Sunday, August 31, 2014


Liverpool 3 – 0 Tottenham.
Whew…goals from Raheem Sterling, Steven Gerrard and Alberto Moreno secure an emphatic win for The Reds at White Hart Lane in Brendan Rodgers' 100th match in charge :)

Where The Everyday Ends


The best month that I ever had since I arrive at G13.

My department was the only department that recorded a double-digit positive growth, together with one of Christy’s single-digit growth as on last Thursday (28/9). Baldwin mentions that Ursula will be very happy about it. It’s one of GOD’s blessings upon me.

But everything changes after this…

Where The Everyday Begins

Meaningful moments & lessons on leadership from Captain America.


The first Captain America movie was set around World War II. There, we are introduced to a young, small and timid Steve Rogers. It was a time where all young men were eagerly signing up for the army. Rogers, who was very passionate about fighting for his country, also tried to sign up. However, because of his small build, Rogers wasn’t able to pass the physical exam, therefore his application was rejected. Rogers didn’t let that get him down. He persisted and tried every time he had the chance, and even though he kept getting rejected and laughed at, it didn’t stop him.


In The Avengers, Captain America takes on the role to lead The Avengers in battle against Loki’s destructive army. Rogers doesn’t focus on himself to get all the glory. He understands the dynamics of his team, understands each of them for their different strengths, and uses it to the team’s advantage. He delegates and sends each of them to take care of different things. Even though it was getting overwhelming as they were largely outnumbered, he didn’t let it get in the way, and pushed through till the end.

Whether you are working or studying, you will be placed with different teams consisting of different types of people, and there will be times when there is a need for someone to take the reins. Don’t be afraid to step into the leader’s shoes.


In the second movie, our Captain is placed in a difficult situation when he realizes that the person he is fighting is his best friend Bucky. Even though Bucky didn’t recognize Rogers, and was still determined to kill him, Rogers stood his ground and chose not to go against his friend.

Steve Rogers: You’re my friend…
Bucky: You’re my mission!
Steve Rogers: Then finish it…because I’m with you till the end of the line…

If what you believe in is something good, then you should never let go, no matter how tough it gets. That’s what keeps us true to ourselves.


Even with his superhuman abilities, he knows that he would have a better chance of winning if he had help from trusted people. It’s easy to feel alone and work on our own most times, but this can leave us drained in the end. When you surround yourself with individuals who share the same vision, you will be able achieve great things as a team.


The Big Comeback

Spiritually, when sin and failure break our relationship with God and sideline our service, determination alone is not what restores us to rightness with God and usefulness in His kingdom. When we are sidelined because of sin, the path to a comeback is confession as well. For us to be able to recover from our spiritual failings, we are absolutely dependent on the One who gave Himself for us. And that gives us hope. Christ, who died for us loves us with an everlasting love and will respond with grace as we confess our faults to Him. Through confession, we can find His gracious restoration – the greatest of all comebacks.

Focus On The Process

Lord, so often we want complete and perfect solutions
Here and now. But You work graciously in Your
Good time. Let Your goodness, patience and virtue
Shine through us so that we may bless others.

The Christian life is a process in which we learn complete dependence on God.

Make It Attractive

If we show kindness, love and compassion to others, those who observe us will wonder why, and that may give us an opening to tell them about the beauty of God’s love for them.

Dear God, You have given us so much by providing our
Salvation. Help us to make the gospel attractive
To others by the way we shine Jesus’ light
On those we encounter each day.

The beauty of a changed life can attract others to the One who makes us beautiful.

Do No Harm

Each day as we follow Jesus Christ our Savior, we are faced with choices that will affect the lives of others. When we choose a course of action, we should ask ourselves, “Does this reflect Christ’s concern for others, am I only concerned for myself”? Such sensitivity demonstrates the love of Christ that seeks to heal the broken and help those in need.

Lord, I admit that it is easy to be consumed with my
Own wants and needs. Thank You that You showed
Us how to be concerned for others too. Help me
To follow Your example in caring for others.

Caring for the burdens of others helps us to forget about our own.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta :)

Europa Report

Goodbye Daniel Agger.
Liverpool announced on Saturday that they have sold their Denmark international defender back to his former club Brondby for an undisclosed fee.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Barwuah

OMG - The Reds sign up Mario Balotelli.
Double the trouble.

Closed Thursday

Liverpool 1 - 3 Manchester City :(
Oh dear. We are certainly not ready to mount a challenge.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Roadside Assistance

God is...a very present help in trouble. Our Savior helps by giving us grace to endure, His word to sustain us, friends to encourage and pray for us and the confidence that He will ultimately work it all together for our spiritual good.

Lord, I'm thankful that when I experience trouble,
You are waiting and wanting to help. Teach
Me to look to You and to rest in Your kind and
Loving care until You deliver me safely home.

Rejoice! Your God is a helping King!

Wisdom From Above

People in our lives may sometimes suggest we do what seems most gratifying or practical in the moment. But there is a difference between worldly and spiritual wisdom. Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy. When others are urging us to take a certain course of action, we can invite God to influence our response.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Notes from Shai

Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade - dinner with Stephanie :) Yup, just the 2 of us. Celtic…was not invited…well…after the February dispute and a change in Celtic’s behavior lately…we were not as close as before. We still talk, we still see each other, we still laugh together…the chemistry is just not like last time anymore. What I meant of a change in Celtic’s attitude is that…Celtic have always has the tendency to show off and put everyone down. I think since the month of March, Celtic always burns Stephanie and myself in public. Celtic used to do that last time too…but Celtic’s choices of words were not that blunt and crude. It also happens within the 3 of us. But it seems that lately, the words are being spoken out loud in public…words like useless, hopeless, speechless…words that are very de-motivating and leaves a bad impression…imagine, Celtic uses the word useless (aiming at Stephanie) in front of everyone when Stephanie was unable to reserve a place for Pietro. Celtic has asked Stephanie to chup seats for Celtic, Pietro & myself during a lunch break seminar. And Stephanie’s boss was there too. How would he see Stephanie then? This Celtic also said that I am hopeless in front of Ursula because I don’t have a power bank. The day before, Ursula called me…I was in the car with Celtic & Pietro. My phone battery was about to die off. I told Ursula that I have to cut short the conversation. Then the next day, don’t know why or how the conversation touches on my topic and this Celtic burn me in front of Ursula, behind my back. Yet, Celtic is still so proud and can re-tell the story back to me. Sigh…so these days…we rarely get too close with Celtic anymore. Confront Celtic about it? Celtic will never admit that Celtic is wrong. The ego is a mountain big. It will only take circumstances to change everything.

Okie, back to the dinner…the salmon was beautifully fresh and rounded the dish off. The dinner was yummy. I love Japanese food :) And oh my, I think the soft shell crab with the green cold noodles, topped with sesame oil was the hero that brought it all to a whole new level. Such simple, unfussy food was a real joy to eat. The price of the meal was great value. We left with happy bellies and a good dose of girlfriend therapy…it was such a fabulous start to the evening.

Later on, we went watch-hunting. The both of us wanted to get watches. Our secret project :)


Work Tales – oh, I hate this Sabrina very much. Just because she is being highly favored currently by Ursula, it does not mean that she have the authority and power onto me. She is acting and behaving like a mini-Ursula. Every time, call Ursula ‘Ah Jie’. I so want to puke :) This week alone, already I have been offended by her 3 times. Ursula is already a problem...and now...add another one. 1 + 1 = 2.

(1) Both Gerrard and Sabrina are very far ahead in their Category Plan project. This Ursula would like to know how we have been progressing so far. Ursula wants updates but she also knows that some of us are fast and some of us are very far behind. So, in order not to drag the team down, isn’t it more sensible for Gerrard, Shawn & Sabrina to go ahead with theirs first. Christy and myself will have another review session with Ursula later on. Wah…this Sabrina said cannot. Must do it together. And ask us to re-group by next week Wednesday and must complete the first 3 templates.

(2) Then, on Wednesday…Stephanie and I left the office early because we are going out for dinner together. This Sabrina step into my room and teasingly said…wah, going home so early ar…

(3) On Thursday, the English competitor advertised Double A A4 Paper 70gm @ RM8.50 in their weekly leaflet. Next day (Friday Press Ad), I am also advertising the same thing but at RM8.99. Fine, I decide to sell at the new price of RM8.39. Ursula asks me why don’t go for RM8.49. I told her that I want to win. Yes, is 1 cent cheaper but please remember, when the item pass through the checkout counter, it still will transit at RM8.50. No difference at all. Because Sabrina was with Ursula during our conversation, this Sabrina cheekily said that I have to answer for the margin…I shot back at her that I have to answer for the margin every day anyway. Sibuk.

Arrrggghhh…well, GOD…I hope that tomorrow’s margin report is not that bad ya…please...please...

The Day My Dad Met Jesus

God is a gracious God, and no matter what the outcome of our prayers, He can be trusted.

We plant and water, but God gives the increase.

World’s Fastest Walkers

Are you caught up in the frenzy of a busy life? Pause. You are worried and troubled about many things. Remind of your priorities. Had allowed the importance of the tasks to get out of proportion. And, in the process, so busy doing good that didn’t take time to sit at Jesus’ feet. In our drive to be productive for the Lord, let’s remember the one thing worth being concerned about – enjoying time with our Savior.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own,
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

Jesus longs for our fellowship even more than we long for His.

Forgotten Memories

As we make our way on the journey of life, it is easy to forget places, people and events that have been important to us along the way. Time passes, yesterday fades and we become obsessed with the concerns of the moment. When this happens, we also forget just how good God has been to us. Perhaps that is why David remembered as he wrote, 'Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits'. Never is this remembrance more needed than when the heartaches of life crowd in on us. When we are feeling overwhelmed and forgotten, it’s important to recall all that He has done for us. In remembering, we find the encouragement to trust Him in the present and for the future.

When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past strengthens us for the future.

Meet Shrek

We do not make good choices when we’re on our own, and we become weighed down with the consequences. To relieve us of the weight, we may have to be on our backs for a time. When we end up in this position, it is good to remain still and trust the Good Shepherd to do His work without hurting us.

God’s training is designed to grow us in faith.

Remembering Robin Williams: For The Man Who Made Us All Laugh

You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

There is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.

When you have a great audience, you can just keep going and finding new things.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.

What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.

You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I’ll guarantee you’ll win.

Real loss is possible only when you love something more than you love yourself.

There’s a time for daring, and there’s a time for caution, and wise man understands which is called for.

Wizard’s Wise Words

The purpose of life is; a life of purpose – Robert Byrne.
We must know how to differentiate between what is important and what is urgent.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD.
GOD, You are like a Rainbow to me right now. Please do not let it vanish.

Last week – just last week…it was one moment where I felt that my life was absolutely perfect. Every single thing was going so well. I had everything under control. It was a moment where I thought I owned my life and nothing could make it better. I was blissfully happy. I need to jot this down. I need to lock in this memory. I need to hold this moment in my hands. I was the only department in the whole division where my sales were positive. Double digit some more. MTD Sales value of RM163K went down to RM162K, then went up to RM171K, went up to RM185K and finally land on RM205K. Stock value from RM15.5M went down to RM15M, went down to RM14.5M. Stock days originally were 175 days, reduce to 157 days and land on 143 days. It’s only middle of the month. No big deal. Unless I can close the month positive, then…Ursula should reward me for positive behavior reinforcement. My department has been closing on a negative trend every month except for the month of January. No wonder the other day, Ursula asks me whether I was happy with the performance or not. I already knew it. But since I am so malas to layan her, I said that, that I haven’t seen the report yet. This is GOD's work.

Anyway…anything and everything changes. Next month, Celtic & Baldwin will have very good sales. They have game-changer leaflets – Flat Price & Home Fair. Can close their YTD very easily. Celtic owned Leonardo RM2M in sales, but Celtic have over RM20M worth of stocks coming in. Should be able to cover more than the RM2M of sales gap. I have no game plan at the moment. Sigh…I will have to struggle until year end. I cannot be relaxing like Celtic is.

But GOD will watch over me. GOD, I pray to you - please humble me down. Don’t make me so cocky and big head. You know how easily I can turn into one and get carried away. GOD, please push me forward, please move me along. GOD, your Goodness, your Kindness, your Faithfulness does reciprocate. You multiply my harvest and I hope that I can bless the others too.

hors d’oeuvres

Today we have a team meeting in Ursula’s room.
Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD.
As my sales value are safe (positive by RM428K), margin value (positive by RM75K), margin percentage (down by -4%) – lucky I didn’t kena tembak from Ursula. Instead…Christy really got question by Ursula in front of everyone why both her sales & margin drop. Half way through, Ursula say that she wants to praise me; in front of everyone because my stock value and stock days are also down too, my sales and my margin are up. GOD is indeed watching over me :) Then this Gerrard menyampuk pula - Well Done but I can feel that the tone was an envy and not satisfied tone.

Whenever there is a team meeting…I will feel very reckless…because I just feel so small. Shawn is also very quiet, but once buka mulut…really give facts and figures…very steady one. Gerrard is very opinionated and outspoken. Always contribute inputs during the meeting. Sabrina just likes to ambil hati Ursula. Also like to show off a little. Christy is cautions. I pula…ignorant and look here and there and everywhere :)

Then in the evening, I met up with Ursula in her room again to have some documents signed. Then Ursula praised me that I have improved a little in running the reports and analyze things. I no longer talk about product anymore but dollar value. I no longer talk or analyze generally but I have gone in more detail. I sarcastically told Ursula that I start to put in a little bit more of heart & soul in doing my work now. Ursula said that she needs to help out on Christy’s department. The department is like a patient who is on drips right now. She asks me why is Christy's department sales drop. My asnwer was that Christy's clearance sales outpace her normal sales. Ursula thinks that - for example - in the air freshener category...when both brands of Glade & Ambi Pur are under clearance...Christy does not have a third brand to help her to push up the margin & sales. Now, Christy's deparment homebays are empty. Indent orders are not being placed…what is Christy waiting for. Ursula asks me - am I afraid of her...I said Yes :) Actually, the problem is not with Ursula. Is me. I can't answer her questions. I fear the questioning part. What if my answers have no common sense? Sounds silly. Under expectations. Ursula also asks me whether I need help for the Category Plan or not. Then, I kena tease again that she trusts herself in running the reports more than myself… then I also being honest back to her…I need her more than she needs me right now. But she also got mention – lucky I have J___ here. I reply back to her…yeah, the lazy and unreliable one. Now, as eyes are on me…I have to be more cautions. These people’s game are up a level now.

ditzy, husky, porn star

Hari Raya Post-Mortem Presentation – this Ursula…celaka betul…give me wrong dates…I have to run the report (bloody hell) a total of 3 times. Wasting my time and effort. Some more, have to do chart…sien…but in the end…Ursula also got praised me…Well Done.

Hog’s Breath Cafe

Kena gasak for the second time. Ursula said that I receive her instructions better than her suggestions. I stand firm on my decision. Luckily, she let me off the hook this time around. What happen was…weekend Press Ad…A4 Paper 80gm…Ursula asked me if I drop the price a little for the A4 Paper 70gm…will the sales be better? I get her point. To increase the sales (maybe there is a possibility that the 70gm sales can or may overtake the 80gm) and even better margin compare to the 80gm…I said no, I defend my reasoning. Drop by RM0.30; a difference, I still think that the people will go after the thicker 80gm. Lately, based on the daily sales report, the 80gm sales have over taken the 70gm. My English competitor…rarely advertised their house brand 80gm, thus there is the opportunity for me to fill in the gap. So, the final outcome was that the 80gm have sold out by a total of 1500 units ++. I am secretly damn proud of myself. Hahaha… :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

The New Strong Willed Child

Celaka betul this Ursula. Very subtly, very sarcastically when she utters this sentence to me – I am a lousy buyer. What happen was…this particular supplier can only supply their pens in the West Malaysia market. East Malaysia & Brunei are under other supplier’s distributorship. It was a very much a divide and rule business module. Every market’s interest are being protected. So, when I decide to do a new listing for the Brunei market, this Ursula pula questions me. Why can’t the current supplier who is supplying into the West Malaysia market distribute into the Brunei market? Why can’t the Brunei supplier follows the West Malaysia supplier terms and conditions? If supplier like Energizer and Ambi Pur can, why can’t this stationery supplier cannot? Hello…both Energizer and Ambi Pur are big players with huge volume. Of course, they can standardize and they have to, to a certain extent. Mine is a Chinese apek company. Then this Ursula commented – since I am such a lousy buyer, I cannot nego much, so I have to let it be.

Never mind…fine…I learned. Yes. You’re a mystery to me but I want to get to know you, every gram of your brain whether it’s a pink or a grey or has a multicolored rainbow hues, I want to get to know you. I want to pick your brains.

Good Man, Bad Decision

Liverpool 2 – 1 Southampton :)
Is there life after Suarez? Pietro said that the match was not impressive at all and the players was unconvincing.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Diepsloot and Kliptown

Celebrated Celtic’s birthday in November last year…why did I procrastinate to blog this event until now…I also have no idea. A birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant in SS15, Subang…yes, it all Japanese menu here…it’s something different, it’s not something that we consume every day like the food court food, Chinese food, Mamak food etc. It was a very quiet dinner…Celtic, Stephanie and myself…just the 3 of us…natural, serene…ah; life would be so dull if not for the 2 of them in the office. These times of bonding keeps us focused, refreshed and re-charge :) I knew Celtic since 2005, I have many ups & downs with Celtic…a lot of internal struggle…but Celtic has been a much-needed constant in my life. Happy 33rd buddy :)

A Photowalk In Sandton

CNY House Visit – Stewart’s place @ Kota Kemuning. Yes, this happen in January this year. Celtic, Stephanie and myself. Last year, Mrs. Simon got join us but this year Mrs. Simon is nowhere to be seen. Maybe Mrs. Simon is busy.

Oh Stewart…I think all of us misses you so damn much. Stephanie and myself think about you all the time and we miss you as much today as we did when we first parted ways from you. Every time, the 3 of us are together, we still talk about our favorite working memories of you. We can be anywhere in the world and I think one of us will quietly raise a glass and simply say, "To Stewart”. I am sure without fail, tears will always come to our eyes as we take a moment to remember how much we misses you. While memories of our time together may fade, our love, our bond, our friendship for you will never does. Truly great friends or mentors like you are hard to find and impossible to forget. And quite simply, you were one of the best leaders an employee could ever have. Stewart’s the one person that I would drop everything to meet up. Stewart, I cannot praise you enough. You are awesome – a seasoned buyer and sales development manager with tones of experience, you are attentive, supportive, patient, and gives me lots of great advice and tips while I’m venturing out there with my categories :)

Geeks are so cute.

Premier Hotel, Klang – today is all about overdue and long forgotten posts :) I notices that there are also a lot of times for friendships and socials. Much more than what I’m accustomed to, to be honest. But I need to jot them down, hold the memories together…because they are memories after all…memories of who I am, where I have been to, whom I’m with. I’m pretty sure that there’s more that I’d like to commit to memory somehow. But, this should do for now :)

This was a dinner organized by Snow Petrol. It was a birthday dinner. Can’t recall whether it was for the son or for the youngest daughter. It was a full house. Celtic, Victoria, Edward, Matthew, Singrid, Betty…we laugh our ass off seeing each other, hugs were available freely, everyone looks so fabulous, everyone was very ecstatic in catching up with each other…about home, work, hobbies, new interest, families and life in general…it’s all back to being about content right now :)

White Rabbit

Okie – confirm this dinner took place last year…but when…I certainly cannot remember :) Oh dear…hahaha. It was a Japanese meal. Location was @ First Subang. Restaurant name? Cannot remember. Celtic was there, Victoria, the Stationery Buyer and myself. I cannot remember much what we have chatted on that particular day. But I remembered the most important part – the Stationery Buyer praises me. Reason being, when the Stationery Buyer visited one of our stores, the Stationery Buyer have notices that the assortment are much neater, there are more varieties, it was better than during Jonas’s time. I remember the feeling because it really makes my day. And I think I also share with them that I just switched bosses. No longer under Leonardo but park under Ursula instead. I think I also complain about Leonardo’s leadership to them…hahaha…but then again the Stationery Buyer also hear from another colleague that Leonardo is famous for being like that :) Thus, Jonas’s style is also very similar with Leonardo’s method.

preppy librarian chic

Now, being a buyer in the retail industry – if we are going to have dinner or any meals with our respective suppliers, we need to declare to our superior first. This is to avoid any misunderstanding or any form of monetary or non-monetary abuses. It’s a very sensitive issue. Unfortunately, twice in a row, I have kept quiet and didn’t inform Ursula anything. I have dinner with both Michel & Ice. Both were Japanese meal. The first time was at SS15 Subang, then coffee at Station 1. The second time was at Rakuzen @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. Both times were good meals which I indulge a lot. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, I still work with facts and figures. I was not biased or discriminating. I am clean :) As a matter of fact, I needed the input from Michel the most. I need someone who is well-verse of the industry, very experience, creative, ambitious, willing to take on new challenges and initiatives, keen in developing new, fun concepts. Not those old timers that have pass their prime and are a bit out-dated of trying bold ideas…and can’t help me much in re-building back the department. Also establishing a network of suppliers who can support you is invaluable!

Zovidius R.

OMG OMG – I can’t recollect whether this Japanese dinner that we have together (Torres, Mel Jag, Miss Klein & myself) @ Hyotan, SS15 Subang took place last year or this year. Yes, never ever procrastinate. Now, I got all of the timelines wrong & upside down :( I know we have a Japanese dinner together. It was a very awesome place. After dinner, we head to Empire Subang, had our Starbucks together, took loads of pictures together…we all need that extra bit of comfort sometimes…and when we do, we’ll be glad that we have those pictures around…4 regular, down-to-earth, 30-something Asians, are smart, sexy, funny, caring, interesting, who just loves each other companionship, who can click together and I think we are the type who just get straight to the point with one another and make each other double over with laughter :)

Mamak Cupcake

Speaking of Seremban – another overdue post that happens neons ago…I think it was somewhere in last year August. During Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day. Stephanie, Celtic & myself have a road trip down to Port Dickson. We went there to meet up with Faith. Before we arrive at PD, Stephanie brought us to the Seremban Market and we have our beef noodles, we went to the same shop as the below to get the Seremban must-haves local food. Once we arrive at PD, it was almost time for dinner and we have a BBQ together. We were joined by Faith, both of Faith’s parents (Michael & Katherine), Faith’s youngest sister; Ashley and a couple (Faith’s ex-colleagues). We also stay overnight there. Before we head back to KL the next day, we had lunch together – crabs again :)

I am very fortunate that over the years I have make great friendship with my fellow colleagues. Even my current colleagues in the office are mostly nice & friendly people. Helpful too. My superior is not that great and not that easy to work with, but once you understand her rhythm, it’s all ok. But she’s not that bad either. I know that some people will disagree though. But really, compared to the other nasty people that I have met…she’s not that extremely bad. Most importantly, everyone is doing ok at work. Of course; some processes, some topics, some issues can be better but it’s ok for now.

Tree Bar

Seremban Road Trip – OMG, this has happen ages ago. A very long overdue post indeed. I think it took place somewhere in June. We made a road trip down to Seremban to visit Reggie, Ann & Baby Isaac. Miss Klein was driving, I was the co-pilot, Trix joined us and Mel Jag & Valerie was also in da’house too. Upon arriving, the hosts brought us to have our lunch – Wan Tan Mee and then Cendol as dessert. We also went and bought the Seremban famous Siew Pau, egg tarts and other famous crispy & yummy pastries as well. Then, we hang out at Ann’s parent house in the afternoon. Baby Isaac has his nap and some of us too :) It was a time to bond with these friends who treasure each other and also our friendship. Treasure the people who treasure you to be exact. At least I know that these people will never fail to drop me an sms or a watsapp message once in a while to ask me out, ask how I have been lately or wonder if I am already dead or not. Lol. Reggie & Ann also unwrap the present we bought for Baby Isaac. It was exactly the same thing that the new parents have wanted to buy for their toddler son but decide to withhold their purchases first because the toddler is still so small. We make the right selection after all.

I like how this young couple strive to instill good values in their baby boy. Of course, these days…the easy way out with parenting is to keep them materially comfortable and tell ourselves that we’ve given the best that we can to our children. The harder way is to teach them to honor their parents, respect the elders, be kind and gracious, be truthful and genuine, to give and love and to receive and be loved with gratitude. And I am still learning these too. I also admit, that at times I failed in this area.

Later in the night, we have seafood for dinner. Crabs! Yummylicious :) And then there was a small surprise in it as well. They celebrated my belated birthday. Aww…they were so sweet and I was just so touched :) Being with everyone, there is smiling and laughing and happy as they can be. Content…I am :)

Mr. Frogg

Spanish defender Alberto Moreno joins LFC from Sevilla :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hip Habitat

Best of luck to Martin Kelly, who has this week completed a transfer from Liverpool to Crystal Palace after 62 appearances and one goal for the club.


R.I.P Mr. Robin Williams.
This is the man who gave me Aladdin, Hook, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poet Society.
Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary!

Keep Calm & Carry On

When we are engaged in God’s work and we encounter setbacks, we can calmly carry on because, like the Israelites, we are the servants of the God of heaven and earth. Obstacles and delays may discourage us, but we can rest in Jesus’ promise: I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. It is God’s power that enables His work, not our own.

Thou art our life, by which alone we live
And all our substance and our strength receive
Sustain us by Thy faith and by Thy power
And give us strength in every trying hour

God’s spirit gives the power to our witness.

An Honest Heart

Lord, help me to be honest
In all I do and say
And grant me grace and power
To life for You each day

Live in such a way that when people think of honesty and integrity, they will think of you.

Crowns Of Honor

Crown Him the Lord of life
Who triumphed o’er the grave
Who rose victorious in the strife
For those He came to save

Without the Cross, there could be no Crown.

Generous GOD

My Heavenly Father has lavished on us the riches of His Grace and that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. Our God is not a stingy God who begrudgingly dishes out His Blessings in small portions. Rather, He is the God who pours out forgiveness for the prodigal and He daily crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies.

At times we think God hasn’t provided for us as we would like. But if He never did anything more than forgive our sins and guarantee heaven for us, He has already been abundantly generous! So today, let’s rejoice in our generous God.

Lord, remind me often that You have been exceedingly
Generous to me. Help me to extend that generosity
Of spirit towards those around me, so that they
May know who You are and rejoice in You.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Banana Pancakes

Well Done!!!
Clearly stated the action plan for HR stocks.

Praise from Ursula. Via email. I didn't do anything much. Just a couple of sentences from me. Then, I copy a few of her sentences.

Sarcasm :)

Red Wine, Mistakes & Mythology

Look at what I have found – some old letters.
Murdoch University Alumni Newsletter :) which I am still a member till today.

The World’s Children

Support, Encourage, Teach and Pray.

Father, You made each child in Your
Image. Help us to convey Your love
To them with our hands, our help
And our hearts.

The more Christ’s love grows in us, the more His love flows from us.

Teaching By Example

Heavenly Father, I need to know Your love
In order to love others. I want to experience
And share Your patience and kindness with
Those I care about. Fill me and use me.


Lord, may my life be so pleasing to You that You are
Pleased to have Your face shine on me. And as You
Graciously smile on my life, may I find someone today
With whom I can share Your love through a smile.

Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms

I am so angry with this Ursula. Jatuh my air muka in front of my number 1 supplier. And all I can do was to grin and to bear with it :( Like an idiot.

What happens was…my top supplier and I schedule for a meeting together to discuss on the coming BTS activities. Ursula was not involved in this meeting in the first place. Then, this supplier has mention to me that their existing brand of glue which is currently being used for the stationery category has been diversified to the DIY usage. He has mention to me that he have make contact with Christy but this Christy have not been replying his emails, picking up his calls or replying back his messages. I know that this is not Christy’s fault. Because, at the end of the day, the decision maker is Ursula. Ursula will be the one making the call. Christy will not be able to make a move unless Ursula gives her the green light. So, me being nice and little bit cheeky here, ask the supplier to go and drop by at Ursula’s room to say Hi as a courtesy call. When he didn’t come out from Ursula’s room for quite some time, I thought I go in and rescue him. Mana tahu, this Ursula is so bloody smart…divert him to the stationery topic. I was okay with it. Then, she start to tease me in front of him…saying that I am slow, I don’t know how to run reports, maybe I am psychologically are scared of her these days (OMG, she can even sense that I am avoiding her), that she is coming after me soon…and yet Ursula mention to me previously that she won’t bad mouth me…look at what she is doing right now...celaka betul her. ANGRY. I feel so embarrassed and incompetent.

I've made the conscious, mindful choice of not to avoid the pain. It is very clear to me that there is no way out but through it. I will just need to ram at it (or at her) like a bull and overcome it the best that I can! It is part of the game. You can win, or you can lose and today it is my turn to lose but at least knowing that I have given my everything, my best…every day.

Okinawa Rendez-vous

Ursula is such a copycat. Actually, I am also a copycat :)
What happen was…Baldwin have put up some postcards on the office room wall. So, I also followed suit. During my Murdoch University days, I have managed to collect quite a number of postcards, it was a good collection though, they are being nicely kept in a box, now the opportunity has arise to show them off…so I also put them on my office room wall. Then, mana tahu, this Ursula also starts to copy me. She starts to put up some postcards as well; on her wall...all are pictures of buildings of the Eiffel Tower in Paris…I bet she bought those during her trip to Germany. Then, I also start to hang a Christmas ornament on my office door knob…then this Ursula also starts to follow. Imitator.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I am an Invictus Baby

Pepe Reina; who has completed his transfer to FC Bayern M√ľnchen.
Thank you & All the best :)


The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their cry. He is near to those who have a broken heart. He is the Rock whose presence we can always depend on. God’s presence is real. He continually watches over us. He is rock-solid.

The rock of ages stands secure,
He always will be there,
He watches over all His own,
To calm their anxious care.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Lesson From A Toothache

We might not always want to go to God right away when we have a problem or are struggling in a certain area. We know that He could provide immediate relief from our pain, but He is more concerned with dealing with the root of the problem. We may be afraid that He will reveal issues that we are unprepared or unwilling to deal with.

Thank You, Lord, for showing me my hidden
faults, for You treat me as Your dear child.
Help me surrender to Your cleansing work
till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

God's hand of discipline is a hand of love.

What Do We Want?

Lord, we do believe that You are the place where true
satisfaction is found. But we're weak and sinful and
easily distracted from Your best. Teach us to draw
near to You, and may You, in turn, draw near to us.

A daily dose of God's wisdom will heal the heart disease of envy.

tidak perlu tergesa-gesa

Spanish youth international right-back Javier Manquillo becomes Liverpool's seventh signing of the summer. Are we doing an AVB here? The Reds could fall into the same trap as Tottenham last season, when they failed to adequately replace Gareth Bale. Its okay of having loads of money to spend but it's also about who you spend it on. Tottenham did have that money and they bought one or two decent players, but looking back, it has not been money well spent. Aiyo...

current + pop

Continue from the previous blog…uploading them again :) Gosh…I truly missed the whole French Team – Iron Butterfly, Rufus, Stewart, Celtic, Patrick, Natalie, Damian, Matte-Marit, Wendy, Stephanie, Lexie and Sumen Kwaina.

Monday, August 04, 2014


To J___,

Success is just the beginning.
Believe that you can do it in 2009!

La Grinta,
Siew Heng

The French book that governs us, a gift from Iron Butterfly.


Memphis Bistro – dinner with James. Nope, we are not on a date. James is a good and reliable male friend.

I really love this place. Reminds me a lot of Ben & Nick in Subang Jaya. Its very community-like, a cozy little family restaurant, serves good western food at decent pricing. I was very impressed that the place was squeaky clean (from the floors to the tables), have many country music theme decorations (either the owners must be a very big fan of country music or they have spend a part of their life somewhere in Texas, Nashville or any country music states in the USA), the patrons are all older than us and the owners actually addresses them personally by their names.

I have their seafood chowder & baked oyster as appetizer, my main dish was their seafood pasta, and my favorite part…hot chocolate lava cake…a truly satisfying dessert for a sweet tooth person like me. Ooh…how I love how the chocolate melt and spill onto the plate. It was warm, smooth, consistent, and bursting with chocolate goodness inside. As you slowly slice open the cake, chocolate blood starts drooling. The ice cream was pretty normal, didn't felt anything special. But the overall combination was pretty good. Quite like the results and was pretty happy with it though :)

Rick Kee

Quad Bike @ Mudtrekker – bucket list checked :)

Together with Stephanie & Kathy – we went to Mudtrekker @ Sunway SPK, Shah Alam to ride on the big ATVs. All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), also known as a quad or quad bikes is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control purposes. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. I was a bit greedy. Should have taken the smaller quad…but no, I straight away jump into a big quad which I have difficulty in controlling and maneuvering. Later on, my upper body muscles was aching in pain. I thought it was just a plain and simple ride over man-made slopes…mana tahu…the trail is really a jungle-trekking trail…the track where people actually go hiking. I was so scared when going uphill and downhill because I know that, if I am not careful enough…I will sure terbabas and terbalik. Already a few times, that my quad bike tyres got stuck within the bigger tree roots. Luckily, I didn't crashed the quad. Hilarious!

Mudtrekker is a very nice and cool place. It was established back in 1995, they are an adventure sport operator and corporate team-building provider. On their property, there are an array of paintball fields and team-building activities coupled with facilities for corporate seminars, dining and function areas. They actually have a 3 Paintball Tournament Fields (40m x 55m each). 3 scenario concepts (Wild West, Mad Max, and Kill House, First blood). Cool!

Tennis is just a start

A&W – bloody hell, waited for nearly 45 minutes and the queue still doesn’t move. Worst than the traffic jam on the Federal Highway itself. The operation front liners really cannot cope with such a demand. Finally, Mama Ham, Small Ham & myself gave up, left the place and had our lunch at their Batu 3 outlet instead.

What happen was – A&W first drive-in restaurant in Malaysia, which was opened in the 1960s at Section 52, Lorong Sultan, PJ; opposite the Amcorp Mall will be temporarily shutting down at the end of the year and will return in 2018. This iconic landmark has been packed with customers going there for their favorite rootbeer & coney dogs since the news of its impending closure spread like wildfire on social media. KUB Malaysia Berhad plans to develop the land by building two office towers; called the KUB Towers. Actually, many A&W outlets have already been closed down. They seem to be unable to compete with the likes of McDonalds & KFC. They need to pick its battles and target a niche market and also to improve on their service level as well.

The George Effect

Look at what I found – it’s a handphone holder, bean-bag material & bean-bag feel. I had this when I was working with the French. It was prominently display on my working desk. Look at the 3 badges that was pin onto it. Given to me by the Stationery Buyer. Actually, the Stationery Buyer has given me a bunch of badges, but I selected those 3 to pin on it.

GO GIRL – is to remind me to GO,GO,GO. Retail, is after all...a very scary battlefield. I just have to keep working hard. Life itself will present its challenges. I have to learn about patience and perseverance. Don’t give up so easily, even when there are obstacles ahead. I also have to learn to be competitive, while at the same time, I need know when to ‘just play and have fun’ too. If you win, be a good and humble winner and thank the other opponents. And if you lose, be a good loser, and still thank the other competitors.

Peace & Take It Easy - some days are better, some days are worse. Just find the strength and courage to smile and laugh and live life as gloriously as possible.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


The day we decide to follow the Savior is the greatest turning point in our life. And each day after, we can joyfully renew our commitment to serve Him.

Lord, what a privilege it is to say Yes to You each day,
Thank you for loving me and forgiving me,
Guide me in all my choices today and,
Help me to serve you faithfully.

Life’s biggest decision is what you do with Jesus.

Reframing The Picture

The Lord is not far from each one of us. This is true even when we feel abandoned.

Under His wings I am safe abiding,
Though the night deepens and tempest are wild,
Still I can thrust Him – I know He will keep me,
He has redeemed me and I am His child.

Because the Lord is watching over us, we don’t have to fear the dangers around us.

Room And Board

Jesus is our ‘Room and Board’. He is our source of spiritual nourishment. He empowers us to live a life of integrity. He is our loving Master. And He is even now preparing our eternal home. He promised ‘I go to prepare a place for you’. His grace has provided our everlasting room and board.

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide,
Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow,
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside.

Christ meets our needs now and for eternity.

The View From The End

The Israelites learned some valuable spiritual lessons when GOD allowed them to endure homelessness, uncertainty and danger. Their hardships humbled them.

They learned that GOD would provide for their needs. When they were hungry, He gave them manna. When they were thirsty, He gave them water from a rock. GOD taught them that, despite difficult times, He could bless them. Finally, the Israelites learned that adversity is not a sign of abandonment.

Help us to rely on the One who causes all things to work together for our good and for His Glory.

Dear God, please give me the Faith,
To believe that You can bring good out of any situation.
Help me to see what You,
Want to show me during adversity.