Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unstructured Outdoor Learning

Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2 - 1 :)

Les Célébrités

Today is the 31st of March. Tomorrow morning will be the 1st of April, when the sun rises, quarter of the year have already gone. It’s that time of the year again. A time when I reflect on the past 3 months that have just passed and highlight some of the best and not-so-good parts. Mostly to help me to remember :)

But today is also another special day, a special week as a matter of fact – it was Good Friday on Friday & Easter Sunday today. So, counting my Blessings today is an added significance and importance. I want to count my blessings today. I am being very blessed with a roof over my head, with food on the table, with a healthy body, mind & soul, with a wardrobe full of clothes, with a warm & comfortable bed, with my parents who always bicker non-stop with each other, with my Baby Sis’s I-phone that allows me to play Candy Crush, with friends & foes, with a good job in an international organization, with the figures in my bank accounts, with the non-turbulent & painful life that I going through (as in, I am not suffering) and most importantly, I have also just recovered from my current illness. It’s heaven. Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD for spending a little more time on me.

I also want to Thank GOD for my March Blessings – I have completed my first 10KM marathon in the Brooks Marathon 2013, the 101 Shelter Project (where we finally get to view the TownHouse, in the end it was not to our liking, even though in the first place, we actually thought that this is what we wanted), the progression of the 2013 contract where I already have 12 suppliers who have already put pen to paper (no doubt, I was very slow in getting everything finalize as compare to Jonas where Jonas manage to complete everything by March. I still haven’t pass the middle benchmark yet, so I still have a long way to go), I get to go to Hong Kong for the second time & also get to step onto the Shenzhen soil and stay at two 5-Star Hotels :) I am indeed very Blessed. I want to be continued to be encouraged. I want to lead by example on what Faith is all about.

My Ruby’s Mistress

This week, I’ve been a bit spoiled! My social life has exploded; I’ve been out and about every day and every evening! :)

I was on leave on Thursday & Friday (was clearing last year leave, this week was the last week to do so). I have been occupying myself with lots of chores. From renewing my passport, to getting my new MayBank passbook, doing some banking at the Hong Leong Bank, settling off my Public Bank Mutual Trust Fund, brought my mom to cut her hair, groceries shopping, sent my car for service, dinner with Victoria on Friday night, follow by drinks with Victoria & Niki at Silver Spoon etc. And yesterday - attended Snow Petrol's third baby full moon dinner at Klang’s V Garden. It was also a gathering for the former French comrades. Good to catch-up with everyone – Edward, Singrid, Betty, Matthew and Celtic. I was being covered with laughter, updates, giggles, a big hug from Singrid. It was all very cute.

Then the second session continues by attending Mr. Karan’s wedding in SS15 Subang. Mr. Karan was one of the top Team Baz Division Manager at the store level who really helps to push for the sales. Again, it was good to meet up and exchanging pleasant greetings with my fellow former French colleagues; majority of those who came are from the back office and at the operation level. These are the people from the supporting team who helps me a lot in keying the data, raising PO and arranging for the logistics.

Finally, ending the night with Ling Ling & Celtic at SnowFlake for some Taiwanese desserts. It was so good (the sesame ball, the pearl, the cold soya milk), I was so tempted to go for the second helping :)

Midnight Basketball

In E-Tiara, Subang; not only lays my favorite diner – Ben & Nick’s, but I have also discovered a lovely Japanese gem – called the Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery. Met up with Victoria on the Friday night. Was supposed to have dinner together at Ben & Nick’s; but when I mention that I have heard that this Japanese restaurant was good and I didn’t had the opportunity to sample their food yet, immediately; Victoria suggested that we should tried it out. It is wholly-owned & run by a Japanese family. There is the husband & wife team, helped by their teenage son. I have to say that they are a very good looking, stylish, polite & humble unit. The café do not served the usual Japanese sushi but they serve cooked Japanese food. The environment is very comfy and cozy. Their food is slightly pricey, but its delectable and they are also very famous for their Swiss Roll Cake (Charcoal Strawberry Roll Cake & Choco Roll Cake). They are as good as RT Pastry, but creamier :) They are also pretty to look at; with colorful fruit toppings. Delicate soft frosting and light moist cake…it certainly can make all of my problems go away :)

Then, the both of us hit over to Silver Spoon (Gourmet Yet Casual Dining Experience), Publika to meet up with Niki. Another charming watering hole, which oozes class & fun. It really stood out on its own, even though it kinds of dwarfed out by its giant neighbors – Fat Boy’s Burger Bar, The Social, The Bee and Ben’s Restaurant. I still think that this place is a definite keeper. It was a relaxed night out, hanging out with Victoria & Niki who are always cheerful, happy and appreciative of the simple life. The both of them make me laugh at the silliest jokes, their passion for the 80s & 90s music, movies & TV shows and the both of them had both the brains & beauty. Delicious :) At my age, if I can still find (new) friends that I can pour my heart to and not worry if I will be judged, it’s a huge privilege :)

Nature Play

Ken+ Dinner - I was invited by the supplier to attend a CNY dinner at his house in Puchong where he personally cooks all of the main dishes for us. He has the kitchen of a professional Head Chef. How cool is that. Was there together with Celtic & some of his team members from the key divisions. I have known the supplier since my days in M13 when I was a Management Trainee. Of course, over the years, unlike Celtic who keeps on hogging on the Plastic & Cleaning category, I have been managing different portfolios since entering the retail industry. I felt very fortunate that this supplier still remembers me and I have also cross paths with his team on several ocassions. Minus my Management Trainee Program, I have been dabbling seriously in the Household, Stationery, Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism, Live Plants & Live Pets, Furniture, Luggage and Toys categories. I’m a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None :) It was also good that I was able to meet up & catch up with Seth again. Seth has quit the buying trade and took up a position in the supplying business. It was indeed a very tasty Chinese dinner gathering altogether.

Mid Basket – Night Ball

If your current job requires you to be steadfast – carrying out repetitive tasks day in and day out with a high attention to detail and your personality describe you as someone who craves socialization, enjoys a variety of work and prefers a more strategic planning role – well, your profile seems to be at odd with your work requirements, the conflict between your identity and your output may cause high levels of anxiety & frustration. But make no mistake, even if your personality and strengths do not match your job, it doesn’t mean that you cannot perform them well, it just requires more effort :) – UnKnown.

I shall wait :) Think Positive, Be Positive. There is always a reason for everything. I just need to find that spark back. If I don’t manage to find it back by this year end, I have to move on already next year. I have been going through the same emotions & cycles which is endlessly spiraling through my life which I find it to be too repetitive and finding myself stagnant. It’s not the industry, it’s the job scope. I am very impressed with people who can find the ways to sustain themselves & their passion all year round. Retail is always ever exciting, fresh, new and vibrant. It’s like fire. And no matter how vividly you remember the fire scorching the soft skin of inquisitive fingers for that first time, you will still reach towards the flame again and again, mesmerized by its beauty, and warmed by its flickering heat. And this goes on and on.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ten Tiny Things Walk

I have been a very Sick Ham for the past 2 weeks; after I came back from Hong Kong & Shenzhen. Even after seeing the doctor, after taking all of the medication, up till now, I am still not 100% cured of it. It was sore throat at first, then the flu and the coughing. My nose was non-stop wet, I was blowing & blowing till my ear hurts. I don't remember there were so much water around. I don't remember that I have flu for this long. I think its a superbug. There were body aches, my head aches, and my skin and hair feels SO GROSS. It all hit me like a train. I basically woke up in the morning and WHAM.

But Thank You to Mama Ham who keeps on making one Chinese remedies after remedies to make me feel better. Mom, you are the best! :) It is time like this that always put me in a reflective mood once again. It changed the way I see life & people. I respect life & people even more now. It is so precious to be healthy. I try to live it to the fullest – whether being with family & friends, in work or doing the things that I love :)

Sew Funky

Extra Super Tanker Restaurant, The Club @ Bukit Utama – congrats to Jack & Michelle. It was very unfortunate that I was not able to attend their wedding lunch as I was very sick :( I not only missed their big day but also the gathering of former classmates of Club 21 :( I have never even seen some of them after leaving SMKSSAAS. Usually, it is so hard to gather everyone at one place at one single time…I really missed the opportunity. Hopefully, there will be another round.

Tales From The Topographic Ocean

The first time when I was in Hong Kong; back in January – I manage to eat a number of Hong Kong’s must-have, must-try, must-eat signature dishes. However this time around, I get to try a lot of the upmarket gourmet food :) Actually, there are many international expatriates who are working in Hong Kong, thus like KL, there are also quite a number of specialize restaurants around. There's so much to be had. A very good balance.

Wooloomooloo Bar & Grill – I know, what a funny name isn’t it? :) It immediately reminds me of Woolies (Woolworths; a retail chain in Australia) or a restaurant that serves good lamb dishes (wool is from lamb after all). Wooloomooloo (what a mouthful) is an Australian Steak House. It is situated on 29 Wyndham Street Central. The bright lighting and well-spaced tables provide intimacy, while an open kitchen allows the diners to share the drama from nearly all vantage points in the large room. The diners can also enjoy the spectacular city waterfront view while enjoying their meal. The ambience is contemporary, stylish, sophisticated, and definitely relaxing. There were many expatriates in their smart casual attire around too. I enjoy my three-course lunch very much; my mouth quivers, my eyes roll back and my chest sighs with pleasure of the taste & texture :) But I find it to be a bit too oily for my liking though.

ARUN THAI – it is an upscale Thai restaurant specializing in modern, yet classic Royal Thai cuisine that boasts an array of exquisite Thai dishes and an extensive wine list. It's located in the newest mall in Tsim Shat Sui, K11. Apparently it is co-owned by the multi-award-winning Australian Celebrity Chef and restaurateur Chef Kham Signavong. It is the sister restaurant of Arun Thai in Sydney, Australia. The décor of Arun Thai, is like the concept for the menu, is modern with a traditional twist. The restaurant uses a dark colored palate with various textures to create a contemporary vibe. The color scheme matches very well with the red bar stools and red light fixtures on the ceiling. However, I find that their lighting is too dim, thus it is a bit hard to read the menu in the dark. I practically have to squint my eyes to read it. The seating area is not really that spacious, we keep on bumping into each other hands & elbows, thus creating quite an uncomfortable environment for fine-dining. Their menu is extensive, including dishes made with various kinds of fresh seafoods, meats and vegetables. We had their green curry, tom yam soup, pandan chicken, fried fish cake…all are very fresh and are perfect meals for dinner. The flavors of all of the dishes are very well balanced too.

Now, I love street food and occasionally I don’t mind some luxury food indulgence too. The difference between the two (where ever you are, which ever the country you are in) is the food preparation itself. The most significant is the meticulous attention to every step of the selection, preparation, cooking, and presentation of the food. This means that meats and seafoods are deboned, thoroughly cleaned and neatly cut before cooking, and vegetables are finely sliced and cut into perfectly bit-sized pieces. This attention to detail is carried through in the arrangement and presentation of the food on the plate. That’s why we always pay more :) There is a belief that dining like royalty, one benefits from all of the harmony and blessings that comes from consuming such regal treats.

The Diamond Of Jeru

Another good hotel that we stayed in while we were in Shenzhen is the Shenzhen Baolilai International Hotel. Yeah, it sounds very Chinese-like :) But this is a huge building. And they are just as good as the Nikko Hotel in Hong Kong. It is a large-scale international business hotel constructed with the standard of a premium five-star hotel and with the full investment from the Baolilai Group. Covering a total land area of 25,000 square meters, and with the total construction area of over 110,000 square meters, the hotel has a fashionable and exalted appearance and integrated with the modern and simple construction style. The hotel is located in the center of Fuyong Town in Bao'an District of Shenzhen, adjacent to the Town Hall of Fuyong, Wanfu Shopping Mall and Fuyong Bus Station and with Feng Huang Mountain in the opposite side. It's also close to the No.107 National Road and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway and is only a 5-minute-drive away from the Shenzhen International Airport, enjoying a convenient traffic system. I also manage to check out that the hotel has 502 luxurious rooms of various styles. The large-scale multi-functional banquet hall and conference rooms, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, Japanese restaurant, supreme Cantonese cuisine restaurant, Cigar Bar, Lobby Bar and the revolving restaurant, etc., as well as the well-equipped health-keeping and recreation facilities such as the luxurious KTV night club, the super-large sauna water cure club and swimming pool, gym, chess and poker room, billiards room and tennis courts, etc. make the hotel an ideal choice for recreation, business and conference activities. Of course, since they have so many facilities. We even have our foot massage there. Why are all the bosses like foot massages? Is it because of the whole day of standing & walking around? Last time it was with Juan Carlos in Thailand, now its with Leonardo.

The Battle Of Lexington

While in Hong Kong for this second time around, Leonardo have made some good selection in our accommodation and we get to bunk in at the Hotel Nikko Hong Kong :)

Always Trusted, Always Ahead – that’s the hotel’s motto :)

Nikko Hotel is conveniently located in the vibrant commercial, business and shopping district of Tsim Shat Sui East, Kowloon, on the Victoria Harbour waterfront. So, the hotel is basically situated in the middle of the city with a very beautiful view. They are a member of the Nikko Hotels International (NHI), a luxury hotel group operated by the JAL Hotels Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Japan Airlines with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

For me the hotel business has always been about giving the customers the best in the hospitality experience, it is not just about fancy hardware but rather, a uniquely human enterprise. Thus in Nikko Hotel, you can feel that the management places a premium on the personal touch, on service with a heart. It's an extraordinary service ethos that stems from the Hotel Nikko's Japanese heritage, with its emphasis on sincerity, generosity and self-motivated hospitality.

Our room was gorgeous…but the bathroom was even larger than the room itself; sort of like out of proportion. I would have preferred a larger room and a smaller bath. The bathroom was luxurious. I love their toilet bowl as it came with the famous hi-tech Japanese technology. There are buttons for you to press which will spray water to clean your rear, front and they even have a heater to warm your buttocks thereafter :) Cool right? The bed itself also comes with a luxurious goose down mattress, pillows and duvet :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ikal Mayang

Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD – GOD, thank you so much for such an amazing, amazing blessing this month :) I get to set foot in Hong Kong again (for the second time) and also get to visit Shenzhen, China :) This time around, it was only just me with Leonardo. It was a very short 3 days working trip.

We arrive in Hong Kong on Monday, the weather was splendid; windy & cooling - we visited the famous Li & Fung showroom and 2 Lighting supplier’s showroom. I was so impressed with Li & Fung showroom – each concept & categories have their own glass cubicle with well display merchandise. It goes to show that they are still the ‘big brother’ of the general modern trade. It was a melting pot of everything – from sights, smells and textures. We were there for our Christmas sourcing, so we visited 2 Lighting supplier’s show room. The latter showrooms are crammed closely together, while the richer Li & Fung is a lot more spread out. As this is my first time on a festive sourcing trip, I didn’t actively participate in much. I let Leonardo do most of the asking, talking, questioning, choosing the range & assortments etc. I just stand at the side way and observe :) Probably, comparing to Jonas, I was perhaps not really that participative. Well, a Buyer has to get used to both of the good & bad words. At times, things are said that don’t make a lot of sense and it is part of the job to know how to live with that. The best thing is to know who you are always :)

On Tuesday morning, we boarded the train (first class) and we arrive in Shenzhen in an hour’s time. The coach we ride in may be first class, but by that it doesn’t mean that it comes with everything first class treatment. It just that the ticket price is a little bit more expensive and less crowded and we get to have a seat. So, with Shenzhen, I have already covered 6 cities of China – having previously visited Yiwu, Guangzhou, Kumming, Dali & Lijiang. In Shenzhen, we visited a Christmas ornaments factory. Wow, I was impressed with all of the collections, there were so many of them, so much to learn, even a single hanging Christmas ball have a matte finishing, shine finishing, glitter finishing, etc. And tinsels...there are so many types of them. Imagine this, half the size of a football the showroom for tinsels only. Awesome. There was the mainstream & upmarket collections. Most of the selection was done by Leonardo, crossing fingers that we will have a Glittering 2013 Christmas.

I discovered that I don’t enjoy the buying session as much as I used to…like back in 2011. I still love looking at the new assortments, touching the new collections, asking & checking out the latest market trends…but maybe I’ve changed. Something has changed. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere, or the situation. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got so much on my mind and other priorities – and that the frivolity of retail sourcing takes a back seat. I am indeed taking a painful baby step every day in learning to re-discover the job that I used to love.

Chase Motions

This week, another retirement news in the football arena was announced. I always have the opinion that he should have hang up his boots sooner than later. The injuries that have blighted him over the years have been one major nightmare which he will never be able to recover from. This week, Michael Owen announced that this will be his last season. The former England international, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United & Stoke player will leave a legacy as one of the most talented strikers England has ever seen in the modern era. This England great will call it a day. He will always be the Legend, the Icon and the Champion :)

Michael Owen: The 17 Defining Moments of this superstar’s career:

(1). New Kid in Town
Michael Owen, aged just 17, is drafted into the Liverpool first team on May 6 1997 and scores a goal on his debut against Wimbledon. It is the only bright point in a defeat for the Reds which see them lose the title.

(2). Sing for England
Owen is called into the senior England squad for the first time on February 9 1998. He becomes the youngest player to play for the national team in the 20th century.

(3). These boots are made for scoring
Owen continues his superb form for Liverpool. He won the Golden Boot and is named PFA Young Player of the Year.

(4). Don't cry for him against Argentina
Owen goes from domestic talent to international superstar at the 1998 World Cup in what is the greatest moment of his career as he scores one of the greatest goals ever seen at a World Cup in the last-16 match against Argentina.

(5). Dive talkin'
As well as scoring a brilliant goal, Owen wins a penalty against Argentina, a trick he repeats at the 2002 World Cup against the same opposition. He would later admit that he "could have stayed on my feet" both times. England end up going out on penalties in 1998, but Owen is a hero regardless.

(6). Holdin' out for a hero
As Britain's most famous sportsman, brightest hope for the future and a tragic World Cup hero, Owen won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year voting by a mile.

(7). Super Trooper
The trophies start flooding in for Owen in 2001 as he leads Liverpool's strike force in a season which sees them win the FA Cup, the League Cup and the UEFA Cup. They later add both Charity Shield and UEFA Super Cup to that list.

(8). Autumn daze
Domestic glory translates into international glory as Owen spearheads England's attack with a hat-trick in the mesmeric 5 - 1 victory against Germany in a World Cup qualifier in Munich on September 1 2001.

(9). Michael Owen, Superstar
As if Owen's trophy cabinet wasn't groaning enough already, he wins the Ballon d'Or at the beginning of 2002, confirming his status as a global superstar.

(10). He's got the whole world in his hands
The 2002 World Cup begins with Owen being mobbed by Japanese teenage girls, and looks set to end in glory as he leaves Brazil's defence standing to fire England 1 - 0 up in the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, Ronaldinho later leaves David Seaman standing and England head home.

(11). Real light his fire
The move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2004 started badly, but Owen breathes life into his Bernabeu stint with a first goal for the team against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League in October 2004. It marks the start of a run of five goals in six matches, and Owen ends up with 13 goals in La Liga despite invariably starting from the bench.

(12). His latest hat-trick
Owen celebrates his 'perfect hat trick' on December 17 2005, four months after signing for Newcastle, in a match against West Ham: one with the right foot, one with the left and one with the head.

(13). Slog on the Tyne
Just two weeks after that hat-trick, Owen breaks his foot playing against Tottenham. The rest of his spell at the Magpies is disastrous.

(14). Tragedy
Owen fails to recover fully before the end of the 2005-06 season, but is fit in time for the World Cup group stage match against Sweden. His contribution ends in disaster just a minute into the match with an anterior cruciate ligament injury that keeps him out for a year.

(15). The winner takes it all
A series of further injuries keeps Owen's Newcastle career back even after, and when he walks away from the Magpies on a free transfer in 2009 - to sign for Manchester United - fans are outraged to work out that he has cost £1.3 million per goal. At United he becomes an important bit-part player, however, finally earning himself a Premier League winners' medal - even if he fails to come off the bench in a Champions League final defeat to Barcelona.

(16). Mr Moustache
Owen signs for Stoke City after being released by Manchester United in 2012, but as at Newcastle, his stint is ruined by injury again. The only thing he does of any note is growing the finest Movember moustache ever seen on a footballer.

(17). Thank you for the days
Twitter trolls have a field day criticising Owen for his time at Stoke - but the striker hits back in style by simply posting a picture of his personal trophy cabinet. And what more fitting way could there be to end a tribute to the career of a legend?

Ocean Butterflies

A few months back, Liverpool’s Central Defender James Lee Duncan Carragher aka Jamie Carragher has announced that he will retire at the end of this season :( A one-club man, he has been Liverpool's Vice-Captain since 2003, and is one of the club's longest-serving players and also one of the most important back bone of the club. I hope he will stay on with Liverpool; either in a managerial or in a coaching capacity. I hope he will one day be Liverpool’s future manager. I think it’s time to have an English Man to run an English Football Club :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monbeg Dude

Liverpool 1 - 3 Southampton :( is a reminder for all of us that we still need to build our squad and improve. The players have been brilliant but sometimes you are not perfect every time you play.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Chilla Cup (a brew with a bite), Subang Avenue – spending some Me Time a few weeks back in February :) The place itself sets the mood as an ideal cafe to sit back and relax in; the good coffee, the delicious food, comfortable couches and free WiFi teamed up with very affordable prices which make Chilla Cup a great hang out spot if you enjoy good food and a good cup of coffee. I retired myself to this comfy couch with a cup of hot English tea and a slice of tiramisu and had the most lovely 120 minutes of afternoon bliss :) And I also enjoyed being away from my computer & mobile phone from a few hours a day just to read a good book. Enjoyable things can be simple acts that are easy to do, don’t cost very much, and don’t take much planning :)

in your face tomorrow

Shelter 101 ProjectThank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD :)
I have said that I wanted to take a break but GOD’s blessings have been pouring in. Earlier this month; unexpectedly, we have got the opportunity to view the Townhouse that we were so wanted it, in the first place because we thought that the set-up was ideal. However, after taking a look, the unit was not that fantastic as we expected it to be :( The second and the third bedroom is kind of small. Nonetheless, I am taking this positively as it helps us to narrow down our search. However, if it is meant to be, I think we are flexible enough to make the changes accordingly. I guess the advantage of living in a Townhouse is because of its low-density and it’s also kind of feel like living on a landed property. I am happy that we are making progress, baby steps at a time :) In any case, I look forward to exploring this year my brand new project.


Work Tales – News, Big News, Mother of all News – there has been an overall major overhaul shake-up & change at the G13 Top Management. On Tuesday, we saw the dismiss of the Scottish Commercial Director, on Wednesday, we saw the Chinese Finance Director decide to retire early and on Thursday, it was announced that our South African CEO decide to opt for early retirement too. Apparently, the rumors have been flying around since Monday before it arrives at a final decision. The reason for their discharge is that apparently that the Merchandising Team have been over-deducting and over-declaring the company’s Buying Income Figures over the years; without the acknowledgement from the suppliers. Thus, as the years went by, the figures have become to balloon by itself until it landed at RM300 million; realized by the Auditors. It is a very huge accumulated number. That is why whenever Leonardo asks me for more Buying Income every month, I will always say "I have no more money to declare, however I can give you more if you give me the permission to over charge the supplier first, these will be accrual figures". It is very important for Leonardo to know where the income is derived from. Form this situation; I think that it has been executed in a very fair & just manner. Usually, they will catch the small fish as a warning to the big fish, but in this case, they straight away catch all of the big fish because it is these big fishes that give the authority to the small fishes to do so. As we are fully owned by an Investment Company, it is very appropriate that such actions be taken to highlight transparency, ethics and trust. It has been a very interesting week :) When the new people comes in next week, I feel that I am entering a new company because I am very sure a very big change is about to take place. This year all of the hyper players in Malaysia is undergoing changes in many ways. The French was bought over by the Japanese, the English's Korean CEO has left (went back to Korea) & was replaced by a German and now G13 will ring in a new era as well.  

The latest status of my 'position' in my working life shall be - 'Happily trying to keep up with all of the work there is, try to do more, stop procrastinating, try to make less mistakes at work while keeping an eye on every opportunity that arises, to follow the passion towards greater things, the opportunity to shine, the chance to do what I loves everyday & to make it my career. I know it won’t help in anything job wise, but it will make me happier and it is what I want to do :)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Om Nom

Candy Crush :) I do not own an iphone but Baby Sis has one. I only get to play the game during the weekends when Baby Sis come back home. Last year, the same month, I was obsessed with the Angry Bird game but this year is Candy Crushing time.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Kompakt Automat

Brooks Run 03.03.13 – National Stadium Bukit Jalil – 10KM – Mission Accomplished.

My first 10km run and I manage to clock in at 1 hour 26 minutes :) James was not bad too; considering his size & weight :)

I am very happy with the results, better than I have expected. What's more I was lacking of training for the past 2 weeks, have been eating a lot; post-CNY, might have put on some weight...luckily, I manage to breeze through.
But I am not so happy with the run organizer. I think it was very badly organized. First, when the runners were running on the road, they should have close all of the three lanes, instead they only close two. Two running lanes is not a problem but it becomes a problem when the number of the turnout is huge. Thus, the running space becomes congested. The runners will bump into each other and they have to zigzag through very uncomfortably. Then there are runners who stop suddenly and the runner behind will bump into them. Then there is the water station. Runners literally have to stop to take their water. The organizers should have either have longer tables or pour more cups not still pouring water into the cups when the runners arrived. Lastly is the condition of the road which is not suitable to run on. There were constructions going on in certain areas, thus the roads have rocks, potholes due to heavy lorries ferrying building materials day in and day out. The route also covers many up hills as well. I’m on leave today to nurse my sore legs :) Additionally, it was also a heartfelt moment, watching a young chap on his wheelchair competing in the marathon as well.


Work Tales – Oh No - I have my work review with Leonardo done on last week Thursday. The usual big problem – SALES. I indeed deserve the bashing. If the whole division is growing rapidly at 4%, therefore, I ought to grow too…then why is my figure is dropping drastically. MTD Feb – the figure is positive. I only have a major drop in January; that is why when both of the January + February month combine = my YTD is down. The major culprit is from the Seasonal Deco category but all of the other categories are also not that healthy either. All recorded a down trend. I know I am the problem. It’s internal. I seem to lost the passion & enthusiasm that I used to have. Without these 2 key ingredients, I become sien & bored. Then I slack on my job, and when things keep flushing in rapidly, I cannot cope – which I think Leonardo also notice. I know that I need to do something. I even try to change my working style, do something new so that I won’t get bored…but nothing seems to work. I don’t think it’s unusual to work a lot. It’s what most people do in the world. I am also of the view that all business need to refresh themselves with new management and ideas and after being a buyer for the past 8 years, I believe it is appropriate for someone new to pick up the baton to create a new breakthrough in the retail market. Money is not the only motivator. Money is only a by-product. A sense of accomplishment, recognition, justice, fulfillment or even just the desire to do good for others is better motivators. These are the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love & purpose and as part of a search for something believed in & desired. I don’t want to be like the unfortunate people out there, people who know what their dreams are, have the resources to do so but don’t want to realize them.

On last week Saturday, one of the article in ‘’ – they did a feature on the Top 10 reasons on why talents quit – I can identify 2 which describe my current situation right now – not intellectually stimulating & boring routine. I will try again this week…knowing that I’m in a job that gives me a OK financial satisfaction minus that soul-deep happiness that my passion bring…I will create excitement in my personal sphere, yeah compromising. But of course, I know that sometimes, there’s just no way to hold back the river. I don’t want to go through life wanting to do so but no action has been taken. This week, there will be more obstacles, detours and adjustments, but I’ve got to move the same compass point.

Mayor of Casterbridge

:( Matthew Resigns – Celtic went babbling to everyone that Matthew was so comfortable in the French zone that Matthew could not adapt to the new G13 culture. I’m of the opinion that it was a mismatch between what Matthew wants to do and what the job required. Matthew loves developing new product for the market while the current job requires lots of analytical & precision studies of the product life cycle. I would say that both of the scopes are complementing each other, however taking into Matthew’s extrovert nature, it is indeed boring to just look at the figures. Luck was also not on Matthew’s side as well. Matthew manage to secure a new job but the employer; at the very last minute inform Matthew that the position will be given to an internal staff as a promotion, thus Matthew was unable to secure the new position :( Better luck next time. Matthew & Victoria are one of the nicest people to be around with. Good conversations always leaves me feeling like life is wonderful and they always have a ready smile on their face all day, every day :)

Body Got Shit

Zam Zam Arabic Restaurant, Oasis 9, Shah Alam – most of the Arabic restaurant is located in the city where most of the Middle Easterner tourist are. So surprisingly, in my neighborhood, Arabic food is to be found :) Apparently, I have read somewhere that Zam Zam is the biggest Arabic Restaurant around. I guess is because they not only entertain walk-in but also involve in weddings and caterings as well. This is a good place to go for authentic Arabic food if one doesn’t want to go all the way down to KL. Its worth giving this place a shot. The place is run by their own Arabic people. The food didn’t take a long time to arrive. We have Lamb Kebab (called Halebi), Humus with their pita-like bread and chicken & lamb wrapped in tortilla-like bread. The meats are chewy, meaty and have a strong flavor of mild spices and sweetness from the tomatoes. The ambience was nice, prices are affordable, meals are big in portion, offering patrons a well considered menu for modern Arabic dining :)

when the Moon embrace the Sun

The 85th Academy Awards - I am so happy that Ang Lee won an Oscar for the Best Director for the movie ‘Life of Pi’. A first – for an Asian, a Taiwanese, a Chinese to be in the spotlight. I did not expect that the time has come for us Asians to have such a breakthrough. Not only that, one of the CGI company that was collaborating in the project was a Malaysian-based company as well; call Rhythm & Hues. This is such a proud moment – Malaysia Boleh. Malaysia is indeed has a huge pool of untapped talent. This country has survived and even thrived for the past 50 years or more on a low-wage system; which cause a severe brain drain where talented & super genius Malaysians opt to migrate and start their new lives overseas where the pay is better & everything else is better off. Now, what’s left and what remains in this country is literally the saki-baki that’s not so great in the first place. So, Malaysia – as we move forward to 2020 – let’s start all over with the right ingredients. Of course, without a doubt, if we throw out the low-wage system, we are going to lose our foreign investors who came here in the first place because of our cheap labor. But its time that we emulate Singapore where we transit ourselves into a more economic, financial, marketing, intellectual & service base country.

Yes, Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award. She so deserve it :) I hope to see her soon in My Fair Lady. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Vendetta 172

Surprise, surprise – Liverpool thumped Wigan 4 – 0 :)
A goal from Stewart Downing and a hattrick from Luis Suarez – his second hattrick of the season and he is topping the Premier League scoring charts, taking his tally to 21; two goals ahead of Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie.
Can he win the Golden Boot prize?

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Rippling Blossom

Pope Benedict XVI has left the Vatican for the last time as pontiff and flown to his Castel Gandolfo residence on his final days as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Once Benedict has officially abdicated, the 117 Vatican cardinals who are tasked with electing their next pontiff will convene to begin informal discussions on choosing the next pope. The earliest date allowed under current Holy See regulations for the College of Cardinals to decide on their new leader is on March 15. The Pope made history & send shock waves across the world when he announced that he was to stand down due to "advanced age"; becoming the first to do so for six centuries. I certainly agree with his move that due to his advancing age, it is vital to find someone who is younger & vigor to lead the religion in today's hostile environment & generation. In the former’s pope words…there were moments…when the seas were rough and the wind blew against us and it seemed that the Lord was sleeping. Like every business institutions, the new pope & his team have to integrate themselves better into the world’s society as many people have abandon religion, kindness to embrace materialism, making themselves more relevant in today’s volatile world, transparency will be the key driver to restore the lost trust & mismanagement, maintaining integrity and be the beacon of hope & good for every people from every nation.

And, it’s also a reminder that I must always learn to be responsible in carrying out the calling and tasks that are also entrusted to me :)