Sunday, July 31, 2016

His Plans Or Ours?

It’s normal to be disappointed when God’s timing and design for our lives do not match our expectations. When David wanted to build the Lord’s temple, he had the right motives, the leadership ability and the resources. Yet God said he could not undertake the project because he had killed too many people in battle.

David could have shaken his fist at the sky in anger. He could have pouted or plowed ahead with his own plans. But he humbly said – Who am I, Lord God…that You have brought me this far?

David went on to praise God and affirm his devotion to Him. He valued his relationship with God more than his ambition.

Dear Heavenly father, I commit all of my plans to You. My Career, my Self-Development, my 2 Senior Citizens, my Small Ham, my Finances, my Leisure, my Relationship, my Desires and my Ambition.

Thank You for bringing me this far. You mean more to me than anything in the world.

For His Time

My Times are in Your Hands (Psalm 31:15)

In time of trouble say:

First – God brought me here. It is by His will I am in this strait place. In that I will rest.
Next – He will keep me in His love and give me grace in this trial to behave as His child.
Then – He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow.
Last – in His good time He can bring me out again – how and when He knows.
I am here – by God’s appointment, in His keeping, under His training, for His time.

We want the instant solution, the quick fix, but some things cannot be disposed of so readily, they can only be accepted. God will keep us by His love. By His Grace, we can rest in Him.

Dear Lord, it’s hard to endure times of illness and suffering. Comfort me and help me to trust you.

When God permits suffering, He also provides comfort.

Surprised By Grace

Lord, Your Grace is Amazing to me!

I know that my car was not in a very good condition for the past several months. And I was kind of procrastinating it…to bring it over to the car workshop for a check-up and my finances was also pretty tight at that point of time. I also felt that the clutch handling was a bit tight at first. Of course I prayed over it…then the feel of the clutch was back to normal and that was why the car was able to withstand until now. So, yesterday night; upon Papa Ham’s advise…when he sense that there is no more driving power and that the engine was humming kind of loud…I brought it to the car workshop today. As today was a Sunday, there were no spare parts available. So, I asked if it is ok that I bring the car back on next week Saturday. The head mechanic told me no as he was afraid that the car may break down anytime soon and the aftermath will be even more work.

So – THANK YOU GOD…Thank You that your protected the car & myself over the past few months…Thank You that you always ensure that I arrive at my destination safe and sound…Thank You that you always ensure that I reach home in one piece…Thank You that I did not involve in any car accident…Thank You that the car did not break down at unexpected places & at unexpected time…Thank You…Thank You!

Self – Care

Dear Lord…(today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday)…refresh my spirit today.
Help me to bring balance to my life as I juggle my responsibilities.
Thank You for Your love and care.
Don’t try to do everything – take time to refresh your body and spirit.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

11 signs your boss is impressed with you, even if it doesn't seem like it

They give you tough love
Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications and author of “All the Leader You Can Be,” told Business Insider that it can be difficult to figure out whether or not your boss likes you. “A boss who sees you as promising may give you a lot of feedback, not all of it positive — some of it might be 'tough love' because he or she sees you as someone who can handle it and is ready for more responsibility,” she said. Ursula & Tommy :)

They challenge you
If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, then that might not be a terrible thing. “The boss will probably give you more than you feel you can handle at times, not because he or she is trying to punish you, but because they want to test you on tough assignments,” says Bates, who has worked with senior executives as a CEO for 17 years.

They share your priorities
“Ask your boss what his or her top priorities are and put up your hand for challenging assignments,” says Bates. “Give the boss a chance to see you in action, especially on a project important to him or her, so that they can see what you're made of.”

They respect you
At the end of the day, likability is overrated. “Stop worrying so much about whether the boss 'likes you' because what really matters most is whether they respect you, include you, and engage you in important conversations,” Bates says. “Likability is not as important as making a contribution, being a thought partner, and helping the team and the organization thrive.”

They ask for your input
Bruce Tulgan, the founder of RainmakerThinking and author of “It's Okay to Manage Your Boss,” believes that bosses confer more with the employees whom they like and trust. “If the boss often asks your input in one-on-ones and team meetings and leaves plenty of time for you to talk and then responds favorably to what you say — these are good signs,” he said. Yes, Miguel…Miguel always shoosh Alice whenever I talks…hahaha…

They're not always forthcoming with the compliments

You might think that managers shower the employees whom they value with praise, but Bates notes that this isn't always the case. “They either think you already know you're in good standing, they don't want to seem to be favoring you, or they simply just forget because you do so many things well,” she says. Bates recommends that you ask for feedback and make it clear that you want your manager to tell it like it is. Tulgan agrees, saying that workers shouldn't always expect unprompted feedback. “You should always make sure you are getting expectations spelled out in vivid detail and you should be tracking your performance every step of the way,” he says. “Keep score for yourself! Then you won't have to guess.”

They go to you first
Tulgan says that it's promising if your boss seems to use you as a “go to” person. They hit you up first when something needs to be done, whether it's a regular assignment or a special one.

They give you more responsibility
Managers often deputize their most talented employees. You probably won't get a gold-star badge, but you will get put in charge of important projects and even your fellow coworkers.

They defer to you
When other employees are struggling, your manager sends them to you. “If your boss tells others to go to you for guidance or instruction or examples of good work, this is a good sign,” Tulgan says.

They give you important tasks
Tulgan notes that one major sign of trust is your boss specifically asking you to deal with important customers.

They check in with you
Tulgan notes that bosses will go out of their way to check on the workers they like. They'll ask about your happiness, whether or not you're planning to leave, and how the company can keep you on. Your boss isn't interrogating you — they're proactively figuring out what steps they'll need to take to retain you.

31 life skills every functioning adult should master

1. Accepting feedback gracefully
"For most of us it is hard to hear how we made a mistake or could have done something better," writes Quora user Pedram Keyani. "An amazing skill (which you can learn through practice) is to set aside your emotional response in the moment and focus on the information presented to you. Some of it will be valid and some of it invalid but let your brain decide that, not your ego." Depending on what kind of feedback you're receiving, there are different strategies for responding with a cool head. For example, if your boss points out what she thinks is an error and you're not sure she's correct, you can say, "I hadn't thought of that, and I'm going to look into it right away."

2. Apologizing sincerely

To err is human, but to craft a believable apology isn't a universal skill. The apology "needs to be sincere, not qualified, not quantified, and also needs [to] outline how X will not happen again," Keyani says. According to one CEO, there's a six-step strategy for successfully saying you're sorry:
1. Act quickly.
2. Apologize in person.
3. Explain what happened.
4. Show how you are going to avoid the problem in the future.
5. Apologize.
6. Make restitution.
Keyani gives an example of what you might say if you were tardy for an appointment:
I'm sorry I was late for the meeting. It must have been frustrating because you spent a lot of time preparing and got up early. I did a poor job accounting for traffic and didn't give myself enough buffer. That is my bad and I'm going to give myself an extra 10 minutes instead of five moving forward.

3. Managing your time wisely

There will probably never be a time in your life when you aren't juggling multiple personal and professional priorities. Time-management skills are a must, unless you want to feel constantly frazzled. Perhaps the most important time-management lesson is that you should stick with one task at a time. Research suggests that multitasking is generally counterproductive because the brain expends energy as it readjusts its focus from one activity to another. You'd be wise, too, to limit the hours you spend working. Decades ago, Henry Ford discovered that productivity started to decline after employees logged more than 40 hours per week. Other research suggests that, after three weeks, 60-hour workweeks become less productive.

4. Using keyboard shortcuts
"Since most of the work we do nowadays involves computers," says Arpit Jain, "using keyboard shortcuts definitely gives you an edge and saves you a lot of time." Jain posted a list of some of the handiest shortcuts in her Quora answer. For example, simultaneously pressing the "Alt" and "F4" keys when using Microsoft Windows lets you close a selected item or program. Keep the list somewhere close to your computer at work to supercharge your productivity.

5. Saying 'no' respectfully
Many of us fear the word "no" because we don't want to let other people down. But when you're already swamped and your coworker asks you to take an hour to help him with his project report, "Yes, of course" might not be the best answer. "It might sound a cliché, but saying NO when needed can save you lot of time, confusion, guilt, attachment, commitments, stress and other social evils," writes Yogi Raj. There's another Quora thread dedicated to learning how to say "no," where Eva Glasrud writes, "we routinely overestimate the cost of saying 'no.'" According to Glasrud, the best way to muster up the confidence to turn down a request is to recognize that there "are some things you can never have back. Your time, your health, your virtue, your life. Don't mess around with those things. It's fine for people to ask — most likely, in their mind, they're trying to help introduce you to a great person or opportunity or meaningful cause. And it's just as fine for you to say 'no.'"

6. Empathizing with others

A number of Quora users mentioned the importance of learning to empathize with other people — to listen to them and try to see things from their perspective. Psychologists say that empathy is a fundamental part of human interaction. In fact, people who lack the ability to empathize and take an interest in other people are often narcissists.

7. Communicating through body language
"Sometimes your body language tells people everything they need to know before you ever open your mouth," writes Dean Bokhari. Experts have highlighted specific body-language techniques that can make you more likable. For example, don't break eye contact with your conversation partner, even after they've finished speaking. And make sure not to fidget or touch your face too much, which can give the impression that you're lying or anxious. You can also read other people's body language to help figure out what they're thinking and feeling. For example, if they mirror your body language, the conversation is probably going well. If they smile but there are no crinkles around their eyes, they might be faking it.

8. Making friends in any environment
Mayeesha Tahsin says that she thinks of forming relationships as a skill, as opposed to leaving things to chance. That skill is especially important to develop during young adulthood, once you're off the college campus, where it's generally easy to forge close friends. One way to make friends as a grown-up is to trade confidences. Research suggests that "self disclosure" predicts liking, closeness, and relationship-building. Another, surprisingly simple, tactic is to simply spend more time with the people you'd like to befriend. According to the "mere exposure effect," we tend to like things and people we're familiar with.

9. Mending your clothes

A button popped off your shirt at work? There's no need to panic if you're handy with a needle — which you should be. "Learn how to stitch that button to your shirt collar or sew back the tear on your sleeve from the edge of the table," writes Zehra Alvi. "You will save a lot of money by just knowing how to handle that two-centimeter sword."

10. Speaking a second language
Learning a second language "opens up the mind to an entirely new way of thinking," says Noe Villela. You'll notice and appreciate parts of the world you never before experienced. It's also possible that learning a new language can make you smarter — though the jury is still out on this issue. Some studies have found that being bilingual can improve cognitive skills, but more recent research disputes these findings. One of the best ways to learn a new language is through immersion. Get started with this free online tool that replicates the immersion experience.

11. Sticking to a budget
"It's amazing how many people can't do the simplest of things — like balance a checkbook, fill out a tax form, make sure that there's more coming in than going out, [set] aside reserves for contingencies," writes Miles Fidelman. Let's start with "mak[ing] sure that there's more coming in than going out," which is essentially about adhering to a budget. For example, you'll want to anticipate any major costs in the near future — like if you're planning to have a kid or go back to school. It's also wise to set aside an emergency fund with several months' worth of expenses in case the unexpected occurs.

12. Using basic Photoshop
There's no need to call in a professional to touch up the headshot you're posting to your personal website — you can do that yourself, using a few basic Photoshop tools. "In the professional world few things have helped me more than knowing Photoshop," says Brad Sanzenbacher. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here or download the free app for iOS that lets you retouch photos.

13. Spending time alone
As an adult, you should be able to spend a full day alone without going crazy for want of social interaction. Take a tip from Quora user Brad Sanzenbacher, whose partner travels often for grad school: I approach being alone with a very specific list of things that only I want to do. I go to weird museums, see movies that only I want to see, take mini-road trips, or see bands that only I like. If you're planning to live alone, which many Americans do today, you should accept that you will occasionally feel lonely. It's nothing to be ashamed of or upset about, but it might be a signal that you should incorporate some more socializing into your daily schedule.

14. Public speaking
You may not ever be required to perform in a Super Bowl halftime show, but you'll almost certainly be tasked with making presentations at work. For that reason, it's important to hone your public-speaking skills. "[T]he ability to speak confidently to a large mass of people is a skill to be learnt," writes Ramachandra Bhakta. "It makes a lasting impression and brings you to the notice of several people at once." If the mere prospect of walking your coworkers through a PowerPoint gives you nightmares, then there are strategies to quell your fear. One research-backed tactic is to reframe your anxiety as excitement, which can make you seem more competent and persuasive. You can also strike a "power pose" before the presentation — one example is to stand with your legs wide and your hands on your hips to make you feel more like a leader.

15. Negotiating

Several Quora users cited negotiation skills as important for any professional. If you're negotiating your salary — which you should do — the best strategy for getting what you want and still coming off as friendly is to ask for a range including and above your target number. For example, if you're aiming for a $100,000 salary, you'd suggest a $100,000 to $120,000 salary. Another trick is to frame your proposal in terms of what you're giving the other person as opposed to what they're losing. So instead of saying, "I want $10,000 for my car," you'd say, "I'll give you my car for $10,000."

16. Cooking basic meals

You don't need to be Julia Child to sustain yourself or impress fellow guests at a potluck. "Know how to cook at least five dishes," writes Erin Nakano O’Quinn. "These are likely to be dependent upon the culture you live in, but be able to cook at least one vegetarian dish, a breakfast dish, a dish that you can serve to a group of people, a dessert, and a starch. Try to be able to do these without a cookbook, and you can look like a rockstar wherever you go."

17. Making small talk

Conversation skills always come in handy, whether you're chatting up cuties at your local bar or networking at a professional conference. One of the most important rules of making small talk is to demonstrate interest in your conversation partner and let him share information about himself. Another tactic is to flatter your partner, so that she feels better about herself after having spoken to you.

18. Backing up your electronics

Having your phone die or your computer stolen is nerve-wracking enough. Saying goodbye to all your important information with those gadgets is even worse. Be responsible and back up your data. PC World has a comprehensive guide to backing up pretty much everything, including what exactly to back up and how often to do it. And we've rounded up all the tools you'll need.

19. Asking for help
There's nothing shameful about asking for a little advice or assistance, especially at work. In fact, research suggests that soliciting advice can make you look more competent. That's likely because people feel flattered that you turned to them in the first place. If you're looking for general career advice, entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss told Inc., it's best to ask someone who became successful quickly and against the odds, instead of someone with a more conventional story.

20. Picking up a date
Approaching an attractive stranger and starting a conversation is a terrifying prospect for pretty much every normal person. But there are ways to reduce your anxiety and the chance that you'll come across as a bumbling fool. One study found that men tend to prefer direct approaches, like "You're cute — can I buy you a drink?" Women, on the other hand, generally prefer more open-ended questions, like "What do you think of this band?" Very few people in the study said that they preferred standard pick-up lines — so it's best to avoid those, no matter how clever you think you are.

21. Dressing appropriately for a job interview

We're not supposed to judge books by their covers, but it's no secret that hiring managers judge job candidates by their appearances. So avoid wearing too much makeup and definitely don't show up wearing a hat. Instead, you'll want to dress relatively conservatively. Even your shoes should be clean and tidy. The color of your clothes matters, too: According to a CareerBuilder survey, blue and black are the best colors to wear to a job interview, while orange is the worst.

22. Waking up on time
In college, rolling out of bed five minutes before class starts and showing up late because you stopped to get a latte is — sort of — understandable. In the professional world? Not so much. Pull it together and figure out a personal strategy for getting up and out the door on time. It really starts with your nighttime routine, so try doing something relaxing like taking a hot shower or meditating before bed. In the morning, experts generally advise against hitting "snooze" and going back to sleep. Instead, hit the snooze button once and use the time until your alarm goes off again to turn on a lamp and do some light stretching.

23. Giving a good handshake
One poll found that 70% of people don't feel confident in their ability to give a proper handshake. But when you meet your company's CEO for the first time, you don't want to present her with a limp noodle — especially since a weak handshake suggests that you're insecure. The best shaking strategy is to get a good grip, with your elbow nearing a right angle. Be sure to smile and make eye contact as well.

24. Power napping
You've heard it a thousand times: Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. But pressing work deadlines, family obligations, and the siren call of your Facebook News Feed mean that you probably don't get as much sleep as you need. Enter the power nap. It's just 10 minutes long and you sit slightly upright, so that you don't wake up groggy from a deep sleep. This brief rest period can leave you feeling refreshed and alert. Hopefully, you work at an office with nap rooms — if not, you can always head to your car or a vacant conference room.

25. Writing well
Whether you're sending an email to a friend or submitting a project report to your boss, the ability to convey your thoughts in writing is crucial. "Learning to write well involves not just mastery of grammar," says Janis Butevics, "but the development of the ability to organize one's thoughts into a coherent form and target it to an audience in the most effective way possible." If you're hoping to become a better writer, take a tip from Benjamin Franklin, who reportedly taught himself to write well by copying the style of essays published in the English gentleman's magazine The Spectator. Specifically, Franklin would read an essay, summarize it, and then try writing his own version to see if his was better than the original.

26. Driving

Douglas Dea admits that, if you live in a city, you can certainly avail yourself of the public transportation available. "But when you get away from the city, being able to drive and drive well is important," he writes. "The world really opens up for you." If you haven't yet gotten your license, quit relying on friends and family to give you rides and take this crucial step on the path to adulthood. Find out more about driver's education in your state here.

27. Performing CPR
If you know basic CPR, says Tanya Keeter, "you can save the life of your family members, friends and strangers." If you've forgotten what you learned in high-school health class, the American Heart Association website lets you search for online and classroom training sessions in your neighborhood.

28. Defending yourself
It's important to know how you'd handle yourself in a dangerous situation. Mircea Dimian recommends learning Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed for the Israeli army. Dimian calls it "the only worthy defensive art of fighting for those who don't embrace violence." One woman who studied Krav Maga created her own self-defense system for women, the Soteria Method, and some of her techniques involve fighting off an attacker with your high-heel shoes.

29. Managing up
If you want your boss to love you, it's important to figure out what will make them look good to their bosses — and then help them achieve those goals. The term is "managing up," and we learned about it from Dave Kerpen, founder and CEO of Likeable Local. It will make your life and your relationship with your boss a whole lot easier. "Think of managing up as the 'Platinum Rule' for organizations," Kerpen writes in his book, "The Art of People." "Think like your manager and you will reap the benefits of getting your way when you need it most."

30. Memorizing important information
Between the names of new acquaintances you met at a networking event, the items on your grocery list, and the vocabulary words for the foreign language you're trying to learn, you've got a lot to remember on a daily basis. Here's one technique that can help: the method of loci, or "memory palace." The strategy dates back thousands of years, and the US memory champion even recommends it as an easy way to boost your memory capacity. The idea is to associate each item you're trying to remember with a specific image and place. For example, say you're trying to remember the names of all the US presidents. First, pick out furniture in your home, then assign numbers to each piece. Next, create images that incorporate a president's name and a piece of furniture — so for example, if No. 1 is a table, then imagine someone washing the table with soap and water because it sounds like Washington. Finally, practice until you have it perfect. Weird, yes. But effective? You bet.

31. Practicing self-compassion

Beating yourself up over your failures won't get you anywhere. Instead, says Emma Seppala, science director of Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, you should treat yourself as you would treat a colleague or friend who has failed. For example, you might remind yourself that mistakes are normal and that they don't mean you're a bad person. One strategy for practicing self-compassion is to write yourself a comforting letter — again, as though you're writing to a friend. Another strategy is to come up with a self-compassion phrase that you repeat when you're struggling. By caring for yourself the same way you care for other people, Seppala says you'll experience less anxiety and depression and you'll have a better chance of bouncing back from stressful situations.

Baby Steps Da Vinci

Yesterday was the company Raya Makan – Makan session mah…so I was wearing a Baju Kebaya. Earlier on, I pair the Kebaya top with my pants…easier for me to walk mah…then, when the event start at 4pm…I change to the sarong…adoi, so hard to walk. So, after the event finish…I went home with Stephanie…I thought MT have already left…we have to walk up 2 fleet of stairs to the carpark upstairs. Then, both Stephanie & myself saw that MT was behind us. Oh no! Usually, I will just quickly walk up the stairs…but wearing the Kebaya, I know that I can’t walk fast, even if I do, I will surely trip over and will only embarrass myself further. So, I put on a brave face, I tell MT to walk first…but MT was so sweet…MT say it’s ok…just naik your kain and go up together. I told MT that I will be slow. Then, as we walk up together…MT say…see, same pace mah. I didn’t expect MT to response like that. Then, we bid our farewell together.

Earlier on…there was this one time that we go back together as well. I silently walk behind MT…hahaha…and ohh…another incident was during lunch time…MT was walking with her lunch buddies…the ladies were slow lah as all of them was in their heels…I even overheard them comparing their heels height…walk so slow, so finally I found the gap to potong and walk ahead of them…hahaha…

Tuffles The Bear

(1) Henry was very upset the other day.

(2) Henry emailed me what MT have emailed Henry earlier on. Henry wants to top up a RM80K worth of stocks…4 sku only…for a 1 month leaflet…it is returnable…then Henry kena tembak from MT. MT mention that it is not about that…it is about Henry having the courtesy to inform MT before placing the orders as earlier on MT already preempt the team on the high stock value.

(3) Henry commented that MT is too bossy.

(4) I teach Henry…MT is a data person…must attach sell thru report…if leaflet items, where are the stocks going to be display for better customer visibility…if stock value is high, must tell MT buy in purchase is how much, currently returning stock is how much, decote stock is how much. Most importantly, must update Mak Tiri.

(5) Henry said that Tin Min want to find new work…hahaha…

(6) Henry said that MT got no kesian one…heart stone.

Undecided Career Specialist

After our June’s Japanese Dinner outing with Uncle Andy – Andrew call me up. We met up @ Yesterday Café at SS15 Courtyard. I like the new revamp SS15. Previously, the mixture of tenants are not that good. After this re-branding exercise, it is so much nicer now. Yesterday Café is a pretty nice place to hang out and grab a cup of coffee or a decent meal if you’re around Subang Jaya. We share a piece of crème bulee together. Andrew has his coffee while I have a fizzy drink.

Andrew is decent. I think his family background should be similar with mine. Hard working people, working class, close-knit, civilized. His father is a military man. He has a younger brother who just got married recently and a younger sister. Andrew is actually younger than me by a year. The both of us drive manual cars…hahaha…he lives in Setapak, works at Sime Darby (located in Ara Damansara) in the Recovery Department, he likes to move into the Commodity Trading soon…at a personal level…we stop until there…I have not inquire him about his academics background yet. I don't think he have many friends though...just like me...only a selected few who are close. He seems to…was it a hint…he mentions that whatever happens, happens. I guess that there will be no second follow-up after this. Uncle Andy did mention that Andrew is not the initiator type. I mean…the both of us are at a stage when we are not desperate to be dating…we know what we want, we know how to get to our finish line…we are certainly not in a rush of things. I guess the both of us would like to enjoy the process and to take our time. I thought that was the end…mana tahu, he did watsapp me on the weekday and just now; asking me how was my weekend which I haven’t replied him yet. I don’t know. I am also drawn to strong female characters. I don’t think I am bi…I think they are the female characters that I want to be but I cannot be…hahaha…

Baby Steps Shakespeare

Stewart told both Stephanie & myself that Mak Tiri is actually a very misunderstood character.

(1) MT has never complained about both Henry & Tin Min to Stewart. MT always telan only. It is only Henry & Tin Min that thinks that MT got complain them to Stewart.

(2) According to Stewart, MT would like to do things professionally…thus MT only scolds Henry & Tin Min via emails, sms, watsapps. Unless, the issue is too serious, only MT confronts the both of them. According to Stewart, some mistakes that Henry make at times…if we would to do that…Celtic would have yell and scream at us.

(3) Stewart has never worried about MT because MT knows what needs to be done.

(4) Nonetheless, Stewart also admit that at times this MT is also very kwai lan…but Stewart knows how to manage MT.

(5) Stewart said that for our Division's Back Margin…it was MT who holds a small category that is carrying us through every month, contributing the most weight, shouldering the heaviest burden of all.

Baby Steps Van Gogh

Yesterday, the company organized a Raya Makan – Makan session. The Division took many pictures together. Now looking back at them, yes I am not a very photogenic person, like a wanted criminal…hahaha…I have never been camera friendly anyway…but this Mak Tiri…I have to say that she have very beautiful features…if only MT would smiles more, laugh more. MT looks so serious and tense while working. I don’t know…I am kind of drawn to this mysterious character because both Celtic & Henry painted MT with such an evil character and I find MT to be another kind of character. MT didn’t put on any Malaysian traditional wear yesterday. But I do like MT’s style…sometimes it’s heavily rock-inspired chic, minimal, drapey, edgy, quirky yet feminine.

Master Of The Citadel


Super MichaelAngelo

Bump into Zurick at the office the other day. Zurick was in the office to meet up with Harriet. Then, Zurick got complain about Brian…something about have to re-do the planogram again at GHSA…direction from Alice is not clear…then, Harriet said that when Brian was with The English, Brian was only a Management Trainee, thus, Brian is not that experience. Later on, when I watsapp Tommy…Tommy also mention that Zurick have a lot to complain. I think I better arrange a lunch date for the 3 of us fast fast so I can know what is the latest gossips going around…hahaha…

Professional Muse

#NaughtyNuri’s.Again :)
With Celtic & Stephanie.
My belated birthday lunch.


Miss Klein was the first to compliment me. Secondly, was another colleague from the Finance Department.

In March this year, I did a Microneedling Procedure. So, my face was like sunburned like that. Red and rough. Like a red Indian. My ugliest moment in my life. Somemore, to jaga my air muka…I have to tell a white lie to my fellow colleagues…say I was under the sun while jogging hence become like this…yes foolish me.

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results can include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks.

Yes, I feel my skin now not so coarse, it’s pretty clear, the pores shows better improvement and less congested. So, it’s good that people are noticing it.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Old Youth Career Specialist

I was so naughty today. Being childish lah…what else. A bit mengada – ada too…hahaha…Stewart wants me to see one of Stewart’s supplier…Stewart was busy with the Strategy Presentation for next week meeting…so ask me to attend on behalf. This is a Japanese supplier…I very malas want to layan because I find these type of suppliers are like…not adding value to the portfolio but can get their foot into the business because they know who and who…who are the big bosses in the top management rank.

So, this supplier went and see Lee Nee first. Then, it was my turn…Stewart ask Mak Tiri to introduce the supplier to me…I shot it down and say no need, I can do it by myself. I know…I should have take the opportunity to get closer to MT. Hahaha…

Thursday, July 21, 2016


#Dinner @ Dave’s, 1 Utama.
Found another joint that also serves good pork ribs – so, there’s 3 now: Dave’s, Morgan’s Field & Naughty’s Nuri :)
#Miss Klein & Mel Jag.
#Movie: Tarzan.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Projek Berdikari

Today, Stewart says that I am stubborn. I say that I am not stubborn, I am determine. Mrs. Simon laugh and say that Stewart hired me one. Come on people, we cannot be doing the same thing and expecting different results. The Division needs a breakthrough. Certain categories can do family discount, and certain cannot. Why want to compromise on the margin. Just like disposable merchandise. If I have an open house, I need the paper cups and paper plates. I won’t berkira whether Tesco is selling cheaper by a dollar or Giant is more expensive. I need it, I need it lah. Most important is stock availability. Customers only buy certain assortment…mostly the paper cups and paper plates…but why do family discount entirely?

I just can’t fit into the culture, the people mindset here and also this Celtic. If I see from a friend’s perspective, I am ok…if I am looking through an outsider’s perspective, I have many negative comments on Celtic. Not doing any work, not helping with the daily chores, only dispensing instructions, playing games on the phone, not focusing…what the…I really don’t know lah…I will be calm and quiet…let Stewart go and handle Celtic. Stewart is not blind for sure…just compromise because Celtic can control the suppliers and Celtic knows that...knows that Stewart cannot live without Celtic!


Me: Ma’am, r u still using the file?
Mak Tiri: File hang…
Me: Y ur file always like that one…
Mak Tiri: Haha my cpu dunno how many handsssssssss. Trying to shut down power point now.
Me: And I am always the unfortunate one after u.
Mak Tiri: Ok pls try now. Sorry.
Me: Ok, done, u can go in now. No need to apologize, I was just pulling your leg.
Mak Tiri: Ok np.

So, what does this indicates…Celtic always said that Lee Nee is very selfish, just don’t want to do more. But, from the above scenario…Mak Tiri is…humorous, apologetic, compromising…not a menace…like Ursula...a misunderstood character I suppose :)


Emerson: Hey…got cv for me?? Or u?
Me: Ivan got no one to recommend? I can give you my cv.
Emerson: U also don’t want. U ask Baldwin n c.
Me: U ask lah.
Emerson: U send me Baldwin’s number. Pls. Thanks.
Me: Buy me dinner.Hahaha.
Emerson: Hahaha. Sure when free?
Me: Next month lah. After u finish closing.
Emerson: Hahaha…

So, what does this indicates…Emerson urgently needs someone to fill up Laura’s position. Emerson have no more contacts or anymore ideal candidates, thus looking for me.

I WatsApp Marcus on what I just did…but according to Marcus…not sure whether Baldwin wants to come back or not. So, what does this indicates…Marcus already spoken to Baldwin? Baldwin don’t want to come back to G13 or don’t want to be a buyer?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Full Sun

Although we can survive for a while in a less-than ideal conditions, we can’t thrive.
Yes, that is me with The Japanese. I can survive but I cannot thrive.

Now, I am not a very smart person…but at times, I am a small genius…hahaha…
Stewart said that the total Division is short of RM6 million. What can we do to recover them?
RM6 million is quite a huge amount. Planogram improvement is one thing but it cannot generate that much of turnover. Back To School is one of the last event for this year…but still it cannot cover RM6 million.

Anyway, I told Stewart this…we have to present a total picture. Currently, only my categories are doing the pallet operation. We have to get the message…the pallet operation concept across to the customers…I alone cannot do it by myself…we have to sent a direct and clear message to the customers that we have these…just like G13 when they did their Murah Giler…the whole Division contributes…of course the HouseHold department is the main anchor tenant. But collectively, the customers will get the message that this is what G13 have to offer and will start to perceive that their things are cheap even though they may not be cheap. I told Stewart that we should do a pallet operation project or a something similar like G13. Stewart said that luggage cannot do…of course lah luggage cannot do…duh…but other categories can do mah…Stewart have to lock this into the trade plan and get all of the buyers to start their sourcing. But I think Stewart…either don’t have the courage or also in the comfort zone as well.

Stewart also haven’t get my pallet operation SOP done yet as well. We already started with the pallet operation concept…yes, I have to push for the sell thru…but we need to bring in new pallets soon as our customers are routine customers and they will eventually get bored with it…otherwise, we started out with such a strong momentum, then we kaput halfway and cannot move forward pula. We must also reinforce this concept in the customers mind set. We need to present an image to the customers. We have to differentiate ourselves from the competitors.

I still believe that 1 major event, with proper planning may be able to save the day.

therefore, love moderately

WatsApp conversation with Marcus today.

Me: Hola.
Marcus: Dolf resigned.
Me: Y so sudden…I want to ask is it Lionel or Laura resign? Emerson find me…
Marcus: Emerson just told me.
Me: I reject already, I cannot sell baju.
Marcus: Can introduce any one or not…Emerson’s with me now…
Me: Take the English VSS batch lah…Baldwin…haven’t got job yet.
Marcus: Hmm…
Me: Baldwin got ask Celtic & Stewart whether got job in The Japanese or not. Oh, Brian…go and rescue him from the evil queen.
Marcus: U want Emerson to die? From the Evil Queen? Hahaha…let me talk to Baldwin.
Me: Don’t let good talent go off, rescue him if he is good. I think Emerson can manage the evil queen, she only show black face to Emerson, she won’t dare to do anything one. Yes, do talk to Baldwin. So, it’s Lionel or Laura?
Marcus: Laura.

which as they kiss consume

Emerson: Wei…anyone at The Japanese looking for buyer?
Me: Yeah, got people resign.
Emerson: Yup wo. U wanna come back? Anyone?
Me: Come back? Want to but u must be the head of leisureware, homeware first :)
Emerson: Hahaha…u wanna do kidswear?
Me: Ur team got ppl resign? I cannot sell baju lah.
Emerson: Hahaha…can la…the skills r the same ma.
Me: No passion for clothes and don’t follow fashion. So I don’t meet the criteria.
Emerson: Aiyah
Me: Otherwise, I already transfer to ur side lah
Emerson: Hahahaha

That was yesterday WatsApp conversation…today again another set of conversation…

Emerson: Hello…anyone u have to recommend?
Me: Take the English VSS batch lah
Emerson: Hahaha…none le which I want.

…that Emerson remembers me…that Emerson thought of me…here in The Japanese, in the Appliance Division…5 people is leaving…now, one of Emerson’s buyer is also leaving…God is moving something…I shall wait…

die like fire and powder

PUTIEN @ SUBANG COURTYARD - dinner with Michel & Ice…just some good catching up. Both of them told me that if Brian is indeed leaving G13…apparently both Maximoff & Miguel have also started recruiting. They are getting the English people who are recently were affected with the VSS exercise. Aiyo…I am a gone case…but I also told the both of them…with Nixon’s presence…Brian doesn’t have to leave…Alice will dare not do anything…Brian should look look and see see how the situation is like first, no need to make such a harsh decision.

Putien's food origins are from the beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian. These Chinese foods taste different - fresh, light, invigorating. Unpretentious, simple and pure. Not only in taste but also the way they cook and presents. Just not the type where your food is steam or stir-fry…it’s just raw in a nice way.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Small Ham’s treat for me…my belated birthday present.
I think the place, the building itself…during the day time…is the perfect place for taking instagram pictures :)

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

So, I went over to Miguel’s place together with Marcus. We carpool together. Lots to share :)

(1) According to Marcus, Brian is a very smart guy. Brian know how to bodek Alice. Brian may say that he want to resign but Marcus suspect that this Brian is testing water only. Cheh...there goes my opportunity.

(2) Marcus felt that this Emerson is a very strong influencer in Miguel’s life. But Marcus is unsure whether this Emerson is influencing Miguel’s decision making in a good way or in a bad way.

(3) Uncle Andy was right…Marcus not only feel insecure but also insignificant as well; as the Promotion Manager. I told Marcus that it is very good that Maximoff is giving more work for Marcus to do and also to represent the Division. Yes, it is also a sign that Maximoff values and appreciates the old staff. But most importantly, if Marcus can establish the image that the Division = Marcus and Marcus = Division…then both Maximoff & Miguel lagi won’t dare to touch Marcus because Marcus is already recognized by everyone in the office. If they want to touch, they would also think twice in doing so.

(4) Marcus says that this Emerson got kepo many things to Marcus regarding Miguel. Tommy once said before that Emerson also sometimes back stab Miguel in front of Maximoff.

(5) Marcus said that Miguel likes both Baldwin and myself, that is why Miguel ajak us to attend the pot luck lunch.

(6) Alice pula suggests to Miguel to invite Gerrard along too…Gerrard & Alice are kawan baik mah…but Miguel reject the idea because Miguel is not close with Gerrard…hahaha…

(7) Marcus say that Emerson got bocor a few of Miguel’s secret to Marcus but Marcus did not elaborate much because we already reach Miguel’s condo unit at Desa Park City. Adoi, terlepas pula...because Marcus mention that Emerson say that Miguel has a live-in partner, both are not straight.

(8) We did touch on Lee Nee…yeah, Marcus also say that Mak Tiri is very cool, cool until very bergaya. But Marcus say that Mak Tiri actually talks…Mak Tiri is only quiet when Mak Tiri is sad…hmmm…

(9) For Marcus…Fandi was a very sweet, kind hearted, inexperience, raw and not so smart buyer. So Alice manage to bully Fandi. On Fandi’s farewell party, Fandi said this statement out loud in the farewell speech…treat others like how you want others to treat you…Marcus said that Alice’s face was straight away black…Alice terasa…hahaha…

(10) Marcus also mention that previously, The General find Ursula have some communication problem. Maybe that is why The General likes both Marcus & Leonardo and not Ursula. Ursula doesn’t understand what The General wants…but this Ursula’s strong confidence have make it very convincing for herself and to everyone else that there is no problem…hahaha…

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

Yes, in the end…I did went over to Miguel’s pot luck lunch. Car pool with Marcus. Went there empty handed...hahaha...yes, everyone was suppose to bring something...but looking at the list, there is a lot of food already. So, everyone was there. Fandi & Brian did not turn up. Whew…I was a bit nervous if Brian did turn up. When Alice arrives and saw me…she immediately hugs me…err…Miguel’s place is totally nice. The kitchen has the biggest proportion of floor space compare to the other rooms as Miguel loves cooking. The food served was delicious, I chatted with everyone, the familiar faces, of course there are the newbies too which I have not and did not get acquainted with…good vibes all afternoon round :)

Before I join them for lunch, I did inform Stewart about it…knowing that there will be pictures taken and posted on the social media. Also inform Stewart that I did not inform Celtic about it. I didn’t want Celtic to nag and feel jealous about the whole thing. Even though, Celtic was not part of the group...this Celtic can get jealous pretty easily and start spitting fire thereafter. But anyway, I am sure the suppliers will inform Celtic about it. I just make don’t know. Hahaha…

Life, the Universe and Everything

Japanese Dinner @ Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery with Victoria, then Asahi Beer @ Benjy’s :)

Benjy is formally known as Ben & Nick, one of my favorite makan & chillaxing place. The outlet was initially founded by a couple who named it after their two sons; eight years later, the torch is passed to a new generation, as Ben has taken over the restaurant & renamed it Benjy, while preserving his parents' reputation for serving enjoyable Western fare at fair prices. Following their recent modest revamp to freshen the venue, this remains a cosy, welcoming eatery - the ideal neighbourhood destination for comfort food, prepared with plenty of thought & heart to deliver satisfying flavours.

Both Victoria and myself pour everything out together:

(1) Victoria will tender her resignation.

(2) I have told Victoria about the whole situation that I am in with The Japanese, the feeling that I am experiencing, my thoughts on both Stewart & Celtic…well, according to Victoria…it is good that I have such a perspective…I am seeing things differently…I am still very energetic…while the rest of the team have probably...already is out of steam.

(3) I even told Victoria this story: Henry went over to Stewart…obviously Mak Tiri has rejected Henry’s proposal or something like that and Henry is trying to get Stewart’s help on how to overcome it. But in the end, Stewart asks Henry to re-check with Mak Tiri back. By right…ok, I am very sure there are reasons why Lee Nee reject Henry in the first place. But there is also a reason why Henry believes that Henry’s ideas will also work. So, instead of asking Henry to refer back to Mak Tiri…Stewart (by right lah, I felt) should coach or teach Henry on how to negotiate, persuade and influence Mak Tiri. Even though in the end, the decision has already been made by Lee Nee, but at least Henry gets to learn…otherwise how is Henry going to learn, going to improve, getting the confidence and go out to the big wide world to negotiate with the suppliers. Your buyers will not improve, and when your buyers are not will not add value to the business. Stewart needs to teach Henry on how to present the case or the data to the boss. Victoria laughed…saying that Stewart is very tired already.

(4) Ohhh…this is interesting. Mrs. Simon mention before that Mak Tiri goes drinking. Victoria also confirms this. Mak Tiri got ajak Victoria before…go to Zouk somemore…

It was a lovely night, quiet setting for us to have a good chat.

Nurture : Educate : Entertain

Yes, I totally agree :)
My parents always commented me that I am very blur, I am not that smart, I do not have much common sense in me, I am not observant and not aware of my surrounding.
Therefore, my only conclusion is this…God’s Favorability, God’s Love, God’s Faithfulness…is upon me. I cannot explain otherwise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Light In The Unknown

Rupa-rupanya…this Harriet haven’t got her confirmation yet…as usual, I boldly went and ask Stewart…Stewart said that Captain Johnson did not want to confirm Harriet yet…because during the interview between Harriet & Captain Johnson…Harriet said that Harriet can turnaround the Stationery Department in 3 months time. But, today’s scenario the sales is dropping. But Stewart already informs Jonas to proceed the matter with the HR Department and Stewart will then talk it over with Captain Johnson. During the interview, Harriet inform Captain Johnson that Harriet manage to turnaround the Stationery Department at The English side and the results can be seen within 3 months time. I also told Stewart, that the same thing happens to me in G13 but the environment and the culture here with The Japanese is totally a different story altogether. Then, I cheekily say thank you to Stewart…Stewart said that I got my confirmation earlier is because Stewart hire me one…hahaha…and also my categories is showing progress…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD! Hosanna In The Highest!

The Lady & The Lion

Is this call bitching? Or back stabbing? :) I actually went and ask Stewart can I change my seating place…my ear is very red…indicating that this Celtic is very noisy lah…hahaha…Stewart said, then that is so obvious already. I also ask Stewart did Stewart got give any job for Celtic to do…Stewart said, got…do the 2016 contracts but this Celtic is also very slow in doing it. Stewart mention that Celtic will be very busy after this as Celtic have to take over Mrs. Simon’s portfolio. Stewart probably thinks that I am so evil right now, dare to talk behind my boss. Actually, I have a feeling that Stewart also kena brain wash from Celtic already. Sometimes, this Celtic is also very cunning & manipulative…but Celtic have this confidence that makes everything seems all real even though it’s not.

Monday, July 11, 2016

ChildAid Asia

Mak Tiri is betul betul Mak Tiri.
Don’t know where she went for her holidays, once the working hours ended today…Stewart & Celtic already went home, this Mak Tiri start passing something around…I guess it is food, to Jonas…Harriet; I am not so sure as Harriet was not around, William and 2 more other colleagues. And I was sitting at my workstation, making don’t know…like I didn’t see anything like that. What the…hey, all of our previous colleagues who went somewhere for their holidays will buy back souvenirs for all of us. I feel so left out…hahaha…

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

That is Ursula’s Happy Bunch.
Happy Birthday. May you be wrap with the best blessings of the world. From the Cheekiest, Mischievous, Naughtiest and 100% Laziest....

Me: #HappyBirthday. #awesome.always

Ursula: Thank you my dear!!!!!

Me: Out of curiosity…were u in the office on last week Friday?

Ursula: Yes have to do closing. Why u are back to G13 to interview?

Me: Err…did u like receive anything…

Ursula: Heard that Brian want to resign also…not sure it is true!!! But poor Pietro have collect so much money. Ohhh u send me flower

Me: U also don’t want me…I come back for what…

Ursula: I am so touch…I am guessing Maximoff’s secretary arrange that. Thank you so so much

Me: So, u did receive.

Ursula: I showed that to my hubby said it is from my boyfriend. Hehehe. I said I am hoping to get some today from him…thank you so much

Me: U sure didn’t read the message…the clue is there

Ursula: Haha I noticed when u told me this morning. I am so so stress last weekend as still can’t close June number. Yes I recalled as u r the most laziest gal…but smart and energetic person I know. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts.

Very Shakespeare

4th July – is a Monday and also Ursula’s birthday. So, don’t know whether this Ursula got on leave or not…since Tuesday is Raya Eve…Wednesday & Thursday is Raya…and many people will be on leave on Friday…sekali gus mah 1 week holiday…so I decide to deliver a Happy Bunch to Ursula at the office on 1st July…on Friday. I received notification that the Happy Bunch have been delivered…but no WatsApp messages from Ursula leh…nothing on Saturday and on Sunday as well. Did she receive or not…then this Marcus have added me into G13 Division WatsApp chat group…at first it was to update on Miguel’s Pot Luck Lunch, then after that…there was updates on the activities of the Team…Baldwin have excuse Baldwin out already…I am still the only alien in there :)
From the chat group, pictures was posted on Brian & Ursula...cutting a Secret Recipe cake together…hmmm…celebrating July birthday babies kut…but it also indicates that Ursula did come to work wor


Ok, back to G13’s Brian Back Margin stories…sigh…what happen was…in my TTA which I sign with some suppliers…there is a fee for new item code creation…some I charges a fee per sku…some I charges a fee per collection or range. So, for example…if there is a supplier who wants to list in 5 correction tapes…if the agreement is RM100 per sku…then, it will be RM100 x 5 sku…but if it is RM100 per collection, then it will be RM100 x 1 collection. But I guess…this Alice is having not enough money to do the month end closing…so, probably…with Miguel’s blessings and Maximoff’s approval…Brian back date charge the supplier…RM100 per sku per store…so it actually amounts to a lot of money. 1 supplier did call me and enquire me about it. The supplier is trying to appeal because Miguel debate back – by saying what does it mean by collection…so, in the end…I don’t know whether this supplier manage to get their refund or not. According to Paige…the team manages to do very well for their April closing. So well, until kena audit because their back margin collection is higher than their front margin collection.

Marcus updated me that they seem to be very proud in getting this pot of recovery money. Marcus also got share with me…rupa-rupanya, this Maximoff got commented that Marcus is very weak in collecting buying income from the suppliers. What the…you want profits…front margin is the way.

Because of this…I was also very hesitate...whether I should attend Miguel’s pot luck lunch at Miguel’s house or not. Since Miguel & Alice will be there…Miguel have given out such comments…plus I am also scared to bertembung with Brian. Sure very kekok afterward…sigh…

Shakespeare Meets Butoh

This year Puasa 2016 – went out for Berbuka Puasa dinner – twice; with some colleagues :)

One was with Azam @ Pasta Zamai, Empire Subang.

The second one, was with among the Division Team Members @ Nandos, Subang Parade. Henry brought along Amoi…aiyo, she is so cute. So petah bercakap. Henry is correct, Amoi sure will give Lee Nee headache…hahaha…

Friday, July 08, 2016

9 Idiotic Rules That Drive Everyone Insane

In all of my previous companies that I have work in…this Japanese company…OMG is the least conducive to stay late in…in a way, it is also good…I get to go home early.

(1) Restricting internet use. I tak ada :(
(2) Ridiculous requirements for attendance, leave and time off.
(3) Draconian e-mail policies.
(4) Limiting bathroom breaks.
(5) Stealing employee’s frequent flyer miles.
(6) Pathetic attempts at political correctness.
(7) Bell curves and forced rankings of performance.
(8) Banning mobile phones.
(9) Shutting down self-expression (personal items and dress codes). I very naughty…sometimes I just curi-curi wear my blue sneakers to work. And I have my toys on my desks to keep me company while working.
(10) Another thing that I want to add on is the humidity, poor lighting (that day, I just climb on top of my work desk and just turn the 2 fluorescent tubes around so the place will not become too bright that is not healthy for my eye sight) and the air-con that is being cut off 15 minutes earlier.

3 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Boss

Sounds like Celtic and Me :)

(1) Pass on too much work. Like I say lor…Celtic really does nothing at all in the office. Even Stewart acknowledges that and feels that Celtic is doing work because Celtic is giving face to Stewart. Celtic just simply pass them to me…overworking your people, especially the good ones, puts your team performance at risk, it diminishes productivity and makes star performers feel they’re getting punished for being good at what they do. But I know Celtic will feel that I have not been stretch to the maximum yet. Bad bosses easily pass on work because it’s convenient and simply because they can. Good bosses believe otherwise. They take the bullet for the team, serving as the cushion that softens the blow to their people so they can keep on getting the best out of them. Ok lah, here Celtic got do a little bit. Good bosses identify which tasks to prioritize and are brave enough to say no to projects that don’t contribute significantly to the bottom line. This one – Celtic totally don’t have. Only ask me to do the remeh temeh job. Like doing ordering for the store team. The store people can do mah. And Celtic cannot say no to Captain Johnson. Captain Johnson wants us to list in a small gas lighter on top of the bigger one which we have listed in earlier on. Imagine…Captain Johnson; an Assistant General Manager looking into such petty stuff. OMG. Good bosses own the responsibility of serving as a traffic enforcer which is delegating which tasks must be done by who and assigning these tasks strategically based on their people’s strengths. Here, Celtic totally failed. The D31 is not being function to the maximum because of poor delegation of work between Wayne & myself.

(2) Be the know it all. Hahaha…always the case.

(3) Don’t care about personal lives. Here, Celtic is very good. Only disturb when it is necessary.

a corporate woman jewel

5 Nuggets Of Wisdom:

(1) Don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarity.

(2) Take on new challenges. There’s more to gain than to lose.

(3) Fall, but get up again and move on. I told Stewart that I have screwed up this year Hari Raya. I was on board late. So, whatever that the supplier have on the festive items, I just pick it up from there. Thus, for this year Hari Raya, at The Japanese…the festive merchandise such as the canisters, the glass sets, the porcelain sets, water dispensers, serving sets are very limited in terms of assortment. I think The English & Anderson representing G13 did decent enough. I have to start preparing for CNY 2017 now.

(4) Find a role model or a mentor. Lee Nee! Hahaha…

(5) Never lose sight of your goals and purpose. Yes, fix up all of the categories.


People, even more than things, have to be RESTORED, RENEWED, REVIVED, RECLAIMED AND REDEEMED; never throw out anyone - Audrey Hepburn.

2016 - perhaps it is indeed the year of PREPARATION & PROTECTION for me.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Still Taming

Stewart said that Stewart hired me to be a flower pot…meaning as a decorative item only. Cheh…I got do work ok. It’s only that this Celtic never do anything at all. Seriously, Celtic said that Marcus taught Celtic a lot about work delegation…yes, delegation but this Celtic is totally hands off right now. Stewart; I also in the comfort zone already. 12 years altogether. I think Stewart also pening kepala…on how to manage Celtic. Remove Celtic also cannot…Celtic control all of big the suppliers…hmmm…I am really curious…yes, Celtic have the credibility over there…but these suppliers…can they tahan Celtic currently…with that kind of attitude…are the suppliers willing to take the risk…a change of buyer's style…but still can do sales…hmm…

Latin Beauty Rebel Heart

Henry is very scared of Mak Tiri leh…Celtic said that MT is the type of boss who doesn’t care much of her staff…let them drown one wor…but I am of a different opinion though. Despite the cold exterior…I actually thinks that MT cares…she only needs to warm up to the person.

Below is Henry’s keluhan…hahaha…

MT x suka budak2…
Yes…dia ok…but I kn kj mcm robot…sometime I direct email to Stewart coz x mo dia bising…
I prefer mesej Stewart from her…scaryyyyy
Cool if u tgk email mau mati
Jd robot
I ok jer…dah biasa kn scold
Sudah lali…dia guna psyko scold…dia x suka maki2
Dia marah pun email sj…x pun mesej
Learn as much I can…dia good teacher…tp kn bebel dulu baru ajar


Another WatsApp encounter with Mak Tiri…layan me wor :)

Me: Buenos Dias, July marketing pdt list, I want to copy & paste 2 lines only. Thank u.
MT: Morning. I did not open d file. Was since yesterday…u see my name right?
Me: Yes.
MT: Dunno why. I din open…I made a copy. U fill in the copy file I will try to find way to delete the original.
Me: Gracias.
MT: Can open?
Me: Yup. Complete.
MT: I don’t know how to delete that ori. Still my name opening it.
Me: The July list ok already wor.
MT: Ok so I delete it. U saved in the copy right? I called IT just now they say reboot.
Me: Yes.
MT: Ok deleted ori. But the copy someone opening. I can’t rename.
Me: Done rename.

Let’s see…Mak Tiri knows Spanish…must be well read and well versed…not a bad person also lar…the file cannot be open, at least MT did provide solution. I only know that Stewart always trigger Celtic by saying why MT can get certain things done and not Celtic. Hahaha…

Romeo & Juliet Overture

Am I being arrogant here…I don’t think so lor…I just want to contribute…I have…did like what...10 categories – Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism, Live Plants, Live Pets, Furniture, Luggage, Toys, Stationeries…and now HouseHold…I felt like I am a treasure chest, full of knowledge and experience…but somehow…Stewart just ignore them.

What is the team actually lacking right now is the common assortment.

Lee Nee did a fantastic job in compacting the department. But compact until there are missing ranges. I shop at The English. I may not be buying any DIY, Auto merchandise at the moment from them. But one day, if I do need them, I will think about going to The English first to buy as they have the common assortment.

Stationery – Harriet just needs to revamp the whole assortment, just like how Tommy & I did it and manage to achieve small success with G13. I don't know what is stopping Harriet actually. Harriet also just informs me that Harriet have not been confirmed yet till today.

Mrs. Simon’s furniture…I don’t agree with roadshows…it will always be tough for next year LFL. Always go for genuine sales.

Toys…now only Stewart saw the magic of HotWheels…HotWheels is a collector’s item. The other brands are all replicas. Bringing in kinetic sand and the emoji plush are good novelties…but they won’t bring in the sales. Where are the remote control cars? Cheap die cast cars? Really…it’s the common assortment again.

They are not playing to my strength. I want to share. Is it the way I present it? Do I come across as too egoistic?

And when it comes to presentation and analysis…I believe that I bring in a totally different perspective. But hor…this Stewart…just compliment me but do not share the best practice with the rest of the team members. I also don’t know what this Stewart is thinking about. Unlike The English…they have a standardize template, get the heads of department to sign them off…then everyone can synchronize and start to use it. We cannot be doing the same thing and expecting different results. What’s more maybe the hypermarket format is no longer the destination for fancy or festival items anymore. It is more for weekend groceries shopping.

I am still counting days :)

Romeo & Juliet Suite

All of a sudden…I just have this realization today…it’s not that I needed Celtic…it is Celtic who needed me the most. Like today…Celtic really does nothing at all the whole day in the office. Can play game on the phone somemore.

When Celtic realizes something…and I am too busy to do it…Celtic will not even lift a finger to help me at all. Unlike Ursula, Marcus & Tommy…they can be really hands on and help out to fill in the forms as well.

And then hor…even this Mrs. Simon also notices this too. Mrs. Simon teasingly said that this Celtic bully me…all the work I do. Then, on the other day…Celtic complain that Celtic was very hungry…Mrs. Simon said that Celtic should not be hungry, instead I should be the one who should be hungrier as I was doing all of the work…hahaha…

And as I was going through some of my old stuffs…there was some email correspondence that I have kept over the years…between Seth and myself…between Tommy and myself. Both Seth and Tommy commented that this Celtic is immature, too emotional, stubborn…it was me who pacify Seth that eventually give Celtic another chance.

See…I am not that bad (in terms of capability)…it’s just that I never have the confidence, that little bit of intelligence to pull through :) Hahaha…but nonetheless…all is well…all is good…right now…at the age of 34 >> some things just doesn’t matter anymore. Most importantly, I live well…I live happy. You have to be brave and make the choice to do that, to truly accept yourself and love yourself and really forgive yourself for your missteps.

Grosses Fest Bei Capulet

Stewart asks me…whether is there any Category Managers that are around that can be recommended…rupa-rupanya…The Japanese cannot afford Christine’s salary…hahaha…I straight away pointed it out to Stewart…see…it’s not that we are highly paid…this is the market rate…it is The Japanese problem…their cost savings is killing them. It is depriving them from good talents. But Celtic said that Christine is like desperate to make a move like that…ye ke? Whatever lah…I always your good employees well :)