Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Super 7

Divock Origi joins The Reds. But the Belgium player will be loaned back to Lilie for the new season.
I am begining to be worried a little. We are buying more fire power to cover the departure of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. But, let’s be honest…can these players cover the magnificent Luis Suarez? Shouldn’t we start to look at the A-grades or the B-grades of strikers, instead of settling down with these C-grades? I mean, we have the fund from the sales of Luis Suarez. We have the money. It's not like we can't afford it. And where are the defenders. We need more of them. Last season, yes…we have score more goals than we used to but we were also the number 2 club in the league that concede the most goals.

Raya tanpa wayar

The Reds fifth recruit – Dejan Lovren – the first defender to arrive in Anfield.

Unpack Repack

It’s ok not to know the answers – yeah…I blurted out this sentence to Ursula the other day. Yeah, I think it stuns her…and I also embarrass myself again. Seriously, I don’t have the answers to everything. I really don’t know. And I think it’s ok to admit them, to discuss them, to share it all out. If I am such a genius, the department will not be in such a mess and out of control in the first place. I need help, I need a lifeline…but hello…is anyone giving it to me? Does anyone steps in to take the lead…no, everyone is just tossing this department around like nobody business…doing it at their own whims with no further considerations and implications…and expect me to know everything. Angry! :(

Soldier Field

Korean BBQ @ Sri Hartamas and The Coffee Club @ Mont Kiara – hanging out with one of my favorite group of people – Miss Klein, Mel Jag and Torres. So, yes, to me, the meaning of life is what we make it out to be :)

Korean BBQ – Miss Klein’s recommendations. Homey, cozy, the menu was small, but hey, from what I have tasted, it was really good wholesome Korean food. Overall, the serves were generous, and the prices were very wallet-friendly for a Korean meal. The meat were thinly sliced, well marinated (full of flavor), fresh & tender, had a lovely texture…can’t go wrong with that. BBQ over the hot place - the meat was succulent and soft, cooked to perfection. It was my kinda dish. Seriously, its so yummy :) I even ate the beef tongue and it doesn’t even taste like a tongue at all…of course, I also don’t know how a tongue should taste like anyway :) The 4 of us are very please from this gastronomic happiness.

The Careful Walk

We should be very we live. Clearly, as we climb through life, with all the many dangers coming our way, it is vital that we take each step with Jesus wisely and cautiously. A fool lives carelessly; a wise person watches each step so he does not stumble or fall.

Consistency! How much we need,
To walk a measured pace,
To live the life of which we speak,
Until we see Christ’s face.

As we trust GOD to rule our hearts, our feet can walk his way.

Kangaroos & Emus

I started reading the - Our Daily Bread in June…I was pretty consistent…but then when it comes to the month of July…I just trail off. I don’t know. I feel restless…I feel there is no positive energy in me, surround me…I feel like crying…I am thirsty of positive energy. Oh GOD – please put my life back on track again. Teach me on how to manage the suppliers, the store team, my fellow colleagues, Ursula…guide me in how to manage my daily routine work; no matter how I multi-task, things just continue to fall apart, spining out of control. Steer me on how to increase my department sales, margin and bring down the stock value…for West Malaysia, East Malaysia & Brunei, Like For Like, All Stores, MTD & YTD. Lead me to do well in my category planning, range review, TTA negotiations, Line Selections, BTS…oh GOD – where am I heading to now…I need a release. There’s no sense of encouragement or comfort at the moment.

Sigh…I will jot down all of the important points from Our Daily Bread. I think it’s very important to keep these tips moving forward, keep them close to my heart. To remember. To count my blessings. To be grateful of.

Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of GOD in Christ Jesus. While it is wise to learn from the past, we shouldn’t live in the past. We cannot redo or undo the past, but by GOD’s grace we can press forward and serve GOD faithfully today and in the future. The life of faith is a journey forward as we become like Christ.

I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining every day,
Still praying as I’m onward bound,
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

I will go anywhere – provided it is forward.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wire-to-wire victory

The Junk Restaurant – another very cool place located on Wayang Street (the oldest street in Kuching) and is surrounded by the Kuching Hilton, Chinese Temple Tua Pek Kong, The Main Bazaar, Carpenter Street and the Waterfront. The Junk is located in an old Chinese shop house which was built in the early 1900's.

The rustic feel and look of the place with all of the junks around makes it looks really amazing. An excellent place to dine, its cozy, food are in generous portions, really value for money. The beautifully restored interior houses a paraphernalia of antique items collected over the years and includes old grandfather clocks, bird cages, red lanterns and rattan chicken coops - all personal collections of the owner. The menu is well put together and although changed periodically, offers the all-time favorites. The fusion cuisine has a sprinkling of French, Italian, Western and Chinese. This place is certainly a nice surprise and is indeed seldom fails to please.

Tempatan Creations

Rumah Santai a.k.a The Secret Sanctuary – while I was in Kuching, Sarawak with Faith last month, Faith’s Sarawakian colleagues bring us to this very cool place to chill out.

The Secret Sanctuary is a unique Boutique Cottage. It is very well hidden from the public, thus making this place a very quiet retreat to get away from all of the stress of daily life. The best thing about this place is that it provide the kind of facilities that would not be found in many rated hotels. Gym, jacuzzi, fish spa, wet sauna, infra-red sauna, waterfall pool, garden shower, open air hot tub, fully air-condition bar, gastrolounge etc. Because of all of this amenities - The Secret Sanctuary will give one an ambiance of the local culture as well as a very Zen living all under one roof. Guests get to experience the tranquillity, the nature and the peacefulness. We don’t even have this kind of concept in KL! In addition, The Secret Sanctuary has a fine dining restaurant; serving Western style as well as local cuisine. And I have to say that their food taste good and their food presentation are also very impressive as well. Can compete with any of the 4-stars hotels around. The space is not small, it can actually accommodate up to 200 people. The place is very homey, all guest have to remove their shoes, bean bags are everywhere, plenty of hammocks to laze around too. 2 thumbs up!

Be-all & End all

When a woman comes across a life-changing opportunity, she shouldn’t let it pass – Tang Wei.

OMG – this is so right – I missed my Colgate opportunity :(


Girl, if life isn’t working out, just turn the page and begin again with Act One.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

life in monochrome

A couple of months back – I met up with Miss Klein & Mel Jag at Sunway Pyramid.
We had lunch together…I can’t remember the Chinese restaurant name...whether it was Dragon-I or Canton-I…but there was an I in it :) It was a very good catch-up session. The reason we are meeting up is to buy a gift for baby Isaac as we will be making a trip down to Seremban to visit Reggie & Ann. Trix will also be joining us on this short road trip, coming back all the way from Singapore. So, all 3 of us are pretty excited about it. Finally, we manage to get a big toy from Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s a baby-ride-on that can even be converted into a scooter. It was pretty awesome. I also managed to squeeze in for some shopping time too and manage to buy 4 tops; all quite impulsively. Yay :)

Not all system is good. Not all system is wrong.

This Ursula…always on something…then off it back.
Ursula have a supplier…who have excess stocks of Canon Calculators…then I say okie…let’s on it…it's consignment…very cheap, flat price format calculators, also the right timing to bring it in for the coming Back To Campus Leaflet. Then, now she off it back…she said that she have park them under Shawn…because I am too busy to follow-up and not sure whether the supplier have enough stocks or not. Celaka her. Saying that I am lazy or busy is just an excuse for her…I know her…she too sayang Shawn already…she wants to let Shawn to do some sales. This is consignment after all. Busy or lazy, I still can manage it better compare to outright. Doubting whether the supplier have enough stocks or not is also another bullshit. An experience buyer like her will always check & ensure that the supplier have sufficient stocks before asking me to follow-up. If cannot do for all stores…can do for the Top 20 or Top 10 stores mah…she always preaches like that one mah…damn angry. I am not stupid. I just close one-eye only.

all together or none of us at all

This is just so weird…very strange indeed.
I was having lunch with Baldwin the other day…don’t know what triggers Baldwin…all of a sudden, Baldwin just told me that Baldwin heard from someone…that...when I was under Leonardo’s charge…apparently…Leonardo very sayang me…well, I certainly didn’t feel that way…I always felt that Leonardo very sayang Pietro…everything Leonardo will do for Pietro…Baldwin also added on that when the time comes for the big switch…Leonardo was very reluctant to let me go…again…I didn’t feel that way…I felt that Leonardo was very happy to get rid of me. Well…I am just curious on who told Baldwin all of these. If its Marcus – then this story is real. If it were from other people – then they are just making up stories and creating rumors. Who is the culprit here? Very coincidence, is when Baldwin and I were having this conversation together, we were at the food court…seated right behind me, a few tables away was Alice & Gerrard. Hmm…did they trigger Baldwin?

Monday, July 21, 2014

King Of Anfield

Steven Gerrard today announced his retirement from international football with England following a glittering 14 years of representing his country. Thank you Captain Marvel :) Now, its to focus on the Liverpool Dream. YNWA!

Searching For You In Loving Memories

Woah…this Ursula really tires me out. Don’t know whether it’s her good intentions for me to learn and to grow or her evil intent to wear me down and eventually to chase me out from G13. I take it very positively. I want to learn. I want to grow. And I think that Ursula is pointing me to the right direction as well. It’s a very painful process. I agree that things need to be clean up. It’s good to see the holes & gaps later on. Crossing fingers – Ursula will let me range in more items thereafter. I don’t agree that I am over-ranged :)

The Bunker’s Diary

Another sad tragedy for Malaysia. It brings the whole nation into mourning again.

Red Box Trading

20.07.2014 – on this date, both Big Ham & Small Ham put pen to paper on this particular unit. Even though, I only hold a 20% of the equity, I still feel quite excited and happy on this new development.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pencils & Friends

Adjust yourself to suit whatever new directions set by your team leader. If you are willing to be flexible, you are sure to learn new things from your team. Do not be a pushover, but remember to open yourself to what others have to offer.

If you posses a teachable spirit, you will definitely learn from your mistakes and become a wiser person at the end of the day. Remember that we cannot always rely on our captain for good teamwork and chemistry. As it is also our duty, let us groom ourselves to be better teammates to our team. Becoming a great employee means becoming an effective follower; a follower that inspires greatness in your fellow teammates and supports your leader with the necessary push and motivation. Remember the saying, a great leader is only as great as his followers. So, be a great follower.

La Risata

So, how do you win when you lose?
(1) You win when people see authenticity.
(2) You win when you give your best.
(3) You win when you fight to the very end.
(4) You win when your performance is world-class.


In life, we need to do likewise. We need to revisit what sucess is and learn to embrace the present and forget about the future anxieties. Winning or losing in the game of life is relative. The real winners are those who celebrate and enjoy every moment of life.


John Maxwell once said - A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

high school king of savvy

My foldie is here :)
Finally got my bicycle. Bucket list checked :) Of course, it’s not the kind of mountain bike that I so wanted. I’ve got a folding bike instead. I am staying on the 5th floor of an apartment unit, with no lift and limited space. So, a foldie is good enough, for now. Just dump the whole thing inside my car boot. I love the red & white color furnishing. And it comes with a bell too :) Yay!

Planet Ocean

The Reds’s 4th signing – Serbian Lazar Markovic from Benifica.
I also don’t know who this is. I feel Brendan Rodgers summer signings are not so that impressive at all. No big names. Arsenal...Arsenal actually have Alexis Sanchez and Sami Khedira in the bag. Chelsea have acquired the services of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. Manchester United overhaul their team with new players in the form of Luke Shaw, Ander Herrera and rumors of the arrival of Arjen Robben and Angel Di Maria. All are big big names. And what we’ve got? Am really worried whether we are buying correctly or not.

Doctor Stranger

So, forget about trying to impress the boss by staying late every day.
The best way to demonstrate that you are truly working beyond expectations is to consistently meet the goals, anticipate needs successfully, work collaboratively with colleagues, and show your commitment to the organization and its mission :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bahoi Villagers

Cheh…Ursula keep on questioning me on what I am doing in the office from 9am to 6pm everyday…she apa kurangnya…work until 10pm on a weekday…call up Celtic regarding the clearance list…and then work on a Saturday…saw her email coming in at 4pm…Ursula is also not productive what…she is also not good in managing her time…say me pula...

Super Snoops

Woah…I was in Ursula’s office room yesterday evening…Shu drop by…mention that Christy’s PO for the new store opening (for next week) cannot be done yet…because there is no new listing and source list…then, Ursula got furious…told Shu to immediately get Christy to inform the MTF Department right now to quickly get it done so Shu can raise the PO today. Today, we are having a Public Holiday (Nuzul Al-Quran). Ursula said that she cannot tolerate anymore that Christy keep on forgetting to list in the item codes or raising the POs, until the store team to a certain extent tembak back at Ursula. Woah…gulp…I also no difference at all. Lately, I am also very forgetful and overlook on so many things.


The Germans! :)
It was a very long and boring match. 1 – 0. A late goal during extra time by super Mario Gotze. Good enough to conquer the Argentineans.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1 Giant Step Forward, 2 Steps Backwards

GOD, you have saved my Small Ham again. Small Ham was involved in another car accident (again). This time, it was not Small Ham’s fault. The lorry driver was at the wrong. Small Ham called me up on a Saturday morning; I was still in bed at that time. Early morning…to receive such a phone call. The accident took place in Section 9, which is nearby our house. Nonetheless, this incident was a minor one. Praise to the LORD for holding this family together, for protecting us, for not abandoning us, still favoring us…YOU are indeed MIGHTY TO SAVE! We need to be GRATEFUL, ALWAYS.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Sigh…Luis Suarez is leaving Liverpool for Barcelona :(
Now, we have to find a replacement quickly plus some good defenders as well.
Wish him all the best. Thank you for all of the contributions. Getting us back into the Top 5 of the EPL and a spot in the Champions League. Don’t go biting people anymore.
I think he should have stayed. At least, he will be the Red’s first choice striker. Over in the Nou Camp, he will be Barca’s third choice option after Messi & Neymar. I don’t think it’s a wise move for him lor

freedom, and staying free

This is the final.
The epic battle between Germany & Argentina.
In the last World Cup (in 2010) – the Germans came in third. This is their time. They demolished Brazil 7 – 1!

Joe’s Mac

It’s official – I have become the second Christy :)

(1) Ursula looks through my strengths and weaknesses. And she knows how to capitalize on my weak spots :(
(2) Ursula asks me to be more faster on my job :)
(3) Ursula told me not to sit and wait on things :)
(4) Ursula instructs that I need to stop buying at the moment because my department is so over stock. Especially for the East Malaysia stores (apparently they have complain to Ursula) – because the stocks amount that the stores hold can open another 1 more shop :)
(5) Ursula question me on what I am doing from 9am to 6pm :)
(6) Ursula perli me - that I am like a dog, chasing my own tail :)


Apa Lagi, Siapa Lagi

It’s official – confirm Sabrina is Ursula’s pet. Of course lah, Sabrina’s sales is up, margin is up…everything is on a positive outlook. Unlike me :( I don't want the attention...and the pressure either.

OMG the series

The other day, Pietro kepo with me…during Pietro’s first year under Ursula, Pietro was very close with Ursula. Ursula also shared a lot of things with Pietro. Ursula even told Pietro that she learn a lot from Barry. Barry used to be Ursula's boss. Don’t know what happen to the both of them in between…later on, Ursula always tries to kenakan Barry during Mr. Jan Vet’s time. Pietro also mentions that Barry was a very good senior buyer back then…then got very comfort in the zone…then starts to push everything away and don’t want to take up any more responsibilities.

Then, during Pietro’s second year, things went downhill from there. I can only say that this Ursula is looking for consistency and performance. If you have none of that – you are out from the team.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Goal Liberation

Meaningful moments & lessons on leadership from How To Train Your Dragon 2.

The story takes place in a mystical Viking world, in a village called Berk. Hiccup is a young Viking teenager, who also happens to be the chief’s son; aspires to follow his tribe’s tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. He finally captures his first dragon, which is a Night Fury, and supposedly one of the more dangerous dragons around. Hiccup finds that he is unable to kill the dragon, and ends up befriending it and naming it Toothless. Which leads to a whole new shift in Berk, turning them from dragon slayers to dragon riders. Hiccup stands out from the other Vikings of Berk. He is hesitant, a little out of his depth but Hiccup is also a gifted builder and he has a heart. He has a way of convincing people and making them to see things differently.


Hiccup is not exactly the obvious kind of leader. Compared with the other Vikings of Berk, he is small-sized, a little off-coordination and inept. Hiccup always believed that he was not fit to be the chief of Berk, because he was not like his father, who was big, strong & brave. Hiccup is later made to realize that although he is not like his father, it does not mean that he is not a leader, or that he would not make a good one. It just means that he is a different kind of leader. There are many different kinds of leaders out there, each one with their very own set of unique traits & strengths. No two leaders are identical. This means that each one of us has the potential to be great leaders. We just have to accept the responsibilities and rise to the occasion.


In the movie, we see that in order to defeat Drago and get the dragons back, Hiccup, Astrid and all of their friends work together. They came up with a plan, and each one of them had their own part to play to make it work. There is so much more you can achieve if you fully utilize the strengths & quality of each member of your team. As longs as everyone in the team is aligned towards achieving the same goal, you are guaranteed of success.


Toothless the dragon lost his wing tail when he was shot. Hiccup, being the builder that he is, tried several times to fix the dragon’s tail to help him to fly. His first few attempts did not work out so well, but eventually Hiccup’s patience and determination paid off and he found the solution to fix Toothless’s tail wing. Failure is something which is inevitable for us. In different stages of our lives and careers, we will face countless failures. It is important to keep our focus and willpower, and to learn from our failures. We are capable of achieving great things if we do not allow our failures to act as hindrances.


In the first movie, Berk was a village which thrived on its people being dragon fighters. Dragons were seen as pests and enemies, and the Vikings were proud to fight and kill them. Hiccup brings a whole new change to Berk, by being the first not to kill a dragon. Hiccup showed the people of Berk that dragons are actually tame and friendly creatures. At first it was not easy for the people to accept and understand that, but in the end the whole village understood Hiccup’s point of view and they went from being dragon fighters to dragon riders. We often cringe at the word CHANGE. It sounds frightening, as we are usually comfortable with things being the way they are. Just like Hiccup, we have no idea how things will turn out in the end, but we would never know if we did not try in the first place. Be open to accepting change, and you would be amazed at the good that change can bring. Lastly, one of the most significant themes from the movie was to STEP UP. Take ownership and lead, like Hiccup did when his father was killed, and he decided he would have to take the lead and be chief.


By Hyma Pillay

where are those dots?

Sarawak RainForest World Music Festival, 20th June – 22nd June 2014: bucket list checked :)

From Checkpoints To C-Suites

Steve Jobs once said – you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

5 things that needs to be remembered:

You will face many unsettling circumstances in life. Have the courage to move forward despite the difficulties. Remember that at the end of the day you will have 3 things: Faith, Family & Friends. With these, you will have everything you need to move forward.

Know your Unique Selling Point. Know the skills & talents you have in the offering. Know your purpose and design. Create a strategy for yourself. Perhaps doing a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis on your own personal brand could be your first step.

You might find yourself somewhat inadequate or lacking in experience. When presented with an opportunity, take it anyway. Walk through the open door and you will find that your ability to learn will always help you to grow into a new role.

Who you are determines what and who you will attract. Look for patterns in opportunities that are currently made available to you. If you are always being shortlisted for certain assignments, that gives you a clue as to what you are great at.

Make your mistakes early and you might find that many of those mishaps could lead you to a greater understanding of your potential. If there is anything you must do though, it is to keep moving forward. Keep connecting the dots. The further you move along, the greater will be the image of your life revealed as you fulfill your destiny.

Kennet Island

I don’t know exactly what happen…all I know is that Christy was in Ursula’s room the other day…it was a very late evening. Everyone has gone home…except for Gerrard, Paige, Linda and myself. Then, I think…I heard Ursula scolding Christy…saying that many things are not done yet…Ursula raises her voice…something about the downstairs store floor walk…but I also heard Christy’s giggling and laughing voice…maybe want to cover up...I don’t know whether is Ursula scolding the supplier or talking to Christy. I just make don’t know…come to think of it…if indeed Ursula is scolding Christy…it could have been me as well. Sigh…GRATEFUL.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

BEP Cabin


Ursula is indeed cruel. She is blunt. She is a true leader that tells me what I need to hear, what I don’t want to hear, what I don’t want to admit to, what I am in denial in – so that I can learn and grow in my life’s journey. Ursula have display a preponderance of patience despite how much of a pain in the arse I have been to her. I am someone who needed a lot of help right now…before I can become that someone who can actually help others. I am grateful that Ursula tells me the truth…no matter how hurt, ashamed, foolish, useless I felt deep within myself. I am timid, a little awkward, always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, a little off-balanced & clumsy. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear :)

letters to clear

Everyone wants companionship of some sort, and misses it if withheld; especially is the case with young people. None of us were intended by Nature to live alone.

Nasi Kambing Kebuli

Don’t know what actually happen…heard that Ursula has bought boxes of cherries. I think she gave them away to some selected people in her list. I think I saw Shawn brought back home 1 box. Gerrard and Christy…didn’t notice them, so I don't know whether Ursula got give them or not…but this Sabrina…I heard Sabrina said very loudly…Thank You Ah Jie…so, I assume that she have 1 box too. Well, lately, Sabrina have been doing very well, Sabrina’s department have close very positively, thus I think she is rightly to be rewarded. I don’t have anything. Then, the next day, Paige belanja me makan cherries during our lunch time…so, I assume that Ursula gave Paige a box too. I tak ingin pun.

Southern Cross Station


For the whole of this week, whenever I email out something to my store team or they email to reply me back…this Ursula will step in, intervene, interfere and menyampuk to reply back. There are 2 sides to a coin here. Either Ursula’s intention is good – she is backing me up or her evil intention is to start to meddle into my territory. Maybe she thinks that I am not capable enough, I do not sound convincing or influential enough, my store teams are not listening & obeying my instructions, my communication to them is not clear or I cannot hold my own credibility well. Even Stephanie also mentions that this kind of bosses is the most annoying of the lot. Ursula mentions that if she knows the answers of the email's request, she will email back. Fine…if she wants to butt in…she is free to do so anyway. Later on…The General will surely question her all over again…like what she did to Christy. The spokesperson for the Auto/DIY department is not Christy…in actual fact…it is Ursula herself. She is repeating it all over again.

Crown Casino

4th July – this day is not only is American’s Independence Day, but it is also Ursula’s birthday. Of course I remember…but I pretend don’t know :) I am just surprise that her minions did not celebrate with her…maybe it’s because of the fasting month…Shawn, Gerrard, Christy and Sabrina…don’t know about their plans for Ursula…didn’t hear anything from them…perhaps, they could have celebrated earlier or later (behind my back)…I only watsapp Ursula after Isla & Paige have informed me about it. Paige drop by at my room and ask me whether I know that today is my boss birthday. I said that I don’t know. Paige also don’t know or have totally forgotten all about it until Ursula told her just now. Hahaha…yeah, Ursula is working on her birthday, but she left an hour earlier. Happy 41st.

Quest To Mt Doom

Emre Can from Bayer Leverkusen is our third signings. We’ve acquired a striker in Rickie Lambert, an attacking midfielder in Adam Lallana and Emre Can; the German midfielder. So, where are the defenders yo? We urgently needs them.

for the girls with messy hair & thirsty hearts

The club signs up its second player. Another young chap from Southampton – welcome on board Mr. Adam Lallana :)

Play @ Roof

I am re-inventing myself for the year 2015.
@ the age of 33 years old. The age of Jesus Christ.