Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flying Finn / IceMan

So Kimi Raikkonen won :( A gearbox glitch cost Lewis Hamilton a place in the history books as Formula One’s youngest world champion. The 22-years old British rookie finished seventh in the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix, losing the title by just 1 point!
Well, 2007 Formula 1 Grand Prix is one that many people are not in a hurry to forget. It was a season that saw drama on and off the track, the controversial Spy-gate scandal, the rise of the first driver of Afro-Caribbean descent to race in F1 & the bitter personal rivalry between drivers from the same camp. I think Alonso is a cry baby. As world champion, he expected to be treated as number 1 and has become increasingly irritated at what he perceives to be McLaren’s favoritism towards Hamilton. He didn’t expect the youngster to steal his thunder by doing so well and better than him. He expects Hamilton to play a supporting role in helping him to retain the championship crown. If he wasn’t so full of jealousy, it won’t have lead to a complete meltdown in his relationship with Hamilton. These ingredients have injected the much needed life into the sport cum multi-million pound business.

Every young kid wants to be Lewis Hamilton. Schumacher who? :) I’m disappointed that Hamilton lost. He could have clinched the title back in Shanghai. Perhaps, it’s a good thing that Hamilton and Alonso didn’t win. Hamilton has made such a remarkable debut; sizzling the track with his electrifying performance and his future will be very bright. He has the skills, verve and nerve. He has shredded the F1 record books. When he won third-place in his first ever grand prix back in Melbourne, I thought it was a fluke, but it was a sign that better things were to come.
The ‘H’ factor is here to stay :) Can’t wait for 2008. The giant will rise, conquer and perhaps a win.

South Africa won the Rugby World Cup :(

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Boy's FairyTale

The Firm held a Raya cum Farewell dinner on Monday night. So we makan-makan, borak-borak and then balik. The 5-course dinner was not that appetizing (munched up vegetables just feel like rubbery little blocks, meat is like spongy orange peel), speeches were dull - overall it was lame. Everyone just chatted, laughed and share stuffs in their heads. At the end of the night, we said Thank You & Good Bye to Mr. Chan (The Accountant who will be undertaking mergers and take-over projects at Deloitte), Big King from IT and Yi Fan.

No decision is good or bad at the time of making it. Only time can tell if it was a good decision or not – UnKnown.

I am truly humbled. I don’t expect my life to be satisfying anymore; it is enough if it is peaceful :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am waiting for the day to come where I can say - Life is here. The past is gone. Life is now.
To ensure that my soul is still alive, breathing and well; I shall cling on to thisThings happen for a reasoneven though I have yet to fully grasp the logic, reasoning and understanding behind it all. There is Hope. I shall wait for that day.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

shit happens

Had a lunch appointment with Jesz at Uncle Lim’s, Subang Parade. Catching up; we are college mates (former Olympians) and now The Circle are all grown up. Engaged. Getting married. Buying a house. Starting a family. It’s all happening :) And it’s happy scary because all of a sudden, we are in our mid-twenties, and the late twenties are quickly approaching.

My Pa was involved in a car accident on the Penang Bridge. Thank GOD, nothings happen to him, only Benz was injured. Somehow, with this incident; where a different picture could have occurred, I’ve learnt to treasure my family more. Realizing that GOD could have taken my parents away when their time comes without even giving me a warning. Quality time.

Nothing happens! I began to lost count the number of my failed attempts in my Seeking Assignments. Confidence and Faith are dented, bruised and wounded :(
When I say that it is boring, it does not mean that there is nothing to do, there are lots to do. Boring is when there is nothing to learn! I don’t want to sit in my cubicle and work, work on routine tasks where the process could have been automated in the first place. I’m not saying that I’m destined to do bigger things or challenge the world…I just want to learn. I do not want to remain stagnant. Why I keep on emphasizing on learning and experience? It’s because I want to do THIS in 2018. That is why I cannot remain stagnant and wasting my time. I need the exposure. If I’m not doing THIS, might as well, I just sit in the cubicle for good. And the environment…the surrounding, the people – unhealthy! I cannot believe that I am still alive :) I feel trapped. It's like I’m boxed in… I know there's an exit to this, but it's nowhere near me.
I have a lot of fear in me right now. I think this year would have been a good year if I never did what I did. Things would’ve been a whole lot different. Not better, not worse, just different. It’s still something I want but different; unlike now.

Aside from feeling frustrating, I’ve been feeling really lazy these last few days. It must be all this wet weather. Haakon & Fredrik notice. Oops…

Monday, October 15, 2007

snuggly wuggly

It was the Raya weekend, so we went shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Previously I did a short review on Pavilion KL; so today will be another short assessment on the RM550 million expansions and re-modeling exercise of Sunway Pyramid. The mall which first opened its doors in 1997, now boast an impressive built-up area of 4 million square feet with a nett lettable area of 1.7 million square feet. The expansion and re-modeling exercise also saw the number of retail outlets increased to 800 from the previously 300 outlets! Among the new brands are Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer, GAP, French Connection, United Colors Of Benetton, Living Quarters and many more :) The expansion architecture reflected contemporary retail design with elements that echo the prevailing Egyptian theme - the 2 new domes are located at the Northern and Southern tip, themed according to the Sun God ‘Ra’ and ‘River Nile’ symbol using hues of orange and blue respectively. It’s divided into 4 precincts: Fashion Central, Asian Avenue, Marrakesh and Oasis Boulevard. What’s interesting, like the Pavilion KL; is that the Mall Management have segregated the brands according to their target markets. So the high street labels are all grouped together, the mid-range another grouping, the fitness & entertainment hubs are sequestered in their own exclusive enclave…so from a practical viewpoint, such a layout makes it easier for the discerning shoppers. Should they want specific labels and prices, they just head straight for a particular section…but then again, how’s that for separation of classes huh? I bought a nice top from TopShop – as Juan is throwing a party on Halloween :) The battle of the Malls begins and the next stop will be The Gardens at Mid Valley. Klang valley folks are spoilt for choice!

**Our Angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor have blast off into space. The Russian Space Agency has picked the 35-years old orthopedic surgeon to spend 10 days in the International Space Station. A project courtesy of Russia after Malaysia Defense Ministry bought 18 Sukhoi jet fighters (SU-30 MKM) for RM3.42 billion. Forget about the arms deal, it is indeed a very proud moment. Malaysia Boleh! This is better than the other Malaysia Boleh events where we create the longest, the biggest, the tallest…that is just so crap. This is what we are talking about; intelligent breakthroughs. Nonetheless, behind these silly attempts, we must still acknowledge the spirit of unity and volunteerism among the participants.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Selamat Hari Raya :)

Rugby World Cup – The Wallabies & All Blacks are out :( Am truly disappointed. Was expecting that these 2 giants will face off in the finals. It will be one of those classic matches between bitter rivals of the southern hemisphere. And if Australia lifts the cup, it will be the prefect retirement for George Gregan. Now all hopes are dashed – will show my support for Jonny Wilkinson :) 4 years back in the finals at Sydney, it’s was not England who beat Australia, it’s was Jonny boy.

F1 Brazil – one of the tightest races ever. Go Hamilton :)

Work Tales – Teressa have left the building. Good luck :)
Fredrik has appointed me to take over the Chevron Project solely. Previously it was a joint ownership project and to take this uphill task on my own is certainly won’t be easy. I’m doubtful; unsure…my small shoulders definitely can’t carry such a big responsibilities. All the SOPs needs to be review and improvised. I don’t mind giving it a try. It’s just that it’s not the right time. I’m not in my element; I’m not up to it. Besides there has been a lot of discouragement and the negative energy is building up. Yet I want to survive and thrive despite the circumstances

Believe In What You Do. Don’t Regret Or Look Back. Be Original And Don’t Allow Yourself To Feel Inferior – ButterFingers.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


We had our stock count, and Haakon & Fredrik have requested extra help from The Bitch & her team. So the girl who tendered her resignation was there as well…I manage to grab her aside and we talk. She will be joining BORDERS in Singapore with her former boss. Lucky her. Before I left M13, I actually wanted to work in a Publishing house. I even sent my CV but I guess I was not good enough because they didn’t hire me. It will be grand to source and procure books from local & international publishers and book distributors, collaborate with domestic & foreign writers or even have my works published :) I remembered somewhere back in 1998 or 1999, C & I wanted to become the next Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Write and produce our own screenplays and get an OSCAR award for it. That was a long time ago. I have not penned anything for ages. And now when I looked back, my writings are a bit news-reporting like. There is the beginning, however my contents and my ending structure is always loose, never a nice, sharp finishing. But C is one of the best writers ever :)

Work Tales – I hand-over my Portfolio to The Bitch. Why is everyone wants to take my baby away. This second time may not hurt that much but still…I built something and I have to give them away. Yes, quit when you are at the top. But somehow, the experience time frame is kind of short – I felt like I didn’t enjoy it long enough. No wonder people say - Life is really about living it out, a hundred per cent, a hundred per cent of the time.

Spiritual Roots – Where are you? Why you didn’t answer my prayers? Is it because I’m not genuine? My prayers are not sincere? Have I sin, and this is sort of like a punishment for me? I have prayed for this and you blessed me with that. It’s not that I’m not thankful for receiving that, I’m beyond grateful, full of appreciation…but I want this; badly. And if you are not granting me with this anytime soon, then I pray that you will give me the calmness, the stillness, the peacefulness of my heart and equip me with internal strength. (I’m a Christian. I reckon that GOD is cool, loving, down-to-earth and has an awesome sense of humor. But his PR people need to lift their game).