Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's In the Attitude

Attitude. Perspective. As the saying goes - Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it.

We are each on our own journey of learning to trust God with hard circumstances.

Lord, please change my attitude about hard times.
Bring about Joy, Perseverance & Maturity in me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Windsor Greys Tyrone, Storm, Sir Basil and Milford Haven


I already said earlier…that I do not need any praises…I do not need to hear Well Done or Good Job or Great Presentation…

I just want to present what it needs to be presented…I want to add value during the meeting and most importantly how a Trade Planning's Sales & Marketing meeting should function…

This is also what Uncle Andy, Marcus, Samuel, Mr. Horton’s Secretary & myself have brainstorm before – the revamp of the Sales & Marketing meeting…but after the brainstorming session, nothing, if nothing happen...then I have to start to make something happen...I don’t care if the Merchants was busy looking at their laptops, I don’t care if the Supply Chain team were ignoring it, I don’t care if the Ops Team are not paying attention to it…and yes, I may have missed out on some points here and there…but at least I did it, I make the first move, I can improvise on it in the next meeting, I will come out with better commentaries…

Today, slides have the total G13 business numbers; versus budget…versus last year by day…I went on to explain that last week was the start of Ramadhan & the announcement that GST will be zerorized effective on 1st June. As Ramadhan falls on last week Thursday, there was a positive sales trend on Tuesday & Wednesday as customers are starting to buy for their buka puasa and sahur pagi stocks…Ramadhan eve have the biggest growth of double digit…this is the numbers that we need to present in the meeting…where are the gaps and how to narrow the gap…

Yes God, we did it!

Giles and Hugo

I disagree with Marcus…yes, it’s good to have directions from Sörenstam but if Sörenstam cannot give us one…then we have to lead and drive the business by ourselves, we cannot just be sitting around until the cow comes home…where are the urgencies? The priorities? Or maybe Uncle Andy was right...maybe what we are currently doing, Marcus thinks they are a priorities but they are not, they are not even value added tasks...adoi...

Point de Vue

If I am reading this right…I have to go and drive Marcus and Marcus have to pula go and drive Sörenstam…this is no longer a top down approach…hahaha...

Monday, May 21, 2018

Promises, Promises

Lord, thank You so much for Your Great & Precious Promises!

Motrice Foundation


I don’t know jadi or not…but also didn’t see or hear and rejection yet…so I syok sendiri dulu lah…hahaha…

What happen was, today...when Sörenstam came over to our workstation; asking Marcus on this weekend Press Ad planning…I put in my inputs that the GMS Press Ad should appear on this Thursday (advertised it earlier) because it’s Government Pay Day. Furthermore, as this GMS Press Ad will be GST free, let’s go first to lead the market…because last week our competitors only giving out 6% discount on selected Appliances…so let’s be the first in the market (for once) on GMS related item (non Appliance) in absorbing the GST…

Willow Pelly

Err…I think I have offended Marcus many times on last week Friday…lantak lah...this is the truth anyway...I think Marcus; when being a SCM, Marcus have the direction and knows how to lead a team…but now in the Trade Planning Department, Marcus just can’t…I don’t know Marcus is waiting for what…or maybe Marcus also have no direction…then we got sounded by the big boss somemore…already Uncle Andy label us as Party Planner & People Pleaser, now the CEO call us Mailbox…whatever the Merchants team sumbat unto us, we just take…we don’t drive Trade…we do not have the wittiness and sensibilities of the business…and what is also funny today… Sörenstam came over to our workstation and ask what Marcus has prepared for this weekend Press Ad which Marcus admitted that Marcus didn’t prepare anything at all…adoi

Claud Timothy

Somehow, this Mr. Horton’s Secretary was asked to attend the first round of the GST meeting…GST in Malaysia will be zerorized effective on 1st June…then on the second round of meeting…Mr. Horton’s Secretary got ajak me to attend…ok lah, lucky she got ajak…otherwise she is indeed a telur busuk…hahaha…ya mah…Mike’s HouseBrand meeting I also ajak her to come along, she was not invited and yet she shine & level up by preparing the meeting minutes…but for this GST meeting, I also didn’t attend…since Marcus & Mr. Horton’s Secretary are already attending…let’s be more productive…you certainly don’t need a 3rd Trade Planner to go into the room to warm the chair…I undur diri for this…

Lady Acony Lambton

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lord Alexander and Lord Oliver

Whereas for Mr. Horton’s Secretary pula…she is currently working with Rodrigo on a dedicated 1 full page Press Ad for Fresh…she took the initiative and email to Sörenstam and Sörenstam pula jawabNot Clear…then this Uncle Andy commented that Mr. Horton’s Secretary on why being so kepo…let the Merchants lead…and of course Mr. Horton’s Secretary terasa lor…the boss answer not clear wor…not clear in terms on what Mr. Horton’s Secretary is trying to convey…so Mr. Horton’s Secretary told me that she at times tak berani to voice up is because of this…sigh…as for me, I will continue to voice up…I also notice that Marcus cannot lead…Uncle Andy & Mr. Horton’s Secretary just outsource everything…so I will have to lead…I will have to carve out my role…cannot be so kan cheong…soak up the time, find the opportunity and attack…thank God for always by my side…I need to do value-added work but I also know that there is a reason on why I am currently still doing the non-value-added work as it, now have to wait for the birth of the Event Plan which is being breakdown by Category...then the Merchants to park in their Buying Plan, Strategies, Tactics etc by sku...then Trade Plan can start to drive Trade...