Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015: GOD Has A Plan For Me

Dear GOD,

In another 48 minutes time – we will be saying goodbye to 2014 and usher in a brand new year of 2015. Wow…how time flies…another year has gone by.

I am writing You another letter :) I will keep it short & simple this time around. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD.

If 2013 was a 2 out of a 10-point scale…then 2014…which is a slightly better year for me…it is a 4 out of a 10 point scale. My biggest regret for this year was rejecting the Colgate-Palmolive offer where my every prayer points have been answered by GOD. GOD is very faithful & generous indeed. My bad, I just did not have the courage to respond to You…but I hope that in 2015…God can give me an ounce of that and more. The courage & the confidence to do so.

I did have a wonderful time in 2014 as well…I went to Sarawak to attend the Sarawak International RainForest Music Festival, I hop on a Quad Bike, I bought myself a Foldie & a rose gold Fossil watch, I went for two 10KM Marathons, two 21KM Marathons, one 15KM Marathon & a 5KM Walkathon. I am also the co-owner of the Ken Rimba Condominium.

At work – I met Ursula, I learnt lots from her, my one zaman kegemilangan was back in the month of August where I am the only department that is positive double digit (together with Christy), I manage to pull through some obstacles…of course, there is always room for improvement. I also stumble along the way and made many mistakes as well. The Ice Queen turn my life upside down in October. Heard that The Ice Queen have decided to opt for retirement and have left the G13 building. But I am sure that The Ice Queen will make a comeback. The Ice Queen wants to leave a legacy.

GOD – for 2015 – as I get older…my wish list gets shorter :)
It’s time to write resolutions again. I’m just aiming to live better.
I just want to lead a purposeful & fulfilling life. Sounds very deep eh? I just want it to be better than last year. It’s my core value now. Simple pleasures, which cost close to nothing, are definitely the best! Relationships with my family and friends, travel, good food & good company, movement, prayer, self improvement & growth, career advancement, exploration & adventures, hobbies, health and exercise… and then the more physical stuff – house, car, toys, gadgets, color, books, fashion, money. Go all the way. I just want to grow to be a better person. Living better is more important than getting richer. And getting richer doesn’t equal to living better. Living better needs to come from being more disciplined, putting in more effort and having more gratitude.

God, my main problem is – please guide my choices of words & responses. I think that will save me from a lot of troubles :) Please continue to encourage me on not to criticize people, to always look for the best in people, to be a good listener and to throw myself wholeheartedly into life.

GOD – You are my Corner Man, You pack my parachute. It is indeed from a higher power for sure, no doubt about it. I know that this is not all me – there’s no way it could be. I do believe that there’s a power greater than myself that is surely watching over me and that is GOD. GOD - I am going to have the courage to respond to You…because You have a Great Plan for me :) All I need is your love, hope, assurance, grace, mercy, favorability, blessings, confidence, courage & encouragment. You never fail me. You are so generous and You will bless me more & more & more and You will make things better & better & better for me.

Blessed 2015 – the story begins,
- the underdog, rascal, misfit J___ -

Black Intimidates

You are:
29 Years Old Of Emotional Age.

You stand in the middle of life. You've built yourself an existence and are enjoying the benefits of it now. You're strong, independent and curious. Additionally, you have the guts to embark upon risky projects and are highly successful. Your fellow men admire your relaxed and positive attitude towards life. You take every day and solve conflicts and setbacks quite well. You look to the future beaming with joy and work every day because it is awesome. Your passion is travelling. You want the world to explore its wonders. Nevertheless, it is important for you to have a port to which you can always go back.

Yellow Attracts Attention

This blog is my Memory Keeper :)

Red Shocks & Paralyses

There are many points in life when we cannot see what awaits us around the corner, and it is precisely at such times, when our path forward is unclear, that we must bravely keep our nerve, resolutely putting one foot before the other as we march blindly into the dark – Richard C. Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey.

GOD – 2015 – I am 33 years old – the age of Resurrection – I am going to have the courage to respond to You…because You have a Great Plan for me :)

Blue Soothes

Marcus share with me that Marcus will not be the next GM for the division. Yes, it is The Ice Queen’s plan but it is not Mr. Horton’s plan. Apparently, there will be a new GM coming in. FW is already in, but FW is park under the Grocery Department. Another new GM that was on board recently was Albert. But there are rumors going around that Albert is only the GM for the HouseBrand department. But then again…why is this Albert moving into Leonardo’s room? Ursula also confirmed with me that Marcus is not the next GM. Whatever lah…I also no eye see. If Marcus gets it…I am happy for Marcus because Marcus also has a very disaster year like me. At least, Marcus’s efforts are being rewarded. But right now, no one can second-guess what is Mr. Horton’s original game plan is.

Orange Confuses

When you have feelings of restlessness and discontent, you may believe that it is a sign to move on and quit. But don’t bail at the first glimmer of dissatisfaction – just as you should not quit your marriage after a spat with your spouse.

If you plan to quit your job because of conflicts you are facing at work today, remember that these problems will reappear in your next role if you don’t take the time to at least examine what’s wrong at your current role.

Leaving your current role without resolving this conflict is bound to create the same issues in your next role. So, resolve these conflicts before you leave.

Sigh…it’s either I change the situation or I change myself. Since I cannot change the situation, so I have to change myself. I have to change the situation that I am in.

Like today…New Year’s Eve – I am on leave.
No newspaper. Actually, there is no newspaper supplies for quite some time now…no runners to do it…have been requesting the Finance Department to approve for petty cash usage…don’t want to approve initially…now when the situation have blown out of proportion & to the top managment…then, only want to do it. Secondly, is the CNY deco…cannot set-up today because the school shoes is still there…yet Baldwin’s CNY home furnishing pillows can be display because my BTS standees have already been pack up & parked inside my stationery department because the Christmas block have already been remove. Hello…isn’t it double standard…school shoes can be there until 5th January because promotion leaflet ends on 4th January…come on lah…my BTS stationeries also what…double standard…non-supportive…and this Marcus also…celaka betul…not helpful…it’s really time for me to move on. I cannot keep on absorbing. It's really not fair. I am always the kambing hitam :(

Boulevard De La Croisette

Should I quit my job?
Have you served at least two years in your current role?
Ideally, it would be three years.
Rational for this two-year rule:

It takes at least six months before you understand your role, the process behind it and being able to make sense of your division or business unit.

You will need at least another six months to start identifying areas where you can improve and drive change.

It will take another six months before you start to execute, make changes and drive impact.

You then need another six months to see the results of your execution and to see if the changes you implemented worked and to rework it if necessary.

I’m already with G13 for 2 years & 6 months now…I only feel that I got the department into a deeper shit situation than ever before. More worst. Only give Ursula & Marcus more problems than solutions. Every year is moving backward. It’s really time to end it all. Time to hand it over to another capable person. I’m already 33 years old next year.

through blood-colored glasses

Ursula: How is your new boss?
Me: Busy.
Ursula: Do you think Marcus can cope?
Me: (I shake my head).
Ursula: Did you propose in your range review presentation that you need another buyer?
Me: No. I am not like Alice & Baldwin. I do not have the leverage to do so. On the category hierarchy…it is very obvious that Alice & Baldwin only holds 2 departments. They have the bargaining power to request for another headcount. But I can’t.
Ursula: Your competitor is the bookstores. People in the office here don’t know how to run the department. Don’t know how to run the business. We need to hire people from the bookstores. We need the professional. I am not saying that you are not a professional. It’s not that you cannot do it, you need help.
Me: See how lah…I will do some soul-searching after this…
Ursula: Hahaha…

True mah…I cannot cope…people at the HQ & Store level is also not supporting. Continue doing what I am doing is also very meaningless…of course, as long as I am still sitting inside the room…I will still do my part…but at the same time, I will start searching.

Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean – Christopher Reeve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Liverpool 4 - 1 Swansea :)
YNWA. Happy New Year Reds!

Treasures & Travels

Second time…lunch again…this time I was with Celtic. Also at Secret Recipe. Again, Ursula & Paige. This time, they did join us. I also very terrible & horrible. When Ursula ask me very politely whether they can join us or not – I loudly said no, you are banned. Hahaha…however, in the end, they also eventually sat down with us. I have to tell Celtic that it’s not my fault. But the whole situation is so kekok lor :)


This is so funny…I was having lunch with Stephanie at Secret Recipe the other day…we sat at a table for 4. Then, Ursula & Paige was there…they cannot find a table. I can see that Ursula was very eager to join us…but not Paige…because the table that we sat in is very near to the kitchen, thus there is a smell…so, Paige rather go over to Coffee Bean. Aiya…then, I realize that I forgot to bring my lunch money…and this Stephanie’s lunch money also tak cukup to pay for 2 person…I have to go over and borrow money from this Ursula. Hahaha…

Enjoy it…because it’s happening

Confirm…what Marcus said to me is true. Christy has to re-present during the second time. Because Ursula also told me so. What happen was…I was on my way to lunch…pass by Christy’s room…Baldwin was inside…so, I stop for a while…told Baldwin that I am going down for lunch with Stephanie…then, Ursula & Paige also lalu in front of Christy's room…this Ursula grab me…not exactly grab…but Ursula’s hand was holding onto my left shoulder and was leading me out. Both Baldwin & Christy saw this. Ursula told me that the first & second pull through but not the third one. When I am going in to face The Ice Queen after lunch, I need to speak out confidently. Then, Ursula teases me that I cannot do it one.

Faces & Traces

This Ice Queen – celaka betul – really celaka betul – already presented twice on the Decision Tree…then, on this third time…The Ice Queen sounded me - don’t be so smart…chop off all of the bottom tables. Angry! Some findings:

(1) Pietro really kena teruk-teruk from this Ice Queen. This Ice Queen actually uses the stupid & useless remarks on Pietro. Poor thing. But, during this third round, Pietro really put in a lot of effort and manage to stage a comeback and didn’t get any scolding at all from the Ice Queen. Yay! Happy for Pietro because I know that Pietro’s confidence have been crushed to the maximum.

(2) Surprisingly, The ice Queen favorite was Madeleine.

(3) Baldwin also kena teruk-teruk as well. Even during the third round. Until finally Baldwin throws in the towel for good and surrender. Baldwin said that Baldwin cannot cope with 2 departments. In the end, in a very autocratic style – The Ice Queen ask Baldwin to give up one category and the other category will pass over to Madeleine. Of course…Madeleine doesn’t want to absorb another category, Baldwin is relief and now the status is still pending on the take over process.

(4) Shawn was not around to present, so Ursula present on behalf during the morning slot. Both Shawn & Gerrard pass. However Christy did not. This is the funny part. Christy told Pietro which Pietro then told me that The Ice Queen didn’t have enough time for Christy, so Christy’s slot have to move to the evening session. Impossible…knowing The Ice Queen…The Ice Queen will not delay anything and will have time for everything. Thereafter, Marcus also told me that – Christy has to re-present again. Because when The Ice Queen ask Christy questions…Christy cannot answer…and Christy was not confident enough during the presentation. I see...

Thank You J___, that’s a good analysis and quick plan been fixed.
Praise from Marcus…but I don’t take it as a praise lor…more like sarcasm to please me :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Impossible Cool

Something happen…between Ursula & myself that night…on the company’s annual dinner.

(1) This time around, the organizer did a great job because they have actually provided us (in a group of 5) a hotel room for each group to shower, to change, to dress up, to put on our makeup. The group was divided according to names base on an alphabetical order. Ursula was in the same group as Alice and some other people. I was in the same room as Celtic, Baldwin & Gerrard. However, in the end…Celtic & I did not use the room at all. We just changed our top in the public wash room and put on our makeup there. Touch & Go :)

(2) Then, during the dinner…I was seated in the same table as Celtic & Stephanie. Further down, there was Leonardo, Linda, Laura, Gerrard, Baldwin, Madeleine were seated on the same table. I cannot find Ursula & Paige. So, I thought…fated…I will not be able to see the both of them.

(3) Mana tahu…I think…2 hours before the dinner finished…I spotted Ursula & Paige outside, but I was heading towards the washroom direction with Stephanie.

(4) When I come out from the washroom…Ursula spotted me…like an Oscar presenter…she quickly walks towards my direction, stretch out her hand…greeted me with open arms…like I am the Oscar winner…and we hold hands…walking towards the picture booth instead of to the stage. OMG.

(5) I don’t know whether Ursula was drunk or not. I know that Ursula is a very good drinker. Ursula keep on persuading Stephanie to drink and this Stephanie pula wants to drink…and this Stephanie also like drunk-drunk a little. I have no choice but to step in…telling Ursula that I will drink on behalf of Stephanie.

(6) Then, I also try to stop Ursula from drinking further…thereafter…I am also not so sure what happen…I just hug Ursula and tell her thank you for everything. In return, she embraces me and tells me that – you are such a sweet gal. Ursula holds me tight.

(7) After I let go…I just did a very small gesture…using my left index finger to move across my right eye…I think Ursula thought that I want to tear already and Ursula immediately say to me – don’t do that. Hahaha. You should appreciate me more…then Ursula walk back towards the picture booth.

(8) I think Ursula feels de-motivated & unappreciated that she was not being appointed as the next GM. Marcus was the chosen one.

(9) Then, it was time to leave…I told Ursula that we make a move first, drive safely, take care…then, just very spontaneously…I gave Ursula a cheek peck. OMG.

(10) I just felt that…that night was our closure. For everything. For 2014. Ursula is such a defining person…who gave me a very defining year and many defining moments. In the end, we are each other’s stories. And personal growth is dependent on how much empathy we have with other people; listening & understanding them. In life there are no such things as coincidences. It’s GOD’s plan, it's GOD’s time.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tom Cat

During Marcus’s absence – Ursula also gave me the opportunity to participate in their every Tuesday floor walk…to show to the top management that my BTS sales performance are in line as compare to last year…while the other categories of school shoes, school uniforms and school bags sales were all in a decline. As Ursula put it, to show to the big bosses that the current BTS event is not a disaster, we can still compete with the English, the Japanese and the locals. We also have our own strengths. And guess what…I decline Ursula’s offer. The reason I gave her was – I am scarred. Probably…I am not surprised if Ursula was very disappointed in me that I have let her down in such a way…but after the emotional roller coaster ride & the arrival of The Ice Queen…my confidence have been dented, one way or the other.

I know that moving forward in 2015 – I need to further enhance my analytical, problem solving, social & interaction skills, plus self independence and self confidence as well because Marcus also tak boleh harap punya…I must remember that Marcus will not be hanging around to help me, Ursula will finally let everything go…and I got to experience everything on my own, I’ve got to even structured my own learning, pace myself well, remove my background noises, remind myself to be happy and get comfortable with the idea that I will be all alone without the necessary support that I used to get from Ursula :( This sounds very not encouraging at all. Ohh…it sounds so scary…

You’re a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I’m very fond of you, but you’re only quite a little fellow in a wide world, after all – Gandalf The Grey.

Nim’s Island

While Marcus is away – Ursula really steps in and helps.
Of course, there is Alice – but I take Alice as a pestering fly who knows nothing. Yes…I am nasty with my comments on Alice :) But I guess that dear Alice have already figure out everything…because Alice will end the sentence with…you just check with Ursula…you just communicate with Ursula…I am sure Ursula have already brief you on these…you see…celaka betul right…Ok, still have to thank this Alice, Ursula and to the other people who have extend their helping hand to me (just in time) to assist me in accomplishing my tasks.

However, nonetheless…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…things went well…no big disaster happen. Just that I only got tease by Ursula…the department is no longer hers but she still have to step in to help.
At one point, there were so many reports to run…again, doing things for the sake of doing it.
Ursula: Are you fed up?
Me: Yes.
Ursula: I can see that…you just chuck the whole report. Darling ar

Then my stomach began to growl…it was so late that night and I was drop dead hungry…Ursula heard it and laugh. So malu :) Seriously, I think everyone at the top management doesn’t know how to move this category forward, how to design the right business model for it, to sustain it, how to get the right product, promotion & supplier mix and most importantly…they can’t even define how important this business is to them. What a shame.

Power Of Simplicity

The law of Moses was burdensome, but faith in Christ is simple and His burden is light. It’s light because God was willing to forgive us and love us. Now He enables us to love Him and our neighbor.

I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me
And purchased my pardon on Calvary’s tree
I love Thee for wearing the thorns on Thy brow
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ‘tis now.

God’s love in our heart gives us a heart for Him and others.

Holy, Holy, Holy

We were designed to glorify God.
Our lives will never be boring if we’re focusing our attention on Him and fulfilling that purpose.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee
Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

A heart in tune with God can’t help but sing His praise.

Is There Hope?

Even though we grieve at the loss of our loved ones, we find hope through the resurrection of Jesus and His promise that there is life after death.

Thank You, Lord, for comfort and hope
What would we do without You? Your death
and resurrection provide all we need for this life
and the next.

Because He lives, we live.

The Parable Of The Sting

People would be right to expect an absence of harshness and an air of patience from those who follow Christ. We forget sometimes that people struggling with faith or life watch Christians with expectation. They hope to see less anger and more mercy, less judgment and more compassion, less criticism and more encouragement. Jesus and Peter told us to live good lives so God is given the glory. May our actions and reactions point those around us to our loving Father.

We have found that it’s easy to hurt others with our
words or actions. Teach us, Father, to pause and
to think before we speak or act
Fill us with kindness and care.

May others see less of me and more of Jesus.

Keeping Darkness At Bay

There is one force that the darkness cannot conquer – the force of loving acts of kindness done in Jesus’ name. It is God’s people who turn the other cheek, go the extra mile and forgive and even love their enemies who oppose them who have the power to turn the tide against evil. So look for the privileged opportunity to perform acts of kindness today to bring the light of Christ to others.

Lord, teach me the folly of trying to repay evil for
evil. May I be so grateful to You for the loving acts
of kindness that You have shown me that I gladly
look to share good deeds with others as well!

Light up your world with an act of kindness.

Live In Love

Experienced the love and generosity of God. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13 that if we don’t have love, our voices clang on people’s ears and our faith means nothing. And the apostle John says that if we have material possessions and see others in need and take action, that’s evidence that God’s love is abiding in us. God desires that we deal graciously with those in need, for His heart is gracious towards us.

Be not weary in your serving
Do your best for those in need
Kindness will be rewarded
By the Lord who prompts the deed.

Kindness is Christianity with its working clothes on.

Alex Rover

Air Asia flight QZ 8501 goes missing :(
Oh no...that is not how the year supposed to end for our dear Malaysia.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mr. Pip

Liverpool 1 – 0 Burnley :) Raheem Sterling scored the only goal of the game on Boxing Day.

Chef Nic

Liverpool 2 – 2 Arsenal :(

wreck this journal everywhere

Again, I can’t recall what actually happen…I think Ursula see me cannot cope already (lately)…that’s why she said to me – no wonder I don’t want to do the Stationery Department.

The Miniaturist

I can’t recall what actually happen…Ursula was in my room the other day…just all of a sudden Ursula agreed that the Stationery Department needs 2 buyers. At least to separate out the books category from the stationery category. I don’t know whether Ursula really meant it, sincerely empathize with me or just to layan me only. I also ter-blurted out to Ursula that the department will be better off without me. OMG. I said too much...aiyo...

Air Umbrella

Ainul was in my room the other day…we were discussing on my APC…and just all of a sudden…Ainul asked me what if I changed department…will I be ok…I replied back that it is no longer my call…if I do (unfortunately) get a new department that I don’t like…I can only highlight back to the top management…and I still have to (eventually) accept it if the top management still insists that I stick with it. Ainul praised me that I am such a positive person.

So what does this indicate? Does this mean that Ainul knew something about the upcoming re-structuring? Does Ainul know where I am heading to? Is Ainul hinting at me something?

I don’t know…I don’t have the answers…I just leave it to my GOD :)


The common question that gets asked in business is WHY? That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is WHY NOT? – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

Hahaha…it reminds me of Ursula…always ask me WHY NOT, WHY NOT, WHY NOT…now, I am responsible and holds the accountability in asking myself WHY NOT…something must come to an end...only to have a new begining...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

musicians on call

We are a Generation O - Overworked...Overstressed...Overwhelmed...and Overeating. true :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Utopia Writer

Found out from Alice that Gerrard actually cried during the first Range Review Presentation with The Ice Queen. Wow…I certainly didn’t expect Gerrard to be this weak.

During my second Range Review Presentation with The Ice Queen – The Ice Queen graded me a D :) while the whole of the SoftWare Team was given a C. Alice & Pietro was not graded at all. The D was given to me because of my lack of effort, insufficient information and I have a bad plan…which is worst than having a no plan at all. Sigh…seriously…this Ice Queen is really making everyone lives upside down…everyone is staying up late in the office…everyone’s stress level is sky high…The Ice Queen’s intentions may be good but certainly not the process and the deadline pace.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Navy London Guards

Liverpool 0 – 3 Manchester United :(
Really feel sorry for the team, especially for Steven Gerrard…

A+ For AMY

Baldwin was in my room the other day, we were discussing something, then tiba-tiba, this Baldwin mention to me that Ursula is still very concern about me.

Baldwin: I can see that this Ursula still cares for you.
Me: No lah, she already let go a long time ago.
Baldwin: No ar, I still can see that she still cares. Good thing what. She still cares for you because you are ke ai (cute).

OMG – is that mean that I have no substance at all? I rather people like me for my substance and not for the appearance.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

And another hamburger

Dear GOD,

(1) Sales are very bad. Another 19 more days to go – it is highly unlikely that I can close the year on a positive note. I can’t be better than my last year sales results. It got worst actually – a decline in sales, margin, buying income and an increase in stock value & stock days. Everyone (majority of them) is on a YTD positive trend except for me. The worst part is that I don’t know where I went wrong. Or what I did wrong. I only know that I keep on working & working, I keep on putting in the effort but there is no yield to it :( And I am very sad about it.

(2) I cannot help Marcus to close the gap and I cannot dedicate a positive figure to both Barry & Ursula.

(3) I am still stuck in this Stationery Department and have nowhere to go. All doors…all windows of opportunities…seems to be closing in on me for now…2015 - will be even worst.

(4) The Ice Queen Range Review Project – I am so half-hearted in doing it…everyone steps up…everyone is sacrificing their own personal time…everyone pours out their heart & soul into doing it…into completing it…and I just…still finding excuses in not doing it. I haven't even complete the whole damn thing yet :( Even if I did complete the project…it will be a very miserable one. I admire the determination of Gerrard & Madeleine, the sacrifice that Christy, Alice & Baldwin make, the consistency that Celtic, Shawn, Clara, Ramli, Linda, Laura & Lionel have display. Even Pietro also steps up. Each one of them beats me drop dead. I am the only one who is lazy, being ignorant & hopeless about it…sigh…

(5) I lost the motivation to work. Since when…I am so afraid to step up? :(

(6) Where is my courage & humor went to?

(7) GOD – please help me to find back the JOY, the LOVE, the SPARK & the MAGIC in me.

(8) I don’t feel functional, social, loving, responsible, cheerful as I used to be.

(9) GOD – I need help. I need to seek help from YOU to bring my life back on track.

(10) The underdog, rascal, misfit J___ cannot cross the finish line for the year 2014 :(


Straight away, after our second & last day of our Sales Conference is our G13’s Annual Dinner.

Me: Boss…home?
Ursula: Yes madam. I am going to bed now. I think I am drunk.
Me: Hahaha.
Ursula: Good night madam.

I don’t think any of Ursula’s buyers have been so concern of her at all :)
I am so kepo. I can only add on to that – that, that night will be our last night.
The Final. The Chain has broken. The Journey has ended. I will walk to the right. Ursula will walk to the left. Nothing to be said anymore.


Me: #proud
Ursula: 1 more round

We had our Sales Conference @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa a couple of weeks ago.
All of the SCMs have to go up onto the stage and do their presentation. One session in the morning and another session in the afternoon. Ursula was pretty nervous about it. I will not say that she was a good presenter…only so-so…I expect better from her…hahaha…she is a SCM after all mah…so, I just gave her a word of encouragement.

A Word For The Struggler

There is an old saying that goes – don’t bite off more than you can chew.
It’s wise not to take on more responsibilities than we can handle. At certain times, however, we will probably feel overwhelmed by the size and difficulty of tasks we have agreed to do. This can happen even in our walk of faith in Christ when our commitment to God seems too much to bear. But the Lord has an encouraging word for us when our confidence wavers.

Therefore, do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise. Our confidence is not in ourselves but in Jesus and His promise to return at just the right time. It is God’s power that enables us to continue in our journey of faith. Recalling the Lord’s faithfulness in days past stirs our confidence in Him today.

When life becomes a heavy load
An upward climb, a winding road
In daily tasks, Lord, let me see
That with me You will always be.

Trusting God’s faithfulness stirs up our confidence.

Our Foundation

Praise God that because of what Jesus has done our salvation is secure.

On Christ salvation rest secure
The Rock of Ages will endure
Nor can that faith be overthrown
Which rests upon the Living Stone.

Christ, the Rock, is our sure hope.

Family Trademarks

Father, teach me to love with the love of Christ
That others might see Your love reflected in my
Care and concern for them. May Your love
Drive and dominate my response to life and to others.

Love is the family resemblance the world should see in followers of Christ.

Confident Access

But because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can now approach God without fear.
God’s penalty for sin has been satisfied, and we are invited into God’s presence: Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace. Because of Jesus we can come to God through prayer anywhere, anytime.

Then boldly let our faith address
God’s throne of grace and power
There to obtain delivering grace
In every needy hour.

Through prayer, we have instant access to our Father.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Ohhh…I get to know from Christy that Ursula did not look into their range review presentation with The Ice Queen. I was telling Christy how lucky their team is to have Ursula around…at least Ursula will help to look into each of their range review presentation before meeting up with The Ice Queen. Unlike, this Marcus…so sibuk. No time to check anything also. Rupa-rupanya…Christy said that Ursula did not look into Christy’s work at all…only say that this is your presentation…this is your idea…go and present it…wah…so unlike Ursula…usually, Ursula will control every single thing. Now I am wondering…is it Ursula did not look into Christy’s work only…or it is applicable to both Shawn & Gerrard as well? Hmm…

But I also feel lucky that I no longer park under Ursula :) Otherwise…I will malukan her only with my bad performance.


Speaking of Kampar – Christy share this story with me…which I am very surprise that Christy did. I mean…since when we are so close with each other :) When Christy’s team went up for the store visit…Christy fell asleep in Ursula’s car…Ursula was asking Christy on some matters…however, upon seeing that Christy have dozed off…Gerrard replied back on behalf that Christy have fallen asleep. When Christy awake later on…Christy did ask Gerrard is there anything happen while Christy was napping away and Gerrard told the whole incident to Christy. I have a feeling that Ursula may not like that Christy have fallen asleep in her car. Hahaha…

The Pound

Also on this day @ 9pm sharp – the HR Department issue a new memo that states that our current Operation Director have been promoted as the new CEO for the Singapore operations and we will be getting a new Operations Director which is already on board. Surprise surprise…certainly didn’t see this coming. The rumors of an upcoming re-structuring are spreading like a wild fire. When I ask Paige about it…how drastic that it will be…where I will be located…Paige is also not sure…don’t even know whether the LeisureWare Department still exist or not. Gulp…according to Paige…confirmed that our rice bowl will still be around…but don’t know where only…will I be in or out from the equation…

And also on this day – I have gotten the confirmation that the company has recruited a new GM for the Grocery Division – the person is none other than FW; who is currently the Grocery Director for The French aka The Japanese now. It is true what Celtic have said – no matter how good you are…no matter how senior you are…the top management will always view the outsiders as something new & fresh…never give opportunities to its own internal people.


On Monday – went for our new store opening in Kampar.
I am so exhausted. Because The Ice Queen have instructed us to also visit The English’s base in Kampar…then head down to Putrajaya to survey The English’s Premium Format, to check out Thailand’s latest offering of HomePro & Index Living. Then, to drop by at The Japanese base in Subang. Crazy!

Marcus, Leonardo, Barry & Ursula in one car…while Baldwin, Laura & myself jump into Ursula’s car which Shawn drove. I was the co-pilot. This Ursula is also betul-betul sampat. Don’t want to tell Shawn beforehand but WatsApp me to pass message to Shawn. Double the work only.

Ursula: Remind Shawn – slim River 370 – 380 got road speed trap. Ask Shawn to slow down as Marcus & Leonardo kena saman 300. Thank you.

Ursula: Please ask Shawn to leave the key at the guard house. Thank you.

Then, before we depart from the office in the morning...Ursula pass me her car key & petrol money…for me to pass to Shawn. Then, the weird thing is this…when we arrive at the new outlet…I am not sure why Shawn returns the key back to Ursula…because as we are leaving the place in the afternoon…Ursula passes back the key to me…pening kepala I.

Harley’s Club

Ursula was in a bookstore…buying a Christmas present (i assume) for Paige.

Ursula: U think my friend like which one.
Me: Ur friend got time to read these days?
Ursula: Got. When we got fired.
Me: Hahaha.
Ursula: Hurry up. No gossip here.
Me: 2nd.
Ursula: I thought so. Thank you.

Sampat betul :)


Me: :(

Ursula: Hei…downstairs changed back to the earlier layout. Standees at the walkway. Why.

Me: OMG, how u know so many things…

Ursula: ???

Me: The Ops 1 Director ask the store to change.

Ursula: So how now? Is Marcus aware?

Me: Coz the other outlets is standee at the middle highway. Yes, told Marcus already.

Ursula: &. Also have u done the supplier’s books report? Can Ainul help?

Me: C how Marcus wants to present tomorrow. Doing now.

Ursula: Ok…so we will see how?

Sigh…I wonder who told Ursula about this new change of layout…when I was at the selling floor in the afternoon…I saw Shawn…could it be Shawn then…sigh…I am so damn frustrated with the operations people. Suka-suka only do. Didn't even bother to have a discussion with us first. I really love my original layout plan where all of the bins that consist of the top and core and mailer items are on display at the middle highway. Even the downstairs store team also help me to bukit-kan the display, volume-up the merchandise to attract the customers…then this stupid Ops 1 Director change everything. And this Marcus also celaka betul…didn’t went and fight for it. Marcus also likes the original idea what. Standees in the department, bins in the highway block. All looks neat & tidy. Marcus is like Leonardo...always diplomatic...don't know how to fight...always be a Yes person. Stupid! I know that this Ursula will die-die also fight back to have the standees back inside my department open area & the bins at the promotion block. Even if she fail, at least she try. Ursula dare to fight back. She dare to voice out. If she can't fight in the front...she will belakang mari :) To acheive the objectives. This the CEO is okay with it...then it's okay with it lah...won't propose to change further for the better. Celaka! Arrghh…

Daily Pint

Me: Tesco display. Messy compare to last year.

Ursula: I think we are correct. Standees in the department. And bin in walk way. I think u need to. U need to talk to Marcus. Stock up the sellable items.

Me: I do already. But didn’t tell Marcus wor.

Ursula: Look at them bins item are the fast moving. Don’t tell Marcus also I comments so much. Over stock for GHSA and get the display u wanted. Don’t worry so much. Don’t allow empty bins.

Me: Okies.

Ursula: Good gal.

Me: There is no bad student. There is either a good teacher or a bad teacher.

Ursula: Haha…this must be a granny teacher. Still nagging as when the department doesn’t belong to her anymore.

Sigh…Thank You So Much Ursula. I really own you so much. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for this defining person who gave me a defining year.

Taps Beer Bar

Ursula: Good morning. Happy to see ur bts is here. Last Sunday ur sales went up 180K and ur GPRM also up 42K. Assuming u done some paper press advert but do check is ur bts stationery pick up. Anyway it should be otherwise will be dead. Went to Mydin yesterday and full of stocks. Check GHKD vs GHSA if the daily sales for GHKD better than GHSA that’s mean u have to push downstairs to display the same.

Me: U not in the office, how u know my sales & GPRM go up? Yes, bts items are picking up. Same goes with Xmas.

Ursula: Darling I know if I wanted to…

Sigh…Ursula is still tracking on me. Is still tracking on the department. I wonder who gave her the data information in the first place. Which minion she instructs to run my department sales report? Ursula is still reminding me very subtly on what I need to do next. Is still guiding me through. Actually…all of these advices are very logical & common sense in nature…but both Leonardo & Marcus failed in teaching me like this. However, I know that Ursula will only sees me through until the end of this year only. Effective next year 2015, I will no longer hear or get these kind of advises or feedback anymore. The chain will be offically broken :(

Runway 33

Ursula: CSKU said all ur stationery skus are blocked. They wanted to repeat orders for books. Will get them to email and we just open back the code for them.

WatsApp message from Ursula when she was in Kuching a couple of weeks ago for store visit.
WE – she still thinks that the Stationery Department still belongs to her :) Hahaha…

Following The Master

At the command of the Lord they remained encamped, and at the command of the Lord they journeyed. The Israelites followed this practice day or night, regardless of how long they had to remain in one place. God wasn’t simply testing the Israelites; He was leading them to the Promised Land. He wanted to take them to a better place. So it is with us when God asks us to follow Him. He wants to lead us to a place of closer fellowship with Himself. His Word assures us that He is loving and faithful in leading those whose humbly follow Him.

In fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet
Or we’ll walk by His side in the way
What He says we will do, where He send we will go
Never fear, only trust and obey.

God ask His children to follow the leader.

Believing In Advance

Here’s the question I ask myself: as we wait, why are we so often fearful and anxious? What is faith in God, after all, but believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse?

Faith looks beyond the shadow
Of dread and doubt and fear
And finds the Savior waiting
And always standing near.

Waiting tries our faith and so we wait in hope.

Life Giving Rain

God’s Spirit in our lives today replaces the loud noise of self-interest with His gentle, life giving rain.

Holy Spirit, I want my life to be marked by Your power
May my words and actions give
Life giving rain to encourage others
To know You and trust You.

In our life for Christ we accomplish nothing without the power of the Spirit.

Example That Encourages

When we remember that our strength is a result of God’s grace, we are kept humble. Then in humility we pass on God’s truth by being an example that encourages and inspires others to follow. Jesus Himself is our example of servanthood. He gave His very life for us.

Lord Jesus, I know little about humility,
Show me and teach me as I read about Your
Example in Your Word. Give me the grace
To humble myself and serve others.

Humility is the result of knowing God and knowing yourself.

Terms Of Service

May you do good and not evil.
May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
May you share freely, never taking more than you give. The agreement Jesus makes with us is like that. He offers us forgiveness of sin, peace with God and the presence of the Holy Spirit. In return, all He asks is that we do good, forgive as we’ve been forgiven and love others as He loves us. The beauty of Jesus’ agreement with us is that even though we fail to live up to the terms, we still receive the blessing.

Bestowed with benefits daily,
Sent from the Father above,
Mercies and blessings abounding,
Gifts of His marvelous love.

As we have opportunity, let us do good to all.

A Picture Of Humility

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
We receive God’s grace when we acknowledge the greatness of God, who humbled himself at the cross.

My faith looks up to Thee
Thou Lamb of Calvary, Savior divine
Now hear me when I pray, take all my sin away
O let me from this day be wholly Thine!

The most powerful position on earth is kneeling before the Lord of the universe.

Bavarian South

Liverpool 0 – 0 Sunderland

Tipsy Bar

Seriously…the Stationery Department will be better off without me.
Without me…it can go further, higher, better…even becoming the best by itself…I am only the hindrance…the barrier…preventing it from delivering its best performance ever…it deserves better. It needs a better leader to lead it to the battlefield. I am the wrong person to do so. Every year, it is getting worst. I can no longer give it a vision, a direction to move forward anymore.

Star Café

Beauty fades. Dumb is forever – Judge Judy