Monday, August 31, 2015

no rush, no agenda.



Although you may be feeling useless and worthless, nevertheless you are still in the presence of God. He still permits you to come into His presence, even though you have forgotten His promises and misunderstood His ways. God does not cast you away. Let the wonder of this break afresh upon you today. Whatever has gone wrong in your life, confess it to Him and look into His face and say – Nevertheless, I am continually with you.

Father, how can I sufficiently thank You for giving me the right word at the right time? You knew how much I needed this today. It is a lifeline to my spirit. As I hold on to it, let it bind me closer to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Squeaky Wheel

Bahagian Pinjaman

GOD, I am feeling very very restless… :(

Luke explains that Jesus teach us the need to pray continually and not to give up, even if it appears that the answer to our prayer is delayed. God is certainly not an unjust judge who must be harassed before He responds to us. He is our loving Father who cares about us and hears us when we cry to Him. Regular, persistent prayer draws us closer to Him. It may feel like we are a squeaky wheel, but the Lord welcomes our prayer and encourages us to approach Him with our cries. He hears us and will come to our aid in ways that we may not expect.

As Jesus teaches in Matthew 6:5-8, constant prayer does not require long periods of vain repetitions. Rather, as we bring our needs before God day and night and walk with the One who already knows our needs, we learn to trust God and wait patiently for His response.

Lord, we know that You are good and long for us to come to You in prayer. Thank You for caring about every aspect of our lives. Help us to wait patiently and accept whatever comes from Your hand.

Don’t give up – God hears you when you pray!

Pray First

Does prayer guide our lives, or is it our last resort when trouble strikes?

We sometimes fall into the habit of making plans and then asking God to bless them, or praying only in moments of desperation. God does want us to turn to Him in moments of need. But He also wants us to remember that we need Him all the time.

Dear God, please guide me as I walk through this life. Help me not to act only by my own wisdom, but to seek Your will in every situation.

God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.

Friday, August 28, 2015

What Kind Of Leaders You Want?

Scary…This Witch…actually today I am on leave…when I am on leave…This Witch…sure will call me or apps me…but today…nothing wor…now it’s already 6.46pm…is it something good or something bad…sure This Witch will cucuk me one…cukup cukup somemore in front of everybody…sigh…I pula yang insecure…

The Wrong Fit Really Hurts

I have taken a very positive first step…I think…I gave The Witch the green light to call my suppliers…don’t know whether I have made the right move or the wrong move…but we got to work as a team as we move forward. Whatever lah

It Builds Curiosity & Creates Buzz

Hahaha…Marcus told me…that Ramly told Marcus…that The Witch talk bad about Marcus in front of Ramly…Ramly cannot tahan…so go and inform Marcus about it…The Witch also complain about Leonardo in front of Marcus when Leonardo is actually a good friend of Marcus…

It Celebrates & Commemorates

Hahaha…Marcus told me that Marcus have no friends in the office to heart-to-heart talk with…

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

married friends

Liverpool 0 - 0 Arsenal.
Good enough.
2 wins and a draw.
Not too bad.

first to admit my open ‘sins’

Sometimes it is worth sacrificing your pawn for a greater good.

I have a pawn? I didn’t even know that myself…who is it…how come Tommy seems to understand me more better than I understand myself…

when it dawned upon me

If three of you use your power of mind, you can make the sun rises from the west.

Hmm…is it mean that Ramly, Pietro & myself need to unite together…to stand up for ourselves…so The Bitch need to adapt to us and not the other way around? I find there are too many disruptions & disturbance from this Alice. I can’t focus…

allowed this to happen

They used to be good buds.

I didn’t know that Ramly & Alice is that close…got meh…I only know that Gerrard is Alice’s best friend…Jonas too…

Monday, August 24, 2015

but it is not the way

Question is who’s Tom and who’s Jerry.

The series features comedic fights between an iconic set of adversaries, a house cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry). The plots of each short usually center on Tom's numerous attempts to capture Jerry and the mayhem and destruction that follows. Tom rarely succeeds in catching Jerry, mainly because of Jerry's cleverness, cunning abilities, and luck. However, there are also several instances within the cartoons where they display genuine friendship and concern for each other's well-being. At other times, the pair set aside their rivalry in order to pursue a common goal, such as when a baby escaped the watch of a negligent babysitter, causing Tom and Jerry to pursue the baby and keep it away from danger.

medical, mental, technical, tactical

She lacks self confidence.

I don’t think Alice lacks self-confidence. I find that The Witch to be very terburu-buru, very disorganized, she do not know how to communicate well in terms of conveying what she wants, the people that she hates (like me) cannot be doing better than her, is overly super-sensitive, weak leadership…really not that yet…but…I must give people chance. Already know her style…I just have to be humble & respectful. Don’t show off during the team meeting but show off in the division meeting…hahaha…say people...I also not that good lah :)

this powerful message of deliverance, strength and inspiration

You don’t raise voice, you’re more cunning than that!!!

I am certainly not cunning. What makes Tommy thinks that I am cunning? What did I do? Tommy salah interpret kut…I only know that I can get away with my innocent look and credible persona :) Cunning…I am certainly not…


Maybe you should do apparel!! Ever consider?

Why did Tommy suggest that I try Apparel?

(1) Did Emerson say something…Emerson & Tommy cannot get along one wor
(2) Did Emerson tell Michel something and Michel informs Tommy something?
(3) Did Emerson suggest to Miguel…and Miguel tells Tommy about it?
(4) Sigh…damn complicated.
(5) One thing for sure…I can only assume that Emerson have already taken notice of me…
(6) :)

responsibilities other than success at work

Miguel likes you. You will more than survive.

How this chronology should be…

(1) I didn’t ask My Source whether the conversation took place with Miguel was before or after the Yiwu Buying Trip…
(2) When did Tommy brought up this subject to Miguel?
(3) What did Miguel sees in me…
(4) I have more weaknesses that strength…
(5) My performance are not consistent. Hot, cold, hot, cold…
(6) Frankly speaking…I screwed up many times in front of Miguel…buying income not enough, set appointment also very slow, always kacau Miguel to approve for ordering, decision making pun lambat, sales pun tak ada, margin pun koyak, stock days & stock value sky high…
(7) The rest of the other buyers…more potential than me…
(8) Don't know whether this Tommy got bullshit me or not...

A Soaring Supper

If tak tahan, tell big boss you want to transfer. I preempt him before.

Hmmm…let me get this chronology correctly…

(1) The first time that I voiced out to Miguel that I want to change department was when we were at the selling floor, the day when we were supposed to do our presentation to the top management from Hong Kong. I ask Miguel very innocently – can I changed department or not.

(2) The second time I voiced out was when Michel & Ice came up for a meeting. Miguel actually invited them to attend the coming October Canton fair. Michel was asking whether I will be joining them or not…I said no need. I want to transfer to another department.

(3) The third time – was in the airplane going to Yiwu. This time…Miguel buka mulut first.

(4) The fourth time…also Miguel buka mulut first.

(5) Now…when did Tommy prompt Miguel…before Tommy left G13? Before the China Buying Trip?

(6) The question is still – whether Miguel can be trusted or not?!

(7) I trust GOD to show the way :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

and 21 other passengers

A WatsApp conversation with Tommy.

Tommy: But life still goes on, shouldn’t be any difference to you.

Me: Yeah, just adapt & manage accordingly.

Tommy: Survival mode. Miguel likes you. You will more than survive.

Me: Huh?

Tommy: It is what it is.

Me: Everyday hav to filter, re-check, adapt, play hide & seek with her.

Tommy: That’s the fun. Otherwise life is too mundane. You’ll get bored. Just outsmart each other. Question is who’s Tom and who’s Jerry.

Me: Hahaha :) I’m the cheeky one. But life is short, should not subject to such a ‘torture’ mah.

Tommy: Well then, have all the fun.

Me: No lah, I must also giv her some time as well.

Tommy: It’s not torture, it’s friendly competition. Yes. She will change with time. She’s a survivor too.

Me: But her small small gesture & big big reaction very annoying at times.

Tommy: Just treat it as generation gap. Respect the elderly.

Me: Hahaha :) Yes Ma’am.

Tommy: Good girl. We elderly sometimes don’t get you young people either.

Me: Hahaha…

Tommy: But we’ll need to when we are outnumbered.

Me: But she…can’t find a word to describe lah

Tommy: It’s just a matter how long it takes to adapt. She lacks self confidence. My advise buy her the book “Secret” by Rhonda something.

Me: Hahaha :) Nanti she lagi salah interpret.

Tommy: Aiyo.

Me: Ramly one day also feel it. But Ramly dare to raise her voice.

Tommy: They used to be good buds.

Me: Pietro just telan.

Tommy: Hope she will grow with time. Everybody deserves a chance, hon.

Me: I know.

Tommy: Hope she learns before it’s too late.

Me: So I haven’t raise my voice yet.

Tommy: They called me the crazy bitch in T____.

Me: But u hav substance.

Tommy: You don’t raise voice, you’re more cunning than that!!!

Me: Where got :)

Tommy: Rhonda would say if you think you can you can. Mind over matter. If three of you use your power of mind, you can make the sun rises from the west.

Me: She suck our life force. Very negative. Sigh…nonetheless, yes giv her chance.

Tommy: My crystal ball tells me that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you should do apparel!! Ever consider?

Me: She out live or I out live? I think she out live. Aiyo…apparel complicated.

Tommy: I think you both will survive, but in different universe.

Me: Yeah, our wave length clash.

Tommy: If tak tahan, tell big boss you want to transfer. I preempt him before.

Me: He fulfill promise one or not?

Tommy: He will try. But he does have a memory issue.

Me: Alamak. So shall I talk to the Queen then?

Tommy: So need to drop hints periodically. Nope. Queen is great at delegating. She trusts Prime Minister. And Queen is good at not undermining Prime Minister. Work on your Prime Minister. But watch your delicate back at the same time.

Me: Kena cucuk hancur already lah.

Tommy: Be fake, don’t show your cards. Play the game with them. Gets fun. You strike me as someone who loves chess. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing your pawn for a greater good.

Me: But every month must hint Prime Minster tat I want to change dept.

Tommy: Not every month. Then he feels old. He’s vain!!

Me: Adoi.

Tommy: Told you, it’s fun. Enjoy the match. I hope you come out on top.

Me: Got other better players ar.

Tommy: Don’t think so. I played the game too for a while.

Me: My boss, Emerson, Ursula, Amelia…the others look low profile.

Tommy: No real strong player. Amelia & Emerson will be hard to top.

Chef Lam

With Miss Klein.
Dinner @ a near by Pizza Hut.
The concert was awesome…we sing along to all of their evergreen & popular songs.
We sat right at the back but I think that it was the best seat in the house. As the platform was highly elevated…the view was just nice. A two hour concert – then we wrap up our night with supper at the SS15 Mamak stall :) Ah it was bliss.

2 Guns

Michel & Ice came up to the office…I didn’t have any appointment with them. It was Emerson who has an appointment with them…but mana tahu…when they came up…Emerson & Ivan was busy with their other suppliers pula. So, both Michel & Ice lepak in my room first. When Emerson was free…Emerson drop by at my room to pick them up…so coincidently…this Alice saw us…and according to Emerson…this Alice jelling at Emerson…alamak!

Then, this Michel & Ice also brought up some drinks & pastries for us…they went to Emerson’s room…this Emerson pula call me to go to Emerson’s room for the makan…and I think Clara also saw all of the food, Michel & Ice, Emerson, Ivan & me…whatever lah

We Do What We Choose To do

Ok ok – I will stop bitching about The Witch.
Can’t help it at times.
Alice is damn annoying to the core.
Lessons learnt. I was telling this supplier of mine that this Alice is my new SCM now…my supplier ask me – can work with her or not…she is very aunty one…I replied…of course not lor…then, mana tahu…this mulut celupar supplier went and tell one of my store Division Manager in the Southern area. Lucky, she pre-empt me. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…if Alice do find out…I also not scared of her…because I also know that she finds me annoying…that I don’t respect her…that I am even rude to her…whatever lah…nonetheless…I will do my part…I will not bitch about her anymore…just say OK only lor

People sometimes claim: It is impossible for me to control what I say. It slips out before I realize what I’ve said.
This is nonsense, of course, for what we say is the result of what we choose to say. Sometimes we may feel as though we have no control over what we say, but that is all it is – a feeling. Dr. Lawrence Crabb, a Christian psychologist, tells us: The loss of felt choice does not mean the loss of real choice. When you give a person a piece of your mind, as we say, there is always a moment, albeit a split second, when you can choose to speak out or stay quiet. We cannot hide behind the excuse that our tongue is not under our control. What we do is what we choose to do. The Psalmist, though beset by many doubts and difficulties, chose to control his tongue – AND SO CAN YOU.


Yay! I have created this WatsApp Chat Group for all of my college friends…those good old days back in Olympia College…for all of us to catch up :) Glad that everyone is active, responsive & participating. The Circle are so important to me. They were a part of my growing up life. We share our stories and dramas; we laugh and cry; and most importantly, we assure each other that we are NOT crazy! :) Talking to them is soul refreshing for me; they keep me sane and keep me grounded. So this is a very good platform for me to keep in some sort of contact with them throughout the week or months. We had our first gathering at Nando’s last month…so I hope that we will have many more to come :)

Pain With A Purpose

Whereas for Ramly…less complaint about The Witch this week…but I can see that this Ramly telan only…Ramly got mention that Ramly knows Alice too well and understand her too well…then, if that is the case…you sendiri pandai pandai lor

Jesus said – Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.

Simply Trusting

Pietro also kena very teruk this week by The Witch as well.
Somemore, in front of Miss Dong.
A meeting between Miss Dong, Pietro & The Witch took place.
Say only lah
Tipu one lah
I don’t trust you lah
The Witch said it once, can already lor…but no, she have to repeat so many times for wat…obviously want to show power only lah…Pietro also feels sien already…

Sometimes in this fallen world we move from times of peace and tranquility into the painful realm of trouble. At that point, the question is – How will I respond? We can be fearful and wonder why God allowed his to happen to us, or we can trust that in the midst of this trouble He is doing something that in the end is for our best, even of it hurts. We would do well to remember the words of the Psalmist who wrote – Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.

Come quickly, Lord, to help me. Teach me to trust You in times of trouble. Remind me of Your presence and of the fact that You hold me in Your loving arms.

Unwelcome Visitors

Sigh…I kena burned from Alice. Who else right?!

What happen was…Miguel wants me to meet up with this A4 Paper supplier…which I already have plans to discontinue them. I have forgotten to make the appointment with them in the very first place…then, Miguel reminds me again…so, I thought…I take the initiative lor…make the appointment…drop Miguel & Alice an email to inform them about it…apologized for my lateness…which Miguel also replies back – No worries. Thanks!

So, I met up with the supplier…in the email got stated the date & time…after the meeting…I just drafted a very simple minutes of the meeting…then this Alice…replied back…wants to see me now…I went over to Alice’s room lor…then, The Witch burn me…why I didn’t invite her for the meeting…hello…in the email already stated the date & time…don’t know how to read is it…then she sounded me somemore…she don’t know why I don’t want to introduce my suppliers to her…easy, if you want…you have to ask…as simple as that Bitch! :) I also very humble leh…I even say sorry leh

Another unwelcome visitor that often intrudes into our lives is suffering.
When trial comes, we easily panic or lose heart.
But these difficult circumstances can become instruments our loving heavenly Father uses to make us more like Christ. That’s why James wrote, My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work.

We are not expected to enjoy trials or to celebrate suffering.
But when these unwelcome visitors arrive, we can look for God’s hand in them and trust that He can use them to make us more like His son.
Thank You, Father, that You give to us each day what You know is best. We’re thankful that we can trust Your heart, which is kind beyond all measure.

Trials may visit us, but our God is always with us.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

complete healing

My Source had a conversation with Miguel…but I didn’t ask My Source…whether their conversation that they had was before or after my China Buying Trip with Miguel. My Source told me that Miguel quite…yan seong leh…meaning…quite impressed with me…Miguel also sees me as one of the performer…My Source also told me…that My Source told Miguel that Miguel needs to train this Alice up…teach this Alice on how to manage her staff…otherwise all of her staff will run away, and the company needs to recruit new people and provide training all over again. Hahaha...


to adjust to living with the pain

The Witch always tells me that Miguel is very busy…I know…The Witch is hinting at me; not to go and kacau Miguel but to find The Witch instead. I am not going to do that. When I find Miguel…Miguel still layan me…unless Miguel ask me not to go to disturb Miguel but to straight away to go to The Witch instead. Otherwise, I will still refer to Miguel, if necessary. As a matter of fact…I think Miguel likes to be refer to or to look up to as well. Sigh…dealing with this Alice…I really need the strength, the wisdom, the humility, the think-skin…God...

Sharing The Same Moon

Had lunch with the MFT Director & Laura at the Food Court on yesterday afternoon.

The day before, the team had our first Sales Meeting together. So, Laura commented that during the meeting…I was the star performer…I was calm…I was still…speaks with confident…I answer all of the questions like a pro…hahaha…I was consider the best among all…that is how Laura felt as an audience…no one came close to the second place…I think Laura is just bullshitting. But the motivation is there. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD!

Laura & I also agree that Miguel is also a very good referee…it is not an easy task to manage Emerson, Amelia, Alice & Ursula altogether. Miguel acted fairly without taking any sides. I find Miguel to be decent, reasonable, logical and has a good EQ too.

Thereafter…the following day…all of a sudden…Miguel drop by at my room in the morning…ask me to prepare the 3rd Quarter Buyer Trade Plan…Miguel wants to present it to the top management. I was curious on why Miguel selected me…I mean Miguel could have pick Anderson, Amelia, Emerson, Ivan…people that are directly from the English…but why me…nonetheless…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Causeway Exchange

Hmmm…both Ramly & Pietro are very quite these days…no more complaining about The Witch anymore wor…sigh…maybe too much of complaining previously…now everyone is just very tired…whatever lah…they could gang up together and go against me though…whatever lah…I just feel very insecure...maybe because I had a role in further reinforcing The Witch's bad image...I actually encourage other people to talk bad about her...OMG...I really sinned. I have to hold my tongue.

Hello Hide & Seek

Adoimalunya I today. Sungguh betul. I have become the second Alice :(
What happen was…this morning, Miguel email out an invitations to all of us for tomorrow Sales Recovery Meeting. I thought it was today. So, I went over to Pietro’s room and ajak Pietro to go for the meeting together. Aiyo, so embarrass. Talk about people somemore lah…padan muka :( Now, you sendiri kena.

Adorable Cups Of Doodles

AMEN! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Eneko Atxa

Ursula came into my room…to kepo with me obviously…

(1) Also ask me the same question as Marcus…but heard that it is for the Toys Category.

(2) I took the courage and ask Ursula if she indeed has resign…Ursula said yes.

(3) I praise her for taking a very well calculated risk in playing her chess board. What a genius indeed!

(4) Ursula likes the English style of Discipline, Plan & Review concept.

(5) Ursula suggests to Miguel that she no longer wants to report directly to Maximoff, but to report to Miguel instead. Miguel said ok.

(6) Ursula mentions that she wants to do some re-structuring among her buyers.

(7) Ursula asks me whether I want to re-join her back or not. If this question was directed to me last year…I will say 100% YES. Now…even though I am under The Witch…I will have to endure The Witch for a while and wait for Miguel’s new arrangement for me…provided that this Miguel will keeps Miguel’s promises. Otherwise, I am doomed for good! I have been too blunt with Ursula…I should not have said out so openly to her on some certain issues…very dangerous for me to be under her now :)

A Magical Meal

Marcus asks me…is it true or not…that I went for the interview…that I will resign soon…hahaha…I am still here…

Dak Gang Jeung

Lunch with Clara & Barry at Barry’s house in USJ Heights…then later on, we lepak at Clara’s new condominium unit. More gossips, more information…hahaha…

(1) Both Barry & Clara kind of think that Alice is actually OK.

(2) The both of them agree that Alice is kind of bossy…very direct…very blunt…the choice of words & the tone can hurt people feelings.

(3) Barry find Alice to be very proactive, very positive…of course lah…this Barry also tak boleh pakai & tak boleh harap punya…Barry will be very happy if you can do everything for Barry and Barry no need to do anything at all…

(4) Clara also mention…the other day…both Alice & Ramly was walking pass Clara’s room…and Clara heard that the both of them have a tiny rift…something along the lines that…Ramly said that Ramly don’t understand what Alice wants…voices was raised slightly…woah…

(5) Paige, Clara & Gerrard use to be housemate…the strange part is this…stay under one roof…work under one roof…but they never bonded…they just need each other to share out the rent.

(6) Clara doesn’t like Gerrard…when they were renting together…Gerrard never do the housework. When Barry was in charge of the Premium Format…Gerrard refuse to do any ranging for Barry & even instruct Barry to raise the POs. Don’t know whether Gerrard was under the influence of Ursula or not.

(7) Clara also mentions that Laura also notices that Paige & Ursula are also no longer in talking terms.

(8) Before Sabrina join Ursula’s team…Ursula already wanted Clara to join her team…but this Clara went and told Marcus…that if Clara do join Ursula’s team…Clara will resign.

(9) On Alice’s promotion…Barry felt that it was also base on Tommy’s recommendation to Miguel & Maximoff. Damn. Now I have to suffer pula

(10) Clara said that, during one meeting, together with all of the SCMs...Miguel sounded Alice...that Alice needs to be train wor...and that tone...according to Clara...Miguel never uses on anynore before...hmmm...

Pa Jeon

I am quite impressed with Ramly…dare to stand up against Alice…hahaha…
Ramly’s complaints on Alice:

(1) Alice said that she will help us to do this…to do that…but in the end, nothing happens. I really don’t know what she is doing in the office.

(2) Alice treats Ramly like a child.

(3) Ramly pula felt like a third-class citizen.

(4) Ramly commented that Alice is very blur…don’t know what she wants…don’t know how to express what she wants either. No proper direction.

(5) Small things like to be dramatize into a bigger issue.

(6) Alice created this LeisureWare Team WatsApp Group – aiyo…maybe is her style of communicating with her store team…she likes to put up pictures & comments of her family. Then, this store team layan her pula. Very noisy.

(7) Pietro felt suffered lately.

Feast For Buddies

Lunch with Ainul @ Secret Recipe.

(1) The Witch has high expectations on me, and also on the Stationery Department.

(2) Alice have a new nick name…given by the MAs…she is being call as the Air-Con…because lately…she like to kipas…or butter up…or polishing everyone’s shoes…hahaha…

(3) Alice is also being very friendly with Ivan…always drop by at Ivan’s workstation…volunteer to help Ivan if Ivan needs anything wor.

(4) Ainul also commented…interacting with Alice…even though on sparring occasions…Ainul also finds Alice to be very difficult…hahaha…

(5) Ursula’s success stories lies in the strong work performance of Gerrard. Gerrard cannot be promoted up in another department as this will affect Team Appliance overall performance.

(6) Ainul felt that there is something very wrong with Ursula lately. There is this one time, Ursula went into Maximoff’s room, close door somemore…and when she comes out from there…her face was as black as the charcoal.

Chuck’s Day Off

Woah…Miguel, Emerson & Ivan comes to work together and goes back together…Miguel drives them around…hmm…maybe the 3 of them are living in the same neighborhood or something.

Friday, August 14, 2015

I tell all the players:

Marcus felt that…right now…at work…Marcus is like a high paid clerk and also as a compilator…aiyo…sigh…I think Marcus is really not that happy at work :( Me too...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

my age is in their Being

Ramly told me that Ramly kena counseling from Alice…but I didn’t kepo or ask Ramly to elaborate further…I think the both of them are also super sensitive…

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That’s God’s Job

Dear GOD…can Miguel be trusted? Thank you for creating the opportunity for me…before I can ask Miguel…Miguel already asks me.

On the way to Yiwu:

Miguel: After BTS, which department do you want to go?
Me: I want to go over to Marcus’s department. I want to try something new. I want to learn about Trade Plan.

On the way back to KL…I take the below conversation as another assurance from God?

Miguel: It’s good to have a Merchandising Planning Department.
Me: Oh, then my transfer request can pull through or not?
Miguel: After BTS lah.
Me: I have to do BTS? I cannot escape?
Miguel: You have started something, you must finish it.
Me: Ok…I must also show Tommy as well.

GOD…can Miguel be trusted? I have to endure The Witch for another 4 months…aiyo

first or second marriage by now!

Hahaha…that day when I saw Maximoff & Miguel together with Boss…actually Boss was on leave that day and drop by to visit the both of them. Rupa-rupanya…Boss & Maximoff are lunch partners and Boss & Miguel are cigarette partners. OMG…these English people can really smoke a lot.

THAT section that should not be named

3rd August – 5th August, Yiwu Buying Trip…with Miguel & Zurick.
Damn tired. Monday morning fly out…Tuesday work…Wednesday morning flew back to KL. Plus hot weather.

and maybe a family

According to Marcus, Miguel is someone that will not go against Maximoff. Miguel is that loyal.

actually in love with me

Ramly’s replacement is here today…namanya Ivan…apparently Ivan is Emerson’s pet…so this is the Ivan that Alice so wanted in the first place because Ivan have the experience to run the Toys Department back at the English camp…but Miguel took Ivan out and park Ivan under Emerson pula.

Somemore this Ivan also shares the same surname as Ursula…

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Curse Of Modern Christianity

I rejected the Japanese’s offer. Am I that expensive…reduce my salary by 4% :( It’s not a big amount nor it is a small amount…but a reduction?

There is a price to pay for our desire to grab at easy answers and that price is Trivialization. Trivialization is the acceptance of explanations that ignore the difficult questions of life in order to experience relief from confusion.

O Father, forgive us for the ways in which we trivialize Your truth in order to avoid facing the tough issues. It feels good to replace confusion with certainty, but help us to be sure that the certainty is Your certainty. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

drink after drink

See…I am not the problem…I am not the only one who is feeling this way. Ramly…finally cannot tahan…come in to my room and express to me…hahaha…we are in the same boat…same sentiment of The Witch. The Witch makes Ramly feels useless…sigh…

Today, Pietro also kena from Alice. Alice warns Pietro not to chit-chat so long with one of our colleagues.

Marcus mentions that Ramly is very easy to get depression one…Ramly is also the manja type.

Sigh…we just have to manage The Witch accordingly lor.

What I know now vs. years ago

I asked Paige…why Paige is no longer talking to Ursula anymore…Paige said that, after knowing that Ursula throw letter, with such a bad intention…Paige doesn’t respect Ursula anymore wor…sigh…

I also ask Marcus why is Paige no longer in talking terms with Ursula…Marcus gives me a different answer pula…Marcus thinks is because of the budget. Apparently…this Ursula cut both Gerrard & Shawn’s portion and adds into Christy’s portion. No wonder that day Christy told me that Miguel asks Christy to drive sales but Ursula wants Christy to push for margin and get more buying income. Marcus told me that Ursula is very scared of Gerrard & Shawn…hahaha…I thought Ursula holds a very tight ship. Marcus also commented that – yes, Christy works very hard, but Christy is also very slow and Christy doesn’t get it on some certain issues.

I feel after he graduated

Philippe Coutinho! Thank you!
Liverpool 1 – 0 Stoke City.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

am still having a little bit of fun

Marcus kepo with me…Maximoff is giving Ursula a very hard time…no worries...Ursula will thrive…her determination & ambition will carry her through…

I would trade every memory

Lunch @ Secret Recipe with Paige, Marcus & the MFT Director.

(1) According to Marcus...Ursula indeed resigns…a couple of months back…but she is still around. Ursula has told 2 of her favorite buyers (Shawn & Gerrard) about it and that she will leave anytime. I felt that Ursula took a very calculative risk here. Maximoff must have told Ursula to stay. Ursula therefore stayed. It also indicates that Ursula still have value for Maximoff…thus, if you ask me to stay…it means that you value me…so I will support you back as well. Ursula is forever a genius.

(2) Leonardo is also scared of Alice. A time bomb. Hahaha...

(3) Marcus also has an argument with The Witch recently. Apparently, The Witch’s baby stroller was in the clearance area but not in clearance price…something about the government officers coming over & did some checking and we got hit…The Witch blame it on Marcus…Marcus tries to explain but Alice storm off from the room.

is simply this

After the Michel & Ice’s first & second incident…Michel & Ice did come up to the office again…this time is to meet up with Emerson to discuss on a clothing project. The 3 of them was in Emerson’s room.

I was naughty lah…went over to Emerson’s room…pretend to borrow Ice for a while…then, I purposely say that I cannot be seen in this room for far too long…I have to quickly leave…so, the three of them ask me why…then, I told them the whole story…hahaha…I know, I was pure evil…then Emerson said – don’t worry, I will give you the bullet-proof jacket…apparently, Emerson also kena from The Witch…The Witch sounded her subtly…

Then, Emerson bodek me…saying that the Stationery Department is doing well wor…good job done so far…I also polish Emerson’s shoe back…Emerson need only to work a little bit more…then the results will eventually come. Then, this Emerson asks me to do well for the coming BTS event, then only leave wor. This Emerson is also another evil.

But this Emerson also remembered that Emerson offered me a job with The English back in 2012...

life for a good woman

We have a new team member on board :)
Surprise…Ramly has been transferred over to do Alice’s Toys & Baby Portfolio.
According to Marcus…Ramly; of course was not too happy with it but have no choice but to nod in agreement.
According to The Witch…Emerson have a list of buyer in the Textile Department that needs to be removed and apparently Emerson already have a standby list on the future replacements. Wah…

but sometimes when I go out

Hahaha…Don Philip commented that this Alice is very confusing. Indeed :)