Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Is Best Lived

Wah…Liverpool 4 – 0 Tottenham :) Outstanding work at Anfield yo.
Ok…take a deep breath. Count 1 to 3. Let’s be humble and hold our nerves together.
OMG – there is this tiny possibility that The Reds might secure the cup.
This is the most nail-biting EPL season ever
We could even missed out on the cup by 1 point!
Nonetheless, good job to the manager Brendan Rodgers. Our objectives are secured: a Top 4 finish, a Champions League spot, Steven Gerrard has been rejuvenated, we manage to hold on to Luis Suarez, we did well by bringing out the best of Daniel Sturridge (he was being wasted away at Chelsea), we found a gem in Raheem Sterling & Philippe Coutinho, we got rid of Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing & Charlie Adam and we manage to transform Jordan Henderson from a dud to a dymo.

Gee Whiz!

Seriously…I think The General is really useless & hopeless. I think all of the buyers are running around like headless chickens, there is no direction, there is no synchronization between the HQ & the Store level…Ursula also agrees…The General only expect us to fix the problems, but don’t give us any head or tail. The store team always bully us but The General just make don't know. The General don't want to speak out at all. I mean…I am not a great leader…however, as I have been govern by many bosses before…I can see the difference. Any new bosses that come in, their priority is to do the sales first. A shout out to everyone that there is a new captain on board. This one…only asyik do minor and paperwork in the office. Sigh…last time, I remembered that Iron Butterfly & Rufus will quickly develop new concepts (bicycle category), bring in new suppliers (furniture department), indent engine oil (DIY group), try new business model (books portfolio) etc. Even Juan Carlos also…Juan Carlos quickly fixes up the Tex Team. Whether in the end, it was a failure or a success, at least Juan Carlos wants to grow the business. The General is not doing anything at all. Maybe The General is doing something…but I cannot see. Or either, The General is giving a free hand to all of the SCMs, only they are slow in re-acting to them. I don’t know. Sigh…

Sekeping Serendah

Thank You GOD, Praise To The LORD, Bless You GOD.

LadyBug Books Fair – on last week Monday & Tuesday, it was a very busy time for me to coordinate between the supplier and the store team. What happen was…Ursula manage to kick-start the book fair for 1 month…what Leonardo cannot do or refuse to do or unwilling to do or incapable to do…Ursula manage to do it. My salutations to her. Ursula manages to get the Top 15 stores to participate. I don’t know how she does it or how she convinces the store team to help her out…but Ursula did it. She manages to bring it up to this new level. I feel so ashamed…because previously…I can’t manage to bring it up to this scale. I have never doubted Ursula's capabilities…only doubted and remain unconvinced of the store team. However, there are still some major hiccups along the way as well. Initially, Nancy allows the store team to use the black bins or pallets for display…when the stores have already done the set-up so nicely…Nancy instruct the stores to change to the chrome bins instead. Then the chaos happen one by one…some stores provide less offer bins…thus the supplier felt shortchanged… the stocks that the supplier deliver was sufficient for the bigger size of bins…but when it was changed to the smaller chrome bins…the supplier have to bring back their excess stocks…all this while The General did not even mention a single word…sigh. I was just so exhausted; both mentally & emotionally throughout this entire process.

And then mana tahu…on last week Friday (before Ursula leaves for her week long German holiday) – this supplier informs Ursula that he wants to complain all the way up to the new CEO level. Ursula was so bengang with him. Ursula called the supplier and they have a dispute. For the first time, I hear Ursula scold a supplier. But this Ursula also knows how to hold her fort well, with fierce independence & resilience. Then, this is where Ursula says that I hide things from her. Which I did not. I told her everything and I try to resolve everything. I did not want to burden her. Ursula will find that with Christy, she has to solve all of the Christy’s problems…with me…I don’t want to trouble her and try to solve the problems all by myself as much as possible…but when the problem becomes too big for me to handle & is about to explode…I will crawl my way back to her :) Hahaha…

Ursula also said that this supplier also quite sayang me…the store team must respect us as the buyers. Ursula said that before she flies off…she will call all of the 15 problematic stores to give back the original space to the supplier… but until today…I didn’t see any email from her. I don’t blame her. First and foremost, Stationery is such a small department, she has to settle the big portfolios first. And calling all of the 16 stores on a late Friday night or on a Saturday – it’s also not fair to her as well. It’s my shit and I should be cleaning it up all by myself. The way Ursula can bring it up to this level – I am already very grateful, one hundred times. I just hope that I didn't disappoint her.

One Place. Different Personalities.

I kena bashed from Ursula:

(1) Focus more on dollar value. Build up more point of sales.

(2) Accumulate margin.

(3) Focus on the Top 10 suppliers – don’t spread out too thin.

(4) Do selective promotion in Top 10 stores.

(5) Be more open to indent.

(6) Develop new concepts.

(7) Think out of the box.

(8) Dare to try, brave enough to take the necessary calculated risks.

(9) Stop pusing her around :(

(10) Don’t hide or keep anything from her :(

(11) Be proactive, be a solution provider.

(12) Anticipate & forecast ahead.

Theory Of Enough

I kena perli from Ursula – Ursula said that she didn’t give me any stress at all…thus far…it was my own doing, it was me who give myself the stress :( Ursula mention that she signs all of my TTA without any questions thus far…of course, those suppliers were the small potatoes, the big & key players have yet to be met up, she signs all of my new item code creations…she signs all of my block/unblock item code status…she signs all of my in-store promotions…she did not question my ordering quantities at all...she did not ask for more – yeah, in a way…Thank You GOD, Praise To The LORD, Bless You GOD :) I also told Ursula – how she manages to get this lazy bum (which is me) to work till late everyday and still come to work on a Saturday. This is where Ursula teases me again that she did not do anything to me yet…it was me who was willing…

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014; being even bigger

I am Clara’s punching bag :)

When Baldwin took over Madam Yap’s portfolio…The General make an announcement to everybody because Madam Yap will be retiring soon. But The General did not make any official announcement when Sabrina joins our team by taking over a small portion of Shawn & Gerrard’s portfolio. And The General also keeps mum that Clara will handle a small category of Linda's. Yesterday, Clara came over to my room and told me. Clara wanted it to be effective in June…but The General said by March. According to Clara, when it comes to work, Clara & Linda share the same wavelength but the way of working is different. Clara feels working with Linda will have many clashes of opinions. Clara is comfortable in being friends with Linda, but when it comes to work-related matters, Clara feels that Linda does a poor job. Whatsmore, Clara’s boss is Marcus; who is also Linda’s lunch buddy. Clara feels that by right, right now…Marcus and Linda should not have lunch together because Marcus will have a hard time in telling Linda off or Marcus will provide a protective shield over Linda. But I think Marcus is a reasonable and logical boss. No wonder, Ursula mentions to me that if she has the opportunity to take over the Textile Department – she will remove everyone, all also got problems. Celtic also shares with me – that Marcus share with Celtic that the department’s sales are so bad that it is so difficult to catch up. No worries, there is still the Hari Raya promotion coming in July. It can rescue Marcus. Marcus also stays up very late in the office these days too. Same with Ursula. Only this Leonardo, still very relaxing.

Big Dreams & Big Changes

I am Ursula’s punching bag :(

Ursula asks me whether she have told me the story of the carpet or not…I said no…Ursula only told me stories of Black & Decker, Shin Hing, toilet seats, bamboo torch and oil. Apparently, Baldwin brought in some stocks for carpets – outdoor carpets…again, another grey area. Ursula felt that it should be under her department and she can get up to 60% margin. Indoor carpets are under Baldwin’s jurisdiction, outdoor carpets are pretty debatable. One of the big garden supplier also got sell the outdoor garden carpets at RM79.90.

Ursula also proudly shows off to me that she have completed the Auto/DIY indent buying. She commented that it’s – Me, Me, Me – who does everything. Christy is so slow, so it is better for her to follow-up and put the orders in as fast as possible.

The other day, the buying income collection was not enough. Then, Ursula showed me Christy’s report card. Supplier: Shin Hing. In January this year, Ursula pump in the orders; around RM500k, thus the buying income is high because the purchases are high too. Come February & March – where Ursula did not do anything at all, all was in the hands of Christy's...purchases drop to RM100k, therefore the buying income collection also drop. Ursula then test me…what I would do…I will retrieve the suppliers fast moving items, check with the suppliers on their stock availability, do the ordering…then Ursula ask me – how to tell…then, I take another peek at Ursula’s computer screen to double-confirm and I laugh because it was Christy’s supplier. I tell Ursula to tell Christy on how she probes me. I think Christy is smart enough to catch up on what Ursula wants; it is Ursula who is emotionally & personally biased in judging Christy's work right now. This supplier’s stock availability is 45 days lead time – I told Ursula – Boss, you are a very smart person – Ursula already arranges something with the supplier behind Christy’s back. Ursula will not let this business to falter. If Christy cannot help much, Ursula will do everything by herself. Ursula also disagrees with Christy methods of allowing this supplier to increase their cost price by 20%.

Big Family: Brings Bigger Luck

I am Paige’s punching bag :)

Paige commented that Ursula (previously) do not kenakan Pietro on purpose. Pietro really got problem. Paige also doesn’t know what this Pietro is doing on his job. Ursula purposely let it go and let Pietro to realize it and to fix the problems. But this Pietro did not go and fix the problems. Now that Pietro is under Leonardo’s charge, Paige said that Leonardo terus solve the problem only, didn’t even inform Pietro. OMG.

Ursula’s 2 minions are not very happy with their bonuses – Mimi & Liza. What happens was…apparently The General call Paige for a meeting…during the meeting…The General read out to Paige a list of staffs name who are currently under Paige…then The General ask Paige whether this particular staff is good, needs improvement or best…Paige gave the comments…based on each criteria…The General decides whether the staff gets a 0.8%, 1% or 1.5%...Mimi & Liza was the weakest link…thus they got less…according to Paige, Ursula may not know about this arrangement yet. Paige feels that these two minions will go and complain to Ursula. Paige is being fair here and will only reward the best. Celtic also notices that Paige & Ursula rarely had lunch together now.

Hahaha, I think everyone in the team knows that Ursula dislike her current room. But, Ursula no longer complains about it already. Laura; according to Paige, said that Ursula have dapat her balasan because she commit so many bad things. I think the word balasan is pretty a heavy word, Ursula must have did something until Laura can utter such a word. According to Paige, before Ursula was promoted, before the arrival of Mr. Jan Vet, Ursula was only a shoe buyer, she was close with all of the Textile Department's buyers, she was good friends with Gerrard, Laura and Linda. They laugh together and Ursula was the joke for everyone else. Ursula’s dressing was also much simpler then. Then, everything changes when Ursula got the promotion. Her dressing is sexier & revealing. Sometimes, I also feel pai seh to introduce her to my suppliers. In between, I don’t know what Ursula did with her close colleagues…I just told Paige that Ursula just grew up, Ursula has moved on to another stage…while the rest remain where they are. Even though, Paige & Ursula rarely eat lunch together these days…there is still a possibility that they might meet up for dinner. Because, once Ursula blurted out that she drop Paige at First Subang in the evening. They still remain in contact.


I am Pietro’s punching bag :)

Actually, the story is like this…when Paige is very busy…Paige will gets very moody…during this grumpy condition, whoever go and kacau Paige or ask Paige any questions…Paige will tak layan anybody, show the charcoal face to everybody and will talk in a very rude manner. I also kena before…I was also even chased out from Paige’s room once before. But I am very thick skin :) However, Pietro got offended and try to minimize the communication contact with Paige as much as possible. So, if Pietro needs anything from Paige – Pietro will ask me to be the middle person. Pietro also thinks that both Ursula & Paige have this – I-use-you-you-use-me-kind of relationship. Ursula uses Paige to run all sorts of reports for her. Paige knows that Ursula (previously) can influence Mr. Jan Vet in determining the team’s increments and promotions. And I am sure that Paige has benefitted a lot from there too. Nonetheless, I also feel that Paige is someone who can separates work and personal issues very well too.

Dead Man’s Time


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Awesome! :) This season, LFC artist Dave Williams will be creating a unique postcard series for every match that The Reds play.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Liverpool 2 - 1 Sunderland :)
Seven wins on the bounce for #LFC :)

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Thank You for Your FAITHFULNESS to me, Thank You for carrying me in Your EVERLASTING ARMS, every season, through it all and many more.
GOD, You are just so FRUITFUL, You have BLESSED me and given me this unexpected FAVORABILITY.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

On Thursday, The General & the three SCMs will be having a Hari Raya presentation with the store team. So on the day before, on Wednesday evening, everyone was rushing to bring out their samples for their next day presentation. So, this Ursula came in to my room to collect Christy’s ladder. Then this Ursula ask me to inform Christy if Christy got anymore samples that Christy wants to show to the store people tomorrow, please bring it over to the meeting room. I was stunned. I can only manage to blurt out – what…again? Then Ursula just smiled and said never mind. OMG! Is Ursula & Christy current relationship that bad until Ursula cannot even pass a simple message to Christy all by herself? Is Ursula so emotionally discriminating and dislike Christy until such a level? Lucky I buat bodoh, if I really follow Ursula’s instructions, what will Christy think of me? Like Stephanie said, it will be like I am instructing Christy. It will not be nice.

The Wind In The Willows

What lah this Ursula! This Ursula is so fickle-minded. At first, she puji Michel & Ice for their bravery in coming out with new concepts and dare to try new & bold colors on their merchandise. And now…when we are doing a promotion with them with the promotion mechanics of buying any 2 files @ RM10 – where we display the files up at the end gondola – this Ursula pula commented that their colors looks pretty dull now. I am very confused with Ursula right now. What she actually wants? She knows what she wants or not…or she herself also doesn’t know what she don’t know.

The Great Gatsby

Ursula always says that I always pusing her non-stop…she; apa kurangnya…whether she realize it or not, whether it was done intentionally or deliberately, she also always pusing me around until don't know go where…our discussions have too many open ended loose end. No firm conclusion. No solutions in sight. Sometimes, I also feel that I am running around like a headless chicken. Either that, or Ursula is forcing me to think further, more critically on every aspect and probe even more. Paige also asks me the same question, whether I understand what Ursula is trying to convey or not. At times, Paige also has difficulty in understanding what Ursula wants. Cannot like this lah…our conversations and meetings are not productive at all and is going nowhere. Like on Wednesday, this Ursula makes me so confuse on the DC indent block status until I told her off that I will do it by myself and leave her room in frustration. I want to pengsan.

Madame Bovary

A_Y S__ C_I_G _E_
What did you do to me until I cannot let you go? OMG, aiyo :( Now, everything seems to be revolve around you!

A Confederacy Of Dunces

OMG – on Wednesday, I was wearing a grey top to work…Ursula was wearing a red top…different color correct? But…there was a similarity in terms of the material make-up…cotton and lacey. I want to pengsan already.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Magic

Stephanie commented that Ursula & myself are very comical when we are put together :(

Sunday, March 23, 2014

the return of Only Fools and Horses

Full-time: It's all over at the Cardiff City Stadium and the final score is ‪#‎CCFC‬ 3 - 6 ‪#‎LFC‬. Luis Suarez fired a hat-trick, Martin Skrtel hit a brace and Daniel Sturridge netted as the Reds clinched a vital three points in the Welsh capital :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Coffee Club

The ladder that Christy did not want to buy initially…I think Ursula has probably brainwash Christy into buying it and Christy decide to buy the ladder; finally. Christy came to my room, asking is it okay for the ladder to be continue to be inside my room. I said – yeah, sure, no probs. Then Christy proceed to ask me whether I will buy the ladder or not. I replied back – I am not sure, I hardly use a ladder anyway. Then, Christy continues to say that the ladder’s margin is very good, the outside retailers are hijacking the margin ridiculously and it’s a new item in the market. Ursula’s doing :)

Thyme Out

Ursula called for a meeting in Shawn’s room the other day. The attendees were Shawn, Gerrard, Sabrina and myself. Again, Christy was nowhere to be seen. I am not sure on why Christy did not attend the meeting. Is it because Christy was also attending another meeting at the same time? During the meeting, Ursula brief us that we will be getting a new DC report from Paige which we need to analyze them. Once done, we are to email back to Ursula on our inputs. In the evening, Ursula blast out the email to all of us. Christy did not attend the meeting but Christy's name was in the email loop. Ursula also cc the email copy into her own personal email address. I guess she decided to bring back the homework and do it at home. Then, the next day – Ursula didn’t come to work. Okay…I give her the benefit of the doubt…but I think she ponteng kerja :) This is because on every Wednesday, all of the SCMs have to be in the leaflet marketing meeting for the whole day. Ursula did comment to me that it was a waste of her time and there was this one time that she ponteng kerja so that she can accomplish more of her office work at home. Then, on the following day, Ursula replied back the analysis report back to Paige, indicating the feedback for Sabrina & Christy’s departments have already been done. Wah…this Ursula do for them…didn’t do for Shawn, Gerrard and myself :) Pilih kasih. Never mind, I want to be independent and hands-on anyway. The issue here is that, Christy did not attend the meeting in the first place, but received the email on the report, yet no need to do anything because Ursula did it on will Christy feel? So hurtful. So mean of Ursula...


Hahaha…even this Pietro also notice that Ursula is giving Christy a hard time. On Monday, all of us need to attend a SAP briefing at 2pm. But this Christy has been in Ursula’s room since lunch time and did not attend the briefing at all. Neither do Ursula. Only the both of them were missing in action.


OMG – beginning of this month, Ursula have created a WatsApp Group for the team. Ursula added Shawn, Gerrard, Christy & myself into the group. Strange…Sabrina was not in the list. I wonder why. Ursula; via the watsapp group announced to us on the death of one of our top Division Head from the Kelana Jaya store. Then, the conversations began to flow between Ursula, Shawn, Gerrard and Christy giving their comments. I, on the other hand…remain silent and non-participative throughout the entire process. Then the next day, I realized that Christy's name have been removed from the group. Ursula was the Group Admin. OMG, this Ursula makes it so obvious. Sometimes, I also think that this Ursula is also a bit too much.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

You Should Be Here

Liverpool: Calm, Structured, Lethal.
Manchester United: Disjointed, Frantic, Out of control.
FULL-TIME: It's all over at Old Trafford and Liverpool have recorded a truly massive victory over rivals Manchester United. Two penalties from the quite brilliant Steven Gerrard and an instinctive finish from Luis Suarez clinches an unforgettable win. The final score is #MUFC 0 - 3 #LFC!

Mizuno Marengo Run

I was working yesterday, yes on a Saturday; again. Lately, my life is just revolving around work, like no life like that. Work is piling up. I have SO MUCH to do in order to catch up. URGH! Ursula came in too. She didn’t bring her office card tag as she have left it in her office room so she can’t scan herself to come in. She called me to rescue her which I did. Ursula brought her youngest daughter along. I quickly walk inside. Pretend to be busy and in a hurry. Reason being, Clara & Christy was also in the office as well. Don’t want these two people to think sideways; especially Christy. Sure, this Clara will gossip and tell everyone in the office next week that I usher Ursula in. What’s’ more the both of us were travelling together in our first joint sourcing trip and the both of us came back to work on a Saturday. So coincidence? And confirm this Christy will think that I am Ursula’s new pet as Ursula is spending more time doing the Stationery Department these days and not to mention we travel together and sleep in the same room together. It’s better to have a gap; I don’t want people to misunderstand. Unless it’s only Ursula and myself in a room. Ursula must be surprise with my sudden change of character.

This Ursula’s daughter may look shy but in actual fact I think she pretend to be shy :) I was on the phone with one of my suppliers, she came in to my room and began to touch this and touch that. So gatal tangan. If a person is shy, the person will not dare to touch anything. I offer her chocolates & chewing gum, both she refuse. I ask her why she follows her mom to the office today, must be very boring for her since she got nothing to do :)

Geelong Advertiser Paradise Run

March Tribulations:

(1) Brooks Shoe – I put my yellow Brooks running shoe outside and it was stolen by a shoe thief/thieves. And I have to quickly buy another pair of running shoes. That yellow running shoe was not even 1 year old yet, it cost me RM399 (I think) and I haven’t even fully utilize to the maximum yet. So, in the end, I bought its twin brother, a blue color model. Lucky got 50% discount, so I only paid RM219.50 for it. The yellow pair is a performance-base shoe as it was very light. This blue pair is slightly heavier but provides better support. Apparently, my left feet is a flat feet and my right feet slightly arched upwards.

(2) American Tourister Luggage – I lost my luggage during the transit flight from Guangzhou to Yiwu. I only manage to recover my luggage after 48 hours. I was so sad as I need to buy back some of my good clothes and branded toiletries. I nearly want to cry. I was so down and upset. I lost all emotions. Again, this American Tourister luggage was also newly bought. It was a first overseas trip as well. Again, GOD step in and work on it. I really want to glorify GOD’s work here and put GOD above everything else. When my luggage was missing in action, my counterparts from the China office were so helpful. Linda accompanies me to buy my toiletries and pajamas plus helping me to follow-up with the airport & airline authorities to lodge a complaint and to help me to check on my luggage whereabouts. Bryan got me a new toiletry bag; exactly the one that I have lost after we saw the same model in one of the supplier’s showroom. Apparently, my luggage has travel all the way to Chengdu, back to Guangzhou and then to Yiwu. I lost my luggage on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, Linda informed me that it has been found and I will be able to get it back in the evening. But then tak jadi because it cannot make it back to Yiwu on time. I have already lost hope at that time. I already have written it off. I was not even sure that it was my luggage or not. And on my last day in China, when I am about to fly home on Friday, Linda informed me that my luggage has already arrive in Yiwu airport and I can go and collect it then. GOD’s timing was so beautiful and accurate. I manage to get my luggage back before I fly back to KL, Linda & Bryan is also heading towards Yiwu airport at the same time to catch a flight back to Guangzhou so I tumpang their car to get there. I hug Linda, Ursula and Mr. Shu. I was so happy. The sun was up, I am going home; with my luggage. All is in good condition and nothing was missing. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD. I do not consider myself a woman of faith, and I am not very well guided by what the Bible tells me to do. I just do not talk about Jesus all the time…but after these events…it just re-affirms my faith further. I feel so blessed. I will move forward with humility, a sense of appreciation and a gratitude attitude. I am going to be the person who grows, who seeks my own faith and who lives with intention. I’m better these days too. Previously, I don’t even dare to go to Church all by myself if Baby Sis is not coming. I rather stay at home. Now, I have the courage and breakthrough to go in all by myself. It was dreadful at first, but after a few more times, I’ll find that I enjoy it, that the pattern of it fills up something inside of me.

Great Ocean Road

February Tribulations:

Stephanie and myself got into a dispute with Celtic. Earlier on, Celtic did suggest that the 3 of us should try to bring in some lingerie from China and try selling them online. The idea is to build a pool of passive income and if it is indeed successful and sustainable, we can go in and do it on a full-time basis. We did market survey together but it ends there. We have never sat down to really discuss the financial aspects of it, the business strategies, the logistics & administration part of it…I didn’t follow-up with Celtic after that. Celtic also didn’t update me thereafter as well. Celtic only brief Stephanie that the stocks will be arriving soon, each person may require to come up with a capital of up to a few thousand dollars and Celtic is having Celtic’s friend to bring in the stocks (amounting to 10kg) from China. Then one day, Celtic mentions that the stock has already arrive and ask us whether we want to be part of it or not. Celtic wants our answers on that day itself. Celtic refuses to give us more time to ponder on it. Yes or No. Fianlly, Stephanie and I decide to pull out. This cause Celtic to be very unhappy with us. Knowing Celtic very well, Celtic will think that we have let Celtic down and force Celtic to eat up all of the stocks. Celtic will think that we are wrong & Celtic is right. I would say that both parties are also in the wrong. And I also have a feeling that the stocks are not here yet. I think Celtic is testing us before actually bringing in the stocks. I work under Celtic before. Celtic is smart and an excellent planner. Celtic’s business instincts have always been in tip-top condition all the time. So, Celtic was mad at us :) Celtic didn’t want us to take up the stocks later on, claiming that Celtic’s friend has already help out. Celtic also burn us as in Celtic’s answers were very sarcastic whenever we ask Celtic a question but I just ignore it. Celtic did recover later on and start talking to me, saying that at least I was brave enough to confront the situation and face Celtic directly. Stephanie; as usual avoiding the case. But I still have the strong feeling that the stocks are not here yet. If it really was, Celtic would have chase us on the capital frantically. Celtic would have prep us well. It was a testing platform whether Stephanie & myslef can be rely on or not. Celtic will find that the both of us are hopeless & useless. Disappointed with our actions. My first major ill-feelings clash with Celtic. I know that our friendship of 9 years will never be the same again. This Stephanie also scared that Celtic will sabotage us later on. Knowing that Celtic is also very revengeful. We should not think of Celtic like that. But I think GOD has step in to heal the wound. Maybe it will never be the same like before, but at least we still can hold a decent conversation. Whatever…I did my part, I apologized… my best is not to be measured by success, or money, or how awesome I look to everyone on the outside. My best should be about truth, love, honesty, respect and peace.


Hepburn Springs

THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD :) My GOD is indeed MIGHTY TO SAVE. My LORD is my personal SAVIOR. January, February and March have showered me with tribulations after tribulations. But GOD with his Mercy & Grace; He has help me to recover from them, He graced me with a peace of mind & a calm heart during these trying times, He reaches out and holds me tightly, My GOD is my anchor, my source of strength, and He is the inspiration during these trouble times. Let’s start with what happen in January:

(1) WorldVentures – it’s a direct marketing/MLM holiday business plan approach. Stephanie was on board. Celtic didn’t want to join. How it works is that once a member sign up for this program, the member have to pay for the entry membership fees first. All transactions here are in the USD currency. Next, the member has to find another 4 people so the member does not have to pay for the monthly subscription fees anymore. Then, the member has to find more people so the member can earn more income. Then, from the income earned, the member can choose any travel package and go for holidays for free. I am not really into direct sales and my network is also not that wide. Therefore, for me, if I cannot find the required 4 people to participate, the monthly deductions, I will take it as a form of savings. On the surface, the holidays package looks attractive and reasonably price. Then, Stephanie also signs up Victoria. Then mana tahu, on the same day itself, after a few hours of signing up, Victoria realized that something was not right and immediately cancel the credit card. Victoria also gives me a call regarding this issue as well. I was very angry that Stephanie was not honest with me, Stephanie should have alerted me on this and we could have sat down and discuss this together as a team. I went and check out the website, did notice that there are some loopholes. It’s not a fraud but it was something that was not suitable for me as well. The holidays are mostly in Europe and in the US. Very little in Asia. The duration of the holiday is very short. The company do provides good hotel accommodation but if we do want to see more of a particular place, we then have to extend our stay, which means paying more for the air tickets and accommodation. For those who already grow their businesses, even though it’s a short vacation trip, it’s ok for them because the trip is already free. The holiday package on offer is excluding the air tickets. But the company have a price pledge system where they will provide refund if you make a higher purchase earlier on. Victoria and I did an experiment. Trying to compare the air ticket prices where we log on to their website and also on AirAsia website. Same destination, same duration. In the end, buying the AirAsia tickets was way cheaper. That means, members have to always be on the alert, always compare prices, ask for refund all the time. Or else, they will lose out. The company pacify the members by providing the refund. It should not be that way. Whereas for me, it is not that worthwhile. This is where GOD steps in. Victoria taught me on how to write the termination letter and the appeal for refund letter. Victoria also taught me on how I should go about with the credit card process. So, in the end, I got my refund back. The company didn’t proceed to deduct anymore the monthly subscription fees. Unfortunately, Stephanie lost all of her money. It was indeed a lesson well learned for me. I also didn’t keep the money after that. Eventually, I donate the whole lump sum to the church. I was about to lose the money in the first place so I think it was more appropriate to give it back. There are no hard feelings towards Stephanie, but I know that she also cannot be harap if such situations do arise again.

(2) Accident – I got into an accident with a motorbike. The rider fell off but luckily, the Uncle was ok, he didn’t ask for any compensation or scold me. I only got a scratch on my car. What happen was, I was at a t-junction, the rider stop, then when there was no car and the rider could have cross the street, but this Uncle pula takes out a cigarette to smoke & didn’t make a cross for it and as I didn’t see properly that the Uncle was in a still mode, I bang into him. Sigh…

(3) Red Light – this case actually happen in December last year. I was driving from Bangsar back to Shah Alam. It was a very heavy downpour. Visibility was bad, there were so many water spilling onto my direction, then I think I hit a hump and the red light of the oil indicator was on. It means that something was wrong. I was so worried. I drove all the way back with panic & anxiety and head straight away to my mechanic's workshop. Again, after changing the switch board, all was back to normal. Earlier on, the mechanic didn’t even know what was wrong or where is the exact location of the malfunction piece.


TAC Wheelchair Challenge

For this sourcing trip, not only was the Malaysia Team that was involved but also Team Philippines and Team Singapore. Guess, who represents this kiasu country? Rufus! Glad to meet up with Rufus. Rufus still look the same but the feel is so different right now…Rufus have become somewhat arrogant. I think it’s because of the high confidence that Rufus have right now. Juan Carlos has suppressed that previously. Sumen did not join Rufus in Singapore. Instead, Sumen is working with a muruku supplier back in KL. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – Rufus ask me whether I want to join Rufus in Singapore. Rufus is on a lookout for a Stationery cum Toys Buyer.


OMG – Ursula have a dream. She dreamt of Christy coming in to work on the first day, going through the whole working process throughout the months and finally Christy resign. I think Ursula is up to something not good here. Ursula has interviewed a candidate. Ursula says that she will take drastic action soon. She dreamt that Christy left…it may means that Ursula must have done something or said something to Christy earlier on to trigger this future chain reaction. With that, Ursula must have predicted that Chrsity will eventually leave. This possibility is playing in her mind and she actually dreamt it, wondering if her plan will work out or not...if this is her intention in the first place. OMG. The day before, the division have a Hari Raya 2014 presentation. Celtic reported back to me that the best buyer's presentation on that day was Madeleine. Marcus keep on backing Madeleine until The General tease Marcus in front of everyone that Marcus still cannot let go of the previous department. Pietro was the worst. The General keep on cucuk Pietro. However, according to Sean – Christy also reported wrong information during the presentation - Christy gave the wrong quantities on the bamboo torch, the wrong pricing for the engine oil and did not put in the ladder which Ursula & The General wants to indent. The sample of the ladder is currently in my room now. Christy did mention to me that Christy does not want to make a purchase because it’s not suitable for our local market – it’s an outdoor ladder, the built-up material is also not stable. But what Ursula says, is also true – if the boss wants it, we also have to wayang and try it in a smaller quantities as well. I finally have the courage to ask. To satisfy my curiosity :) Hahaha…I ask Ursula that I heard that Christy was her favorite pet when I first join the company, why such feedback now. Ursula also admit that she may be wrong in the first place, she was too involve in the department, she may have pamper Christy too much…now Ursula do not want to help Christy that much, will give Christy some hard time to be independent, Ursula feels that if I have swap with Christy, I will be able to bring in a new perspective. Ursula claims that the Auto/DIY portfolio is much bigger than the Stationery department. Yeah right…do I trust Ursula on this…nah…hahaha…


Ursula loves her minions very much.

(1) Saleha, Liza & Fify are good. Apparently, Christy has made Fify so tense up until Fify wants to cry. It was a very serious case until it was reported all the way up to Paige’s level. Christy will always ask the MAs to – please assist but never clearly stated assist on what. As Christy have so many item codes in her department, Christy ask Fify to check one by one on the activation and source list. It’s a tedious task.

(2) Mimi likes to communicate with the suppliers and the store people. Mimi likes to stand out. I haven’t informed Ursula that Mimi is also very careless as well :)


I was away for a week. Sourcing trip to Guangzhou & Yiwu, China. With Ursula.

(1) Ursula can really talk. We talk so much. Previously, travelling aboard or locally with Leonardo – we hardly utter a word to each other. We were so quiet. There is a gap between us. With Ursula, it is so different. Every time, Ursula is the starter for every conversation. I can see that she likes to express herself very much. I think there are a lot of things that is going through her mind…sometimes, when we express it out, things become so much clearer. I was her so-called punching bag during this trip.

(2) Ursula finds Sabrina to be young, eager to learn and a fast learner too.

(3) Ursula likes Sean very much. They share a close bond with one another. Once, Sean even uses Ursula’s credit card to make a very expensive purchase. They are that close! Sean is also Ursula’s spy whenever Ursula is not around in the office. Sean will report everything back to Ursula. Ursula mentions that Gerrard will not do such a thing. I have to be extra careful from now on. Sean is also a bit cunning when it comes to business, not a process-oriented type of person. Lately, Sean have been feeling frustrated because Sean’s department is not a focus category by the top management, yet it also can be categorize as a major category with the highest income contribution. Sean has to delivered more income than anyone else but received no acknowledgment.

(4) Ursula commented that Gerrard likes to win all the time, very calculative like an accountant, Gerrard will calculate until very detail, till the end. Ursula will always go behind Gerrard’s back by manipulating the suppliers to re-phrase their sentences or to change their influence pattern to convince Gerrard to try on something new.

(5) I finally understand Ursula’s frustrations with Christy. Ursula feedback that Christy was initially was very good when Christy first arrived, then Christy lapse. Christy does not know how to prioritize which tasks is more important. Christy does not paid attention to what Ursula said. Christy creates problems for Ursula. For example, Christy pumps in a lot of orders at the store level. Until the Store Manager complain to Ursula that the store can open another hardware store. These in-coming stocks are not link to any Leaflet or Press Ad activities. Ursula’s way of doing things is that the influx of stocks must have advertisement exposure. Additionally, this Christy also likes to do the special in-store promotion one store at a time, but Ursula feels that the promotion will works better if it is being done collectively 5 stores at a time or more.

(6) Ursula also feels angry is that after she have plan the indent buying, by right Christy can do the store allocation but Christy brush it off, saying that Ursula can do it by herself.

(7) Christy’s email to the stores are not well-written, not well-directed, not well-instructed. Very kelam-kabut. Don’t know what is Christy’s actual point of view is.

(8) Ursula also notices that Alice hates me :) I told Ursula on why Alice hates me. Alice wanted Matte-Marit to get the job, but I got Jonas’s position instead. Alice also requires a lot of love, attention, tender, loving, care from Leonardo. I find Alice to be very dangerous. Alice belongs to a group of people who take it upon themselves to think for me, make assumptions, misinterpret situations or interpret things as if they are me.

(9) Ursula also reminds me that if anything does goes wrong at work, we cover the whole thing as a team :)

(10) If I make any mistakes, go and surrender to Ursula first, don’t let Ursula hear from other people's mouth.

(11) Ursula admits that she herself have many faces. She does not need people to like her. She only wants people to be impress with the figures that she delivers.

(12) Ursula says that all promises that I have made, I must be able to keep them. Walk the talk. I think Ursula has realized that I always delay in delivering my promises :)

(13) Before I left for this trip, Celtic reminds me to take good care of myself, be safe and be independent. This Ursula tak boleh harap one. Really true. For example, whenever I sit next to any of my former bosses during a meal, they will take a dish or two for me. This Ursula doesn’t have one; only pour red wine for me. But I do appreciate her for coming down to the airport with me to collect my luggage. She missed her breakfast for that day.

(14) Hahaha…Ursula & myself share the same luggage size. Hers was black in color with yellow strings and mine is a dark blue color with red locks.


Hahaha…wow...this Ursula really wants to lead the Textile Department. She knows what needs to be done to bring up the sales. Noted that the department sales are declining at the moment but I think Marcus should be given a fair chance as well. It’s a transition period after all. But Ursula said that 6 months is going to be over very soon. Nothing new or fresh is coming out from Marcus. Ursula also shares with me that the team of buyers that Marcus have inherited are also very problematic. They don’t disclose everything to Marcus, they keep everything to themselves, they practice a close-book policy, one buyer likes to source for funny things, another buyer do not like to source at all etc. There is no consistency or development of new concepts or story lines thus far. Apparently, Clara also has an argument with Marcus recently. Ursula asks me back; what I would do then. I answer that I will have an open communication with all of the buyers on my expectations and if necessary change all of the buyers. I tease Ursula that it will be a challenge for her too; if she does get the portfolio, she brushes it off that she will change all of the buyers as well. OMG!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Warriors Group


Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I love this quote from Matthew McConaughey who won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

I want to thank GOD, cause that's who I look up to. He's graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand. He has shown me that it's a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

what grows together, goes together

Another one-to-one session with Ursula today :( Headache!

(1) Ursula says that I am slow. I need to keep up and speed up.

(2) I am very stubborn. Ursula doesn’t like the consignment concept and she is pro-indent. I think my non-core business should be outsource to competent third party vendors that are specialize in their field and are in-tune with the current market trend. My local suppliers are strong enough to support and the customer favors the local brands as well. No doubt, indent margins are way much better.

(3) According to Ursula, I still pusing around at times. I don’t know which part is that…all I know is that I have been keeping things very open & transparent.

(4) This one statement really got me angry. If wrong – admit that you are wrong. If I don’t want to admit it in front of Ursula, I have to admit it to myself. What the fuck…all I can remember is that if I am wrong or I did something wrong, I have told directly and the whole truth, nothing but the truth to Ursula. I did not hide anything from her. Even if I know that she will get upset, I will also surrender and say – don’t scold me first.

(5) Ursula compared me to Jonas. She feel that Jonas knows how to be more selective in terms of item selections and I like to do a category discount, which might affect the overall department margin.

(6) I menyampuk her a lot. That day she herself mention to me that she do not want someone who is a yes-man. Everything also she says.

(7) I have ideas, I have plans but I don't know how to tie everything up. I am not a finisher...yet.

Fine…now, if Ursula asks me one question, I will only answer that question. I also have to ensure that our future meeting will be more productive. This Ursula likes to pusing until don’t know where and then divert my attention to somewhere else. I mean it’s good that Ursula is providing me with such inputs. Which I don’t get previously. I need to get the feel of the business and to experiment. OK – I will give everything (good or bad) a chance and embrace everything with a bigger heart. I am not going to let Ursula’s comments to affect and influence me. Of course, I want to be better but most importantly, is to be me. Be myself. I have my good personality, and I have my naughty individuality, but I’m not berating myself for them.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Lunch hour just got a little sexier

Liverpool 3 - 0 Southampton :)
The Reds rise to second with Saints victory.


Another lunch incident – was having lunch with Celtic, Pietro, Paige & Baldwin at Ah Cheng Laksa. Then, Marcus & LC saw us and decided to join us as well. Marcus was seated next to me. I really like Marcus, I think Marcus knows how to carry the personality & charisma aspect very well. A leader that instill inclusiveness, cohesion and team spirit. I like to soak in Marcus’s positive energy. I like to draw in this kind of vibrant energy from contented, happy, cheerful, generous and passionate people. Then, after lunch, this Paige told me that I will be in big trouble with Ursula for seating next to Marcus. Apparently, currently…Ursula is competing with Marcus heads on. OMG. I think Ursula already dislike Marcus in the first place for moving into my old room. Ursula likes my old room very much. She told me that it brings in good feng shui. And Marcus is also holding the Textile Department which Ursula has always wanted to lead all this while. Plus, Marcus has more staffs than Ursula’s team at the moment. Ursula, Ursula…like this also you wants to compete…but Marcus is not even competing with you!

life is about growing a pair

See...I already say that this Ursula is very pura-pura one. On last week Friday, everyone went home early because they are attending Madam Yap’s buffet dinner at Madam Yap’s house in Batu Caves in conjunction with her youngest daughter's wedding. So, only left Ursula & me behind. Coincidently, don’t know which department was having a birthday celebration after work…there were some leftover Secret Recipe’s cakes behind…Ursula also didn’t offer them to me…she only offers to her beloved minions. Then, everyone left except for the both of us. When Ursula left, she also didn’t inform me…leaving me all alone in an empty office…when it comes to work, Ursula is all smiling and nice to me…but when it comes to personal…very bad…not caring at all. I must block out all of these negative energy and stay away from people that are mean, gossipy, jealous, judgmental, bitter and selfish. Hey, it fits into Ursula’s profile…hahaha :)