Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not What It Seems

Situations that seem hopeless are not always the way we perceive them to be. When we feel overwhelmed and outnumbered, we can remember that God is by our side. He can command His angels…to guard us in all our ways.

Dear God, please give me a glimpse of Your power today. Help me to believe that You are willing and able to help me in any situation I encounter.

Things are always better than they seem to be when we remember that God is by our side.

The Perfect Gift

The key to successful gift-giving is not money; it’s listening to others and taking a personal interest in what they enjoy and appreciate.

What’s the best gift we can give to God today? In gratitude, humility & love we can give ourselves completely to Him – Heart, Mind & Will. It’s just what the Lord is longing to receive from each of us.

Dear Lord, I’m Yours. I want to offer myself to You – Heart, Mind and Will – in humble service and in thankful worship for all You have done for me.

The best gift we can give to God is ourselves.

Thanks Living

Increment: RM7280.
Bonus: RM3086.

Dear Lord, You Bless me in more ways that I can count!
Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life!

The Willows Inn

Aiyo…this Marcus ar…so big mouth…

This WatsApp message came in this evening…

Mr. Horton’s Secretary: Marcus said you interested to join us as trade planning? Faster come.

Me: Marcus told u? Tat day u baru say I make the right decision to leave…now faster come. C, ppl want me or not lah

Mr. Horton’s Secretary: If you wanna come back be buyer I will say no. But as supporting role still ok.

So, this is how Uncle knew…Marcus told Mr. Horton’s Secretary and Mr. Horton’s Secretary told Uncle…what the…alamak…then the whole world will know about it lor

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cafes Richard

Stewart: Harriet has a very canggih mouse.

Me: Harriet is the Stationery buyer mah.

Stewart: Mouse is under Stationery meh

Me: Harriet use to be an IT buyer…

Stewart: Why the Stationery sales is so bad?

Me: You have to check with both Jonas & Harriet?

Stewart: I want to explode already lah


Well, I screwed up again…my bad, my careless mistake as usual…what happen was…Stewart didn’t really really scold me…there was this Hari Raya item, it was one of my last year Leaflet Key Lines, so I repeat for this year leaflet…mana tahu, it was in the Decote List. RM5.00. RM5.00 is ok, but the supplier have increase the price and I bought it at the new cost price, so I rugi RM0.40 for every units sold. I know…I really want to kill myself. But I am so thankful that Stewart didn’t hentam me much, did not shout at me…since the item is in the Decote List, it’s kind of hard to rectify the selling price back because Stewart needs to see and explain to The Japanese, a lot of hassle. I am just so thankful that Stewart still favors and protects over me…Thank You God for putting Stewart in my life.


Then, this WatsApp message pula come in…

Uncle Andy: Aunty. U coming back G13 ah?

Me: Hi uncle. Huh?

Shit lor…Marcus went and tell everybody is it. Oh no…


Marcus: Morning u wan to try my trade plan manager position?

Me: Morning. Of course. Shit lor I forgot. Email add plz boss. Tonight I do.

…Marcus make the first move to WatsApp me wor…so, does this mean that on last week Friday, Marcus actually had a meeting with Marcus’s new boss? Meaning, Marcus is allow to hire someone? Someone with my salary scale? Marcus is a smart person…I will not resign and change to a new job for a mere couple of hundred of dollars…so, does this mean that they can foresee that I will request for the necessary increment?

God…my compass…where are we heading to?

Monday, April 24, 2017

He Never Gave His Last Lecture

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people – John C. Maxwell.

What Do You See?

Communicate effectively means that we listen to hear…hear to understand…and understand to learn what the other person is trying to tell us and why.

Make time, Listen & Empathize.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen – Ernest Hemingway.

Are We Ready For The Careers Of The Future?

God, I really need to UpSkill myself, I take pleasure in learning, small small steps to a bigger picture, no need to rush but full of Discipline, Focus, Consistency & Productivity…

Jobs come and go, but skills are forever.

Learnability >> is the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt to remain relevant. Individuals who are willing to learn, have the ability to adapt quickly and are versatile rank higher on the employability scale in today’s dynamic corporate landscape.

As jobs become more data-focused, individuals are expected to possess strong Analytical and Interpersonal Skills. Client servicing roles in the retail banking sector are increasingly being morphed as relationship managers and they are required to interpret software-generated results and make sound recommendations to add value to the relationship. As programmes and software become more sophisticated, candidates who posses analytical skills to interpret real-time results and strong soft skills to engage with clients will be highly prized.

Digital Knowledge and Experience are now nice-to-have. With the growth of e-commerce, experience in digital sales & marketing is in high-demand. Take the retail sector – especially hypermarkets & apparel – for instance, quite a number have embraced online platforms to perform transactions and they certainly require digital transformation experts.

In manufacturing, employers are now looking for those with experience and knowledge in lean 6 Sigma (simplified business processes which eliminates the need for redundant roles & resources) and Process Improvements as they are beginning to look at ways to manage operational costs.

Make an effort to UpSkill, Re-Skill and even Multi-Skill if wish to remain Market-Worthy.

Why We Need To Say The Emperor Has No Clothes

Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you – Michelle Obama.

Sushi Lunches

Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 005 >> Discoveries! :) Hahaha…

(1) MT listens to BFM, that was the first radio station channel that pops up when she on the radio station in her car.

(2) MT uses a Hello Kitty notebook at work…and she has a Blossom Power Puff Girls doll hanging in her car. As I have forgotten the name, I enquire is that ButterCup, well…apparently I was wrong and MT have to correct me. ButterCup is the green one, the tomboy one…hers is Blossom, the pink one while the blue one is Bubbles.

(3) MT’s parents lives in Section 10, a single storey house…meaning it is in the same taman as S’s family…MT went to Section 4 Raja Muda school for her primary studies…she is my senior, the both of us studied at SMKSSAAS.

(4) Every Thursday night MT will go back to her parent’s house for dinner. As she goes back late, her dad will wait for her and eats together with her, not her mom though.

(5) MT do not buy her clothes from Malaysia’s shopping mall, she hardly goes to shopping mall anyway.

(6) MT has a female cat, a stray cat which she adopted 2 years back. Called Moussy or Moussie…

(7) MT enjoys watching movies, those non-commercial & artsy fartsy genre. Oh, she follows HK TVB too. She watches them over the weekend’s afternoon and sometimes fell asleep while watching the movies…hahaha…

(8) MT loves water sports, she does diving and now she wants to try her hands on surfing, and now planning to go to Indonesia to do that.

(9) MT goes to the MainPlace Subang for her gym sessions, under their residents pass. She said Shucks when I mention to her that I only pay RM83 for my Celebrity Fitness pass because I have Small Ham’s Shell subsidize…hahaha…

(10) MT sends her clothes to the laundry to be iron. Her husband irons his own clothes. She doesn’t let her husband iron her clothes because she claims that her husband is too cincai…hahaha…

(11) This is the best part…MT have OCD…I also told her I have OCD too…hahaha…but I also told MT that if MT can find activities to occupy her or needs her attention more, than she won’t think about her OCD-ness and it can be reduce and manage.

(12) Mak Tiri OCD is very serious leh…she cleans her main door grill because she says that her cat goes through it and she kisses her cat…hahaha…she cannot tahan lizard’s poo poo as well because her cat rubs her body on any surface & she needs to kiss her cat…she cannot stand finger prints on door knobs, thus at home she uses tissue paper to open doors…alamak…she is also very particular with her leg cleanliness…I notice before she goes to bed (MT, Abigail & I were sharing the same room), MT have to rub both her feet before she gets in…hahaha…then at one point…Harriet needed to borrow our washroom (their hotel room was just a few doors across from us), this Harriet did not remove her shoes, MT sort of like look at me, freak out a little and chuckle. And I get it and I told her that I will clean the floor, hilarious…hahaha…MT washes her car, she rarely uses the kitchen; either she eats outside or tapau. And like me, we have to wash our hair every day, no matter how late we come back, we just need to wash our hair. Otherwise, we won’t sleep on the bed. We will sleep on the spare mattress on the floor. MT mention that previously, she used to arrange her clothes according to colors, but now there just are too much clothes, she doesn’t have the time to do it anymore. See, another way to reduce the OCD-ness. Now, it answers why travelling can be a problem for her. She needs to stay in an upper-class place…hahaha…I teased her that she have inherited the OCD genes because apparently…her cousins behave in similar fashion as well…one of her aunts or uncles literally pick up every single hair from the house floor…

(13) Stewart mention that previously Mak Tiri will fork out her own money to stay alone in the hotel room, is not that MT do not want to share a room with anybody…my theory is that the room is just too dirty, because Mak Tiri got shares with us that the room was so dirty, when she was showering, she dare not look elsewhere, only look at one angle only. Therefore, she decides to check out and check in into another hotel room. For this trip, I thought she might not want to share a room with Abigail & myself, but she did. But I also think that she is also a bit kedekut as well…hahaha…

(14) I ask MT what time we will make a move back to KL on Thursday, she said that I should know since that we are on the same wave length. I replied back not quite yet…hahaha…

(15) MT cannot fell asleep easily. She tosses around frequently. And Abigail can really snores.

(16) Then there was this incident, when MT was out from the lift, I accidently press the close button, so the lift doors terkepit her. I said that she will forgive me because she has a big heart. She said that by looking at her small petite frame, I could surely have guess that she have a small heart.

(17) Mak Tiri is also quite an observant person as well…on our way back to our Subang office…it was raining, it was cold, I kept both of my hands underneath the bag…Mak Tiri lower the air conditioning temperature but when she notice that both of my hands is still beneath the bag…she ask…still cold meh

(18) MT’s career progression – The French, The English (Danny pernah under her leh), The Suppliers, G13, The French & The Japanese. When she was working at The Supplier’s side, MT have flexible working hours and was quite free, free until she can go and play mahjong & sing karaoke…

(19) Overall, Mak Tiri is like Ursula! Interesting, yet misunderstood…

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Huckleberry After Dark

Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 004 >> hahaha…I gave RM5 to both Tin Min & Abigail…they split RM2.50 between the 2 of them. It was a bet that I lost…well, MT was very tired, so were we. Dinner time. We need to get food. The nearest availability was McD & KFC…so, I told them, let’s say that we have decided…3 against 1 mah…that we will have KFC for dinner…we were not familiar with the route, we are tired, getting dinner seems like a hassle…however, both Tin Min & Abigail have warned me that MT do not like KFC…but in the end, they won…hahaha…

Train To Tokyo

Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 003 >> we were dead silent throughout the whole journey, only the music was playing in the background…then don’t know…whether is it because Mak Tiri cannot tahan or what…she started by asking me questions…then I start to answer them back lor and asking her vice versa lor…hahaha…

It was Mak Tiri who ask me is it true that Laura is going back to G13, which I answered that I wasn’t too sure about it, later on I made a cross-check with Marcus and it turn up to be true…but how did MT knew about this? If MT have checked with Marcus and Marcus can confirm it, I do not see the need for MT to ask me this question. Unless, MT did not get the news from Marcus…but from who? Alex? MT had lunch with Alex recently…


Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 002 >> so, in the end…Wayne, Jonas, Harriet & Kelvin was in one car. I followed Tin Min, Abigail and Mak Tiri. Mak Tiri drove us there. Both Tin Min and myself park our car in the office, boarded the LRT, took the train ride to Putra Heights…before the trip starts…Abigail was already feeling very reckless; sharing a room with Mak Tiri, being in the same car as her…so, in the end…both Tin Min & Abigail sat at the backseat and I was the co-pilot…but I also know that this Abigail is taking this outstation trip opportunity to build a better relationship with Mak Tiri...hahaha...


Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 001 >> one of our Southern Store; Batu Pahat will be relaunch on the 28th this month…so as usual…we have to go down to the store to support the store team…I wanted to go…Celtic like acuh tak acuh like that…then Stewart ask me…I think the whole Team Baz can hear lah…J___, do you want to go together with L__ N__?

Why Stewart didn’t mention Jonas leh? Why MT?
At that point of time…I only reply back to Stewart that I need to check with Celtic first…

On Time

God is always on time. We may think He’s late, but He’s not. Throughout Scripture we read about people becoming impatient with God’s timing. The Israelites waited and waited for the promised Messiah. Some gave up hope.

When we become discouraged because God doesn’t respond according to our timetable, Christmas reminds us that When the set time had fully come, God sent his son…God’s timing is always perfect, and it is worth the wait.

Heavenly Father, I confess that I become impatient and discouraged, wanting answers to prayer in my own time and on my schedule. Help me to wait patiently for Your timing in all things.

God’s timing is always right – wait patiently for Him.

The Power Of Simple Words

Simple isn’t na├»ve or stupid; its direct and unpretentious. Just like Jesus. And Salvation.

Cycle 4

Me: Morning. Hey, saw the Facebook posting. U r leaving? Nonetheless, all the best & good luck

Emerson: Hey r u? Yea I am leaving to NZ. Thanks so much. U wanna come back? Or any one u know wanna b buyer?

Me: Hi hi. Same old same old. Wah, looks like everyone is heading to NZ ya…Eh, u all just implement FOM right? Still hav vacancy?

Emerson: Yes got

Hahaha…yes, I make the first move…take the initiative to WatsApp Emerson…well, Emerson have always been a very strong influencer on Miguel…so, crossing fingers, hopefully Emerson will remind Miguel to follow-up with me…

Roast Lamb with Dill and Lemon

Also no WatsApp reply from Marcus either. Marcus was suppose to meet up with Marcus’s new boss on Friday…it’s either the meeting jadi or tak jadi…Marcus have yet to update me and also did not remind me to email my CV over to Marcus. God…I am really aiming for this Trade Plan position lehaiyo…I know my salary scale might outweighs this position…probably my salary overqualified it…I think Marcus is only allow to get in a newbie or an entry-level employee…however, I can fit into Miguel’s buying team because Maximoff have 6 person leaving, so there is the budget availability…but hor, Tommy got mention before that Maximoff is also very kedekut…so how God…all I can do right now is WAIT right…aiya

The One Show

Sigh…no WatsApp reply from Miguel yet…so…meaning that I have missed the boat? :( So sad…

Thursday, April 20, 2017

bloop in the womb

Marcus: Morning J___. I need a manager in Trade Plan…

Me: Morning

Marcus: Interested?

Me: Me me me. Hahaha

Marcus: Trade plan wor. Not buying leh. R u serious?

Me: Time to move on to do something else.

Marcus: Yeah, marketing is also interesting line leh. Mind to tell me your pay now? Scared cabot afford.

Me: RM6500 – RM7500

Marcus: Want to send me your resume?

Me: Report directly to u right?

Marcus: Yes. I’m meeting my new boss this Friday, will chat with her.

Me: Heard that Laura going back to G13?

Marcus: Yes. Pls come back. Btw, Maximoff’s team have 6 ppl leaving. 4 in May. 2 in June. Emerson, Ivan, Bryan, Non Food Side…Adeline and 2 more new girls join for about 1 year only


Well, I don’t know whether this one jadi or not…I think my chances are very slim. I don’t think that they will be keen to hire me with such a heavy salary scale. If hired also, I don’t think the increment can be that very high as well. Even, if Marcus is allow to hire, probably just a newbie or an entry level employee. The only advantage that I have is that I have done all of the categories before, except for Grocery, Fresh, Non Food, Textile, Appliance, Auto/DIY and Plastic HouseHold. Nonetheless, I am very happy that Marcus remembered me and God gave this opportunity to me.


Miguel: Hi hi how are you? I am just wondering if you are keen to join back G13 and to report directly under me. Thanks.

Me: Hi Boss. Am good. How r u? Boss, I’m in store doing some work, I talk to u later ok.

Miguel: Ok ok

Me: Morning boss. Sorry sorry late reply. Hav been super duper bz. Now only got time to reply u. Coz otw to store visit…eh, u all just implement FOM right? Still hav vacancy?

This is the WatsApp Conversation that transpire between Miguel & myself.
After that hor…Miguel didn’t reply me back already…it's already 3 days...don’t know whether this Miguel is busy…or angry…or kecil hati…or merajuk with me…hahaha…

Sunday, April 16, 2017

What Can I Give Him?

Praise the Lord, and forget not all his benefits.

God promises to supply all our needs, so we might ask for a new job, help with financial problems, physical healing for ourselves or others, or a restored relationship.

The most important gift we can ever receive is God’s gift of His son, our Savior, and with Him forgiveness, restoration, and the promise of spiritual life that begins now and lasts forever. And the most important gift we can ever give is to give Jesus our heart.

You overwhelm me with Your gifts, Lord.


Angry with this Abigail…on Thursday evening, Abigail complained to Wayne, Harriet & myself that Mak Tiri wrote to her several emails, with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. I also find it very rude lah…then mana tahu, on Friday morning…Abigail drop Zila & myself an email regarding a Debit Balance supplier case…BOLD our name somemore. Hello…you don’t want Mak Tiri to treat you like this…you pula go and treat people like that…

Celtic also got mention that Mak Tiri already complain Abigail kaw kaw until Stewart also keep screwing Abigail already. Don't know how true is this lah. Now, whatever Celtic said, must use my wisdom to filter one. Stewart also wonder whether Abigail is suitable for this line or not.

Rag & Bone

Phone Conversations with Marcus:

(1) Marcus mentions to me that Emerson & Ivan have both resigned…I already knew the news from Paige earlier on…nonetheless…I pretend to be surprise…hahaha…

(2) Marcus mention to me that there are vacancies back in G13…I suggested to Marcus to get Baldwin on board since Baldwin haven’t got a job yet…I reminded Marcus that Marcus previously have mention before that Miguel also likes Baldwin…but according to Marcus…like no leh…Miguel already got someone on board. Miguel got WatsApp me wor...THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU saham still laku...hahaha...

(3) On Ursula’s case…according to Marcus…Maximoff purposely kenakan Ursula teruk-teruk…promote Jordan and put Ursula to take care of the Toys & Baby Goods category. Because of this case, Ursula got personally call up Marcus to express herself because Marcus was the first to kena this so-called English attack. Ursula was the last.

(4) Maximoff also likes Jecca. So, Jecca should be in safe hands for now.

(5) Marcus will be heading to the Marketing Team once the FOM system is fully implemented. According to Marcus, Marcus have nothing much to do these days…just attend meetings, having discussions but the plus side is that Marcus doesn’t have the burden of Sales, Margin & Stock Days anymore…hahaha…

Dog Kicker

Dave’s Deli, Subang Parade >> lunch date with Smallie. Aiyakena poured with ice cold water…Smallie mentions…that moving forward…Category Management may be phase out…I believe that the role will still be there…but probably, there won’t be a need for a full force team anymore…takkan lah, I have to stuck with buying meh…so I guess, I have to find a role either – Education, Training, Consultancy & Advisory or Branding, Communication, Marketing, Trade Marketing or Media…God…where am I heading from here…I am really not cut out for this job...I just got where I am today because of...I don't know...God, You place me here...

Smallie finds that Celtic is just too old school...old just doesn't work like that anymore...hahaha...Smallie said that being a Jack of all trades indicate a person is flexible and adaptable. I also share with Smallie that Celtic is just so in the box. If Celtic were to transfer into another category, Celtic will surely resigned. I am here today because the suppliers gave me second chances. I am not a very smart person but I am willing to learn and being very polite...hahaha...and it's not what you said or what you's that personal touch, how you make the other party feels.

Golden Buzzer


Miguel betul-betul WatsApp me wor…was this Miguel’s own initiative…or did Marcus mention my name? Or did Emerson instigate all of this? Or Maximoff brought the subject up? Interesting…

Miguel said Hi…ask me how am I doing…whether I want to join back G13 or not and report directly to Miguel.

And as usual…as I want to buy more time…I gave Miguel the excuse that I was currently working in the store and that I will catch up with him later. Miguel said ok.

What is holding me back…is that its buying all over again…and I think with this new FOM structure…there will be no more assistant that will assist the buyers with paperwork anymore…here with The Japanese, at least, I still have Zila & Fify to help me on an on and off basis.

Nonetheless, I will reply back to Miguel on Tuesday. If I don’t replied back, lagi teruk…Miguel will be very kecil hati and there will be no more offers in the future for me…hahaha…well, I am just very glad that Miguel still remembers me!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SNL Days

Paige: I am leaving sharp at 6 today cos wet market a my back, construction site in front of me

Me: Hahaha

Marcus: J___, you never know how exciting is our new office. Btw, GMS have many vacancies, you should consider to give Miguel a call

Me: Hmm. U all ask me to come back. 2 ppl say hold on first. 1 ppl say don’t…

Marcus: Who are these 3 ppl?

Me: From oth dept. They say morale now very low. Buying income very stress

Marcus: Soon, when FOM goes live we will only look at income from sales

Me calling Miguel? Cannot lah…then my saham will jatuh…let Miguel approach me…then at least my salary can up more mah…hahaha…anyway, if Miguel really wants me…Miguel would have call me earlier already…I think everyone just have the perception that I am ok with The Japanese & Celtic…but actually, tak berapa ok...hahaha...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4 Lessons On Endurance From Madonna

Why is Madonna seemingly eternal, even in the face of massive changes in the music industry whether in terms of fan tastes, culture or the passing of generations? And what can you learn from her to assure your enduring and adaptive leadership?

Prepare so that detail becomes memory >> Madonna is no prima donna. She doesn’t swish into a stadium 30 minutes before a concert and wing it. It was noted that before every performance of her last world tour, she would run through the complete show, beginning to end, so that her muscle memory and what’s called proprioception (that ability to operate on seeming autopilot) would take over. This allows her to play on stage, to be more responsive and interactive with the audience – that is what makes her live performance so special. Practice and visualization makes perfect. And it frees you up to be extemporaneous.

Get fit >> Madonna, whose highly athletic dancing can mesmerize a stadium, is nearly 60. You can use technology to fix someone’s tonality in the studio, but you can’t fake fitness. And when a robust personality is core to your brand, it’s going to take discipline and sweat in the gym – and more than one trainer. When you study most leaders, they are in the gym every morning or at least married to a rigorous workout programme. And Madonna is known to work out daily. More than that, she has been very public about maintaining her lean strength by eating whole, organic foods, eliminating processed foods, practicing mindfulness meditation and cultivating long-term intimate bonds with family & friends. All of these activities add up to the perfect neurochemical for youthfulness and longevity.

Stand (strongly) for what’s important to you >> Madonna has been a long-term, fearless and vocal advocate for many causes. Her consistent, unapologetic and fearless advocacy for the dignity of all people is her unique selling proposition. Beyond that, she defends her core values vociferously and is not afraid to wrestle with the powers that be.

Experiment with style >> just because your values don’t change doesn’t mean your hairstyle or shoes don’t. Part of Madonna’s genius has been to deliver her consistent message of bold self-expression through different packaging. And that packaging often exactly represented her response to a culture that tries to box her in, define her or trivialize her voice. When they tried to demean the early Madonna as a has-been big-hair pop act, she electrified the music world with Like A Virgin. When her financial success caused so many to dismiss her as just another rock star, she redefined scared music with Ray Of Light, inspired by her work with kabbalah, an ancient belief that reveals how the universe and life work. I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art. Says Madonna. By living it authentically, she has inspired many to have the courage to do the same.

Constant reinvention keeps you and your personal brand alive. Madonna is not afraid to be outlandish and she never confuses her current stylistic expression with her core values as a person. She’s versatile and keeps herself relevant to each generation. Each time, she remakes her image fit in with the current trend while still maintaining her Madonna-ness.

5 Reasons Why The Corporate World Needs More Women

Diversity >> women are more conditioned towards customer service, teamwork and nurturing capabilities. The inclusion of this in the workplace, particularly ones that are male-dominated, brings a challenging but complementary edge to decision-making and problem-solving.

Female consumers >> women make up a large percentage of consumers. Having more women on board means being able to more efficiently conceptualize, design and strategize ways to market products & services to this demographic.

Balance >> more women in the workplace leads to women and men having more equal representation in society and at work. This creates more role models for young women and girls looking to step up in their careers or seek a less traditional home life. It also means greater workplace dynamism and diversity, which translates to more varied and innovative ideas.

Financial Inclusion >> giving women and families more purchasing power is good for the economy. It also gives women independence and freedom to live and protect herself.

Women Are Half Of The World >> women need to be as represented in the workplace as they are in terms of population. At the end of the day, women can legally work and many want to work and be independent, so depriving these women of their dreams and rights is inhumane and counterproductive to society.

Monday, April 10, 2017

8 ways psychologists say successful people achieve their goals

Here are some of the psychological strategies the most successful people adopt in their daily lives.

In the 1960s, psychologist Carol Dweck came up with the idea for two different kinds of mindsets. She called them "growth mindsets" and "fixed mindsets." Growth mindsets give people the ability to see themselves as capable of change - notably, growth - while fixed mindsets cause people to view themselves as fully realized, or unchanging. Having a growth mindset leads to far higher achievement than having a fixed one, Dweck's research has found.

Psychologist Angela Duckworth has found time and again that the ability to recover after failure is one of the most common traits of successful people. Duckworth calls this resilience "grit," and it's often the grittiest kids who get into the best schools, get the best jobs, and, incidentally, win the most spelling bees. Some experts have even said grit is the single-most important trait to become successful.

Anders Ericsson is the leading expert on how repeated behaviors can lead to mastery. Most of us call this "practice." Ericsson's research has found a higher-level form of practice called "deliberate practice" could be even better. People engage in deliberate practice when they are actively and repeatedly trying to escape their comfort zone. Deliberate practice works in tandem with Dweck's growth mindset: Only through that mindset can people move from one state of proficiency to another.

Emma Seppala, science director of Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, wrote in her recent book "The Happiness Track" that successful people don't agonize over their shortcomings. In fact, they are nicer to themselves - they display what Seppala calls "self-compassion." Self-compassion is a sign you recognize that you, too, are human. You make mistakes like everyone else. What matters in terms of your success is what you do next.

Mindfulness is the ability to direct your attention like a spotlight, and to direct that spotlight on things that truly matter. Research has found mindfulness to be a valuable tool for people who spend many hours of their day bouncing between meetings, tasks, challenges, and fires that need fighting. It's the ability to stay calm under pressure, and to reach that state of calm intentionally.


Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says too many people focus on the moonshot goal instead of the steps needed to get there. Successful people focus on the process and often manage to enjoy it, Cuddy says, rather than zeroing in solely on the desired outcome. You might set the goal of running a marathon, for example, but research suggests it'll only be through a steady running routine that you'll end up being successful.

In his recent book "Irresistible," NYU psychologist Adam Alter discusses the misconception that successful people tune out distractions just by ignoring them. Everyone's phones are vibrating for their attention. But people can power through those disruptions by eliminating the temptation to check altogether, Alter says. That can mean installing site blockers or physically putting a device far away, out of both sight and mind.

Mil Reasons

Today, when Stephanie called me on my desk phone…I was so excited because she has not done that for such a long time. Mana tahu, she literally drop a bomb on me. She told me that, that for this whole month…since she will be on and off in the office, I just go and eat lunch myself. What the…

Then, I cannot tahan already, I have to confront her already, so I apps her…

Me: Hola. Did i do something wrong? If it is, I apologies as I am not aware. I don’t feel ur bz, I think u r avoiding. We hav been friends long enough. And I think we can talk & resolve issues.

Stephanie: Nvm. Just go ahead lunch with Stewart.

Me: U r going back to tat hole again. I won’t scold. I won’t kecil hati. U know tat…Ok, then we talk when u r ready.

I also told Stewart about this over lunch today…Stewart also find it very childish…Stewart feel that she needs attention and she doesn’t have anything to look forward to…Stephanie’s parents are in Seremban, she does everything with Celtic…go shopping with Celtic, go to gym with Celtic, having meals with Celtic, it’s like she doesn’t have any friends. Stewart mentions that as for me…my family is here, I have church, I have some friends, I have activities to look forward to.

I also tell this issue to Celtic…but with Celtic these days…I also have to be extra careful, Celtic likes to light up the fire and may want to keep Stephanie; distance from me…

I grew up people…I wish I have know these discipline, good habits, good characters, good skills and Life Board sooner…I feel such a late bloomer…but I hold on to the story of Lazarus. Jesus was 4 days late; according to man’s time…but in actual fact…Jesus was on time. And for my life right now…Jesus ensures that I am on time in every aspect of my life. I want to throw out all of the negativity and embrace life with God.

Jesus – thank You that You Found Me, Save Me, Rescue Me & Redeem Me.
I think I will also be this negative, lost and depressed at this stage of my life.
i thank God for putting - just that simple thought into my head.

Federal Drug Probe

…celebrate Each Other, celebrate Happyness, celebrate Life…

Attended the wedding with Stewart, Celtic, Henry & Abigail. I was dress to the nice…but MT didn’t turn up…

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Ministry Of Crab

Putien, SS15 Courtyard, Subang – dinner with Ling Ling. Oh my gosh…we haven’t met up in ages…the last time that we actually met up was way back in July 2015…last year we just exchange phone calls somewhere back in the month of May…oh, we did so many catching-up that night :) We were chatting about our jobs, the company's ordering system, the company’s culture & direction, our daily busyness, the daily grind…everything. It was just so wonderful. And then after that, Ling Ling ask me whether I want to go to The Philippines with her…because Ling Ling will be attending her company’s conference there; somewhere in May…and she will be extending her stay there to explore the city…so she was wondering whether I want to partner with her or not…I really wanted to…but I am currently running low on cash at the moment… have to skip this round…

Le Mout

Sigh…I think I have figure out why Stephanie is still upset with me…my guess was right…she was offended on her birthday lunch’s date…last time, during lunch break…Stephanie will walk over to my place…she doesn’t eat with her colleagues…now, as her Senior Manager have resigned, that lunch group sort of have disband and Stephanie have found a friend in Leonore. Now, Stephanie doesn’t come to my workstation anymore, I have to go to her place instead…fine…she doesn’t tell me where she is going for lunch, I have to call her instead…fine…she doesn’t prompt me in advance if she have a lunch date…fine…now I find the whole thing very childish on her part…and I also have a ego too…but thank GOD, that I mange to put that ego aside and continue to bug her. And I intend to do that until common sense knock into her head. And I have found the answer…when I ask her to re-choose the date…she said that it’s over for so long…no need lah to celebrate…then I say it can be for a casual lunch…she said that she is busy over the weekend…and when I ask her she is busy with what…she say there is a lot of things to do…then I know already lor…but I am still sticking with my game plan…bug her until common sense knock into her head. And I will continue to be my joyful self and mingle with everyone.

Living In The Light

The apostle John wrote these words to believers as a message of encouragement – anyone who loves their brother & sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. By contrast, he equated hating people with roaming around in darkness. Hatred is disorienting; it takes away our sense of moral direction.

Loving people is not always easy. Yet I was reminded as I looked out the window that frustration, forgiveness and faithfulness are all part of maintaining a deep connection with the love and light of God. When we choose love instead of hate, we are showing our relationship with Him and reflecting His radiance to the world around us. God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all.

The Money

You cannot serve both God and money.

Jesus devoted a substantial section of His Sermon on the Mount to money and our fondness for it. He taught us to pray not for an accumulation of riches but for our daily bread. He warned against storing up treasures on earth and pointed to the birds and flowers as evidence that God cares deeply about His creation. Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, Jesus said. And all these things will be given to you as well.

Money matters. But money shouldn’t rule our decision-making process. Tough times and big decisions are opportunities to grow our faith in new ways. Our heavenly Father cares for us.

Never confuse temptation with opportunity.

Gallery Vask

On last week Friday, I was having lunch with Stewart at Sushi King…so bump into Mak Tiri again…Stewart informed me that Mak Tiri’s lunch buddy must be on leave because on Thursday, Mak Tiri was having lunch with Li Fong…on Friday however, Mak Tiri was having lunch with a G13 ex-colleague (Alex, I think is his name)…from HR…not from recruitment though, Alex is more to the Administration side of the HR business. Stewart went oh oh…I told Stewart not to worry about anything because since MT is so in her comfort zone, MT won’t leave one…however, according to Stewart…if MT is not happy on the job and there is the opportunity to do so, MT will also leave. Stewart also knew the reason why MT left G13 in the first place; because of Ursula…hahaha…then Stewart got mention that Abigail is not fast enough…I pula go & suggest to Stewart that it’s time to bring MT into the picture. Stewart answered if MT comes into the picture, MT cannot manage D30 & D35…these categories sales are also dropping this year and MT have to do the Gardening special project…so MT is overloaded and cannot cope...

The Top 16 Competencies Top Leaders Exemplify Most

Take Initiative
Practices Self-Development
Displays High integrity & Honesty
Drives For Results
Develop Others
Inspires & Motivates Others
Builds Relationships
Collaboration & Teamwork
Establishes Stretch Goals
Champions Change
Solves Problems & Analyses Issues
Communicates Powerfully & Prolifically
Connects The Group To The Outside World
Technical Or Professional Expertise
Develops Strategic Perspective


Second-half goals from Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino helped Liverpool to come from behind to record a 2 - 1 victory at Stoke City.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Burnt Ends

Same old problem again…it’s either a draw or losing against the league's supposedly weaker sides. Liverpool didn't lose any of its 10 games against rivals in the current top six this season, but continues to struggle to put away other teams in the league. How ironic is that?!

Growing Business In Tough Economic Times

Strengthen your core for the next upturn (strategize & train) >> during challenging and slow business seasons, there is a tendency for reduced employee activity. This is a blessing, not to worry. First, this will enable you to strategize with your top management to take advantage of the current business opportunity window. Second, you will find the time that you normally do not have to train your staff and make your team a super team. Special emphasis should be placed on your leaders and their capabilities in leading their teams effectively. Smart employers act to strengthen internally, emerging stronger than their sleeping competitors.

Build up resource levels cheaply >> a company we know uses softer economic periods to build up its inventory of raw materials at reduced market prices. Visionary property companies always seek to expand their land bank cheaply when property prices are challenged. This principle applies to other assets as well, including share market investments. Of course, this depends on how large your cash reserve is.

Negotiate better trading terms
>> everyone wants cash now, but more importantly, everyone wants business. As such, this may be a good time to be brave and negotiate for better trade terms, that is, the length of time in which you are required to settle your payments. Keep in mind that the better cash flow arising from such a tactic is meant to leverage your company, not to spend on frivolous and non-urgent expenses.

Motivate against the tide >> most companies, during tough times, gloomily predict that the company and by extension its employees, will have to brace themselves. In happy contrast, good companies highlight the opportunities present in every business scenario, and motivate their people by pointing these to them. Leaders will play a significant role in achieving this goal, as even their everyday mannerisms and attitude will be observed and transmitted to their teams, directly impacting employee morale.

Strengthen your backroom >> one of the key and common weaknesses of companies is their internal organization. Poor or redundant human resource structures, lack of SOPs, dodgy safety situations and inefficient process chains all impact the smooth running of a business. In these times, conduct internal organizational health checks – using an external consultant if necessary – to build and streamline systems & processes.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Developing Yourself

Read >> with self-improvement books available, you will find no shortage of books to read or listen to on every aspect of career or professional development. Choose the area where you feel you would benefit from a good book on leadership or organization or management and make it a goal to read for 30 minutes to an hour each day. Make it a goal to read a book that will assist you in your career at least once a month.

Take a course >> whether you take a college or university course on campus or you sign up for an online class or attend a webinar, the opportunities for learning in any venue are almost endless. Just check them out. Find a reputable institution, entity or individual and take a course that will build your resume and help you grow professionally. Find a well known guru in your industry. Chances are he or she offers some sort of programme even if it is only the occasional webinar or teleseminar.

Join a professional group or association >> most professions have some sort of professional organization that you can join. You should join them and subscribe to (and read) their journals. Stay up to date on the conversations that members are having. Join their LinkedIn Groups and take part by contributing directly or responding and sharing other people’s content. You cannot afford not to keep up, so stay current by staying in touch with your colleagues. Attend association conferences when you can. Network whenever you have the opportunity.

Seek out a Toastmasters Club
>> one of the best kept secrets out there today. Toastmaster members learn how to communicate more effectively but they also develop their leadership skills along the way. Toastmaster clubs offer safe environments for learning how to overcome your fear of speaking and your career development will grow exponentially as the result of your stretching yourself beyond your fear. Becoming a member of a Toastmasters club is a first step towards developing your confidence and competence as a communicator and a leader.

Sunday, April 02, 2017


A few days before the Shah Alam store was re-launch…Team Baz was at the store…we work until quite late…then, all of the other buyers left already…left Abigail, Mak Tiri & myself. Abigail cannot go home yet because the Furniture numbering haven’t complete yet…Mak Tiri tengah supervise her Lighting suppliers…and Stewart ask me to supervise the both of them…so, when I see that things are in order…I spoke to Stewart over the phone…that everything is under control…can I go home first…and I will get Mak Tiri to apps the Lighting concept once it has been completed. Then, I went over to Mak Tiri…pass the message to her…she like buat muka sedih only because I can go back early and she have to stay back for a while longer…hahaha…then, earlier in the day, Stewart ask me to buy a few bottles of mineral water for the team…so there were balance 2 water bottles left…I offer 1 to Abigail, Abigail say no need…so I hand one to Mak Tiri lor…told her that Stewart bought for the team to drink…hahaha…yes, it’s not what you said or do…it’s how you make the other person feel…that personal touch…


Marcus: Paige will you in ccc in the morning? I bought egg tarts.

Me: My favorite :(

Marcus: Told u to join us back. FYI, Brian resigned. His new dept is plastic & KDF. SUITS YOU.

Me: Got Amelia.

Marcus: Amelia is CM for HH2 now.

Me: Put her back in plastic.

Marcus: Plastic & KDF is one category now, in FOM.

Me: I want to be Marcus assistant.

Marcus: Marcus no more assistant…

Me: Those 4 months are too short. I haven’t finish learning from u yet. I need to dig ur brains.

Is this Brian for real?

But Mr. Horton's secretary did mention to me that I have make the right decision of leaving because now all of the buyers have a very big problem is collecting the Buying Income. Plus, the overall atmosphere in G13 is very low at the moment.

Plastic? Don’t want lah…Celtic…holds the key to all of the suppliers. I think Tommy also headache. I will wait. God will put me back to FMCG, NGO, AC Nielsen etc…God will provide…the material things & the non-material things, opportunities, chances, people…GOD have a great plan in place for me. I will hold on to the stories of the extra loaves of bread & fishes, Joseph was the Prime Minister of Egypt after being betray by his brothers, thrown into a well, thrown into a prison and David was only a shepherd boy but he became the King.

Nihonryori Ryugin

Me: Bien hecho. Today no need reminder. Oh, thanks for tidying up my devote list last week.

MT: Lol ok no prob

Last month WatsApp conversations with Mak Tiri…yeah, that Monday, MT did not need a second reminder from me anymore…so I puji her lah…also pulling her leg at the same time…and also thanking her for kemas kini my decote list. Ya mah…I make some careless mistakes again…same item but different price point. Must thank people for their effort, this report is being send to the top management, if got such an error…Team Baz malu only…


We won the Derby.
Liverpool 3 – 1 Everton :)