Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out & Proud

Final game of the year - Craig Bellamy scored twice for Liverpool and substitute Steven Gerrard netted another to cap a 3-1 comeback victory over Newcastle in the Premier League :)

Life; Beautifully Arranged

:)Yes, today is the eve of the New Year 2012. Throughout 2011 – I have been blessed tremendously with much happiness, love, laughter, the good & bad times, the achievements & the failures - and I must say, I’ve found it to be both very fulfilling and rewarding.

2012 will be a very challenging year for me in very front. Nonetheless, I have armor myself and prepare well for any onslaughts that are coming my way :) I know that I am a good seed – GOD will provide the sun & the rain to nourish me; and I can & will grow anywhere and everywhere. I am placing my trust in GOD for the many breakthroughs in my life next year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Air + Ocean

Iron Butterfly resigned! Totally unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my ears when Stewart broke the shock news to me this afternoon. Iron Butterfly is not only a workaholic individual but she is also fully dedicated to the company as well. Iron Butterfly is like married to the job & the company. We never get along well when Iron Butterfly was posted to here in 2008. We have more down moments together than up. Nonetheless, I am very thankful for the knowledge & guidance that Iron Butterfly have passed down to me. I always have and I always will. I heard that the stress was the culprit…I'm almost resigned to the fact that we have the problem of a very weak company and we will never be able to achieve our previous glorious results with the rate & strategies that we are currently going. Only time will tell whether the top management have make the right or the wrong decision in steering us into this direction. And to add to the problem of our ailments, we have a very competitive market & strong and richer competitors.

As for myself, I am not so sure either. I was indeed hesitate to take up the offer. I want the increment but not the title :) It will certainly stress me up to the maximum. But lately, I am feeling GOD’s presence is around me…I think everything should be ok. Even through all the logical, rational ways that I use to make decisions, I find that learning to listen to my own gut more is still a very valid way to find the right path. When something’s amiss, your gut will tell you. When something’s absolutely right, your instincts will let you know too. I think it’s important to advocate positive thinking everyday.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sack & Loot

Merry Christmas :)

Foreign Affairs

I just came back from my holidays in Hanoi, Vietnam.
It was sad when the time comes to say my goodbye to Hanoi. Life is so much simpler and basic in Hanoi. Being in the business of RETAIL is almost a carnival life atmosphere; minus the actual moving from town to town and being on the road. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to the 8.30am - 6.00pm worker bee life in the concrete jungle :) It was only 5 days, but my friend & I really packed a lot of things into those 5 days. I can’t wait to start the New Year to readjust and realign my life :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Secret

I went for the Japanese Interview :) All is well…I will be having 3 buyers working under me…I don’t have to do a weekly catalogue anymore…finding money will be so much easier…their 2012 strategy is to have a major range change, something that I am doing currently…BUT…the main office is very far…and…I have to work on Saturday; alternate Saturday…on a full day basis…when I hear this…I very SIEN already :( I would like to dedicate my weekends to my family, my friends and myself…work-life balance.

They have yet to get back to me…I don’t think they will hire me…even if they want to hire me…as I have blogged earlier on…I already have the answer. This job opportunity is not so much about the opportunity itself…when I was feeling very very down during that period of time…GOD blessed me with this opportunity…that itself indicates to me that GOD is by my side. And that assurance is more than enough. Nonetheless, I hope with this sharing session…I hope that I have build up the relationship & point of contact with them. Who knows…after all, the retail industry in Malaysia is a very small one.

Networking, building relationships, what the Chinese called "Quan Xi", is very important in today's business. Sometimes, its not what you know, but who you know. You never know who you meet may be your guardian angel in disguise. Of course I don’t go around making friends with an ulterior motive – if you are not sincere, people can see through you. If you use people, it can only work once or twice before you lose your reputation and that, if once lost cannot be recovered…especially, in my area of work – ethics are so important. And so, I keep a constant check on my value system. I believe that with a strong value system, one need not fear judgment day because one would have been led by strong values and would have walked a path of good and not one of self destruction.

The Drive Of Life

Lexie drop da’bomb…Stephanie drop da’bomb :(

I’m very happy for these young individuals when they are given the opportunities to further their career elsewhere with better increment & benefits. I’m so excited when someone who has the guts to end what is hindering and negative in their life, to do something positive and enriching. However, the downside to it is that right now Team Baz is really indeed short of horsepower & firepower. What’s more, both of them are leaving the team at the most critical of times – BTS, Christmas & CNY 2012. I remember that I used to job-hop as well…I didn’t stay very long in SAM 25 & in SEGI. But that’s life.

Now, I hope that the company will quickly hire a Toy Buyer and an Admin Executive…seriously, I know it’s not that easy. Yes, there are choices available…but the quality…hmm…I pray to GOD and keep my fingers cross that good candidates can be found. Someone who is determined to go, willing to learn, willing to try, willing to experience, takes the initiative, genuine & sincere, fair & justice, doers rather than talkers, believe in meritocracy, be transparent…I hate people who are into how large their office space is going to be, or "What car do I get?" And, of course, "What's my title?". I pray that the right ones will turn up.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fires Back

Full-time: Liverpool 1-0 QPR.
Suarez nets the winner on 47 minutes.
Three well deserved points for the Reds.