Friday, September 22, 2017

Ways To Thrive In An Organizational Life

Don’t always run with the pack >> you disappear if you always fall in line. Offer constructive dissent. The key term is constructive. Any fool can poke holes in an idea. It takes forward facing insight to disagree in ways that move the agenda forward. Offer alternative perspectives as long as they support organizational objectives. A great idea that doesn’t move the agenda forward is a wasteful distraction. Avoid coming off as resistant. Focus energy on seizing opportunities, more than solving problems or pointing out fault. Make things better or sit down and be quiet.

Swing you hammer mindfully >> you aren’t worthy to lead if you don’t care about your impact on others. Give voice to your heart in ways that leave the intended impact. Toddlers don’t care how their behaviors affect others. Choose to focus on things you like about people at least 80% of the time. Explain your intentions. Tell people what you’re trying to achieve. Become more transparent with intentions when people use your transparency against you. Stay connected when you feel like pulling away. Evaluate your impact. Check to see if the message they made is the one you sent. Avoid game playing. Choose direct over subtle and honest over manipulative. Turn to the future when addressing issues and solving problems. You’re either oblivious or self-serving if others aren’t part of your operational equation.

Grab the rope & pull with colleagues >> be helpful, as long as it doesn’t distract you from your core responsibilities.

Align with the priorities of leadership >> a great soccer player won’t help the swim team to win. Ask leaders and managers what they’re trying to accomplish. Be sure you know why it matters. Help leaders achieve their objectives, just don’t always run with the pack.

4 Qualities Of Principled Leaders

They are service-orientated >> those striving to be principle-centered see life as a mission, not as a career. Their nurturing sources have armed and prepared them for service. In effect, every morning they ‘yoke up’ and put on the harness of ‘service’, thinking of others.

They radiate positive energy >> cheerful, pleasant, happy, their attitude is optimistic, positive, upbeat. Their spirit is enthusiastic, hopeful, believing.

They are synergistic >> synergy is the state in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Principle-centered people are synergistic. They are change catalysts. They improve almost any situation they get into. They work as smart as they work hard. They are amazingly productive, but in new & creative ways. In team endeavors, they build on their strengths and strive to complement their weaknesses with the strength of others.

They believe in other people >> principle-centered people don’t overreact to negative behaviors, criticism or human weakness. They don’t feel built up when they discover the weaknesses of others. They are not naïve; they are aware of their weakness. But they realize that behavior and potential are two different things. They believe in the unseen potential of all people. They feel grateful for their blessings and feel naturally to compassionately forgive and forget the offences of others. They don’t carry grudges. They refuse to label other people, to stereotype, categorize and prejudge.

What Makes A Good Leader Great

Personal Mastery >> is about being incredibly self-aware and knowing how to leverage one’s strengths and minimize or work on weak spots.

Business Mastery >> is the ability to spot opportunities and connect the dots, and to see the bigger picture. Visionary!

Functional Mastery
>> is about having depth & credibility in specified areas, something which can only be developed with time & effort. Skills!

Leadership Mastery >> is about having particular traits and applying decision-making skills into its usage.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unlighted Paths

The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

After Moses’s death, Joshua inherited leadership of the Israelites and was charged to take God’s chosen people into the Promised Land. Despite his divine commission, Joshua must have felt challenged by the daunting nature of his tasks. God graciously offered Joshua assurance to be with him on the journey ahead.

The road of life often travels through uncharted territory. We voyage through seasons when the path ahead isn’t clearly visible. God’s plan may not always be apparent to us, but He has promised to be with us – always, to the every end of the age. What greater assurance could we hope for, no matter what uncertainty or challenge we might face? Even when the path is unlit, the Light is with us.

Lord, thank You for being near me even when I cannot see You. Please comfort me with Your presence.

God is with us even when we can’t see Him.

…I will power through the Master Calendar project…don’t care if both Uncle Andy & Mr. Horton’s Secretary is very negative about it…don’t care if Marcus is like acuh tak acuh like that…don’t care if there are certain people who is not supportive of it…

Living With Lions

Dear God, give me strength to continue to trust in You when I am discouraged. Help me to experience Your never ending love and stay close to Your side.

Sigh…Marcus; like only want to touch the surface job of Trade Planning…don’t want to go down to the nitty gritty part of it yet… Mr. Horton’s Secretary pula…sigh…don’t want to do more…because she have the expectation that this Trade Planning Department will be dibubarkan soon…and then, what I do; she want to know…and what she do, don’t want to share with me pula…fine…never mind…I will continue to push through…

Monday, September 18, 2017

Marlboro Red Hot Hits: Heat Moves Lalala

Category Management
Education & Training
Analytical, Research, Management
Consultancy & Advisory
Branding, Communication, Marketing, Trade Marketing & Media
…this is what I thought I will be doing in G13’s Trade Planning department…before I join G13 lah

G13 yearly / monthly promo plan
G13 leaflet monitoring (weekly action)
G13 trade plan by category (target) consolidation
G13 promotion assessment / review / ROI
Upscale promotion assessment / review / ROI
…before I join G13, Laura did WatsApp me the organization chart…the above was Mr. Horton’s Secretary ‘s portfolio…

G13 event plan
G13 promotion space allocation
G13 weekly S&M meeting
Communication to Ops
Lead G13 store walk
G13 leaflet brief
…this will be my portfolio…I thought I will be doing Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s portfolio…at that point of time…it was similar to what I thought that I will be doing...I find that Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s portfolio was more significant; I felt that it was what I should be doing…my tasks seems to be very kecil like that…hahaha…however, as this is my second month here…I realize that we are just a seed…The English is like a big tree…so, we need to head into that direction, evolve into that mold…let’s improvise as we move along…

God…I pray to you…please place the Trade Planning department under a very strong leadership…who have the authority & power…please give us the tools to become the tree…who can drive us into that level…let’s grow into a tree…let Marcus, Mr. Horton’s Secretary, Samuel & myself are able to work well together, with trust, with harmony, unitedly. Please ensure that we put the customers & company interest above everything else…

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fred Claus

Liverpool 1 - 1 Burnley
Sigh...balik - balik is the same issue...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Courage >> courage isn’t the absence of fear but the ability to act in spite of fear. Real change happens outside of our comfort zone. So, when you feel fear, rather than to give in to it, move strategically forward in the desired direction.

Radical Responsibility >> stop the blame game. Taking radical responsibility in every situation and taking action towards the world you envision, will drive a proactive mindset of conscious business.

Healthy Anger >> it is needed for you to know what works and doesn’t work in the present moment. For leaders, learning to stay present with anger which denotes something is not okay with you; and then creating an action plan to remedy the problem and establish better working efforts will be a key future skill.

Emotional Intelligence >> need deep emotional awareness and radical empathy skills to behave in a manner that goes beyond self interest.

Sensuousness >> we have been driven by cultural, capitalistic and materialistic forces for a very long time, to the point that we have lost touch with our true nature as human beings. Moving into a state where we experience the world through our senses not only allow for healthy emotional connectedness, but it also means better decisions will be made.

Self-Care >> many of us neglect the care of our physical selves, especially when leading a business or a team. That’s a big mistake. Taking good care of your health is a fundamental skill in building sustainable leadership. Eating a life-enhancing diet and prioritizing regular exercise no matter how crazy your schedule may seem. And don’t neglect sleep – sleep is another foundational physical health skill.

Determination >> being committed to a larger vision helps you handle the hard times and avoid being thrown off by temporary ups and downs. Be a goal digger. Recommit your goal often; daily is preferred and consistently consider how committed you are to reaching this vision. The more committed you are, the likelier your vision will come true.

Vulnerability >> how people who fully embrace vulnerability believe that quality is what makes themselves and others beautiful. Allowing your team to see you as a whole and imperfect person, as well as a role model, will inspire the kind of atmosphere where teams thrive and creativity & innovation flourish.

Risk Tolerance
>> failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Allowing for room to fail is the same as allowing for room to succeed. This seedling space requires creativity, play, trial & error; and thus imperfection.

Playful Curiosity >> seek out potential opportunities and get curious. When conflict arises, approach it from a place of curiosity rather than feeling victimized. First, look inward…how did you cause this situation to happen? Then, look outward and get curious about the other person’s reaction and think about how that person might see the world from a playful attitude. If you can do this, creative solutions will appear in a playful space that is otherwise not available.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Camping Psalms

A God wise enough to create me and the world I live in, is wise enough to watch out for me.

Singing With Violet

Lord, when times are tough, help me to find joy.

Help us to live in the tough times of this world with happiness while looking ahead to something better by far.

When God gives us a new beginning, we find a joy that’s never ending.