Monday, October 23, 2017

Leon Club Sandwich

Liverpool 1 – 4 Tottenham.
Thumped! Really kalah teruk this time around. Sigh…now, can only aim for a top 4 finish; again!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sharing A Cup Of Comfort

We praise You for all You’ve done, are doing and will continue to do to comfort us through our own afflictions.

OMG…my numbers were indeed all wrong! The other day, I only check for the first line, so the number and the formula was correct for the first line…but when I did another round of checking today...for the subsequent second line, third line & the fourth line; the formula was wrong…adoi…so careless of me. It’s ok…at least, I’ve make the discovery, verify it and corrected it…

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Perfect Father

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Faithfulness that I can always count on.

Merchandising & Marketing (Trade Planning)
6 Sigma…Business Analytics…Design Thinking…Process Innovation…Digital…

God, I pray that I will have the opportunities in these areas…

A Hope That God Means Well For Us

The Lord has good intention for His people, for His plan is for their welfare and not to bring harm upon them. The term PLAN carries the meaning of intention, thought, devise, design etc. A plan for one’s welfare provides security and is safe in nature, it means well and is favorable, it carries with it prosperity and health.

We might not understand God’s way of dealing with us but we have to trust His heart. He is a God who has good intentions through His will for us. What He does in the lives of our nation, family and individuals will mean well for us and it is for us to be edified in Him.

This Living Hope Starts With God’s Great Mercy

In our hopeless situation, God looks at us and what does He feel? Many people perceive that God is looking at the mess we have made of our lives and He is thinking – Well, I told you so. You’re a mess and you deserve it. Suffer now. But that is not what the Bible says about God’s sentiment toward us. He is moved with compassion for us. He feels pity for us in our predicament and He moves to do something about it.

Faith Is Putting Our Hope In God

Faith does not put one’s hope on a certain man or circumstance, but in God alone.
Our faith should not waiver when our prayers are unanswered.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Beijing Station

Be passionate about the business you’re going into. Have a good attitude constantly to keep everyone in a positive mode whenever they are working for you. No one likes to work with an angry and negative person.

Always remain humble to maintain a good and respectable relationship with people you come across every day, it is very important to be humble, for you will never know when you will need their help sometime in the future.

Most important of all, be hardworking. The road to success may seem like a difficult journey and hard to navigate, but there is no substitute for hard work and patience. Hard work pays off.

I believe that each and every person goes through different life route.

Even if I know something, I am still willing to learn and listen, for I will not know what gem of advise or teachings I may come across that will help me along the way.

Leon Charged Up

Check the numbers again…

This was what Sörenstam mention…

What happen was…during the weekly S&M meeting…one of the Area Managers pointed out that my percentage number was wrong…Marcus re-calculate it on the spot…err…but somehow…I just felt that my numbers was right. After the meeting, I did the re-check…I still think the numbers are correct…but aiya…I just embarrass myself in front of Marcus, Sörenstam and Mr. Horton’s Secretary…and further reinforce my stupidity & carelessness…have to hustle again and hustle harder.

Leon Dawn

Liverpool 0 – 0 Manchester United


Hiring is freeze mah…so many buyers are leaving G13 right now…this Nigel propose that I go back to buying…I won’t volunteer myself…and I believe God has a plan for me…in Trade Planning…I don’t go through that entire process…just to end up being a buyer again right…

Kawashima Yoshiko

Yes…G13 is very kelam-kabut at the moment…buyers are leaving…hiring is freeze…processes are haywire…no accountability…no ownership…clueless…no direction…no alignment…no communication…frustration…beautiful chaos…but God has a plan…I will try to add value to the team…help the team…ease their workload...we will pull through together…don’t stress over the things that cannot be control…be positive…

The River Flows Eastwards

This morning also…Sörenstam came over to the Trade Planning work station…ask us; who is good at running reports…I admit that I am not good, so I point to Mr. Horton’s Secretary lor…hahaha…mana tahu, she also point back at me. Than, Sörenstam said…better volunteer yourself before you are volunteered…so, Mr. Horton’s Secretary ask lor…what Sörenstam want lor…hahaha…I think all of them know that I am bad with running reports…anything find Mr. Horton’s Secretary…but hor… Mr. Horton’s Secretary & Marcus feel a bit upset with Sörenstam…because, after running the reports…Sörenstam will ask Uncle Andy to run the numbers as well; only different formats…and in the end, uses Uncle Andy’s report…never feedback what Sörenstam actually want…or where went wrong…or what need to improve…I am also very evil…keep Mr. Horton’s Secretary occupied with running the reports…her job scope mah…then, she will not have the time to do the planning part…I will do it, then just get her insights…hahaha…then, just use her reports to analyze & get the findings…

G13 yearly / monthly promo plan
G13 leaflet monitoring (weekly action)
G13 trade plan by category (target) consolidation
G13 promotion assessment / review / ROI
Upscale promotion assessment / review / ROI

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Entrance of the P-Side

This morning…Samuel, Mr. Horton’s Secretary & myself were having breakfast together at the lobby…than, this Nigel join us uninvited… Nigel ask us…why these days…all of the emails are from me…why I bersuara…what is Mr. Horton’s Secretary doing right now…hahaha…can say that...Mr. Horton's Secretary have already surrender all of the tasks back to me...then, Mr. Horton’s Secretary answered Nigel that I jaga tempat…and I replied back that Mr. Horton’s Secretary is doing the promotion reviews…she is very good at running reports…hahaha…ya mah…below is my job scope mah…nonetheless, there is really a lot of things for me to learn…I need to pay more attention…listen more intently…understanding properly…interpreting accurately and articulating back correctly…life skills…hahaha…I have to remember that I cannot compare myself to Mr. Horton’s Secretary who have years of work & life experience that are far ahead of me…I also cannot compare myself to Marcus who is more senior than me…I just have to continue to learn and improvise myself…

G13 event plan
G13 promotion space allocation
G13 weekly S&M meeting
Communication to Ops
Lead G13 store walk
G13 leaflet brief

Friday, October 13, 2017

Talk to Me Dicky

Mr. Horton’s Secretary…is very licik…before I joined G13…Marcus did mention to me that Mr. Horton’s Secretary wants to play the coordinator role in the team and Marcus also sees her in a coordinator role…but horhakikatnya… Mr. Horton’s Secretary wants to do the planning role…the most important job task…the key to everything…Mr. Horton’s Secretary is also simply quite ambitious as well; quietly…I think that both Marcus & myself also underestimated that…

The Days of Being Dumb

Sörenstam ask the Trade Planning team to prepare a report for G13 & Upscale. Top categories and the top sku in the top categories. So, Mr. Horton’s Secretary run the report lor…she is the expert mah…then, yesterday…Marcus puji her lor…say that Mr. Horton’s Secretary put the top sku; by quantity and by value side by side…very easy to read & understand...I replied back…Mr. Horton’s Secretary indeed run very good reports…and in my Press Ad Review, I also got put the top sku; by quantity and by value side by side too…then, Marcus tease me that I jealous…hahaha…ya mah…praise Mr. Horton’s Secretary but didn’t praise me…hahaha…

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Sword Stained with Royal Blood

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness


Besides undertaking a Digital Marketing course under Coursera; which I started in the month of May…I also undertook the course under another different service online provider; they are called Shaw Academy. Yes, I have also sort of graduated from this course as well…Coursera's contents was basic in general…going back to the 4Ps. The basic principle of Marketing. Where as Shaw Academy module is more focusing on the digital aspect of it.

Module 1 >> Online fundamentals.
Module 2 >> Target audience – who is your customer.
Module 3 >> Google PPC & SEO – acquiring the right leads for less.
Module 4 >> Affiliate marketing - developing strategic partnership online.
Module 5 >> Facebook – targeted advertising for lead generation.
Module 6 >> Sales funnel – nurturing your leads.
Module 7 >> Data driven marketing & sales – maximum return & recurring revenue.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

An acceptance makes us happy, a rejection makes us stronger

If they do not see value in you, it is their loss. Your time will come.

Here is why.

9 Sure you signs you will be successful:

1. You love to learn new things
2. You love to help others
3. You like to complete your tasks completely and make sure they are completed
4. You like to ask questions
5. You like to take responsibility
6. You are loyal to your team. Loyalty is the best currency
7. You see your own failures and failures of others as learning experiences
8. You work hard AND value hard work of others
9. You are not chasing success but providing value


Every bad decision we made in the past is done — none of them can be changed.

And in fact there’s some good in every one of those bad decisions too, if we choose to see it. Just being able to make a decision at all is a gift, as is being able to wake up in the morning, and being able to learn and grow from our wide-ranging life experiences.

We are not actually what we envision ourselves to be, at least not always.

We are human and therefore we are multi-layered and imperfect. We do good things, we make mistakes, we give back, we are selfish, we are honest, and we tell white lies sometimes. Even when we are doing our absolute best, we are prone to slip. And once we embrace this and get comfortable with our humanness, making a bad decision tends to conflict a lot less with our new, more flexible (and accurate) vision of ourselves.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done, but whenever you find yourself obsessing over and regretting a past decision, you can 1) acknowledge that you’re falling into this pattern, 2) realize that there’s some ideal or fantasy you’re comparing your decisions and yourself to, and 3) let go of this ideal or fantasy and embrace a wider range of reality by making peace with what’s behind you, so you can focus more on what’s ahead.

It takes constant practice.

But you won’t regret it.

The One Thing To Do If You Feel Frustrated and Empty At Work

Where work is meaningless and you’re not taken into account or given interesting opportunities, don’t give up on yourself. You can’t surrender yourself to the stagnation that very often lives in the shadow of frustration.

No, no, no. You have to lift yourself up, slap your face a couple of times, and find value amid the crappy situation.

The one thing that will take you further than anything else is continue learning. You have to continue looking, asking and creating opportunities to shine. But to do that, it all boils down to learn more, strengthen your talents and build your skills.

Remember this: like my friend’s case, perhaps his workplace will never, ever change, and the bosses will continue to be bad bosses. But it has different for you on an individual level.

Yeah. For you, it has to be about you. And what you can learn out of it.

My question to you is: are you in such a frustrating and empty work environment? Are you relegated to non-important tasks when you know you have so much more to give? Are you asking for opportunities and your boss turn the back on you? Are you professionally frustrated and empty? Are you ready to deliver and create more value, but your job doesn’t take you into account?

If that’s the case, it’s time to look up again. It’s time to rekindle your optimism and energy. It’s time to decide to build yourself up. Never forget this one thing: learn. As much as you can, from as many people as possible, in every single situation. And you will find yourself less frustrated, and more engaged with your own career growth agenda.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Trust, The Basis Of Our Hope

To believe is to trust.

It’s as simple as that. We practice trust all the time, without thinking much of it, hardly ever questioning. An example is when you order a Big Mac to eat, you are in effect saying by your action, that you trust the food you are consuming is what it claims to be. You don’t have a second thought on whether it is made of kangaroo meat instead of beef. That’s trust.

Every time you get on a plane, you are expressing trust that the plane is airworthy, and though you have never grilled the pilots in an interview, you trust that they are qualified to fly the plane. You are, in effect, placing your very life into the hands of the captain and the co-pilot. Now the question is this: if we live our everyday lives with such a trust, why is it so difficult to trust God and Him at His Word? There is a serious inconsistency at work in our lives without us realizing it.

And so, this is the right time, as we pray, to remove all fears of truly trusting in God.

Joy, A Fruit Of Our Hope In God

You can tell when a Christian has settled the issue of trusting God, he puts his hope in God alone. That believer has joy written all over his face and in his entire demeanor. It’s easy for us to tell between a joyful Christian and a joyless Christian.

The Bible tells us that when we believe in God, God will fill us with all joy! Not a little bit of joy, but all joy!

God, The Source Of Our Hope

It is very tempting for Christians to forget that our hope is in God alone. Along the way, we get depressed and discouraged by whatever goes on around us. When political turmoil increases, our distress increases. When our currency fluctuates, our sanity fluctuates. When things get gloomy, we become gloomy ourselves.

If God is our source of hope for salvation and eternal life, and this we attest to one another, then why is it we find so difficult going when our health or wealth goes down? Why is it we become so easily affected by the negative words of people which is to the detriment of our spiritual and emotional well-being?

All these speaks that we must return to our true source of hope, and that is God himself.

Friday, October 06, 2017

C'est la vie, mon chéri

MT: U also no speak Spanish to me

Me: Can I ask for a small favor…R u coming back to Shah Alam tomorrow night…

MT: Ops sorry tomorrow no dinner in Shah Alam cos Tmr going to Kluang store day trip. Reach back office should be 8ish so not going back makan

MT: What favour u need?

Me: Err…to collect my pay slip. Coz last week, fify and Celtic on leave. Then at fify there so long already

MT: Oh next week can? Donde? Eh find a place can park car right?

MT: Come out brunch la with Li Fong also. Then pass u pay slip. Lol. Feel so bad. Pass slip then bye-bye

My intention was just catch a glimpse of Mak Tiri only…now, she is the one who ajak me out…hahaha…

One Night Surprise

3rd October >> is Mak Tiri’s birthday…so, I took the opportunity to kacau her lor…hahaha…don’t know what will be the response like…it could backfire though…MT may think that I am stalking her...hahaha...she may find me creepy

Me: Feliz cumpleanous. Que de dierviertas

MT: Gracias :)

MT: I asked me what I wished for? ‘U

MT: Wanted to text u last weekend. Watched imperium (so so only)

…err…(I asked me what I wished for? ‘U) >>> what is this suppose to mean…hahaha…I think there was a typo error…I re-arrange it back…still doesn’t make sense to me…

U asked me what I wished for?
I asked U what I wished for?
I asked me what U wished for?

Me: Huh. Don’t understand

And Mak Tiri didn’t reply me back…she went and reply the other type of conversation pula…hahaha…I'm happily confused...

The Founding of a Party

Shinmapo Korean BBQ, SS15 Courtyard, Subang >> dinner date with Emerson, My Source, Marcus & BW.

The reason for the meet up was because that Emerson is back...then, will be packing the children and move to NZ. Will stay put there for some time and will be join by Ivan.

According to Marcus…Emerson already split from the other half.

Emerson & My Source are close with Amelia…I know that they were close but not this close.

According to Emerson, Alice’s penyakit is semakin serious already…don’t know is it because of stress...hahaha...

Ok; confirmed that Miguel is gay…hahaha…the partner is living in the UK…but they say very pity Miguel…because the UK's house was bought under the partner’s name and not under Miguel. Apparently, Miguel’s partner is very strict; until Miguel is afraid of him and is in even more stress…ya kah…hahaha…to me; Miguel looks like more dominant…hahaha…the partner is also of an elderly age…I think Tommy got mention before that the name is Nicholas…

Recently, Miguel also underwent a hair transplant procedure…Marcus mention that the amount spent was at RM30K…but got results lah…got hair grow already…hahaha…8 hours of so-called surgery and blood all over the place…Emerson said it’s not that serious lah…Miguel dramatize it…hahaha…

Emerson also mention that Tommy got come back the other day…I just sat down and keep quiet…hahaha…and Tommy; as usual…drink a lot and got drunk…and Miguel call for help from Emerson…hahaha…

Emerson also mention that Emerson have a feeling that Tommy; somehow very much dislike Emerson…I remember Tommy mention that it is because of Emerson kutuk Miguel…actually, Miguel & Emerson have been friends for so long…Emerson claim that Miguel’s mother already anggap Emerson as part of the family…and Miguel always use Emerson as a cover…hahaha…

Emerson also commented that Miguel is capable when it comes to work…but office politics; is not Miguel’s strength. Miguel is more suitable to work behind the scene.

Jordan...can only talk big...hahaha...

Yes, it was a night that was very informative indeed…hahaha…

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Call for Love

Marcus told me that Amelia’s furniture category is dropping…I replied that it is because that the local suppliers’s stocks are in short supply…they focus more on the export market; thus there is an insufficient stocks to supply to the local market…this Marcus pula replied me that Marcus got check with Mak Tiri, Mak Tiri said that her category is growing…of course lah…Mak Tiri have the imported sofa project; initiated by both Stewart & Celtic…but the point is this…that both Marcus & Mak Tiri got keep in touch…quite recent too…Mak Tiri took over the furniture portfolio in the beginning of this year and her sales is gradually rising starting somewhere in May…hahaha...

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

The other day, I was having lunch with The MFT director…I was told that both Maximoff & Miguel would like to welcome Baldwin back…however, the HR Department objected to it…reason being, during Baldwin’s exit interview…Baldwin was ask a question…if there is an opportunity to come back, will Baldwin do so? Apparently, Baldwin said no…oh…I didn’t know that the HR Department have this in their records…

Monday, October 02, 2017

royal by tradition, solid in heritage

Liverpool 1 – 1 Newcastle
Nothing new :(

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Reach Your Goals One Step At A Time

Start by making small changes to your daily routine.

Big changes happen when you do the smallest of things, for they can have a ripple effect.

The secret to success is in your daily routine.

If you want to change your life, you need to change something you do daily.

The trick is not to commit to big goals that are so challenging or scary that you might not reach them. Do the reverse.

Commit to doing less than what you believe is achievable. This means making things as easy as possible. Break the big tasks down into the smallest conceivable pieces. Even if it means flossing one or two teeth per day, rather than aiming for the entire set.

Instead of aiming for an hour, just try doing two to three minutes. Perhaps, a few minutes might one day become five minutes, then 15 minutes may become doable and so forth.

So try making small changes to your daily regimen because it will start paving the way to major changes in your life.

Tips To Recharge Your Team Regularly

Lousy leaders drain people; successful leaders energize.

The law of energy is >> put more in than you take out.

Successful leaders replenish energy in others. Energy looks like Hope, Optimism and Confidence.

Leaders who over-emphasize deliverables and projects; suck life out of people. Leaders who energize; focus on projects and people. Foolish leaders forget people come first because people complete projects. Leaders who prioritize people are energizers. Successful leaders monitor energy. Always check what’s the mood of your team before planning or acting.

Doing things that you love. Rest is helpful, but doing what you love energizes. Help your team do things they love. Just ask, what do you love doing? Challenges energize when they’re just out of reach. Too far and they drain. Finishing energizes. Successful leaders create & celebrate finishing points. Great finishing points energize the journey. Developing new skills infuses energy.

Leaders who withhold encouragement, discourage. Validation encourages. Don’t explain away people’s perspectives or feelings. Go with them, even when they aren’t yours. Going with isn’t agreement, it’s understanding. People feel validated when they feel understood. Systematic encouragement.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kung Fu Hip-Hop

Ohh…Marcus shared this with me recently…if Celtic likes the supplier, Celtic will go all the way to help the supplier…if Celtic dislike the supplier, Celtic not only will not support; but will also harm the supplier…wah, so dangerous…Mak Tiri complain to Marcus that Celtic talks & drama a lot but no do work…memang pun...always stay close with Stewart; so no need to do so much work…hahaha…according to Marcus, Mak Tiri is a perfectionist…and now Mak Tiri have 2 cats…sigh...don't know when got opportunity to kacau Mak Tiri again...


See…this is why I need to discontinue mixing with Celtic…too much of negativity or jealousy or whatever lah in Celtic…

On my last day…Stewart wants to buy me farewell lunch mah…ask me what I want to have…I say anything lor…people belanja me mah…this Celtic ask me; want to eat shit or not…I replied back, I don’t want to talk you and I walk away…what kind of boss or friend is that…totally lost respect for Celtic…

Then, before Celtic left…of course, I embrace Celtic…Celtic said out so loud…don’t bully Marcus…on purpose or what…

Stewart told me – don’t be a stranger…but this relationship won’t be the same anymore. It’s good that we go our separate ways…I don’t care if Stewart is blind or what…just glad that it’s over…

Stephanie got update me…at the beginning of this month…this Celtic is very eager to go down to the Puchong store; to help the team with the revamping project…when I around, tak muncul pula…only muncul towards the opening date…that one also not helping…walk here and walk there only…if susun barang, not susun the planogram barang pun…she only touch up the promo block; which doesn’t requires much effort because it’s 1 item, 1 block…it only indicates to me that this Celtic wants to avoid doing paper work…lantak lah…not my hal pun

Everybody's Somebody's Favourite

Ohh…this blog is way long overdue…and yes, I miss Mak Tiri…hahaha…no lah, on my last day…I get to hug everyone…except for her lor…shake hand je…no hug hug…OCD kut…hahaha…

Man from Guangdong

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness.


By leaving The Japanese…I left Celtic & Stephanie…don’t get me wrong…I have my shortcomings too…I have my flaws, my weaknesses, I am not perfect either…but there is just too much of negativity…I also don’t want to judge…Stephanie is ok; but merajuk tak tentu pasaladoi…Celtic pula; lagi worst…everything the team does, Celtic just sit down & goyang kaki only…I also don’t want our friendship to come to an end like this…but I think for now, it’s good to maintain everything on a casual basis…

Monk Comes Down the Mountain

Hmm…actually I also wonder why Marcus wants me to come in to G13 so early for what…Marcus will only be fully on-board on 1st October… Mr. Horton’s Secretary also can run the whole division without my presence…but it’s also good lah…can bond with Mr. Horton’s Secretary…but she ar…this Mr. Horton’s Secretary can actually run the Press Ad reports but she don’t want…I think lah…inform Marcus & told me that she cannot cope…my foot lah…actually, there is no negative comment on Mr. Horton’s Secretary…but there is also no positive praises as well…she may have some solid strengths…but also have some loop holes…she is not the lazy type like Celtic…just don’t want to do much only…also boleh putar belitkan keadaan as well…very selfish to share…I can only touch her with my sincerity, honesty & genuinty…hahaha…she wants to do the planning part only…don’t want too much ma fan…the other day; I wanted her insights on the Master Calendar…don’t know she don’t want to help me or what…wah; she somehow finds way to delay our discussion…talk out of topic…macam macam lahlantak lah…see how it goes lah…really, sometimes it’s better to start out as a working relationship than evolve into a friendship…otherwise, when you start off as a friend, it’s quite tough when both have different styles of working…don’t know she feel threaten or what…

Journey, Cheer

Actually hor…this Mr. Horton’s Secretary is very capable…way too capable…Mr. Horton’s Secretary can actually run the whole Trade Planning department. No need Marcus on-board. I feel that Marcus and I share the same analysis skills…hahaha…Mr. Horton’s Secretary is really far advance compare to the both of us…can hold good meetings…write excellent meeting minutes…can steadily steer the store walk entire process…good follow-up with everyone...actually; sadly to say…no need meet at all…being here…I really don’t add value into the total portfolio…I only run reports…Mr. Horton’s Secretary run reports & make commentaries somemore…I langsung tak ada…so, even a clerk can also do my job… but these are the soft skills that I want to learn…Mr. Horton’s Secretary’s leadership is really better than Marcus…I’m like a liability here…I also don’t know why Marcus want to hire me…God, please give me a role to play…define my role in this Trade Planning department…otherwise, I will really tenggelam in the ocean…

Duplicate Soul - Duplicate Again

God…sigh…aiyo…I want to mengeluh here…hahaha…I feel so small…feel so inferior…so weak…of little or no use at all…tak berapa guna langsung…this Uncle Andy & Mr. Horton’s Secretary…the both of them is so good with analysis, they have a very strong listening, understanding & articulating skills. I feel like a newbie…start everything from scratch all over again…it’s the same feeling when I was under Ursula…hahaha…but it was not that bad compare to that last time…because I was already a buyer mah…and suddenly I feel that I don’t know that much…but this Trade Planning is my first time…hahaha…well, I’m here to learn!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Navigating Rough Waters

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.

Transitions in our lives can be like whitewater experiences. The inevitable leaps from one season of life to the next – college to career, changing jobs, living with parents to living alone or with a spouse, career to retirement, youth to old age – are all marked by uncertainty and insecurity.

In one of the most significant transitions recorded in Old Testament history, Solomon assumed the throne from his father David. I’m sure he was filled with uncertainty about the future. His father advice? Be strong and courageous, and do the work…For the Lord God, my God, is with you.

We’ll have our fair share of tough transitions in life. But with God in our raft we’re not alone. Keeping our eyes on the One who is navigating the rapids bring joy and security. He’s taken lots of others through before.

God guides us through the rapids of change.

The Remedy Of Jealousy

All of us can fall prey to jealousy. King Saul gave in to the green-eyed monster of jealousy when the praise David received exceeded his: Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands! Saul was outraged and from that time on…kept a jealous eye on David. He was so incensed he tried to kill David!

The comparison game is foolish and self-destructive. Someone will always have something we don’t or enjoy experiences different from ours. But God has already given us many blessings, including both life on this earth and the promise of eternal life to all who believe. Depending on His help and focusing on Him in thankfulness can help us to overcome jealousy.

Lord, You have given us life and the promise of life eternal if we trust in You as our Savior. For that – and so many other blessings – we give You praise!

The remedy for jealousy is thankfulness to God.

Not One Sparrow

Heavenly Father, this life can be so hard and painful. But You!...You are right there with us, loving us, keeping us, holding us! And You promise never to leave us or forsake us.

Defending God

It may surprise us to consider that God doesn’t need us to defend Him. He wants us to represent Him! That takes time, work, restraint and love.

Lord, when we are confronted with hate, help us not to be haters but respond as Your Son did >> Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

The best way to defend Jesus is to live like Him.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ways To Thrive In An Organizational Life

Don’t always run with the pack >> you disappear if you always fall in line. Offer constructive dissent. The key term is constructive. Any fool can poke holes in an idea. It takes forward facing insight to disagree in ways that move the agenda forward. Offer alternative perspectives as long as they support organizational objectives. A great idea that doesn’t move the agenda forward is a wasteful distraction. Avoid coming off as resistant. Focus energy on seizing opportunities, more than solving problems or pointing out fault. Make things better or sit down and be quiet.

Swing you hammer mindfully >> you aren’t worthy to lead if you don’t care about your impact on others. Give voice to your heart in ways that leave the intended impact. Toddlers don’t care how their behaviors affect others. Choose to focus on things you like about people at least 80% of the time. Explain your intentions. Tell people what you’re trying to achieve. Become more transparent with intentions when people use your transparency against you. Stay connected when you feel like pulling away. Evaluate your impact. Check to see if the message they made is the one you sent. Avoid game playing. Choose direct over subtle and honest over manipulative. Turn to the future when addressing issues and solving problems. You’re either oblivious or self-serving if others aren’t part of your operational equation.

Grab the rope & pull with colleagues >> be helpful, as long as it doesn’t distract you from your core responsibilities.

Align with the priorities of leadership >> a great soccer player won’t help the swim team to win. Ask leaders and managers what they’re trying to accomplish. Be sure you know why it matters. Help leaders achieve their objectives, just don’t always run with the pack.

4 Qualities Of Principled Leaders

They are service-orientated >> those striving to be principle-centered see life as a mission, not as a career. Their nurturing sources have armed and prepared them for service. In effect, every morning they ‘yoke up’ and put on the harness of ‘service’, thinking of others.

They radiate positive energy >> cheerful, pleasant, happy, their attitude is optimistic, positive, upbeat. Their spirit is enthusiastic, hopeful, believing.

They are synergistic >> synergy is the state in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Principle-centered people are synergistic. They are change catalysts. They improve almost any situation they get into. They work as smart as they work hard. They are amazingly productive, but in new & creative ways. In team endeavors, they build on their strengths and strive to complement their weaknesses with the strength of others.

They believe in other people >> principle-centered people don’t overreact to negative behaviors, criticism or human weakness. They don’t feel built up when they discover the weaknesses of others. They are not naïve; they are aware of their weakness. But they realize that behavior and potential are two different things. They believe in the unseen potential of all people. They feel grateful for their blessings and feel naturally to compassionately forgive and forget the offences of others. They don’t carry grudges. They refuse to label other people, to stereotype, categorize and prejudge.

What Makes A Good Leader Great

Personal Mastery >> is about being incredibly self-aware and knowing how to leverage one’s strengths and minimize or work on weak spots.

Business Mastery >> is the ability to spot opportunities and connect the dots, and to see the bigger picture. Visionary!

Functional Mastery
>> is about having depth & credibility in specified areas, something which can only be developed with time & effort. Skills!

Leadership Mastery >> is about having particular traits and applying decision-making skills into its usage.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unlighted Paths

The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

After Moses’s death, Joshua inherited leadership of the Israelites and was charged to take God’s chosen people into the Promised Land. Despite his divine commission, Joshua must have felt challenged by the daunting nature of his tasks. God graciously offered Joshua assurance to be with him on the journey ahead.

The road of life often travels through uncharted territory. We voyage through seasons when the path ahead isn’t clearly visible. God’s plan may not always be apparent to us, but He has promised to be with us – always, to the every end of the age. What greater assurance could we hope for, no matter what uncertainty or challenge we might face? Even when the path is unlit, the Light is with us.

Lord, thank You for being near me even when I cannot see You. Please comfort me with Your presence.

God is with us even when we can’t see Him.

…I will power through the Master Calendar project…don’t care if both Uncle Andy & Mr. Horton’s Secretary is very negative about it…don’t care if Marcus is like acuh tak acuh like that…don’t care if there are certain people who is not supportive of it…

Living With Lions

Dear God, give me strength to continue to trust in You when I am discouraged. Help me to experience Your never ending love and stay close to Your side.

Sigh…Marcus; like only want to touch the surface job of Trade Planning…don’t want to go down to the nitty gritty part of it yet… Mr. Horton’s Secretary pula…sigh…don’t want to do more…because she have the expectation that this Trade Planning Department will be dibubarkan soon…and then, what I do; she want to know…and what she do, don’t want to share with me pula…fine…never mind…I will continue to push through…