Saturday, January 20, 2018

North, Saint & Chi

In the S&M meeting, when I presented the Big Bets comparison with the competitors, The Supply Chain Director also said that it was a good reporting, to gage when the competitors have advertised, their frequency, their pricing strategies etc…getting a good word from The Supply Chain Director also carries a lot of weight…hahaha…this Supply Chain Director is actually from Unilever, his reporting is also very canggih one…for him; G13’s data format is not the final format…it’s just raw data to him, then he will take all of these reports and build a new one…so, when he nodded that it was good, then it must be good…hahaha…

Lucky, I did the report…in the S&M meeting…this Mr. Horton’s Secretary also took the opportunity to mencelah masuk…present the CNY leaflet sales results lor and the flat price format participation…luckily I also have something to add value during the meeting…whew…

Lord & Taylor Prom Fashion Show

Remember to share your file for Big Bets comparison with competitors to everyone in the sales meeting.
That was really a good job on the tracking, thank you!


Ini baru betulini baru kerja…just a small initiative from my side…but I’m just overly impressed with The English’s CNY strategies…I’m wondering…their Marketing leads the Merchandising…or the Merchandising leads the Marketing…


Sörenstam: Btw how many members Aeon have today? Est?

Marcus: J___ do u have any info?

Me: Last data update as on Oct 2017. Total members +/- 2.5 million members. Active users btw 500k to 650k.

Sörenstam: Tx J___. Very good.

It’s nice to get praises from the big boss…but of course…I much more prefer praises that derived from harder, more value-added kind of work than this…hahaha...


Stephanie: Subang relaunch tomorrow. Wan die. I think bazaar even worst. Last minuets change. Haizz. Speechless.

Me: No worries. Celtic will get supp to b there and help.

Stephanie: Celtic on leave o. I heard from Stewart. Celtic go help pig head at Thailand with his biz.

Stephanie: But Stewart abit upset. Coz Celtic on leave. Haizz. Dunno la.

Baru beginning of the year, Celtic already take leave. The old Celtic I know is not like that at all...only take at the end of the year. Celtic have changed. See…this Celtic…I am not surprise if 90% of Celtic’s time & effort now is being invested in Celtic’s own private business than office work…probably doing very well financially too…this is not the first time already…when there is action, Celtic will terus hilang…abandon the team & left them to do all of the hard work...Celtic pula goyang kaki...I feel a little bit guilty that I am not with Stewart, Wayne & Zila at this point of time…I am not by their side…but then again, Stewart is the one who approves Celtic’s leave as well…hahaha…it’s their battle now I guess, no longer mine…if Stewart is smart, by now...Stewart (by right) could have figure out on why I left...of course; Marcus's offer is also irresistible as well...Celtic is a bit too much...I hope Stewart's eyes would have already open bigger by now...Celtic is not that great at all, Celtic only know how to control the Plastic Suppliers and Celtic do not add value to the team at all...

Dimitri Alexander Hamlin

The other day, Marcus shared with me that Baldwin has come up to G13 twice for interview…this time is for the SoftWare Department…came up twice, looks & sound promising that Baldwin will be back to G13…after Baldwin left G13…Baldwin have secure employment at Pamica (a furniture supplier) and Segi, but none last long…I have also mention in my previous blog that Maximoff wanted to hire Baldwin back…however, somehow G13’s HR put a barrier to it…likely due to some comments that Baldwin have mention during the exit interview…well, since the HR Director also left, looks like we will welcome Baldwin back pretty soon…

Monday, January 15, 2018

God’s Doing Something New

During difficulties we often choose to complain and ask – Why? Or wonder – Why Me?

I’ve got my own list of things I could worry about, Lord. Change my thinking.

Stepping Into Strength

Sometimes our prayers are answered differently than our asking, but God is faithful come what may. Our Good Shepherd will direct our paths and keeps us in His mercy, strength and love. May we declare our dependence on Him.

Give It To God

When we’re faced with a situation that brings anxiety, fear or a deep awareness that getting through it will require more than what we have, let’s follow in Hezekiah’s footsteps and run straight to the Lord. Like him, we too, can lay our problem before God and trust Him to guide our steps and calm our uneasy hearts.

God is our greatest help in times of distress.


Liverpool 4 – 3 Manchester City!

Liverpool deserve all of the plaudits for ending Manchester City’s unbeaten run and there were stand-out performances throughout the team.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


My Source & Mr. Horton’s Secretary; recently commented that this Uncle Andy is actually a very smart chap but it is his character that will not leads him very far in G13…because…he is very selective with his choice of work…he is lucky that he still can choose to work on which projects that he wants to, but not many of us are lucky as him…he will not work on anything that he feels is very stupid, he will not get involved in anything if he feels the tasks is beneath him…anything that is menial, he will brush it off aside…people does notices…