Saturday, December 31, 2016


Dear God,

Here I am again…2016 will be over soon and we will welcome another brand new year of 2017!

2016 - there's wonderful highs and wonderful lows. It's been quite a change for me personally.


You are an Amazing God, You are an Awesome God, You are a Good God, You are a Faithful God, You are a Great God, You are God Almighty. Have faith in You, also means have faith in Your timing. You just take 1 day to turnaround things, to turnabout things. Let God be God. My cup overflows with your goodness, faithfulness, love & favorability to my family and to myself every day. You are not only a real joy provider, but also a hope provider, a peace provide, an encouragement provider. Thank you for Your Faithfulness, for Your Love, for Your Goodness & for Your Favorability to my family and to myself.

Thank you God that you are my Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, my Protector, my Giver. You are my Absolute & my Ultimate. You are vast, wide and unlimited. Only I am limited in my thinking, in my ways and in my capacity. You are my morning glory, my shining star. My King, my Majesty; seated on the throne; highly exalted. You are the Lords of Lords, my Kings of Kings. Thank you for your gifts to my family & to myself every day. You are indeed the only one Giver there is. Thank you for being my Helper, my Healer, my Shepherd, my Teacher, my Redeemer & my Savior. Thank you for your work on the cross of Calvary so that today I can receive Your living word, has a living relationship with You and live by Your living values. God, I depend on You. You reign, You reign over my lives, You reign on every decision that I make, You dwell in me. God, You take charge, You are in control, You take the lead. You are our sufficiency.

God – we have moved into our new house in Section 7. A 22 x 75, landed property. Thank you so much God. This is my key highlight for 2016.

Thank you God, that everyday You load me up with benefits, everyday You work behind the scene on my ordinary life, on my ordinary days. If God is quiet, it does not mean that God is not working. Thank you God that every day You have my best interest in Your heart, every day You lead me You see best and every day You make the best decision, selections & choices for me. You are a Promise Making God and a Promise Keeping God.

God for 2017 – the key word here is Growth, Progress & Improvement.

Strengthen the love, the bond of the 4 of us – Papa Ham, Mama Ham, Big Ham & Small Ham. Replenish our energy, reinforce our faith. Remind us that You are the backbone of this family, You are the pillar of this household. Bring activities and people into our lives, please add value into our lives, I want our lives to be enhance and enrich.

As for me God, for 2017 – remind me, instill in me – discipline, focus & consistency. What I pray for, don’t u-turn back. Draw me to You every day, anchor myself to You every day, strengthen my faith in You every day. Remove my fear, my hesitation, my procrastination, the negative thoughts, the negative energy, the negative people…let me look radiant, collected & fine, with stabilityness, calmness and steadiness, with grace, elegance, class and sophistication. God, guide me to do the right thing. Please ensure that I am always in line and align with You. God, please give me more strength, more wisdom, more common sense, more good characters and more skills. The life & business pointers that I have been reading lately, please ensure that I learn from them so that I will be a better person. Humility & curiosity to be balance off with courage & confidence.

God – in 2017 – I want to be a better person, not bitter…I want to response, not react…I want to forgive & forget. I want to live by faith, family, friends, fitness and finance. It’s about:


The world and its people are getting quite tricky sometimes; therefore I would like myself to grow up with more simple aspirations. I think there's a lot of huge aspirations and people living with an enormous amount of stuff that they don't necessarily need.

I would like to grow up being a little bit more simple in my approach and my outlook and just looking after those around me and treating others as I would like to be treated myself.

Yup - small, steady steps upwards! LIVE WELL! JUST LIVE!



The energy created by not believing in yourself, by not having your heart in something or by assuming others are the problem…can be felt on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Think of times you have walked into a room and immediately knew someone was talking about you. We can all sense other peoples’ energy and they can sense ours. A shy, scared mindset yields doubt in your ability to perform and an arrogant mindset yields an immediate wall.

Show yourself to the world but remember that no one owes you anything.

Your mindset shapes the world you live in. Be mindful and make it the most fantastic place ever.

Helen & Douglas House Charity

WatsApping Stewart:

Stewart: The new management is really no nonsense. Early in morning aldy ask…can go or not…wat is action plan if cannot do…must do…wat we say we must do…cannot say I don’t know…cannot guess figure…must do daily tracking n back up with facts & figure when commit to something…

Me: Sounds like my old place…

Stewart: Haha…so it will be more structured in coming future…you will fit in fine…unlike some ppl…

Hahaha…I wonder who is the some people…Celtic?

Real Diamonds & Magic

WatsApping Marcus:

Me: But this year G13 CNY Leaflet, not as exciting as during Madeleine’s time

Marcus: U r referring to household? Oh…

Me: Yeah…

Marcus: No comment and I also shouldn’t

Me: U can give but in private

Marcus: I have learnt to get away and move on to what I’m doing

I guess I should also emulate Marcus…I should not be so arrogant and high profile and know it all…just because I have done all of the categories in Bazaar except for DIY/Auto. Only answer when ask and provide questions for people to ponder and not instructions. See, Marcus never realized how influential Marcus are in my life…it’s the small small things…

What Matters Most

The Apostle Paul tells us that God’s love is at the core of how we live.

God’s love is so strong, available and stabilizing that we can confidently step into each day knowing that the good things are gifts from His hand and the challenges can be faced in His strength. For all of life, His love is what matters most.

Everything Comes From God

If we hold tightly to anything given to us, unwilling to let it go when the time comes to let it go or unwilling to allow it to be used as the Giver means it to be used, we stunt the growth of the soul.

I am sure God is capable of seeing me through, another way.

Everything we have has come from You, and we give You only what You first gave us.

She Did What She Could

She did what she could – the rest is in His capable hands.
Do thy duty, that is best; leave unto the Lord the rest.

A Bubble Break

God is always close. He is powerful. He always cares. And He can use even the smallest experiences and briefest moments to help us remember that His presence is like an ocean of grace in the middle of our heavy moments.

Friday, December 30, 2016


Arrogance >> an overbearing display of superiority, self-importance and false price.

Negative feedback not acknowledged here >> the inability to hear anything negative about a project, the company or yourself; the inability to confront the brutal facts because it might get in the way of your agenda, deadlines and reputation.

Dismissing competitors’ successes >> refusing to accept a competitor’s success as valid and downplaying a competitor’s strategy and product innovation, usually because of your own past successes.

We know what’s best for the customer >> an inability to have empathy for customer frustrations and needs and a lack of inquisitiveness to find out ways to better align to customers’ current and future desires.

Believing problems don’t exist >> being either completely blind to organizational and individual problems or dismissing them to protect oneself and the company.

Avoiding the unavoidable >> seeing the writing on the wall, but assuming it will go away in miraculous ways and life and business will eventually return to normal with no change required on our part.


Setting goals >> the first principle is to dream big as it equips you with the gritty perseverance to overcome any hindrance you may face along your journey. Next, rewrite your goals every day and look out for opportunities that can help you build your way up to achieving them as well as be reminded of the importance of walking the talk. Finally, keep your goals in balance and ensure that they cover your career aspiration, professional growth and personal spheres such as family & health. Once you have set your goals and determined the measurements for each of them, you will be more ready to step out in faith and do something daily. Steadily and surely, you will be able to manage your time better by focusing on behaviors that are responsible for achieving your target.

Establishing priorities >> urgent activities are usually visible issues that require us to take action as soon as possible. Important activities have to do with results. They contribute to our high priority goals, our mission and values. A common mistake that people usually make is spending most of their time on urgent/important. Rather, we should increase our efficiency by focusing on tasks that are important/urgent. This is because spending too much time on the former will dominate your time schedule and would result in you spending 90% of your time only on those activities., thereby ignoring the ones in other quadrants altogether.

Getting organized >> apply the 80-20 rule, whereby 20% of our efforts can result in 80% of value. Identify 20% of your time and actions that can give you 80% impact in what you do. Subsequently, try to reduce or even eliminate the low-value activities to allow more important work during prime time.

Dealing with time masters >> one important part of self-discipline when it comes to time management is to stop spending time on activities that are truly a waste of time. Against all odds, the things you find overwhelming on your to-do-list can be crossed out by the end of the day. For instance, try to avoid socializing too much on your phone while you are at work. Put those group messages to mute, browse your follower’s photos on Instagram during lunch time and reply your FaceBook comments after you head back home. Furthermore, keep your meetings at work short and straight-forward, break your procrastinating and avoid water cooler chats already. Delegate, defer, downsize, outsource or eliminate your task for real productivity.


The servant-leader is servant first, it begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first, as opposed to, wanting power, influence, fame or wealth.

Listening >> when serving people, politicians should make time to give us their full attention, avoid interrupting us before we are done speaking and then proceed to give us the necessary feedback on what was said.

Persuasion >> it is always nice when people of great power and influence use persuasion as a tool to encourage us to take action rather than their authority to force an idea or opinion on us. There is always respect and admiration for leaders that take time to talk to us and inspire us.

Conceptualization >> this particular characteristics is said to relate to one’s ability to dream greater dreams or to look beyond the day-to-day realities to the bigger picture. We can’t just talk about the problems, we should need to find solutions.

Commitment to the growth of people
>> the leader spends time talking to us about growth in the office and gives us constructive criticisms. The best part of our appraisal sessions with the leader is that he does not just tell us what’s wrong with our work but helps us find a way to do things better. In other words, he/she is the sort of leader that tries to bring out the potential in you.

Building a community

Old Ideas, New Adventures

You need to make good use of all the information and tools that you have, and you need to meticulously prepare before you start.

You need to come up with a map of sorts that charts the route you want your company to take.

You need to keep trying different approaches until you find the treasure. If you fail, you need to try again. If you fail again, you need to try again.

You need to be intrepid and adventurous, willing to go where your competitors are afraid to venture and to risk failure as you do so.

Most of all, you need all the help and support you can get. Nobody builds a business or wins a treasure hunt alone.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Create a vision for your future >> reinvention always begins with a vision. You have to want more to get more. You have to want something different to make a difference. Whenever you achieve one level of success, you will naturally be drawn to expand your vision. There is never a ceiling in life until you choose to see that where you are is enough. Enough should never be enough when there is room for further expansion in business. Your imagination is a machine that has no limits. If you can imagine something, then you can make that something happen. The more imaginative your vision of your next level, the more you can call into being. The more thought you put into the vision, the more real it becomes. The mind will naturally begin to see the potential snags that will need to be worked through. Never see these potential snags as stop signs. Envision yourself around them. Doing this only makes your vision smarter.

Make it real >> writing something down is the first step to making a vision real. Write what you want on one side of a piece of paper, use the other side for predicting potential roadblocks. Then take those potential roadblocks, imagine solutions to each and write down each of those solutions. Writing is a great way to problem-solve and get clear. It is also invigorating and exciting, as it helps the creative process find its outlet. Writing gives your vision form and makes your future come alive.

Change your language >> never talk your vision down. Only speak in terms of success and opportunity. Discipline your talk to solutions, not problems. Language is life. What you speak is what you will live and manifest. How you talk about your vision is directly related to how well your idea is received. Be prepared, not desperate. Know clearly what you want and have your plan of action so detailed there will be no question you can’t answer.

Change your approach >> reinvention is a transformation into a new form of yourself and your business that always requires changes in your approach. To get somewhere new you have to do new things. You cannot use your same old routine patterns and expect a new result. When you change your habits you will see immediate results. Once a certain level of success becomes second nature, there is no motivation to change our habits. That makes it easy to become unconsciously lazy. To start something new and reinvent yourself you have to look at a complete transformation in your approach. Be willing. Be bold. Take risks.

Create workable tasks >> changing your approach may feel overwhelming. Overwhelmedness can lead to quitting and feeling like your next level is not possible. Any reinvention must be intelligently executed by breaking it down into workable parts. Figure out exactly what you need to do, everyday, to manifest your vision. Determine who you need to network with, what resources you need, the necessary financing and most important, how you need to grow and stretch as a person. Put in place what you need for the small successes necessary to get to your bigger picture. Make lists of everything you need to do, create a schedule for when you will do it and then commit yourself fully, taking one step at a time. Each small success will motivate your larger success.

Consistent reminders
>> reinvention is never easy nor smooth. You will encounter resistance; most often coming from your own limiting beliefs or stories about yourself that holds you back from really taking the leap. Each time you find yourself slipping into old habits like isolating yourself, making excuses or procrastinating on task that would undoubtedly advance your career, ask yourself – what can I do in this moment to keep moving forward? Your mind will immediately offer solutions. Doing one small task to maintain enough momentum to get you through the doubt. Reinvention is a risks. Remind yourself of the reason you have decided to grow yourself. Vision boards or another type of visual reminder will keep you aligned with what your are striving to achieve personally and professionally. Keep your goals for personal and professional reinvention at the forefront of your mind. Consistently move toward the possibility of greater success.

Re-purpose yourself >> to reinvent yourself, you have to take who you are and what your business is and give it a new definition, a new approach and a new purpose. Re-purposing is transformation in action. We cannot grow our business unless we grow ourselves. Uncertainty and change are a part of reinvention. You must have the courage to see and adapt to your new direction & purpose. Re-purposing is a fluid dynamic which deepens your resilience, your knowledge and your ability to manifest the vision you create.

Create the vision of what you want, create the plan, be willing to change everything and step into the unknown.


Learn to spot your weaknesses & address them >> most leaders will be able to score success just by virtue of their natural strengths and talents. However, this tends to last for a finite period. On the flipside of strengths are weaknesses that need to be addressed if leaders wish to be adaptable and effective. Addressing weaknesses is part of being emotionally intelligent – a concept that describes our ability to be aware of our conduct and impact on others, and our willingness to develop positive behaviors to the benefit of all concerned.

Become a leader of leaders >> as your business or project grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to handle everything on your own, no matter how talented you are. An important part of reinventing yourself as a leader is to realize that you’ll need help along the way, and if you can develop other leaders to help you over the long haul, it makes your job a lot easier in the long run, especially if you can attract people who are smarter than you are.

Remember you’re only human >> it can be too easy to get caught up in your own hype, to the point where your personal worries, insecurities and struggles get suppressed. With no one offering criticism and every idea – the best one yet boss – it’s critical to take regular time to reflect honestly on any personal issues and shortcomings, keeping in mind that you’re not superhuman and can’t solve every problem immediately. This allows for a healthy sense of perspective which helps enormously in keeping you grounded.

Keep on learning >> the best leaders are those who see themselves as lifelong students – they’re always looking to learn. Today’s knowledge and skills will be tomorrow’s old way of doing things. You have to keep yourself sharp. Read often and widely, consider new skills that will be useful to learn, attend conferences, converse with people ahead of you. Investing in your learning is vital if you want to maintain your edge.

Embrace change >> as a leader, you’ll probably have made changes from what went on before you arrived on the scene. While it’s easy to make changes to other people’s ideas, it’s not so easy changing your own way of doing things. If you ever find yourself saying things like – but this is how we did it 5 years ago and it worked fine then – it’s time to re-evaluate where you’re at. Times change at a rapid pace. What worked 6 months ago might now be irrelevant, what more 5 years ago. Seasons change and you have to change with them or suffer the consequences.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Not delegating >> as the organization grows, the role of the CEO changes. The CEO’s role tends to start off focused on the product or service and then turns to customer development. Over time the CEO role has only a few things that matter – setting the company vision & culture, cash, hiring the right people in the right jobs, key relationships and continuous learning & everything else should be delegated to the team. You only have to focus on a small number of key decisions. CEOs get sidetracked doing all kinds of things in life, but if you can clear out all the clutter and focus on the two, three or four decisions that you need to make each year that rally matter, you’ll be able to dramatically move the ball in your business.

Bull in a china shop >> when given a choice between being right and being effective, some CEOs prefer to be right. A common misconception about being a strong leader is that they have all the answers. They won’t take others’ point of view into consideration, even regarding minor issues. Work on developing more patience. It will enhance your interpersonal skills and improve your leadership effectiveness. By getting defensive about your decisions and stopping people in mid-sentence, you also close yourself to the possibilities of better strategies.

Who watches the watchmen >> you hold your employees accountable for their jobs but when you make a commitment, who holds you accountable? Have a mentor or coach to hold you responsible for your own goals and actions. CEOs that receive coaching, good outcomes follow.

Right people in the right jobs
>> they don’t put the right people in the right jobs because they think their people are going to get better. People that got you to where you are today typically won’t take you to where you want to go tomorrow. This means as your company grows, you may need to replace long time employees and hire top caliber performers who enable your company to jump to a new level. Get the absolutely best person for each job that fits your culture, use assessments like Behaviors/Motivators to help you reduce mistakes, pay them well and if you make the wrong hire, fire quickly.


The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success – Paramahansa Yogananda.

Treat failures as learning opportunities
>> the next time you experience failure, try treating them as opportunities to better yourself. Failures are part of your unique success story. Remind yourself that every failure is a step forward towards eventual success and can be faced in the spirit of inquisitiveness and courage. What went wrong and what can I learn from this all?

See negative emotions experienced from failure as normal
>> negative emotions serve to protect us from trying things that may cause us to experience more distress. Seeing negative emotions as a normal response to failure helps cultivate a healthy attitude towards them. Negative emotions make great disciplinary teachers but terrible motivational speakers.

See positive emotions as an antidote to overcoming failure >> positive emotions encourage, empower and re-energize our efforts. Treat positive emotions as antidotes to negative emotions experienced from failure and cultivate ways to experience them more frequently in your life. Positive emotions also have a restorative effect on our health. Developing resilience by cultivating positive emotions is beneficial for our mental and psychological well being.

Know when to step back and recharge >> failures can be overwhelming and each of us have different limits on how much we can take when faced with failure. Know what your limits are – recognize when you are making impulsive, spur of the moment decisions and actions and take time to recharge. You will be in clearer state of mind to respond to, rather than simply reacting to your negative emotions.

Seek social support >> you probably have a network of friends or family members that you can relate to, who trust and accept you as you are. Asking for support during instances of failure is not a weakness – your emotions are telling you that you could use help recovering from failure by connecting with those who are genuinely concerned for you.

Remember that very successful people fail too >> read the autobiography of someone you consider a role model or wish to emulate. Doing so helps you recognize that failures are normal and necessary experiences on the road to success. Good autobiographies also elicit inspiration – another powerful positive emotion to help you build resilience in the face of failures.

Reignite your passion >> reflect on your role and responsibilities. Why do you persist in doing what you do? Thinking about the core meaning and significance of one’s job, role & responsibilities helps remind us of what we are passionate about. Such self-reflection questions may even trigger an impulse to seek out and explore passions closer to your interest.

Take pride in your skills & accomplishments >> in the face of failure, it is easy to fixate on our deficiencies and weaknesses. Try listing out your strengths and successes that have led you to this point and remind yourself that one failure is not a generalized, negative judgement about you as an individual.

Be self-compassionate when experiencing failure
>> part of being self-compassionate is to recognize that other people also fail, have bad days and are more likely to exaggerate their accomplishments than advertise their failures. Treat yourself to a pick-me-up after experiencing failure, recognize that you have done all that you could and that you will live to try again another day.

Stay hopeful
>> think of helpful and encouraging responses to your failure experience. Generate an action plan that helps you overcome this failure, or to learn from it. When you have a plan, carry it out. Your action plan can give you that hope to bounce back from failures, since you have created the means and kick-started your motivation to overcome your setback.

The Anatomy

Celtic (POWER) >> wants to control and influence others / likes to win arguments / enjoys competition & winning / enjoys status & recognition.

Me (a bit of both: AFFILIATION + ACHIEVEMENTS) >> wants to belong to a group / wants to be liked and will often go along with whatever the rest of the group wants to do / favors collaboration over competition / doesn’t like high risks or uncertainties / has a strong need to set & accomplish challenging goals / takes calculated risks to accomplish their goals / likes to receive regular feedback on their progress / often likes to work alone.

Philadelphia Storm

Liverpool 4 - 1 Stoke

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Budget and have a separate savings kitty

Ursula: Hi J___. Brought books from the big bad wolf sales. Read one book ‘The Four Doors’. Very very nice. And this. Got so many…

Me: U read? By now u should hav flipping ur zodiac 2017…

Ursula: Yeah

Me: Just pulling your leg…how’s life?

Ursula: So big pot of cold water. I am on leave till next week.

Me: Another pot of cold water…u on leave? Impossible. Wat happen to the old A__ S__?

Ursula: Life is suck at work. Just take a break now. Should had told me got all these nice books. Still here.

Me: Choose ur battle wisely. Know when to retreat & attack.

Ursula: Just now is the time to magnify my life.

Me: Good, continue reading --> it helps to build mental strength. U are always #awesome.always to me.

Ursula: No no battle. Just need to balance work & joy of life. I teared when I read this book, as they are so many facts of life that I missed out. Mick taught me to read more. Maybe that is the God ways of telling – hei mum, don’t set the bar so high as sometime u need to spend time with your family. Ok, u take care & merry christmas.

Me: Merry Christmas Ma’am. Thank u for everything.

Aww…so sweet…Ursula remembered me!

How To Carve A Duck

First we must accept that we are a block of wood and allow the Artist to cut, shape, and sand us where He will.

This means viewing our circumstances – pleasant or unpleasant – as God’s tools that shape us. He forms us, one part at a time, into the beautiful creature He envisioned in our ungainly lump of wood. Sometimes the process is wonderful; sometimes it is painful.

Father, You are the craftsman who shapes me. You are the one who knows what shape my life should take. Thank You for carving me into the image You have planned. Help me to trust that the pieces and parts that You shave from me are the right ones.

Growing in Christ comes from a deepening relationship with Him.

Because You Prayed!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.

What do you do with your worries? Do you turn them inward, or turn them upward?

Three words in God’s message to Hezekiah – Because you prayed – show us the best place to go with our worries. Because Hezekiah turned to God, God rescued him and his people. When we turn our worries into prayer, we discover that God is faithful in unexpected ways!

Father, please help me to turn my worries into prayer. My problems are better in Your hands than in my own.

Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.

Ebay is your friend


Saturday, December 24, 2016


During the Policy Briefing…Jonas was seated on my right…Mak Tiri was on my left…how this seating arrangement came to be about…well, I was walking together with Jonas; heading towards the meeting room…then Jonas saw MT and ask MT, whether MT wants to sit together or not…MT said ok and ask Jonas to chup a place for Jonas ask me to chup for MT lor…so that is how the 3 of us ended up seating together. And MT and I have the opportunity to hold a decent conversation together. I was so super nervous and excited all over the same time...hahaha...

MT buys things online and feel that it can be addictive…MT have a top (that have no zipper) which MT have to returns it back…MT and I were commenting on the 2017 budget…then I ask MT why she didn’t turn up on Monday’s Team Dinner…MT said that she have something on…then I say that we go to Serai because got vegetarian menu…MT say that in the first place we wanted to go to Serai anyway…so don’t bull shit her…hahaha…I reiterate that I was just pulling her leg…hahaha…sensitive pula she…


This year for the Sunday School Children Christmas Party – I propose this design for the name tags. But during the whole process, I am also a bit frustrated with myself…because I cannot cut the circle shapes properly, kind of senget…sigh…hahaha…will do better the next time.

Canongate Kirk

Serai, Empire Subang – Team Baz had its team Christmas dinner the other day. So, what happen was…it was a case of I perasan sendiri…Celtic & Stephanie was sitting at another table…I was at the same table with Tin Min, Kelvin, Harriet, Abigail & Captain Johnson. So, when I arrive at Serai, the dishes were already there…in front of me was a plate of roast chicken with mash potatoes and Light Coke…Light Coke…Mak Tiri drinks Light Coke…but chicken…MT was suppose to be vegetarian on every Monday…then this Abigail also ask who takes the seat…Celtic said maybe it’s Mak Tiri…however…rupa-rupanya…it’s Stewart…Mak Tiri; last minute cannot make it…aiyo…I thought I was so lucky…can be seated opposite of her again and have a decent conversation…hahaha…

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Orbit Audio

Is this the future picture of Team Baz?
Attended the Policy Briefing. Seated on my right is Jonas. On my left is Mak Tiri.
Will I have the opportunity? Do I have the capacity? So, how can I fill in the vacuum here? How can I bring more added value onto the table?

Drottningholm Palace

Hahaha…was discussing something with Stewart…don’t know how the conversation lead to this…apparently…Stewart commented that Mak Tiri is not ambitious…Mak Tiri is so in her own comfort zone…Stewart cannot cancel Stewart’s annual leave yesterday, so all of the Division Managers have to attend the Policy Meeting…Stewart mention that Celtic cannot go in alone…Mak Tiri ask Stewart why Mak Tiri have to go in...Stewart commented something about Celtic misinterpret information and also on Celtic’s negative attitude. I mention that Stewart needs to coach Celtic…but Stewart refuted back that Celtic cannot be changed due to Celtic’s upbringing and character. So, Stewart did notice. And I guess that Stewart is just using Celtic to control all of the HouseHold suppliers, to get the support and Stewart is basically using everyone’s strength to get things done. Celtic’s function is to talk to the HouseHold suppliers only, otherwise…Celtic have no role to play or to contribute to the division…drama queen, defensive, reacting, emotional, illogical, misinterpret information, have emotional attachment with the suppliers, egoistic, rude, talkative, lazy, bad in analyzing…sounds like a disaster...

I thought I only had fun uncle potential

Hmm…the Cina Apek supplier; their consignment sales…well, Celtic did roughly brief me on their sales performance…thereafter, Celtic got run the report and email over to Stewart…but did not email the report to me, so it means that Celtic did not share the report with me…selfish…what kind of Division Manager is that? Whatever lah…no eye see.

Buzz McCallister

Liverpool 1 – 0 Everton

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Don’t overdo it – pick your battles >> just like any exercise, willpower should be worked regularly, yet appropriately and with some rest time. Give yourself an occasional break. Willpower becomes depleted when it’s overdone…therefore it’s important to pick your battles when it comes to self-restraint.

Re-write the rules >> if you want to set a goal, try to give yourself some leeway. Rather than the 30-days rule, re-phrase the goal as…for the next 4 days…this enables you to commit to a short term goal which you can slowly build up over time as your willpower increases.

Do it for yourself – no one else
>> remind yourself of why you’re making the change but don’t try to make tough changes with your focus geared towards pleasing others.

Willpower operates like a muscle. If we exercise it, it becomes stronger and the stronger it is, the more we avoid distractions and vulnerabilities that lead us away from getting those important jobs done.


Being resilient through it is not downplaying what you’ve been through >> it’s a determination to say – yes, I’ve been there before. But here I am stronger than before.

Don’t beat yourself up for things out of your control >> attempting to control situations that are out of your control is like driving a car forward while looking back. You’re bound to crash at some point. If things have occurred in the past that were out of your control, eventually we will reach a place where we would need to make a decision. Will I be defined as a product of emotional instability and dysfunction or will I be defined as someone who had difficult experiences and came out of it a better person?

Bring resilient may mean taking a break >> we often take a militaristic tough approach to resilience and grit. We imagine a Marine slogging through the mud, a boxer going one more round…we believe that the longer we tough is out, the tougher we are, therefore the more successful we will be. However, this entire conception is scientifically inaccurate. To build resilience, one must be able to strategically take a break every now and then. Slogging through extra hours at work may give you the illusion of productivity but it does the opposite. Recovery periods actually raise productivity levels.

View life from a larger perspective. Resiliency isn’t saying that you are in a difficult place. It is saying that the difficult place you were in can make you a stronger person within.


Yesterday have been quite an experience…what happen was…after the Korean lunch, we bump into Mel Jag’s cousin brother from Canada, who is in town for holidays. Then, we went over to The Library to get a drink…we had Erdinger.

Thereafter, we went on our separate ways…I know I was a little bit high. I had 1 pint only mah…473ml.

I drop by at Aeon Bakery, tapau back some pastries for today’s breakfast. Then I experience the same thing which I experience before…light headed, feeling a chill and I start to cannot hear anything…then, I was at the cashier counter…about to pay for my purchases…then I remember that I told the cashier…Kakak, I nak pengsan…then I close my eyes…then when I open my eyes, I was on the floor, I got up…there was this lady on my right who ask me whether I was ok or not, whether I am alone or do I have anyone with me…

Wah…I fainted in a public space…I’m not sure how long I fainted…my guess is just for a short while, because if it is long…I think the crowd have already surround me with their camera phone and upload the whole incident on FaceBook. Luckily, I still can drive back home. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – nothing bad happens.

I think I have a black-out. I had a full stomach wor… not eating will cause your blood alcohol level to elevate more quickly…I drank too fast? Drinking less and slower can avoid black-outs. Studies show a blackout's main culprit to be a fast, dramatic spike in blood alcohol content. I really cannot hold my beer well…or previously, I had less. Studies also indicates that… there also appears to be a tendency for people to revert back to blackout states once they start experiencing them, so you probably should lay off the alcohol for a while after blacking out. But basically the way to avoid a blackout is either to not drink quite so much, or to at least drink it slower. Basically, it all comes down to that sudden spike in blood alcohol content. Adoi…can lead to brain damage somemore.

Nonetheless, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for saving me.

Nordmann Fir

Shinmapo Korean BBQ, The Gardens >> Korean lunch with Miss Klein & Mel Jag. Unfortunately Torres is unable to join us yesterday because Torres is currently nursing his broken fingers. Torres injured himself while doing some dumbbell exercise.

Well, I still prefer the Korean restaurant that Miss Klein brought us in Sri Hartamas. This one…the pork is marinated but I felt that it is not robust enough to bring out the taste. The texture is also a bit rough. Not fine enough. Apparently, what makes Shinmapo stand out from the existing Korean BBQ joints in town is that they serve Galmaegisal. Galmaegisal, also known as pork skirt meat is a premium cut that’s only found between the ribs and the belly of the pig. Due to its small yield (200 - 250 gm per pig), it’s rare and highly prized as well. Taste and texture wise, it’s similar to Korean beef which also contribute to the popularity. Hmm…I cannot tell the difference…hahaha…but I like their novelty of the Kimchi egg crust and the cheesy dip.

It was a good lunch…here is to reunions, togetherness, friendship and love!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Liverpool 3 - 0 Middlesbrough

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Your WHY drives the PURPOSE! Clarity is what creates motivation >> your WHY gives you passion for starting. If you have a strong WHY, your decision-making and the choices you make will be more robust.

Preparation : Creating the foundation for toughness >> mental toughness is fostered by knowing that you are prepared efficiently and that you are totally competent to handle any problems that arise out of the blue. Excellent preparation helps you to avoid surprises and will better prepare you to know how to control those that do. Mentally tough people are willing to do more than what the average person does.

In business, this could mean: having a plan, but also a backup plan. Being self-aware of your bad points and aware of how you can prevent them from rearing their ugly head. Strategies for coping with any unforeseen crisis that may occur.

Effort : Helping you to build the toughness walls >> opportunities to improve only come if you put in the effort. Those with mental toughness know that effort is required in all they do. They take the time to learn and make themselves better. They are aware that results don’t occur overnight but take many years to achieve and require persistent effort. They are both disciplined and motivated, tracking results to determine progress in both the short and long term. They are wise when it comes to distractions; knowing when to avoid them if they could be considered a time waster or could inhibit their development. Yet, know when to embrace it, if it supports or enhances their motivation, focus or ability. Developing and applying their toughness as a shield against threats leads to success.

Attitude which enables transformation >> mental toughness is built by accepting challenges and greeting them with an open mind and not seeing them as an issue. Mentally tough people see this as an opportunity to get better at what they do and understand that nothing should be taken for granted. A positive mindset undoubtedly will hold you in good stead when things get hard, and help you deal with any obstacles that crop up. Being positive also contributes to quick recoveries and allows you to prosper from bad breaks or failures.

Just remember to be patient, mental toughness takes time to develop. It is built by creating habits and forming goals based on your WHY. Being mentally tough isn’t part of being talented or intelligent but is forged by being adequately prepared, applying effort and consistency to all your actions.

Mentally tough people know that their attitude will provide an immunity against the many obstacles that life throws at them and by learning from failures, both reinforces and produces appropriate future practices to foster success.


You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.

You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.

Whenever you take a step forward, you are bound to disturb something.

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

Education is a liberating force and in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of caste and class smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Simple acts like being fair and letting your supplier make some profit, paying and getting paid on time, keeping your word and treating all stakeholders with respect goes a long way towards building a good reputation for yourself. And respect is earned not given whether you are the boss or the staff.


It’s not that you should say NO to everything, but you have to identify what your PRIORITIES are, and remember that just because your calendar is empty now, doesn’t mean it will be when the time comes. And also remember, even simple projects seem to grow in size. Even distant elephants look small far away.


Build perseverance through practice >> practice makes perfect. Keep improving your skills and you will have less trouble when the big day arrives.

Find meaning in your work >> when things are down, remind yourself why you are here and what a difference you can make.

Clarify your low-level goals >> note down the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals you need to achieve.

Focus on change >> think of obstacles as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Rose-tinted lenses can sometimes spur you on.

Mono-task, not multitask >> learn to focus fully on tasks rather than drown yourself in multiple activities at a time.

Manage your time and resources >> think about how much time and resources you are over-committing or under-committing to specific tasks, then plan accordingly.

Monday, December 12, 2016

settling-in period

Liverpool 2 - 2 West Ham

Giants In The Land

Unbelief never lets us get beyond the difficulties – the impregnable cities and the impossible giants. It preoccupies itself with them, brooding over them, pitting them against mere human resources.

Faith, on the other hand, though it never minimizes the dangers and difficulties of any circumstance, looks away from them to God and counts on His invisible presence and power.

What are your giants? A habit you cannot break? A temptation you cannot resist? A difficult marriage? A drug-abusing son or daughter? If we compare ourselves with our difficulties, we will always be overwhelmed. Faith looks away from the greatness of the undertaking to the greatness of an ever-present, all powerful God.

Dear Lord, when the Giants in my life begin to overwhelm me with fear, help me to trust in You.

Comparison Obsession

Comparison obsession isn’t new. The Scriptures warn us of the dangers of comparing ourselves to others. When we do so, we become proud and look down on them. Or we become jealous and want to be like them or have what they have. We fail to focus on what God has given us to do. Jesus intimated that comparison obsession comes from believing that God is unfair and that He doesn’t have a right to be more generous to others than He is to us.

By God’s grace we can learn to overcome comparison obsession by focusing on the life God has given us. As we take moments to thank God for everyday blessings, we change our thinking and begin to believe deep down that God is good.

I need a better focus, Lord. Help me to keep my eyes off others and instead on You and Your good heart for all of us.

That Thing You Do

I know that prayer isn’t a good luck charm.
But I come to You now, Lord, because there’s no one better to talk to.
I trust You with all of my circumstances today.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Willow Weeping

Me: Since when u r vegetarian? Lucky Serai got vegetarian…
MT: Every Monday only.

What happen was…on the coming 19th…Stewart wants to organize a Christmas cum get together dinner for Team Baz. As we were flipping through the menu in the Serai Restaurant…Stewart mention luckily that Serai have vegetarian menus…then I ask curiously who is vegetarian among us in Team Baz…then Stewart mention that it is Mak Tiri. MT didn't want to join us in the first place. But Stewart manage to persuade her to come. Apparently, there is this one time previously that MT was also on a vegetarian diet for a certain period of time…must be her diet regime. So, I just being kepo lah as usual…but she did layan me back…hahaha…

i don’t have time to be in love

Me: Hola. For the supplier, Stewart say append housebrand vendor code.

MT: Ok thanks. The other one starts with 5 right.

Me: Si.

MT: Gracias.

Me: No hay de que.

MT: Hablas Espanol.

Me: Habloun poco de espanyol.

MT could have just stop right there when I reply her back - No hay de que (you are welcome in Spanish). It was 1.16pm. But after 11 minutes, she ask me back Hablas Espanol (you speak Spanish). She doesn’t have to esquire though. I don’t know whether MT google for that particular Spanish sentence or she also indeed know Spanish as well…