Tyan delivered her third baby (a boy), BTS sales weren’t that good, James will be given a new portfolio soon etc. I also shared my side of the story with James, the 2013 adventures that I went through with Leonardo; unlike the rest of my close friends & comrades…James doesn’t seem to share my feelings and empathy, my network of people were more encouraging and understanding. James was not. James must have thought that this was a remeh-temeh case. No big deal and can be brused off very easily. It was an awful ride for me ok. Sigh…man! I would really like to bring this liaison a notch higher but don’t know why…it always fell half way through. Sigh…maybe some things are not meant to be and should be where it should be.

how I learned to love mangoes, Bollywood & water buffalo

Going the distance: a few tips for running marathons that could just as well be applied to work – by Hugh Ujmazy. This fits in nicely for me :)

First and foremost, forget about winning. That takes a whole lot of pressure off right away. The challenge instead is improving on your own best time. Just seek to do better than before and avoid making the mistakes you made on the last one. That’s a more manageable task and is simply a matter of saying to yourself – “I want to do better than the last one”.

Working with other people makes that work. Finding someone who is just a little faster, who moves a few paces ahead, shaves a little time off each mile, is something that is often overlooked. Sticking with them reduces your time per mile. Riding on their pace & sharing their enthusiasm to maintain your own pace will help you to finish. Don’t give up. Stopping half way through, gains you nothing and means you still have to get back to the starting line. You may as well keep going. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself.

Endurance running differs from sprints by allowing you the time to think. When rushing down 100m, there is time only to react to the starting gun. Over 21KM, there’s time for your life to flash in front of your eyes multiple times. Take a moment, reconsider, take the emotion out of the problem and find a way forward. Then get moving. As a few million Nike banners worldwide suggest – Just Do It :)

a small affair

These days, everyone is talking about the Malaysian average income earners and their cost cutting measures in managing their personal & family budgets in these trying times…prudent spending…financial discipline…to look out for cost-saving options…change some of their habits & lifestyles patterns to become a more discriminating and selective consumers…comparing prices…shopping around for the best bargains, analyze usage and cutting down on unnecessary use and wastage…switch off electrical appliances when not in use, use energy efficient lights such as fluorescent lights or energy saving lamps…train ourselves to be more informed consumers who read energy labels and ask for assistance…sigh, what about those from the lower income? I don’t think they have any more room to cut. Instead of asking the rakyat to cut down some more of their expenditures – what about encouraging people to get a part time job? By the hour? By the day? On a freelance basis? Encourage Malaysian employers to re-hire retirees to fill in the gap? Encourage paid internships? Besides the skim cepat kaya – I think the government needs to do more to encourage entrepreneurship for families to earn additional income, support local produce, provide free additional skills re-training for the people to upgrade themselves so that they will be better equip on their jobs. Every day, the government only knows how to ask us to cut down on this and cut down on that…sigh…but for how long…there is no point of cutting where the income remains the same. Thus, the rakyat must be taught and be make aware on how to increased their source of income. Encourage savings is good but also must encourage smart investments which will also lead to a more disposable income.

Friday, January 17, 2014

June Unplugged

I bought a Keane – The Greatest Hits Album – I only know one old song from there which is; Somewhere Only We Know which was released in 2004, which is also my favorite :) Other than that, none of their songs ever appear in Malaysia radio airwaves. Nonetheless, this album that consists of 38 tracks is simply awesome and pleasing to the ears. Keane are an English alternative piano-based-rock band which was formed in 1997 in Battle, East Sussex, England. They have a very unique sound as in guitars are being used very minimally. For this matter, they have been dubbed as "the band with no guitars", thanks to their heavily piano-based sound. Their distortion piano sound has been a key to most of Keane's multifaceted style and most definitely their most recognizable asset. Keane’s vocal style is measured and elegantly delivered, the vocalist uses no grit and doesn't drive his voice when the music ramps up, stepping up only in volume rather than aggression as most other rock singers are prone to do. Therefore Keane's signature sound is a gentle, refined but full-bodied brand of romantic pop-rock which does not crunch or overdrive itself, but manages to soar using orchestration and other arrangement means.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new lightness of being

:) Wah…what a refreshing feeling to flush out Ursula from my system today…even though it is only for just 1 day. It’s so zen-like feeling. I didn’t call her. I didn’t walk past by her office; I took a different route instead. I didn’t drop by at her room. I didn’t realize that she is this toxic. Even with Paige as well. I didn’t drop by at Paige’s room. I speak nicely to her when I wanted something. I didn’t make a fuss when Paige needs me to attend a meeting that I don't want to attend, that I dislike going because I think its a waste of my time. Usually, I will be very childish and scowling about it. This time around…I was just so composed :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life is about keeping in shape

Liverpool 5 – 3 Stoke :)
A win. Woo Hoo! Top 4. Top 4.

Beast Feast


(1) Ursula said that I am very free (your head lah) because I go and see her every day for a one-to-one work review (my foot lah) – hello, that is because this Ursula always don’t pick up her phone and answer my calls. I have to walk over to her room and clarify things with her. You think, that I like to go in to your room every day?! Pandai pula, this Ursula reka cerita!

(2) Ursula rejects all of my new item listing. Reason being, she doesn’t buy me. This particular pen brand is not a well-known name in the market, even though the ink quality is excellent. Their sales are dropping. The pen family contributes a whopping RM3.7 million of sales yearly. So I am thinking to replace this non-performing brand with another new brand. Ursula said NO. She is not convinced. I am not convincing enough for her. I cannot persuade her. She said, tried it after the CNY. Tried it after we see the Stage 1 transformation process results first. If the root of the problem is indeed the ordering part – then, we can say that we have already settle the cause of the problems and we then can proceed to add in more new merchandise collections into the department. Have to do presentations somemore. Celaka betul! Always ask and only know how to ask – WHY? WHY? WHY? Ask me not to hurry and rush things over.

(3) I am not very sure whether I have made the right choice by opening the door for Ursula to enter into the Stationery Department. I’m regretting a little right now. Maybe Celtic is right after all. I can feel that Ursula is gaining control. Controlling me…either directly or indirectly, either consciously or unconsciously…I feel that once Ursula have a firm grip on the steering wheel (in the weeks to come), once she have tasted authority & power, she may not let it go. Fine…I also know how to play the game. Then, I just have to be on the lookout. This will be my last stand. ANGRY!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bordeaux with love

This week is Performance Appraisal Week. Marcus & Leonardo took their time and effort to run through line by line with each of their CMs. But this Ursula acts like she don’t bother at all. I am not sure whether she did the same things with Gerrard, Shawn & Christy…but with me, was no lor. I saw Christy in Ursula's room earlier, for quite some time Christy was in there and then Christy went back early. That's strange because Christy never left the office so early. Sigh…I am so screwed, I don’t know what is Ursula is up to now. Is she playing me out here? She didn't correct any of my comments. She didn't comment anything in return as well. It was like...if it is wrong, let it be...let me failed, let me die. The General will be wondering what kind of bullshit answers that I am writting here. I failed in all of my objectives and tasks. I do not have any career aspirations for now because I can't see myself that far. I don't even know whether I will still be around in 2015. Who knows that there might be another re-structuring excercise again. Stationery's reporting format is still being park under the Leisureware Department and not under Hardware.

Flash that ‘stache

This Ursula is also dong – dong. Gave me the wrong layout for a particular refurb store. In the hard copy, my one run is 13 bays, in the soft copy pula, my one run is 12 bays. So I went and ask Ursula which version I should follow. Ursula called up Nancy to double-check on the layout drawings. Then, the next thing I know is that this Ursula told Nancy that I complain that this is my third layout amendment (I did not complain, I just merely pointed it out to her), and say that this J___ is so clever to menyampuk her now, don’t scared of dying anymore. Why is Ursula doing this? OMG…I’m very sure Nancy will spread this comment like wildfire after this :(


The other day, Paige, Celtic & myself order lunch. Paige also helps Ursula to take the orders as well. Then the orders were cancel because Baldwin volunteers to take us out for Nasi Beriyani lunch. Then I quickly ask Paige, is Ursula coming with us…then this Paige smile cheekily and replied back that she knows, that Celtic & I will not come if Ursula joins us. Paige said that Ursula is not joining us. What a relief :) In the end, there was Baldwin, Madeleine, Paige (who belanja us the lunch) & myself heading out. On the way there – Paige watsapp Ursula on what she wants to eat so Paige can tapau back for her. Ursula watsapp back – I saw you dating with J___, going to Tesco to survey as well. I was stunned. Gulp…how did Ursula know that I was heading out with Paige? She even knows where we are going. It proves something here. I thought that the people who are sitting outside don’t know anything, but they in fact actually knew everything. There are people who take notice of my every movement. And Ursula is one of them. OMG! When we got back from lunch, twice Ursula perli me, for not inviting her to tag along, lucky that she have her lunch buddy (Paige) to tapau for her etc. Ursula revealed she knew where we are heading to because the only good place for Nasi Beriyani is in Tesco Shah Alam. We are so predictable, according to her. Cheh.


Ursula has a fourth minion! Fify! The other morning, I walked over to Fify’s work station to enquire whether one of the story book new item code has been created or not in the system. Fify said that she didn’t receive the email and Isla (who is currently on leave) also did not mention anything to her. Fify only complete the barcode adding process. This Ursula who is standing nearby pula so sibuk and came over – she also mentions that she did not sign the new item code creation form but did sign for the barcode adding form tanpa sebarang pertanyaan. From here, I already know that Fify reports to Ursula discreetly. That’s because I always tell Fify that this Boss of ours always ask a lot of questions whenever she signs any papers. Banyak leceh. It’s a good thing for the buyer’s accountability but this always makes me cemas & rimas. I always ensure that Fify prepares the answers in advance in case Ursula asks her anything. OMG, malunya I. Fify must have feedback this back to Ursula.

At the same time, Clara & another colleague who was nearby, was closely watching our conversation. Sigh, everyone is such a busybody. They want to know how Ursula and myself are getting along. This relationship is already 5 months old now. I called it the perceptual gap. These people only wants juicy gossips and only want to hear bad things about Ursula. If I tell them that Ursula has been such an Angel to me, they will be in real shocked.

I heart T2

Latest gossips from Celtic’s sources:

(1) The new buyer that will be under Ursula soon is Sabrina. Sabrina is currently the Head of the Ordering Team. Most likely, Sabrina has got a promotion. This news have not been announced by The General yet. No wonder, for the past few weeks I have notice that Gerrard, Christy & Sabrina have bonded together so well. They are forming a group. Rupa-rupanya, Gerrard & Christy is tengah kumpul anak buah. And I pula, a lone ranger, all by myself in the group :( They are a scary threesome. They are creative, street-smart, observant, are alert, have high IQ & EQ. They sure will beat me to the max :( I foresee that I will be the weakest team member.

(2) Christy wanted to raise a PO for a particular supplier. But it was rejected by the Ordering MAs because the Ordering MAs will only proceed upon confirmation from Ursula herself. OMG – Ursula indeed holds a very tight rein over Christy now. This is so unbelievable. Top-up orders also cannot. Leaflet’s lines selection are being amended. This case is not that simple and easy as it seems.

(3) Ursula also gets bored with someone very easily. According to Celtic, when Christy first arrives, Christy was the anak emas, don’t know what happen…now Christy is getting sub-standard treatment. Celtic asks me to be more unpredictable. So Ursula cannot catch what I am thinking most of the time, make her more confuse and restless :)

Good Morning Soldiers

Ursula commented me by saying – want to say that I’m stupid, but I’m also not that stupid, but I’m genuine, I don’t hold myself back, I talk things straight – huh…what does this mean? :( Is this a good thing or a bad thing to receive such pointers from a boss? I can say that things are slightly better now than before. Thank You GOD, Praise To The LORD, Bless You GOD. Things are gradually being put into the right perspective. I’m not there yet. I’m just beginning to get a hang of things at the moment. I still have a long way to go. I know that it will not be an easy ride. I’m not running as in so many directions as like before. Some stability and focus have reign compare to previously. But I know that the day is still young and the journey is still very far ahead. I have openly invited Ursula to jointly participate with me in this voyage. I don't know whether I have make the right decision or not. My old way of doing things have been wrong obviously. I can’t maneuver well and I just hit myself into bricks after bricks. I need to put aside my ego/pride. I need serious help here. Let’s try it in a different approach. Even, Ursula have commented me previously that she likes my honesty & openess and in sharing with her about my department. Other buyers will not do that. Maybe, I am stupid after all :) Well, I have always believe that Bosses needs to know what is going on in the department. But Celtic thinks differently. Celtic thinks that Ursula is such a control freak and I will end up being like Christy :( I like the communication and discussion that Ursula and I are having. Most of the time Ursula is always right and I am always on the wrong side of things. But it stimulates my thoughts to think further and deeper. I admit that I am slow. At times, I can't even match up with Ursula's pace. Perhaps, if I have initiate more of this open dialogue with Leonardo, maybe today’s outcome would have been different. Whether or not we realize it, we are constantly being guided to perceived something the way someone else wants us to see it.

Ursula and I have also moved on to the Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the transformation process. Stage 1 was mostly about Top 100 items, A4 Papers & Files, Top 10 stocks, Top 20 of each major sub-categories, leaflet & press ad promotions, stock ordering, stock availability, stock consistency, stock visibility. Now, in Stage 2 is all about going deeper into the actual stationeries part. Stage 3 will revolve around the supplier's total profitability. Ursula have explained this to me over last Friday evening...but I am still very blur blur about it. I can't really digest the analysis part. I cannot see the whole jigsaw puzzles forming into 1 picture yet. I am still pretty lost here :( Oh GOD, I pray to you that please let Ursula can keep on explaining to me until I can catch the whole concept properly. Please let Ursula to be more patient, gentle with me and on my side, please let me to be more quick & sharp in capturing this new way of building back the business. What's more the 2014 contract season is going to be upon me soon. Arrggh...

Colleague, Comrade, Conspirator

On last week Tuesday, I know that Celtic is having a range review presentation with The General & Leonardo. One of Celtic’s categories – Bathroom Accessories – are actually overlapping with some of Ursula’s DIY items. Its’ the so-called grey area because the items class categories are quite debatable on which department to park in. During Mr. Jan Vet’s time, due to favoritism, the stocks classification came under Ursula’s jurisdiction. However now, Celtic requested to The General that Ursula can have the categories if she wants to, The General is to re-class back the entire Celtic’s portfolio, Ursula can have the sales but The General must be fair to Celtic that the budget must also be park back under Ursula. Celtic told me that Celtic wants to kill off Ursula.

Then on Friday evening, Ursula told me that she kena lecture from The General :) Ursula said if Celtic wants it back, its fine with her as well. She also said that Celtic also doesn’t have the right range in the first place and the right suppliers to provide the necessary support.

I already know what is happening :) So, I buat bodoh and terus wayang. I pretend to be scared if my items have indeed clash or overlap with some other buyers. But I also reason with Ursula that if the category is justifiable to fight back, then Ursula must fight back for it. For example – this coming Chinese New Year. Artificial flowers are under Madeleine’s portfolio, but I too can also make a claim for it as I am selling CNY decorative items because flowers is also a part of the CNY decorating collections. Even though it is being sold under separate entity in our competitors’ structure. Then, I also went on to touch on another classic case – the Stationery Tapes. I sell OPP Tapes, Masking Tapes and Cloth Tapes. These are under the Stationery Department. Ursula can only sell tapes that are heavy duty in nature, tapes that is use for PVC pipes, steel bolts etc.

I am not sure why Ursula is sharing this information with me. Is she genuinely wants to share them with me? Or is she wants to test me whether I have been pre-informed earlier by Celtic, which I did not feedback to Ursula so she can be notify in advance of The General's warning? Or is she wants to test me on how I will analyze this whole situation? Or she wants to see which sides that I am align with? My Friend? Or my Boss? I told Ursula that after the swap thingy – I can feel that Celtic is more cautious of me but in actual fact its not. Wayang mah – and to see how Ursula will react and how many beans she wants to continue to spill. Ursula only mentions that Celtic is more jealous of me right now because I am getting more organized. I want to say this to Ursula – don’t ever underestimate Celtic.

China Jump

This Ursula is so sampat. I came out from the toilet cubicle and went on to dry my hands. I am also aware that there is also someone else coming out as well. I didn’t bother. Then this Ursula Ummm so loud once. Then from the corner of my right eye, I saw the turquoise high heels that she was wearing that day and I immediately know that the person was Ursula. Then, she Ummm and Ummm twice, more loudly this time around. I took a quick glance at her and shake my head amusingly. I quickly walk away. For this week – something that is very strange is brewing between us – I certainly don’t know what it is – whenever we lock eyes, we will break into smiles, grins & giggles. OMG – this is so so wrong. Barriers and zones must be kept very clear from now on. That is why, I don't start the talk or asks about personal stuffs but work related matters only.

Beast & Tate

Ursula shares with me on one of Christy’s cases. Apparently Christy has emailed to Paige regarding price rebate. Christy only provides the item codes and the promotion duration. There was no report attached to the email to indicate how many units were sold during that promotion period. Ursula was upset. How can a CM email to a SCM like that. I told Ursula to talk to Christy – Ursula shoots back at me – what to talk?!

Additionally, Ursula have also set a new house rules within the team - all of the new item listing must go directly to her for signature. But Ursula commented that something is not right with Christy because for the past 2 days this week, Christy did see Ursula personally…but…is whenever there is someone else in Ursula’s room. Ursula cannot sign on the spot because she have to look thoroughly into every details and also cannot question Christy in front of her guest because she needs to jaga Christy’s air muka. I don’t know…it seems like both of their relationship is very complicated. Better that I don’t masuk campur. Better that I know less. I only afraid that it is Ursula who plays politics here and this will get certain people to dislike me. Pitting them against me. In Ursula's team, I am standing alone in one corner. Gerrard, Shawn and Christy shared a very strong and unbreakable ties. They can berkomplot and throw me out from the group. Pure evil :(

Hit & Mrs

Ursula mentions to me that since I joined her team, her team has been working till very late at night. Ursula also asked me whether I am happy to join her team or not?

I told her that among all of her staffs, I am the most lazy bum one :) Ursula chuckles. I don’t stay up as late as Gerrard, Shawn & Christy does. I don’t come in on a Saturday like they do. Even if I do come in, I can only work for half a day. That half a day itself is also enough to drive me crazy. I salute that Christy can go for a full day on a Saturday. I admire Christy’s hard work, dedication and effort. Christy is a new buyer on board with zero buying experience and this sort of work devotion is indeed remarkable and very rare these days. Not many people are willing to make such sacrifices.

Am I happy being under Ursula? I replied that I have no answer to that question yet. I don’t even look that far ahead anymore. I am just trying to go through my working life on a daily and weekly basis.

Ursula also told me that for 2 ½ months – she have not come in to the office on every Saturday to work. She claims that she is much wiser and knows how to balance her life & work now. Yeah right…she said that to jaga her air muka :) Ursula is not wiser. She knows the answers why...for the past 2 ½ months. I want to break down to her bluntly but in the end I hold myself back because I am afraid that my honesty will offend her. It’s because Ursula doesn’t feel appreciated or loved by The General. So she feels; why she needs to put in so much of her effort into her work and is not being reciprocate back. For what?! The General will not see her. In The General’s eyes – there are only Marcus & Leonardo. Everything that they do is right, everything that Ursula does is wrong. Ursula is not The General’s pet. The General felt that Ursula have abused or took advantage of a lot of things when Ursula was Mr. Jan Vet’s woman. Ursula uses way too much of the jalan belakang and using this kind of relationship to get things done and approvals through. Lately, this Ursula is also coming in to work late and left more earlier than usual. She wants to rebel now! :) One more thing...Ursula has also park back her white Honda CRV back into the office premises. Previously, during Mr. Jan Vet's time, all of the SCMs have the privileges to park their cars inside the office compound...however, after Mr. Jan Vet's retirement...don't know why, only this Ursula parks her car outside...and now, all of a sudden, also don't even know why...she starts to park back her car inside. Celtic said that this Ursula tak tahu malu. So thick skin.

spices, rubs, marinades

Hmm…enforcement officers from the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) and the police have seized about 350 copies of Christian publications from the premises of the Bible Society of Malaysia in Damansara Kim recently. They include copies of the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia, or Al-Kitab (310) and the Iban language, also known as Bup Kudus (10). The JAIS officers also carried away 20 copies of Luke’s Gospel in Bahasa Malaysia. It is believed that the raid is pertained to the Non-Muslim Religions (Control of Propagation Among Muslims) Enactment 1988 that prohibited the use of Allah and other Quranic terms by non-Muslims. This came about when Father Lawrence Andrew, the editor of the Catholic Weekly; The Herald remarked that churches in Malaysia would use the word Allah in reference to their GOD in their weekend mass. Thus a chain reaction begins to surface – where there was a call for demonstration in front of the selected churches by the Selangor State UMNO & several Muslims groups. Honestly, this is just so sick and it just goes on to show how some Malaysians are really so shallow minded.

(1) First and foremost, JAIS has no legal jurisdiction. They have SOPs for catching Muslims for Khalwat (close proximity), they have the authority & power over their Muslims counterparts but not on non-Muslims.

(2) Why make certain words only exclusive for the Muslims, when these words are just words in the Arabic language. For example, like Assalamualaikum. It means peace be upon you. It’s an Arabic greeting. Just like Good Morning in English. When the non-Muslims uses it – it becomes haram.

(3) The Allah term which pre-dates Islamic religion, is used in the Middle East by Arabic-speaking Christians & Jews and is not banned in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Malta and even Indonesia. Bahasa Malaysia Bibles, since 1652 had used the term and Catholics have used it since the 19th century. Even the Sikh’s holy book; the Guru Granth Sahib also uses the term Allah. I thought our Prime Minister openly declares that we are a progressive Islamic country…but it looks like we are even more extreme than the extremist country.

(4) Just because the non-Muslims uses the terms Allah – will the Muslims’ faith be shaken that easily? Their mind be confused so easily? Hello…these people are educated, they know what is right, what is wrong, converting into another faith is not like changing into a pair of new shoes. You will not change your religion if your faith is strong enough.

(5) The 10 point solution that was being implemented must be respected accordingly: Bibles in all languages can be imported, including in Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia / These Bibles can also be printed locally in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak / Bibles in indigenous languages of Sabah & Sarawak such as Iban, Kadazan-Dusun and Lun Bawang can also be printed locally & imported / For Sabah & Sarawak, there are no conditions attached to the importation and local printing of the Bibles in all languages, including Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia and indigenous languages / Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia must have the words ‘Christian Publication’ and the Cross sign printed on the front cover / No restrictions on people bringing Bibles and Christian materials on travel between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia / A directive on the Bible has been issued by the Home Ministry to ensure proper implementation of this Cabinet decision and failure to comply will subject officers to disciplinary action under the General Orders / For impounded Bibles in Kuching, the importer can collect all the 30,000 Bibles free of charge / Government to work with Christian groups and other different religious groups to address inter-religious issues / Christian ministers will meet regularly with Christian groups to resolve religious issues.

If these issues don’t resolve amicably – the society as a whole will enter a very dark period of race relations in Malaysia.

Sexy Beast Unleashed

Hahaha…this is so funny :) Renowned businessman Tan Sri Syed Yusof Syed Nasir has earlier expressed his interest in investing in Putrajaya, particularly in the hotel sector, with the possibility of opening an entertainment outlet, nonetheless no application has been made thus far. What is so funny is that they have conceptualized the idea of bringing the Hard Rock Café to operate in Putrajaya. But they must first adhere to the existing guidelines – which are, the operators cannot serve any alcohol beverages and must only play ‘clean’ live music such as nasyid. I mean, no offence to the religion, I think that this idea may just work. Everyone is talking and emphasizing about the halal issues these days anyway. Putrajaya is also an Islamic administrative city which has a good catchment area. But the question is – will Hard Rock Café loses its original identity and branding? Will this be a new form of business diversification? Will this be a first platform to penetrate into the Middle East market? For me, Hard Rock Café is a good chill out place to have a drink or two, listen to good live bands and catching up with friends and it’s not an entertainment outlet that shows offensive, obscene and sexually exciting performances that are claimed by certain quarters.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Upside Down Reverse

Looking back to what I have gone through last year – everything seems like a silly billy isn’t it? I find my work previously with the French is so easy, like a breeze…but with G13 – I am being stretched so thin.

Bicycles – 12”, 16”, 20”. 1 lower-end model which is a price fighter item, 1 mid model, 1 high-end model.

Camping – 2 man, 4 man, 6 man and silver coating tent. Sleeping bag – 100gm, 150gm, 200gm. 1 Coleman cooler box. Single air mattress, Double air mattress.

Sports – go by brands, within the brands; go by pricing: RM9.90, RM19,90, RM29.90.

Nautism – margin generator.

Live Plants & Live Pets – consignment. Chase supplier every Monday on their sales target. If the sales target cannot be acheived, penalties will be imposed. To get more margins, the Front Margin will not apply on the Cost Of Goods Sold but on the point of Sales.

Furniture – focus on the top 10 items, arrange for road shows, develop new color concepts.

Toys – outright toys (go by brands, have branded suppliers to help out), consignment toys.

Luggage – the specifications base is already there. Soft case, hard case, two wheels, four wheels, change colors/designs every quarter.

Stationery - ??? I really have no idea. Focus on the top 10 items? They are the key builders? Leaflet items? Stock visibility? Items that are rank between 11 – 50 in the Top 100 lists to ensure stock availability? Items that are rank from 1 - 20 in the major sub-categories with the highest sales participation to ensure stock consistentcy? No out of stock issue? No missed sales? No missed GPs? Books another area to look into? Stewart said that it will only help on a short term basis. Sigh…??? I am more confused than ever. Main event only left Mini BTS, Back To Campus, Year End BTS? New launching Panel Ad? I do understand that if anything goes wrong, nobody is responsible more than me. Ursula also mentions that The General is giving her the pressure and she is running out of time.

Thai Temptation

Ah ha…finally I understand why Gerrard cannot get along with Ursula. Pietro did mention to me that Gerrard cannot stand Ursula at one point of time until Gerrard threaten to quit. Rupa-rupanya, is because before Ursula was promoted, the both of them were best buddies. After Ursula got promoted, Gerrard cannot accept the fact that Ursula is the boss.

School food will never be the same

Ursula has told me that she load in the orders for Christy’s department, does the repeat ordering for her indent stocks and changes her whole line selection for the CNY Leaflets. Lucky, Ursula didn't change mine. I don’t understand here…if Ursula is not satisfied with what Christy have arrange for the Leaflets…Ursula could just verbally tell Christy what to change, what to remove, what to put in…why Ursula wants to do it everything herself. Then, what is Christy doing in the office the whole day? How will Christy feels?

But this also serves as a warning & threat to me as well. Because once Ursula has mastered everything – she can apply the same tactics on me. The first time I told Ursula, if she keeps on doing everything, I will lose my job. The second time I told Ursula, that it’s up to her. Ursula told me her 2014 ambition is to be the stationery buyer. She wants to get involve in everything. She wants to see all of my suppliers; be it the big potatoes or the small potatoes. I don’t want to be like Christy. Otherwise, I will be just doing follow-up jobs only. Even though I know that if I cannot hold the steering wheel well, I need to back off, let someone with more experience to take over, I will sit in the passenger’s seat, I will observe & learn and take over the wheel when the time is right, when I am ready. But the problem is, will Ursula let go by that time then?

Then, Ursula mentions about the job swapping thingy again. Don’t know how true this is. The General ask Ursula how ready I am to do stationery. If The General wants to swap me, The General will swap me to Christy’s department. I think Celtic is right. As Ursula is already an expert in the Auto/DIY department – I can just run the show for her. Christy doesn’t know anything about stationery, so does Ursula. Ursula knows that she can control Christy better. Thus, Ursula can also directly control the stationery department. But as Ursula is slowly penetrating in and is thinking that I am letting her to be in charge in my portfolio because Ursula declares that she leads, I follow – I think I should be safe for now :) This Ursula also asks Shawn whether Shawn wants to do the stationery department or not, Shawn says yes. Alamak, so many people want my rice bowl.

Langford: fivehead

The 2nd & 3rd January at work was a real struggle for me :( The 2014 Ursula is totally a different Ursula from 2013 – more ambitious, more aggressive, more demanding, more pushy, more detailed. Akhirnya, Ursula has keluar her tanduk & ekor :) That’s because whatever outcome or results from last year was Leonardo’s…now 2014 is Ursula’s actual KPIs. Ursula & I have a heart-to-heart talk. Now, it’s all about serious talk and serious work. No more about bonding and we have move away from the getting to know each other phase. Maybe, all these while – I am the one who is perasan :) Below are the conclusions from the meeting:

(1) Acknowledgment that I am indeed weak & lacking. I need to extend my thoughts & thinking a little bit further.

(2) Build up a strong Master List with YTD sales data which correspond with stock holding. Initially, I only have the sales data with me – this Ursula is also another one, if need the stock holding information, just say so…she have to pusing 1 round to tell me. This woman also another one clever to pusing and always say I pusing some more.

(3) Then, use the above data to know what are the top items, identify the key drivers which will lead to consistent ordering to ensure stock availability because these top items will at least generate 50% of the sales. When there is stock availability, there will also be stock visibility at the selling floor to block up, to do bulk display at the gondola end. Then with these stocks, can use it to do promotion in the leaflets.

(4) Hard sell to her any new listing or promotion plans. Sell to her the ideas, the concepts, the mechanics. Must tell her the story line. Must link to Press Ads or Leaflets exposure.

(5) IK Paper – Ursula is a real genius here. New A4 paper strategy. After bringing in the paper in November last year, the sales have been very encouraging. Thus, Ursula have decided to remove all of the Double A paper from the Supermarket format and put it in the IK paper. IK have the brand credibility in the market and its cheaper in terms of pricing compare to Double A. IK was initially removed by Leonardo & Jonas because at one point of time, G13's pricing was not that competitive in the market as The English keep on throwing the prices. But Ursula shoots me back – why, you don’t know how to negotiate ar? She is right about bringing back the IK paper. 2 months of sales and now IK paper is in my Top 10 2013 YTD sales.

I also apologized to Ursula that for the past 2 days, I have been very reluctant and showing a very bad attitude towards her but I really want to learn from her.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

same – same but different

Hey, one of my favorite Manchester United players: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been confirmed as the new manager of Cardiff City. Solskjaer joins after three years with Norwegian club; Molde in which he won two league title – the first in the club’s history. Welcome back to England :)

from farm to plate

Let’s pray for Michael Schumacher for a speedy recovery. The racing legend has been hospitalized and is currently battling a severe brain injury following a skiing accident in France. He was the greatest driver of them all, with seven Championship titles in over 300 races. Ruthlessly efficient, ultra-aggressive - he was the perfect racer, with speed, instinct and a great technical understanding.

1 2 Free

Look at what I did :) I bought these DIY craft cards when I was in Taiwan last year. They look pretty cute and it seems that they are pretty easy to do as well. Then, mana tahu – it’s really damn difficult to build and assemble these miniatures. As I am not really that gifted in DIY or any crafty work – so for the final outcome, my red sneakers looks very botchy :) Hahaha…nonetheless, I am very proud of it because I done it all by myself.

Gen B

What a lovely surprise – received a letter and a present from Troy (a small bag, with my name sewn on it & a bookmark). So in return – I wrote Troy a total of 4 postcards; with each postcards touching on different snippets of my thoughts. The first postcard was thanking Troy for the beautiful gifts and looking forward to seeing Troy in February. I wrote in the second postcard that Troy should have an open conversation with a colleague where Troy is currently having problems with. In my third postcard – I share with Troy regarding my holidays in Taiwan. And finally for the fourth postcard – I agree that its true, as the years goes by, our circle of friends are getting smaller, thus it’s very important that we re-connect with our past, present and future by looking for new friends :) And it’s such a great feeling for me, being able to write on a piece of paper using a pen. Nowadays with technology taking over our lives in multiple formats – it’s absolutely cool to go back to the old-school way of doing things :)

Masak – Masak

Thank You GOD, Praise To The LORD, Bless You GOD – manage to get my 13th month salary this week. Was a bit worried that G13 will not be issuing out the extra money. Everyone was so quiet, no one was talking about it, there was no news by the top management. So, I was even comptemplayting whether the staff will get it or not for this year. When everything is on the rise these days and our increment percentage does not even match the inflation ratio, thus, it’s good to have some spare cash around :)

B Magazine

Liverpool 2 – 0 Hull City :)

Manage to secured the all important 3 points after two successive losses. What a great way to start the New Year! Let’s give Anfield its aura’s back. Let’s build back the fortress.

Big Tidings & A Happy New Year

2014 is here – I have survived the amazing race that was 2013. With every New Year, there lays a new set of hopes, plans and resolutions spiked with a few excitements to convictions and even worries. 2013 turned out to be a year full of discoveries, personal growth, deep thoughts, soul searching and blessings; albeit mostly in disguise. I am sure my 2014 will deliver the same experience as well. I don’t know what 2014 has in store for me. I do have plans and expectations, but one can never tell with the unexpected roadblocks and mysteries in life. Whatever may come my way, I hope to take the bull by its horns, wrestle my way through it and hope to reach the pit stop for the year, stronger & wiser. Here’s to another year full of hopes, promises, mysteries, memories, lessons, ordeals and triumphs. Have an amazing 2014 :)

Below are my Bucket List for 2013 – let’s walk down memory lane and see what I have accomplished so far:

(1) Participate in two 10KM Marathons – I did a 10KM marathon (Brooks Run in March), a 8KM marathon (Malaysia Women Marathon in April) and finally a 15KM marathon (NTV7 Feel Good Run in July). I also went for a 8KM walkathon (Guardian Walkathon). Yay!

(2) Buy a new bicycle – failed :)

(3) Learn Spanish – 49 new words in 2011, 10 new words in 2012, none in 2013 :)

(4) Travel to Bali, Indonesia – didn’t’ manage to make it there but had an island holiday in Pulau Redang :) Had my second water snorkeling session too.

(5) Travel to Hong Kong & Macau – went to Hong Kong twice, Shenzhen & Ningbo (for work).

(6) Travel to New Zealand – was a bit far-fetched, so the trip was tak jadi – but went on a holiday trip to Taiwan instead :)

(7) To watch these movies – Dead Poet Society, Thelma & Louise, The Shawshank Redemption, Elizabeth, Avatar, Batman 3, Hunger Games, Braveheart and The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants – aiyo, all also tak jadi.

(8) To read a total of 5 books per year – score poorly here – only manage to finish 1 book – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The story that changes the way I think.

(9) To attend a Rock Concert – also tak jadi.

(10) To learn on how to reverse the car – delay and delay until I didn’t even try and learn anything from it :)

(11) Volunteer with an organization – also tak jadi.

Even though, a lot of the things are not being ticked off, there is still 2014 :)
Priority is also to make sure that every moment of my every day is being spent wisely and enjoying my life to the fullest.