Monday, March 30, 2015

March On

What do we do when we receive an answer to our prayers that causes us to tremble in the blinding light of a new revelation? We must go into the light with God. Pain or no pain – there must be no going back – we must march on.

We must yield to what God has shown us and come to terms with the fact that after all, God knows best.

I remind you again of the risks you take when you enter into dialogue with God. The light you ask for may reveal more than you wish. It may be turned to trembling within you. But I plead with you, when that happens – go on.

We Are Not Saved From Hurt

We are seeing that the answer our prayers receive is not always the answer our hearts desire. One preacher has said – He who asks God for light must not complain if the light scorches at times with its fierce and naked heat, and he who asks for guidance must not be surprised if God points him to paths he would rather not tread.

Oliver Wendell Holmes says that it is a rule which admits of few exceptions that when people ask for your opinion, they really want our praise. God will not deal with us like that. God will not save us from getting hurt – if that pain is part of His purpose for making us better.

We see that principle illustrated in the story of the rich young ruler. He said to Jesus – Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? And Jesus said – Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me. The young man delighted in his wealth. It was the most important thing in his life. That is why Jesus asked him to put it on one side. The first place in any person’s life is God’s place. The answer the rich young ruler got was not the one he wanted, but it was certainly what he needed. The account says that he became very sad. He got his answer – but failed to received it.

O God, forgive me that so often I am like this young ruler – I ask for light, but when it comes I am not ready to receive it. Lord, teach me to pray – and also to receive. In Christ’s name I ask it. Amen.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The reason for God’s silences

For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

Can we begin to see now that one of the reasons why we go through times of spiritual confusion and frustration is because, although we are big enough to ask the questions, we are not big enough to receive the answers? What is the point of God unfolding to us His plans and purposes when He knows that our hearts are unwilling and unready to follow the path which He sees is best for us?

O Father, I recognize that Your silences are not due to petulance but to my own preconceived ideas – ideas which make me unready and unwilling to receive Your answers. Help me overcome this problem, dear Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

A call to failure!

O God, I am Your disciple, but sometimes I am afraid to follow where You lead me. Help me do Your bidding whatever the outcome. And help me evaluate success not by what my senses say, but by what You say. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

The proper study of mankind…

Father, I see that knowing You better involves increased time – time to talk to You and time to study Your Word. Guide me so that I can make the coming months yield great gains in my knowledge of You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Seeing God as God

Your thoughts of God are too human. This may be our trouble too. We think of God in the same way that we think about ourselves – as limited and fallible, because we are limited and require information and counseling, we think God does too. We think God as too much like ourselves. Put the mistake right, learn to acknowledge the majesty and greatness of God.

Isn’t it sad that because we ourselves are limited and weak, we imagine that, at some points, God is too. Isaiah does here what a doctor would do when entering the room of a sick patient who has closeted himself behind shuttered windows. He opens the windows, lets in the fresh air and light, and says – no wonder you are sick. You are not taking advantage of the resources that bring healing. Spiritual health comes from seeing God as He is.

The Snow White Murder Case

If you are losing your leisure, look out! It may be you are losing your soul – Virginia Woolf.

Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive – Elbert Hubbard.

Yeah…true also…too many work tales lately…time to concentrate on my leisure :)


The first time is a learning experience; the second time is a game changer.

I told Tommy that I want to learn from Tommy all about how to run & drive the stationery business…now the opportunity is right in front of me…I have to step up and grab it. Leonardo was already in the comfort zone, Ursula & Marcus knows nothing about the business…but at least Ursula did try…Ursula did groom me to become more business-driven...with Tommy…I have to learn and move as quickly as possible…before my time runs out. Before Tommy’s balloon burst. Before my balloon burst.


I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship – Louisa May Alcott.

Hmm…things seem to be falling apart at the moment…or are they falling into the right places?

MV Explorer

Murah Giler – I thought with this promotion…I can deliver March positively…mana tahu…sigh…this Michel & Ice screw-up the whole thing for me. They tak sempat to make the delivery because they tak sempat to do the barcode labeling on the merchandise. They cannot cope. So, no matter how good the prices are…no stocks to sell…both Alice & Pietro will overshoot me in terms of sales. I failed miserably :( I am so desperate to deliver a positive first quarter for the stationery department because the stationery department never has that before. Jan & Feb was positive…now is March…game over?


Hmm…lately, Tommy is getting very up close & personal with Ursula. And Marcus. But not with Barry. I guess is because Barry doesn’t hold any commercial value for Tommy. With Marcus…is for Tommy to build alliance…with Ursula…I guess it’s for the upcoming range review presentation and also for the July Hari Raya event. Hmm…just a little worried…all of my previous bosses and my current boss group together…will they gang up on me? :)

I still talk to Marcus & Barry occasionally last week…but not with Ursula. Why? I malu. I am not doing well at work. Since Ursula have commented to me before – that if I do well, she will look well…well, since I am doing so badly…I guess…I doesn’t want my bad performance to be associated with her.

good goes the bye


Gratitude – I am very sure…by now…if Tommy wants to scream and yell and scold me…Tommy could have done so…but Tommy did not. Instead, Tommy have been very patient with me…as a matter of fact…I am so paiseh…that Tommy is doing the range review on my behalf…while I am busy with the remaining TTAs.

I have a total of 44 suppliers – I have another 14 more TTAs to go…before this month ends...I think I am very super already. Clara have completed all of her 16 TTAs…same goes with Baldwin, Madeleine…and I think for the rest as well…sigh…I have given my best…if they still find it not enough…insignificant…but to me…to be able to come to this stage…this already carries a certain extent of the weight. They will never understand…and I don’t expect them too anyway.

Its okay, God will keep an eye on me…I will keep on going.

Monday, March 23, 2015

a moral backbone & a moral fiber

Berita tergempar – Uncle Charlie, Buzz Lightyear & Mr. Christie was ask to leave, effective today.

double the story

Marcus, Ursula & Paige – the 3 of them…were having lunch together @ Ursula’s room today. Wow…it’s a nice picture…UNITED. But, on the other hand…they could gang up on me…and bite me back :) Oh no!

Tubby’s Tank House

But we lost to Manchester United 2 – 1 last night :(

Arbour Day

Liverpool 1 – 0 Swansea :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

T-Rex Tries Yoga

Marcus shares with me the other day that Ursula has improved a lot…by being a team player. Previously, Ursula was very near to being a GM during Mr. Jan Vet’s time but right now…her ambition is getting further and further behind. Hahaha…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – that I have build a good relationship with Marcus, Ursula & Barry…but looking at the current situation right now…it is good that I don’t kepo so much with them…don’t talk to them for a week (unless it’s necessary) and maintain a professional relationship with Tommy.

The Horde

Hahaha…Tommy just finishes the range review that Mr. Horton wants. I did not contribute much…all was Tommy’s effort. To give credit to these English people…I also understand that they have their own stress and pressure as well because expectations are there. The spotlight is on them. They are from the English…somehow, one way or the other…their quality is supposed to be better than the people originally rooted into G13. They are expected to deliver the numbers and to perform better than us. They are expected to be better than us in many ways. We just watch from afar only. To see how good that they truly are. They have to prove to us that they have it.

So, Tommy’s work was distributed to all of the SCMs. Ursula drop by at my room and commented that…isn’t that was our original idea…was our so-called dream together for the stationery department…hahaha…true…but Tommy presents it better…hahaha…and the Ice Queen just make our life so difficult by being so number-driven. All Mr. Horton wants to see is just pictures.

I also told Ursula that the English people have something that G13 people is very lacking of – good presentation skills, vocal and they know how to manage their bosses’ expectations.

I also share with Ursula…my one year under her…was a learning process…by right…I should be under her for another one more year…the year of implementation & execution.

Kei Oon

This Tommy is so sarcastic to me almost everyday…but can’t blame Tommy also…I am indeed very weak mah :)
Tommy commented to me that the Commercial Director will like me very much…I have no knowledge :(

Butternut Summer Squash

On next month; April…we will have a new Commercial Director on board G13. The Commercial Director is also a former English player as well. Oh boy…we have been conquered by the English. We are heading into a transition period currently. It’s a very painful process for everyone at the moment but it is something that we have to go through. It’s a do or die situation for everyone right now. Everybody is fighting for survival. For a better future, this process is very vital. As we gets bigger, with multiple formats, it’s high time that we have a standardized SOP. It’s also the right time for us to trade-up.

I am not sure whether Marcus has been check-mated or not. I hope it doesn’t. This is a director position after all. Marcus still has the chance to become a GM, to bridge the gap between the SCMs & the director. This Commercial Director used to be the French ex-Appliance Director, during the same time as Iron Butterfly & Snow Petrol reign. The Commercial Director left the English within 24 the whole retail market was shaking with this shocking announcement and was wondering where is this Commercial Director next destination will be. G13? The Japanese?

Some said that this Commercial Director is very demanding, micro-manage people, not friendly, not easy to work with, the Commercial Director gets away with everything, will used illegal means to achieve the set objectives…wah…looks like life will become even more difficult after this.

One of my previous sport supplier kepo with me…apparently, 2 years back…Tommy left because of this Commercial Director…wah…Tommy also told me that Tommy was very tempted to throw in the letter after hearing this piece of news...hahaha.

Celtic only advice to me was to be extra careful in whatever I do now. The English people may be good people but…due to where they are coming from…which is so political in their previous organization…the situation already shapes who they are, their senses & their perspective.

Cinderella’s Inner Strength

Ursula commented that Tommy is very direct. I asked Ursula – isn’t that a good thing. Ursula said yes. Both Tommy & Don Philip are very nice people to work with.

Tommy mention to me that Mr. Horton dislike Barry, trust Marcus to a certain extent…where as for Ursula…Tommy can’t tell…because sometimes Mr. Horton will treat Ursula good, sometimes bad wor.

Treasure Hunt In Denmark

Tommy is indeed the good version of Ursula…setting a schedule & priorities for me to follow…but I also think that Tommy is the impatient type as well…very fast to get agitated & irritated. And I think that right now, Tommy is indeed very annoyed with my inefficiencies, my slowness, my dumbness, my inadequacies and all of my weaknesses :) Now, on every Monday @ 9am sharp-sharp…I will have a one-to-one session with Tommy somemore…sigh…

The Tales Of 2 Ancient Sword

My this new boss is very sophisticated.

'Please plot your appointment into the Outlook Calendar. I can’t see your traditional calendar'.

Rupa-rupanya…this is how Tommy negotiate with the suppliers:

(1) Dream big.
(2) Provide big numbers & big plans.
(3) Back Margin @ 1%.
(4) Payment Term: 30 days.
(5) Smoke & Network together.
(6) Proper choice of words to manage the bosses’ expectations. Use the words or terms that they only like to hear.


Sunday, March 15, 2015


Tommy shares with me that Emerson had an interview session with Mr. Horton recently.
Is Mr. Horton going to take in so many English people?
Is there really a need to do so?

Tommy also told me that Mr. Horton hated Barry’s team very much…even though Barry’s sales performance is really not that bad. It looks even better compare to last year; during Marcus’s time.

The Triple H Theory

Honesty, Hard Work & Humility.

I'm a silly billy

Tommy & I have a floor walk on last week Monday.
Actually, it was not that bad. Overall the stationery performance is not that bad too. I mean, Don Philip did an analysis…only 2 categories fall under the Questionable quadrant which are the Magazines/Newspapers and Seasonal. Both of these categories are service items. The rest of the categories are well position as Winners, Profit Generator and Traffic Builder. So overall, I think it’s healthy. There is not much of a brand gap here as well. Merchandise gap…yes, a bit here and there…as a matter of fact G13 carries more brands and a broader range compare to The English. I just need to fill in a bit of the missing merchandise gap only. But the biggest problem that both of us have identified is to further enhance the look & feel of the department. Stationery is boring…it is not as lively & colorful and as lifestyle oriented compare to Alice & Pietro’s department.

100 East

Did I see wrongly?
I saw Christy came out from Ursula’s room on last week Friday evening.
Christy’s eyes was red, watery...did Christy just cried? I wonder what happen.

Shatter Me

Hmm...Tommy is not giving me direct answers nor solutions when we have discussions, brainstorming and collaboration sessions together...but hor...I am very tired to think head is very pain...but I know that Tommy wants me to use my brain :) Can I just follow orders for now? :) Floating along the side lines? Let Tommy take the driver seat first (just like Ursula)…I mean, I can see that Tommy is passionate about the whole business and I also know that Tommy have the guts to make something out of it. I just need a break :)

My Readers And Their Big Hearts

Hahaha…I think Tommy finds me to be a small kepochi, get distracted very easily, simply tembak, weak in numbers, poor in connecting & negotiating with the suppliers, cannot express myself very well, I am childish, forgetful, careless, very blur, poor time management skills, very dependent, lack of confidence, bad power point skills, basically don’t know much about anything and many more. Next week will be our third week together.

Hmm…I will have to initiate a new survival game plan :)

the art of being normal

Wow…all of the stationery suppliers have something good to said about Tommy.
Oh no. That means I cannot bitch about Tommy to them, I cannot say anything bad about Tommy and cannot use Tommy’s name as when I like it :) All of them say that Tommy is very good. Which I agree. Tommy is technically competent, and knowledgeable for sure. A strategist. A thinker. I think Tommy’s buying & negotiating skills has improved tremendously over the years as well. The challenge before Tommy now, is huge for taking on arguably the most challenging task in the division which is to revive back Team LeisureWare.

My suppliers also told me that all of Tommy’s ex-staff also have something good to say about Tommy. That Tommy is a very good boss, very protective of them, always backs them up, looks out for them, what Tommy said to the suppliers, Tommy will deliver (wow!), Tommy do not short-change the suppliers (double wow!) and Tommy’s contract negotiations with the suppliers is very short (compare to me) because Tommy already have a ready game plan in hand. Really that good meh?

System restarts for me then.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

army of Bjork

One evening, Ursula & I went back together, same time mar, so we walk together-gether lor…but Marcus, Madeleine & Alice saw us…the timing was coincidence mah. What is wrong about walking back with my ex-boss right?

So, Ursula ask me how is Tommy. I was silent for a while. I mean, I cannot find the right word to describe Tommy at that point of time. In the end, I said that Tommy is a version of Ursula. The good version. Not the bad version. Then, this Ursula ha so loud…hahaha…then I said – no lah, I am just pulling your leg. Actually, I am not pulling Ursula’s leg…Tommy is indeed a version of Ursula. The good version.

Leonardo, Barry, Ursula & Marcus – I love all of them equally but differently as well. Of course, Ursula is rank at the very top :)

we are Pirates

Tommy commented that Barry is the type – if you don’t go and kacau Barry, Barry will not come and kacau you. However, with Ursula – Tommy thinks that Ursula is very smart, cunning and very fake. This is because Tommy barely knows her and this Ursula acts so over friendly & close with Tommy. Hahaha…

a lovely & lucky thing

Tommy told me that Tommy feels that Pietro is being a bit uncomfortable with the fact that Tommy is Pietro’s boss now. I told Tommy that perhaps Pietro needs some time to adjust. Before Celtic left G13 – Celtic already mention to Marcus that Tommy used to be under Pietro’s as a staff for a couple of months. Celtic also pesan to Marcus to help to look out for Pietro.


Tommy did told me that Mr. Horton have good impressions about me.
I told Tommy that it is totally impossible because the numbers are all screwed up and the downstairs display is absolutely rubbish. Mr. Horton is not a non-food guy and he never fancies this division anyway. So, I think what Tommy told me it’s all nonsense. Bullshit for sure. But Tommy only replies me back this – perhaps Marcus & Ursula have put in some good words for me. Well, if it’s true…then, it’s THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD :) I am replaceable and I am hanging by the thread right now. I can slip off very easily. Anytime.

don’t leave anything, just footprints

Then on one fine morning…err, I can’t remembered which day it was…as I was walking towards my office room while chatting with a colleague of mine from the Finance Department, Mr. Horton walk pass by us. Mr. Horton said good morning J___. Wah…I mean, I thought it was only that one time lucky, on that day when he recognize & acknowledge me. Wah…

don’t take anything, just pictures

So, on Monday morning – everyone gathers around, presented 2 birthday cakes to Mr. Horton, sang him a Happy Birthday song & gave Mr. Horton a birthday present (which was a coffee machine) & a birthday card.

When everything was done – this Tommy, so pandai to berwayang – walk over to Mr. Horton, wish Mr. Horton happy birthday and shake Mr. Horton’s hand. Meanwhile, Marcus, Ursula & Barry was standing nearby…so I guess, they (also have not choice) but to go over to Mr. Horton and to wish him as well.

As I was standing behind Marcus, this Ursula grabs me by my arm, pull me close to her and ask me to wish Mr. Horton too. I said that I didn’t want…but Ursula insisted it. So, I also went over and wish Mr. Horton lor. He said thank you J___.


Listening says – what matters to you matters to me.
Sometimes people do want advice. But often they just want to be listened to by someone who loves and cares about them. Listening is hard work, and it takes time. It takes time to listen long enough to hear the other person’s true heart, so that if we do speak, we speak with gentle wisdom.

Anchors In The Storm

I will be with you.
I will not leave you nor forsake you…the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

When we’re in the middle of suffering or when doubts start threatening our faith, what are our anchors? Although our faith may feel weak, if it’s anchored in God’s promises and presence, He will safely hold us.


Look for God’s purpose in your next interruption.

there’s no space for monkey behavior

Ok…finally, it was only Gerrard who came in to my room on Monday morning to pass me the RM10. The rest…I have to collect from them – Marcus, Ursula, Alice, Shawn, Madeleine, Laura & Lionel. This Paige pulaterus passes the money directly to Mr. Horton’s secretary. Ok, fair enough.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

cocktail apple martini

This is a real shocker!
Mr. Horton’s birthday is today…falls on a Sunday.
So what happen was…Mr. Horton’s secretary have appointed someone from each division to collect a token of appreciation (in monetary form) from all of the buyers. So, in my division…I have been appointed. I am not the only one who is in shock but I guess the rest too. Because the question is – why J___? Even Nathan asks me very directly, why I have been selected for this task. Well, I do get along with Mr. Horton’s secretary and we do share some mutual friends. I also went and ask Mr. Horton’s secretary why I have been selected and also reminded her that The General’s secretary is still around. She answered me that she have forgotten about The General’s secretary…and when she thought of my division…my name just pop up in her mind.

Now, I am really in a lion’s den. Gulp. But it is also a very good experiment as well. Those who support & respects me, they will come to my room and pass me the money. Tommy, Barry, Baldwin, Christy, Ramly, Clara, Linda, Nathan, Pietro are. Those who don’t…well, I have to go and see them then. Let’s see…

Difficulties Are Not Almighty


I have survived the week.
I have finished the GST for the outright suppliers.
God has shown his majesties to me. One problem after another is being solved through God’s Amazing Grace.

It is so easy for us to allow the problems of life to loom large in our thinking. When we do so, we soon lose the right perspective. Our obsession with our problems can become an issue that almost blots out God. Maybe someone you trusted has hurt you, and that problem has become so large that it reaches almost cosmic proportions. Big though it may be, it is not bigger than God. Don’t lose your perspective. The Lord is on His throne, high and exalted. See how big God really is and set your problems over against that vision. Your difficulties are not almighty. The Lord alone is almighty.

Life always carried me away. But God have my best interest in His heart, God makes the best life choices & decisions for me everyday and God will lead me He sees best. God will put my life back on track :)

a promise becomes a genuine promise if there is genuine belief in it

Then the next day…something strange happens…

(1) I was talking to a colleague in the walkway in the morning. Mr. Horton passes by…say good morning J___…wah…calls out my name some more. Last time, when Mr. Horton was talking to Celtic…and I was standing nearby…Mr. Horton’s eyes also doesn’t bother to look at me…now he calls out my name. Mr. Horton knows my name. Must buy lottery...

(2) In the afternoon, Mr. Horton was going around, giving out ang pows on the last day of CNY. Drop by at my room…then Mr. Horton said that I will be getting further reinforcement soon. I should not be doing all of these all by myself. I politely say thank you. Mr. Horton replied that the company should thank me instead because I have been doing all of these work without any help. Wah...

Ok…I am very thankful…but then again…like Ursula always said…talk is cheap. Mr. Horton can say all he wants. Most important is still action.

from reality to reality

Tommy told me that Tommy have spoken to Mr. Horton that I am overworked and overloaded. Tommy told Mr. Horton that previously Tommy have 4 buyers under Tommy. I told Tommy…such a gesture from Tommy…I certainly appreciate it very much…no one here have ever done that before...for me. Even Ursula only ask me to propose, she also have never ever brought this matter up to the top management level's attention.
But then again, it might be a catch…Tommy may want to replace me…with Tommy’s own people…sigh… long as there is no thunder storm…

Tommy says that I am pretty convincing.
Yeah right. What happen was…Tommy was sharing with me that it is very important to have a very good set of presentation skills here in G13 to sell ideas.
I am the most chicken shit buyer in the whole division.
I’m not an A++ buyer like everyone else. And I’m a jack of all trades and master of none.

fabulous parties

Marcus sees Tommy as someone that is direct, blunt, aggressive, very fresh (even though Tommy has been out from the workforce for almost 2 years) and…very very geli…because of Tommy’s kwai lo slang…hahaha.

Tommy thinks that both Barry & Ursula are utterly stubborn and refuse to change. Tommy thinks that Marcus is a very good politician, hard to read between the lines. I think Barry & Ursula will not help Tommy much. Only Marcus will help Tommy to settle down for now.

Tommy feels that Alice is resistant to change.

Tommy also updated me that Amelia has been transferred to the Stationery Department and have not sign the G13 offer letter yet. Due to Mr. Horton is taking so many people out from The English, The English is also embarking on a re-structuring process to further strengthen their current team. I share this piece of important information with Marcus & Celtic. I also hope that Madeleine will eventually be promoted up. But Marcus also shares with me that Mr. Horton doesn’t think very highly of Madeleine. Mr. Horton thinks that Madeleine is not qualified yet. To me, Madeleine rises up from the rank & file process, has the confidence and knows everything inside out. People like Madeleine needs the opportunity. Let’s see whether Mr. Horton would like to give Madeleine the opportunity or not.

Of Strangers Tide

Tommy is on board.
Still looks the same.
We are still testing waters with each other.
Tommy said to me that Tommy is a bastard to work with…I wish Tommy good luck and wish Tommy could outlive Leonardo by more than 15 months :)

Queen Anne’s Revenge

This is just so strange and weird.
I was in the photocopier’s room one late evening. Gerrard came in too. Suddenly…Gerrard call out my name. I froze a little. So, I decide to also play along as well. I also call back Gerrard’s name. Gerrard’s reply was that - very busy isn’t it? I only gave Gerrard back one word – speechless.

Strange…Gerrard never approach me in such a manner before. Speechless not only to indicate the busyness that the team have been facing lately but it is also to refers to the way Gerrard comes up to me. I have no other proper words to describe my emotions right there and then. Because Gerrard never does such a thing before. Any hidden intentions over there? Or maybe, Gerrard just wants to strike up a conversation with me. That simple. I am just thinking too much...perhaps...

Cy & Bowie

Hahaha…Ursula commented that Paige & I said the same thing to her…be a team player. Ok, seriously…I know how Ursula feels about being a team player thingy…when there is a crisis..she is being called upon to help…when the crisis is over, she is being forgotten.

Just like last week Friday, they had a meeting in the evening…Barry & Marcus went ahead without informing Ursula...Ursula, then came out from her room…realized that the both of them went ahead without her; again…and she did this body language thingy kind-of-like – aiya…they always go off without telling me. I saw the whole incident from my room. And Ursula also caught me seeing the whole scene as well :)

It’s all about perception. It's her public image. PR. During Mr. Jan Vet’s time…all of the bad things which they claim that Ursula has done…which Ursula claim that she did no wrong to anyone…is coming back to haunt her now. It’s all accumulated bad public image. Yes, Paige have mention that Ursula have change for the better these days…but it will takes time for people to warm up to her again. Most importantly, to trust her again.

Victor’s Crown

Woo Hoo!
FULL-TIME: It’s all over at Anfield and the final score is #LFC 2-0 Burnley. Jordan Henderson put the Reds ahead with a superb strike in the first half. Shortly after the interval Daniel Sturridge added a second to help clinch another crucial three points for Brendan Rodgers’ side :)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

JOE of the town


The Fun, The Luck & The Tycoon

FULL-TIME: It’s all over at Anfield and the final score is #LFC 2-1 #MCFC!
Jordan Henderson fired the Reds ahead, but Edin Dzeko equalized. Then, with 15 minutes remaining, Philippe Coutinho hit a superb winner in front of the Kop to seal a massive victory for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

The Xiaolin Chronicles

Celtic told me that Ursula is checking on Christy.
Ursula apps Celtic regarding a supplier price increase. Apparently, Christy allows this supplier to increase the cost price by 19%, so Ursula wants to rectify whether such a price increment is true or not. Yesterday…I think Ursula wants to touch on Christy’s topic with me but then hold back. Nonetheless…to be fair…I give the both of them the benefit of the doubt.

Way Out

God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.
But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out. It’s easy to assume that God is not with us when we are tempted to sin. But He is present and not just standing idly. Rather, He is actively providing a way out so we can endure it.

Break Up 100

Hahaha…guess what…Ursula didn’t come to work the next day after I broke the news to her.
I ask Mimi…is Ursula on leave…
Mimi replies that Ursula said this to her – I sangat pening lah Mimi…
The news must have make Ursula so heartbroken :)

June Kidd

Ursula called me up…to discuss on the GST template. And as usual…Ursula was checking through Christy’s work.

I told Ursula regarding the below stories. I even make her to cross her heart and hope to die. Because I think the news of Tommy’s arrival is only made known to Marcus, Pietro & myself.

(1) Ursula was surprised about Tommy’s arrival. Looks like, she did not receive this piece of important information. Or she pretend not knowing about it.

(2) Ursula was even more surprised that Amelia will be joining us back.

(3) Ursula initially thought that I will report to Madeleine or to Alice.

(4) Ursula was not happy that these news was not shared with her. I told her…maybe…Mr. Horton told Marcus not to reveal to anyone first.

(5) Ursula also reveals…is not that she doesn’t want to become a team player…is just that…when it comes to the Buying Income every month…everyone expects her to become a team player…but when it comes to other matters…they just didn’t want to share anything with her…so to Ursula, what kind of teamwork is this?

(6) Ursula also reveals – true from her heart…that she cannot work with Marcus if Marcus is being promoted to GM.

(7) Ursula has also told to Christy to chap sang…because…maybe Christy’s department…will also be remove from Ursula.

The Colony

Actually hor…I hate The Ice Queen…for making affirmative confirmation…which is not in line with Mr. Horton’s plans.

The Ice Queen; always praising Selene…in the end, Selene…yes…Selene is still around…but cannot get along with Albert; Selene’s new boss.

The Ice Queen also single handedly pick Celtic…saying that Celtic have the quality, should be given the opportunity to grow and be promoted…now look what happen…Celtic’s department will be broken up…into god knows what…and eventually Celtic resign.

The Ice Queen likes Madeleine and make Baldwin feels useless. The Ice Queen removes the furniture category from Baldwin and park them under Madeleine…Madeleine will be promoted…now look what happen…Amelia is coming on board and like Ursula said…Madeleine is being overloaded.

The Ice Queen also said that Marcus have the potential to go up…and I truly hope that at least…this 4th affirmative will eventually be true.


The way Marcus breaks the below news to me was the same way that Ursula does it.
Deja Vu…

Marcus also shares some information with me:

(1) Amelia will be back in April. Amelia used to hold the same position as Celtic, before Celtic joined G13. Amelia will be on board and will be the SCM, taking over from Leonardo’s place. Now, this is where things get a little bit more interesting because everyone thought that Madeleine will be the one that will moves up.

(2) Marcus is unsure about Marcus position. Marcus told me that Mr. Horton wants to promote Marcus but it seems that Mr. Horton is unable to convince the CEO to do so.

(3) I wish Marcus all the best. There is no way out for Marcus now except to move up. If Marcus doesn’t move up…then Marcus is out from the game. Checkmate.

(4) Marcus also have to be promoted because it will bring balance to the power. Otherwise, there will be a shift in the equilibrium. 2 English vs. 2 G13. I believe Marcus will be fair enough.


I hope that Tommy outlives everyone…
Leonardo = 15 months
Ursula = 12 months
Marcus = 4 months

Either…this job is really for me…just that the category haven’t found the right boss yet…or this job is really not for me…keep on changing bosses. Maybe, I need to be the boss after all.

I have always said that it is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve the 3 SCMs…there is always a sarcasm tone that goes with it…but today…I humbly say that it is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve the 3 SCMs. Whether they realize it or not…it is something that I realize it later on…it is a blessing in disguise because all 3 of them, together with Barry…have given me defining moments; both at work and also at a personal level. I will be lying if I say that I am ok with it. Of course…I am fucking not ok with it. I am a human…flesh & blood too. I truly think that it’s a blessing in disguise. If I look at it from another side of the coin…it’s like I am going through…not a management trainee program but more like a leadership development program. Ursula is like the industrious & game changer of Henry Ford, Marcus is like the Thomas Edison who is the problem solver. I can actually do their entire performance appraisal now :) And who knows…I can even be their boss one day, if my ambition is big enough.


Tommy + J___ = ?????

Lately, Mr. Horton has been on a very aggressive recruitment drive. Mr. Horton has been recruiting people from the English to strengthen the team in G13. Of course, there are some staff that has left G13 for the Japanese. I think Mr. Horton have completed the enhancement mission for the Grocery & Fresh Division. Now, it’s my division’s turn. The chess is moving right now. What is very interesting here…is that…since Mr. Horton is so secretive and will not reveal much to anyone…no one knows their role in this chess game right now. I for sure do not know mine. In my previous working experience…at the very least…I know whether I am the soldier or the knight or the bishop…now, I don’t even know. I can even be checkmated anytime. Gulp!

Ok…what happen was…I have been hearing a lot of rumors going around lately. Too much. Too many. Until I cannot differentiate which are the real ones…which one are the false ones. I have been informed that Tommy will be on board. And it’s confirmed. Mr. Horton brief Pietro & myself in Marcus’s room on last week Friday.

I welcome Tommy’s arrival. After all…Tommy was the pioneer who kicks start such a good stationery department until it become a benchmark and a point of reference for everyone today. I am just surprise that Tommy picks G13 instead of going back to The English. I met Tommy in M13, then we parted ways. Tommy was working with The English…then left…disappeared for a while…then re-join back The English…then, heard that Tommy took a sabbatical leave, went back to the States and now Tommy is back to KL shore.

One of my suppliers told me that Tommy is a bastard to work with but Tommy is a good boss. And Tommy can take on big challenges. For sure, some suppliers will be very happy to see that Tommy is back. Some suppliers will feel so – so. And then, there will be those that are unhappy with it. As I have said, I certainly welcome Tommy’s arrival. But it also has been such a very long time – 8 years. I have grown up, Tommy has grown up. Let’s see…

The chess board is moving right now. There will be winners and losers. There will be opportunities. There will be surprises and joys, and tears and sometimes anger, living together as a office unit. But we will continue to inspire, frustrate, encourage, and support each other in our coming days to come. It will come to an end, like everything else.