Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Kokoda Trail

If I do get married…you know, usually during wedding dinners or receptions, slow, romantic and ballad music will be played in the ballroom right? But if I do get married…I want this song to be play too…because it’s edgy and truthful.

"Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette"

I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it

You treat me like I'm a princess
I'm not used to liking that
You ask how my day was

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole
You're so much braver than I gave you credit for
That's not lip service

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

You are the bearer of unconditional things
You held your breath and the door for me
Thanks for your patience

You're the best listener that I've ever met
You're my best friend
Best friend with benefits
What took me so long

I've never felt this healthy before
I've never wanted something rational
I am aware now
I am aware now

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

6 Ways to Get Exactly What You Want at Work

1. Make yourself necessary. Find something that no one else is doing - and do it well. Created a niche.

2. Have a goal. We all want a job we love but that's not always possible, at least not right away. For example, if you're a receptionist with hopes of being a chef, take every opportunity to show off your cooking skills. Make your famous empanadas for the next office party, then casually mention to coworkers that you're available for catering gigs.

3. Network like crazy. Find a reason to get in touch with people in power positions. If you want to change fields, keep your eyes open for opportunities to make a connection. "I keep close tabs on LinkedIn," Mora says. "When someone has a new job, I send her a congrats email, and say, 'Here's my contact info, just in case.'" Mora also engages in the discussion groups on the site - a must. "It helps establish me as an expert in my field."

4. Speak up. You have a voice, so úsala! "I used to be a put-my-head-down-and-work-really-hard-don't-leave-your-cube type of person," says Nidia Caceros, 39, director of corporate communications at the Walt Disney Company. "I was flying under the radar. Then one day my boss said sarcastically, 'Oh, you were in that meeting too? Because I didn't hear you.'" Caceros knew she wasn't really tímida - she was just anxious about being put on the spot and having to defend her positions. But she learned that you should make your presence known even if you don't have all the answers. "Some of the best ideas are the ones that can be built upon."

5. Be prepared. The show must go on, even when you're down a colleague or, in some cases, a family member! Stefani Vara, the 33-year-old creator, executive producer, and co-host of Comida Caliente, a reality-style family cooking show on YouTube, was scheduled to host a live sponsored event with the cast when her sister canceled at the last minute. "Instead of freaking out, I had to take a step back, breathe, and think, 'What can I do?'" Vara turned to her brother, who was happy to help. "If one can't be there, somebody else can step in," explains Vara, who found out the value of always having a Plan B.

6. Find a mentor. "A mentor is not someone you can go shopping for," says Mariela Dabbah, author of Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of Success. It's a friendship above everything else. "It has to be someone with whom you have chemistry and that person has a reason to invest time in you. It's a two-way street." Just be sure to look outside of your usual circles. "The idea is to try to diversify your network."

Miss Katie’s Crabshack

Zila will be park under me.
Abigail is park under MT.
Wayne is park under Celtic.

Over Friday’s lunch…Stewart said that MT is much more suitable to train Abigail up. I also agree. I also told Abigail these…with Abigail’s character, it is more suitable for Abigail to be under MT’s tutelage. Once Abigail have already develop the necessary grit, character & personality, then Abigail can be train under Celtic. Celtic is harsh but very capable.

Stewart also mention that Stewart also want to see how Celtic is going to train Wayne. So, does that mean that all of us (MT, Celtic, Jonas & me) will be under Stewart’s watchful eye? I see MT as Stewart’s natural successor for now…

I have no leadership skills yet but I know that I do have a set of skill where I can work cross function department. I am not a very smart person. I am book smart. But I am also highly aware of my strengths and weakness. I have this likability factor. I smile, I greet people, I have manners, I am polite. Don’t have a big ego but a huge humility in me. I am willing to learn, I apologized if I am wrong, I can laugh at myself, I admit when things are not right, I work with honesty, I am passion and I am genuine. But will that be enough? Is the season for preparation and protection is over now?


Liverpool 5 – 1 Hull :)

The Meatball & Wine Bar

Me: Ma’am, u change the format? From 4 quadrant to 6 quadrant? I just finish my 4 quadrant…

MT: Opssss. Ya lor lady boss said want to minimize slides. So 4 jadi 6. Sorry u gotta revise sikit ok.

Me: Stewart.......

MT: Din know got ppl buat. I open d file is kosong one. Except Tin Min filled few items.

Me: Tomorrow must submit homework mah

MT: Ya lor. I better send reminder. U adjust to 6 ok.

(1) MT uses a lot of BM.

(2) MT apologized for the second time. Not such an evil person…hahaha…

(3) I have a feeling that Marcus & MT got talk after out meeting the other day. Somehow the way MT express herself is like a managing a kid. Marcus knows that I am a very big kid :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chin Chin

Stephanie gave me a big bottle of Tropicana Orange Twister. So, I store the bottle in the office pantry fridge. So, when I was about to go home on yesterday evening, I have to go to the pantry to collect the bottle back. I was checking my messages on my phone…I was walking straight…then as I just finish reading my message, put my phone down and was looking straight to where I was going…when right in front of me was MT…walking in the opposite direction…but MT was smiling at me…of course, I gave a small smile of acknowledgment back…but this time MT’s smile was like… was very much like a sign of acceptance of me…and acknowledging that we are align. Again, did Marcus inform MT anything after our meet up the other day? I even told Marcus that I cannot let Celtic know that I am WatsApping MT secretly…hahaha…


Oh, Baldwin found a job, is with TF now.
So, Baldwin is under the same working roof as Gerrard, Clara & Laura.

New Menu With Refreshed Ideas

I did something really stupid…it was mind blowing…absolutely ridiculous…what happen was…there was something that I was unsure of…so I WatsApp MT…MT explain it clearly, thoroughly, in a very organized manner…this Celtic also…gave me the email but with no attachment in it, so I was not aware about the said matter…hahaha…I WatsApp MT more that I verbally talk to her…ok, back to the story…since MT help me…I secretly put a box of chocolate biscuit on her office table…yeah, like a secret admirer but I was so damn stupid. I didn’t left a note, of course MT don’t know who left it for her…I should have put a note on it, written Gracias…because I do converse with MT with a bit of Spanish words in it…hahaha…so, yeah…I overlook…MT did ask Tin Min & Jonas who put it on the table…but no one knows about it…MT say she dare not touch it…hahaha…but she did put it aside at her side table. She did not throw them away. Then, one of the colleagues said that MT don’t eat the chocolate biscuit one wor

Baba Low’s 486

…I love being low-profile, being the underdog, the under achiever and people not knowing my true ability or underestimate my potential…people don’t really know what you’re doing and then you go boom! :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

When The Woods Wake Up

God has built into creation a cycle of rest and renewal. Yes, the season for Preparation & Protection.
What looks like death to us is rest to God. And just as rest is preparation for renewal, death is preparation for resurrection.
I love watching the woods awaken every spring, for it reminds me that death is a temporary condition and that its purpose is to prepare for new life, a new beginning, for something even better. Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds

Why Me?

Why have I found such favor in your eyes?
We may wonder why God would choose to love us when we are so undeserving.
Dear Lord, I don’t know why You love me, I thank You and worship You!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Pantry

(1) Jonas will be leading D32 & D33. Thus Henry will be park under Jonas. Henry actually misses MT…hahaha…because according to Henry, MT will protect her staffs…Jonas just lepas tangan.

(2) The Furniture portfolio will be park under MT. Will MT get angry with Stewart? Furniture is originally should be under D31, under Celtic. MT gets back her batteries and now tambah Furniture. Will MT feel that Stewart is berat sebelah? That Stewart side D31? I think Stewart want to balance up the level playing field among all of the DMs. But I think that it is a very good move by bringing in someone new & neutral into the category. One particular supplier already have a very negative perception on Celtic and of course Celtic dislikes them (Barry & Wifey), so yeah...I think Stewart make a sound decision for now.

(3) Zila will be park under me…Baking…I will still ignore it for a while…hahaha…

(4) Abigail who initially was doing the Home Furnishing category; under Mrs. Simon will be taking up the Furniture portfolio under MT. Abigail says that Abigail prefer MT more than Celtic. Meaning that people actually notices and telan when it comes to Celtic because Celtic is a fast thinker and is a very street smart person. Quite useful at times...

(5) I try to korek from Fify…Fify would like to leave The Japanese to get a higher pay; job hopping lah tu. Fify also mention that Wayne cannot tahan Celtic in terms of the fast tempo and also Celtic’s mannerism.

Rudy La Faber

I think…I think…that Stewart is fully aware about Celtic…but needs Celtic to hold the ship together…more than Celtic needs Stewart…Stewart also mention that some of the HouseHold suppliers…Stewart also rather not managing them…thus pushing Celtic to gather them around. I think Stewart also discover that Celtic is a liability to the Division…Celtic is the hindrance to the D31 growth progress and improvement. In denial, stubborn, a dino…whether its reasons or excuses, the numbers said by itself. I am not trying to be mean or nasty or being disrespectful to Celtic…this is tough love…Celtic just have to wake up and work…not lazing around…this is team work.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jiro KL

I am wondering…will Marcus inform Lee Nee the conversation that we have. All of a sudden, I feel very align with MT…hahaha…

The Ganga Deli & Café

Celtic whisper to me that Mak Tiri will take over the Furniture Portfolio…that means, I will do the Baking Category, Celtic will goyang kaki even though Zila will be park under me. Celtic is not like that when Celtic was with The French. Celtic always mentions that it was Marcus who taught Celtic on delegating. Yes, you delegates work to your staff but you as a DM have a much bigger role to play in planning, organizing…suddenly with all of these negative feedback from everyone…I just feel so empowered…hahaha…

Livin’ The Big Life

MT: Hello. Ur kakak mana?
Me: Meeting with supp.
MT: Can u help remind Celtic complete the top 40 returnable items. Still blank.
Me: Ok.
MT: I think is Wayne’s.
Me: Ok.
MT: Ok Tq.
Me: Just saw ur email, fill up already.
MT: U tolong fill?
Me: Yes.
MT: So I bleh send d file.
Me: Yes.
MT: Ok terima kasih.
Me: De na da.

What happen was, Mak Tiri did email to Celtic early in the morning…but Celtic was busy…bersemangat because Celtic have to finish the sales review which I assume that Stewart email to all of the DMs and the DMs have to complete it…I guess Celtic would have like to pass it to me to do…but Celtic did not…assuming that Stewart personally instruct Celtic to do so, or Celtic knew that I do not want any more work to be pile on me since I told Celtic that I did not want to do the Baking category or Celtic don’t want me to over shine Celtic…and this MT, can watsapp to Celtic herself mah…but it’s ok, I think I score some brownie points here…hahaha…Mak Tiri is the keeper of the division.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Walters Café

Liverpool 2 – 1 Chelsea! :)

La-Bog Inn

On Celtic:

This is a real shocker. Marcus didn’t want to tell me much because Marcus felt that Celtic & I are close. Which is true. But I also told both Marcus & Tommy that I know everything but I pretend don’t know. I am aware of things. These are Marcus’s comments on Celtic. Tommy’s too.

(1) I need to move out from Celtic’s shadow if I want to shine. I agree, I also realize that I can shine without Celtic. I notice that when Celtic left The French and G13 earlier than me, I indeed can shine, thrive and survive it all.

(2) Marcus feels that Celtic is lazy. Celtic passes all of the work to Celtic’s assistants. Celtic didn’t do anything, always on the phone.

(3) Celtic is a good buyer, but just lazy and not much of effort is being put in.

(4) Marcus sometimes has to chase Celtic as well.

(5) This is a real shocker. Wayne hates Celtic too because Wayne have to do everything. Marcus even asks Wayne the same question – are you sure…but Marcus agrees that Wayne has been given the opportunity by Celtic to become a buyer. So Wayne is basically using this platform for something better in the future.

(6) Marcus also noted that Celtic talks a lot too. When enquire on something…if Celtic cannot answers them…Celtic will divert.

(7) So yeah, I also share with them that Celtic talks a lot and is disrupting my work.

(8) I told Marcus, I don’t mind going back to G13, doing long as I am not under The Witch.

(9) Celtic likes to show off, being the superior type…Marcus even equates Celtic with Alice.

(10) So, as a conclusion…Celtic is already like that. It just that I don't notices them last time. But I have grown up. Celtic makes everyone thinks that Celtic is great. Like Ursula, Celtic says something or twists something and confidently it becomes something else.

(11) MT thinks that Stewart is too soft.

(12) I have to put on my best behavior then :)


On Mak Tiri:

(1) MT also cannot stand Ursula.

(2) MT used to be Marcus’ lunch buddy. So, whatever happens in The Japanese, if Marcus knew about it, it means that MT is the one who informs Marcus.

(3) Before I join The Japanese, MT did call Marcus to clarify on something. To clarify is Celtic is actually like that as Celtic is under Marcus before.

(4) Apparently, Celtic was supposed to do something…but Celtic did not finish them…in the end…Mak Tiri have to complete it…meaning that Mak Tiri have to do Celtic’s part. And yet Celtic said that Celtic complete everything. This makes Mak Tiri very angry.

(5) Mak Tiri finds Celtic to be very noisy.

(6) Now, after I have joined The Japanese, MT still got keep in touch with Marcus…saying the situation have gotten worst with the arrival of Stephanie & myself. We are like 1 gang and are noisier.

(7) Marcus said that I am working under Celtic is ok, but if I am being influence by Celtic as well…then it will be that I am part of the gang. Marcus told me to learn everything first, wait for the opportunities.

(8) MT is also a very straightforward person. Very direct. If MT doesn’t like you…MT will not talk to you either. You don’t kacau MT, MT won’t kacau you as well.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Social Happiness

FatBoy’s The Burger Bar, Publika – lunch with Marcus & Tommy, my 2 favorite people! OMG, so many updates. I have to break them into several parts…hahaha.

G13 WorkTales:

(1) Shawn will always take care of Ursula.

(2) Jecca cannot stand Nigel, Ursula, Alice, Emerson & Amelia.

(3) Nigel doesn’t do much work.

(4) Same goes with Christy. Talks a lot but never get the work done. Yet stay up so late in the office. Don’t know what Christy is actually doing. But Christy & Nigel are very close now. Tommy expected that Christy will be the first person to leave but Christy still survive until now.

(5) It is confirmed that John Doe has resign because the top management have not confirm John Doe after 6 months.

(6) It is also has been confirmed that Bryan has also resigned. Bryan has been delaying his confirmation because he wants to leave early.

(7) The top management has been delaying the confirmation of John Doe, Kino & Gina. So kesian…you hired them in the first place…meaning you want them mah…and now you don’t want to confirm them pula.

(8) Miguel has given up on The Witch.

(9) Miguel also doesn’t know how to teach The Witch anymore longer. Looks like Miguel & Maximoff really regretted their move but in the first place, they promoted Alice was just to comfort the old G13 people.

(10) According to Marcus, Maximoff likes me, same goes with Miguel. Maximoff actually wants to grow me too.

(11) Tommy mentions that Maximoff is a good boss but a cheapo…hahaha.

(12) There is a cooling off period of 6 months…meaning that anyone who left G13 can only go back to G13 after 6 months.

(13) Emerson wants to hire Baldwin…but apparently Maximoff doesn’t like Baldwin…because during the closing time…Maximoff notices that Baldwin’s face was not too keen in collecting buying income…come on lah, during closing time…which buyer is keen in closing income. Cannot judge like that mah.

(14) Sabrina is keen to come back but she wants to double her salary so got rejected lor.

(15) Maximoff scolded Alice…apparently…during closing time…once, she went down to the store to do operations work, secondly she went home early…leaving her team to do the closing all by themselves. So, Miguel scolded her, Miguel inform Maximoff about it too. Marcus said that Alice is in denial, she is insecure and she doesn’t know how to communicate with her team. Like last time, she have not change a single bit…she calls the team to her room…lecture them…then the emails will come in, the phone rings, people walk in, she will layan them first, show off her power…such time waster.

(16) On Emerson, Emerson loves Ivan…is trying to promote Ivan up. And apparently, Emerson’s other half is back in Hong Kong; leaving Emerson & the kids here. I don’t know…I just remember Michel & Ice used to tell me that Emerson’s other half used to work for The English too, then left, I guess went to Hong Kong to look for a job.

(17) Lionel is sad that Laura have left. However, according to Marcus, Laura has called Emerson 3 times whether Laura can come back to G13 or not. But according to The MFT Director who is closer to Laura than Emerson…that everything is fine at the new workplace. But then again, Emerson has no reason to lie as well.

(18) Miguel is eating lunch alone…no more with Marcus. Marcus suspect that someone might have say something to Miguel…so political over there now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

go green with Kebun – Kebun Bangsar

I really lantak with this Celtic.
Celtic did help me to call the suppliers…ask the suppliers to propose for the CNY 2017 Baking leaflet.
Ask me to listen somemore…I annoyed Celtic by closing my ears and say No…Don’t want.
You have one Wayne who is under-work…you yourself goyang kaki and do your other half’s work. Yet keep on saying that you are stress blah blah...and I do all of the work…like a stupid fool. Complain that MT is not hands on and are not helpful with her team apa kurangnya...on the surface, it looks like you are helping...but in the end...only asking the suppliers...who don't know how to is cheap & free ok...I end up doing all of the work. Am I selfish here? I just want a fair deal.

do good with Project B & Fugee School

I am still angry…since yesterday...well, it has been confirmed that we will be reverting back to the old structure. So, the Baking category will falls back into D31 from the Lifestyle Division. Of course, I have to take it up but I told Celtic that I cannot take up because my plate is already so full. Stewart asks Celtic to help me…my foot, in the end Celtic will throw everything back to me.

God…I have not discuss this with Stewart yet and Stewart have not approach me yet on this matter as well. I scared only this Celtic start to put ideas into Stewart’s head and then Stewart kena influence pula.

Stewart…I humbly ask you to look into my request. A firm no on the baking categories. My plate is really overflowed. Lately, I am already very clutter. You notices that too. I humbly request you to walk the talk on this one…you mention that you have plans to park Zila under me and let her to do a smaller category, please park the baking under her, and to have her to report back to Celtic…I know that I have not contribute much…I have not add much value into the division…a lot of things is also not up to my expectations as well, too much of flaws and poor execution…you have also mention that I need to take on the bigger categories which is Storage, forgive me if I am being selective in what I want to do and what I want to learn. I have not push you on my RM300 because work should not be value in that way…but please. Layout I also haven’t settle yet, the dish drainer category which I want to start is already pending on my table for 5 whole weeks. Categories review which have been completed needs to go back for some fine-tuning. 151 days. Celtic to help me…hahaha, Celtic will throw everything back to me. I finally understand what you meant that Celtic works by giving you face…I am sure you know what Celtic is doing everyday…

God – I don’t meant to backstab my boss, a friend…but lately a bit too much leh…only today see Celtic semangat a bit…being a Division have to be even more hands on than ever.

Spotted: Fatty Boom Boom

Why are you against me?
Celtic jokingly asks me…
Ya mah…it’s a BTS Leaflet…which primarily caters to the primary school going children and the secondary students. Why want to put pillows, towels, bedding into it? It doesn’t gel in with the theme.
So, moving forward…is it the cookware can appear in a bedding catalogue…cookware can also be part of the outdoor catalogue…OMG.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Night With Tomahawk


Of nowhere, of no when
Came a leader with a vision
He was destined to create
And create he did…a nation
He seeks
He leads
He illuminates
He ‘obeys’
He listens
He ‘deceives’
He straighten things that need to be straighten
He defends when the world oppress
As the curtain fall
I gave my last bow
My last salutation
To the man who gave my country land the recognition she deserves

My last poetry…this was for the PM at that point of time…Tun M.



The world holds no meaning to him
Day & night
He spent his life living them
Day…was his bitterness
Surrounded by sinners
Night…his loneliness
Hoping the sun will never rise
He drifts among the souls
With nowhere to go
No place to call home
An empty nest he is
He wish to stop drifting to and fro
To embrace one moment
One full meal
One laughter
The last cigarette
The last drop of whisky
Before he writes the end
To complete his circle

Plan B Kitchen Takeover


In today’s hurried world
I need to feel whole
It’s not a lovely place to be
Because it’s just only me
I fell from the sky
Because I want to reach that ‘high’
It is too much to ask?
Or perhaps I should not ask?
You is all I have
But it’s not enough
I’m not content
For you’re not one of them
I will hide
Awaiting for night
You will find your path…and if you do
Embrace it
I will never forget…in my past life
In your arms…I did find myself in there
This life’s cycle will not stop
You, myself…will not

Experience The New Plan B


There she was
Standing over there
Picture perfect…capturing the right angle
She brings summer
Paints in autumn
Blows winter
Leave in spring
She is beautiful…my rock
Just beautiful…my angel
Ever beautiful…my muse
She is so real…yet untouchable in many ways
Like a myth
Her presences are old & timeless
Yet stood out against time
Wanting to touch her…not her reflection
Wanting to kiss her…not her shadows
Sorrows & despairs she heals
Tears & hatred I washed
She brings the 4 seasons of life

Err…Lynn Lim…Singaporean…one of my marketing lecturer…I wanted to be the teacher’s pet…but she was indeed attractive in a way…ohh…

What’s #YourNewLocal?


Life is unsettle
When you are not around
To kiss my troubles away
Without you here
I have no hand to hold on
I have no shoulder to lean on
I don’t have you here
To see me through
To see me grow.

Between us is a distance
But it is not going to make
Our hearts apart
Nor will it tore our special bond
It is just going to make me to love you even more.

I will come home soon
To be in your arms again
To see you smile
To see you beam with pride
Till then…
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I think I wrote this for Mama Ham :)

Durians, Peaches & Nectarines


I am naked
Hollowness is deep within me
I feel loneliness
I feel pain
Then the wind wrap me with its warmth
Whispering sweet muses to my ears
I feel lifted
I feel joy
I feel the whole world is smiling for me
My soul & spirit has liven up

I think I was inspire to write this when I walking around Kings Park in Perth…when I first arrive in Australia to study. I remembered that it was winter during that time…I was alone; by myself…

Monday, September 12, 2016

did you dough?

This is dedicated to singer Aaliyah…an American singer, dancer, actress, and model. On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah and eight others were killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas after filming the music video. Oh, so this was written in 2001 then…I don’t remember that I was a fan…but her passing sort of inspire me to write this…

An angel have arrive
Innocent as she is
She was the strength, the hope, the faith & the love
For everyone to share
Her voice unites people
Her music triumph the world.

Then gone she goes
She follows the wind that howls
The misty cloud to show her the way
Reaching the steps to heaven to touch God’s hand.

The untimely death
Brings bitter of tears
And sorrow flooded the room
It’s a celebration of life but the angel went too soon.

When she live
She brought music to everyone ears
It please and joy for those who hears
For those who truly knows her
Pray her well
That this is her beginning of a greater life.

May she reborn to a burst of stars
Continue to shine on us
This angel will be badly missed
But she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Airplane Food

A friend like you is hard to find
With your loud voice, I certainly don’t mind
Your blue ‘kancil’
Is not that ‘kecil’
Gives me lift during rainy days
And I don’t even have to pay
A friend that I can count on when days are wet
I am glad that we have met
Today you have gained an added age
Happy Birthday I sing to you
May you grow gracefully
And maintain your inner beauty

CZ! Perodua also don’t manufacture this car model anymore, this model have been phase out and have been replace by the MyVi.

breakfast around the world

In a time like this
How much I miss her kiss
Her handsome face
Have lead me to another life phase
She brought me laughter & joy
Will always remain a special place in my heart
She play a role in my life
Shaping & developing for who I am
She nurture my passion & ambition
I have grown past my childhood to adulthood
Molding my way to life
Time is a barrier to see her
Time is all I have

OMG…I don’t think I wrote this for Mama Ham or Small Ham…who is she…I am using she…her handsome face…OMG…I was already that type during that time?

defying normal

Walking alone in the empty street
My heart ache with despair
Darkness surround me
Feelings cannot be put into words
Blood streaming into my every skin
Boiling & spurting to explode
But yet this volcano remain unerupt
Searching for a place to rest my tired soul
From the trouble that are flooding in
Time change the landscape
With many tales to tell
From joy to death
I alone cannot be expressed
Tears run down on my gentle face
The more I try to control
The more it fell
My instinct were never right
But my faith have always been strong

global bites

Hey, I wrote this for Jneez…one of my closest buddy back in Olympia College…well, as usual…I didn’t play my part well, didn’t manage to keep in touch with her for years…

Janice the name
Menace is your game
Coffee is your cup of tea
Roffe is the one who wrote this.

20 is your age
Hope your future life is well managed
So Happy Birthday ‘little’ one
Hope you have many more to come.

Roffe; Elizabeth Roffe was one of my favorite Sidney Sheldon characters. I think I have one email address that goes like this -

Little was refering to Jneez's email at that think...something along that line...

Really once upon a time...

explore Lorong Kurau

Emptiness in my head
How I wish noise could be made
Loneliness in me
The path of life I couldn’t see
The pain I go through
I feel like a fool
A part of me is hurt
Everything to me is a dirt
I drop and fell
Into the darkness well
I am confused with life
Yet the answers are hard to find

Hahaha…I am still confused with life…nothing changed…

eat the street

The exams was sucks
As all the way I sulk
Questions was hard
I can’t fully answer with all my heart
Guessing was the game
It makes me so ashamed
All weeks of studying
Have not been productivity
Try to regain my touch
But it was tied up to the notch
I used to be smart
Now I’m just losing my marks
Friends were doing better than me
It’s like pouring me with hot tea
Life’s a pitch
Maybe I should get hitch?

Mikey's New York Pizza

Coming out from the dark
Outside the dog bark
I sit on the couch
I seem to lost my touch
I stared at the off TV
It reflects the horrible me
I sat for my exam last week
My knees goes buckling weak
Competitors surround me
They seem to be jubilee free
The exam was tough
Or is it I didn’t try hard enough?

Adoi…I am never the confident kid…I am still am...always thinking that I am never good enough for anything...

depresso: the feeling you get when you’ve run out of coffee

Dark clouds above her
But they shouldn’t be there
Rain pouring in
She ran for shelter in the inn
In her was fear
Then came down the beads of tears
The mistakes she made
That people tend to hate
She should be forgiven
But the chance was not given
Wrong path she have cross
The coin of disgrace have been toss
She pray to Lord Christ
To lead her to her resting peace.

Thunder strike
She realize she have to fight
Yet the damage was deep
And her dignity hardly can be keep
She stand up
Take one step out
Whether the next move is good
Or turns back to the mood
She vow to make life new
Can she succeed a few?

fly me away to San Sebastian

I used to write poetries…I think I wrote the most between the year of 2002 and 2003…OMG, that is almost 14 years back. My Muse was still functioning properly at that time…now, sudah tak berfungsi…hahaha…the following post will be some of my writings collections.

Communication is the key
But it does not happen to me
Transformation happens here and there
But its leading me nowhere
A sting on my part
And I can’t tear it apart
Enemy of mine at the front
And I’m fighting it till dawn
Battle up and there
Will I be won or be fond?

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Met up with Tommy & Zurick yesterday.
Lunch at TGIF…with Tommy around, not much choices because Tommy eats halal food, no pork…no nemo…both Tommy & Zurick needs their beer, they got to smoke…then we had our second sessions at Malones; an Irish Restaurant and Bar.

(1) Tommy babysits Miguel’s pet dog…meaning that the both of them do meet up and catch up. Now it makes a lot of sense…they both talks. Frequently too.

(2) Tommy mentions that Miguel has a boyfriend. 6 months in town, 6 months not in town.

(3) The day that Maximoff & Miguel hire Nixon…apparently, the whole office in G13 thinks that there is a plan to remove Alice with Nixon. It’s not an open secret anymore. Tommy thinks that G13 match back to Nixon’s previous basic salary as per The English, only no allowances. Apparently, The English provide lots of allowances for their staff. No wonder…when I met Pietro the other day…Pietro mention that Nixon is also a SCM. Alice dare not bully Nixon and Pietro now. Her target is Bryan.

(4) Miguel commented to Tommy that Pietro have improve a lot. That’s good news. You see, that is what I love about The English one – to – one session; coaching & mentoring which is so important in a buyer’s development. I don't get that here with The Japanese.

(5) Zurick find Alice to be very fake, empty shell…I am actually quite surprise because after 1 year…with Miguel’s coaching…by right, there should be some improvement. Pietro mention that the other day, during their team’s meeting with Miguel…Alice still bring in the wrong data to the meeting. Tommy feels that it is too late. Zurick felt that Alice does not know what Maximoff & Miguel wants, Alice doesn’t know anything, it’s either she refuse to learn or slow to learn. But the both of them pity Alice. I pity her too. We agree that she is good as a person but not as a boss. When you go a level up…it’s about seeing the bigger picture, inspire your team, motivate your team, finding solutions together, helping each other. But Alice doesn’t see that.

(6) Zurick was wondering whether Zurick should help Alice or not. I hope Alice still has a job in G13. Yes, do promote Nixon up, but at least let Alice have her job because she have 3 school going children, her eldest daughter is in college and I heard that her husband doesn’t earn much. Stewart did mention previously that Alice wears the pants in the house.

(7) Tommy felt that Miguel makes a mistake by promoting Alice. Too fast and no proper training whatsoever. Now, everything is just too late.

(8) Tommy will side Amelia anytime compare to Emerson.

(9) Tommy asks me why Ursula is still so ambitious. These days, Tommy just wants to have a good night sleep and a clear conscious.

(10) Zurick also find Bryan not a very good stationery buyer. Zurick complain to Miguel about Bryan & Alice. Hahaha…Bryan still wants to leave because of the stress that Alice gives him and Bryan thinks that being a supplier, the role is more suitable for him.

(11) Tommy thinks that I still have a pretty solid reputation in the market. But not for Celtic, Celtic’s reputation is bad due to favoritism but not yet on the integrity part.

(12) Tommy’s advice…is not about finding the balance between what Celtic’s want or Stewart’s want…but what the customers want. See, look at Tommy’s good advice. Stewart also doesn’t know how to answer me like that. I brought up this issue with Stewart…Stewart only say let Stewart be the bad person.

(13) Zurick thinks that Harriet only knows how to talk and try to make everything seems rosy when it is not.

(14) Nigel & Harriet are close. I bet Nigel will lobby for Harriet to get Bryan’s position.

(15) According to Tommy…which is according to what the market says…Jonas is not progressive, not forward thinking…but Leonardo ok wor…hmm…I think they confuse Leonardo with William, both sharing the similar Chinese name pronunciation.

(16) This is the weird part…when I mention that Emerson wants to hire me to fill up Laura’s portfolio…Tommy wasn’t interested with this piece of news…I also told them that I ask Emerson to approach Baldwin. And Tommy immediately WatsApp Baldwin and see whether Baldwin wants to join The English or not.

(17) Tommy doesn’t understand why Baldwin left G13 because Baldwin was not the people in the list to be gotten rid of…Baldwin can do work…but not ready for the upper level yet.

(18) Tommy have plans...may leave this country...

Luton's Hayward Tyler Factory

Zurick – well, we do get along…we are somewhat close…we do get a bit touchy touchy at times…but…I don’t know…I am more confuse than ever…I am 34…I am still not married with children…I think if I have kids, they will be pretty & cute as I think I have pretty good DNA…hahaha…my life is…I’m back and forth all the time…my feet…sometimes is in the air…sometimes they are on the ground…I kind of trying to fit in my relationships and dating while managing a career & finances which is really difficult to do…and I am also lost touch with Andrew…between MT & Zurick…I think I pick Zurick anytime…I don’t know…I imagining things and I am more confuse than ever…I am saying that for the second time now...but one thing for sure…he or she got to be my best friend, my role model, we want to better each other in every way, my travel companion, my most reliable source of light, my fortitude, my most trusted confidante, in short…is my person. I think Zurick feels the same way too though…

Start Afresh

His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your FAITHFULNESS!

This is interesting.

At The Japanese – in the Small Appliance Team, 5 buyers left but Captain Johnson is only allow to hire 1. Stewart has to omit either 1 Division Manager or 2 Category Managers. Stewart mentions that Stewart will park Zila under me. My ideal scenario was to have Celtic remain where Celtic is…Jonas to take up Mrs. Simon’s portfolio…I am to be park under MT…no promotion for me…MT will do MT’s current categories plus Jonas’s portfolio. My ideal categories will be Stationery, Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism and Boys Toys.

Ok…now, the Japanese Top Management wants to revert back to the old structure. So, will Zila be still be park under me? No offence Stewart…talk is cheap…you are not like Ursula or Tommy who walks the talk…if they are going to revert back to the old structure…that means I have to do the Baking category. Sigh…lagi banyak kerja…I thought my work on the categories reviews & the planograms are almost done…well…my ideal scenario is still removing Jonas from Team Baz…Mrs. Simon’s portfolio goes back to Celtic…MT takes over Jonas’s role and I will be park under MT…hahaha…

I also met up with Tommy & Zurick yesterday.
Tommy asks me to join Tommy at The English. Go and work, learn & earn. Just for one year. The English is really a good retail training ground. Newcomers will most likely spend half of the year in training.

Then over in G13 – Zurick updated us…it seems that John Doe is leaving…so there is a vacancy in the HouseHold Plastic Department…Bryan is also leaving…so there is a vacancy in the Stationery Department…so, I shall wait for Maximoff, Miguel or Emerson to call me? Hahaha…

God – THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, YOUR GOODNESS, YOUR FAITHFULNESS, YOUR FAVORABILITY – I landed where I am today because of You. You played a role in my life. You know me by name, You engrave my name in Your palm, You go the distance to save a soul, You remember Your promises, You will raise me up when the time comes!

Bean Brothers

Liverpool marked the opening of their new Main Stand with a comprehensive 4 - 1 victory over Premier League title holders Leicester City at Anfield. Woo Hoo :)

the HUB

On last week Friday…Stephanie, Stewart & I had lunch together. Then, we walk over to Subang Parade and got our comfort drink - Starbucks. Except for Stewart who went about to run some chores. So, on the way back to the office (minus Stewart), behind Stephanie & myself was MT and her lunch buddy…so, I am not doing anything…just being normal. Then, I stop by at one of the workstation in the office to have a brief chat with Adik…also coincidence that MT walks in…then, I walk towards my workstation, so is MT…I was drinking my Starbucks, straw in my mouth…MT was walking past me, look at me and smile! And that smile…was the best smile from her ever…like it was the best shot ever when you photograph something…am I…? MT is actually married…no kids…a very successful & rich partner who is in the advertising & events industry.

Is it possible…could it be…to fall in love with a character, a personality…and whether it was fortunately or unfortunately that it was the same sex? And how can it be possible for me to have a gender crisis at this age?