Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Challenge Of Transition

Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you whenever you go. He is with us in every transition.

Father, I’m bringing You my trials and frustrations. You know each and every detail. Please comfort me as only You can, and provide exactly what I need for today. Help me give my unfulfilled expectations to You, trusting You’re working out a plan for me.

God remains faithful in every change.

Before The Ring Questions Worth Asking

Ursula drop by at my room…we had some honest personal talk.

(1) Ursula asks me regarding my transfer to Marcus’s department…then I told her the whole story. I even told her that Miguel gave me the 2 options to transfer to. Then, Ursula said that Miguel also realize the problem.

(2) Ursula said that I should have taken up Christy’s position. The department is even easier to manage. Damn, I didn’t give it a thought. That department should also be very clean because Ursula basically controls the whole category…hahaha…if anything happens…Ursula can also back me up…adoi…missed opportunity…I am so narrow minded…keep on thinking about the smaller details and overlook on the bigger picture. Now that Ursula knew…will she trigger anything? :) Nah...

(3) Ursula finally let out the truth…on why she didn’t quite like Christy…Christy is a busy fool…Christy gives herself a lot of unnecessary pressure, Christy don’t know how to prioritize her work and Ursula find her to be very dishonest.

(4) Rupa-rupanya…maybe Lawrence will not be onboard…HR freeze head count.

(5) On Nigel…according to Ursula…Nigel is very ambitious.

(6) Nigel is ambitious until want to take over Ursula’s place and even hinted this to Ursula. Woah…

(7) Nigel felt that it was Maximoff who hire Nigel because Nigel knows how to collect a lot of Buying Income.

(8) Gerrard and I are the same…we can manage our sales but poor in getting the Buying Income…sigh…

(9) Thus, Ursula’s task to Nigel is to collect the remaining Buying Income for the next 2 months and do the CNY plan…if Nigel did not do well…Ursula will let the category drop and pick it up from there…

(10) I can’t let my category drop…it have to close the year positive…then, I can leave…knowing that I have done the planogram (with Tommy’s help), the roll-out, finally understand how to run the Stationery Business…

(11) Ursula advises me that I should tell Miguel to let me run my category without The Witch interfering…just like when Ursula was doing the Shoes Category without Barry kacau-ing

(12) Ursula also told me that Alice is like a time bomb now. Mumbling nonsense non-stop. Hmmm…what does that mean…if Ursula realizes it…that means everyone also realizes it right…an opportunity for me to shine?

Sunshine & Storm

Hahaha…My Source said that it is more worth it to remove one person (Alice) then the whole team. Pietro just basically telan everything…I am the rebel chick while Ramly remains quiet…soft spoken, dare not sound to be more intelligent than The Witch. Aiyo…so suppressing…

All Things Serve

Meekness is essentially a true view of oneself, expressing itself in attitude and conduct with respect to others.

Meekness involves two things (1) our attitudes towards ourselves and (2) our attitudes toward others. The meek person is so sure of himself that he does not need to demand anything for himself. He does not see his rights as something to be rigidly held on to, but follows the spirit of Jesus. The Christian who is meek will not be over-sensitive about himself, or defensive, he realizes that he has no rights at all and delights to leave everything in the hands of God. When he is called upon to suffer unjustly, he remembers the Word of the Lord that says – it is mine to avenge, I will repay.

O Father, instill into me such a spirit of meekness that such things as anger, impatience, irritation, distrust, suspicion and unbelief die within me. Help me to see that only meekness must survive. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.


Remind yourself of the evidences of God’s faithfulness in the past and constantly talk to yourself about them.

The Willingness To Wait

All of us have times when, although we feel we deserve a clear answer from God in relation to a certain circumstance or situation, we do not get it. Sometimes God gives us an answer and sometimes He doesn’t. Indeed, a Christian may be kept in the position of waiting for a week, a month, a year – or even a lifetime. What does one do when this happens? We must do what Habakkuk did – leave the issue with God.

Habakkuk asks God a question to which he gets no reply. So what does he do? He does not attempt to rationalize his position or form a premature conclusion. He certainly does not say – I do not understand all this so therefore I am bound to conclude that God doesn’t have an answer to give.

No, he acted in the way every one of us ought to act when faced with this situation – he committed the problem to God and left it with Him. He simply says – I will climb my watchtower now, and wait to see what answer God will give to my complaint. Habakkuk’s willingness was the turning point in his spiritual confusion. Today it can be yours too.

(if I can wait for the Section 7 House, then I can wait for my career direction too)

Forgive me, dear Lord, that when answers do not come, I too quickly come to the wrong conclusions about Your purposes and designs. I see the lesson Habakkuk illustrates is a deeply important one. Help me to learn it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God Answers Every Prayer

Recognize that sometimes God will keep you waiting for an answer.

First we must make the point that learning how to wait patiently for God to answer prayer and bring about His purposes is one of the hardest lessons in the Christian life, and can mean the difference between peace and panic in your life. I am not quite sure myself which is the more difficult situation to be in – getting an answer from God that one does not like, or having to wait interminably for the divine reply. Christian friends to whom I have put that question over the years are almost unanimous in saying that waiting is by far the most difficult thing to endure.

God answers every prayer, but it has been said that the answer may come in one of four forms (1) Yes (2) No (3) Here is something better (4) Wait to see what I will do. The first is easy to handle – we just open our hands and take what God gives. The second response is a little more difficult – but just as kind as the first.

The third is also easy to receive.
The fourth reply – Wait – is the most difficult to handle, but just as loving as the others. God delays His answers for many reasons but the most common reason is this: to deepen our characters so that we won’t become spiritual crybabies when we don’t get everything at once.

O Father, I know in my intellect that the waiting time can prove transformative to my whole being, but I confess that I find it so hard to endure. You have helped me before – help me now with this. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Finding Hope When It Hurts

Sigh…bad news…so malu…I tak jadi transfer pula…because the Furniture portfolio – that position is a TCM (Trainee Category Manager) position and I am a Category Manager…so that makes me overqualified for the post…and that is the same reason as to why I can’t take over Wayne’s place. During The General's time - the Furniture category was combine with Home Furnishing category and was headed by Baldwin. Baldwin was suppose to have a TCM. Then, The Ice Queen went and pecah belahkan the categories. The whole office knew about it…transfer and then tak jadi transfer…Miguel told me to tahan first…Miguel will try to arrange something wor

You know what…I am not going to do anything.

Clara’s position is still vacant…even Marcus encourage me to go under Emerson…Emerson is protective of Emerson’s buyers…but I am not going…I don’t want to get into something that I don’t fancy about. Even though the lingerie department seems to be very easy to manage…60% are on consignment basis, high margin, less skus. My Source also told me that…Emerson feel very sien…scared that this Emerson might abandon ship only…of course lah…here everything is so manual. At the English’s side…there is a process…no one can interfere with it. Here, there is no process…and everyone wants to get in the way. How to get things done…

I don’t know where Miguel is going to transfer me. In the first place, I am very blessed already that Miguel wants to help me. Miguel can actually let me rot under The Witch. After all, this is between Alice and me. The both of us have to settle it. Miguel don't have to step in and help. I think…all of the buyers who are in the right frame of mind will not want to be under Alice. If Miguel force a move…it is very obvious that Miguel sides me. Right now…I couldn’t be bother anymore…let Miguel trigger the whole situation.

I am just speechless about the whole thing.

But perhaps there is a blessing in disguise…maybe Furniture is not for me…maybe Amelia is a bad boss…maybe it all ends here this year...I don’t know. God will not answer your prayers if what you pray for is not good for you.

Sometimes the Lord has to save us by hard refusals – Tagore; the great Indian Thinker.


Hahaha…Ainul told me that Gerrard commented that this Alice doesn’t have much number sense in her…this was Gerrard’s point of view before Gerrard left.

The MFT Director also realizes that The Witch understanding of number is also quite poor. She is not at the SCM level yet wor

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Smoking Hog

The Witch told Ramly, who then tells Pietro, who then tells me that right now…The Witch’s story is like this…it is not me that ask for the transfer…it is she who wants to transfer me out…and right now…whether the transfer will take place or not…will depend on her…what ever lahmalas I want to layan her...if she wants to torture me...up to her lah...

I know that I have offended her that day…during the team briefing…I bring up this transfer issue, which took everyone by surprise…ya mah…Wayne is leaving next week…The Furniture Buyer needs to handover to me…I must remind The Witch that it’s not many days left mah…wah, straight away, her face tak puas hati like that. Want to cucuk...cucuk lor...everyone knows that I am a failed buyer mah...sigh...

Ember & Bara

Pietro said that The Witch needs me more that I need her...hahaha...

Raksaksa Mirai

Emerson pula api-apikan the keadaan…ask me to go and see Miguel as quickly as possible…Emerson thinks that Alice will not let me go. Because Alice don’t know anything about my department…and she is very reluctant to learn as well…Alice won’t find the candidates…even if she have the candidates, Emerson feel that she won’t interview them…even if she does interview them…she sure will comment negatively on the candidates and will not take in the candidate. Even, Ursula also already takes Lawrence under her wings. Sigh…Emerson feel that Alice will not let me off the hook that easily…will Alice let me go?

According to Emerson…in Alice’s head right now…I am just transferring within her own department…going to do Toys…everyone is helping Alice to look for the candidates but The Witch still thinks that it is for Amelia. Adoi

Marcus pula…ask me not to go and kacau Miguel already…don’t be so pushy…I also agree. If by December…nothing happens…I have to sendiri pandai pandai already. After all, next week will be Wayne’s last week…The Furniture Buyer has to go there…I will just wait and see who The Furniture Buyer will do the hand over to. But The Furniture Buyer also shares with me something…kind of strange though…The Furniture Buyer may do the handover to another newcomer…then, when the times comes, I will swap with the newcomer…is it Miguel knows that Alice will not do anything…so ask Amelia to hire first and then swap later on…sigh…this is so suspenseful…

Trust God to work out the situation in His own time and in His own way.

Nove 9

I have a feeling that Amelia doesn't really quite like me…hmmm…

Moley’s Oyster Bar

OMG…oh dear…looks like the whole division knows about my transfer…I guess everyone is talking about it behind my back…are they rooting for me? Are they rallying for me? Or do they want to see me die?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bang Bang Baller Bar

You can be sure that I’m holding onto the words “thankfulness” and “gratefulness” like precious gifts from above.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Walking On Water

Fix your eyes on me. I’m here, and I’ll catch you if you slip.
Father, thank You for stretching out Your hand (to me this week) and saying – Come.
Help me to get out of the boat, (get out from my insecurities, from my problems), knowing that it is totally safe to walk on water with You.

What Of The Future?

“…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus…”

What is the future going to be like? The future is going to be just as secure.

You are doing this now, holding me by my right hand, protecting me, restraining me, restoring me and delivering me, and I know You will keep on doing this right up to the time when I meet with You in glory.

How does God guide us?
Through circumstances, through reason, through the fellowship of Christians, but mainly through the Scriptures. The Word of God, when we consult it, unfolds reality, dispels illusion and guides us safely through the snares and problems of this earthly way until we eventually arrive in glory.

The Triumphant Attitude

God will never allow us to go through anything without providing all the GRACE we need to bear it. Faith in God will not save you from suffering, but it will save you through it. Amen.

My Wing Man

This Alice betul betul celaka one.

What happen was…I was on leave on Thursday…according to Marcus…Marcus admit to me that Marcus is selfish…Wayne is leaving soon and Marcus really need the extra help that Marcus can get. Apparently, the plan was for The Furniture Buyer to replace Wayne and I will take over the furniture portfolio. As simple as that. Marcus knew about it, Amelia knew about it. The both of them sat down and began discussing…they invited The Witch too…but The Witch pusing 1 cerita baru…told Marcus & Amelia that I want to swap to Toys. Miguel was there too. Adoi…so, on Friday...I quickly WatsApp Miguel and talk to Miguel face to face…I was so kan cheong…I told Miguel the conversation that I had with Alice on Monday & Tuesday when Miguel was on leave. Miguel only asks Alice to ask me when I want my movement to be effective. I told Miguel anytime Miguel wants. Miguel was very considerate enough that I should stay and see the results after all of my effort for the coming BTS…I said no need. The Witch really makes me pening


Liverpool 0 – 0 Tottenham.
Not up to expectations lor…we use to thrashed them 4 – 0, 5 – 0…

Thursday, October 15, 2015

June Jacobs

:( Sigh…I think it’s all my fault. That day, I had a conversation with my Papa Ham…I said that it is very important for them to take care of his & Mama Ham’s health…they must be independent & mobile…don’t cause any troubles for me…then, mana tahu…now really cause trouble for me…Papa Ham got into a car accident on Monday…I really mulut celupar…Papa Ham have to undergo an operation tomorrow…quite high risk also…

GOD – please place your hand on my Papa Ham…keep him safe & sound…let the surgery go as smoothly as possible…let the surgeon be skillful & operate on him accurately and precisely…let my Papa Ham have a speedy recovery…as for me…this time…is really to be wise & careful with my choice of words…I have learnt my lesson…I am wrong...I am sorry...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Mini Journey

I think I am going through a spiritual journey…I think I am experiencing God…am I?

G-Star Raw

Then, the next day…The Witch come to my room…suddenly…tell me that the HR Department have freeze all hiring…she will not let me go, unless there is a replacement…then she wants to swap me with Ramly…apparently, according to her...Ramly cannot cope & have also make a personal request to her which Alice did not reveal to me…adoi…I am very scared that The Witch will go and tell Miguel that I want to do Toys. Pusing satu cerita lagi.

Sigh…I already have quite a plateful here lately…both conversations took place when Miguel was on leave.

GOD – I put my future in your hands! Please give me the strength, please bless me with wisdom, please guide me on how should I go about this, who should I consult, place the right people…what should I do...where I should head to?

Nazi Goreng

Alice knew…about my transfer…I don’t know how Miguel breaks the news to her…I personally requested for it…or Miguel who was the one who dictates it.

I only told Alice…that it’s about time for me to change.

Well…knowing her who seems to have a listening, understanding & interpretation problems…I don’t know what stories she will cook up…to tell the others.

She gives me the impression like I am leaving the company like that…I have to correct her twice that I am actually transferring. Adoi, that woman…

And then, she gives me the impression – yes, I will be transferring…but don’t know where to put me…because…apparently…the new person will come in earlier…I want it to be effective on 1/1/2016…the new person will have to take on a new role at first…then I handover the handover part…adoi…I don’t know lah…she is making me very confuse…

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Future – Safe With Him

Papa Ham got into an accident.
Section 7 House.
Retail Career.

GOD…I don’t know what to say anymore…I can only say – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for your below sentence. Because it holds so true for me today.

I may not know what the future holds – so what? I know who holds the future.


Friday, October 09, 2015

Flower Boys Next Door

Yes! We have Kloppy :)

Malik & Asrul

Ursula called me this morning:

(1) Gerrard started work already at the new place. Ursula had dinner with Gerrard, together with some suppliers. According to Ursula, Gerrard seems to be happy and Ursula is also happy that Gerrard get to do something new too.

(2) Ursula wants to remove Christy. But Maximoff says no. Christy is your buyer. You have to manage her. You have to bring out the best in her. Maximoff told off Ursula like that.

(3) Ursula thinks that Pietro is hopeless.

(4) The Witch got kutuk me in front of Ursula. I am not surprise if Alice kutuk me in front of Miguel, Maximoff, Marcus, Amelia, Emerson, Ursula and the whole wide world.

(5) The Witch complains that I don’t know how to collect more buying income, I am very reluctant to do so, I am not supportive of her, I don’t contribute to the team.

(6) The Witch said that she understands how Ursula feels when Ursula was managing me.

(7) Ursula (i felt was on my side) told Alice – she is your buyer right now. You have to manage her. She has been like that since Leonardo’s time, since my time. She went through the most SCM changes. Hahaha…

(8) I am the type of person who has a very high level of self awareness of myself. I know what my strengths, my weaknesses are. I am not afraid to acknowledge my flaws, I admit to my mistakes and I am not shy to ask for help either. I am not good at multitasking. I can only do one thing at a time.

(9) Ursula said that I need guidance only. The only way to manage me is to understand my department more than I do so that I won’t kelentong. Hahaha…true...Ursula really puts in the effort to learn.

(10) Ursula thinks that I admire her for her positive thinking. Nope. So wrong. I like that Ursula is a genius when it comes to business skills, she see & thinks differently and she is one of those rare people who can help me to focus and removes the clutters & noises for me. Celtic, Seth, Stewart, Rufus, Tommy & Ursula – for them…to the moon and back.

(11) Whatever, The Witch wants to complain, she can complain. I lalalala only.

(12) My weakness, my shortcomings, I will compensate it back in another way.

Twenty’s Plenty

Pietro is so funny.
Pietro said…when in front of Pietro, The Witch will kutuk Ramly & me.
When in front of Ramly pula, The Witch will say something bad about Pietro & me.
And when is my turn…The Witch will comment negatively on Pietro & Ramly.

Sigh...that is why…right now…whatever The Witch says…masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. What she says…I can’t even differentiate what is black and what is white anymore. What is right, what is wrong…I also give up…I also don’t want to interpret anymore. I lalalala everyday.

Chuck’s Off Day

Err…Baldwin passes by my room…ask me is there anything to update? I said No. Is there something going on…Amelia already knew? Amelia already inform Baldwin, Anderson, Madeleine and The Furniture Buyer about it?

Lilie Square

Hmm…Pietro was in Alice’s room on Wednesday.
Then, there was an incoming email from Miguel. The subject was: CV (L____ W__ L___).

I check with My Source. Lawrence comes from the same division as Nigel.

Now…this is my concern…
(1) Has Miguel told Alice about my transfer yet?
(2) If yes…how did Miguel break the news to her? It is saying that I am the one who ask for the transfer…or Miguel will say that it is Miguel’s prerogative to transfer me.
(3) I assume that The Witch know lor…otherwise why Miguel drops her Lawrence’s CV right?
(4) If Alice knew…what about Amelia? Does she knew too…
(5) Emerson? Marcus? Ursula? Maximoff?

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Don’t Lose Heart

Another word of ASSURANCE from God.

To conclude…

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
As we have the opportunity, let’s do what is good and wait for the blessings in God’s timing.
Don’t lose heart today as you go about following God’s ways.
Remember that joy is guaranteed for more than a lifetime.

Dear Lord, help me not to become weary of doing good today. I’m thankful that some day I will be with You for a joy-filled eternity.

Keep running the race with eternity in view.

How Ben Franklin Solved A Mystery


(1) Appointment with Miguel on a Friday morning.

(2) The both of us were wearing the same shirt color and same design. Coincidence.

(3) Miguel asks me how I am feeling at the moment. I said ok.

(4) I was very good. I did not bitch about Alice. I did not bad mouth her either. I only mention that I have no chemistry with her. No chemistry, means no chemistry.

(5) Miguel acknowledges that Alice have a lot to learn & work on when it comes to people management. However, Miguel said that Miguel is not blind when it comes to between Alice & me. Miguel also pointed out that Alice is improving gradually. Alice not only lack people management skills but also the business-strategy skills.

(6) Miguel said that I cannot transfer to Marcus's department for the time being.

(7) If I want to do Trade Planning. I have to step out. I have to shine in that area by taking more tasks. How to accomplish it? I have to demonstrate that I know how to do planning, monitor & review the results and show that it all relates back to my trade event calendar.

(8) Miguel also notices that I am very reluctant to collect money. Hahaha…

(9) That’s why must change buyer lor…Miguel needs to get a very strong buyer to replace me.

(10) Miguel gives me 2 Options – to do Furniture or DIY.

(11) DIY – under Ursula. I would love to go back to Ursula’s side. But DIY…err…no thank you…so many small skus…I think I have enough of that already. Gerrard’s vacant position have already been filled. But Miguel did not mention anything about Sabrina’s position. Ursula was suppose to have another headcount. So I just keep quiet.

(12) Furniture – will be under Amelia. Going back to my old portfolio. How is Amelia as a boss…I have no idea. It’s a risk that I have to take.

(13) Marcus only shares with me that Madeleine is not getting any guidance from Amelia in Madeleine’s new portfolio.

(14) Marcus feels that the English people don’t really like Madeleine. But I did not probe Marcus further on who are the English people actually.

(15) The transfer will be effective on 1/1/2016.

(16) Let me finish off the BTS, Xmas, CNY. I also have the sense of ownership. I also want to complete the whole learning process. I also want to help the team. I also want Alice to have a nice yearend report card as well.

(17) Furniture & DIY – why these 2 categories…hmmm…is it because that currently they are being helmed by weaker buyers…and for the important categories, Miguel already have a list of ready buyers.

(18) Am I happy? Sigh…I didn’t get the so-called SDD role which I so badly wanted…but the very least…at least Miguel did teach me on how to go about it. And more importantly, I am out from The Witch’s team.

(19) I also told Miguel that the reason that I chose to be under Marcus is because I don’t want to rock The Witch’s confidence…since everyone is telling me that she is so insecure and lack of confidence. Luckily, Miguel tells me that I need to also put myself first.

(20) Miguel was about to tell me why Maximoff rejected the idea…but then tak jadi…because Maximoff came into Miguel’s room and interrupt us…that was the end of our appointment.

(21) I have not spoken about the arrangement to anybody yet. And I don’t intend to. Let Miguel handle this.

(22) I only say Thank You to Emerson for Emerson’s input.

Nooks & Crannies

After the below 5 events that have taken place – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – Miguel request for a one-to-one session with me on yesterday morning. Miguel; somemore plotted this appointment into the electronic calendar…therefore, whoever that Miguel shares Miguel’s calendar with will notice that there is a session with me. Miguel went and put there Private Appointment somemore. A lifeline...


Thank You for putting Emerson, Marcus, Paige, My Source, Tommy & the MFT Director into my life as well.

Mystery, Magic & History

Work Tales – Event 5

Aiyo…damn it. Maximoff rejected :(
After informing Miguel…Marcus went and informs Maximoff. Maximoff terus reject the idea. Saying that now is not the right time. Marcus felt that Maximoff is very cold & selfish…I also take note that there are not many buyers left in the division. But Marcus said that there is still hope…Maximoff did mention that now is not the right time yet becausse the BTS is coming mah

However, the most important aspect (according to Marcus) is that Miguel feels what I feel. Miguel understands.

Big Nate Super Scribbler

Work Tales – Event 4.

I also went over to My Source’s room…to ask My Source...was wondering if I should ask for the transfer to be effective on 1st January 2016 or 1st December…then, My Source said…you think there is a plan meh…I got de-motivated a little bit…but My Source said that My Source will check with Miguel for me…My Source also commented that The Witch’s character all this while is like that one…no doubt that she is very hardworking…but of very little substance.

The Most Embarrassing 5 Minutes Of Fame Ever

Work Tales – Event 3.

The MFT Director also shares with me about Wayne’s departure.

(1) According to the MFT Director – this is the right opportunity for me to ask for a transfer.

(2) Go and approach Miguel.

(3) I know…and I need to handle the situation very delicately. A move that will not offend The Witch, will not damage her self-esteem further and most importantly…it does not invite the unnecessary gossips in the office.

(4) And this is the best part…hahaha…Alice’s good friends in the office (who also knows her character) also ask the MFT Director…whether Pietro & myself can stand The Witch or not…hahaha…

The Novice

Work Tales – Event 2.

Was lepaking at Marcus’s room. Wayne (Marcus’s staff) drop da’bomb.
Rupa-rupanya, this Celtic went and recruit Wayne. So, Wayne will be joining Celtic at the Japanese side.
Nonetheless, this poses an opportunity for me :) I can transfer to Marcus’s department.
I told Marcus not to do anything first. Let me strategize and cook up a plan. Die die, Miguel (for sure) wants me to finish off my BTS, Marcus also cannot wait that long…so the plan is to let Marcus takes in an assistant first, than I can go and approach Miguel to propose myself.
But mana tahusebelum I can bergerak…this Marcus already bergerak.

Marcus went and informs Miguel that Wayne has resigned. And that I have offer myself.
According to Marcus…Miguel was very open to the idea…Miguel said that it can be consider.
Marcus also felt that Miguel is planning something…planning the current man power in the division. A plan is brewing.

Devilishly Good Debut

Work Tales – Event 1.

Emerson drops by at my room.

(1) Emerson enquire how am I doing under The Witch currently. I guess people like Emerson, Marcus & My Source who have work with Alice previously…they know how it is like and knows how I am feeling at the moment.

(2) Emerson advises me that I need to speak out for myself. Emerson knows how I feel. Emerson knows that I am suffering in a way.

(3) Emerson also tells me that Miguel also knows that I am suffering too.

(4) Emerson would like to help me…to speak on behalf for me…but Emerson is not the right person nor in the right place to do so.

(5) Emerson cannot keep on speaking on my behalf…Miguel knows about my situation but Miguel also needs to hear from my side of the story as well.

(6) Emerson said that Alice & Miguel are actually not that close…but Alice wants it to be that close. Hahaha…

(7) According to Emerson, Alice also got bitch about Pietro & me…but I felt that Emerson doesn’t believe what Alice is saying.

(8) Emerson ask me to approach Miguel…inform Miguel about my problems…see what Miguel can help.

(9) And now this is the most shocking part of the conversation – Emerson told me…don’t know how true lah…that Miguel actually cares about me and the both of them do see me as a potential. That I only needs guidance. Wah…

(10) Emerson also praise me…Emerson also hears a lot of good & positive feedback from the suppliers about me previously.

(11) Emerson acknowledges that I am a very proactive person…Emerson can feel it when Emerson was still attach with The English…on how I will react towards Emerson’s strategy.

(12) I also asked Emerson on how to manage Alice. Emerson told me that there is no way to manage her. You can make the relationship better by being a Yes man...but Emerson pointed out that I am not a Yes person.

(13) Emerson also got hear on how Alice speaks on the phone, talking to the suppliers and also from the supplier's feedback...I think Emerson come to a conclusion that Alice memang tak boleh pakai langsung.

Strength In Stillness

Such powerful word, such poignant text, such awesome scripture.
There were so many events & conversations that leads to the day that I read this Daily Bread Message.
I shall break it down one by one after this.


Be still, and know that I am God – the psalmist says. When we remain still, we get to know God – our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. We see our weakness apart from God and recognize our need to surrender to Him.

Daily we grind through stress and other frustrating situations. But we can trust that He will be faithful to His promise to care for us. May we learn to be still.

Dear Father, You are Lord of heaven, and You have promised to be with me.
I don’t have to fear, for You are my God.
Please quiet me with Your love.

The Lord may calm your storm, but more often He’ll calm you.