Sunday, February 24, 2008

feminin & elite

Pizza Uno; USJ 10, Taipan Triangle 4 – was invited to attend a farewell cum thank you dinner for Haakon; upon Fredrik’s invitation. The Bitch and Mr. Tan (IT Director) was also in attendance. The Italian cuisine was pretty good. Modern gourmet. Well presented. The Greek Pizza was absolutely incredible with fresh oysters as toppings.

The restaurant’s atmosphere has a nice blend of fanciness + coziness in it. The last time I’ve been to Taipan was last year and this place is definitely one of the nicer and trendier places to sit in Subang. Particularly if you like people watching and checking out cute bar men.
I had my meal, relax and catch-up on some gossips and the latest happenings.

The Bitch even complimented that I looked so much better now than before.
To them, I was glowing with happyness :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

di pintu syurga

Johnny Depp can sing! :)
I have always loved this guy because he plays the quirky and weird characters with perfection.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street is based on Stephen Sondheim’s broadway musical about an innocent barber who is sent away to prison when a powerful man starts lusting after the barber’s beautiful wife. The barber returns to London after 20 years, and he’s no longer the same man. What he wants, more than anything else, is vengeance. The road to revenge begins in London.
Sweeney Todd is no 'Sound Of Music'. There are no cream-colored ponies, crisp apple strudels or adorable blond children; instead Sweeney Todd explores terrible men and foul meat pies. As if to emphasize the grimness of the story and the characters, director Tim Burton has drained his film of all vibrant colors (it is almost monochromatic), serving audiences a gloomy London filled with ominous goings-on.
Yet when Mr. T and Mrs. Lovett are plotting who to get rid of from the face of the earth complete with why those folks should die, I find myself smiling gleefully. The glee may have something to do with the singing and the lyrics, but the truth is Burton has managed to get just the right mix of macabre and comedy…again with a little help from his partner-in-movie Johnny Depp and partner-for-real; Helena Bonham Carter.
There is so much blood in this film – the opening sequence gives you a hint of what’s to come when Sweeney gives his customers the closest shave they’ve ever had. And the gruesome killings really hit home when the bodies crash into the basement head first.
There is perhaps one minor fault – a subplot about a young man’s infatuation with a fair maiden – which is a tad unnecessary.
And the ending – I didn’t expect the young boy to cut off Sweeney’s throat!
It was a real shocker. But delighting.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...janji tinggal janiji...

It just cross my mind today…

Why I love this place so much and harboring hopes that I will return there someday.
Not now…but someday.

(1) Perth has a population of 1.5million. The whole city and metropolitan area is very flat and well-spread out, thus visitors are often struck by all the BIG WIDE OPEN SPACES.

(2) Perth is a very pretty city, with lots of gorgeous views. Perth’s main aspect is the Swan River. It weaves from the Port of Fremantle, alongside the City Centre, then into the hills.

(3) Perth also has great beaches. Clean sand and water. No pollution. Parking is free. Sunsets over the Indian Ocean are spectacular.

(4) The Perth atmosphere is generally very relaxed and laid back. There is none of the big city crowds, big city density, big city rushing-around attitudes and crazy traffic jams.

(5) For MOST people who work an office job, hours are usually from 8am – 5pm.

(6) Perth is extremely multicultural. I believe all the cultures are better integrated into mainstream society, as there are no large ghettos or racial precincts.

(7) As for racism, there will always be a drunken idiot with a loud mouth anywhere in the world. I have lived in Perth for 2 years and I’ve never been racially harassed where I felt threatened.

(8) Average temperature in summer is about 29°C (84.2°F). The hottest it gets is around 40s (104°F).

(9) Average temperature in winter is about 18°C (64.4 °F). The coldest it can get during the day is around 9°C (48.2 °F).

But in Perth, you can pretty much spend a whole week being out and about having a great time, and not be bothered by any of it. So I think that’s what people mean by, “Perth is very quiet”.

Meanwhile, I can only continue what I do best. Work and live :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend:

Drink a freezing glass of orange juice smoothie :)
Buy a (very lovely) trench coat from MNG.
Linger in a bookstore.
Cook a hot steaming pot of beef stew.
Watch the road get showered with falling leaves.
Walk in the rain with your hair down.
Eat a just-out-from-the-deep-fryer otak-otak karipap, slowly.
Curl up in the bed with a snug blanket and new books/magazines.
Hot chocolate drink while watching StarWars Trilogy: Chapter 4, 5 & 6.
Watch Grey’s Anatomy together with darling friends.
Put on a cold lavender facial mask…soothing…moisturizing…freezing :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lelaki Ini

the Apartment – had dinner with Celtic, Vivian and Chia Hui yesterday.
The place is really homey (that’s why it’s call 'the Apartment'), hot and sexy, nice to chill out, fancy location, posh d├ęcor…but the food, it was damn pricey and small in portion.

One tenderloin steak sandwich cost me RM19.90. It comes with 2 slices of bread and 4 pieces of so-called meat plus some potato wedges as toppings. Not tasteful at all!
My stomach was not even full. Total rip-off.
However, the rest of the night was relaxing. I had a good time. Catch-up on a lot of the latest gossips. Not much else to report.

Tai Thong, Imperial China – had a business lunch meeting with 4 well-established food players in this country. All of a sudden, I feel like I don’t belong there. I’m not even supposed to be where I am today. I cannot imagine myself being in the same league as them.
I feel that I lack a lot of the substance :(
I’ve always been an optimistic and positive person. I don’t know how or why this came about.

"Secebis kasih membuatkan kita sayang,
Seucap janji membuatkan kita percaya,

Sekecil luka membuatkan kita kecewa,
Tapi, sebuah persahabatan buat selamanya".
(K. Loong)

I was astounded…yet deeply shocked. I went speechless.
Of all people, of all days…he picks Valentine’s Day to declare his intentions.
Luckily things turn up well and we are still friends.
It’s weird to be going out with someone when all these time, I look up to him for brotherly support and he treated me like a little annoying sister.
And I'm actually happy that we're headed in different directions.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

a girl trying to find herself and an online repository to bear witness

Here are 10 little things that make me happy:

When the baby of a stranger, smiles at me.
When people say ‘Thank You’ sincerely.
Early morning dim sum breakfasts with my family.
See raindrops fall from beneath a transparent umbrella.
Calls/Emails/SMSs from friends I haven’t seen in awhile.
Driving home with all the traffic lights on green.
Chocolate ice cream + Egg tarts + Sushi.
Catch a movie with dear friends.
Walking around Ikea :)

I know that I have been emphasizing a lot on ‘HAPPYNESS’ in my blog this year.
I guess it’s important to be HAPPY in all aspects in our everyday life. I lost my time in the last 9 months, so I’m playing catch-up. The last 9 months was spent on dealing with depression, self-doubt and having self-esteem issues. Of course, I will always have those moments where I will go back into my little black hole, and this is something where everyone will have days like that. I just want to be happy when experiencing such learning curve again this year.

So, it really starts with myself first and foremost. I had to see myself in a different light for one, to start to like myself; when I didn’t before, to learn to love myself, to stop letting myself get into situations in relationships that weren’t very healthy for me. I have to loosen my grip.
Through all these toil, I’ve realized that we’re not really the ones that are in control in certain things. It’s truly coming from GOD. He’s the main one that’s in control of it all.
Maybe I’ve become a little bit more of a believer :)

This blog has narrated my journey, since I arrived home in Malaysia (2005) after those arduous but wonderful years in Perth, right up till the point of my graduation and this seems like a good place to slot in a happy ending and close that chapter.
When they said university would be the best days of your life...they were pretty much spot on.
2 years in Olympia and another 2 years in Murdoch have had their ups and downs, and thankfully the scales are tipped on the side of the ups!
Then comes the corporate world…and this blog has been following all of it silently.

The Fluke & Flux Of Yingze’s Life has been a neat little alcove of some of my best writings and some of my worst ramblings, and although I don't think I'll ever stop writing, I do believe it's time for a new phase of my life to begin and with that comes a change of scenery and a fresh canvas to start on.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mr. Moves Like A Plank

Here are the things that I really like about Chinese New Year:

1) The AngPaus! My Pa’s family in Penang is quite huge, and I've got 9 aunties and uncles on my Mum's side. It’s really a hoot! :)

2) The food…Penang has the best food selection in Malaysia, ever! Plus they are cheap and authentic.

3) The beauty of the fireworks and the sound of the firecrackers… :)

4) The Reunion Dinner where family members help out with setting up, making food and serving drinks.

5) The delicious mouth-watering cookies + prawn crackers!

**My grandma is back from Perth and she is celebrating the New Year with us here in KL this year.
She is such an adorable and lovely old lady. She’s got such a happy spirit – happy to be surrounded by her huge family, so happy to be up and about, cooking, celebrating, eating, giving away the angpaus. She’s been without my grandpa for more than 10 years now, yet she still radiates strength and smiles. She always teases me that I’m a pure blood Hokkien girl, yet cannot speak Hokkien. I feel a little bad about it. But not bad enough to actually learn the language :) I can only mutter a few words in Hokkien.
In the midst of her humble wealth – good health (she’s 88 this year), surrounded by a loving family and a beautiful garden – I find myself aspiring to be just like her when I’m at that age.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gong Xi / Gong Xi

Wishing everyone a wonderful and amazing new year ahead!
May you look forward to the year with refreshed eyes.
May you find inspiration in the simple, everyday things of your life.
And may you to strive to reach the goals and dreams of your heart.
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

“…this is not a story about taking off but a story about to take off…”

I know that this industry that I’m in is VERY VERY VERY SMALL.
Everyone knows everyone.
But I did not expect it to be this small…guess who is my new boss of my new job in the new company – CELTIC!!! We meet again after 9 months.
Celtic’s professionalism is very admirable…Celtic can’t sit still.
If there is no mountain, Celtic will find a mountain to climb. Celtic is irritatingly task-oriented and will always keep looking for the next thing to do or else Celtic just doesn’t feel right. Celtic is too hyper; over-motivated who are always two steps ahead of everyone. Some people might find it hard to keep up with Celtic and could be very intimidated by the way Celtic works so quickly, but that’s the way Celtic is.
So, what’s next for me??? What will be the outcome???

And…Haakon drop da’bomb…will be joining the English.
And…Jacques who went into so-called retirement is back in the market.
Now Jacques is holding a senior managerial post in SAM25, overseeing the Virtual Mall project, a much higher position than The Bitch. I’m sure she won’t be pleased with this :)

And now I am so sad. Don't know why, just feel that way. Blue.
So much has happened yet so little to say.
I have been exhausted. I am rundown, stressed and I’m quite lost.