Thursday, August 16, 2018

A day in choir

Wah, this Mr. Horton’s Secretary is semakin berani betul…Marcus email Mr. Horton’s Secretary to run the Leaflet PWP sales results…cc me in…so usually, in such a situation, this Mr. Horton’s Secretary (whether she likes it or not) she will have to loop me in as well…but this time around…Mr. Horton’s Secretary bypass me…then, when Marcus shares out the deck to everyone…and from there; I saw the sales results in one of the presentation slides…celaka betul…ok lor…if like that, I also can follow in Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s footsteps as well…I will also bypass her…usually when I’m being cc in…I will get the email copy but this time around got bypass pula…ok, she started this first…hahaha…

Reason To Sing

Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things.

The Psalmist points out two wonderful reasons to joyfully praise God in song and in attitude – His saving work in our lives and His ongoing faithfulness toward us.

Lord, You have done great things in my life.

Just A Second

How fleeting my life is.
Don’t just spend time – Invest It.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Princess Dowager Wilhelmina of Orange

What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim? - that's the title to a Korean drama which I was addicted to and following faithfully over the weekend...I'm not a big fan of the Korean drama series, still not now...but I have to say that this romance - comedy drama was funny, witty and certainly entertaining...revolves around the narcissistic Vice Chairman of a major corporation, Lee Young-joon, and his highly capable secretary, Kim Mi-so. Problems or romance arise when she announces that she will resign from her position, after working for Lee Young-joon for nine years. He later on develops strong feelings towards Mi-so after realizing that he might lose her. While she soon reciprocates Young-joon's feelings after realizing that he was a part of her childhood. Their past childhood stories and present romance was interwoven together very nicely indeed. The supporting cast was also a bunch of lovable people as well. It is indeed a very good watch plus the lead Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young have great on air chemistry and pretty good looking to watch too.

Dowager Hereditary Princess Louise of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Liverpool 4 - 0 West Ham
First game of the new season...
Woo Hoo...
Hahaha...cannot be happy too early...otherwise, all will go wrong (touch wood).

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Fabiola de Mora y Aragón

So, the OOS report is out…Uncle Andy suggested to bring it into the S&M meeting – just to reinforce that both Merchants & Supply Chain are crap…I also agree that the report will be value-added…however, I really have no idea on how to present it and jive into my presentation slides…so, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…that you put Marcus into the picture…Marcus notice that there were several complaints from the customer on the shortages from the FaceBook…so this insights will jive in perfectly with the OOS report…

And this Mr. Horton’s Secretary…lazy & selfish! She knows how to run the OOS report…probably lazy and don’t want to do it…and I suspect the story line goes like this…Uncle Andy ask Mr. Horton’s Secretary to run the report…she didn’t want to do the extra work…so she must have asked Uncle Andy to ask me to do it…and when I mention that I also don’t know how to run the report…Uncle Andy ask me to go and ask Tess (from I.T)…Mr. Horton’s Secretary kept quiet all this while.

And when I was on leave yesterday…Mr. Horton’s Secretary and her true colors come out in full blast…Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s observation (Marcus puji her lah)…she came out with the report + graph + commentary…she is smart…the chart shows the trending of the stock holding & stock ordering…identified that Supply Chain may have place the PO too late which cause late arrival & merchants have to prepare for the exit plan…no wonder that day, Mr. Horton’s Secretary was not to keen to learn or show any interest on how to run the OOS report because she already knew it in the first place and she didn’t bother or have no intention to teach me either…otherwise, her pattern is that she will want to kepo with everything…

So now, with her report…does that mean that she want to have a slot in the next S&M meeting as well…because usually it will be Marcus & myself who talk only…she is tenggelam behind the scene…once in a while, she will butt in, now Mr. Horton’s Secretary is finding the opportunity to surface balik up is it…sigh…yes I know…I should see her as a teacher not as an enemy…as a matter of fact…I learn more from her than from Marcus…but this teacher is not like Ursula, Stewart or Tommy…Mr. Horton’s Secretary will back stab…macam gaya Alice…adoi

Marie José of Belgium

This Mr. Horton’s Secretary pun ada sikit Celtic’s punya bayang…Mr. Horton’s Secretary was telling Samuel & myself that it was her idea of doing a full page Fresh Press Ad on Friday…ye ke…I thought it was Rodrigo who push us to do it…and it was Rodrigo who design that format out…if I am not mistaken - Mr. Horton’s Secretary only email keluar the contents…hahaha…

Charles of Flanders Prince Regent

I know that when you are sitting in the middle…it’s much easier to turn to your right; instead of to your left…Marcus sits in between Mr. Horton’s Secretary and myself…so anything Marcus will bincang or highlight to Mr. Horton’s Secretary…I am the last resort…but hor…when it comes to clicking the mouse for other people presentation (during the weekly S&M meeting) or writing down the minutes…why I always kena one…adoi

Elisabeth of Bavaria

Hahaha…Mr. Horton’s Secretary really tak boleh pakai…also not a true friend to Uncle Andy…this morning, I overheard Mr. Horton’s Secretary giving the heads up to Marcus regarding Uncle Andy’s plan to delegate the Weekly Competitor Review to us to do…she also cannot be trusted, she also have self-interest and is also selfish…

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Uncle Andy is indeed very ambitious; surely wants to upstage Christopher…Nielsen presentation also want to revamp…yes, make it short & simple…now the presentation is too lengthy…most important, just update…in that particular month…which retailer won, in which category etc…all the details…all the nitty gritty part…everyone can read from the deck…