Monday, November 30, 2015

Make Me

Liverpool 1 - 0 Swansea :)
Kloppy! Kloppy! Kloppy!
A narrow win, but still a win.


In the morning, Ainul saw The Witch enter Miguel’s room. Ainul can’t hear their conversation but it was very obvious to Ainul is that The Witch was complaining about something and someone.

In the afternoon…I walk out from The Witch.

After the incident…I saw Miguel in The Witch’s room.

Miguel sends an appointment invitation out to both Pietro & myself. Exclude The Witch.

Before Pietro came into Miguel’s room…I was in there first…Miguel said that The English always have a 360 degrees feedback channel…Miguel wants to get some feedback of The Witch from us. Miguel already explains to The Witch earlier on.

Miguel wants to park me under Ursula but I cannot choose the category. DIY/Auto/Gardening obviously. Miguel feels that Ursula will take care of me. And most importantly, I am happy. Miguel already informs Maximoff that Miguel wants to grow me…I have the potential…yeah right…if really sincere…you already early – early do so…no need to wait until now right…

GOD…I just tie up something with Stewart & Celtic…I only haven’t put pen to paper yet.

Then, Pietro enters the room. We collectively stated that The Witch’s listening, understanding & interpretation doesn’t run concurrently. Very demotivating…we give examples as Miguel requested some and jot down the notes…Amelia is so lucky to have hardworking buyers; which is one of them…the GE display…Pietro added that Pietro feel intimidated & humiliated.

I just think that Miguel will help to improvise The Witch but will not make any changes. Ya mah…Ramly already left…the new buyer is not in yet…what if Pietro & myself also leave…Miguel is very smart…rectify the problem. Plus, Marcus did mention that this Miguel is too helpful...always help the SCMs.

But I also added that The Witch do have some strength in her…she is hardworking (busy fool...of course, i didn't tell Miguel this) and have strong relationship with the store people.

Then the meeting move on to the Buying Income topic. I take the opportunity to ask if we can make a refund to the supplier…Miguel gives the green light.

The unpredictability of life is not always so thrilling, however. We devise and strategize. We make plans, projections and proposals about what we would like to see happen in life, but often they are little more than our best guess. We have no idea what a year, a month, a week or even a day might bring. So we pray & plan, and then we trust God who knows fully and completely what we can never predict. That is why I love the promise of Psalm 46:10 – Be still, and know that I am God. Life is unpredictable. There are countless things I can never know with certainty. What I can know, however, is that there is a God who knows all and loves me deeply. And by knowing Him, I can BE STILL – I can be at peace.

Chess Master

Err…I went for a session with Stewart on last week Wednesday…RM7000 for the first 3 months…upon confirmation, will get the additional RM300. Stewart said that I must hit some KPIs first…but the HR Lady didn’t mention any KPI wor…in the end…only a RM20 increment only :(

But the point is…is this the plan…is this God’s plan for me…or again, as usual…I always do something…which is wrong…instead of waiting…because I have no patience…err…well…there is no news from Miguel’s side…The Witch also not that bad lah…err…

God grants us freedom to rebel against His original design, but even as we do so we end up serving His eventual goal of restoration.

Don’s Diner

Hahaha…the Furniture Buyer is really smart. So smart in playing the game. The Furniture Buyer already has an offer in hand with a local competitor but haven’t sign with them yet. The Furniture Buyer requested for a transfer out from the division. If the request is not being fulfilled…the Furniture Buyer will resign. Basically, the Furniture Buyer is giving the company an ultimatum. So, in the end, Paige will take the Furniture Buyer in…to replace Ainul…both Marcus & Amelia have to start to find a replacement now.


Ainul drop da’bomb. Adoi.

Max Van Helsing

Hahaha…I think Ramly is quite a busybody…Ramly shares with Madeleine, that Ramly salutes both Pietro & myself because the both of us have the patience to endure The Witch. So nosy of Ramly…kind of mulut celupar isn’t it…I think Ramly is going to everyone and telling everyone the reasons of why Ramly is leaving and Ramly is being defensive about it…fingers pointing back to The, back to the story…if Ramly shares with Madeleine, that means Madeleine knew about The Witch…but when I talk with Madeleine…Madeleine never brings up this subject at all. Madeleine really don’t go kepo around, really do not get involved in the office politics, go into isolation and don’t jaga tepi kain orang lain.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Enrich Miles

At the sidelines of the Sales Conference – Emerson & I had this conversation:

(1) Miguel was newly on board; at that point of time…getting too much English people in is also not a very good thing for the team. That is why The Witch was promoted.

(2) The Witch has not changed much at all. Miguel, Emerson knows The Witch when they were together with the French. That was like 10 years ago.

(3) Emerson already warns Miguel that Miguel really needs to teach & guide The Witch.

(4) Emerson said that The Witch should not ruin my career. Hahaha…

(5) Me, having an overseas education, the exposure makes me stand out from the rest of the other buyers.

(6) Lately, Emerson also notice that Alice is not doing the SCM work, not doing the CM work either…now doing menial work…more worst…

(7) Apparently…Miguel has met some potential buyers for the Toys category…but according to Emerson…those candidates feel that they will die under Alice’s guidance. Hahaha…they rather not come in, it seems.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

To Start…To Follow…To Finish…

Hahaha…I walk out from The Witch.

What happen was:

(1) Paige have information…that someone (who already left our Division recently, Paige suspected that it was Clara) went to the top management and complain about Maximoff regarding the buying income. So, that is why for this week...the SCMs, Miguel & Maximoff are not chasing us for our Buying Income submission.

(2) The Witch keeps on saying that the Toys Category is very clean…asked Pietro & myself to check on ourside. The Witch keeps on looking at the small thing and not on the bigger picture. Hello, this team belongs to you as well.

(3) Somemore, keep on intimidating Pietro that Pietro will be in danger.

(4) Come on lah…there is a supplier chop & sign on it. We didn’t put a gun on the supplier’s head. So, half of the document is already consider valid.

(5) Besides, there is the CM signature, the SCM signature and the GM signature. The SCM & the GM was supposed to verify the Buying Income. The auditors or the investigators will catch the big fish and not the ikan bilis.

(6) The Witch was also very reluctant when Pietro & I ask that we should see Miguel and ask Miguel what is the real definition of future money.

(7) AirAsia is selling their booking in advance - that is also consider as future money also mah

(8) We are a retailer…we have a trade plan, we do investment buy, we make booking in advance. Of course, with so many work piling up on us…and insufficient time on our side…there are delayed purchases.

(9) I feel that The Witch is like…looking for a kambing hitam like that. Pietro told me that Pietro got print out some email correspondence between Pietro & Pietro’s suppliers regarding the Buying Income…The Witch straight away went to show it to Maximoff.

(10) Ainul tells me that when the Auditors was in The Witch’s room…The Witch’s body language was like blaming something like that…The Witch is like that one…like Clara said…The Witch will never protects and trusts.

(11) During the morning Buying Income briefing – even the HR Director was there…maybe Paige was right…someone did make a complain to the top management and the spotlight is on Maximoff now. Marcus felt that Maximoff’s voice was shaking at that point of time.

(12) I just walk out from The Witch. Talking nonsense. The Witch can go and tell Miguel that I am not a team player, I don’t respect her, I am kecil hati and I have a very BIG attitude problem towards her. I don’t care.

Victim – Or Victor?

I every day lalalalala…ignoring…and compromising…otherwise…it’s hard to go in to the office everyday…hahaha.

What will the obstacles and opposition you meet do to you today? Will they make you bitter, or will they make you better? The last word is not with them, but with you. If your own concerns and interests are well and truly dead, and you are committed to pursuing God’s purposes, then the issue is not so much what your circumstances will do to you, but what you will do to your circumstances.

The Christian who understands this has the power to say to life – do your worst. I have the resources to take every negative and turn it into a positive. Nothing successfully opposes the believer whose life is hidden with Christ in God.

What did Jesus do? Listen again to the Weymouth translation: about that time He went out…into the hill country to pray. Prayer, that powerful means of communicating with God and controlling, not so much the situation as the outcome of the situation, made Jesus, not a victim, but a victor. One of the major purposes of God seems to be that of producing character in His children. Not their ease, not their happiness – except as a by-product – but their character. And how is character produced? One way it is produced is through overcoming difficulties. So don’t groan at the obstacles and opposition that face you today – grow in them. They help to sharpen your character – and your wits!

What Is Faith?

Yes…I was disappointed that my transfer tak jadi…but I am also very thankful that GOD saves me :) My Source bocor a few things to me as well. Now, everything starts to come out in the open:

(1) Emerson – might leave…Emerson feel very sien already.

(2) Amelia – also not an easy person to manage. Has a temper though. Now Marcus also commented that Amelia is a changed person compare to last time. Last time Amelia used to be friendly & warm…now Amelia is very cold.

(3) Miguel – there is a Director Vacancy available back at The English. Will Miguel goes back there? If Miguel is being headhunted by them…Emerson will follow suit too.

(4) I can only pray that I will have better days ahead of me.

(5) Emerson is a big no – no. I don’t want to sell lingerie.

(6) I am not going over to Amelia's side either.

(7) I can’t stay behind with The Witch as well.

(8) Ursula…unless Miguel decides to go for a force transfer. Other than that…nothing will happen. Now also nothing is happening. Miguel seems to have forgotten about me. Sigh...

Faith is taking the Word of God and relying on it. It involves believing what God says, simply and solely because He said it.

Why did Abraham take his son Isaac to Mount Moriah? Why did he prepare to offer him as a sacrifice? Simply because God had spoken.

Faith is having confidence in what God has spoken. God has confidence in what He has said – so must we.

O Father, forgive my doubts & hesitancies – and help me to have an unshakeable confidence in the truth and power of Your Word. Show me how to link my littleness to Your greatness. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

Simon Peter: A Rock Moved By God

I don’t know…I think I am released…knowing that God knows what He is doing…knowing that God will fix or mend everything…I will only need to be still & my God will fights for me…I rely on Him, I am dependent on Him, just have faith in Him, in His timing & in His ways…

A New Attitude.

A New Day.

A New Purpose.

A New Life.

In this moment of faith, Peter was walking on water because he had absolutely released himself to the Creator and His power. So keeping our eyes on Christ and staying focused on Him is a basic fundamental of following Him. Nothing is more important than using our Bible, our prayers and even our fears to keep our focus on Him.

Fear – the emotion we feel when we perceive that life is suddenly beyond our control instead of trusting that life is in God’s control.

Despair – the internal sense of loss that causes us to lose heart and hope because circumstances cloud our view of God’s purposes.

Disappointment – the woundedness of soul that results from placing our trust in people who fail us.

Stress – the pressure that comes into our lives when we try to take on life in our own strength.

Life often test us with circumstances that push or stretch us to our limits. When that happens, do we pass the test? Or do we fall back into old habits and defeats? The pattern of having setbacks in life following progress is to be expected.

So much of our living and thinking is rooted in our own predefined expectations. All too often, we fail to realize that God’s ways are not our ways. When we don’t allow God to be God, and when we don’t see our dreams or goals being fulfilled, we are inclined to respond with presumption out of our own bitterness, resentment and anger.

Prayer is not a security blanket for the weak of mind, nor is it the foolish chatter of people who are unable to cope with life. Time spent in the presence of the Father prepares us for challenges that will test our faith in Him – moments we could not handle in own strength.

We underestimate the nature of the situations of life that can overwhelm us in a moment of disaster and our own capacity to betray our Lord in moments of pressure.

We overestimate our own ability, savvy and strength, so that we feel no need for the provision of God’s resources we so desperately require.

Peter was reminding us that coming to Christ is an event, but becoming like Jesus is a journey. Along the way, we will have ups and downs, like Simon Peter, but we can trust in the strength of Christ to enable us to be useful – in spite of our human failings and inadequacies. We can grow in Christ’s grace and knowledge. And we can, in prayer, find His mercy and grace to help us in our own times of need.

Elite Miles

Hahaha…we had our Sales Conference (19th & 20th Nov) @ IDCC…so during our lunch break…Marcus is wondering if Marcus should transfer to the Operations Department…I told Marcus that there will be shifts…working on weekends…but Marcus said that it’s ok because right now, Marcus is working 14 hours a day…hahaha…

Can see that Marcus is pretty frustrated…because Emerson & Amelia cucuk Marcus…in front of Baldwin, the MFT Director, Ainul, Laura, Lionel & myself…Marcus even dare to express that both Emerson & Amelia complain Marcus to Maximoff…

Third Culture Kid

Did I blog about this before…I was in Ursula’s room…can’t remember when this took place…I told her that if she can’t beat them…she have to join them…

Nonetheless, Ursula already has the solution to all of her problems. Her advice was to – advertise the key lines…give the buyers & the suppliers the block space and the target to achieve…we have to be more accountable…be more sales driven…Miguel is only here to provide us with the structure…we have to drive our own sales and create our own outcome…Ursula is a genius.

Lace It, Pace It

Liverpool 4 – 1 Manchester City :)
Kloppy! Kloppy! Kloppy!

All The Wrong Clues…With The Right Solutions

In Ramly’s own words – Alice is indeed not capable as a SCM at all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Influencer Exchange Program

Went cycling with Clara on last week Saturday morning. Banyak cerita yo:

(1) Nigel is a divorcee…both Linda & Clara feel that Nigel have a lot of bitterness. I find Nigel to be arrogant.

(2) Nigel also have an attitude problem over at the English camp previously…supposingly it was suppose to be another candidate but the candidate rejected the offer…thus Nigel was hired.

(3) Did I blog about this before…Nigel & Anderson are best of friends.

(4) Miguel is also not quite fancy The Witch. Only this The Witch think that Miguel quite fancy her.

(5) Everyone in the office already knows about The Witch perangai.

(6) She is already quite worst when she was a CM…didn’t expect that she is more worst after assuming the SCM post.

(7) The Witch wanted the SCM position desperately.

(8) The Witch is also very muka tembok one.

(9) Linda commented…if I cannot tahan The Witch…that means The Witch is indeed very bad already because everyone in the office perceives me to be the patient one.

(10) I express a lot to Clara that day…whether Clara will betray me or not…I don’t know…I just do very kesian like that…asking how to cope in such a situation…how to manage The Witch.

(11) Clara said The Witch is very dangerous…will not protect the buyers…unless Miguel & Maximoff have to really trust me.

(12) Rupa-rupanya…Marcus got go to Laura to express…Marcus also kena cucuk from The Witch many times…but Marcus is more forgiving. It was something about promotion plan that The Witch told Marcus…then as usual The Witch will say something different to Miguel…then Miguel question back Marcus.

(13) Clara also notice that when we all were under Marcus previously…The Witch polish Marcus’s shoes so shining…but now when The Witch is at the same level…go and cucuk Marcus pula. They used to be friends when they were attached with the French. The Witch will buy breakfast for Marcus…now lain pula cerita.

(14) Lionel is also like The Witch but more kinder. They nick-name Lionel as Pusing...hahaha...

Teeside University

Was lepaking in Ursula’s room…

(1) Gerrard is so happy with the new job.

(2) Ursula wants to update her resume…she is going through one of those stages again…hahaha.

(3) I told her that she has a poker face…she bluffs…I can feel that her determination is still very strong.

(4) We are no longer in a transition period…because it’s already 6 months…

(5) Apparently…Nigel is super obeying…but obeying to Miguel & Maximoff only…hahaha…not to Ursula.

(6) Nigel do not Cc any emails to Ursula.

(7) Nigel does not brief Ursula on any planning…all also the suppliers tell Ursula…

(8) Seems like Ursula doesn’t believe in the 1 – to – 1 session with her buyers. I think it’s good…the SCM knows what the buyers are currently doing…the SCM also get to know that the buyers also know what they are doing.

(9) Ursula commented that my sales are good but the margin took a deep dive because of the A4 Paper…the front margin are slightly affected. Need to focus on the files, still a volume item as well…I tease her…that she still follow my progress…she smile…

(10) Ursula mention that Christy’s sales are dropping and the market share keep on shrinking. I said no advertisement on the ladder. Ursula said that The English is also not carrying that much stocks on the ladder as well…I said true but they frequently feature in their leaflet mah…besides, The Japanese always have range discount on Christy’s categories.

(11) I ask Ursula how to create conversation opportunity with Miguel regarding my transfer…Ursula ask me back…want to transfer to Christy’s department…I said no one wants to be under The Witch…this Ursula pula don’t want to continue from there…sigh…

(12) I share with Ursula that Emerson ask me to take up Clara’s vacant position…Ursula was surprise and ask me why…I just said that Emerson & I have chemistry.

Car Muffler Shop

Marcus is sad…Marcus kena cucuk – must be this Emerson & Amelia…Marcus never tells…who else anyway…both Emerson & Amelia complain Marcus to Maximoff and now Maximoff is angry with Marcus.

Emerson – complain Marcus didn’t do the promotion brief lah…Marcus didn’t tell the team what to feature in the leaflet lah…the marketing team artwork checking inefficiency lah

Amelia – this one lagi teruk…can ask Marcus to interview for the Furniture Buyer position…sedangkan…this is Amelia job…Amelia must interview the people that Amelia need mah…not Marcus…and then refuse to release the Furniture Buyer…Marcus is also short-handed.

Urusla – Marcus said that Ursula is very neutral already…hahaha…I told Marcus, that is because Ursula cannot beat them (Emerson & Amelia) and cannot join them too…therefore, need to build alliance with Marcus. Marcus also agree…once Ursula found her new aim, Ursula’s focus will shift. Hahaha…

Grey Power

Entah betul ke tak betul…Emerson drop by at my room…ask me how I am doing…I reply - like that lor…apparently this Emerson went and told Maximoff & Miguel that Emerson wants to take me in…Emerson told me that Emerson wants to rescue me…but Miguel said that I don’t want to sell lingerie…

GOD – for the past 10 years in my career…you have blessed and provided me with so much – financially, monetary, non-monetary, support, friendship, comradeship, mentorship, experience…and I believe…my God will continue to bless me, to provide for me, to look after me moving forward. In His own time, in His own way. God – your faithfulness & goodness to me in the past, present…have been in such abundance. Don’t let me stray away from you. Anchor me to you. Don’t let me be shaken.

God does not forget about us as we grow older. He makes it possible for our lives to have significance at every stage and every age.

Huracan Spyder

Wah…after Madeleine tendered…this Amelia came over to me…totally a new person…so fake…say that I am still in the office even though it’s so late already…so rajin…then the next day…say that I go back so late, come in to the office so early…

Walking With The Lord

I feel so BLEESED God!

I have gotten the keys to the Section 7 house, Papa Ham have been discharge & the operation has went well (as a matter of fact, he have gotten back to his loud & egotist normal self), my career…no action plans can be seen or heard from Miguel for now, maybe most likely I will join Celtic…but I will blog on this later on…

Each of us could create a record of God’s leading and faithfulness, reflecting on God’s guidance – the people, places and experiences that are landmarks on our pathway of faith. Every remembrance of the Lord’s goodness encourages us to keep walking with Him and to thank someone who influenced us for good.

The Lord guides and guards all who walk with Him.

Heavenly Father, Your faithfulness to us is unfailing.

You are headed in the right direction when you walk with God.

Il Re Di Roma

OMG…Madeleine drop da’bomb…
I think I have underestimated the people in G13…I mean…they have been around for so long…8 years, 10 years, 12 years…for some of them, this is their first job since their graduation…so, I do not expect that they have the courage to take the first step…
Sigh…Madeleine is leaving…have 2 offers at the moment…either to re-join back another retailer or to help out in the extended family business…is Madeleine the person who went and ask Clara on how was the local competitor condition is…
Madeleine is leaving with the same reasons as Gerrard…Buying Income is not the way.

177 Canals

BTS 2015/2016, Xmas 2015, CNY 2016.
Sales, Margin, Buying Income, Stock Value, Stock Days.
BTS Planogram, BTS Set-Up, Stock Availability, Range Availability, Price Competitiveness, Ordering Accuracy, Supplier & Store Support.
I screwed up. I didn’t plan properly, I didn’t plan in advance, I don’t want to give any excuses…as a matter of fact, no excuses…total honesty…reasons are rubbish.

Just Jared

God indeed has a better plan for me…now only this Marcus bocor everything out. Rupa-rupanya…the Furniture Buyer always kena scolding from Amelia…Amelia is also another one…very blunt…very sarcastic…and Amelia can go on and on and on and on…but at least Amelia is very focus, very clear, much organized compare to The Witch…

Red Duke 1

Hahaha…this Pietro is so funny…saying that this Alice is even more worst, more scarier than the Buying Income :) I agree!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Defining Revival

I need this! :)

Revival takes place when we experience times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Whichever way we look at it, revival is life at its best, life in all its fullness, life abundant, life overflowing with the grace and power of God.

O Father, this matter of revival has the feel of the real and the eternal upon it. Awaken within me a deep desire for a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord – personal as well as corporate. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Not only is God aware of what is needed for our spiritual development, He is capable of providing it. Not only is He capable of providing it, He is relentless in bringing it about.

Mosses had learned to be content with a lowly shepherd’s task. He had learned his own frailty. He had begun to learn meekness in the hard life of the wilderness.

Instead of trusting his own strength and wisdom, Mosses would now lean on God –and it would make all the difference!

Confidence that God had led them to this point.

Confidence that God was still superior to the circumstances.

Confidence that God still intended to deliver them.

They had lost perspective. It was a combination of fear of the unknown and a lack of future focus that was at the heart of their complaint.

Our lives rise, fall and turn on our choices, and often are never the same because of them. The choices may be well-planned or spontaneous, but the results always seem to last longer than the choices themselves.

First John 5:4-5 says, whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith. We cannot do it alone. We desperately need the Lord. If you don’t know this Lord, there’s only one place to begin. The Bible tells us to recognize our failures, frailty and sin and to rely on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for forgiveness. The life of faith begins with the faith that believes God for salvation. Trust Him today. If you’re a believer, don’t lose sight of your dependence on God.

Desert Places

We are dependent on God to sustain us – a lesson we need to remember even when we’re living in a place of plenty. Yes God, today I am indeed truly grateful and humble for every single thing.

In every desert, God has an oasis of grace.

Dari Dapur Istana

Liverpool 1 – 2 Crystal Palace :(
Adoi…should not have even happen...


Hahaha…tomorrow I am going to ponteng kerja…I got an MC cert ok…my left wisdom tooth…is pressing against the nerve and the bone of my mouth…so my gums and face is swelling up…damn pain you know…looks like I have to go for a surgery soon…but I am trying to avoid it…sigh, see how it goes first…and I am also feeling very lazy and very sien to go to work…even though there is a lot of work that needs to be done, they are piling up like nobody business…lantak lah…I just feel sien…and want to avoid work…

I think it’s important that I go on a silent retreat for a couple of days…away from all of the work…away from The Witch…away from all of the office toxic…because I wanted to figure out how to be at home with myself…to be near with God…to hear His Word.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Grace Upon Grace

Just look at Baldwin.
That’s what Marcus said.
I realize being under Amelia is also not a good idea after all. God indeed has a better plan for me :) Sorry…that I was too desperate & kan cheong to get out from The Witch’s camp at that point of time. I did not check with Anderson, Baldwin, Madeleine or the Furniture Buyer on how Amelia was like. I just blindly make a choice. Then, I realize…God save me because in the end the transfer tak jadi. I went to Marcus’s room the other day and say – Blessing In Disguise. Marcus said that I was a sour grape :) Later on, I explain to Marcus on why I said that. Which Marcus also replies – yeah, just look at Baldwin…I don’t know…from what I observed…Madeleine has become so busy that Madeleine is isolated into one corner…I am not sure with Anderson though as I don’t mix much with Anderson…and I saw Baldwin becomes busier and more tired by the day. Baldwin totally lost the sparkle that Baldwin used to have. I can only assume that Amelia demands too much or just piling more jobs on them.

What purpose does God have in leading us into situations which are uncertain and ambiguous? He does so in order that we might learn to depend on Him and not on ourselves. Just as in times of loneliness we learn to realize His presence, so in times of uncertainty we learn to realize His power (Amen).

The major reason why our lives are unfruitful lies right here: we depend more on our own strength than we do on His. How can God teach us dependence unless He puts us into situations which are so uncertain that we are compelled either to choose the way of frustration of the way of faith? And if we draw back from entering such situations, we will miss a valuable spiritual education and our lives become barren.

When God steers you into strange and uncertain situations, He will keep you very much in the dark concerning His purposes, but He will not leave you bereft of His grace. The purpose of God and the grace of God are two sides of the one coin. If you accept the purpose, you get the grace, if you refuse the purpose, you annul the grace. Anything God purposes for you, He gives you the grace to perform. Use the grace I give you and rest assured – there will always be more to follow.

The Rose Society

Clara told Pietro who then tells me that…someone in the Division has went over to a local competitor for an interview. That someone wants to get Clara’s opinion…so…who could it be…CMs or MAs? If it is CMs…who is it…I suspect is Christy…Gerrard is there…both of them are close…Gerrard can pull some strings to help Christy.

Marcus told me…regarding Shawn’s leaving…Marcus have check with Ursula…just rumors wor

Hubertus Hunt

This morning…I heard a very amazing sermon. It’s called The Value Of An Enemy.

(1) Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Apparently, in the Bible…God does not say that God will remove problems or troubles in our lives…instead, God only ask us to not be afraid.

(2) The Enemy makes us moves…moving us out from our comfort zone…to something better.

(3) The Enemy brings out the best in us…we never thought that we are so capable of something or are able to do so much until we are push against the wall.

(4) The Enemy exposes our weaknesses and in turn we improve ourselves.

(5) The Enemy shows us who are our true friends are.

(6) The Enemy may beat us up physically, mentally, emotionally…but it is God that will determine whether we should live or die.

(7) The Enemy brings us closer to God.

Wow…amazing isn’t it…I still don’t know whether I should stay or leave G13…but it certainly…in a way…helps me to manage The Witch better…hahaha…thanks God.

Saturday, November 07, 2015


Be so good they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin.

(1) Stretch your boundaries.
To get promoted, you have to go above and beyond. Taking on additional responsibilities without being asked is not only a great way to demonstrate your skills, work ethic and energy…but it also lets your boss know that you’re ready and able to expand your scope.

(2) Don’t be too irreplaceable.
The best way to find a balance between doing your best and showing that you’re ready for more is by developing other people. Plus, teaching is a critical leadership skill.

(3) Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence.

(4) Make certain you speak the company’s language.

(5) Don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Promotions don’t just happen and they’re not a guaranteed result of high performance. That’s because you don’t get promoted as a reward for what you’ve already done. You get promoted because your boss thinks you have the potential to add more value in a larger role.

Why Is This The Case?

Quitting is a good thing when the time and reasons are right.
Most folks hesitate to quit because of fear of losing or the stigma of giving up.
But remember that there’s also an upside to quitting: the faster you make the right decision to move on, the less opportunity cost you incur for joining a new company that fits you well and one that can truly set you up for success.

(1) You’re stressed and exhausted – and it’s on a different level. I don’t deny that I am tired…because the demands are just too much, whether quantitatively or qualitatively.

(2) Your career is stagnating. For sure I am not growing under The Witch. I am not transforming myself into a better person – smarter, more open minded, more ambitious, more collected. The interaction has become a daily routine that only makes me duller and not sharper. I don’t feel value-adding to the whole process. I am like a filler now.

(3) You’re not enjoying the company of your team. I enjoy the companionship of both Pietro & Ramly…certainly not Alice. Totally turn me off.

(4) You can’t seem to respect your Boss. Hahaha…how true. I deserve someone better. I desperately want to leave. But where to? I don’t mind going back to Stewart & Celtic’s…but I have no any additional increment, instead I will have a reduction for the first 3 months and the same pay thereafter. I just seem unable to let go off this part. It’s ok that I am doing categories that I don’t quite fancy…I don’t know. I am just waiting for God’s plan for me. A plan that will prosper me, a plan that gives me a future, a plan that gives me hope.

Mini Connected

I am not saying that Alice is not good.
I just have no chemistry with her.
Like Uncle Andy pointed out – I just need someone better in this relationship.
I will watch my Father mend this.

Mr. Porter’s Grooming Kit

Ursula: Now that Ramly has already resign…there is a vacancy…you can transfer there though…since I everyday also scold you…

Christy: It’s ok…you can scold me everyday…I am learning.

(1) Christy shares with me the above conversation that Christy had with Ursula.

(2) Christy will not move…unless there is a force transfer.

(3) Ursula ask me twice whether I want to be under her or not…but I don't know this conversation between Christy & Ursula is before or after Ursula have asked me...will Ursula cook up something…or Ursula will just stick with Christy?

(4) This Miguel also celaka betul…no action or any news regarding my transfer anymore…

(5) According to Christy…Alice will not say anything to Ursula which will upsets Ursula.

Ben & Jules

Christy told me that Alice got called Sabrina…asking whether Sabrina wants to join back G13 or not…but Sabrina’s main priority right now is family comes first…Sabrina have found a new job which is much nearer to Sabrina’s house…by 6pm Sabrina must go home because the office closes shop.

Christy also mention that this Alice also ask Christy to replace Pietro. But Christy said no. Even though, Pietro’s categories are gaining an upward momentum right now and Christy claim that her categories are on a decline…Christy still prefer to stay in her category and fix it. I think…no one who is in the right frame of mind wants to be under Alice :) It’s suicidal. Hahaha…

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Mini Story

Hahaha…one of the MA asked me today…after knowing that I want to transfer department…sanggup ke…under Amelia…already an indicator…Amelia is also not an easy person to work with…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – the transfer tak jadi…but now how? Waiting & Suffering lor…sigh…but God will fix it.

The Press Room Bistro

Marcus updated me over lunch today that the Furniture Buyer will be transfer to Marcus’s department after all…since all of the SCMs refuse to let go of their MAs…Amelia finally agree to hire a new person…but Marcus feel that this Amelia also sengaja create problem wan…lucky I didn’t go under Amelia…I think Amelia & Alice sama rupa only…maybe Amelia is more organize & a better communicator compare to Alice. I won't be surprise if the 2 of them gang up to block my transfer...

Preparing To Win The Fight Of Your Life

My Big Coloring Adventure :)

Teach Us To Number Our Days

Kesian Marcus…I think Marcus is slightly upset that Maximoff said that:

(1) Marcus is too kind hearted. I think Maximoff wants Marcus to lead the Promotion Ideas aggressively, determine the leaflet theme, what items should be feature, what is the most attractive pricing…and not just compile ideas from the rest of the SCMs. What is right must be demanded and not to be compromise. I think Marcus has fail here.

(2) Marcus doesn’t bring the problems to Maximoff…well, I think as long as Marcus can solve the problems…there is no need for Marcus to bring it over to Maximoff right...

(3) Marcus must also provide the negative feedback of any promotions outcome to the CEO…bukan Miguel job meh

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Tonight I did my devotion…don’t know why my tears were flowing so freely…I was so fragile...I guess…on one hand…I know that I am very blessed…I could be very unfortunate…but God have blessed me abundantly…yet…there are growing problems here and there. Papa Ham & Work.

When can I escape from The Witch? Is it all doom & gloom God? I don’t know how bad the damage is…when The Witch will explode…

At such times we become ‘a corn of wheat afraid to die’.
But as we are seeing, where there is no death, there can be no life.
Outside the furrow we remain safe, warm, comfortable – and unfruitful.

First we shall consider what I am calling ‘divine delays’ – those periods of life to which God leads us when it seems that nothing is happening and that His purposes for our lives are temporarily shelved. Perhaps you are at this point at this very moment. If so, don’t panic – God’s delays are not His denials. Our Master has a purpose in everything He does. You must believe that, even though your fears scream the opposite.

One of the most difficult things to do in the Christian life is to wait for God’s purposes to come to pass. Sometimes they take so long to materialize that we find ourselves getting vexed and frustrated. Have you heard about the Christian who prayed – Lord, give me patience…and I want it right now? Wouldn’t you rather do anything than wait? A man told a Christian counselor I know: waiting for God to bring His purpose to pass is the biggest problem I face in my Christian life; there is something within me that would rather do the wrong thing than wait. As waiting for God to bring about His purposes is more the rule than the exception in the Christian life, we had better learn what God has in mind when His red light flashes out the signal - Wait! Wait! Wait!

O Father, teach me to trust You when Your plans and purposes for my life are seemingly delayed. I confess that impatience is one of the most difficult things for me to ‘die’ to. I cannot do it on my own. Help me, my Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Meet M.Junior

Adoi lagi…Buying Income…tak habis – habis lagi…Alice ask me to go in meeting with her…apparently Maximoff ask wor…so, I went in lorentah betul ke tak betul...Amelia, The Witch, Maximoff, Ursula, Laura…I don’t know I go in for what…what is the function…then, half way discussing…Maximoff ask each team to come out with more money again…then, all of a sudden…The Witch put her hand on my shoulder and said – it’s team effort. I look at Maximoff, Ursula & Laura one kind and the 3 of them also look at me another kind.

2 interpretations here:

(1) According to Laura…The Witch’s eyes was a bit watery at that point of time…it may mean…that I have cover my budget…and now I have to cough out more money. Not my fault, the shortages are not from me. But I have to help the team.

(2) Ainul pula…I am not a team player…I have the most shortages…everyone is covering for me…now I have to contribute back. How can I get off the hook so easily…how can I have so little collection…

(3) So, yang mana 1 betul ni? Pening my head…am I in trouble with Maximoff?

(4) GOD – everyone have good job offers…where are mine?

(5) Stewart & Celtic did called me back (THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD) but they have to cut my salary (estimate RM300 for the first 3 months) and then give me back the same salary after my confirmation. So, in the end, I do not gain anything at all :(

(6) GOD – please answer my prayers and take care of me. Answer my prayers, O Lord. O my God, do not delay.


Adoi…I was not in Alice’s room today…but Pietro & Ramly was…don’t know what happen…I assume that Alice wants to lepaskan geram only…and the unfortunate victim was Ramly…Alice went and blast Ramly…said that everyone in the office right now said that Alice bully Ramly…Ramly is leaving because of a good job offer…sedangkan, the actual truth is that - Ramly is leaving because Ramly cannot tahan of Alice anymore…Alice said that if is indeed true that she is bullying Ramly…that means Ramly is not strong enough…Alice also commented that she knows one of us (meaning me kah?) is stirring things outside…sigh…whatever lah…I tak kisah pun

Monday, November 02, 2015


Thank you for the amazing show last night! (19/9/2015).
Thanks to Small Ham’s friend – Alden for the free tickets. In front somemore. Worth around RM600 ++ yo...

Denim From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

And all those things I didn't say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Losing friends and I'm chasing sleep
Everybody's worried about me
In too deep
Say I'm in too deep (in too deep)
And it's been two years
I miss my home
But there's a fire burning in my bones
Still believe
Yeah, I still believe

And all those things I didn't say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

A lot of fight left in me

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

This is my fight song (Hey!)
Take back my life song (Hey!)
Prove I'm alright song (Hey!)
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong (I'll be strong)
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

No I've still got a lot of fight left in me

-Rachel Platten : Fight Song-

Who Calls Me Beautiful?

Work Talesadoi…not only there is complication at the CM level…but also problems at the MA level as well. Since, the Furniture Buyer cannot transfer to Wayne’s position…Marcus have no choice but to take one of the division's existing MA. A draw took place. The chosen one cried & refuses to take up Wayne’s position. Then…Comix…our team MA volunteer for the position…Alice was sort of like keen to let Comix transfer; as of last week Friday…but as of this morning pula…Comix told me that Alice change her mind and refuse to let Comix go. So, now don’t know how Marcus wants to handle this.

(1) Ainul told me…Comix did tell Ainul that Comix cannot stand Alice. Hahaha…I thought only Ramly, Pietro & myself got problem…Comix also have the same problem.
(2) Marcus told me that Comix want the transfer badly. Hahaha…
(3) Marcus also said…from what is being said inside the office…J___ & Pietro ok…but no mention of Alice & Ramly.

US of A

Marcus finds Ivan to be a very simple person…that’s why can be used by Emerson.
Marcus also commented that Emerson is actually quite ambitious though…

The Upside Of Down

Can’t remember whether I have blog on this story or not…apparently…according to Ainul…this Alice got bitch us in front of Miguel…say that we don’t listen to her…we never follow her way…we don’t know how to collect buying income…whatever…

Bike Polo

Weird Conversations:

(1) During the farewell party for Linda, Clara, Wayne & Naz at Glenmarie Golf & Country Resort…which I have left earlier…Marcus was still hanging around…Marcus overheard Alice…conversing with Christy…Alice was trying to convince Christy to transfer to the Stationery Department. I told Marcus – no way that it will happen. I am very sure Ramly have told Christy a lot of bad things about Alice…if Christy is wise enough…Christy will not ask for the transfer. Marcus said – you never know…Christy may have issue with Ursula.

(2) Then, during the party itself…Ursula did ask me whether I want to join her or not…for the second time…but did not mention which category…I only mention – do I have a choice now.

(3) Lately…there are also rumors that Shawn has also tendered. I did ask Ursula about it. Ursula did not say Yes or No…only mention…don’t ever feel threaten with such an issue because she knows how to manage the business. Bravo!

Will I have a second chance on my transfer?

A Personal Word

Sigh…Ramly got a great job offer…35% increase yo…Clara got 20%...Gerrard…according to Ainul…was so – so only…just want to come out from G13.

Me leh GOD…how…

Today we ask ourselves: Why is it that even though we may have a fairly mature faith in God, we still find it frustrating to be caught up in situations where we have no clear direction or control? The root cause of this is misplaced dependency – we depend too much upon ourselves and not enough upon God.

I am still sometimes prone to take the way of independence rather than dependence.
Do you not find a similar tendency in yourself?
I want God’s way – so very much – but I want it on my own terms.

What does this say about me? It says that in this area of my life, there is still a need to die to my own self concern.

When I find myself facing situations in the future that are vague and ambiguous without fearing the outcome, I will know the issue has settle once and for all.

Going – Yet Not Knowing

Adoi…not only my transfer tak jadi…the Furniture Buyer’s transfer to Wayne’s position also tak jadi…because Amelia have not gotten anyone on board yet…so Amelia decides not to let the Furniture Buyer go.

Sigh…my option is also very limited now.
(1) Stay.
(2) Transfer.
(3) Resign.
(4) Hoping that Alice will resign. She will not! Never. Impossible.

By ambiguity, I mean those situations we sometimes find ourselves in where the Lord’s purposes are not clear, and by uncertainty, I mean the feelings we get when we don’t know which direction to take on the road ahead.

Are you the kind of person who likes to see the way ahead as far as you possibly can? Do you find yourself getting irritated and frustrated when the Lord unfolds His purposes just one step at a time? If so, then your irritation is saying something about you. What it is saying? Perhaps it is saying that in this area of your life, you are ‘a corn of wheat afraid to die’, you are fearful of trusting yourself to the unseen and unknown purposes of God.

Sure of God – the one great Certainty.

Bunny Hop

Work Talescelaka betul The Witch. Friday was the last day of closing. She went back earlier…saying that there is a family emergency…padahal…she was so busy in the WatsApp group…emergency apa pula ini…want to avoid finding more money is it...coward...

Then, Pietro, Ramly & myself was called to Miguel’s room…Maximoff was also inside there…just to check on the latest Buying Income update…Maximoff sounded to Miguel (in front of the 3 of us) that Alice’s numbers are very messy. Hmm…Maximoff is noticing things already…but Maximoff will not take any action…Maximoff will let Miguel to handle it.

Power Slide

Work Tales – it’s Closing Week last week.

Emerson kepo with me…Alice got hentam by Maximoff during the meeting.
Maximoff said that Alice’s Buying Income numbers are messy.
Don’t know whether this Emerson got exaggerate on the said situation or not…it seems that Maximoff scolded Alice until Alice want to cry out like that…padan muka

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Made In Britain

I notice that…Amelia is very sarcastic towards me…(I am not offended by it, I just notices it though, maybe Amelia is also a good friend of Alice) lucky I am not under Amelia…blessing in disguise…GOD indeed has a better plan for me, than the one that I have plan for myself :)

Raw For The Oceans

The Witch is very rude.

It is very obvious that Ramly leaves the company because of Alice.
If Ramly did not change department this year…it will not trigger Ramly to leave at all. Ramly would have stay put.
But The Witch (to jaga her air muka)…go and create stories again…she said that Ramly (for the past 2 weeks) has been very relax…she already sense that something is wrong with Ramly already. Then, Alice went and tell everyone that Ramly have no heart to learn. Excuse me, Ramly is very keen to learn…it was you who make Ramly feel worthless.

Then, when Ramly was submitting the resignation letter to Alice in the morning…coincidence a supplier called up…Alice (speak in Hokkien to the supplier, which Ramly also understands) ask the supplier to ask whether The English’s Toys Buyer is interested to join us or not…adoimalunya to have a boss like her.

There’s Always The ‘Next’

OMG…oh dear…I am so upset. How can Ramly be faster than me…it was suppose to be me first…Ramly drop da’bomb :(

If there is one lesson I have learned in life, it is this: there is always a ‘Next’.
Thank God life always has ‘another village’.
Is the way ahead strewn with endless obstacles and opposition?
Then, providing you have died to your own instinct of self-preservation, you and God are able to team up and make the obstacles into new opportunities.
Nothing can frustrate the Christian who has died to himself, and lives out the purposes of Another. Nothing.

The Dash

Hahaha…Ramly told me…that Alice said that her Stationery Buyer doesn’t listen to her…memang pun :)

Chugga – Boom

Yay! :) First win for Kloppy.
Liverpool 3 – 1 Chelsea.