Monday, October 23, 2017

Leon Club Sandwich

Liverpool 1 – 4 Tottenham.
Thumped! Really kalah teruk this time around. Sigh…now, can only aim for a top 4 finish; again!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sharing A Cup Of Comfort

We praise You for all You’ve done, are doing and will continue to do to comfort us through our own afflictions.

OMG…my numbers were indeed all wrong! The other day, I only check for the first line, so the number and the formula was correct for the first line…but when I did another round of checking today...for the subsequent second line, third line & the fourth line; the formula was wrong…adoi…so careless of me. It’s ok…at least, I’ve make the discovery, verify it and corrected it…

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Perfect Father

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Faithfulness that I can always count on.

Merchandising & Marketing (Trade Planning)
6 Sigma…Business Analytics…Design Thinking…Process Innovation…Digital…

God, I pray that I will have the opportunities in these areas…

A Hope That God Means Well For Us

The Lord has good intention for His people, for His plan is for their welfare and not to bring harm upon them. The term PLAN carries the meaning of intention, thought, devise, design etc. A plan for one’s welfare provides security and is safe in nature, it means well and is favorable, it carries with it prosperity and health.

We might not understand God’s way of dealing with us but we have to trust His heart. He is a God who has good intentions through His will for us. What He does in the lives of our nation, family and individuals will mean well for us and it is for us to be edified in Him.

This Living Hope Starts With God’s Great Mercy

In our hopeless situation, God looks at us and what does He feel? Many people perceive that God is looking at the mess we have made of our lives and He is thinking – Well, I told you so. You’re a mess and you deserve it. Suffer now. But that is not what the Bible says about God’s sentiment toward us. He is moved with compassion for us. He feels pity for us in our predicament and He moves to do something about it.

Faith Is Putting Our Hope In God

Faith does not put one’s hope on a certain man or circumstance, but in God alone.
Our faith should not waiver when our prayers are unanswered.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Beijing Station

Be passionate about the business you’re going into. Have a good attitude constantly to keep everyone in a positive mode whenever they are working for you. No one likes to work with an angry and negative person.

Always remain humble to maintain a good and respectable relationship with people you come across every day, it is very important to be humble, for you will never know when you will need their help sometime in the future.

Most important of all, be hardworking. The road to success may seem like a difficult journey and hard to navigate, but there is no substitute for hard work and patience. Hard work pays off.

I believe that each and every person goes through different life route.

Even if I know something, I am still willing to learn and listen, for I will not know what gem of advise or teachings I may come across that will help me along the way.

Leon Charged Up

Check the numbers again…

This was what Sörenstam mention…

What happen was…during the weekly S&M meeting…one of the Area Managers pointed out that my percentage number was wrong…Marcus re-calculate it on the spot…err…but somehow…I just felt that my numbers was right. After the meeting, I did the re-check…I still think the numbers are correct…but aiya…I just embarrass myself in front of Marcus, Sörenstam and Mr. Horton’s Secretary…and further reinforce my stupidity & carelessness…have to hustle again and hustle harder.

Leon Dawn

Liverpool 0 – 0 Manchester United


Hiring is freeze mah…so many buyers are leaving G13 right now…this Nigel propose that I go back to buying…I won’t volunteer myself…and I believe God has a plan for me…in Trade Planning…I don’t go through that entire process…just to end up being a buyer again right…