Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Keys to Successful Career Transitions

I am endlessly curious. I love to learn. I can talk…and talk and talk…but I really love listening and learning more.

I do not see failure as fatal. I do not see success as forever. I fail every single day.

I think business is a fascinating puzzle, and I like a good puzzle.

I am an optimist. I ended the day after I was fired (sorry…”reorganized out of a job”) pretty sure that better things was going to come along. And it did.

I’ve developed pretty thick skin. No, I didn’t like being criticized in the press at certain points in my career any more than the next gal, but I think it’s a pretty small price to pay to get to do such interesting things.

I’ve built a strong network over the years. I try to help my connections as much as I can; and in return, they have been generous in helping me each step along the way.

I know what I’m not good at (processes…yuck; legal documents…..shoot me now), and I fill my team in to offset my flat sides….and theirs. It always amazes me how a great person on the team makes magic. As a result, I give the stars all kinds of rope.

I mentor younger professionals. Which means that they reverse mentor me. I am flabbergasted by how many in my age cohort are perfectly satisfied to stay in their knowledge comfort zone.

I recognize that career transitions are increasingly as much about playing defense as offense. The pace of change in business is so great that career transitions will become the norm rather than exception. And the biggest career risk you take may be standing still. So might as well get ahead of it.

And change is fun.

And we are all fortunate that we have been given opportunities that so many others haven’t.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hillberg & Berk

Hahaha…the other day, over lunch…Stewart; all of a sudden make such comments on Celtic…saying that this Celtic is very say pan, only know how to get sales, cannot do what I do, have the know how but cannot do…so, Stewart does realize about it…but failed to acknowledge on Celtic’s laziness which I cannot tahan…hahaha...

Embrace Nature

Hahaha…this is so very bad of me…I make Wayne to swear…cannot share this piece of information with other people…I told Wayne that for all of the budget related matters, it was Stewart who complete the work on behalf of Celtic…then only Wayne commented that sejak dari dulu lagi Celtic tak suka buat paperwork…then, after that…we were suppose to head down to the THO store for another revamping exercise…this Wayne said that Wayne have already finished the work, but malas want to go together with Celtic…hahaha…Celtic was suppose to give us a lift to the store…but as Stewart have a supplier appointment at the Store, and we have not finished with our work Celtic have to drive Stewart there first and cannot wait for us…Celtic was also very impatient about, people do actually know & notice…hahaha…

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Refreshing Spring Rains

How do we relate to God? Do we seek Him mainly in times of trouble, searching for answers in our distress but ignoring Him during our seasons of celebration? Are we like the Israelites, easily swayed by the idols of our age, including such things as busyness, success and influence?

Today, may we recommit ourselves to the Lord, who loves us as surely as the flowers bud in the spring.

Lord Jesus, You gave Yourself that we might be free. Help us to love You wholeheartedly.

Though we may be unfaithful to God, He will never turn from us.

Running & Rest

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your example of prayer alone with Your Father. Give us wisdom and determination to make rest a priority as we follow You. In our life of faith and service, rest is as important as work.

Spilling Through My Fingers

My life feels similar on many days. I find myself scrambling to solve problems, oversee details and control circumstances. No matter how hard I try, my feeble hands are incapable of managing all the pieces and parts. Something invariably slips through my fingers and pools on the floor at my feet, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. No amount of contorting my hands or squeezing my fingers more tightly together makes me able to handle it all.

Yet God can. Isaiah tells us that God can measure the globe’s waters – all the oceans and rivers and rain – in the hollow of His hands. Only His hands are large enough to hold them all. We needn’t try to hold more than the tablespoon He’s designed our hands to carry. When we feel overwhelmed, we can entrust our cares and concerns into His capable hands.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to hold everything in my hands, but instead to trust my needs and concerns into Your perfect care.

We can trust God to handle the things that overwhelm us.

After You

Today, as we face choices of many kinds, we can trust our father to guide us in His way. He has promised to care for us. He will always give us what we need.

Father, Your unfailing love and faithfulness guide us in every choice we make.

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

His Wonderful Face

We pray, but we remain caught up in our own questions and focused on ourselves, forgetting the character of the One we’re praying to. We ask questions without paying attention to the person we’re talking to.

Many of our concerns are best addressed by reminding ourselves of who God is and what He has done. By simply refocusing, we find comfort in what we know of His character; that He is loving, forgiving, sovereign, graceful.

The Psalmist believed we ought to seek God’s face continually. When David appointed leaders for worship and prayer, he encouraged the people to praise God’s character and tell stories of His past faithfulness.

When we turn our eyes toward the beautiful face of God, we can find strength and comfort that sustain us even in the midst of unanswered questions.

A Small Fire

Lord, I can always use help with the way I talk.
For this day, help me to speak words of hope and encouragement to build others.

#TeamBaz…I have 4 more days to go…God, I hope that I can use the remaining days…being a SUNSHINE to everyone in the team, the store team, the suppliers, the support team…to remind them on what life is all about, to pursue their passion & dreams, to start Day 1 & not 1 Day, to work hard, to be kind, to make themselves & the community a better place…

It’s Not Me

G13 Event Plan
G13 Promotion Space Allocation
G13 Weekly S&M Meeting
Communication To Ops
Lead G13 Store Walk
G13 Leaflet Brief
Laura’s WatsApp…the organization chart…I think the above are my job scopes…

God may call us out of our comfort zone, but He does so to develop our unique gifts and personalities to serve His good purposes. We honor His creative nature when we permit Him to use us as we are.

Thank You, Father, for the great individuality You have built into us. Thank You for my personality and for my abilities. Guide me in using them for You.