Monday, December 31, 2012

Complete Works

:) Yup, today is the day – the eve of the New Year 2013. Oh boy, how times flies. It’s a time to reflect about the year that has just passed, and a time to look forward to the year that is ahead. It’s a time for giving and receiving. For parties and get-togethers, but also a time for finding solitude. It’s a time for taking breaks, but also everything that is going at top speed. It’s about family and friends. Faith and food. Laughter and the last-minute dash for finishing work and holiday shopping. I do cherish the chance to think about the different highlights and challenges that I’ve had this year. Yes, even if some of those memories may not always be pleasant. To me, it’s a good time to celebrate the milestones & opportunities, but also to find a way to leave the difficult moments behind and move my life forward. To enjoy the joyful times and to forgive hurts. To let go of pain and to be grateful for life’s wins. This is the time of the year where I pause and do a lot of reading and writing. Not just for reflecting on the past, but also for anticipating the future. This always brings everything back into perspective.

So yeah, even as I write this post, I am sitting here, marveling at the year that I’ve lived. It’s amazing how the setbacks in my life can be buried if I focus on all of the good stuff that has happened to me. It was enjoyable but extremely challenging. It forced me to look at the light and the pretty things in life every day.

Tomorrow, as the sun rise to welcome the New Year – more challenges will plough my way. I am not sure whether I have sufficient courage left in this body of mine to face them, but I will face them. I know that it sounds a bit silly, but I know that I will weather them well with GOD in my life and life will still be great :) After all, I did survived the end of the world right? :)

What a year indeed. Bring it on, 2013…I am ready to do Battle & Be Brave. 2013 will be a year where I will live up to my full potential (in my career, in my community connections, in my friendship, in love, with my family, my Me Time, my relaxation & in spirituality), share more, eat fresh, healthy & delicious food, workout, make time for important & people stuff, I will listen (as in really listen) to others & to my heart, grin more, I will grow my blog, remember names & faces, drink good coffee, learn new stuff (cooking), create stuff bravely, make new mistakes (and learn from them) and love it all. 2013 will be an amazing year :)

That’s a wrap :)

If I’m scared, be scared. Allow it. Release it – Beyonce

Source Code

:) Liverpool piled on the misery for QPR as they comfortably beat Harry Redknapp’s beleaguered side 3 - 0 at Loftus Road in the final Premier League match of the year.

The Big Bang Style

Shout to the Lord

My Jesus, my Savior
Lord, there is none like you
All of my days
I want to praise
The wonders of your mighty love

My comfort, my shelter
Tower of refuge and strength
Let every breath
All that I am
Never cease to worship you

Shout to the Lord, all the earth let us sing
Power and majesty, praise to the King
Mountains bow down, and the seas will roar
At the sound of your name
I sing for joy at the work of your hands
Forever I'll love you
Forever I'll stand
Nothing compares to the promise I have in you

My Jesus, my Savior
Lord, there is none like you
All of my days, I want to praise
The wonders of your mighty love
My comfort, my shelter
Tower of refuge and strength
Let every breath, all that I am
Never cease to worship you

Let's keep GOD's blessings coming! :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Year Of Marvels

Modesto, CapSquare – was there to celebrate the retirement of my right-hand neighbor; the Director Mr. Jan Vet and also another Operation Director Mr. Frans B. Earlier on, was a farewell lunch at the local Golf Club. The dinner buffet was good, the wine was good, the music suited the mood of everyone, conversations & laughter was flowing out non-stop...overall a very good camaderie.

All of the colleagues were very sad that Mr. Jan Vet will be leaving after serving the division for 8 eights. As I am a newbie and didn’t have the time to get to know him better, I didn’t feel anything at all :) We have less interaction as he will directly look for Leonardo most of the time; unlike the French with a more open concept where the bosses will look and communicate to the Division Manager & Category Manager at the same time. Here in G13, they follow the hierarchy line. There are pros & cons. I personally much more prefer a working environment with a strong SOP culture and inclusive decision making & communication systems. Then, the people will have a sense of ownership and feel that they are a part of the organization.  

As a matter of fact, I am also just looking forward to the new director that will be onboard soon and the new direction that we will be heading into the new year of 2013. Mr. Jan Vet has been a larger than life figure in the office, always dominating, clever and has clever strategies & movements. Under his stewardship, we all are in good position, growing & progressing. The team can still manage different types of recent tough scenarios – a volatile economy, the recent re-structuring of the English which produce a more aggressive & lean business model & strategies, the rise of the underdog; when the Japanese who recently acquired another 20+ stores of the French; this further elevate their position in the retail market - and yet, we still get the results; which is important. We can also defend in difficult conditions and his commitment to the group has been fabulous. I further admire his courage when he apologizes to Leonardo in public for calling Leonardo stupid is commendable.

I am fine with nothing changing at the moment. I would love for nothing to change…at the moment :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Born a RED, Live a RED, Die a RED

It’s so frustrating to see them continue blowing hot and cold.
It’s more like one day they play the game like a bunch of graceful swans. The next day, they turn into ugly ducklings. One day they are Jekyll, the next, they are Hyde. Beauty and the beast, even. Two weeks ago, they were insipid in the 3 – 1 loss to Aston Villa. That was the Reds as an ugly duckling, Jekyll, Beast or whatever you want to call them. Then, last week, they turned in a wonderful show to power past Fulham 4 – 0. That, my fellow com-Reds was our team in full flow, like the swans. Then, on Boxing Day – our team turned into ugly ducklings once again as they were pulverized 3 – 1 by Stoke :(
Let’s stop kidding ourselves. We are still struggling to stay in the Top 10, let alone Top 4.
So come on Reds – YNWA!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

laughter at the christmas lawn

Merry Christmas 2012
Christmas is always homey, warm, accepting, loving, joy, ever faithful & re-newing :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

the 100th sequel

:) Early Christmas present for the fans - the Reds swept to a 4 - 0 victory over Fulham at Anfield on Saturday.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Help

The World did not end today.
The World did not come to a still today.
As a matter of fact, today has been a very remarkable day for me.
As the Mayan Calendar ends today – tomorrow is the birth of a new beginning.
There was such a lovely atmosphere in the air today…that I just wanted to sit down quietly, slowly soak up all of the goodness of life into my bones…and to remember how amazing & blessed my life has been and also how precious life is :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Red’s Revenge

The Reds' revival ended with a surprise 3 - 1 defeat against a struggling Aston Villa at Anfield :(

One Hundred Names

Jack Reacher The Movie – Jack Reacher towers over most people as he is six-foot-five-inch (196 cm) giant. He is not much of a talker, has an impressive 50-inch (127 cm) chest, ice blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He is a former military man who stays off the grid and wanders alone around America carrying nothing much more than cash and a foldable toothbrush. He has never possessed a driver's license. He doesn’t stay very long in one place; he is constantly on the move. Since leaving the army, Reacher has been a drifter and after the real life of 2001 terror attacks on 9/11; with an expired passport on him, he wanders across the United States mainly by hitching rides with strangers and inevitably comes across crimes that need his expertise in solving. The reason for doing so is because he felt he never get to know his own country, having spent much of his youth living overseas on military bases and at the military school West Point. He was born on a military base. He wanders throughout the United States because he was accustomed to being told where to go, when to go and what to do for every day of his life from military childhood to military adulthood. Reacher drink lots of coffee, sleeps fully dressed, never carries spare clothes (he just wears what he has on until they’re dirty, then throws them away and buys a new – always very cheap outfit). Reacher is unemotional and has a fascination with mathematics – he calculates his fight moves mathematically in his head. This man is also able to break a man’s neck with one hand, should the circumstances require him to do so.

Jack Reacher is also a popular fictional character, the central figure in the 17 Jack Reacher novels written so far by British author Jim Grant, better known by his pen name – Lee Child.

But in the first Jack Reacher movie, simply call Jack Reacher and schedule to open worldwide on December 21st – the protagonist is played by the dark haired and rather smaller than the book character – Tom Cruise! :( This casting choice seems more than a little unorthodox. It is like casting Oprah Winfrey to play Karen Carpenter. I have not watched the movie yet. Perhaps, the movie will be better than the book…who knows. But Tom Cruise? Why of all people. He is of a much smaller frame, too clean, too polished to play Reacher. Reacher has excess baggage, rugged, a silent & moody charisma personality, low profile while Cruise is loud and such a show-off. However, Child is convinced that Tom Cruise is the best man for the job – saying that the actor nails it. I've got to watched it and judge for myself.

When I first started reading the Jack Reacher series back in 2006 – I thought Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves were a better choice. I have read 4 books thus far – The Enemy, One Shot, Without Fail & Killing Floor. What’s appealing about the book is the human story with characters and situations that is well recognized. Jack Reacher is a well loved hero; the book has plenty of actions and incidents. I love his thoughts, his tastes, his quirky reactions, his deductive instincts. Reacher is a universal myth – the noble loner, the mysterious stranger, the knight errant. Every culture and every period of history has stories about men just like him. And every part of the world has tough cities and bad guys.

'Hope for the best, plan for the worst’ – Jack Reacher

'Never volunteer for anything. Soldier’s basic rule’ – Jack Reacher

Raised Wild

When people ask me my age – which I answer back triumphantly; 30 :)
Marital Status – which I answer back bravely; single :)
I’ve grown accustomed to such questions now. However, based on their reactions, I don’t know if it stems from curiosity, wonder, pity or perhaps even envy. Maybe it’s a combination of everything. But this doesn’t bother me at all. These days, it’s not that uncommon to stumble across single women over the age of 30.

We all have our reasons – some love their jobs so much that if they could marry them, they would. Others prefer to wait until they find someone really suitable, while some claim that the timing was just not right, others chip in that they want to accomplish a few things from their bucket list before taking the plunge or perhaps upon deeper reflection, it was a case of jodoh belum sampai. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, I leave that to GOD. HE; I believe knows what’s best for me.

For me, the best thing about being single is freedom. I’m not obliged to answer to a man and I don’t have to worry how my decisions may affect him. I can make my plans at a moment’s notice without consulting him. In short, I can be selfish :) Being on my own means that I have to be independent and responsible for my own actions. Knowing that I can take care of myself is very satisfying. It builds character and boosts my self-worth. Singlehood makes it easier for me to do things that I’d like to do. I just need to push myself and see how far I can stretch my capabilities. When the possibilities are endless, everything boils down to you having the courage to overcome your fears and shine. I always say – Ride The Rollercoaster and Smile At The Store :)

Nonetheless, not every single day is a sunny day for the singleton. There will come a time (which already arrives for me), when loneliness creeps in. It comes without warning, scaring the daylight out of you. Big L is a lurker, I tell you. He pounces on you when you least expect it. A few years ago, when most of my girlfriends had settled down, I have the tendency to shy away from gatherings attended by couples. The thought of being Bridget Jones ‘All By Myself’ was too much for me :) In the end, I realized that I was being very silly. No one asked when I was going to settle down and I didn’t have to ask them when they were going to have a baby / another baby. These days, many of my friends have uploaded their happy family pictures on Facebook, when this happens; I simply share pictures of my adventures :)

But things aren’t all that bad. I’m learning to make new friends and I also have wonderful friends who seem more than happy to have me around, be it at social or family gatherings. Sure, once in a while they will ask me ‘how’s the love life going?’ – to which I cheerfully reply that I will work on it. They take the hint and move on to the other things. All in all – I’m happy to live vicariously through friends & cousins who are mothers or fathers while enjoying my freedom and independence. I’m grateful. Until someone decent comes along, I shall enjoy my singlehood and just go with the flow.

Life is fragile, life is precious - MAKE IT GREAT :)  

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Charcoal Project

i am sick :(

Hip Hoppin’

Ta daa – the collection is now completed. Of course, minus the casing, didn’t buy the casing; it was bloody expensive :) A short introduction of the models - from left to right >> Ferrari 458 Italia (my favorite), Ferrari 150 Italia, Scuderia Ferrari Truck, Ferrari FXX, Ferrari F40 and finally the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beauty & A Beat

Urbanscapes 2012 – I am so so blessed :) This year is their 10th Anniversary too. It was muddy, sunny, awesome and spectacular. Thank you so much Baby Sis! The tickets for Urbanscapes have been very pricey for the last few years. It used to be free entry, then it starts charging RM30 and lately to RM100++ due to its night concert which features our local indie bands. To get our way in – we have to volunteer our time at the The Star & Leaderonomics ‘Do Good’ Booth. I also have a free 'Do Good' Volunteer t-shirt. What we did that day was basically getting people to sign up with the 'Do Good' portal, snapping polaroid pictures, badges, pamphlets & inflatable pom-pom give-aways. Also bumped into my French ex-colleague from the Marketing Department; Cathy & Rue Bee, both are currently attached with Kaki Seni.

After the volunteering work was done, it was freedom for us and we walk around Padang Astaka – there were so many exciting booths that sell lots of exciting stuffs ranging from retro Astroboy posters, to funky leather handbags, to gorgeous handmade baby hats, to designer stationery products, to cushions, jewellery, stuff toys and much more! Plus there are the multiple home made food, beverages & desserts stalls and charitable organizations kiosks. And then there was the happening crowd – group of yuppies wearing the coolest mis-match clothes of different colors and shades, funky accessories etc.

It was awesome. I get to do good and have fun at the same time :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The How Of Happiness

Liverpool 3 - 2 West Ham :)

Evens & Odds

Legoland Malaysia – the latest & newest theme park from Denmark is finally here. I was there with Faith, Jane & Cindy – mutual friends of Stephanie’s. Indeed, as my circle of friends is getting smaller, it’s indeed the right time to search and mix with new acquaintances :) It’s weird how fate brings people into our lives. Still, the idea of travelling with a bunch of strangers was something I’ve never done before. I was mentally prepared that everyone I meet would be fake, awkward and mean. Just in case :)

It was a good road trip; we put up a 2 nights stay at the Tune Hotel in Danga Bay. Legoland is awesome, but it was very hot & humid. Full of people, long queues everywhere. I guess because it’s a new theme park, the trees; even though they are tall enough, but they were not shady sufficiently. I advise that people should visit Legoland once it’s ready. The hotel is still in construction, the indoor theme park is not completed yet, only the outdoor theme park is ready. Thus, it’s not really worth the money. We were lucky because Faith’s father works in MayBank (one of their co-branding partners) – thus we are entitle to 35% discount where we only pay RM91. I would say that the theme park is very suitable for families with young children. There are so many playgrounds and play areas. For the adults, there are only 2 thrilling roller-coaster rides, a 4D short animation studio and the Lego Mini City. The Legoland was built according to its original concepts of Lego City, Lego Jungle, Lego Castle and Duplo. Which is good because it sticks closely to its origins. However, Lego is also closely associated with Ninjago, Harry Potter, Star Wars but the management didn’t build the attractions surrounding these themes. I know that I will enjoy it very much. Nonetheless, the kid in me enjoys all of the magnetism that it offers :)

It was a simple and easy holiday, but we all had a fantastic time! :) We were also blessed with glorious weather.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’re been taking – Earl Wilson

The Universe Docs

La Cocina - dinner with Victoria & James. A very nice & cozy place. It was established since 2001 in Subang Jaya. Their paella, tapas and sangria was excellent too. They serve authentic Spanish cuisine. They also have a Wine Bar above the Restaurant. It is well stocked with a wine cellar, whiskies, Cuban cigars, pools, darts & karaoke. Awesome :)

We talked a lot. Mostly surrounding on the latest developments of Aeon Big. The new management has also introduced that every first Monday of the month morning assembly to instill patriotism. The Japanese have been slow & steady. Can see that both Victoria & James are very concern & worried, even though they try not to show it in front of me.

Before I left the French, I have been encouraging Victoria to leave the HouseBrand Department and join Team Baz. Victoria was hired by Snow Petrol to be a buyer, however with a twist of fate; Victoria was landed in another department. I have been encouraging Victoria to take up the vacant Stationery Buyer post or Celtic’s position or to join my team as a Toy Buyer. During that time, I already knew that I wanted to leave, but as I wanted to be a little bit “Yee Hei” and the offers that are pouring in were not my cup of tea – I decide to stay for a little while and help Stewart to organize the team as much as possible. I finished up all of the D33 2012 contact negotiations, the Mid Valley Revamping and the Assortment & Planogram review. All of the major tasks have been completed. Additionally, both William & Henry have also been settling down pretty well. So, my plan was even when I couldn’t get a job, the worst case scenario would be for me to take a 3 months holiday break (I will tender my letter somewhere in June or July and my estimated last day should be somewhere in September) and start all over again in 2013. However, GOD has blessed me very wonderfully indeed because I get to recover fast. Thus, in the midst of it all, I have planned for a succession planning for D33. Even though, there is no new Division Manager for D33, at least all of the buyers are in place and can help Stewart. However, Victoria is still loyal to the HouseBrand label. As for James, having an accounting background will continue to ensure that he will gain employment no matter where he is.

Now, looking at both of them, I feel so blessed and thankful for being alive, for leaving the French earlier and are in the G13 camp. Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD. These 2 individuals are one of those people who have been very supportive in my career and I wish them both all the best. I’m completely open. I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on. As the year ends, I also don’t like to whine about all of the stuff that make us feel frustrated and stressed out because we’ve had our share of good blessings as well and I feel it’s more appropriate to focus on the good stuff moving forward.

The fact that the French is being sold is also not a bad thing as well. Instead of continuing running around like a headless chicken, it is good that stability, a clear direction, precise strategies will finally reign over them. Everyone and everything will be given a new confidence booster.

Come to think of it - the prospect of me heading back there one day – you can never say never :) I’ve had a great time and I think it will always be my home. I’ll always look at it as where I’ve come from and going back there would be nice one day. IF. But I want to go and experience some things for a bit. It’s almost like leaving home and going travelling. But I’m doing it with a different company. I’m really really happy about it. You can’t live with regrets in your life. You have to make a decision and stick with it. Whether it’s right or wrong, you just have to make the most of it, stick to your guns and hope you can turn it around or turn it into a positive :) I've never been more grateful, inspired, nor had more conviction about what I was doing :)

Sunday, December 09, 2012


2012 had it all for the Queen - tradition, modernity, fun and reflection. This mix was a perfect representation of the monarchy as it stands today – younger generations democratizing the institution established by their elders. The London Olympics was a huge success – totally representing the essence & quirks of the English. Just when the year was drawing to a close, William and Kate put the icing on the cake. The couple's news of a royal pregnancy means that 2013, the Queen's 61st year on the throne, promises to continue the jubilation. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee year celebrates the best moments that made history – and sealed a legacy.

Pages Of Treasures

I'm going to do more of this - Live Honestly, Love Passionately, Care Endlessly, Speak Kindly :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

smile at the storm

I am 30 years (and 183 days) old today :) Why am I announcing this publicly? Perhaps seeing it in print might help this fact to sink in better :) It’s also a bit of a challenge with the passing of every calendar year to have your brain steadfastly remain in its heady 20s, while your body send you stark reminders of your corporeal shelf life in the form of aches and creaks :)

I want to be very honest about this. In terms of my social life this year, it’s exploding; full of fireworks which I am very happy about because I get to experience, see, feel & touch so many things. It was so good for my senses. It was fresh, exciting, triumphant, big, bold, brave, powerful but also soft, intimate, humble and quiet. I love how it feels, I love how it sounds, it has so many journeys that I will take with it, it is also very experimental. I am really enjoying it :)

Professionally, I was at ease for the first 6 months of the calendar year, even though I was running around like headless chickens with the French. However, for the last 6 months, I am still a little bit uncomfortable with this new change & environment. Maybe it’s because I know that Leonardo still holds a torch for Jonas, everyone in the office is still talking about Jonas, everyone is comparing me with Jonas, everyone is still highlighting the greatness & the masterpieces of Jonas (even though there are wrongs here & there, they will still gladly covering everything up), and then there is the troublemaker Alice; who whispers to fellow suppliers that I have yet to settle down nicely, I have not been performing, I am of no use, hopeless, blur, indecisive, dependent, slow, inefficient, no logic & sense, I am a loner in the office with no friends and I don’t get along well with Leonardo. Thus, because of Alice - everyone thinks that I am not happy. Yes, I am indeed not happy because of the above events. How am I to be happy? At the end of the day, I’m a human being too. And I know that it doesn’t help that I have yet to deliver the numbers to back me up. The BTS season have already started and what pains me the most is that every single division is on an up-trend while I am still registering a deficit :(

Even Stewart also ask me the other day ‘Seriously, are you happy, is Stationery fun for you?’ I too did consider joining back Stewart for a moment there. Stewart feels that I don’t look like a Stationery Buyer :) When I was doing Stationery in M13, I remembered that I was loving it. Now, I find it to be very boring. The French have been bought over by the Japanese. Apparently, everything will be at a status quo until further notice. Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD – Madam Tang & Mr. Shoji; whom I met in December last year during an interview session…unexpectedly, these people remember me and was shock that I have eventually left. And they even ask if I would like to return. Which I am tempted to but not at the moment because things have yet to stabilize at their end. And anyway, no more Buying/Sourcing/Merchandising job for me anymore in the future. It will be Planing/SDD.

Honestly though, I’ve never quite bought into that mentality that one must behave ‘a certain way’ when one has reached ‘a certain age’. If there’s anything my uncertain life has taught me, it’s that I should grab every proverbial bull by the horns and make a nice handbag or two of it. Achieving this state of mind, however, has taken years of learning, as well as unlearning. More so having grown up and lived in a society and during a generation in which ‘what people said – or rather gossiped’ mattered more that ‘what made you content’.

In my realm of growth and moving ahead strategies :) I have decided to add these 4Rs into my life – Rebel, Roam, Release and Revel. To me, Rebel is about doing something contrary to communal expectations. I will continue to do what I think is right. Roam, if you want to or need to and roam around the world for sure. Roaming so far has jolted me out from my comfort zone and opens my eyes to the myriad options that is outside the perimeters of my private tempurung. That is also why I am encouraging myself to grab the opportunities whenever it present itself to see and experience other lifestyles & culture. You’ll either learn something useful and new or appreciate what you already have. Perhaps the biggest area of unlearning for me was to learn to let things go; Release. In my case, a deepening sense of faith has helped tremendously. I was a firebrand in my younger days with a razor sharp tongue to boot. This doesn’t mean that I now have angel wings and a gleaming halo. However, I am learning to accept that sometimes it’s not worth getting your knickers in a tight knot over petty matters and that forgiving quickly saves you stomach ulcers. And I want to Revel with happy thoughts :)

I know that I have been very tired; both physically & mentally. Emotionally too. Starting all over again as the new Division Manager for D33. The whole cleaning up process with William & Henry. Then, it was moving over to G13. Again, starting all over again from the beginning. But I have definitely evolved. I have evolved as a person, I have become clearer about how to express myself and I am in a zone that is much more direct. I have become a better individual. I have become more clear in how to execute my plans and have finally learnt how to give everything.

It is up to the people whether they want to judge their life in a monetary perspective or in a non-monetary perspective. There is no right or wrong. I just tend to evaluate my life on the number of adventures, experiences & senses that I go through and the happy thoughts that I have. I am a nomad; I drift from one place to another.

I try – uncomplicated, every day I gratefully let something go, making space in my life for new ideas & experiences. Every day, I remember the essence of who I am. I believe when you do something with your heart and do it 100%, you have to be proud of yourself & your team and I will try again next year :)

I will not explain every decision that I have make. Let people see & judge for themselves. They can discuss among themselves. They can think what they want. They can say what they want. They can critic what they want. I will do my job and I will let the people to decide it. I do that every day and I do my best every day. I know why I do it.

These experiences made me feel so small, so grateful and so inspired. I felt so alive. So peaceful. So happy with this conclusion :)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

raw & organic

Liverpool edge out Southhampton 1 - 0 :)

California Sky

People behaving badly – occasionally, I am one of them as well :) But I try to be very patient these days if the incidents are reasonable enough.

The past weekends – there are 2 things which have annoyed me.

Firstly, during the Urbanscapes 2012 event, roads were closed, traffic was heavy but there were police traffic officers & RELA members who are physically present; directing the motorist around. It’s a once a year event, it’s not like it’s a daily occurrence. Yet the drivers are so impatient & have no courtesy and they start to honk loud & long. Do they realize that there is an Eye Specialist Hospital around the area? We learn in our Undang-Undang book that we cannot honk in hospital zones as there are patients who are resting for their recovery.

Secondly, then during the Desa Park City Run, as the runners need to cross the streets, the traffic officers stop the cars from driving through. Again, the drivers have to honk loud & long. Where is their patience? They have been pre-informed earlier that a run will take place and there are alternative routes available. I seriously don’t understand why people behave so badly. I get it if they were kids. When I was much younger, I too would whine and curse every time I was inconvenienced. But by the time you start to develop wrinkles in your face and gray in your hair, isn’t it time to be a little more mellow and kind? At our age, haven’t we seen enough in life to know when things are beyond anyone’s control and people are genuinely trying, versus when things are really unreasonable and it’s time to create a big fuss? Or perhaps, for some folks, life is so stressful and they are so high strung that they have no tolerance for hiccups.

Age with grace, humility and kindness. It’s the best way to do it :)

Jolly Sailor Bold

Lunch with Mel Jag, Torres & Miss Klein at Ole-Ole Bali; we had a very delicious Indonesian food. Then it was to Dome…ah, the smell of excellent coffee and the piping hot meals. We cover so many topics – issues that everyone goes through; the process of acquiring our first-to-be property, marriage, spouse & children, work, travelling, political satire, random toilet humor, lots of laughs. It was a relax, be yourself, be happy, be confident and just enjoying the evening kind of mood. These buddies always put a smile on my face. We are happy, relaxed and ready to rock this New Year.

I can’t believe its December already. I’m looking forward to 2013. I hope it will be filled with joy, peace and good health for my family and to everyone out there. May we always have love in our hearts and may we all live our lives well in the year ahead. Let's hug each other more as well. My fitness and energy levels are up, as is my confidence and spirit. I’m feeling so damn fine right now :)

Sunshine & City Lights

Desa Park City Run 2012 – my second run of the year :) Better timing improvement this time around. I did 45 minutes in my first Standard Chartered 5KM run; this time around I manage to do a 40 minutes for the same length. Even though its 5 minutes of time improvement, nonetheless it was a tiny achievement for me. Sometimes, life is about celebrating personal milestones and goals, no matter how big or small they are.

I can feel the excitement and courage of pushing myself mentally and physically. Overcoming my fears, self-doubts and anxieties. Mixed up with feelings of drive, pain, consistency, discipline and euphoria. The journey has been amazing so far! I think I could have done better if James & I were not late. First, we were late. Secondly, the bloody car park was so far from the starting line…so I have already used up at least a quarter of my energy just by walking from the car park to the starting line. I am just glad that I finish the run. It was a mixture of jogging, running, sprinting, brisk walk and walking all roll into one. When you are running, heaving & puffing for air - it was a senseless and terrifying moments of running. Where your brain, heart and breathing all seem to stop. Where you see everything, but don’t process anything. Where you feel like you’re moving in slow motion. But I had a great time :)

Today, I also realized that the best part of my run is the view. Desa Park City is such a beautiful place to live in. The houses are so spacious and nicely design. There are so many greens around, there is the lake & park, the community mall, the gourmet eateries, nice looking people walking their dogs…too bad, it’s an address that I cannot afford in my life time :) During my run – deep down – I think I’m a terrible runner because I’m always looking around. I TOTALLY have no focus! I notice the texture of the grass, the way the light hits the leaves, the shape of the trees & its branches, whether the trees have flowered and what species they are, the birds darting across on my left, the number plate of the van that drove past, what brands of shoes that the majority of people are wearing, their tired faces, mens with their six-packs…it’s visual white noise. But I love it :) After the run, James & I had a big and hearty breakfast of freshly brewed coffee, oily mamak mee goreng and warm toasted bread with kaya :) Ahh, this life is simply amazing :)