Thursday, December 31, 2015

I Saw The Lord

Dear GOD,



2016 will be upon us soon. Well, I have to close the 2015 book and open a new book for 2016.

2015 – what a year that it has been.

I have a To-Do-List for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013. List of things that I wanted to do, that I wanted to experience. Than it stop altogether at 2014 & 2015. I can’t recall back why I stop it. Maybe I didn’t. I think I did jot it down on a piece of paper. But for 2016…I am also not going to jot down another To-Do-List. I will follow the flow. God’s flow. To appreciate each day. To appreciate each individual. To live to the fullest. To live! To truly live!

I will just reflect on my best moments of 2015, like how I did for 2014 :)

Yes, I manage to learn on how to reverse parking my car.

I was also a volunteer (only for a day) for the East Coast flood victims.

I’ve got into a car accident twice…lucky that God’s hand was on me. Nothing major.

At work – with God’s love – God sent down a guardian angel (Tommy) to help me to build the Stationery Planogram and also to teach me on how to drive the Stationery business.

God’s strength & wisdom in helping me to overcome the GST, the TTA 2015 & the Planogram plus all of the problems from the suppliers, the store people and the top management.

I played bowling…and I went ice-skating too.

I attended 2 concerts in a row – MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK & BON JOVI.

I attended (first time in my life, a street demonstration) the BERSIH rally.

I only ran 1 marathon this year @ 6.5KM.

GOD, the healer have heal my Papa Ham and ensure that he have a speedy recovery from his motorcycle accident.

I only went for 2 trips this year - Langkawi (a holiday trip) and Yiwu (buying trip).

Last but not least…God, my Abba Father, my Jehovah Jireh, have blessed my entire family this year with the completion of the Shelter 101 Project. Finally, with God’s blessing and provision – we are able to buy a landed property house. The transaction have been completed, next step is for the renovation to begin. I will blog on this later on. Our God reigns!

Finally – my spiritual journey with GOD this year. From asking – why doesn’t God do something - to - I am now – God: The Enough. From confusion to confidence.

God – let 2016 be our year, to build your Kingdom, for your Glory,
- the underdog, rascal, misfit J___ -


Liverpool 1 – 0 Sunderland.
End the year with a win :)

A Devoted Heart

He determined not to let wealth get in the way of his devotion to God. Rather, he wanted to serve God with his assets and help the needy.

Throughout the centuries, God has blessed some people materially. We read of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 17:5, The Lord established the kingdom…so that he had great wealth and honor. H did not become proud or bully others with his wealth. Instead, his heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord. Also, he followed the ways of his father Asa and did not stray from them; he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lord is not against wealth for He has blessed some with it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Super duper good!

The plot – awesome, good momentum all the way. A wonderful start to a new trilogy.

BB-8 is my favorite droid right now. Sorry RD-D2.

Rey – there is so much energy in you. Hopefully Luke SkyWalker can harness that in you. You have got the best lines in this movie. Female power yo.

Han Solo, Chewie & The Millennium Falcon - I missed you guys so much.

Kylo Ren – man, you are more evil than your Grandpa – how dare you kill off Han Solo…but I love your wickedness though. Nice suit.

For me, Episode 4,5 & 6 was the best of the best. Episode 1,2 & 3 was only so – so. But this Episode 7 is really a mind blowing film…it went back to the basics, to the heart & soul of the original movie theme – battles in the galazy and the good vs evil personalities.


Liverpool 1 – 0 Leicester!

Don’t Wait For Feelings – Begin

GOD – 2016 will be a very exciting year for me. I can feel it :)

GOD – if it is not too much to ask – please give me the assurance on a daily basis – be it in Your Word, people, a thought, an event or just anything – just to let me know that things are going well, they will be fine, I will overcome them, You are with me. I need You more than ever GOD.

This is a good reminder for me every day:
When it is hardest to pray, we ought to pray the hardest. When we pray and do not really feel like it, we bring to God not only our prayers but a disciplined spirit as well. We must be willing to recognize feelings but not to depend on them. Feelings fluctuate with our health, the weather or the news, and our communication with heaven must not depend on something as flimsy as feelings.

Turn It Off

I am on leave…since last week Wednesday and will be on leave all the way till 3/1. So, on last week Thursday & Friday – there was no phone call from The Witch because it’s a public holiday (Nabi Muhammad & Christmas). But starting from this week Monday until today…sure The Witch will call me everyday…sigh…I know by not picking up her call…I am giving Alice the opportunity to cucuk me...The Witch will complain me to Miguel & Maximoff…complain that I am rude, don’t know how to pick up phone calls, irresponsible…whatever…WatsApp me lah…even Marcus also don’t call me…WatsApp me only mah. Lantak lah…I am on leave. I am not going to pick up any phone calls. When The Witch WatsApp me…I also got reply her back.

It’s so good not to be working and thinking about work at all! :)

Sometimes we do need to just turn it all off and rest our minds for a little while; we simply need to unplug. Jesus often drew aside for a time – especially when He wanted to take time to pray. He encouraged the disciples to step away as well – even for a brief time. That kind of solitude and time for reflection is beneficial for each of us. In those moments we are able to draw near to God.

The Family Of Faith

Father, You’ve called us to serve one another. Give me a heart willing to accept the care of others. May I ask for help when I am in need and responds with a heart of grace to others when they ask me for help.

GOD – next year I want to do Ministry – something that combines – MARATHON, PHOTOGRAPHY, FOOD, TRAVELLING, CYCLING & COMMUNITY.

Will You show me the way please? :)

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Last year, I had my Christmas lunch with Stephanie…the year before…I think…with both Celtic & Stephanie…this year…guess who I have lunch with – URSULA. Of all person…I thought it will be Marcus though.

I was on leave on Wednesday, but I still went to the office to support the GHSA re-launching and to finish off all of the pending work.

Miguel & Alice were on leave too…but they came…once the event was over…they left.

Christy asked me whether I wanted to have lunch or not…I say that I will grab something to bite during tea time.

Then Ursula asks me for lunch.

Want to go KFC she asked…I know she was accommodating me – knowing that I love KFC but I also know that Ursula is coughing so badly after her China holidays…KFC is a no-no. Coffee Bean will be it…no goreng stuff and the place is quite for private conversations.

I think Christy saw the both of us. So did Marcus.

Ursula bought me lunch.

She was coughing so badly, I requested for warm water for her. I think I melt Ursula’s heart…hahaha…

Ursula casually asked about Fendi and how Pietro is doing.

She also asked me how I am doing.

Now, I told Ursula that Alice is actually a very nice person…only comes to work...there is where the problem starts. I often lalalala…that in the end I really compromise on myself and I don’t care…Ursula also agrees…she also feels the same thing…my behavior is towards The Witch…Ursula is reacting to the whole working environment.

Now – this is the interesting part…previously, Miguel did ask Ursula whether is it ok for me to transfer to her department, Ursula told Miguel that she did ask me but I didn’t want…Miguel ask her to ask me again…is this after the conversation that I have with Miguel?

But I also find Miguel also pakai hentam only…Miguel wants me to transfer to Christy’s portfolio…Christy transfer to Nigel’s portfolio and Nigel to do Stationery.

Ursula feels so TL. Because Nigel was hired to do Small Appliances in the first place. Small Appliances need a very strong buyer. I think if Ursula were to choose…Ursula will keep Nigel and remove Christy.

Miguel said that Ursula can step in and do Small Appliances…can handle all of the negotiations…then Ursula feels that Ursula is already a buyer…might as well demote her title. What is Miguel’s intentions…to make Ursula resign too?

So, actually Christy do not need to be afraid of anything one…Christy scared sendiri.

But why Miguel think of pairing Nigel with Alice together…Ursula even notice that the both of them are very close…I think that the both of them are the same type of people. Maybe Miguel notices that too.

So I spill out more beans :) I told Ursula 2 things which she must keep her mouth shut.

That Christy already knew about the transfer…only Christy doesn’t know is that Christy will be still under Ursula. I told Ursula to continue to encourage Christy.

Miguel told me that I will be park under Ursula…only no say which is the category and no effective date given.

Ursula asked – so are you throwing the ball to me now?

Maybe a little :)

I also told Ursula the conversation that I have with Marcus. What if before the transfer can take place, I have a job offer in hand…Marcus asked me to ask myself – is the new job worth it.

I have already endure Alice for 3 months…the transfer to the Furniture portfolio tak jadi…I endure her for another 3 more months…I certainly don’t want to spend my 2016 with her. Please GOD…no…

I told Ursula…my New Year Resolution…whichever comes first…I take it…follow the flow of the energy.

I need Ursula more than Ursula needs me and Ursula will not feel insecure or threaten with me leaving.

Ursula also said that I and Shawn are the same – we have open, honest & transparent conversation with her. Gerrard have always been independent and stand alone.


If my place is with The Japanese – please don’t let Miguel & Ursula to do anything that makes me hesitates or to think twice.

If my place is with G13 – then please let me be able to give a very solid reason of decline to both Celtic & Stewart as they need to answer to their bosses as well.

GOD - You lead me You see best.

GOD – I know my future is ASSURED, CERTAIN & SECURED in your hands. Guide me on how I should go about it from here.

Pleading The Promises

The Japanese Offer Letter came in on the 21st December.

The letter was ready on the 10th December but the HR Department did not email me and did not call me.

Only when Celtic asked me about it…I said that I haven’t receive the letter yet…then Celtic only help me to chase for it.

Then I received the email only on 21st December.

The HR Department just email me…don’t even have the courtesy to call me…so bad their service level.

My 13th month salary has not come in yet. I think. Usually it’s on the 28th of the month, same time with the salary.

My next step will be…

…Revive me according to Your word…

The Creator will not cheat the creature who depends upon His truth; and far more, the heavenly Father will not break His own word to His own child.


Before this incident that took place – Marcus got mention that the GHSA Store Manager got complain Christy a few times…even up to Ursula there…and also Miguel. Marcus also understands why Ursula cannot tahan Christy or don’t like Christy that much. Christy bug Ursula in a very aunty-style. Then, I mention…that I also bug everyone…Paige only say that I bug in a childish kind of way…hahaha…I can get away with it…hahaha…

So what happen was…with this coming re-launch of GHSA – Miguel did issue out an email…that whatever changes that we want to do…go through with Miguel first, email to Miguel and Miguel will email to the GHSA Store Manager for approval. I did just that. I follow orders. But Christy did not do that. So the GHSA Store Manager complain to Ursula…Ursula have a word with Christy…then apparently, Miguel also knew about it…and ask Ursula to settle it. I score some brownie points here. Thank GOD!

Waistcoats & Weaponry

Satu lagi…on Wednesday…it was the re-launching of GHSA. My supplier also screw up lah…the mascot didn’t turn up on time. Then The Witch told me this, sarcastically over the phone… and I know that Miguel was just beside her.

Then, she sounded me that I didn’t introduce my suppliers to her :) memang pun…I did that on purpose.

Then, Zurick came. I left Zurick together with The Witch. Zurick also seems to be confused with Alice. I told Zurick…don’t just listen to me…use your heart to judge. What Alice told Zurick was – for this year BTS, I put in a lot of effort…but needs some touching up. But didn’t say what to touch up. I think Ursula, Marcus, Tommy or even Leonardo will say that I did well in stock availability, the key lines, the prices but not good on the POSM communication and the exit plan. See, I even know myself even better than The Witch. Adoi

House Of Robots

Arrggh…then in another case…I very pening with The Witch lah.

New Upscale CNY Deco Suppplier – haven’t even open account yet…documents also haven’t submit yet…it will ding-dong here and ding-dong there…now, every where is starting to highlight the CNY deco even though Christmas is only tomorrow. So, in order to ensure that the store already have the CNY feel and do not missed out on the sales – I already have discuss with Jordan…temporary use our existing supplier first. Because by the time, with the delay…I also don’t know when the new supplier can do the set-up. Additionally, I will be on leave and left The Witch to follow-up.

So, The Witch email back and said that we have a new supplier. Noted. Correct. But I think her English is also very bad…cannot understand what I write is it…while waiting for the new supplier to come in, we use the exiting supplier first. Maybe she scared that I will screw this one up. What if the new supplier vendor code & item codes are done – then can come in to do the set-up…so what will be the next step… because another supplier is also inside there…then 2 suppliers lor…you say so yourself that this supplier is very upmarket mah…so it does not clash with the existing supplier lor. Miguel also have no objections. We have a problem, I provide the solutions.

Earlier on, I told Jordon that I will inform the existing supplier that they will be out for 2016 CNY…lucky Jordan stop me…just in case the new one cannot create in time or will be late…at least, we still have a back-up...see Jordon even knows how to anticipate…The Witch ar….

Tommy said that The Witch is very similar to Tommy’s Buying Manager. Because their English is not good and very aunty-like…they always cause miscommunication. Memang pun.

Imaginary Fred

See…this Alice never have the trust on her buyers, like to mencelah masuk, not a team player, look at things on a smaller picture…being under her…I will never grow. I don’t think I even have the opportunity to grow.

Tuesday floor walk – she told Marcus that the Christmas event grew by 20% in GHSA. Then, Marcus email out some comments which the buyers must reply. At the point of replying Marcus's email – it was Wednesday and I commented that the sales grew by 30% because when I run the report, got extra one more day mah…then The Witch email back that it’s 20% growth…alahai…her report is also correct…what I am saying here is that…she do not trust…she just have to put a word in…to show that she is right...but she also never check...and my figures don't know come from where...she cannot let others shine…lantak lah...

American Blood

Now, I am actually starting on my long holiday leave from today, all the way to 4th January. So, I was indeed very busy, trying to finish off all of my pending work. Thus, I didn’t have the time to make friends with Fendi.

I think Fendi is between 26 to 30 years old.

Fendi looks naïve but whether the behavior is naïve or not…I don’t know.

But I think Alice loves Fendi…I think Fendi is someone that Alice can control and have authorization over. Fendi also looks like someone who is the obeying type as well.

Christy also mentions that Alice like boy buyers wor…ahh…

As our HR Department have already mention – no more hiring from The English’s camp…so Fendi’s background is a bit dubious. I did casually ask but Fendi makes it like very secretive like that. Fendi only mentions that Fendi use to work with the suppliers – from HouseHold to Stationery. Stationery – good, can replace me :) Fendi said that Fendi loves toys and Fendi have an online business, Fendi dabbles a bit in photography, fashion and event…Fendi just wants to gain more experience in this new merchandising job…hmm…still I think Fendi is very familiar…like I have seen Fendi before…

I don’t know how Alice is teaching him or what she is teaching him…I only manage to catch a few glimpse here and there…Fendi will sit next to Alice in Alice’s room…

The Accident Season

Hahaha…when I saw the final leaflet artwork output…for the Appliance page…I saw the 6 rice cookers that Nigel advertised…eh, I thought…I really thought that Ursula will make some changes to it like how she used to make changes to Christy’s DIY/Auto page previously. But Ursula did not wor. I told Ursula that I counted the 6 rice cookers…she just smiles and say biar lah…so unlike her isn’t it…play nice kah with Nigel...

on a journey through the history of the world

Ursula is back from her China holidays…walked pass by my room and stick out her tongue to me. Hahaha…sampat betul :) I missed her…

Monday, December 21, 2015

Towards Danger

Watford 3 – 0 Liverpool.
Getting more ridiculous! Kloppy!

Towards Answers

Oh dear…Miguel was suppose to be on leave but Miguel came back to the office today. Miguel did drop by at my room, asking whether I have sent out the invitations or not to the suppliers for Wednesday GHSA re-launching. I replied that I did.

Then hor…Miguel drop me an email…asking me to fix an appointment with the existing Gift & Wrap supplier. Oh no. Ok…this one is my fault. I am wrong. Then, I checked with the supplier’s Key Account Manager, the Manager also said that the big boss have either call up Miguel or have personally met up with Miguel. I am in deep trouble. Fine…I am at fault here. Let’s meet up with the supplier on the first week of January and see how it goes. Don’t jump to conclusion first. I also don’t know what were the conversation contents between Miguel and the big boss as well.

on a journey through the past

The Witch is very sampat. Always WatsApp me; asking me this...asking me that…but before I can reply her…she already reply me back that she already found the answers…then, in the first place, don’t WatsApp me lah…find the answers yourself. Is like, she cannot leave me in peace like that…must kacau me one…then, (i assume) - she will go and tell Miguel that I am very late in replying her lah, I am very slow lah, I am not efficient lah...sure one...baru ada topic to cucuk me mah...

Towards Questions Not Yet Asked

Madeleine has started work…under the same roof as Ramly. A new Middle Eastern retailer.
Quite surprise that Madeleine is willing to travel that far. Well, Madeleine did mention that G13 buyers are quite well-paid. Joining the local competitor…doing 1 category only, you have to expect that your salary will be reduced. If you are lucky, your salary can be maintained. If you want a bigger paycheque – then you have to take up bigger responsibilities. And Madeleine must be having a very fat paycheque – because according to Christy…Madeleine is in charge of HouseHold, Furniture & DIY.

on a journey through the world

Ramly’s replacement is here…reporting to Alice today.
Nama: Fendi. No idea about Fendi’s background though.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How Strong Convictions Come

When Miguel told me that Miguel wants to transfer me to Ursula’s side (only that I have no say in the category)…I feel there is still hope…of course, I didn’t want to put any high expectations on it…after the Amelia’s case…so, I just keep a low profile. But now…sigh…like heading nowhere again…no offer letter from The Japanese yet…Celtic said will help me to chase…until now…no news also…Miguel pula going on leave, I will also be on leave…adoi…I am very tempted to do something, rather than waiting…but I don’t want to do something that is wrong…

Every one of us will be able to understand the psalmist’s struggle: we start off with a positive faith in God’s goodness and then something happens which causes us to be plagued with doubts. The problem then is how to get back to where we were. This is what the psalmist does in this psalm – he shows us how to return to the place where the soul finds true peace.

Doubts may discourage but they need not demoralize you. It is not what happens to you, but what you make of it that matters.

Gracious and loving Father, I pray that You will do for me what You did for the psalmist and help me turn my strangest doubts into my strongest beliefs. I offer You my willingness – now add to it Your power. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

God’s Wonderful Ways

Yesterday will be my last day seeing Miguel.
After this, Miguel will be on leave, I will be working. When I am on leave, Miguel will be working.
Sigh…no offer letter from The Japanese…Miguel didn’t make any further announcement…now, I have to WAIT until 4/1/2016.
I am excited because I don’t know what God’s plans are for me. Resign? Transfer? Stay? 15 more days to go to know the outcome.

The waiting time in which we find ourselves during the death of a vision is God’s classroom for the development of godly character in us. It is in the waiting time, as the vision dies, that such qualities as patience, persistence, perseverance and self-control are built into us. Has God given you in the past a vision of something that you knew was definitely from Him – but now the vision has died? Then don’t be discouraged. This is the way God works. He is using the waiting time to change your ideas to His ideas and your perspectives to His perspectives.

O my Father, I stand in awe at the wonder of Your ways. Forgive me that so often I have viewed the time of waiting as tedious rather than transformative. Now my perspectives are different. Lead on, dear Father – I want to learn more. Amen.

Whatever it is…I know that my future is CERTAIN & ASSURED IN GOD’S HANDS :)

Solomon Creed

Sigh…on the Gift & Wrapper existing supplier…don’t know lah…I didn’t go and prompt Miguel about it. Earlier on was…I was thinking to prompt Miguel…informing Miguel that this supplier might call Miguel…to lodge a complaint about me…but somehow…don’t know lah…I didn’t go and prompt pula. I know I am in the wrong. But another thought also cross my mind though…I usually don’t prompt Miguel on anything…if I prompt Miguel on this issue pula…Miguel sure think…sure got something one…ada udang di sebalik batu…hahaha…whatever lah…it’s my fault anyway…I put words into other people’s mouth…Miguel did not give me the instructions to do so, I did not discuss with Miguel also…I sendiri make the decision, I sendiri yang pandai-pandai here…so I sendiri solve the problem lor…a lesson for me in moving forward…now, I kena bergerak mengikut keadaan.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Girl With The Wrong Name

Liverpool 2 – 2 West Brom.
A draw pula :(

Tokyo Newcomer

Ursula: I need help. For Mick teenager’s shoes.

Me: U r the mother, u should know ur daughter better.

Ursula: You are young gal also you love sports, Mick also love sports but indoor sports so I need your advise as young gal.

Me: Good choice of brand, color u hav to ask her. The blk is wild & nice, blue & red also not bad.

Ursula: U are not helping. Better go for fashion than sports. Cos the mum only know shopping.

Me: So wat the mummy finally bought today? Sports wear are more fashion driven than functional driven these days.

Ursula: The black one. And tomorrow they are playing running man at the park.

Me: Cool, happy running.

Ursula: :)

This Ursula sampat betulanak punya hal…come and ask me pula…hahaha…

La Benedict

This Witch – celaka betul.

The Auditors are here to check on our Buying Income documentation.
The Auditors audited all of the SCMs. Then The Witch pula kena audit for the second time. I got a bit worried. So I called up Ainul. According to Ainul, our department documentation is pretty straight forward, unlike Emerson or Amelia’s department. Ainul’s only concern was how The Witch explains to the auditors only. Scared that The Witch will confuse them even further. Hahaha…

According to Marcus pula…The Witch was like damn proud of herself like that. The Witch claim that the Auditors come to see her for the second time is because she is very honest. Puih! From what Ainul observe on The Witch’s body language, when the Auditors was in her room…it was like she was blaming somebody like that. As usual.

Later, I was called to The Witch’s room. 2 Auditors were there. One of them asked me…for the fixed A&P amount…how do I know that I will not exceed the amount for deduction. The Witch menyampuk masuk…she said that she have her own tracker to monitor, but she don’t know whether I have a tracker or not. The Witch is so unprofessional. It is not a prideful thing to tell everyone that she don’t know what her staff is doing…but her mentality is always like this…defend her own territory first. Never protect others. Anyway…sigh…I also don’t want to condemn her so much…I also not that great either. And I am also not a good person as well.


2 years back…when Celtic & Stephanie was still around in G13…we attended the Suppliers Business Partner Gala Dinner at the Majestic Hotel in KL together. We were dress up to the maximum of prettiness. My short hair was in a bun, I put my make-up on (thanks to Celtic who arrange everything for us; from head to toe)…and for this year…without the both of them around (so sad)…I also have invested in myself again. My short hair is still in a bun…that gives me the classic elegant look…went to the Bobbi Brown Make-up Counter @ Subang Parade…that cost me RM212 to get my make-up done. I was transformed. I was so pretty that night. Shameless me :) Everyone could not recognize me. Miguel thought that I was a supplier and wanted to shake my hand, Maximoff was in for a surprise, everyone wants to take pictures with me, everyone praises me…well, it was you guys who ask me to dress up mah…so, I dress up lor...and my dress…which I borrowed from Small Ham…was a recycle bridesmaid dress…turquoise color…ala the Frozen theme :)

The Witch instructed Marcus to put my name together with her…we will be sitting together…ok lor…sit together lor…but I was also very lucky that night…because Zurick’s table have 1 empty seat, so I quickly sit next to Zurick & Danny Boy :)

Hotel Ruby

Ohh…Ramly have been posting these in Ramly’s FaceBook page recently…indicating The Witch kah? Hahaha…

Mother Goose’s Pajama Party

Ursula: Hi J___, do u have this similar sample for me? I need 1 pls pls…thank you.

Me: Nick just have 1 Typo bag wor. Change bag again?

Ursula: Yeah lah.

Me: Ur princess…sorry don’t hav, u go down and buy lah.

Ursula: Where

Me: At store. I got sell the above design.

Hahaha…quite some time ago this WatsApp conversation between Ursula & me…the both of us went down to the store to get a pencil bag…and Nick chose the most expensive one…hahaha…along the way, as usual…Ursula will mumble about going for interviews etc…but look at her today…she is still here :)

DJI Phantom 3

The other day…Christy mentions that this Alice & Ainul cannot get along…so no need to invite The Witch to attend Ainul’s farewell dinner on this Wednesday night…hahaha…


Aiyo, another malu case.
Ursula called me up…to check whether I have any Christmas LED lights samples or not, for her house Christmas tree.
Adoi…I don’t know what got into me…I was mumbling and said out a lot of things. Hahaha…one of my weaknesses again…jumping into conclusion and always fall easily into people questioning trap. But this Ursula also…she highlights some key words…so I got mention about my opinions on the Buying Income issue lor…and I also think that Ursula wants me to ask her regarding the transfer…but I didn’t :) Whatever lah

VivoFit 2

Oh dear…OMG…I am so evil…...I am in big trouble...I put the blame on Miguel…padahal…Miguel did not give me the instructions to do so nor The Witch. It was me who make the decision without further discussing the matter with Miguel or The Witch. What happen was…Miguel wanted a new Gift & Wrap supplier…we brought them in…I think Miguel knew that we have an existing supplier too…previously, Tommy was on my side…give the existing supplier a chance first…to see whether they have the capacity to duplicate the new supplier's concept & business model or not.

Ok, so...the new supplier is in already…they occupy the first corner of the layout and the existing supplier occupying the end corner. Miguel did not say anything…The Witch only ask what I am going to do for this end corner part…of course, I cannot have the duplication mah…so I make the call to remove the existing supplier without any consultation with anyone. Then as usual…the supplier ask why…who give the instructions...then the questions was like trapping me like that…and I never learn also…put on my defensive mode again…this time put the blame on Miguel somemore…adoi…gone…I am a goner…if the supplier call up Miguel…complain to Miguel…I am certainly a gone case. I do not reflect on God’s love and on God’s way. I am like Alice already. OMG. God, please help me to settle this. Amen.

How Do Revivals Begin?


A few weeks back, the Church have a visiting Youth Pastor, all the way from The Philippines. His name is Pastor Ramon Mond De Armas. After finishing giving his Sunday sermon…Pastor Sean invited all of the youth and the young adults to the floor so Pastor Ramon could pray for us. So I went. When it was my turn…this is what Pastor Ramon said to me…your careerGod will take care of itit is being taken care already. Woah…coincidence or what…it’s like God has spoken directly to me.

Father, let the wonder of Your sovereignty and power sink deep into my soul today. Help me see how much bigger & greater You are than my imagination could ever conceive. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

Some Tough Questions

So…if I am not going to do anything…this time around, I didn’t even trigger both Stewart & Celtic. Until now, their HR has yet to give me the Offer Letter yet…I need to tender on the 4/1/2016…if I am going to continue to stay in G13…still under The Witch…will I survive it all? Well…I have God by my side (that is for sure)…my future is assured & certain. I surely will be the WINNER :)

How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen?

We continue thinking through the issue of why it is that we settle for easy answers. Every day we face tough questions as we live our lives for Jesus Christ.

Is God leading me into a new job?

These and other questions demand decisions that expose our uncertainty and force us to recognize how deeply confused we are about certain issues. The Bible addresses some issues clearly, but on others it is not so clear. Sometimes we struggle with uncertainty. It is unappealing to be told that we have to go on in the midst of confusion, and we feel a great inner pressure to reduce confusion to a point where it can be ignored.

Motivated by anxiety, we seek to impose an order on our world – and it is at this point that we become extremely vulnerable.

In earlier years I used to be deeply perplexed about why intelligent Christian people bought into the ideas of some of the less responsible healing evangelists, who got them to pledge huge sums of money, give up medical treatment and do the strangest things. But then I realized that these men were providing the people who come to them with hopeful answers about their physical condition or that of their loved ones, and this was easier than living with confusion.

God does heal, but sometimes He doesn’t – no matter how hard we pray. And the way we handle this confusion determines our spiritual maturity. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Staying With The Pain

Well…the Japanese have yet to give me my Offer Letter yet…Miguel have not make any announcement on the transfer effective date as well…The Witch is unlikely to resign…my salary (apparently is very sky high), so no new job offers at the moment…so what am I going to do? I am going to WAIT. I am going to TRUST GOD!

When we are confronted by a spiritual problem that appears to have no immediate resolution and causes strong emotions to rage within us, there are, as far as I can see, just two options: either to live with the troublesome emotions, as Job did, and wait patiently for God to give a clear answer, in His time…or to replace the confusion with some form of understanding. The first option is often difficult, for it demands something which, especially when we are confused, we find hard to do – trust. The second is a lot easier, but potentially more dangerous, for unless we are careful, it can lead us into accepting solutions that are not solutions.

The pressure to move confidently in the midst of ambiguity and uncertainty and come up with clear answers is a strong one. But we must be careful that we don’t settle for an answer that, although it helps to reduce the level of confusion, is not a real solution. Better to stay with the pain of confusion and uncertainty than to grasp at answers that are not answers because they evade the real problem.

JawBone Up

Good Saltz @ The Curve – had lunch with Tommy & Zurick.

Tommy thinks that Alice is not a very smart person…Alice cannot go very far.

Alice is very poor in people skills.

Alice also got cucuk behind Tommy’s back…saying that Tommy is a spy…comes to G13 for a while…then go back to the English’s camp. I always think that whatever The Witch said have no common sense at all.

While Tommy is still onboard in G13, there is this one time where Alice was on MC for quite some time, it also coincides with the closing time…Tommy always feel that The Witch did that on purpose. Hahaha…

Miguel is very protective of Emerson & Amelia.

But this Emerson got cucuk Miguel in front of Maximoff. But Maximoff don’t bother one. Maximoff success stories lies in the fact that Maximoff knows how to utilize each one of them, play to their strength that can help Maximoff to get the job done.

Tommy left because Tommy knows that Tommy cannot fit in into G13’s culture. There is just no support from the operations and too much interference from them.

Maximoff may micromanage but is also very protective of the team, if anything goes wrong.

Tommy did ask me back…all those buyers who have left…was it done deliberately? I also think that Miguel is not that innocent even though Miguel’s look is very innocent.

While Tommy is still onboard G13…apparently, Ursula always complain about Christy to Tommy. Wah…this is something new. I didn’t know that Ursula have make it so obvious.

Tommy said that being under Amelia is actually not that bad either. Amelia is pushy and demanding. Amelia wants to deliver results.

Tommy also has the feeling that Emerson will leave G13 and come back to the English camp one day. I also think so. I can feel that Emerson feel very sien because everything in G13 is being done so manually.

The Witch was pinching Tommy’s toys buyer. Tommy’s advise to the toy buyer...if the salary is only so – so…then, might as well stay.

The English camp is a very good training ground for all of the buyers. Looking into the total business with full visibility.

Alice & Nigel are the same type of people.

The Lies You Sleep With

Met up with Victoria…nice catching up that the both of us had.
We had lunch together @ Lavendar, then we jalan-jalan around 1U.
Apparently, we share the same type of bosses…hahaha…we can only lalalala…then, let the bosses burst…hahaha.

Kevin From Work

KPJ Damansara – visited Pietro on Friday.
Pietro will be out between 6 weeks to 8 weeks time…that means, Pietro will only come back in mid January next year. Adoi…well, things happen for a reason…blessing in disguise.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fleet Footed

Hahaha…Marcus told me that Ursula is not scared of Maximoff…one fine day, Marcus saw Ursula dare to talk back to Maximoff. I told Marcus…of course lah…Ursula throw her love letter once…if she tak puas hati…just throw again lor…hahaha.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Fence Free

Marcus & I were on our way to Majestic Hotel to attend our Suppliers Business Partner Gala Dinner. By the way, Marcus drove my car down :)

So, on the way there…I share with Marcus the conversation that I had with Miguel – the 360 degrees feedback on Alice and also on my transfer to Ursula’s department. I share with her that I notice that Christy is also a little bit concern.

Well, Marcus said that…Ursula also cannot tahan Christy…apparently, if Ursula do not provide the next step or direction…Christy don’t know how to move the department forward… Marcus also feel that Ursula got push Miguel as well for the change. Ursula really wants me kah?

Marcus also asks me to wait…currently the division is really short of buyers…so transferring me will take some time. I asked Marcus what if I had a job offer that comes my way then, before the transfer thingy happens. Then, Marcus said – is that new job worth it? Hmmm…

How To Wait For Revival

Adoi…my boss is so funny…I don’t know what to make of her…
One morning, she came into my room…gave me the Pioneer Appreciation Note…saying that I put in a lot of effort for the current BTS event. Then…as usual…she stab me lor…this is what she said – this is our first time doing the BTS in such a messy way…we take this as a lesson…then she walk out…what the hell man…ok...I take that her intentions are good...but she is very poor with her choices of words. Or, her English vocabulary is very limited...sigh. See...I need someone better in this working relationship. Someone who can tell me or point out to me on what I did well...where I need to improve on. Not this stupid comments...

Work as if it all depended on you, and pray as if it all depended on God.

God – I need to get out from here…

God’s Good Heart

Angry…with The Witch.
The CEO’s secretary needed a Christmas Tree…The Witch asks me to get some free samples from the suppliers…ok lor…I go and do it lor…I told The Witch that the supplier will bring it up on Wednesday. Either, The Witch is kan cheong or don’t trust me that I can do such a tasks (I think it’s a combination of both lah)…she ask another supplier to bring up the samples for her, pass it to the CEO’s secretary and didn’t inform me about it. When my supplier’s brought up the samples yesterday…the CEO’s secretary said that she have received them from my boss already…I ask The Witch lor…she ask me to pass to other Directors who need it…what the fuck man…then, she changed her mind…as usual lor…finally, we pass the samples to the CEO’s secretary. Now, she have 2 trees!

The Witch doesn’t trust us at all. Like in Ramly’s case…The Witch give Ramly so many priorities to work on…Ramly is also new to the categories…when Ramly cannot finished up on time or meet her expectations…she will say – never mind, I will do it. So, in the end, The Witch is not delegating…she is not looking at the bigger picture…and Ramly is not learning on the job plus feeling de-motivated all at the same time.

Then, got one time…behind my back…she visit my supplier’s showroom on a Saturday. Tak ajak also. I was so malu when the supplier asks me on why I didn’t join The Witch. And The Witch didn’t tell me about it until a few days later.

And another big Stationery supplier also complains her. Later I found out that The Witch’s husband & brother-in-law works in this same company. The Witch creates unnecessary havoc, as usual lor…the big boss of the company said that since she arrives, everything is so messy.

In Romans, the apostle Paul says – we can rejoice…when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. But that doesn’t mean we always feel the joy. We may just need someone to sit down and listen to us pour out our hearts to them, and to talk with God. Sometimes it takes looking back on the situation before we see how our faith has grown during trials and doubts.

Silent Helper

Pietro is out from the office for the whole month of December!
Leaving me alone with The Witch :( Oh no!
What happen was…Pietro had a fell, Pietro’s right knee cap…the ligament tear up…Pietro will have to undergo an operation tomorrow…then Pietro’s leg have to be supported with a brace…Pietro can only come back to the office next year…I am all alone…

The Lord often gets blamed when something goes wrong, but He seldom gets credit for all the things that go right. Every day people get up, get dressed, drive to work or school or the grocery store, and return safely to their families. No one knows how many times God has protected us from harm. But when there is a tragedy, we ask, Where was God?

When I consider all the wonderful things that God does silently on my behalf each day, I see that my list of praises is much longer than my list of petitions. Amen!

Batter In The Bowl

Usually on every Sunday, my weekly offering to the Church is at RM60.
So, lately I have increase it to RM70…the market is bad…I need to survive…but the Church also need to survive too. God said that God will have a plan for me right? So, what is the harm in coming out with the extra RM10 right? Yes, next year…by working with The Japanese…will mean that I will earn less…but by giving now…by making it a habitual routine…hopefully, I won’t feel the pinch too much…hahaha…

Like Boaz, who provided for Ruth from the bounty of his fields, God provided for us out of His abundance. His resources are infinite, and He lets blessings fall for our benefit. He willingly provides us with physical and spiritual nourishment. Every good gift we receive comes from Him.

Dear God, thank You for the blessings I enjoy!
You minister to Your children out of Your limitless abundance. I worship You as my Provider.

Our greatest needs cannot exceed God’s great resources.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Standard Quadcopter

We can beat Manchester City & Chelsea.
Yet can also lose to team like Newcastle.
This is Liverppol :(

The Spy In Winter

Hahaha…today I am so mean to The Witch. The Witch got call me…got WatsApp me to see her in her room…but I make don’t know. Then she come over to my room…she sarcastically ask why I didn’t pick up her calls, why I didn’t reply her back, why I didn't follow up on this & that…in a good tone of course…I think Miguel is teaching her already…how to treat your staff better...hahaha…I just make busy…I didn’t make any eye contact with her…I fix my eyes on the computer screen only…then I politely told The Witch…I only have 6 more days to go before I go on leave…all the way until next year...I have to quickly finish up everything for her…lantak her if she want to complain me to Miguel. My belakang is also already cucuk berlubang habis

Gut Feelings Don’t Work

On Madeleine’s last day in the office…Madeleine, Christy, Baldwin & myself was lunching together in Madeleine’s room…then Baldwin said that The Witch asked Baldwin whether Baldwin want to join her team or not…when Baldwin ask why Baldwin was chosen…The Witch said that The Witch like Baldwin’s positive attitude very much…hahaha…Alice is so contradicting…in the first place, she can somemore tell Ramly not to mix with Baldwin & Madeleine because the 2 of them is so negative. The Witch not only asks Baldwin…she also went and ask Sabrina, Christy & Lionel (according to Clara)…I guess The Witch wants to change all of us one by one.