Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana

Random things that happen today:

(1) Mak Tiri mention that she did not sleep well last night, dreaming that she will be late…as today is the Shah Alam store re-launch…and Stewart have pesan us to be punctual and arrive at the store by 7.45am. MT is staying in Putra Heights and was unsure how the morning traffic will be like. OMG – like this also can stress…Henry is right…she thinks too much, unnecessarily and complicatedly…hahaha…

(2) MT told Stewart – for future store opening – she don’t want to take up the Main Entrance space – very stressful…hahaha…

(3) I am so evil…I am kind of happy that on the first day of the Shah Alam store re-launch, the sales participation of D33 outpace D31. Ohh, my sales sucks…I think, right now the whole of D31 have to rely heavily on Celtic & MT’s categories…but I am just glad that HotWheels have such a success story today because I want Stewart & the rest of the people to see that…D31 is not the only department that can do sales…the rest of the categories can too; provided with the right item selection & prices. I am glad that Celtic’s ego got bruise a little. Of course, the Division Manager also did a good job by informing all of the HotWheels collectors to drop by at the store today. It is such an eye opener. Stationery’s A4 paper sales can also fly off the shelves, if Stewart pulls it out to the front block which Stewart did not. The RM5 water bottle too. Same goes with the Tefal SuperCook 20cm Frypan @ RM39.90. Power tools, engine oil, utility shelves, cooler box, arch files…if all prepared well, we don’t have to over rely on storage boxes and drawers which have cause a very unhealthy balance in Team Baz.

(4) MT is the youngest in the family. Henry did mention previously that she have 2 older brothers. Her mom is not working. As Jonas was mentioning about Jonas’s children breakfast routine…this MT said that her mom will wake her up when she was a primary student but did not prepare breakfast for her. She gets her breakfast at school. And she want to ask her mom why....hahaha. Ohh, I am just so blessed to have my Mama Ham with me.

(5) Stewart mention to Jonas (in front of everyone, of course Harriet was not there) that Harriet is very slow at work.


This is what Mer Wern thinks of Mak Tiri – if you treat her nice…she will take advantage of you and step on your head…hahaha…that dasyat meh...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

32 Important Life Lessons From 32 Years

Everyone has a fear >> we’re scared to start something new, to go out of our comfort zone, to take a risk, to do something that we never done before. We fear for our families, for our jobs, for our life and for many things as well. Fear will always exist. No matter how much experience, confidence, recognition, money or talent you have, you’ll be scared greater or lesser degree each time when you conquer a new height or do something new. But this is fine. This means you’re still alive. You have to keep going. Go through and past your fear and don’t try to get rid of it.

Changes will keep happening >> stability is illusory. We’re constantly on the move. We keep changing – outwardly & inwardly, and these processes don’t stop even for a second. We don’t ask – to change or not to change? We can only answer – do I have control over these changes that are taking place, and to what extent?

Quickly means slowly, but without interruption >> there’s no need to do something quickly, intensely or forcefully. Just do it regularly. The most important thing is to keep the rhythm going. Do it little by little, but constantly. And after sometime, if you look at it from the outside, it will look like you did it quickly & efficiently.

Create more than you consume >> otherwise, you’ll be left with only a hopeless consumer lifestyle leading to no meaningful conclusion. Everything is good but there’s nothing good. A person must always create something, willingly & with love. This is a formula for good mental health.

Today is what you did and thought yesterday and tomorrow is what you do and think today >> no one else is responsible for the problems you come up against.

There are no guarantees at all >> this is a basic rule of the universe which you need to take into account when making all your decisions and preparing all your plans.

The era of sacred knowledge is over >> now, it’s the era of informational hygiene. For several years already, knowledge hasn’t helped any of us achieve anything or attain a meaningful existence. The internet has devalued knowledge. The ability to concentrate on a given task without losing interest is now more important. The more verbal garbage is around, the weaker your concentration becomes. The more the thoughts of others circulate in your mind, the harder it is to hear your own voice. The online stream of information weakens your ability to discover yourself.

Joy & pleasure are not the same thing >> we never experienced real joy while eating a chocolate cake, drinking a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette. We don’t experience joy while buying new shoes or perfume. We just get pleasure.

Suffering exists >> suffering exists. Everybody suffers. Both those who have nothing and those who have everything. We will always find a reason to suffer. Just accept it, and do your best to ignore it.

Not everyone can be happy >> can everyone be happy? Yes, sure! But only in theory. In practice, only those who have disciplined their minds can be constantly happy, calm, balanced and benevolent. Only those whose minds are trained and capable of not worrying about everything around them. Only those who mange to retain a sense of joy not only in agreeable circumstances but also in unpleasant situations. A person who reacts emotionally to every little incident can never be happy inside.

Joy means retaining a balance in your mind >> the most important thing is that you know what to strive for. Looking at your dreams, you realize where your sense of enduring joy comes from.

Know the importance of fruit and its physical effects >> fruit is not acidic, it’s alkaline; helping to neutralize excess acid in your body. Things like meat, sugar, fat & dairy products have the opposite effect.

My body itself knows what is better for it is one of the most insidious mind traps >> an alcoholic’s body wants to drink, a smoker’s body dreams of cigarette, our bodies are always hungry for chocolate & fries. How can the body know what is better? Our minds live by automatic responses that don’t let us make necessary changes, our bodies obey our habits and our chaotic impulses.

Food affects not only your body but also your mind.

You need money only in order not to think about money >> money doesn’t solve the central question of humanity. It don’t make people happy. But the opportunity not to think about money, at least in everyday life, significantly releases energy for something else.

We have more similarities than differences >> the value of personal uniqueness is greatly exaggerated. All the answers & solutions have already existed for a long time. In focusing on your own uniqueness, you don’t have the chance to push away your ego and perceive reality with all its real answers.

The best way to stop an addiction is not to have access to the thing your addicted to, at all.

You will never be fully prepared for change >> we are never fully prepared for twist of fate or changes. There is always a strong BUT and the temptation to postpone changes until a more favorable time. There is no point waiting for complete internal harmony. You just need to make a decision, relying on the thought that it’s high time to get things done.

Life is a book where the first chapters weren’t written by you >> sometimes even the subsequent chapters aren’t either. We’re composed of beliefs and we make up models of the world around us. We automatically absorb opinions, positions and viewpoints of other people. We imbibe them along with the air, regardless of whether we agree with them or not. And when we don’t agree, it’s also a moment of automatic denial.

A result is a bunch of attempts at something >> it’s not a single well aimed shot. And it’s certainly not just good fortune.

What helped you at one stage may one day prevent you from going on to the next stage.

Outside of your comfort zone, there is a discomfort zone >> and there’s no flowers & chocolates there. But you have to go there anyway if you want to achieve something.

There is no life without a purpose >> the only question is whether you create these purposes yourself or leave it to your instincts to decide them for you.

Laziness doesn’t exist >> no such thing as laziness. There are unloved activities, there’s such a thing as a lack of energy and a lack of wide vision & ability to be excited about new perspective.

You can’t find yourself; you can only create yourself >> there is nothing and nobody to look for. You’re always here, in the here and now. Your path is what you have under your feet right now, nothing more – it’s not anywhere else. You can only distinguish between the right path and the wrong one by using your awareness. You pave small but definite goals. If these goals are determined by others, or if they chaotically grow as a result of duty, it’s not your path. It’s just a bunch of separate episodes of your life.

You don’t need alcohol. At all.

Your unrealized potential will hurt you one day >> you are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.

Banks should pay you, but not vice versa >> this is the only possible way to be financially healthy. Never, never, never buy anything that you haven’t earned enough to pay for. Never. We pay banks not only our money but also our energy. As a result, you don’t have the energy to take that risk and make adventurous plans. Breaking out from such a situation once that decision is taken is hardly going to be possible.

You need to learn how to work under pressure, and how to relax.

Yes & No are 2 answers that you need to learn as soon as possible >> learn how to say Yes to situations and people in spite of the absence of guarantees, internal readiness and changing circumstances. Learn how to say No, first of all to yourself; to your weaknesses, your fears and your selfishness. And only much later, learn how to say No to others.

There’s a difference between great things & good things >> the latter your forget about, the former you don’t. A marketer can be a true musician while a proper musician can be just a mediocre craftsman for their entire life. Creators put their tasks above themselves, dissolving their egos in the process. They work consciously and with love, not because of a sense of duty or a lack of choice.

Every sign that you meet on your way through life can be interpreted in at least three different ways >> (1) maybe this is a real sign (2) perhaps there are no signs at all (3) maybe this is a test.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

10 Habits Of Genuinely Giving-People

They give the Gift Of Praise >> everyone, even relatively poor performers does something well. That’s why everyone deserves praise & appreciation. It’s easy for most of us to recognize great employees; after all, they do great things. Relatively few of us work hard to find reasons and ways to praise the person who simply meets standards. They know that a few words of recognition is given in public, could just be the nudge that inspires a good performer to become a great performer. Exceptionally giving people often see the good in another person before that person sees it in herself, providing a spark that just might help her reach her true potential.

They give the Gift (and it is a gift) Of Asking For Help >> when you ask for help, several things happen. You implicitly show you respect the person giving the advice. You show you respect that person’s experience, skill and insight. And you show you trust that person, since by asking for help you’ve automatically made yourself vulnerable. While it’s relatively easy to ask for help, it’s harder to ask for help when the assistance is personal.

They give The Gift Of Patience >> showing patience is an extraordinary way to let people know we truly care about them. Showing patience and expressing genuine confidence is an extraordinary way to let people know we truly believe in them. Showing patience is a wonderful gift – because ultimately it shows how much you care.

They give the Gift Of Privacy >> sometimes we don’t need to know a right to know. Often we don’t have a right to know. Often the best gift we can give is the gift of privacy, of not asking, not prying – yet always being available if and when another person does want or need to share. Truly giving people not only respect another person’s privacy, they help them guard their privacy – because they know it’s not necessary to know in order to care.

They give the Gift Of Opportunity >> every job has the potential to lead to greater things. Every person has the potential, both professionally and personally, to accomplish greater things. The best bosses take the time to develop employees for the job they someday hope to land, even if that job is with another company. The best friends take the time to help other people find and seize opportunities. Many people have the ability to feel another person’s pain and help them work through that pain. A few, special few, have the ability to feel another person’s dreams and help them work towards those dreams and to help open doors that might otherwise have remained closed.

They give the Gift Of Sincerity >> lip service is easy to pay. Professionalism is easy to display. Much more rare are the people who can be highly professional yet also openly human. They’re willing to show sincere excitement when things go well. They’re willing to show sincere appreciation for hard work and extra effort. They’re willing to show sincere disappointment – not in others, though, but in themselves. They openly celebrate. They openly empathize. They openly worry. The people we love to work with blend professionalism with a healthy dose of humanity – and more importantly, allow us to do the same.

They give the Gift Of Love >> I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. We all want to be better than we are. Yet we all fall into habits and patterns and develop blind spots. That’s why we all need advice, guidance and sometimes a swift kick in the pants. It’s relatively easy to provide feedback during evaluations. It’s relatively easy to make one-off comments. It’s a lot tougher to sit someone down and say – I know you’re capable of a lot more…and I can help you. Think about a time when someone told you what you least wanted to hear and yet most needed to hear. You’ve never forgotten that moment. It changed your life. Go change someone else’s life.

They give the Gift Of Respect >> some employees aren’t outstanding. Some are far from it. They aren’t as smart. They don’t work as hard. They make bigger mistakes. Still, regardless of their level of performance, all employees deserve to be treated with respect. Sarcasm, eye rolling and biting comments all chip away at a person’s self-respect. Truly giving people allow others to maintain a sense of dignity even in the worst of circumstance. After all, I may have the right to fire you but I never have the right to demean or humiliate you.

They give the Gift Of Freedom >> great bosses create standards and guidelines but then give employees the autonomy and independence to work the way they work best within those guidelines. They allow employees to turn – have to – into – want to; which transforms what was just work into something much more meaningful; an outward expression of each person’s unique skills, talents and expressions.

They give the Gift Of Purpose >> fulfillment is often found in becoming a part of something bigger. We all love to feel that special sense of teamwork and togetherness that turns a task into a quest, that turns a group of individuals into a real team. Anyone can write mission statements. Much tougher is creating a mission that makes a real impact. Even tougher is showing other people how what they do affects their customers, their business, their community and themselves. Giving people give the gift of caring – along with the gift of knowing why to care.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

In most western societies, we tend to spend our 20s and 30s creating our future.

By our late 30s and early 40s, when we realize that – we have not achieved what we hoped to achieve and – our future is shrinking rapidly, we have 2 options.

We can begin to panic or we can adjust to all these changes by redirecting our thoughts to the positive past. This is what most of us do, which results in us feeling more secure and happier, as we move into the later stages of our lives.

When we are young, we let our emotions run wild. The higher they go, the lower they drop. It takes us years to control them. As we move into our 50s, they become more stable and we begin to achieve more serenity in life. Apart from that, we are more drawn to positivity and are able to hold on to it for longer, which is another reason why we feel happier as we age.

In our 20s, our social network is likely to be thriving. We have new people coming into our lives all the time, be it colleagues from a new job, or the extra circles of friends and family of a new romantic partner. Then, as we enter our 30s, it all begins to change. We no longer have the time nor the energy to nurture all our friendships and people drop from our lives like flies. Since we need social support to feel happier, this change can have a detrimental effect on our well-being. However, as we move into our 50s, older & wiser, we begin to put more effort into the people in our lives, strengthening our friendships.

Life events are like traffic. When the road is empty, it is easier to drive. As soon as it becomes busy, it is harder to cope. Research shows that both traumatic events and daily hassles are at their highest level when we reach midlife. Thereafter, they begin to slow down, as we learn how to cope with them more effectively. And we become happier as a result.

It feels good to be able to predict what is going to happen next. It gives us a sense of mastery over our environment and fills us with the confidence that we can tackle anything that life throws at us. As we move along the years, we become better at foreseeing the consequences of our, and other people’s behaviors and become skilled at planning the best action to maneuver through life challenges. Each day teaches us new life skills – and they make it easier for us to feel happier.

Success Is A Choice

Doing well in life is not just about knowledge, but also having the right attitude.

Highly successful people don’t let other people or situations affect their mood or put them off their game. They control the tempo.

Learning how to put yourself in the most productive mindset for each occasion is called compartmentalizing and enables you to filter out thoughts & emotions from other parts of your life and focus on the job at hand.

This skill is essential in making sure you are in the most productive mindset, even if everyone else around you is losing their cool or even if you need to separate your private life from your work to get the best outcome.

Clear all your thoughts and focus on regulating your breathing.

Visualize a character who embodies the attitude you need for the moment.

This process works even better if you can visualize yourself in that attitude from a previous occasion.

Anchor that mindset or attitude with something relevant to the mood.

Successful people plan out their day the night before.

Making decisions is both time & energy consuming. And you can never guarantee that you are in the best mindset each day to make the best decisions on the spot. So, plan not to do it.

Spend 15 – 20 minutes each evening going through the next day’s schedule.

Take a little time to get yourself in the most productive mindset and make the decisions you have the most problems with.

If you have a habit of making poor on the spot food choices, then plan all of your meals, locations and menu when you are relaxing, rather than when your brain is bedazzled by the sights and smells of unhealthy food.

Then stick to your plan. Refuse to compromise and make sure you achieve the goals you plan for.

It’s easy to get off track when you don’t have a plan, but efficient scheduling ensures that your productivity levels will soar and you can achieve almost anything.

Successful people spend time connecting with their thoughts.

In life, we will meet many teachers, but the wisest people listen to their own counsel.

They understand that no one can make important decisions for themselves, no matter how good the advice is or how much experience the other person has, because they can only advise you on what they would do in your circumstance.

This is not to say that successful people don’t listen to good advice, but that they understand we all process information in our own way and have different agendas.

Successful people don’t play the blame game.

They understand that taking responsibility for their failures can be a huge learning process and great achievements are seldom made without a few hiccups.

They have a strong mentality and see failure as obstacles on the road, but success as the final destination.

The problem with making excuses for where we are in life is that there is nothing learned, nothing gained and no positive experience, and when we blame other people, we also give away our power to change or fix the situation.

Whether it’s in your personal life or at work, try and be a little more self-critical and see how you could have handled a situation better.

When you have a bad feeling about a conversation or a meeting, then go over it again in your head and look for the mistakes you have made.

If you often find yourself justifying your actions and behavior, then be wary of pride and your ego, especially if you have upset other people. Nothing good comes from pointing fingers, but magical resolutions happen when we apologizes as we have found a way to re-open communication from a humble perspective – and as Christians already know, it’s the meek that shall inherit the earth.

Successful people inspire those around them.

They know that success is a team effort. People may forget what you did and even forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Great people have the knack of remembering names and the truly great make it their job to remember other details like your children’s names too. They also remember important events in your life like birthdays or a big meeting at work, and are able to make you feel like they truly care.

If there is one skill that I would choose to improve upon more than any other, it would be this one.

There are lots of tips to help improve your memory and association of faces and details, but you cannot really learn how to show more care.

The closet skill is to practice listening.

I’ve noticed that really inspiring people treat the doorman and the CEO with the same level of respect.

They are able to rise high because they have many who are loyal to them in their company or community, as a result of many years of giving time and attention to the people and earning their devotion.

Now, while we can all study successful habits, it’s meaningless if we don’t implement that knowledge.

Knowing and doing what’s best is one of the first lessons that separate successful people from the rest of us. The ability to turn good ideas into action and the discipline to put in the hard work that lies behind a successful outcome is not a gift, it is a choice.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle.

Tales From Kampong Kirkby

James is right…time does not moves fast nor slow. It really depends on how you feel. Lately, as I have a Planner with me this year, I plot down my schedules…things that I plan to do…and I put a tick on it if I achieved them, when I get things done…so, now, as I can quantified my time, and see how I am spending my time…I actually feels that time moves much slower now. I thank God for giving me this idea of having a planner. I am such a late bloomer. There are things or habits or characters or skills that I should have develop or form earlier…like in my 20s, now in my 30s…I feel it is so late for a lot of things…hahaha…

Healthcare’s Uber

Bason @ Section 9 >> dinner catch up with S & Guna…man, it have been so so long…S’s daughter is already 5 years old this year…that means I have not met up with S for 5 years already. Nonetheless, we have not lost for words, we can still talk and talk and talk…I listen, I don’t get too judgmental, I laugh, I join in the banter, I throw in some pearls of wisdom, I add my own entertaining story into it…hahaha…ohh, it was just a very nice evening for the 3 of us. I also drop by at S’s house, met up with her parents, her maternal grandmother, her younger brother and her adorable daughter. They are a decent, strong and safe-guarding type of family. And I am always comfortable being part of them :)

The Red Hackle

Old age does not have to focus on declining health, pinning over what once was.
It can also be full of tranquility and mirth and courage and kindness, the fruit of those who have grown old with God.
Those who are planted in the house of the Lord…shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing.

Lord, Thank You for Your faithfulness throughout my life.

Help me finish my life well in service to You and to remember that old age does not mean uselessness.

As the years add up, God’s faithfulness keeps multiplying.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Clotilde of Savoy

Mak Tiri started it first…the both of us were in the pantry. So, I use the water dispenser on the right…and she uses the water dispenser on the left. Then, she commented that the running water from the faucet of the right water dispenser is kind of slow. I told her that I prefer to use the right water dispenser compare to the left water dispenser. This is because the faucet from the left water dispenser is leaking and the hot water will just spurt out which I have already kena a few times. And I also told her cheekily…even thought the right water dispenser may be slow…you still don’t have to stand there for half and hour…hahaha…

Later on in the evening, as both Stewart & Celtic have already went to the Shah Alam store, only left Mak Tiri, Jonas & myself. So, as Jonas just came out from the Marketing meeting…we need to plot our promotion items into the store respective locations. I was doing the plotting first, then I hand it over to MT. Then, Stewart ask me to do some checking, so I ask for the layout plan back from MT. But MT has already put it back on Jonas table. Then she told me that she only have two area to display only…her voice tone was so kesian like that…hahaha…but MT was actually indicating since she only have two spots, she did the checking quite fast & already put them on Jonas's table...then later on, I was waiting for my turn to update the file, Kelvin was using it first, so I told Kelvin to let me know once he’s done…then this MT say that she only have four lines to copy & paste. I told her that I only have one. Once Kelvin was done with the list…I went into the file to copy & paste. Then, I call out her name and say that I’m done already in Mandarin, then I switch over to English…saja…hahaha…


This week…I am having one encounter after another with Mak Tiri.
On Wednesday…the both of us were at the Shah Alam store for the revamp set up. As we were walking in the opposite direction…the both of us lock eyes…I gave her a very life satisfying kind of smile…and in return, she does the same as well. Later, when Mei Wern & I was leaving the store…we bump into MT & Abigail…I say See Ya to her…and she bye back.

I am attracted to these woman characters & personalities…because that’s what I want to be…but I will never be…hahaha…


On Stephanie’s case…according to Celtic…I think Stephanie got share her thoughts with Celtic and Celtic put it very subtly to me…it’s like, when I have lunch with other people in the office, I did not invite Stephanie to come along…the first few times I did, but Stephanie herself decline those offers…so, I guess in the subsequent times, I kind of took things for granted and never invited her. But I think Stephanie is upset with me...is because of her birthday celebration. What happen was…I dictate which date we should go out for her birthday lunch, I chose Sunday because lately…I’m kind of busy on Saturday…and there were a couple of times where Stephanie prefer to have it on a Saturday. I think in her head…the logic is…it’s my birthday; I should be able to decide.

Well, I am not going to do anything for now. Let’s see what is Stephanie next move, whenever there are problems, she always avoids it and run away. Maybe I am place in such a position so she can learn to overcome it. She can talk to me, she can share her thoughts & feelings with me...I am not a sensitive person, I am very easy-going and I do not yell and scream and bite like Celtic. But it's always in Stephanie's character that she does not confront the issues but choose to run away from it instead.

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods

Hahaha…God knows me…hahaha…yes, I have sign up for gym…there are lots of equipments around…however, I am not too sure whether my techniques are right or not…so one of the Personal Trainers there approach me…his name is Saufi, nice dude…apparently; as a new member, I do get a complimentary introduction on the equipments that are available in the gym. So, Saufi have been introducing me to the machines and have given me some pointers here and there. Chest up, back straight, breath in, breath out…apparently for some machines, I also have got it all wrong…wrong posture, I did not adjust the height or the length that suits and comforts me. Now, that I know about it…hopefully I will get better, I will be in better shape and more toned :) Lift heavier, lift frequently, lift consistently.

Charley and Beau's P.E. Kit

God - I’m angry…with myself, again!

Again and again…I’m making very stupid & silly mistakes at work…mistakes that should not have been done in the first place. For goodness sake – I’m a Senior Category Manager but does my work like a newbie. I am suppose to do the ordering for the RM10 saucepan & saucepot…mana tahu…I go and append the wrong item codes and vendor code…because in the first place…I copy & paste the wrong details. Stupid me right! Somemore this order needs to be rush out for the Shah Alam store revamping opening on next week Tuesday. Lucky, the right item codes was not block, otherwise have to submit form for release, then only can do the ordering tomorrow. So, in the end the PO can be raised today. Whew…lately there are so many minor and unnecessary mistakes that I make at work – but Thank You God, because God provides a quick fix solution for me every time. But I really cannot continue to be this careless anymore. I keep on saying being better, being better…but in the end…end up being worst than before…arrrrggghhh…


Met up with one of my Plastic Supplier the other day…according to the young chap…Christy is a very responsible person…while Clara seems to be more irresponsible…ye ke…hahaha…I don’t know…I have never work with both Christy & Clara before. I only know that Ursula hates Christy drop dead for being dishonest and pushing responsibilities away. Marcus commented before that Clara is emotional and difficult to handle…hahaha…I find that the both of them are great working colleagues. For example, when I go out cycling with Clara…Clara is not the type that likes to take advantage of people…when I belanja her, sure the next round Clara will remember and belanja me back.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby Monty

Me: Don’t frighten me.

MT: You frighten me.

Hahaha…in The Japanese office, during lunch hours…all of the lights are turn off.
So, today…I went back early to the office, I didn’t on my workstation light, I just sat down on my chair quietly…so, when MT walks in, she on her workstation light…I stood up…to go to the washroom mah…but the timing…was so right…that it was as though I got frighten by her and Mak Tiri also got frighten by me…hahaha…

Podgy & The Banker

Yesterday, I was having lunch with Stewart at Sushi King…half way through…tiba-tiba…Mak Tiri was walking out from her table…she saw me…but I didn’t notice that she was ahead of Stewart & myself…I thought we walk out from the office more earlier than her, how come she is more faster...she was having lunch…on her own wor…in the corner…but I thought I saw her lunch buddy in the morning…so, is this her secret alone lunch place…hahaha…when I first joined The Japanese last year…Mak Tiri will have 2 or 3 lunch buddies...but don’t know what happen…now only left 1…also kind of kesian also right…Stewart seems to be very neutral…sigh, as usual lah…Celtic likes to light up the fire…lucky Stewart have not been completely brainwash by Celtic yet, still can think soundly…I think Stewart knew about Celtic’s character but I guess Stewart also malas want to layan or argue back with Celtic…just use Celtic to drive the sales.

According to Stewart…MT have super thyroid…which causes anxiety and stress…MT did try to let Tin Min to run the show freely but once MT let it go…Tin Min start to make small and unnecessary mistakes…so, MT have to take back the control and micromanage. D31 is very blessed in the sense that we have Fify to help us with some of the paper work…

Of Some Use


Marcus: Come back to G13, u will then not confuse.

Me: Y u so want me to come back? Is this u tell ur x buyers…

Paige: No we only ask the best to come back.

Me: The best not my giliran yet. But thanks for the compliment.

The MFT Director: Come back J___. We need you.

Me: No chair for me to sit. All fill up.

Marcus: Sure got. Maximoff also wants you one…try.

Paige: Bring ur own chair lah.

Me: Hahaha…

I am so tempted to ask back Marcus…why Marcus is so sure that Maximoff would want me back…did Maximoff mention my name...twice already Marcus have mention on this matter…nonetheless – THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – it’s Gods’s Love, Goodness, Faithfulness & Favorability upon me.

Monday, March 20, 2017

United have no plan B

Liverpool stalwart James Milner helped Liverpool to a 1 - 1 draw against Manchester City on Sunday.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Curbside Cantina KL

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness


(1) I have joined Instagram…hahaha…posted 2 so far…and have 19 followers thus far.

(2) Thanks to both Michel & Ice…they gave me a very nice 2017 Planner where I plan all of my activities and put a tick to those which was succeed in carrying out.

(3) Finally, thanks to the people in Daily Bread, received this A5 size notebook from them which I jot everything down. My Spanish classes, my to-do-list, my 2017 Life Board, my research on information that I needed, my Sunday School planning etc.

(4) And of course this wonderful Blog – my Memory Keeper! :)

Commander Kim

Hahaha…this is hilarious, on last week Wednesday…I was wearing a check top to work…Mak Tiri was wearing a top where a knot have to be tied at the back…and then on Thursday…I pula wore a top where a knot have to be tied at the back…and Mak Tiri was wearing a check shirt...Mak Tiri; my Ursula?

Saturday, March 18, 2017


We are easily tempted to forget God. Our problems won’t disappear with an evening stroll, but we can find rest and certainty that God is always working toward His good purposes. I’M HERE. I’VE GOT YOU. He says.

Thank You, Lord, for a night sky that helps us glimpse eternity. I can’t begin to understand it fully, but I know it is there, and I know You are there. Help me trust You for what I don’t know.

I’m angry…I am making careless & stupid mistakes…one after the other…totally unforgiven…I’m a Senior Category Manager leh…and I keep on saying about being better…being better…but I am not getting any better…

I somehow also feel that I am losing credibility & favorability at the workplace…especially from Stewart…and I have evil thoughts…that Celtic may be behind all of these…

And then, the case with Stephanie…we totally have no conversations at all…lately, it is me who ask Stephanie questions…and I only get a one word reply…I also feel that this Stephanie is avoiding me during lunch time…like I did something wrong like that…I also did ask her…whether I did anything wrong and she remain quiet. But I also know that lately that she is hanging around with Celtic a lot. Well, Celtic is still Celtic.

Whatever lah

The Po Dawg

Hmmm…no matter what Celtic says right now, I just have to use my own wisdom and gut feeling to judge and filter over them…Celtic does look and sound convincing at times. But I don't like that Celtic likes to spark fire.

Abigail caught both Mak Tiri & Jonas complaining about Stewart; Abigail was tak puas hati that the both of them were saying bad things about Stewart because Abigail thinks that Stewart is actually good…I think Mak Tiri & Jonas is not that stupid either to bitch about Stewart in front of anybody…if they does, they will do it in a hush-hush way, unless Abigail just have super powerful ears that can pick up their conversations.

Mak Tiri claims that all of her DIY/Car/Auto categories sales drop is because Tin Min is such a weak buyer, Celtic said that Mak Tiri shifts all of the blame & flaws to Tin Min, thus Mak Tiri have to micromanage…Stewart once mention that Mak Tiri telans everything & never complain about Tin Min & William at all.

I am surprise that Mak Tiri & Jonas have issues with Stewart…I don’t think it’s so much that Stewart sides D31…but more of siding Celtic.

Stewart says that Mak Tiri is in her own comfort zone, but from what I see…every time, when there are changes arise; MT does rise to the occasion, even though it’s with an annoying look on her face…hahaha...but Mak Tiri is still very hands-on operational-wise and still delivers till the end.

…whatever…I also don’t want to know…Mak Tiri can be like Ursula’s case…a very misunderstood character…

The Bolo

Aiyo…this Mak Tiri…reminds me of Ursula…both also always amuse me…and both of them also…our wavelength is also not align in the first place when we first started off…

MT: Hi J_b_

MT: Hi J___. Raya date LY do you have any idea?

Me: 17/7 18/7…err, if my memory serves me correctly…

MT: Only 2 days? Usually is about 8 week…

Me: I thought u meant the actual raya date fall on when…not the…tracking date…

MT: Lol. Eh I’m may not be very smart but not so dumbo ask u LY raya date lor!! Can check calendar or google. Tracking date ya. If u remember if not is ok. I juz put first Monday I update again. Your raya slides.

Me: Ok, my bad, don’t get mad. U also didn’t write down specifically. I’m not tat smart either, cannot remember the date. The raya slides…I really salute u & Jonas, I don’t know how u all can sit down and do…

MT: Rushing now then go store. I only put garden

Me: Ok ok. I also haven’t do yet. #felizViernes l__ n__

MT: Ya only got luggage now garden and seasonal deco. I guess only these for today. Happy Friday

.....so, was she angry or were just pulling my leg…


I WatsApp Ursula…

Me: Hola

Ursula: Halo

Me: How r u Ma’am?

Ursula: Happy. I am busy doing baby hard now

Me: I heard. So, just to check on u

Ursula: No worry. I took it well. As that is my 1st wish. To take care my own dept. I don’t wan to do for others already. How well SDA do they give the credit to Tesco buyer. So now I have to challenge Nixon on his last performance

Me: I’m sure u will miss Shawn. Yeah, I heard u always cover her ass. Ok we go drink next week

Ursula: Sure or not. U can drink meh

Me: Sure…a little bit. U drink the rest

Ursula: Going to holiday this Sat. Rest a bit before take over. But I am excited. Already starts doing my line selection.

Me: Ok wait u come back. U r always tat efficient

I hope…Ursula really can let go…and start all over again…otherwise, she is going to be filled with bitterness…she deserves so much better…karma maybe? I don’t know. I only know that the Ursula I know is one smart & determine woman.

Gibson’s Steps

Hahaha…God knows me…hahaha…I was so desperate to know on what is going on in G13 right now but I dare not go and ask around, after people say I busybody…FOM will be implemented…effective 1st February…thanks to Uncle Andy…he WatsApp me the whole new organization chart…strike gold wei…hahaha…

However, the biggest loser was Ursula…doing Toys & Baby Hard…Nixon will be doing Stationery…Pietro is save; handling back the same old portfolio…the HouseHold 2 responsibilities have been split between Anderson & Amelia…Christy will be doing Laundry, Cleaning, Deco & Towels…Bryan is heading Plastic, Furniture & Garden...The Witch does DIY. Shawn & Nigel maintain back their old portfolio but the both of them report to Jordan, Maximoff rather put Jordan in that position instead of Ursula…sigh…more dramas on the way…

Chateau Miraval

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness


D’Place, Klang >> Yes, kill 2 birds with one stone…hahaha…my insurance agent (Adeline) have always been inviting me over to attend the AIA career opportunity…I have always decline her offer…because I cannot sell insurance lah…I am no salesman. So, yesterday, it was her company monthly recognition night…where they recognize high achievers who hit their targets in their respective categories…so, ok lor, I went lor…it was a good night…catching up with Adeline…having nice conversations with her colleagues, sharing stories around the table…yes, it’s nice meeting people…outside from my circle…learning from each other…will I do it again…maybe…hahaha...but yesterday...I was damn proud of myself because I have make the first step...

Sumitomo Chemical

Went cycling with Clara today…explore a new area…we usually will go cycling at the Bukit Cahaya…today, we did the PKNS Lake Gardens and the cycling track at Section 5.

I did not ask Clara on how Lionel is doing…I already knew that Emerson & Ivan have resigned from Paige…but whether Clara knew about it or not…I am not too sure about that…Clara did not mention anything and I did not brought up any topic that could trigger the conversation…I only ask how Linda is doing instead…but I also found out that Barry & Clara are still keeping in touch, are very close…they go Pasar Malam together...

Loose Women

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness


Batu Caves >> this is so malu…after staying in this country for almost 35 years, I have not been to Batu Caves before…hahaha…yesterday, I was on leave…so both Li Fong and I decide to make a day trip down to Batu Caves. We took the LRT…headed to KL Sentral, then switched to KTM. We were blessed with good weather…fair crowd…the view was magnificent…God’s creations was just simply awesome…climbed up the 272 steps…not much of a challenge…hahaha…monkeys; kind of on the rude side…don’t ever feed them, they just turn violent when they were given food, like as though they have not eaten anything for days…maybe they were…feasting my eyes on the colorful sarees…simply gorgeous. Then, we took Uber to Restoran Pan Heong for our lunch…had their signature dishes of Fish Porridge, Kau Yuk Mee Hoon and Fish Fu Chok. Nice…so, I can finally say that I have been to Batu Caves…hahaha…

Well, Li Fong isn’t exactly a new friend; a colleague…a lunch buddy…but this is my first time hanging out with Li Fong on a leisure basis…so, yes…making an effort to hang out with new people…people at work is different from when they are off-work…

Chanel On Day 2 Of Paris Visit

Li Fong + Mak Tiri = having lunch together…I bump into them the other day…weird leh…hmmm…I didn’t know that the both of them can have lengthy conversations…hahaha…

Six subtle signs of intelligence

The most intelligent people are usually the ones who aren't in your face about it.
Here are six signs, as suggested by redditors, for spotting the secret savant in your life.
All sounds like me…hahaha…

1. Wisdom
They know what they don't know.

2. Doubt
The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about everything they do in their life.

3. Banter.
Quick sense of humuor.

4. Curiosity
I think people who ask smart questions are smart. Listening / learning valued over talking themselves. Probably also someone who is able to talk about a wide range of topics. Curiosity is key.

5. Vocabulary

Better use of vocabulary, not big words, but how they structure their sentences

6. Maturity

When they are younger, a sense of understanding beyond their years. Usually a more mature sense of humour too.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Red Sea Experience

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness




Faith / Family / Friends / Fitness / Finance

Humility + Curiosity <=> Courage + Confidence

Remove The Fear / Hesitation / Procrastination / Worryness / Annoying Attitude / Negative Energy / Negative Thinking / Negative Thoughts / Negative People

Radiant + Collected + Fine
Doing things with Class + Elegance + Grace + Sophistication…with Stabilityness + Steadyness + Calmness

Be Grateful / Always Give / Keep Growing

KEYWORD >> Growth / Progress / Improvement

GOD – do grant me Your Strength in my every trials & tribulation, Your Wisdom & Common Sense in every decision, built good Characters, good Skills & good habits in me

Characters >> Passion / Perseverance / Proactiveness … Courage / Confidence / Competence / Conscience / Composure / Compassion

Skills >> Analytical Skill, Branding & Business Skills, Communication & Presentation Skills, Common Sense & Critical Thinking Skills, Decision Making Skill, Leadership & People Skills, EQ Skill, Finance Skill, Management & Marketing Skills and Planning, Organizing, Developing, Implementing & Executing Skills.

GOD – I submit and surrender my 2017 Life Board to You. Knowing that ALL IS GOOD, ALL IS WELL & ALL IS SAFE in that mighty hands of Yours.

Family Events, Friends Gathering, Church Activities, Spanish Classes, Gym Sessions, Marathons, Cycling, Hanging out with new people, Housework, Cooking & Food, Readings, Hobbies, Blogging, Photography, Movies & Music, Studies, Holidays & Travels, Opportunities, Adventures, Self-Discovery and Me Time.

GOD, I Depend on You. Because I have Prayed. I want to be a better person…not bitter…I want to response, not react…I want to forgive & forget. I will have God’s Favorability. I will Thrive & Have Success in whatever I do, wherever I go, wherever I am. All Glory, all Praises, all Credits & all Salutations goes back to God.

GOD – put Your hand on my 2017 Life Satisfaction Board…Personal Growth / Purpose In Life / Well Being / Self Acceptance / Self Discipline / Positive Emotions, fewer Negative Emotions / Positive Relations, Positive Relationship / Meaning / Engagement / Achievement & Accomplishment / Environment Mastery / Intellectual Curiosity

GOD – bring people & activities into my life, I want my life to be Enhance, Enrich & Added Value On.

God – complete Your Works & Purpose in me. I am a piece of work in progress.

And finally…

God gives me the Purpose Of Life
God helps me to add Meaning Into My Life
God ensures that I get Fulfillment In My Life
God makes my Life Worthwhile

Monday, March 13, 2017

Life Lessons We Learned From Abby Sciuto

Ask for help if you need it >> no one person can be expected to know everything, and that’s okay. Abby knows she has a great support system if she needs help – not only do they help each other learn, but they have some fun in the process.

Chase after what you love
>> following your heart can be scarry, but it’s almost always rewarding. So, whether your passion is for drawing or for animals – like Abby – make time for what you love most.

Don’t hold grudges
>> breakups and lost friendships can be hard, but you’ll never fully heal if you’re unwilling to let go of the past, just look at Abby & McGee. Instead of letting their professional relationships suffer because things didn’t work out between them romantically, these 2 co-workers choose to move forward and keep things amicable.

Be flexible
>> no matter how organized and coordinated you are, sometimes life can throw a serious curveball. The quicker you accept that unexpected circumstance, the faster you can start kicking butt and taking names.

Express yourself >> you are your own biggest cheerleader – celebrate everything that makes you, well you!

Get creative >> having trouble maximizing your productivity? Put on your thinking cap, and let your imagination run wild. Abby always knows when to think outside the box.

Celebrate your successes
>> finally finished that huge project at work? Give yourself some much-deserved credit. Bonus points if you bust out your best Abby happy dance.

Stand up for your morals & beliefs >> if there’s one thing Abby isn’t willing to sacrifice, it’s her virtues. It takes a special person to put her own life in danger to protect a group of hostages from vengeful gunmen – and an even stronger one to proclaim – if my life saves theirs, I’m down; 100 percent.

Take the time to really listen to your friends and co-workers >> it’s easy to brush off suggestions or concerns from the people around you when you’re already preoccupied with your own responsibilities. But, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in your own world that you completely alienate yourself or push your loved ones away. Follow Abby’s lead and take time to hear what your friends, family and co-workers have to say. Who knows, while you’re helping them processes their quandaries, you might find a solution to your own.

Don’t judge a book by its cover
>> while she may not dress like a stereotypical forensic scientist, Abby’s one of the best around! Who says you can’t have serious style, edgy tattoos and spiked jewelry and still rock a lab coat?

Above all, have fun
>> we’ve learned a lot from Abby – from pursuing our passions to fostering our friendships. But perhaps the most valuable thing we’ve learned from Abby is that life should be enjoyable. Live it up!

Can keeps Liverpool in hunt

Liverpool came from behind to beat Burnley 2 - 1 at Anfield and maintain their hopes of a top-four finish this season.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

23 Ways to Love Yourself More This Year

Self-talk is one of the most important things we do all day. Start to be more aware of the negative things you say to yourself. Catch yourself and listen to the words. You are not going to speak to a child the way, right? So why would you do it to yourself? This is a process of an emotional awakening, that leads to more positive feelings towards you.

Spend time before bed thinking about the good things you did during the day. Give yourself credit for the good job you did. This can be anything from accomplishing a task to skipping dessert at lunch because you’re trying to cut sugar. Acknowledge the progress and be proud of it.


Start by making a statement that I will practice self-care and start choosing activities to support that declaration. Tell yourself "I’m my own best friend" to help you make baby steps towards feeling better about yourself.

You can’t stay too wrapped up in self-criticism because it will only lead to self-loathing. Spending energy self-hating is not doing anybody any good. Do something about what you did wrong, and move on. A lot of people get stuck in a state of self-hating. This can eventually lead to depression.


It’s easier for people to connect loving, tender feelings toward a child. When they see pictures of them older, they immediately focus on negative things like wrinkles and gained weight. So find a photo of yourself as a happy kid and put it on the mirror in your bedroom or someplace where you’ll see it often.


The part of your brain that helps create new beliefs is activated in the middle of the night. So if you want your brain to start creating positive feelings for you, write them down and read them as you are falling sleep. If you feed it negative emotions after watching the news, for example, that’s what your brain will process, and you’ll wake up in a bad mood.

Visualization helps many people. We tend to forget all the good things we’ve done. List all of the goals you had set out in the past and accomplished, and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Clearly seeing things in black and white will help you convince yourself that you have many reasons to actually, sincerely, like yourself.

Make a point to do something you like every day. But it has to be a deliberate act of self-love such as a nice lunch or taking a hot bath. Tell yourself - I deserve this because I’m a good person. This will eventually turn into a natural habit, leading to more positive feelings toward yourself.

The past doesn’t exist anymore. Whatever you did and whatever happened will remain there. Remember that you did the best you could with the information you had at the time. The only clay we have to work with is the now. This is what creates the future. It’s a waste of energy to focus on something that cannot be changed.

Go on a “diet of positivity” . Make life a workshop around how you want your life to be and engage with people who are motivating you to live it like that. Review your relationships and get rid of anything that makes you feel bad. It’s not easy to disregard family, the members of which you can’t choose, so be around inspiring people any chance you get.

People don’t realize that there is such thing as healthy narcissism. And we want them to have it. It’s a form of healthy self-investment. Brushing your teeth, eating healthy foods, wearing a coat when it’s cold outside are just a few examples. You are taking care of yourself; it’s hard to like yourself if you’re not.

Even if you’re not saying it out loud, putting people down in your mind by judging them is an exhausting exercise that only creates negative energy in the body. All of these bad feelings end up putting you in a bad mood, and it’s hard to love yourself when you’re feeling down.

What do you hold out for. Some people don’t want to release that pain, which is usually in the form of anger, but they are only hurting themselves in the long term. You don’t have to be mad to make good choices, but you can’t process bad emotions if you’re holding on to old ones.

Some people, especially men, base their self-value on being able to figure out issues themselves. But we only see through our own lens and experience, and we can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. It’s sad that many people will wait until a breaking point to ask for help.

When you’re angry or feeling defeated, your brain is basically in fear. It doesn’t respond to logic, only to emotions. You have to do something that is different and possibly shocking to interrupt this downward spiral. You are not going to be able to talk yourself out of that state. Scream in the shower, do jumping jacks, drive somewhere, or go for a walk – anything to get that bad energy / toxicity out of the body.


Music has the ability to change your mood in an instant. And science has proven it. Another benefit of music is that it leads to social connections, which is also an effective way to fight the winter blues. Studies show that listening to your favorite music is a great way to relieve stress. Happy tunes relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

It’s important not to live in regret. Imagine the same situation but with someone you love as the transgressor. This kind of flipping around helps with feeling compassion toward yourself. You’d hate it if you forgot to take care of your best friend’s dog while she was away, but you won’t hate her if she forgot to do the same. So why do you think you don’t deserve the same sympathy?

This is really important and really difficult, especially if you listen to critics. But if you are not honest with yourself first, and then others, you are not giving that voice of self-love a fair chance. If you feel unworthy, you’re not going to be able to love yourself. Take the power away from that bad feeling.

Optimism is contagious. So you obviously want to have people around who always look on the bright side. But healthy relationships are all about reciprocity. Think about whether you want your child, if you have one, to be friends with a certain person.Then you can decide if he or she should be in your social circle.

Exercise, stretch, play in the snow or just walk. Do anything that will get you moving and release the stress hormones stuck in your body. The more of the suppressed negative emotions we release, the less wired down we get.The human body was designed to move. It’s a healthy investment and an important part of taking care of yourself.

Write down your best qualities and post it so you can see it. People tend to pick one bad thing about them, even if it’s minor like not being good with time, and focus on it. Don’t go down a whole self-defeating path with one or two bad qualities when you have so many positive ones. Ask close friends and family about what they like in you and let that become your truth.

Try to understand that this is a never ending trap. You are never going to be satisfied because there are as many opinions as people out there. You are setting yourself up for misery and this is a dangerous situation from which it can be very difficult to get out, much less feel better about yourself.

Helping others makes people feel happier, purposeful and self-confident. Volunteering is good for the body and mind. The biggest benefit is feeling connected to other people. This helps to ward off loneliness and depression.


Seeing a picture of what you want is a very powerful tool. The brain doesn’t know the difference between feeling what you’re thinking of and doing it. It’s a little bit like daydreaming but it’s shown to create the results people want. For example, post a picture of an adventure spot if you want to travel, a new house if you want to save money, or of a woman exercising if you want to lose weight. Feed the brain what it is you want it to create.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Dinner @ Secret Reciple, Subang Parade.
Friday evening; well spent with Kong, Loki & my #ChelseaFC pundit (Natalie).

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Podgy & The Banker

Today, I was at the Shah Alam store; helping out with the revamping activities…guess what…Harriet also ask Zurick to come down and help…so, the both of us did some catching up…according to Zurick…both Brian & Alice have been transfer out, as per the new FOM structure…most likely Nixon will take over and both Brian & Alice will have to do their handover to Nixon by this month. Zurick also complain that Zurick finally experience the full blast of Alice’s attitude…hahaha…there is also this communication haywire thingy going on…as there is no communication between Brian & Alice…sometimes Brian is right, sometimes Brian is wrong…same goes to The Witch as well…thus at times, Zurick also don’t know whose instructions to follow…interesting…

Signs & Feelings

It’s wise to ask God for clear direction, but He may not always give it in ways that we expect or want. Perhaps the larger point of prayer is that we learn more about God’s nature and develop a relationship with our Father.

A Difficult Hill

Perhaps the difficult mountain you face is a rebellious child or a serious medical diagnosis. The challenge seems more than you can endure. Before you face your next major task, visit the spring of refreshment that is God Himself. Come to Him with all your weakness, weariness, helplessness, fear and doubt. Then drink deeply of His power, strength and wisdom. God knows all your circumstances and will supply a store of comfort, of spiritual strengthening and consolation. He will lift up your head and give you strength to go on.

Father, at this moment I turn to You for strength in my weakness, energy for my weariness and faith in my doubt.

Love In Action

We might claim to love others without selfish ambition or vain conceit, but the true state of our hearts isn’t revealed until we put our love into action. Though I felt tempted to grumble, I knew that as a follower of Christ, my call was to put my love for my friends into practice – with a clean heart. May we find ways to serve our family, friends & neighbor’s for God’s glory.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast In Missouri

Liverpool 3 – 1 Arsenal…too late, even though it’s a job well done…

Lucy In The Sky

Tin Min must be very stress today…came over to my work station…showed me that Tin Min finished the whole box of Tic Tac…hahaha…in need of sugar…I salute & admire Tin Min…it’s not easy working under Mak Tiri…and when Tin Min came over to express himself…Tin Min was not shy about it either…so the whole Team Baz knew about it…hahaha…so now everyone also knew that Abigail is very stress up…already after 6 months but still cannot cope with MT’s momentum…and the big incident that happen recently was when Abigail have already committed the whole buying plan with a particular supplier for a particular leaflet…and MT changes the whole thing…hahaha…remind me of my Ursula…hahaha…

She was poetry in a world that was still learning the alphabet

Me: Don’t forget ya. Thanks

MT: Almost forgotten. Sent

Me: Stewart say u r the most tip top among all the DM. How can u forget…I only do complication for the stock value, u still want to stick to RM1.6M, yesterday u r at RM1.57M…

MT: Cos I have lubricant import coming in. 82K.

Me: Err…this 82K is wat ya…don’t scold first…I report RM1.6M. Next week Monday, u still can change…

MT: 82K is import for engine oil. Receiving today…

Me: I ask for D31F. (sharing a contact) She looking for u. Plz call her

MT: Drin. Drivin. Need use waze

(1) Purposely, I email over to MT to remind her…ok…taking the opportunity to kacau her lah…hahaha…

(2) However…I think MT also blur half way…she did email me, gave me the figures for the rest of the department except for D31F…I know that at times, when the breakdown of figures is hard to be done within D31, Celtic will take the lead…but since this stock value thingy can be breakdown…so breakdown lah…more precise mah…I don’t know whether in the end this MT realize or not that she is not answering my question.

(3) And then, when I told her that another colleague is looking for her…I mean the most natural response will be…ok…noted…will do…look at how this MT replied me…

(4) Then, today as I pass by her…I purposely mention yesterday WatsApp conversation…drink driving…MT chuckle too and say that I got it written down as proof…hahaha…

Una Reunion Familiar

That’s the WatsApp Chat group that Marcus, Tommy, Paige & I hang around.

Marcus: It’s time for update. Lots of changes in G13

Tommy: I heard. Are you guys ok?

Marcus: I’m safe for moment. Coz not involve in buying. Maximoff doesn’t want me, never mind la

Tommy: Don’t say that. Everything happened for a reason

Marcus: That’s true, I must thank for that arrangement

Tommy: Well, until something better comes along, make the best out of it

Me: Let’s cheer each on ok

(1) I really want to kepo on what are the changes that are currently on going in G13…I am curious…how is Ursula doing…what about Pietro…did Alice get what she deserve…but I guess I will know about it sooner or later.

(2) It’s good that Tommy remains optimistic and is encouraging Marcus as well.

(3) I’m not too sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I have left G13…

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

What Men Can Learn From Women

How to be a better listener >> listening has become vital for 21st century leadership and curiosity is key to effective listening. We win or lose by truly understanding and delivering what the customer is looking for. Effective listening skills can be in helping you better understand how all the different pieces and events fit together. Asking the right questions, listening to both the content and the feelings of responses, and then questioning in greater depth is a critical leadership skill for all of us.

How to be empathetic >> developing this skill can allow you to understand not only what is being said, but also what someone really means. This helps to build trusting relationships, which positively impacts both employee satisfaction and job performance.

How to foster better communication & collaboration >> a facilitative style that emphasizes communication and collaboration can lead to better results. At leading in a matrixed environment. While men may tend to use a more positional authority to get results when leading their team, women may use the style of engaging others by facilitation of their ideas, input and the way they provide direction. The strongest leadership teams combine skill sets where a focus on collaboration by some leaders complements a drive for closure and results by other leaders.

How to think more holistically
>> having a more holistic and integrated perspective is an important leadership strength as clients today are looking for a more complete end to end solution. By using a more integrated approach, you can examine the requirements and connect the dots differently to provide what customers in any industry really need, i.e. a more complete solution thinking.

How to trust your intuition >> intuition is knowing with no evidence. It’s what we refer to as our gut feeling.