Sunday, February 28, 2016


Red Lobster, Gamuda Walk, Kemuning Utama – Stewart’s Little K (Kendra) 8th birthday party. Woah…how time flies. I don’t see Kendra on a daily basis. In fact, I only see her once a year, on her birthday. Her birthday party is also sort of like a yearly gathering for all of us – Stewart, Celtic, Stephanie & myself – it’s all smiles and laughter when we reunite with our loved ones.

I was there celebrating her 1st birthday at Stewart’s house, it was also my first time meeting up with Danny.

Then, her 2nd birthday was at the prestigious J.W.Marriot hotel in KL.

Her 3rd birthday bash was in her hometown Penang, therefore I did not attend.

Vistana Hotel was the venue for her 4th birthday.

She had a theme park birthday bash on her 5th & 6th birthday.

I missed out on her 7th birthday as I was on a holiday trip to Langkawi last year.

This year, I get to celebrate her 8th birthday. Before long, she will be a bubbly and beautiful teenager & will be taller than me. I also help out Stewart to take some pictures of that day. I took some photos. Silly photos. Happy photos. Hilarious experimental photos. I took photos of Kendra & her cute friends, the cupcakes, the cakes, hands, smiles, eyes, mouths and of each other. It was such a great way to record her big day! It’s the little things that make the BIG picture of life :)

The food at Red Lobster is big in portion, quite ok lah…I still prefer the Manhattan Fish Market or Fish & Co.

He Trains My Hands

Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.

All God wants from us is to follow His plans.
He will sort out the rest.
In His mighty hands, you can be a blessing to others.

The Daily Grind

I actually don’t have to re-do the whole report…but I did.
Preparing a report here is tedious. Way too many files to vlookup and they are so inconvenient.
But I bite the bullet and I manage to overcome it; in the name of Jesus Christ. I have Jesus Christ.

Whether Jonas & Lee Nee uses it or not…I don’t give a damn about it. All I know is that I tried and I did it.

Here, both Captain Johnson & Stewart will appoint someone to lead a project.
And I have been appointed to lead the Stock Reduction project. Captain Johnson has also given me the authority to just chop off everything that is not right.

So, in my first attempt of running the reports for the buyers…Lee Nee commented that it was raw. Lee Nee wanted this and that…and when I asked Lee Nee to tell me on where to retrieve the data, Lee Nee just said never mind…indicating that Lee Nee will do it. Cheh…don’t want to teach me is it…whatever…

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Urban Decay

After Celtic & myself left The French for G13…Stewart have appointed Lee Nee as Stewart’s proxy.

According to Stephanie, Celtic is a bit gila kuasa…Celtic doesn’t favor the idea that Lee Nee is the proxy. Celtic wants to be the proxy...hahaha...

Celtic told me that Captain Johnson is quite keen to groom Lee Nee and may have the idea to split Team Baz into 2 – Lee Nee & Stewart’s territory.

Celtic also share that Lee Nee may want to eat into Stewart’s territory.

However by the look of it…I don’t think so. I think Celtic thinks too much...hahaha...

Henry (over lunch the other day) told me that Lee Nee is a very bossy & demanding boss but nice as a person. There are at times that Henry disagrees with Lee Nee, bring up the issue to Stewart…expecting Stewart to do something about it but Stewart did not. Instead, Stewart advises Henry to listen or to re-check with Lee Nee. Henry thinks that Stewart doesn’t want to offend Lee Nee because Lee Nee helps and assist Stewart in many areas. So in return…I guess…Stewart gives Lee Nee the freedom to do whatever that Lee Nee wants.

Oh, by the way…Ursula is Lee Nee’s SCM back in G13. No wonder, I see the pattern also sama serupa a bit :)

Then, on the other day…Stewart holds a discussion with Jonas & Jonas’s team. When it comes to Lee Nee’s turn…Stewart has to ask (sort of like permission to me) whether Lee Nee wants Stewart to brief Lee Nee first, then Lee Nee will brief the team or Stewart to brief all of them all at the same time.

naughty, nasty & nice

Toys are at a negative margin currently. Toys are a margin generator department. Minimum also 30%. I think Jonas is also not so sure on how to run the Toys business yet.

During my time…if my memory serves me correctly…outright & consignment toys are at 50% equal footing. Now, to quick fix things very quickly…is to bring up the consignment toys participation to 70%, that will ensure that the margin will improve, and it will also help the buyer to buy some time to fix the outright stocks. Go and benchmark Mr. DIY’s merchandise. Their range is really good. If they can improve on their packaging, the toys is just as good enough to sell in a departmental store.

Mr. & Mrs. Bund

I notice why Team Baz is so weak.

(1) Captain Johnson does not know anything on how to run the total Bazaar business and don’t know the suppliers, unlike Miguel & Maximoff. This is because Captain Johnson has an Appliance background instead.

(2) Stewart is still more of like a coordinator than as a leader, but more sarcastic these days.

(3) During a meeting where Lee Nee highlighted an issue – Captain Johnson ask Lee Nee to pandai pandai go and solve it. Go and figure it out yourself. Hmmm…Maximoff, Miguel, Emerson, Tommy, Marcus & Ursula would have offered solutions. Whether it’s workable or not…park that aside first…but at least a solution was given.

(4) The team lacks discipline. Miguel leads us in a straight line.

(5) The buyers don’t know how to join the dots. They are given tasks, they are being told what is their next step should be…but they were not shown how, what are the tools, what are the methods…Celtic only emphasize on coming down hard on the suppliers…but not on the external factors of the business, the nature of the competitors, the art & science of driving the sales…

(6) Sigh…I still enjoy the learning experience from G13. I strive for growth and exploration.

(7) Funny isn’t it…10 categories…Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism, Live Pets, Live Plants, Furniture, Luggage, Toys & Stationery…yet no one…not even Celtic & Stewart ask me on how to drive the business of these categories or how to fix the problems of each of these categories. Or am I the one who is having a ego problem here…or am I the one who wants to show off here…yeah, I think it’s my pride problem. Fine, people didn’t ask for my opinions right…so I will just shut my mouth off…speak when the right time comes, speak when the important people are there.

(8) I will analyze everything here…keep inside this blog of mine…it’s also good that I am analyzing…meaning that my brain is working and that I am aware of the total business.

Whup Whup

Hmmm…I don’t know how the rest (Jonas, William, Henry, Lee Nee, Mrs. Simon) sees of my arrival…I can feel that they may not be too happy about it…Mrs. Simon was testing me on certain issues…to check how capable I am I guess…and I just bash back…I know that it was very rude of me, arrogant to a certain extent…I sucks…I bash back, without giving any face to Mrs. Simon that the whole Kitchenware, Disposableware & Tableware categories (where Mrs. Simon was the previous caretaker) sucks big time in front of Captain Johnson. Evil me.

Down the path, into a magical land

OMG. I am counting days now. I have passed my 18 days with The Japanese. Is this a good sign or a very bad sign?

Bottle World

It’s the contract season again…previously with The French, we have a tool that call Nego Tool…just input in the vendor code…and all of the analysis will appear…then with G13…there is no Nego Tool but we have Paige who prepares for us an excel template where all of the data will appear just by keying in the vendor code…and now, with The Japanese…we have to key in everything manually…from the year 2013 to 2015. OMG! Come on! I am not arrogant that I do not want to key it in…but seriously…you all say that I am expensive…so, you guys are hiring me to do data entry work…I am very tempted to say to both Celtic & Stewart – you guys hired me not to keying in all of this…you guys hire me to drive the sales, to fix the categories. Or am I…feel too superior now that I don’t want to do all of this menial work…sigh…I have highlighted this to Stewart, to ease the buyer’s job…let’s see whether Stewart can do something about it or not.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Practice Positivity

(1) Take 10 – 20 seconds to appreciate each positive experience you find yourself in. Research shows that, over the course of a lifetime, we have more positive experiences than negative. However, we tend to amplify the negative and take the positive for granted. Whether it’s a meal with friends or the satisfaction of completing a task or project, make a conscious effort to really appreciate each experience and help tip the mental balance in positivity’s favor.

(2) When you wake up, leave the email alone. I’m guilty of this myself at times, but I’ve been making stead progress in trying not to look at my smart phone or laptop until I’ve had breakfast, showered and dressed. We have a choice. We can spend the first 30 minutes or so of each morning worrying about responding to work emails or we can use those minutes to catch some ME TIME and feel a sense of gratitude for the new day ahead and the opportunities it may bring.

(3) When times are tough, delve into your archive. Life can be mischievous. Just when you’re about to reflect gratefully on your morning, it can send screaming kids your way, throwing in for good measure the boisterous dog that’s adamant you don’t need both shoes today. On stressful mornings, the last thing you feel like doing is conjuring up positive moments from the past. While this is understandable, it serves as a wonderful mental tonic to find a minute or two in the day to recall a more pleasant, pleasurable time. By turning this into a daily practice, you’ll soon feel a number of benefits. One of the key benefits that arises from using these techniques is mental resilience. Not only will you be in a better position to deal with challenges that can occur throughout a normal day, you’ll also be able to deal effectively with life’s curveballs whenever they come hurling towards you. On top of that, by bumping up your positive-to-negative ratio, you could literally add years to your life, much of which will be spent with a sense of wellbeing, hope and happiness.

La Majaa

Rakuzen, Fist Subang – Celtic brought me along for lunch with this Porcelain supplier. Hmm…

According to this supplier, Miguel & Maximoff is actually not that close. Pretend only. Only need to use each other.

Miguel is not as innocent as Miguel look.

Miguel should have stay with The English…joining G13 is such a bad timing because the expectations is there to deliver amazing results that can affect the G13 P&L positively.

The way Miguel introduce the Buying Income method has arose the wrath of the many suppliers out there.

Even Rodrigo have to work in Papua New Guinea for the last 3 years (sort of like disappeared for a while in the market) so people can forget about everything. Assuming that it is true. Now Rodrigo is back in G13 lah.

Well, Miguel did not reply back my CNY message but Miguel did accept me on FaceBook. Kecil hati betul la dia

Let’s just say that I look at the positive side of Miguel and not on the negative side of it.


Burgertory @ SS15, Subang – dinner with Sharon, Han Jie and Stephanie.
Nice place…but the burgers are very expensive…

It was Sharon last day at G13. Cannot tahan her boss.
Then, Sharon told me this. She didn’t expect Alice to be of such character.
Rupa-rupanya…this Alice is also very teruk betul.
Alice showed her WatsApp message (to Maximoff) to Sharon’s boss.
It was something about the Waitrose Crackers.
In the message…Alice called me STUPID.
So, Sharon’s boss go and tell Sharon lor…of course, everyone in the office know lor…no wonder everyone look at me one kind lor.
Sharon can’t remember what is the contents of the message is all about.
I think it’s the markdown of the Waitrose Crackers…yeah mah…must markdown…bring in for such a short time frame, want to keep until next year meh…so terus markdown 70% on it lah…anyway, also no use…because the store did not highlight with the appropriate POSM, so customers are also not aware about the promotion and the sell-thru impact also not significant. In the end, no sales and no margin. Miguel & Jordan already aware about it and are ok with it.

Becoming Invisible

I so badly needed this from You. And You have given me the encouragement at such a right time.
God is indeed amazing!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

The seasons of life require that we sometimes enter a period of dormancy. We are not dead, but we may feel we’ve become invisible. During such times we may feel useless, and we may wonder whether God will ever use us again. But periods like this are for our PROTECTION & PREPARATION. When the time is right and the conditions are safe, God will call us once again.

Moses experienced a period of time like this. After killing an Egyptian who harmed a fellow Hebrew, Moses had to flee for his life to the distant land of the Midianites. There, God protected him and prepared him for the biggest assignment of his life.

So be encouraged. We are never invisible to God.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Short Term 12

Alice has her new stationery buyer on board already. His name is Bryan. I am not sure whether Bryan is a newbie or a season player…well, maybe Christy is right…Alice indeed favors boys more than girls…hahaha…and if this Bryan is a newbie…then Christy is also right again…Alice needs to be dominant and she needs to lead…

Sunday, February 14, 2016

First University Experience

Staying Focused.

Without adequate recovery time, we stress our bodies physically, emotionally and mentally. Energy levels suffer and peak performance is impacted. But how can you energize your workday?

Daily rituals designed to regroup and recover from the stress associated with your day-to-day work demands.

High performance periods throughout the day must be balanced with recovery periods throughout the day. Without those recovery periods, performance tends to ebb substantially due to inadequate physical, emotional and mental energy availability.

Daily recovery rituals to energize your workday:

At the beginning of each week, load a desk drawer up with healthy snacks – nuts, low sugar fitness bars and so on. During the day, take a 10 minute break to eat a snack from your snack drawer and drink a bottle or glass of water.

Stand up and stretch for 10 minutes.

Walk a floor or two in your office; stop briefly to chat with a colleague or two for a few minutes.

Ride down to the local Starbucks or coffee shop with just a blank pad of paper. Drink a cup of coffee and unload anything on your mind onto the pad.

Call a good friend or family member and chat for 10 minutes.

Close your door and read something fun for 15 minutes.

Close your door and write a handwritten thank you note or two to someone.

Go for a 10 to 15 minute walk outside.

Browse a nearby bookstore.

Close your office door and tweet some friends.

Still Wanting To Believe

Ohh…this is so cool. The X-files are back! :)

From 1992 to 2000, the series followed Mulder, a dogged believer in extraterrestrial existence and unexplained phenomena, and Scully; a sceptic with a medical degree who tried to debunk her partner’s theories.

Played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Mulder and Scully spent 9 seasons investigating cases involving government cover-ups, unidentified flying objects and monsters stemming from folklore.

The series ended with the two on the run, as an alien invasion threaten human existence.

Now, Mulder and Scully will reunite in a new 6-episode limited series, which takes place in present day.

The years have taken a toll on the two. Scully is a surgeon, while a depressed Mulder has isolated himself from the world. They are not in a relationship and neither is in the FBI any more.

In the new series, an internet-based conspiracy theorist piques Mulder’s and Scully’s interest with a young woman who says she has been abducted numerous times. And the culprits might not be little green aliens, but rather, a human conspiracy.

It test Scully’s faith in science being able to explain everything as it always has. It lights a fire under Mulder.

According to the series creator Chris Carter – it not only reignites the series but the quest of the two characters.

Can’t wait to watch the series…will they be able to reach the Malaysian TV shore?

Singing For The Voiceless

In this industry (RETAIL) – where things change so quickly, I’ve found that having no expectations is the happiest way to go.

Brie Larson, on how she is handling her sudden rise to fame following her Oscar nominated role in the film Room.

I agree…applies to my current work place too…

Liberating The Malay Mind

By Zaid Ibrahim; former de facto Law Minister.

I find that this article is so well written and truly articulate the real scene of the Malaysian landscape of today.

In Malaysia, Malays of my generation and those who are older are generally more open-minded than the present crop. This is partly because our educational approach was more focused on building skills such as reading, writing and thinking.

Science and the arts were subjects that have no socio-political dimension. They were studied properly to understand the physical world, culture and human nature.

Interpersonal relations were measured according to how we dealt with others as human beings, rather than which race we belonged to.

Success was measured by the level of skills we attained after years of schooling and by the job skills we required to feed our families upon graduation. Back then nothing more than a bit of fun here and there got into our bloodstream.

Open-mindedness started to disappear from the scene when we began to have indoctrination in our schools and universities. In other words, when politics and religion got into the classrooms and lecture halls.

Education now includes courses on political awareness and a heavy dose of religious instructions. If teachers and educationist do not exhibit some form of conforming identity or partnership to political and religious needs, then they might not go far in their respective fields.

My concern in all of this is that the attributes these Malays/Muslims are exhibiting, besides being dangerous to the country’s peace and stability, are actually detrimental to their own well-being.

Their enemies – such as Chinese, Jews and the West in general – will continue with their ways and not be bothered with the tantrums by these Malays.

They will continue with their educational and economic dominance. They will continue to make inroads in science and technology. They will continue to produce Nobel Prize winners.

What will become of these Malays? They will continue to be fascinated with ideas of violence and destruction, like the Islamic State teachings.

They will continue to adopt a rigid mindset which will make living in a multicultural 21st century setting more difficult. They can continue to listen to preachers and motivational speakers about how to defend their rights; but they will continue to be irrelevant because they will not be successful or dominant over things that matter.

They will not be able to truly develop the country and exploit its resources because they will lack the necessary know-how.

I am concerned that their frustrations over their own irrelevance will push them closer to those militants who blow themselves up. After all, suicide bombers are usually driven by their sense of helplessness, despair and alienation.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Your Personal Wish Book

Up to 50% Discount Plush Toys & RT Bear (100cm)

20% Discount All Gift Deco, Gift Ribbon, Gift Wrapper, Gift Paper Bag, Gift Box, Photo Album & Frame

Err…range discount…I am not so sure of this strategy.

The basic things…I think it’s the same across all abroad. However, when you go in deeper into the nature of the category…there is no one size fits all. Each category, they have their own little secret on how to drive the business.

For the bears…I mean toys are margin generator…I think…ideally…advertise 1 big bear with very sharp pricing…then the customers walk in…they see other plush toys…maybe the big bear is not suitable for them…they will pick up other plush toys instead…so, why slash the margin. If really want to slash the margin, also must ensure that the investment is worth it to get that sales uplift.

For the gift category thingy…aiyo…margin generator again…customers is not going to compare that the gift wrapper in Aeon Big is a dollar cheaper compare to Tesco. Or the gift box is two dollars cheaper than Giant. Customers are not that price sensitive to these things. It will not because of a dollar cheaper, that they will go elsewhere. If they need it, they will buy it.

I still strongly believe in Giant & Tesco strategies – killer items. Category discount works best for Bedding. If the promotion selling price is at RM49.90, RM69.90 or RM89.90 – the customers will not go wild. They will only say wow if the promotion mechanics is at 80% discount. A4 Paper – put up 20% discount will not have any impact but straight away advertise IK Paper 70gm @ RM5.90 – the whole market goes beserk.

Have I been brainwashed by Giant & Tesco? Hahaha…

I can’t voice out my opinions to Stewart & Celtic or to the others…they will just waive me away…my opinions do not count...

So I can only express myself here…


For This I Have Jesus

Did I make the right choice? Today is my 8th day with The Japanese. I am still very doubtful though…

There is rarely a problem-free season in our lives, but sometimes the onslaught is terrifying.

God knows exactly what you are facing today.
Isaiah reminds us that God’s knowledge of us is so intimate that it is as if our names were written on the palms of His hands. We may sometimes neglect the needs of others, even those who are closest to us, but God is aware of every detail of our lives. And He has given us His spirit to guide, to comfort, and to strengthen us.

Think of the challenges you face at this moment, and then write these words beside each one as a reminder of His faithfulness and care – For This, I Have Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for being near to me right now. I’m grateful for Your faithfulness.

Pride At The Core

People will always see Celtic and not me.
Only by removing Celtic…then only people can see me and will see me.
When Celtic left The French…maybe I should not have left as well…when Celtic left G13…perhaps I should have stay put…Maximoff & Miguel sees me…Ursula, Marcus, Paige, The MFT Director, Emerson…we are of equal standing.

GOD – I want to be like last time…where I was warm, honest, sincere, genuine, carefree, not calculative…

The more we learn and the more success we enjoy, the more likely we are to think we’re really something. Pride is at the core of our nature.

Unbelievably Stupid

Before I left G13 – Emerson told me this – when good advice is given to Alice, she will take it that these advise are to harm her…she understands the message loud & clear...yet she still thinks that people are out there to sabotage her...she just have no security…sigh…

Monday, February 08, 2016

Waiting For An Answer

I WatsApp Miguel a Happy Chinese New Year Message. But no reply from Miguel…my door is close kah? :(

We have to wait on God when we pray.
We may not know how or when He will answer but we can put our hearts constantly before Him.
Sometimes the answers don’t come when we would hope. Things may even go from bad to worse.
But we have to preserve, keep believing and keep asking.
Waiting is never easy, but the end result, whatever it is, will be worth it.
David put it this way – those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord have never forsaken those who seek you.
Keep seeking. Keep trusting. Keep asking. Keep praying.
What’s on your heart that you need to talk to God about today?

My Aim :)

All Safe! All Well!

Ursula is right…it is very important whom I mix with. To enhance the experience and the knowledge.

Li Fong reminds me to pace myself well…don’t hurry myself, don’t rush on things.

I also told Li Fong that it is unfortunate that I cannot continue to learn under Miguel & Maximoff…Li Fong told me that I can still learn from the others.

See…Stewart & Celtic also don’t advise me in such a way. Really, I realize that people with a certain experience, age, maturity, exposure like Ursula, Marcus, Emerson, Miguel & Maximoff is really a different feel altogether...

Thank You that You have ensure that I always have favorability from my bosses, my colleagues, my suppliers and my store team in my previous work place.
And I pray that God will continues to favors me in whatever I do and that God will continue to ensure that I will always have the favorability from my bosses, my colleagues, my suppliers and my store team in my new work place.

Now FAITH is confidence in what we hope for and ASSURANCE about what we do not see.

God’s Direction

Hmm…Tommy was in G13 for 3 months before moving back to The English’s side.

God – will I make a U-turn too?

There is security in knowing that the Lord will lead us each day, but we must not become so attached to our plans that we resists God’s redirection or His timing. God engineers everything.

The Rugged Road

Err…did I make the wrong choice by switching to The Japanese side?

Is Alice so unbearable that I cannot continue to bear further?

Why I didn’t wait patiently for Miguel’s plans?

Well…I am currently adapting to this new Japanese culture…

My nose is adapting too because the office is an open space area…it’s like working in a public library like that. The air is a bit stuffy…

My eyes is also adapting…because every workstation have their own lights. If I on mine…the brightness is too bright…if I off, the light is a bit dim…my eyes also pain pain…

Then, there is my ego part…I have an extensive portfolio…I did Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism, Live Pets, Live Plants, Furniture, Luggage, Toys and Stationery…yet…my opinions, suggestions, ideas are not sought after…to add value into the business.

Then, there is the visibility…in G13…the system is a bit more canggih…the numbers is at the tip of my finger tips.

Then, Celtic told me that Stewart finds me not to be as open minded as last time anymore when I was with The French…Celtic replied back Stewart that I have grown up…I can make comparison.


There is a faithful saying – all the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant. Some of God’s paths for us are rough and rugged, others tedious and boring, but all are filled with His love and faithfulness. When we come to the end of our journey and know what we then will know, we will say – God’s path was best for me.

Father, we don’t see the end of the road, but You do.
We trust You for what we can’t see.
We know that You are bringing us through it.
Our path may have obstacles, but God will lead us.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Big Huat

Chinese New Year is just 6 days away. Yay! :)

Bustling family feasts, prosperous wishes, age-old customs and those addictive tubs of pineapple tarts :) It’s that time of the year again, the boisterous and bountiful Lunar New Year. And in the spirit of the Monkey zodiac, let’s be curious to new discoveries, resourceful when challenges arise and of course, always be playful :)

Red lanterns – I have always loved them. My favorite. It’s a tradition that is so steep in history, an iconic symbol which blends in so well with the current contemporary world that we live in.

Magic Strings Of Frankie Presto

Wayne is my new working neighbor in the new workplace. Wayne shares with me something very important today :)

Rupa-rupanya – this Alice got kutuk me in front of Miguel, Emerson, Ursula, Marcus & Wayne…what happen was Miguel ask Alice a question…for Wayne…if you don’t know the answer…just say that you will check with the buyer first…but knowing this Alice…she likes to give comment and give everyone the impression that the other party is at fault and not hers. So, as she can’t answer Miguel's questions…her first reaction will be to defend herself…so she told everybody in the room that whenever she email to me…I don’t replied back. She have to jawab herself. She have to find the answers. She is the boss meh? Of course…I don’t even acknowledge her as my boss. No wonder Ursula said that there is 2 different version…whatever lah…when I under Ursula or Marcus...I sure replied them but not Alice...

Love & Misadventure

This is what Stewart thought of Harriet – first impression wise.
Harriet is wild, vocal and wants the title.
And oh, rupa-rupanya…Jonas is afraid that Jonas cannot manage Harriet.

I don’t think Harriet is the wild type. Vocal…I am not so sure. All Tommy & Zurick commented was that Harriet is very lazy & slow in doing things. Stewart finds that Harriet can talk…but is not ready to be at the leadership level yet. It seems that The English side has not been promoting Harriet (Harriet has been with The English for the past 6 years) and all of Harriet’s colleagues that have moved elsewhere have already been promoted. Thus, Harriet felt a bit frustrated and the title is sort of important to Harriet. Harriet also finds that The English is pretty restrictive…well, I think that Harriet’s relationship with Tommy is like the kind of relationship that I have with Alice. I think Tommy really restricts Harriet a lot.

We shall see…

Emerson also got share with me that Maximoff rejected Harriet when Harriet went over to G13 for interview. Wah...

Monday, February 01, 2016

Not My Worry

I want to be the female version of Miguel.
I want to be the next General Manager. I want to go and govern Ursula :)

Lord, You know there are times when I get really scared (today is one of those days). And I forget that You have promised that You will never leave me to face difficulty or loss alone. Help me to trust.

Worry ends where faith begins.

After You

This Ursula celaka betul…I asked her 3 times if there is any open vacancy in the future in G13, please ask me to come back. This Ursula only smiles.

I also told her that…when I was under her for the first time (during The General’s rule)…no doubt Ursula gave me the option to swap with Christy…but then, because I have fallen in the Stationery department, I have to stand back up from where I fall. I know it was the first poor decision that I have made. Secondly, when Miguel gave me the option to choose either Furniture or DIY/Auto – again I make the second poor decision. I choose Furniture instead. My third poor decision was not waiting for Miguel. But I also feel very sien to fight for the Stationery sales and also to do the 2016 TTA.


Sigh…I also don’t fit into her cheeseboard as well lah...will only drag her down.

I very problem child ya…this is also a problem…that is also a problem…everything is also a problem.


Marcus asked me whether I want to come back or not in the future.

I said YES – if have the opportunity…provided my terms and conditions are met. No more under The Witch! :)

Dancing On Thin Ice

I was so touch on my last day…I went to Maximoff’s room to say goodbye…unfortunately FW was in Maximoff’s room. So, I thought that I will not have the opportunity to say my goodbye…then, mana tahu…Maximoff came into my room, shake my hand, give me a hug and say that – my door is always open for you…oh, I am so touched.

Ursula said that Maximoff did not say this to Gerrard. Marcus also said that Maximoff did not say this to Madeleine either.

Did I make the wrong decision?

Marcus said that it was all Miguel’s fault for not being decisive and fast enough.

Was this the right move? Maximoff & Miguel wants to train me up, they sees me as the potential one…yet because of The Witch…now salary pula kena reduce by RM300…a bit further to travel to work…have to pay RM30 for parking somemore…

The Map To Everywhere

Adoi…headache…today is my first day reporting to work at The Japanese side.

On one side – it’s good to see the familiar faces again.

On the other side…the visibility in running the business is quite a challenge.

I still insist on building up the good habits that I have learn from Maximoff, Miguel, Ursula & Marcus.

Stewart & Celtic still sees me as a kid…as a freshie…ok, I just lay low, sit back & relax for now. When the right times comes…I will show them the confidence, the poise, the knowledge, the capability that I have. I am no longer the J___ that they used to know from the last time.

Now I understand why Maximoff, Miguel, Emerson, Tommy may look down on the other people…the visibility on their business is so much better than the rest.

How long can I last?