Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mario Sports Mix

Had a Japanese dinner with Victoria the other day in SS15, Subang. It was a good catch up session :)
The going-ons on the Japanese side and also on my side. Both organizations are currently undergoing some top management changes and when there are new people on board, they definitely would like to do something new, implement new policies & processes, to create a new piece of history with them in their new governing era. People who are underneath them will be worn out very fast if they cannot keep up with the pace. Even on my side, since the arrival of The General – we are having presentations on every Wednesday on our leaflet promotions. The General have been very strict. All selected items to be advertised in the leaflets needs to meet the minimum criteria of total of 1,200 units or RM20,000 in value sold. In stationery case, this is not applicable at all. Even my best-selling ball point pen model previous sales history is only around 800 units++. Papers & files are being slotted for Press Ad and they comes with very thin margins. Sigh…very sien. That is why in my coming range review presentation with The General – I actually put a remark that I no longer want the monthly leaflet exposure anymore. Just retain the Press Ad slots, Everyday Low Price (EDLP) and give me more pages during the Mini BTS, Year-end BTS, BTC, CNY, HR and Christmas. So, I can spend more time to focus on merchandising. As there are more stores now with multiple formats – it’s really been very difficult to manage so many of them altogether. All of them operate on their own whims & fancy. No communication & coordiantion at all. What’s more in my position – my competitors have 3 different buyers to manage this department where as I am the only one person - one leg kicking to manage it all alone. In Aeon Big, Jonas manages the Stationery aspect and Jonas have another Books buyer. William does the Luggage portfolio plus the Seasonal Deco. I think the same thing goes to the English as well. On Victoria's side - the team have to work at the store level to do the planograming one after another, the store team are not helping out, leaflet slots have been reduce, the Japanese are not providing the necessary solutions & resources; thus making life harder by the day and also the latest news that everything & everyone will be merge in the future. So, what is going to happen to the excess buyers?

It was a good meet-up between two very tired souls. We encourage each other, we sigh together :) we listen to each other whines about the woes of living a retail life and give each other the support and encouragement when the days ahead are rough :)

Born Weird

Faith & I were having a conversation a few months back. We were talking and talking and I don’t know how all of a sudden, the conversation that we were having ends up about boyfriends and relationship topics. Then, Faith began to be very emotional and she breaks down and cry in front of me because, all of her 29 years – she never have a serious boyfriend, she have not even dated somebody at all in the first place. She tried everything, she change her image, puts on make-up, try to be more girly, learn new things - but it just didn't work. My only piece of advice to her is that the right time & right man will show up one day. I’m not even an expert here. I was a late starter on the romantic front too. And it didn't turn up well because I am still single :) Meanwhile, I told Faith to be happy and just do whatever you want to do. The whole ‘boyfriend’ thingy is not the cake; it is only the cherry on top of the cake. There is so much more to life. Maybe, I am compromising on my views – but at least, I can move forward, I am not being tied down, I don’t think about it, it is not a burden to me yet and it doesn’t affect my daily life.

I'm a hopeless romantic with an optimistic outlook on life. I'm looking for someone who is kind, passionate, loving, honest, independent, funny, loyal and intelligent. My perfect match is someone who is comfortable in his own skin with a high degree of emotional intelligence. And who gets my sense of humor. I don’t deny that I quite like having somebody to cuddle with, it would be wonderful. It’s a big responsibility dating me. Because I come with a little bit of baggage. And also my emotional & confidence recovery. I guess that's why I'm afraid of marriage. Weary of commitment. Because since I’m not good at it, how am I going to hold on to it. And they have to make me laugh! :)

Friday, I’m in love

Last year, I had an island holiday in Tioman Island – this year, I had another tropical island adventure in Redang Island, Terengganu. Last year, I joined Turkey Ham & his Dreamland Team. This year, it was with Turkey Ham plus new acquaintances – Siew Ann, Jason Ante, Moe, Christopher and Dive Instructor Edwin. Initially, Turkey Ham and I wanted to take our diving license together…but I chicken out at the very last minute :) so, I just join the group for the weekend gateway. The fear in me is just too much. No doubt, I was also slightly annoyed with myself because one of my deepest, lifelong aspirations is not advancing to fruition. I was happy that they manage to get their license in the end. Seeing Jason Ante having severe headache whenever he comes out from the water and puking in the sea & Siew Ann pulling out from the team at the very last minute because she can no longer go on…well, I guess I didn’t make the wrong choice after all. It was euphoric and I was exploding with a sense of pride, happiness that Turkey Ham manages to do very well overall and that is what I called sibling-hood.

I truly enjoyed my time there. We stayed in a dorm. We shared a room. I slept at the top of the bunk bed. Meals are provided – breakfast, lunch, tea-time & dinner. I went snorkeling. I walked on the beach. I explore the surroundings. I took lots of pictures. I have glorious afternoon naps on a hammock under the shady coconut trees. To be out from the office is great. I smiled and found my happy place once again. In the simple details of life. I remembered just how different life can feel…by slowing down. It's nice to live life with minimal care. Ultimately, it makes my life full and joyful. I'm thankful for that. To Stop. And to smell the air, in my case. As long as I get some time to myself, I’m happy :)

Too Posh To Push

Baby Cambridge is here – Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Work Tales – the other day, when I brought some papers for The General to sign, he finally asked me regarding the job-swapping thingy with Baldwin. I boldly admitted to him that I cannot cope, I cannot deliver the numbers and I agree with The General that by switching to a smaller category, perhaps it will help me to gain my confidence back. The General have told Baldwin to give him another 30 days for an answer. The General have also told me that all will be reveal by end of this month after his assessment.

However, I have a sneaky feeling that Baldwin will pull out. After seeing the work load and the intensity lately, I have a good feeling that Baldwin may not want to job-swap anymore. For me, it’s simple - if I can switch back to Baldwin’s portfolio, it’s a good bonus. If no - I have to bear with where I am today. Since buying the house already tak jadi – I guess that I can start looking for a new job now as I don’t have to worry about the housing loan application anymore.

Sigh, I have lost all of my battles – on the personal front and on the working territory :(

The 0/0 Experience

Shelter 101 Project – Seri Permata Part 2 – 29th June – well, I have finally brought my Pa to view the unit. He was not that super overly excited, but at least he was keen. In the end, I have made the important decision to make the purchase :) Then, came the waiting period from 1st July till 8th July because earlier on, the agent have informed the owner that we did not want to buy, now that we have changed our mind and we intend to buy, as the owner is coming back to KL over the weekend, the agent will meet up with him to finalize everything. Throughout the 8 waiting days, I did not sit down in vain – instead, I gather more & detailed information on housing loans, equipping myself on the many terms of the transition & processes, familiarize myself with the available rates, calling up the condo’s maintenance office to do a background check on the owner’s name and any outstanding maintenance/parking/water bills that needs to be settle etc.

Then on the 9th July – the agent drop me a sms on 10.45am – Hi, the owner’s lawyer had check on that apartment detail – according to him the title is under bumi quota & most probably will have difficulty in terms of transfer, tq. This entire sentence has brought my whole world crashing down so badly at that moment. I felt like I just fell off a high building or being steam-rolled over by a bullet train :( So much of effort, persuasion, prayers was put in, so near to the finishing line, so many obstacles that I went through which I thought that I have prevailed. I guess the high hopes or expectations that the purchase will materialize in the end and when it did not, it really crushed me. I was like – what the…if this was meant not to be in the first place, I rather that I hear that it was sold off or it was a bumi unit earlier on in the first place…than now. Why now? It gives me the false hope. It really hit me very badly. I swallowed the bitter disappointment, I wiped tears off my face, I was so de-motivated the whole day, the whole week. I was stressed, distracted and I’ve totally lost ALL of my motivation. I was not being myself. It was hard, much harder than I thought it would be to accept and digest the news. I feel so cheated, let down & played out. The sadness comes in waves, repeatedly, consistently. I hit an emotional wall and only the past 2 days that I am slowly emerged from my train wreck. Knowing that I cannot change anything. I accepted that I should stop hating the circumstances that I’m in and just take a few baby steps in the right direction to calm my emotions and to compose myself.

At the moment, I am taking a break and cutting all ties & links with this project. The worst moment for this year.

Marry into purple

ntv7 #dogoodfeelgood 2013 run – I did a 15KM – within 2 hours – Yay! :)

I also manage to clock my 10KM at 1 hour 16 minutes. I had a very good run. This is my third marathon for the year. I pace myself well. I didn’t drink too much water when I passed by the water stations. I just wet my lips and take in several small sips. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake where I feel so bloated that I could not run; like what I did in the Malaysia Women Marathon back in April. I run slow, gentle & consistently. A good balance of running and brisk walk. The Sunday air was so crisp and cool. The clear blue skies hovering over 1U was beautiful. Of course, my legs hurt, I was red-faced, huffing and puffing. So yeah, with more consistent training, I think I can do my 21KM next year. The key here is finding the time to train :) I need to run for longer distances and for longer amounts of time. I need to practice and build the stamina without pain or any exhaustion whatsoever. And my new pair of running shoes – gosh I love you guys so much. My whole body feels so much lighter.

I also bumped into Eloise :)