Monday, October 31, 2016

Boarding Now

Today is Marcus’s birthday. And Halloween too :)

So, this afternoon, I was kepo WatsApping Marcus:

Pietro >> sometime still not very aggressive. Marcus is disappointed to see Pietro like this. Only Pietro got to buck up.

Bryan >> Marcus thinks that Bryan will stay…alamak…yes, I still want to get myself back into G13…according to Marcus, G13 will have a re-structure…so Bryan thinks that there is still a chance.

Alice >> got change for the better but still very fake…hahaha…

A Lesson Learned

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances – Philippians 4:11.

Hahaha…today is a silly day for me. I put on my slippers, get in the car, drive myself to work…and when I reach the office…OMG…I didn’t have my working shoes with me…so, I have my flip flops in the office the whole day…and no one notices it…I only sendiri bocor to Stephanie…hahaha…

6 Powerful Steps To Achieve Outstanding Performance

As you grow, you become more of who you already are. Our personality in fact does not change, however we develop who we are as we grow. Your values, your skills, your self-awareness and some of your behaviors may change. But the most dominant aspects of your personality will remain the same. You will grow the most in your area of strength. A person will always have areas they need to grow, improve and get better at – but you will grow and develop the most in the area of your greatest strengths. Your strengths are your multiplier. Your strengths magnify you…you will be most inquisitive, most resilient, most creative and most open to learning in your areas of strength.

A person’s strengths are found in the consistent, near perfect performance activities that he/she does.

Free your strengths.

Stop your weaknesses.

Speak up.

Build strong habits.


Invest in Personal Development first and consistently >> I noticed that many of my peers stopped the study grind once they made it. But I’ve learnt that sustained success is dependent upon the research of your craft and is something that should never stop.

Stop chasing money and start chasing problems.

Never be dependent on one source of income.

Remove all middlemen.

There is no such thing as get rich quick >> wealth (not riches) should be what you’re after. I define wealth as a concept that goes beyond monetary attachment. For me, it’s all about living a healthy, fulfilling life and helping to find solutions to the problems.

All money isn’t good money >> be selective.

Get serious about analytics >> someone once said – what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. You will dramatically increase the conversion rates.

Focus on one customer at a time >> listening and adjusting are imperative.

You can do it.

Continue to strive for greater >> one never arrives, so it’s important to continue to set your goals – whatever they may be – higher and higher.

Forgive Mistakes, And Learn

…we get so impatient, as though we should be able to recognize our faults, fix them immediately and continue on with our life happily ever after. It never works this way. How many people have walked into a gym and become a weight lifting champion within the first week? When it comes to making changes for the better, we expect so much of ourselves too quickly. If the results don’t come now, this instant, we lose heart and view ourselves as hopeless, but that needn’t be the case. Say you get angry 46 times in one week. Some might say success is to stop being angry right away, but who can achieve such a thing? Instead, we should look at making gradual changes. If you can work towards being angry 44 times in a week, this is progress. After that, you keep going, reducing it to 42, 37, 30 and so on. A jug of water fills drop by drop. You get there eventually, and if you lapse, no problem – start again and keep chipping away. So many of us hold the view that mistakes and failure are things to be embarrassed by and therefore should be avoided all together. The way to gain from them is to follow a 3-step process of acknowledging mistakes, forgiving yourself for making them and learning from the experience to reduce future occurrences…

Fur Trapper

Trust your journey. We don’t always end up in places where we want to be but we will definitely end up at places where we are supposed to be.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Turkey : Menemen

On one side…BE CURIOUS & HUMBLE. Be curious, be a student of your customers – what do they want, what do they need, what are they buying today? Be a student of your investors. Be a student of your competitors.

Be humble about the things you might need to fix. Because people will stick to you like glue if they know their advise matters and they can help shape the future of you or your initiative.

In contrast, leaders also need to BE COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT. Have the courage and confidence to make the tough calls or to take the risk. At some point, you do need to push back, at some point, you do need to say No.

If you’re just curious and humble, and not the other part, you’re just a student. And if you’re just courageous and confident, you’re an asshole. Assholes actually get things done in the short term, but they usually don’t build sustainable teams over time. So, have a BALANCE of those things.

Am I demonstrating as much hustle and courage and confidence as I can? But am I also remembering to bring forward curiosity and humility?

Make sure you have a business plan that makes sense and that works. Ideas don’t make money. Businesses do.

I have to believe they have what one of my mentors called ‘the candle power’ — that when the wind blows, they shine brighter.

Language Of Love

At times our speech is contradictory because we praise the Lord but then speak badly of others.
Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.
Lord Jesus, take control of my mouth today. Forgive me for careless, thoughtless and angry words. Let my words bless You and others.
May the words we speak point others to Jesus.


On last week Friday…during lunch time…I have Stewart all to myself…I have the opportunity to express my key points on the Stationery Department BTS thingy. Stewart also feels very disappointed with Harriet…Stewart wanted to run through the matter with Harriet but unfortunately Harriet was not around. God, I think on my part…I come off as a show off…yes, I want to share my knowledge, my experience in a show off kind of way…I was trying to exert my egotism and know it all. Which is wrong. In a way, I also feel like I am teaching Stewart on what to do. So, moving forward…I am not going to do that…I am just going to throw in questions…questions to myself…questions to everyone…coaching…

Kenya : Uji

Me: Morning, u still using it? Need it for 7 minutes only…
MT: Ok closed
Me: U close long time already…I do already
MT: Cos I juz opened again haha
Me: U so comic
MT: Whole morning rectifying errors

Yup, WatsApping Mak Tiri again…first of all she doesn’t have to layan me…she could have just stop right there when I said that I’m already done with the file. But she didn’t and can haha somemore. When I mention that she is comic, she could also just stop right there…as she was very busy rectifying some pricing errors on that morning…but she still layan me wor…but then hor, I have a problem...when I am face to face with Mak Tiri...I don't know why I cannot look directly into her face, into her eyes and hold a proper conversation with her...

La Bretxa Market & San Telmo Musuem

On Friday night, Zurick & Tommy ajak me for lunch yesterday…I decline it…I wanted to go over to see my dentist and do some scaling…then, I remembered that it was Deepavali, they are also close for the public holiday. So I just stayed at home and did some work…I also don’t want to waste money on parking and on food…finances kind of going to be very tight for the month of November…so I have to be very selective…but I really wanted to see Zurick as well…sigh…

La Concha Beach

Was WatsApping Tommy on last week Friday…complimented Tommy that this year, Tommy is the HotWheels champ in the market…I also share with Stewart on how to manage the HotWheels business module…buy in a little, then have more frequency of advertising, whether via Press Ad or Leaflet…then we will get the latest models in our shelves.

Tommy heard that Alice got approach Harriet to replace Bryan.

I also kepo with Tommy…last year BTS, who did the item selections…Tommy said that it was Harriet who did all of the item selections and Tommy did the cleaning up. I don’t know. Maybe when it comes to the Flat Price…I thought Harriet; which have a better common sense than me will know that it should be pre-price…and the assortment, Harriet could have easily got it from Michel & Ice or from Zurick. We may not have the numbers when it comes to the number of stores, but we certainly can tag along with the others…I don’t know…let’s see, let’s give Harriet a chance. The English & The Japanese customer base are almost similar…let’s see…it might work…maybe what we have in that the Stationery Flat Price should be Yiwu fancy punya barang...but then, what Harriet has in mind is totally different which is the local basics...I don't know...let's see how it goes...


Liverpool 4 – 2 Crystal Palace

Unique Things Great Bosses Do Every Day

Great bosses change us for the better. They see more in us than we see in ourselves and they help us learn to see it too. They dream big and show us all the great things we can accomplish – Ursula, Tommy, Marcus, Miguel, Celtic a little, Stewart is in the mix too…

A Great Boss Shares information >> some bosses seem to think that every piece of information they share reduces their power and authority. In fact, just the opposite is true: great bosses know that sharing information empowers their employees, instead of diluting their own power.

A Great Boss Puts A Lot Of Thought Into Hiring

A Great Boss Looks For And Celebrate Wins >> great bosses don’t have a – why should I praise you for doing your job attitude. They look for reasons to praise their employees, both privately and publicly. And they take the time to celebrate milestones instead of just driving everybody on to the next project or deadline. They understand that getting a pay cheque doesn’t cancel out that inherent need to feel valued and appreciated.

A Great Boss Respects Your Time >> great bosses don’t give you the impression that their time is more valuable than yours. They don’t keep you waiting for scheduled meetings. They show up prepared and get to the point. And they don’t goof off on your time. It’s not that they’re unwilling to have fun at work, but they don’t do it at your expense, causing you extra stress or making it necessary for you to stay late to catch up.

A Great Boss Is Empathetic

A Great Boss Is Accountable >> bad bosses are quick to point the finger when something goes wrong. Great bosses understand that a large part of their job is being accountable for the team’s performance. They know that this just goes along with accepting a managerial role. That doesn’t mean that they don’t offer the team feedback on what is going wrong, but it does mean that they take the blame publicly. Even privately, they see the team’s failure as a failure of leadership on their part and they act quickly to correct it.

A Great Boss Says Thank You

A Great Boss Doesn’t Forget That People Have Lives Outside Of Work

A Great Boss Is A Great Communicator >> it seems like some bosses will do anything to avoid giving a straight answer. They don’t want to say something they can be held accountable for later. Other bosses just don’t want to be bothered with clear explanations and solid answers. Great bosses say what they mean and mean what they say – and they say it clearly, so that people don’t have to read between the lines or try to guess their real meaning.

A Great Boss Creates Leaders >> have you ever noticed how sometimes all the promotions come from within one manager’s team? That’s no accident. Great bosses pull the very best out of their people. They inspire, coach, and lean into people’s strengths and when their employees are ready for new challenges, they gladly send them on their way.

Powerful Tactics To Lead Without A Title

Tactic No. 1 >> if you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others. We have no business leading others into greatness if our own personal lives are a train wreck.

Tactic No. 2 >> never make anyone feel as if there isn’t room in the lifeboat. No matter the mistake, no matter what mile a person is at on their road to mastery, always be ready and willing to throw a lifeline – lend a hand, offer insight, donate your time, run out for coffee. Winners understand that strengthening capacity at every level, in every person, is the way to win.

Tactic No. 3 >> execute astonishing acts of forgiveness, compassion and moving upward when circumstances and people hold the potential to yank you into victim-hood.

Tactic No. 4 >> stay strong. Secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others. Do you know where your oxygen comes from? Routine challenging exercise, healthy eating habits, sleeping deeply, and doing what makes you feel alive and excited is your oxygen. It’s what keeps you strong. Refuse the lifestyle, the habits and the circumstances that weaken you. Great leaders don’t just own their full potential on the floor or in the field; they claim their potential in all domains of their life. Make it an immediate goal to get connected with your oxygen supply.

If You Feel Alone, You Aren’t Alone

Leaders Direct, Guide, Manage, Decide, Counsel, Encourage, Challenge…

You think of others and the organization before yourself.

You think about tomorrow while those around you focus on today.

You know things others don’t and can’t know. You keep confidences.

You can’t spill your guts. You’re guarded even when you’re open.

You’re always on, watched and evaluated.

Engage people in the process early and often.

Avoid faking and pretending.

Develop authentic relationships with leaders outside your organization.

Expose your heart to someone you trust. Be selective.

Hire a coach. Be a coach. Have a coach.

Take alone time at least once a month. Weekly is better. Alone time helps with loneliness.

Clear your mind so you can think more clearly. Read, walk, run, exercise or go to a movie.

Leading From The Edge

A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead – Simon Sinek.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bar Txepetxa

This is the Happy Bunch that I got for Marcus today :)

Bar Nestar

So many October babies…Paige’s birthday is on the 22nd…Leonardo is on the 24th…Marcus is on the 31st…MT’s birthday is also in October, but I don’t know which date…

Thursday, October 27, 2016

4 Things You Can Do To Simplify Your Life

1. Turn Decluttering Into Your BFF
Hoarding and buying too many things for our own good are things that most people are guilty of. Not only does impulse shopping and retail therapy hurt our bank balances, the things which we bought in the name of making us feel better can turn into clutter and stress us out even more as they pile up and mess up our living spaces.

If you don't already know, clutter has the power to suck away our energy and happiness, too. That's precisely one of the reasons why we all need to declutter our lives right away. If we can get by with fewer things, we'll learn how to appreciate the things that we truly love more and we'll also save more money.

2. Get Rid Of Debt
The need to deal with debt problems is a huge source of immense stress for many. Everyone knows that getting rid of debt is easier said than done, no matter how much we wish for debts to vanish with a snap of our fingers - debts can be difficult to eliminate completely when the majority of us have home loans, personal loans and student loans hounding us for extended periods of time, at different stages of our lives. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to try to kill off debt fast before it kills us. Eliminating or at least cutting down on the amount of debt that we have to deal with will help us sleep better at night. We all know how crucial a role sleep plays, don't we?

3. Treat Yourself Better
There's no better way to drown out stressful feelings and anxiety than taking a breather to treat ourselves better in all aspects, don't you agree? Stay far away from toxic people, treat yourself at affordable spas, indulge in fancy fine dining occasionally, or embark on an epic travel adventure. Do whatever it takes for you to feel good about yourself, about life.

4. Lead A Healthier Lifestyle
Are you aware of the fact that laughter packs a myriad of amazing benefits for our body, mind and soul? Leading a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be gruelling or expensive. Start small because no amount of effort is too insignificant. The best and easiest way to start is to incorporate healthy food into your diet. Just to put it out there, healthy food can pack a punch.

Atari Gastoteca

Then during lunch time, I angry somemore with this Celtic. Celtic joins Stephanie & myself for lunch today. Celtic didn’t even call me when going out…then can even tell Stephanie that I am not eating. Even though I don’t really like Celtic right now…I also won’t say such a thing. Making people confuse...api - apikan the keadaan. Celtic is even more teruk than me. I think Celtic is really insecure. We should be racing the race together but not against each other, as equals.

Geffrye Museum

The D31 sales have dropped drastically this month…basically it comes from Celtic’s & Wayne’s categories. So, Celtic (with Stewart’s blessings) decides to do an additional 10% discount for the whole department tomorrow. At first I agree…then I give it a thought…since my categories are positive except for the Tableware, I don’t think we should do it. I just find it unnecessary lah…then Celtic asks me if I were in Celtic’s shoes, what I will do…I say that if I were in Celtic’s shoes…I will tackle Wayne’s categories lah…then Celtic ask me to sedar diri…the department sales is dropping, short of RM200K…cis…you yourself have no strategies and being so lazy…you cannot be doing the same thing and expecting different results ok. Somemore say so loud…everyone else also can hear. My categories may have negative margin, but it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice further mah. I boss will be on board soon...want to show off. Maybe this Celtic is also like Pietro…like Tommy always say that we keep on defending & protecting Pietro, in the end we actually killing them and lose the bigger picture of things. Maybe Tommy’s tough love on me works after all. Angry.

Churchill War Rooms

After looking at the Stationery BTS presentation today…err…I am not that great, I am still learning…but these are my observations…GOD, I think I need to move out from The Japanese…I am not being surrounded by people who are business & corporate driven…

(1) The flat price merchandise selection…very poor…I mean, Harriet is under Tommy right? I too was under Tommy for 3 months, I also can see the changes in myself, the way I think, the way I analyze, the way I see things…I just expect more quality work from Harriet.

(2) Stationery display in offer bins is always flat. You can do a dummy display to elevate the stocks.

(3) There are no pre-price stickers for the flat price merchandise.

(4) The trick in managing stationery flat price is to have 1 killer item in 1 offer bin or 1 flat price with lots of varieties and quantities that can fill up 1 offer bin.

(5) The Japanese have small offer bins which are just nice to be use compare to G13 which uses a bigger offer bins which means previously we hold more stocks.

(6) If the Campap Hello Kitty @ RM1 exercise book is a good seller, flood up the offer bin.

(7) I don’t know how is the folder sales here…but at RM1, it can fly…and it indeed fly very high back in G13…I used to fill them up to the maximum.

(8) Where are the fancy pencil bags? Harriet could have place orders from Michel & Ice and Zurick…but no wor...

Dean Street Townhouse

It’s either Stewart has run out of words to say or Stewart just basically copy and paste. If Stewart really is just copy & paste, then I can only say that Stewart has no firm stand. Nonetheless, it does feels good when your boss listen to what you have to say and acknowledges it.

(1) During this morning BTS presentation – Stewart presented this statement…a statement which I presented to Stewart earlier…the BTS Leaflet caters to the pre-kindy students, the primary school students and the secondary school students. Although the population of the pre-kindy & and the primary school students age group category drops slightly a little and the older age group shows an increase but due to a wider age gap…we may not know which age in between that have the increase…nonetheless, the leaflet is still very much in line in meeting the pre-kindy & the primary school students needs.

(2) Thereafter, during the floor walk, together with the store people…I commented that Jonas & Harriet’s flat price stationeries have no pre-price sticker. Thus it will be very difficult for the customers to know the price of the items if the stocks were mess up and also for the operation team to organize their stocks. Then, Stewart makes this same remark back to Jonas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Using Failure To Your Advantage

Break The Bad News Yourself >> if you’ve made a mistake, don’t cross your fingers and hope that no one will notice, because someone is going to – it’s inevitable. When someone else points out your failure, that one failure turns into two. If you stay quiet, people are going to wonder why you didn’t say something, and they’re likely to attribute this to either cowardice or ignorance.

Offer An Explanation, But Don’t Make Excuses >> owning your mistakes can actually enhance your image. It shows confidence, accountability and integrity. Just be sure to stick to the facts. We lost the account because I missed the deadline is a reason. We lost the account because my dog was sick all weekend and that made me miss the deadline is an excuse.

Have A Plan For Fixing Things >> owning up to a mistake is one thing, but you can’t end it there. What you do next is critical. Instead of standing there, waiting for someone else to clean up your mess, offer your own solutions. It’s even better if you can tell your boss the speicic steps that you’ve already taken to get things back on track.

Have A plan For Prevention >> in addition to having a plan for fixing things, you should also have a plan for how you’ll avoid making the same mistakes in the future. That’s the best way to reassure people that good things will come out of your failure.

Get Back On The Horse >> it’s important that you don’t let failure make you timid. That’s a mindset that sucks you in and handicaps you every time you slip up. Make enough time to absorb the lessons of your failure and as soon as you’ve done that, get right back out there and try again. Waiting only prolongs bad feelings and increases the chance that you’ll lose your nerve. Your attitude when facing failure is just as important as the actions you take. Using failure to your advantage requires resilience and mental strength, both of which are hallmarks of emotional intelligence.

Keeping Your Leadership Development On Track

Time Management >> working long hours is not a sustainable solution, neither is multitasking.

Efficient Meetings

Effective Communication >> presentations are a small subset of communication. One – to – one communication, written messages are equally important. Leaders need to effectively distill and headline messages, create a picture, establish an emotional hook and deliver it effectively.

Superior Teamwork >> another essential attribute of leadership is getting things done through others. You need the right people to empower and to delegate tasks to. Placing people in the right roles and knowing when to take risks is one of the most important drivers of leadership success. You can acquired good players but getting them to play well together consistently is the hard part.

Decision Making & Execution >> every leader has to make decisions and to execute. In some situations, only the leader needs to make the call. In others, you need to facilitate the process of arriving at a decision. The crucial difference is knowing what to do and when. In addition, behavioral science and systems thinking provide very effective tools for making decisions and executing under uncertainty.

Monday, October 24, 2016

45 Park Lane

Abigail’s feedback on MT this evening:

(1) MT doesn’t communicate verbally or on a face – to – face basis unless it is necessary. Everything is done via email. And there are many emails that are coming in on an everyday basis.
(2) MT is very discipline person.
(3) MT does her work very fast.
(4) As Abigail is still new on the job…MT does most of the work. To speed up the process. Which Abigail feels guilty about it. But Tin Min did notice that this Abigail did a lot of unnecessary work at times.
(5) MT is a mirror image of Ursula!

The Anchor & Hope

I think the Lawrence that Ursula was suppose to hire last year…is here with The Japanese. L____ W__ L___.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Momofuku Milk Bar

Liverpool 2 – 1 West Brom

10 Greek Street

This is the Happy Bunch which I got it delivered to G13 for Paige. Paige’s birthday is on 22nd October.


So, one of our fellow colleagues in the Finance Department will be leaving this month end. So, Stephanie, Stewart, MT, Jonas & I have a farewell lunch together at Dave's Deli, Subang Parade. MT eats very politely. Debone the chicken also slow, steady and stylish. I don’t think MT and I can be friends like how I am friends with Ursula and Marcus. MT is totally in another world. It’s not saying that MT is snobby but MT just has that upper class air. And I certainly can’t blend in to that. I think I rest MT’s case for now…hahaha…

Brooklyn Brewery

Trix was in town. So we had dinner together @ Naughty’s Nuri, SS15 Courtyard…Ann, Reggie & Isaac, Trix, Mel Jag, Torres, Miss Klein, myself…Trix also invited one of the suppliers…I know him somemore…a HouseHold supplier; one of Celtic’s close acquaintance. I did not tell Celtic’s about this meet up…if the supplier wants to tell Celtic about it…lantak lah…Trix also didn’t ask me to invite Celtic out and this was our gang gathering anyway…Trix also call out M13’s former Commercial Director and we had desserts at Yesterday…it was a good gathering…

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10 Traits Of Confident Female Leaders

They use their words wisely, with respect & consideration >> they have no need for gossip or the need to drag others down to make themselves feel better. Women with confidence are too excited by their plans and dreams.

They don’t take anything personally >> women who lead confidently know that the only person they can control is themselves and they are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions or behaviors. You cannot control what others do, only how you respond.

They use their power for good instead of evil >> they know their strengths and capabilities and seek opportunities to make the world around them just a little better. They will mentor another woman in their team and helping her achieve her own goals.

They give credit where it is due >> confident female leaders won’t take credit for another’s success. They have more respect for themselves and others. They also celebrate the achievement of others and the satisfaction of having assisted others along the journey is more than enough. They support women and don’t compete with them.

They trust their instincts >> they are thorough and decisive and when they have made a decision, they stick to it. They don’t hesitate or second guess and this in turn instills confidence and motivates the team they lead.

They don’t lead to be liked >> confident leaders are not afraid to make tough decisions even though they may not be popular. They can handle opposition and will deal with it rationally and fairly, with the conviction to stand by any decision.

They learn from their mistakes >> they do not expect perfection from themselves. The ability to get up and get on with it after a setback keeps them moving forward and inspires others.

They believe in balance & reward >> working hard in the times of heavy workload is balanced with a break and reward for the team when the job is done. Confident women lead by example and put in the big hours when required but they are not afraid to celebrate, regroup and take a breather in preparation for the next challenge ahead.

They don’t waste time on worry >> worry changes nothing and is a waste of energy. They stay focused to move forward.

They are authentic >> it is central to female leaders with confidence. Understanding their own motivations and being clear in their belief system.

If you are unsure of yourself, people won’t listen. If you don’t believe in the course you set, then others won’t be motivated and inspired to follow you.

Moonfish Café

Me: The item codes transfer are done.
Celtic: I know…I did it for you.
Me: I know, I just let you know that it is completed. I just want to update you.
Celtic wants to show off to the entire world that Celtic helps me to do the work. Want to take credit pula

Then hor, in one of the store news bulletin – 1 store complain that Celtic’s barang overstock.

During today morning briefing…Stewart praise me in front of everyone that I have a Sales Tracker to measure my sales and share with the store team. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD!

Then, Stewart asks me to ajar Celtic on the SR Deduction. It shows that Celtic really don’t know anything.

GOD – make me a BETTER person, not bitter…make me FORGIVE & FORGET…make me RESPONSE and not to react.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Liverpool 0 – 0 Manchester United

Fette Sau

Angry! With Celtic!

This was Celtic’s sales comments this morning…Celtic’s category drop because there was less in-house promotions this year compare to last year…this is to avoid over stocks because we shifted our focus on Kitchenware (Ikea Pallet Display) which needed space to display.

My foot! The pallets only occupy 4 pallets size of space which is only equivalent to 1 block. Stewart also mention that Celtic’s garbage bag stocks are perpetually everywhere and the sales is not picking up.

As per the stock value report…Home Arrangement is up by 8.7%...Containers is up by who is higher here?

Celtic’s sales drop…I think it is lack of strategies and tactics. Celtic mention that Celtic regret that Celtic help to reduce the department stocks. Hello…all these are excuses…you didn’t reduce any stocks, I think you don’t even have the intention to do that…you were just sitting around, playing on your mobile, goyang kaki only…kononya…help to reduce stocks…you are just shifting the blame to others…like Marcus said – diverting…in denial, don’t want to face the facts. You may have new color launching…but Azreen did such a great job that your new color launching cannot even overtake Azreen’s last year sales performance…somemore can say that Azreen did such a bad job.

Stewart also commented that Celtic is very cincai in writing today sales comment. Questioning Celtic don’t know how to write a proper sales comment is it…Celtic don’t know how to analyze from where the shortfall is coming from…well, when Stewart make that comment, I can hear it from my place very loud & clear…therefore, I am sure that Jonas & MT can hear that too. Last time, I think Celtic was great…I learn a lot from Celtic…now, I feel that there is nothing to learn from Celtic anymore. Celtic is also actually not that great…hahaha…I am learning more from other people. Celtic is stagnant. I only need to learn not to be so careless and to pay more attention to the details.

Also disappointed that Stewart keep the above sentence in the sales comment slides…sigh…as though it is my fault.

I think…Celtic…is insecure…me moving into Mrs. Simon’s place…having Zila to assist me…during the earlier meeting…Stewart specifically mention that Zila will do the Glassware, Disposableware & Baking category while assisting me…I think Celtic is being jealous here…hahaha…me being equal to Celtic.

Monday, October 17, 2016

12 Habits Of Exceptional Leaders

(1) Courage >> people will wait to see if a leader is courageous before they’re willing to follow his or her lead. People need courage in their leaders. They need someone who can make difficult decisions and watch over the good of the group. They need a leader who will stay the course when things get tough. Leaders who lack courage simply toe the company line. They follow the safest path – the path of least resistance – because they rather cover their backside than lead.

(2) Effective Communication >> they create a connection with their followers that is real, emotional and personal regardless of any physical distance between them.

(3) Generosity >> a good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. They share credit and offer enthusiastic praise. They’re as committed to their follower’s success as they are to their own. They want to inspire all of their employees to achieve their personal best, not just because it will make the team more successful but because they care about each person as an individual.

(4) Humility >> humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. Great leaders are humble. They don’t allow their position of authority to make them feel that they are better than anyone else. As such, they don’t hesitate to jump in and do the dirty work when needed, and they won’t ask their followers to do anything they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves.

(5) Self – Awareness >> self awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, a skill that 90% of top-performing leaders posses in abundance. It means that they have clear and accurate image, not just of their leadership style, but also of their own strengths and weaknesses. They know where they shine and where they’re weak. And they have effective strategies for leaning into their strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.

(6) Adherence To The Golden Rule +1 >> treat others as you want to be treated. Great leaders don’t treat people how they themselves want to be treated. Instead, they treat each person as he or she would like to be treated. One person loves public recognition, while another loathes being the centre of attention.

(7) Passion >> no one wants to work for a boss that’s unexcited about the job or even one who’s just going through the motions.

(8) Infectiousness >> great leaders make their vision comes alive so that the followers can see it just as clearly as you do.

(9) Authencity >> just be what you are and speak from your guts and heart, it’s all a man has. Authencity refers to being honest in all things – not just what you say and do, but who you are. When you’re authentic, your words and actions align with who you claim to be. Your followers shouldn’t be compelled to spend time trying to figure out if you have ulterior motives. Any time they spend doing so erodes their confidence in you and in their ability to execute. Leaders who are authentic are transparent and forthcoming. They aren’t perfect, but they earn people’s respect by walking their talk.

(10) Approachability
>> management is like holding a dove in your hand. Squeeze too hard and you kill it, not hard enough and it flies away. Great leaders make it clear that they welcome challenges, criticism and viewpoints other than their own. They know that an environment where people are afraid to speak up, offer insight, and ask good questions is destined for failure. By ensuring that they are approachable, great leaders facilitate the flow of great ideas throughout the organization.

(11) Accountability >> great leaders have their followers’ backs. They don’t try to shift blame and they don’t avoid shame when they fail. They’re never afraid to say – the buck stops here and they earn people’s trust by backing them.

(12) Sense Of Purpose >> you don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case. People like to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Great leaders give people that feeling.

Becoming a great leader doesn’t mean that you have to incorporate all of these traits at once. Focus on one or two at time; each incremental improvement will make you more effective. It’s okay if you act some of these qualities at first. The more you practice, the more instinctive it will become, and the more you’ll internalize your new leadership style.

A Journey Of Learning & Growing

CITI Malayia Lee Lung Nien talks about LEADERSHIP and BEST TALENT.

(1) Keep Your Feet Grounded.
No matter how high you climb a corporate ladder or how many awards you win, you don’t let the pride of life and materialism consume you. To keep one’s feet on the ground and not lose oneself in the journey to success, one needs to keep the right company. When we surround ourselves with good, honest and hardworking people, we will naturally gravitate similar values and good work ethics.

(2) Never Compromise On Integrity.

As a leader, people look up to you for clear direction and purpose and need you to project a strong sense of public duty. Being in the position of authority, means it is highly responsible in setting the right cultural tone for organizational integrity. And compromising on integrity is non-negotiable. In all that I do or decide, I’m always guided by what is right and wrong. I firmly believe its through integrity that you and the people under your care will enjoy the fruits of their labor meaningfully. Grest success that are built on integrity are the ones that will last for many generations to come, and that’s the legacy you want to leave behind. So, live your life with no regrets.

(3) Always Learning.
The moment you stop learning, you stop leading – Rick Warren. Learn as much as you can, from as many as you can, as often as you can.

(4) Go The Extra Mile.

Always go the extra mile at any given task, not just to get yourself notice by your bosses and peers, but to demonstrate great work ethics. Work hard to improve yourself by dedicating time and effort into anything you set your heart and mind to do. Luck played a key part in the working life? Your lucky number may have been announced, but if you’re away in the restroom, you missed being in the position to collect your prize. Hence, luck is what you make out of it. Challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone and always aim to do it exceedingly well.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Firm Place To Stand

Me: Morning Macus.

Marcus: Morning J___!

Me: Need to consult u on something on household…did u recall plastic rice bucket 12kg being sold at RM4 before? By supplier Max.

Marcus: Where got RM4? 10.88 la. Why?

Me: My boss say got. Then Celtic very drama. Then I get confuse.

Marcus: Lunch box izit? No matter how desperate is Max also they can’t give u a rice bucket at RN4.

Me: Now my boss say is The English who throw price. But I don’t think they throw so drastic right?

Marcus: They might throw at 8.88 or 9.88 but never RM4 la.

Me: Ya lor. Drama queen today she.

Marcus: If I remember well: Celtic time is G13, our rice bucket 14.88 and The English was selling at RM10.

Me: So Celtic kalah lah.

Marcus: And that was because The English use net net account and Celtic was not buying from Max. No way RM4.

Me: Anyway thanks. Can u mentor me in Household? No worries, I won’t ask u sensitive questions.

Marcus: Can…if u don’t mind.

Me: It’s an honor and a privilege for me to learn from u.

Marculs: :)

Me: Last time in G13, too short time frame, missed opportunity.

In times of difficulty, we too can look to our powerful God for the stability only He brings. He lifted me out of the slimy pit; out of the mud and mire, He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

His Loving Presence

Together let’s embrace the blessing of His loving presence so we can confidently say – The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. Lord, thank You for the promise that You will never leave me. May the reality of Your constant supporting presence fill my heart with comfort, confidence and courage. There is peace in the presence of God.

Stewart met up with the team on last week Friday on the test results. I think I got 2 correct out of 6. I really don’t know the calculations and the concept. Already spoilt by the formula template. But I thank You God…because Stewart didn’t embarrass me by calling me up to do the calculation on the whiteboard in front of everyone…Tin Min kena, Zila kena, Wayne kena, William also, even Harriet. And I saw that Abigail was being diligently taught by MT. Celtic…I think some of it Celtic also not sure about the concept.

A Remote Location

Sometimes God allows us to end up in desolate places where He is our only source of help. His ability to provide for us is not necessarily linked with our circumstances. If He created the entire world out of nothing, God can certainly meet our needs – whatever our circumstances – out of the riches of His glory, in Christ Jesus.

Dear God, thank You for all that You have provided through Your Son, Jesus Christ. You know what my needs are. Please reassure me of Your care and power.

We can trust God to do what we cannot do.

Celtic – I think this is the only way to manage Celtic for now…anything that Celtic said, which I am not sure of...I will just cross-check with Stewart. I think…with Stewart…if I am doing something wrong…if I am not in the right track of things…I believe Stewart will come to me and personally will discuss with me on how to rectify it. So far, Stewart and I have yet to have such a conversation. Thank You God!

What happen was…on last week Friday…Stewart wants the team to start to prorate on our buying income. Celtic commented that this manually raised Promotion Agreement, suppliers will find it difficult to sign them off. Then, I pula sibuk…I told Celtic to present the trade plans to the supplier, take money, also must show suppliers where their money are going mah…then like Marcus said, when Celtic cannot answer something…Celtic will divert…and divert Celtic did…Celtic did not answer my question…but when on to say that all of the household places are taken up by me and that Celtic is giving me way. So, of course…I am not satisfied with Celtic’s answers…I went to check with Stewart – which Stewart give this remarks…I ONLY DON’T WANT TO ARGUE WITH CELTIC…Celtic’s stocks are perpetually everywhere. With this statement…I already know that Stewart knew Celtic’s real character. Celtic is back to the usual self. On the handphone and doing lots of talking to Wayne which Wayne also layan. So noisy the both of them. Sigh…

From this moment onward…whenever I am speaking to Stewart; on Celtic related matters…I will say; you want to hear from a friend’s perspective or from a third party’s perspective…hahaha…

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beijing // New York

Hmmm…MT really don’t like Celtic is it…Celtic told me that if MT want to ask Celtic anything…MT will ask Stewart to ask Celtic. For example, Celtic is suppose to email something to MT but forgot about it…then Stewart pula, on the next day will remind Celtic to email. According to Marcus, if MT doesn’t like you, MT will not talk to you. But Celtic takes it that MT is scare of Celtic…hahaha…

Shake Shack

I have make a discovery…was talking to a fellow colleague from the Finance Department…dapat tahu that this MT is a diver…scuba diving…

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tips For Creating A Stronger Family Unit

Have a meal together every week. No electronic gadgets allowed.
Be thoughtful. Show them you care about the little things.
Plan an outing for the entire family.
Express appreciation towards each other with gifts and little notes.
Whisper the 3 important words: I Love You.
Hug it out.
Be spontaneous.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven – George Bernard Shaw.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Blessed be the Lord, who daily (day to day) loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Imagine that! Every single morning God loads us up on His shoulders and carries us through the day. He is our salvation. Thus safe and secure in Him, we’ve no cause for worry or for fear.

God Of The Ordinary

While we may rejoice to hear about answers to prayer, we may also wonder why God hasn’t done anything amazing for us lately.

God’s work is usually done behind the scenes in the ordinary things of life. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out. Every day God is busy shielding us from devastating onslaughts of Satan that would otherwise leave us helplessly defeated. And when temptation hits, He is making exit ramps for us so we can escape.

When we put our head on the pillow at night, we should pause to thank God for the amazing things He has done for us that day in the midst of our ordinary lives. So, instead of longing for Him to do something spectacular for you, thank Him! He already has.

Lord, help me to be constantly aware that Your power and presence are with me even in the ordinary times in my life. Thank You for Your amazing work on my behalf that I know nothing about.

God is always in control behind the scenes, even on ordinary days.


Today I went in to the office, early in the morning…Stewart praise me that the Frypan Category Review analysis was good. The Japanese guy mentions it to Stewart…and specifically mention the Frypan…indicating that we understand our business, our customers, our competitors, our market, our industry. Stewart thanks me and I thank Stewart back.

Next, there was a logistics problem with one of the supplier upon arrival at the warehouse. The warehouse people really want to reject the delivery already. But in the end, they didn’t. I don’t know how the warehouse team will split the goods out between the Alor Star store and the Ipoh store. Hopefully, all went well. And the Logistics Manager also didn’t tembak me. Whew…

MTD still positive.

The Subang Store Team did a great display on the open area and the promotion items. Which I will share with the rest of the team tomorrow.

Then, bump into my former Stationery supplier. So touch that they still remember me, my previous effort and wish that I will return back to G13. According to the supplier, apparently the whole market knew that Bryan will be leaving, Alice is really of different channel…hahaha…and another supplier also missed me too. Awww...