Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Ok…finally, bump into Maximoff…say Hi…we greeted each other…shake hands with each other…Maximoff said welcome back…ok, now I need to go all out and socialize more…so that I can get things done more easily…hahaha…

He Understands & Cares

Whatever situation we face, Jesus understands and cares. And He will carry us through.

Lord, we give thanks for Your knowledge of our circumstances and Your care for us. Today we want to walk with You and honor You in all we do.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blackberry Caramel Blondies

This afternoon…G13 make an announcement…store re-structuring…meaning that there will be layoffs…this is only the tip of the ice berg…will involve the HQ people pretty soon…and I am a newbie! :(

It’s good that this announcement will create a sense of urgency…people will start want to perform…however, on the other hand...there will be more drama…people will be more defensive…protecting themselves…protecting their rice bowl…

There is movement…God is moving people and circumstances in G13 right now…the process of me leaving The Japanese and coming back to G13…the healing of my face (yes, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…I am Healed)…the timing of getting this job…the templates, the words, the characters…let’s wait and see what God does..

watch the cute video

Zurick :) came up to the G13 office last week…passed me back the RM25 that Tommy hutang me previously…making plans to meet up with Tommy soon…

the second wife of George Orwell

Ohhh…rupa-rupanya…this Mr. Horton’s Secretary is the one who encourage Marcus to head the Trade Plan Department…Marcus was already busy with FOM…however after FOM, a question mark will linger on Marcus…what’s next for Marcus…Marcus is actually under Maximoff’s headcount…Marcus can take up Emerson’s portfolio…it is still vacant until today…but with Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s encouragement, Marcus went and meet up with Sörenstam…had a discussion together…and viola, Marcus is in Trade Plan…Maximoff also okay wor, with this kind of arrangement…hmm; that means Marcus is also not part of Maximoff’s plan…then what about me leh… Mr. Horton’s Secretary got play a role in it or not…or did Marcus got actually thought of me or not…this Mr. Horton’s Secretary…must also be careful a bit…the mastermind…very dangerous; work behind the scene…

Mrs Orwell

Liverpool 3 – 3 Watford…
As usual lah…want to win already one…then, last minute the opponent sempat to sumbat masuk one…

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Taking Calculated Risks

What is the worst that can happen?
I was afraid that I would:
Make a fool of myself.
Be asked questions I didn’t know how to answer.
Be kicked out from the office.
Be embarrassed.
Be told that I was wasting everyone’s time.

What is the likelihood of this happening?
Be realistic. The fear may distort your objectivity. Often you will find the likelihood to be small.

If this did happen, could I live with the outcome?
If yes, go for it. If no, then strategize another plan. I decided yes, I could live with the fact that I will be embarrassed. I wouldn’t enjoy it, it would be uncomfortable and emotionally painful but I could live with it. I would learn from my mistake and not make it again. Did this experience leave me alive? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Extremely. Did I learn from it? Yes, I was better prepared moving forward.

What am I afraid won’t happen?
Sometimes we fear what won’t happen as much as what will happen.

What are the benefits to my not taking the risk?
It’s comfortable at this current comfort zone. No pain.
I don’t have to think much. I can do my job on automated pilot.
I’m making enough money to get by.
If I try something new, I might fail.
I’m at the top of the heap right now.
If I try something now, I could fall on my face.
I’m too old to change.

What are the benefits to my taking this risks?
I would learn new skills.
I will feel better about myself because I’m trying something outside my comfort zone.
I could be wildly successful.

Anything that comes up in your life that will be to your betterment, say Yes to it immediately. Don’t think about how uncomfortable you will be or that you’ve never tried this before or that you don’t think you can do it.

What Is Empathy?

Cognitive Empathy >> just knowing how someone might be feeling and what thoughts might be running through their mind. At the core, this is perspective-taking, where we may not necessarily have sympathy but we are aware of the emotions of others.

Emotional Empathy >> when we can actually tap into and feel what the other is feeling. This is a skill that doctors and nurses would have cultivated during time spent with patients under their care.

Compassionate Empathy >> the most holistic form of empathy. Not only are we aware of how someone may be feeling and attuned to their emotions, but we are also driven to help the person if needed.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Prison Minion

Marcus told me…before I even arrive at G13…this Miguel did ask Marcus in a teasing kind of way – when is your newcomer joining in…without mention my name lah…and of course…Marcus understood the hint and say in August. Marcus continues to add on that it was a new portfolio and it was something that I wanted to do…hahaha...

Marcus is also very funny…before I arrive…my placard name was ready…this placard is suppose to put on the table…this Marcus take it down first…don’t want to be so high profile wor…hahaha…aiya, I small potato only lah

Then, when I inform Marcus that I was shy in going over to meet the team…Marcus then volunteer want to bring me over there, then changes the mind pula…hahaha…because don’t want people to say that this Marcus is showing off…hahaha…

So Drum

Laptop >> yes, I do not have a desktop…I am actually given a Laptop…whew…stress…the laptop is given to me is because I am expected to lead store walk and chair & lead work group meetings…stress…nonetheless, if God can bring me to it, He will bring me through it…