Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Lucnh at Yip's Kitchen and then movie watching with Trix and Damian.

2 Hours 33 Minutes - way too long. I find it very draggy. The tempo was very slow. The duel was very lame. This movie is only the opening act for the final act. The kids are all grown up. Emma Watson is so so pretty. She's like, gorgeous; gorgeous maximus. Definitely, Hollywood's next darling startlet.
Somehow I feel that there is no longer any depth and substance in their characters anymore. Surprisingly, the unknown actors who played the young Tom Riddle outshone each one of them. They were brilliant. And for the rest of them: one word: Tragic.

Nonetheless, it was a brilliant way to spend the afternoon :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Club 21, The Circle, The Others - with each one of us having heavy work and family commitments, gradually all of us begin to start to drift apart. Over the last month or so, I've been having the privilege of re-connecting with some old friends of mine in many different ways. It's soooo great to have such an experience. And, I'm looking forward to more - and to seeing how it all evolves :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The key to life is finding your sweet spot

Sigh...yesterday was the launch of my 'Stay Active' campaign. It's my 7th press ad promotion for this year. I am suppose to be very upbeat about this whole thing, what's more, I'm even running this major event at my Wangsa Maju store; booking the whole of the Seasonal Alley...but somehow somewhere I feel down. Perhaps, it's because of the last press ad 'a HEALTHY you' didn't do so well. Sales are not there. I put in so much of effort but the results didn't churn up as expected. It's like - it's not worth it at all. I know that times are bad, but it's not an excuse. Right now, I don't even want to beat the 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 sales results. Forget about the budget. I just want my 2009 figures to be in-line. Everyday I'm faced struggling with this issue.
Last month, I even have no choice but to close down the Golf & OTO counter. I tried everything, I switch strategies - but nothing seems to be working. Yes, I'm impatient! Very. I need to show the results. I cannot wait anymore longer.
Depression hit me pretty hard several times throughout this year. I'm still holding on because of GOD. I begin to experience HIM even more and I found myself to be in total dependence on HIM. HE helps me to walk through my darkest hours and saves me when I'm in hot soup :) Of course there are my family, friends, fellow comrades that helps a lot with boosting me forward, to do the things that I must, to cheer me on, having them to believe in me - its something I'm incredibly grateful for. In the end, I don't want to be the one to burst anyone's bubbles or to be a disappoinment.

Fine...I will do what I can. I will continue to communicate, promote and branding. I am not going through with Plan A, B, C to D, E, F anymore...I finally arrive to Plan "Taking-It-As-It-Comes" conclusion! :) Yeah, I left behind all of the things that I loved and forgetting to take pride in my creations. Even if it fails, I will go down in history as the pioneer of all of these concepts :)
However, give me a little more time (if permits, before i get fired :) i guess i would have to 'make' time, i wish it were that easy) - I'm ready to take it to another level. Not only will it be all it is now, my creations will be impeccable, consistent, professional and a reflection of Yingze's passion of her creations.
And, I realized one thing: I miss that kind of fun.
Have I not taken a moment to indulge in my favorite things? *grin*

Monday, July 20, 2009

bend it like Owen

Owen scored in both games! :) Wee!
He's back!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dream Works, Faith Works, GOD Works

So I've actually been away this past week to enjoy myself! :)
Team Baz drove up north to Cameron Highlands; a small green & pleasant town with a gorgeous cold weather where tea & scones are served in a mock-Tudor restaurant, where it's prone to rain now and again. Yes, there is a small patch of England in Malaysia :)
We eagerly immersed ourselves into the slow country pace - making visits to the veggie farms, the rose gardens, the strawberries santuary, wading in the tea plantations, taking silly pictures, enjoying the scenic views of the lush green hills, exploring the small town, eating wonderful home cooked food, raining-night was all WONDERFUL :)
Cooking & eating natural and organic greens. Recycling. Composting. Supporting local businesses & produce. Go Fresh! :) There was something deliciously wild and pure about being so far from the rest of the world.
There were also so many wonderful and unplanned moments during our holiday - stuff that really made the holiday all seem worth it :)

The strong mountain wind in my face makes me feel alive :) it leaves me with summer's secret smiles, secret memories. It was a strange sense of freedom, power and abandonment. There is always these questions that are left unanswered, and always will be. Sometimes I really wonder if we really are allowed to grow up. We might be 19, 24, 27 years in age, but we can still behave like 6 years old kids.

"And that IF we are still good and healthy today, that is PURE BLESSINGS from GOD, and is totally NOT because of how 'in full control' we are of our own lives"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the thin red line

Oh my gosh...Michael Owen is a DEVIL!
First of all, the concept of Pay-As-You-Play was such a genius idea from Sir Alex Ferguson. In the first place, I didn't want Owen to join any of the bottom league clubs such as Hull or Sunderland or even to be remain in Newcastle. I want him to be in the Top 5 clubs, but to join Manchester United was a real shocker. He is after all from Liverpool. He is one of the Liverpool's greatest players ever. Now he is playing with Liverpool's arch rivals! Totally unexpected! Totally!
Nonetheless; as an individual - this is a blessing for him as well that such a club wants him. Owen have to play well, he have to score goals. A lot of goals. This is his last chance to salvage his career at the club and country level. If he fails, his career at the highest level is gone.
Good Luck No. 7! :) The pressure is on.

Friday, July 17, 2009

why change me now?

I am very bored...I am on a downward spiral...everyday I just DO, DO and DO - but I do not see any positive growth or encouraging figures. It's very de-motivating, depressing and de-moralizing. Questions are being asked but I have no answers to them yet. Do I want to transfer to another category or should I change to a new environment?

Then on Wednesday night, Atticus gave me a call :) Thank you GOD for the opportunity. I am glad that I am forgiven...but I decline Atticus's invitation politely. I may feel frustrated of my current situation but I am not ready to let go yet. Some part of me still thinks that the right thing to do is to stay...for now.

'a HEALTHY you' campaign = RM14K :( so depressing! Where did I go wrong?! I'm pretty stoked that I can produce such miserable I putting unreasonable high expectations on myself? On my performance? I remember that throughout the whole campaign, every moment of every day is filled with doubt and fear. Every day the weight - of everything - gets heavier and heavier. Nonetheless moving forward, each condition is an opportunity to become a blessing. I'm not that SUPER. I have just gotten used to all of the hard work, the juggling, the busy-ness, adapting and being organized. Numb and immune.

My days consists of hard work...hard hard work. No, I'm not stressed out (maybe a little), but some people around me are very very stressed...for what reason, I have no idea. It just annoys the hell out of me that when I walk into their space I get sucked into that "I'm so bloody tired and so tied up with work" kind of negative energies. With poor sales results, it certainly doesn't help my day either as well. Everyone is beating me drop dead. I feel so inadequate. Whatever it is, I'm begining to find everything a little too grey to be happy right now :)

I think when the day ends, and when you shut down to go home, its time to leave your worries behind. It's hard, but it's necessary. You can't carry that kind of weight around you all the time, no one can, we're all human bodies and we're not designed to carry such burdens 24 hours a day. When we sleep, we're supposed to release it all, and let it go. It can be done. I can't say that I'm successful at letting my worries go, but I think I am able to park them some place temporary and pay full attention to relaxing when I need to relax. And GOD knows, everyone needs to relax every now and then.
Let's learn to count our blessings. In all kinds of circumstances :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Match Point

6 months have gone. And there are 6 months left. I remember it was January not so long ago. Now we’re halfway through the year. Not to mention, I think June flew by awfully fast. More than usual!
So, what happened now? What did I achieve? What were the highlights? And now, what am I going to do with the rest of the year? :)