Monday, June 28, 2010


The End. Germany - 4 1 - England :( It was a good game. The English really put up a good fight. Yes, their defense was abysmal, every goal that they conceded was pathetic...but they were robbed! England should have been awarded the second goal when Lampard's shot bounced off the bar and well behind the goal line but that stupid referee waved to play on. Angry! Even the camera replay showed that the ball did cross the line! It was a goal that would have tied the score at 2-2 and could have changed the whole game. Unfortunately, England couldn't come back. Tears for England.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Finally a win! A victory over the smallest country in this year World Cup. England 1 - 0 Slovenia. Still, there is nothing to shout about, the players are still struggling to deliver the goals, I have yet to see any footwork brilliance on the pitch by these expensive EPL luminaries, their performance are still backwards & messy. Up next, they will be playing against Germany. I no eye see. The Germans are more tactical, they are filled with strategies, their players are young & physically fit. Their strength is based just on the fact that they are Germany; automatic favorites & enough to scare their opponents off. Can Fabio Capello's boys brings back the cup after 44 years? The team has all its glamour stars - Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Terry - will it be good enough? Competition will be tough but not impossible.

Monday, June 21, 2010

never unprepared

Yeah :) still watching & chasing the HOUSE series. Baby Sis borrowed the DVDs from Season 1 till Season 5 since December last year...and now we are finally in Season 4. We don't watch it religiously everyday; only catching several episodes over the weekends. This explain our slowness. Even though, it's Season 4 now - House still remains funny & sarcastically smart. The character developments of the cast have been amazing, so much of expansion in them. And the best thing is that each & every one of them has their own unique chemistry with House. Their interactions; it's stupid at times but it makes sense, although sometimes House is wrong. And I happen to think that Lisa Edelstein is mighty fine and I really want to see how the scripwriters & producers is going to push this 'Huddy' relationship further. I know that House cannot continue to have flirtatious bickering with Cuddy anymore...die-hard fans everywhere wants them to be, someday it will ends with him giving in and have his happily ever after ending. I love House for who he is, I don't want House to be more caring, nice or sentimental in the season finale. If he becomes a softie, then it's not the real House anymore. Not the House that everyone knows. It's like, he is not House then. If he is not House, why are we watching it then? :) Fans love him for who he is. Cold, mean, bitchy, inconsiderate, cynical, ass-hole, cocky :) yet everyone cannot gets enough of him and wanted more.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Insane. Totally. This year 2010 FIFA World Cup have stir-up many unexpected, unpredictable results; to the fans, to the spectators, to the betting punters. The results are driving everyone crazy. Teams that should have won in the first place, didn't win. Teams that were not expected to win; actually won.
Who would imagine that Switzerland will beat Spain 1-0? Germany losing to Serbia 1-0? Mexico thrashing France 2-0? And the stupid England, really it's stupid...the Three Lions can actually draw 1-1 with USA and then draw another game 0-0 with Algeria! Algeria! That's a third world country for goodness sake! These are the games that England should have won easily and collect all 6 points. Wasted! They throw it all away just like that! And where is Wayne Rooney when we needed him? All the publicity hype on how he can deliver the goals for the English. He gave us nothing! Look at the way he played! He didn't even make an impact on the pitch. I really don't understand why players like Rooney, Messi, Torres, Ribery, Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, David Villa who make such a strong significant contribution at their club level but failed to deliver for their home country? The English can pack their bags and go home. They play like school children. Hopeless.
This year - all the underdogs hogs the limelight. It's a good thing, a good sign for the sports. I am really proud of South Korea & Japan - they carry the Asian pride for us. It was terrific that South Korea beat Greece 2-0 & Japan outsmart Cameroon 1-0 in their respective opening matches. I think in the end; Argentina, Brazil, Holland & Italy will be in the Top 4.
I lost a total of RM9.25. I bet a little; via the Singapore Pool. It's a legal operation :) I don't use illegal channels. Unfortunately :( I lost all. No more placing bets after this. The games are getting harder to read. I was suppose to earn some extra cash. Who would have thought that The Germans will go down to Serbia?! Sigh. I'll just continue watching grown-up men chasing a ball up and down on a 105m by 68m grass pitch somewhere in South Africa.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

making head turns

Iron Butterfly has officially left the building. I don't have to entertain Iron Butterfly's high and unreasonable work demands & request anymore :) Yay. Nonetheless, Iron Butterfly will be in Malaysia once a month to do the monthly division closing - which is my worst nightmare :( I feel happy and sad all at the same time. Iron Butterfly may not have the courage to fight, to be charismatic, to be a leader to move things forward but Iron Butterfly is so calm, so serene, that maturity somehow reassures me.

Iron Butterfly & Snow Petrol are 2 different leaders with 2 different management styles. They are worlds apart. Who can rescue & turnaround Team Baz now? The departments may have been restructure into Hardline & Softline but the overall group reporting is still reflecting App, Baz & Tex. So who can do a better job? Can Snow Petrol's gung-ho spirit, stubborn and just-do-it attitude can do the trick? Can Snow Petrol perform better than Iron Butterfly? Can the risk-taker who is a bit tidak-apa, who does not bother to anticipate or prepare for any eventualities and only solving problems as it comes, at the very last minute when it arrives right in front of the door-step save the team? Have to wait and see :) It's going to be a very interesting watch.

As for me, I don't regret anything. I don't regret listening to Iron Butterfly & choose to stayed. Everything happens for a reason. I never look back. I'm the kind of person who likes to look forward and forget what I did yesterday. I love my life; the whole experience has been a beautiful, hard, sad, memorable journey for me. It's hard to surprise me anymore because I've gone through it all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the next season

Visited the Annexe Gallery the other day. A short brief. Annexe Gallery (the art & soul of Kuala Lumpur) is located in the Central Market Annexe Building. It was launched in January 2007 as a centre for contemporary arts in Malaysia. Perfectly complementing the more traditional Central Market, the Annexe Gallery provides spaces for the ongoing expression of the present generations. Since the opening, the gallery has attracted countless youths and adults seeking ideas, insights and inspirations. The have an eclectic programme of events, some of which were organize by the gallery themselves or organize in collaborations with other creative establishments, and others are by parties which pay the gallery a certain amount of rent to use their premises for their events. The gallery regular collaborators include: the US Embassy, Japan Foundation, British Council, Jendela KL, Instant Cafe Theatre, GerakBudaya, TheOtherMalaysia, SUARAM, Amnesty International & lots more. Their media sponsor is TimeOut KL.

I was there for another bazaar flea market...this time is more towards the arts & crafts. I am very impressed with the creativity that these youths have and also the skills that they possessed. Their final products are so unique, appealing, practical yet commercial enough to generate sales & profits. Sigh...I wish I have the skills like them. If these youths know how to market their items well, they can transform it into a money-making business model. Or a very good second-income generator. Not like me - only rely on 1 full-time job and long term investments. Don't know when can become rich & to retire early. Having music skills, cooking abilities, drawing talents, a flair for sewing is very economically useful.

Also bump into Bremen - showcasing his stylish & funky headgears. It was good to see him :) For his youthful, exciting, energetic and yes sexy attitude.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

school of hard knocks

WonderMilk is a very cool, chill-laxing place to hang out. This is the neighbourhood cafe that comforts the urban soul :) The only annoyance is finding a parking space in this busy Damansara Uptown.
The menu is splendid :) I love their beef sandwich and of course, the star of the cafe is the cupcakes itself. They are colorful, yummy, cute, sinful & come in a variety of designs. They even can customize the designs as per the customers' request. When you look at the cupcakes, you'll be tempted to watch, not to eat. They are just too beautiful to be eaten. And their flavored milk is absolutely awesome :) Milk is good for your health; it provides calcium and loves your bones. Their meals do not compromised on flavor & nutrition. Rather it offers simple food cooked well. Plus they are budget friendly too.
The interior designs are made-up of materials that are personally hand made; they are quirky, unique, smart casuals, a hint of playfulness - which is a statement piece by itself.
It's a great place to kick back with a good book and slurp on refreshing milk :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

all I can taste is this moment

Yeah :) it's a very very belated belated post.
So, Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mummy :)
So, what did we do on that special day? Oh yes, a Mother's Day lunch at Delicious, Bangsar :) Both of my parents are not big fans of western food, they are the hard-core chinese food supporters. But Baby Sis & I thought that it will be best to give the both of them something new, something different to experience. Believe it or not, the four of us lead a very busy life...with work and my Baby Sis with her undergraduate studies. So having a little escape, together, every week, has been important in keeping our family relationship somewhat fresh. We sat down comfortably...the food was excellent as always, as was the service (even though they brought our Caesar Salad wrong; twice). The serving of the food were sufficient & filling, sensational in smell, texture & flavor. The menu had something for everyone, but was not overwhelming - it was focused on a limited range that Delicious are obviously doing very, very well. And the lighting, interior designs and music were perfect for long, easy conversations. It was heaps of fun and just a great afternoon outing for all of us. I get this overwhelming sense of belonging, of stillness, of contentment.
The Church also organized something for the Sunday School children. We have a Mother & Child Walk + fun & simple activities at selected pit-stops at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens. Baby Sis & myself man the last pit-stop. Baby Sis (the creative sibling) came up with a fun art craft for the parent & child to do together - a mummy ladybug fridge magnet. Cute :) We walked. We sweated. We ate McD. The experience, especially for these little ones...was priceless.
The reason that I am recording down every moment that I go through in this blog, no matter how late the posting not because I want my personal memoirs to be publish someday, it's just that I can look back and reflect on my daily experiences, the relationships & connections that I have with the people around me, the mountains that I scaled, the valleys that I explore, my little & big adventures that brings me to many new places, finding my happyness, overcoming life obstacles, growing despite all will be very useful too...when the day finally comes, when I grow old & wrinkled...walking down memory my life footprints; for the second time.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Attended the wedding of Mazlinda (a colleague from the Import Department) to her other half; Miezi. Her handsome soul mate. The Ying to her Yang. That precious someone to sit on the other end of the see-saw of her life :)

It was a 2 hours road trip, a journey that takes us from Subang to Mazlinda's parents house in Banting. It was a very typical, traditional Malay kampung. The house was lavishly decorated (both interior & exterior), large group of people everywhere; some were seen helping to prepare food for the afternoon lunch, washing of the dishes & kitchen utensils, serving food to the non-stop of in-coming guests, hordes of relatives chatting, laughing & embracing each other, children running around, a mixture of loud traditional & modern malay songs blasted from the loud speakers, a team of hired kompang players hitting their instrument in the background - all in all, it was a very loud and busy scene.

The food was so-so only but it arrives fresh & piping hot. This is not a fancy restaurant setting that the Chinese are used to. The majority of the Malay weddings are usually a very DIY-style. They just set-up the tents or gazebos within their house compound, bring in some plastic tables & chairs, the matriach of the family will lead the cooking delegation and voila; you can have a feast right in front of your doorstep. In a very distinctive style, the plates are plastic, the table plants are plastic, there are no forks & spoons to be found, everyone eats using their hands, everyone hardly speaks any english, the plastic table mat is covered in a sticky grease. In fact, everything feels like it is covered in a sticky grease. Overall, it's minimal and cheerful. I'm no snob. I love it :)

And then the Bersanding moment finally arrives - the bride & the groom were dressed in their niceness; matching hot red customary outfits. Reminds me of the palace royal couple during the olden days. It was also nice to mingle around with my fellow colleagues from the various divisions and to experience the unity of this loving couple :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

magic speller

Once every 4 years, an unusual pandemic afflicts the entire world. This scourge is commonly known as FOOTBALL FEVER :)
Another 5 more days to go to the most beautiful game ever on the planet earth - FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I pledge my support & loyalty to the English and to the Aussies. However, looking at the current English player's forms, fitness level and performance...I think that they are over-rated. I am still very unsure on how Wayne Rooney is going to help the Three Lions to lift the cup this year. Same goes to the Socceroos...nonetheless, we must have hope and faith :)
The safest winning bet is still Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina or the Dutch. Of course, anything can happen during the tournament. It is even possible for Japan to march into the finals. I hope some of the best players at the club level that we have seen this season will turn their magic on and score for their country. I want to see aggresive actions, beautiful kicks, strong volleys, team spirits, fashions, hostile defence, brilliant saves, inspiring winning goals, team celebrations and of course cute asses :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

butterfly suspension mechanism

There is one color that should always be the trend. That color is GREEN!
Support sustainability actions that helps to reduce our carbon footprints.

Friday, June 04, 2010

this too will pass

happy birthday to ME :)
I looked up to the sky this morning (because I believe GOD is up there the most), thinking about my life, who I have, what I have with me. Love. Enrichment. Growth. And happyness. I look around myself and say "oh my gosh, I am so so blessed". It made me want to live the best that I can. With balance, laughter and purpose.