Saturday, June 24, 2017


First, Azrine left...then Shaw / Dory left (Celtic's previous Furniture Buyer), then it was Mrs. Simon’s turn to leave, now me pula...can Stewart sees the link here?

Hahaha…I have learned something very valuable from one of the Instagram Account…it is not about treating people like how you want to be treated or treating them on how they want to be treated…but it’s actually treating them on how Jesus treat you! Powerful isn’t it…therefore, I have decided not to cucuk Celtic out…hahaha, even though I feel that Stewart should know…or maybe Stewart does but is in denial!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Know Everything

May & June – what a month it has been for me…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…indeed it is true…blessed for those who mourned, for they will be comforted…enjoying the highs & lows and see what God has to offers...unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, but if it dies, it bears much fruit...

We often have more questions than answers. We wonder about the whys, whens and hows of life – often forgetting that though we do not know everything, we know the God who does.

How comforting to know God loves us perfectly, is fully aware of what we will face today, and He knows how best to help us in every circumstance of our life.

Our knowledge will always be limited, but knowing God is what matters most. We can trust Him.

Thank You, Lord, that You know everything about me and what I need.

Knowing God is what matters most.

Leaning On Jesus

We may not be able to touch Jesus physically, but we can entrust the weightiest circumstances of our lives to Him. He said – Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

How blessed we are to have a Savior whom we can trust to be faithful through every circumstance of our lives!
Are you leaning on Him today?

Dear Lord Jesus, help me to lean on You today and to trust You as my source of strength & hope. I cast all my cares on You and praise You because You are faithful.

Jesus alone gives the rest we need.

Still praying for healing…recovery from my acne breakout. Today is my 9th day on medication…yes, there are improvements, however the frustrating part is that, there are still new ones popping out. The old one become dried & dead…but there are still the new ones! Meaning that I am still not fully recover yet :( adoi

Better Than A Pinata

By Grace you have been saved!
Thank You for Your mercy, Lord, which is great & free!
We have been saved by grace. Now we enjoy the many blessings that come by grace.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

we just talk shit

Today, Celtic said to me that Celtic want to call Marcus…adoi…and say that I no yee hei (loyalty)…I think I have help you enough…both Wayne & I are doing all of the work…you only goyang kaki there and pretend that you are working…duh…I also malas want to layan Celtic.

And I also didn’t even bother to pre-empt Marcus about this. Why Marcus recommend me, Marcus have the reasons. Marcus also knows Celtic punya perangai.

And God also can see who is coming up against me…God says that everything is fine, God has everything in control and under control, God will not fail me. I am not going to trigger anything. Wait & See. Things will just revolve by itself. I now realize that I am always the one who trigger things, no obedience on my part…hahaha…now I just let the people, things, circumstances revolve by itself, feel God’s presence and see God’s plans for me to reveal by itself. Isn’t this how the G13 offer came about? Isn’t this how the buy out plan came about? THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD!

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Junkyard Genius

Lord, I thank You today for Your Amazing Grace!
Jesus is the Restorer in life.

Emerson (HR) and Marcus WatsApp messages.


I want to cry already…

I was so in fear…afraid that I will lose The Japanese’s employment and the G13 offer after my disaster conversation with Celtic the other day. Sensing that there is much resentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy & envy in Celtic…I know Celtic can do anything…absolutely anything and Celtic is so unpredictable that I can’t figure out what is Celtic’s next move will be. I admit, I was very fearful...what if Celtic destroys or sabo whatever that I have right now or what I am about to have. But with the above messages…I just feel so loved, I feel so safe, I feel so blessed, I feel so assured, I feel so wanted…Amen & Amen.

travelling / freedom / exploring

Marcus: Hey J___! Sörenstam getting your number from me, she will call u up.

Me: Morning. Ok. Wats ur advise?

Marcus: Morning! She will buy you off.

I roll my eyes at them

Emerson (HR): Based on your joining date it would be on the 23 August. However due to the urgency we would need you onboard earlier. We will like to do a buy out for one month. Can you kindly provide us your acceptance of resignation letter and buy out amount for a month from you hr.

Me: Ohhh…ok, let me get back to u. Thank you.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure. Can you revert to me as soon as possible on this? Any updates.

Me: Let me get back to u. Coz, earlier on, there was no buy out plan, I thus hav given my word tat I will serve 3 months notice. So, let me sort things out. And will get back to u asap. Thank u.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure thank you. Any updates?

Me: Morning Emerson (HR). Plz hold for a while. Bosses are in meeting. Do not hav the opportunity to approach yet. Thank u.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure.

Me: Hi Emerson (HR). I am unable to update u today. After meeting, she hav left for mkt visit. I will get back to u by tomorrow. Thanks.

Emerson (HR): Ok thank you.

Wah…this Emerson (HR) really kejar me betul-betul, Wednesday & Thursday berturut-turut 2 days in a row …but today hor, is when I was suppose to give an answer back to Emerson (HR)…but this Emerson (HR) didn’t kejar me pula…on leave, I also didn’t revert back…because my original plan was to reply back on next week Monday…hahaha…


Supplier Edmoi: Celtic said ask me talk to u about leaving. But I said if better why bother with merchandising.

Celaka betul this Celtic…told Celtic not to inform anybody…hahaha…this supplier’s answers also surprise me, I bet it also stunned Celtic. I expect the supplier, like everyone else will tell me, please re-consider your decision. Nonetheless, this Celtic also salah give information to the supplier, inform the supplier that I am doing schematic…I told Celtic that I am doing Cat Man, Data & Trade Marketing…see, salah information pass around. But I take note of the supplier’s concern…the supplier is a bit doubtful that I will achieve much success in my new role and also warn me, if everything goes wrong, immediately ask me to go back to buying.

Later on, Celtic told me that Celtic got inform this supplier, and this supplier's reaction was shock and say whether I am crazy or what. But from what the supplier told me, the supplier inform to Celtic, try now…if not now, then when. The supplier also told Celtic – no doubt, you will lose your left hand, so either you find another left hand, grow another left hand or be the left hand yourself…hahaha…this Celtic really can dramatize everything, putar belitkan the keadaan...this Celtic is like becoming another Alice like that...sigh...sign of insecurities...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Goods Shed

J___, Sörenstam wants to buy you over. Pls be prepared


Acne >> haven’t healed yet…

G13 >> the much needed preparation that I wanted to do; new sets of attire, getting myself familiar with the merchandise, I am also not ready yet…

But I THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – because after the disaster conversation that I have with Celtic…somehow Marcus’s WatsApp message today is really a form of assurance for me…

Wait and See…

In All Circumstances

The difficult circumstances we face can make it hard to say Thanks Lord. We can be thankful to our God who sees in every situation an opportunity for us to trust Him – whether or not we see His purpose.

Father, we honor You with our words, but so often our actions reveal that our hearts don’t trust You. Help us to see You at work in every circumstance, no matter how difficult.

By God’s grace we can be thankful in all things.

Acne – it got worst and worst. All over my face right now. Flaring red, inflame…already visit the doctor…today is my 4th day I am taking the medication…some are drying up but new ones are also popping up…sigh…yes, I also behave as per the above…in the morning, can praise God…but action-wise…failed and remain skeptical. Now no more lah…just have faith…yes, I am very ugly looking right now, also lack the confidence…but I am not going to let it ruin me. My God is mighty to save!

Cousins Subs

Hmm…4th June…everyone wishes me a very Happy Birthday except for Mak Tiri…oklah, I am the one who is so perasan here…thought that our so-called relationship have went up another notch mahcheh…hahaha…

Friday, June 02, 2017

Have a reason and make it good

Tommy: You want to join The English? I hand your resume to Julien. Always wanted you to join. Think you are suitable. It’s about the company. The company is set up that it’s always about the company. You think think. That’s how they survived.

Me: This year we move out from our comfort zone.

Tommy: What am I supposed to do with myself. Haiz. Telan.

Me: Sigh. Yes. I am also not sure whether I make the right choice or not. There are risks. I agree with your point. But the opportunity given to try something new, so let’s try. If tak jadi, be buyer back lor.

Tommy: Question is that if it’s a good platform to learn.

Me: I will make the dept like The English. Hahaha.

Tommy: That’s the spirit.

Me: Don’t know lah. Everything should got something to learn. At least I hav 1 feet in and can get int fmcg.

Tommy: I like the optimism. You are the engine of commercial. Drive it.

Me: I hav always been positive. Now go in with underdog power. Hahaha.

Tommy: Very good.

Me: U ajar one.

Tommy: I never teach you anything like that, but with your attitude, you’ll go far.

Me: Got. I remember wat u say one. I also admit at times I also play forgetful when it comes to work.

Tommy: It’s never where you are, it’s where you want to be that’s the most important. Having goals keep us going.

For the first time…really for the first time…Tommy showed Tommy’s vulnerability to me…maybe I have finally gained Tommy’s trust...hahaha...


Me: Hola. Stewart told me Lawrence also resign.

Tommy: Finally. Now you job is to find out who replace Lawrence. Hire already.

Me: Lawrence going back to G13. Doing appliance. But G13 appliance supposing got no vacancy. The Japanese got replacement already? So fast. Lawrence throw last week.

Tommy: You are efficient lo. But Lawrence prefers hush hush.

Me: If Lawrence prefer hush hush, Lawrence won’t tell his boss lor. His boss won’t tell my boss. My boss won’t tell me lor.

Tommy: People talk. Cannot help. You tendered yet? Funny. You two still gonna be colleagues.

(Finally) (Hire already) >> I really don’t know whether it’s a question or a statement from Tommy.

If Lawrence's departure is indeed very true...then it will be an excellent diversion for me...because of my screw-up, I seriously do not want anyone from G13 to know that I am going back there...sigh...

The Nomad Globe

WatsApp Conversation with Celtic:

Pls think la. Don’t like that la.
Take chance ask The Japanese pay u extra.

Hahaha…Celtic, you are my third reason why I have decided to leave. Stewart mention that the DMs will get a burn out…yes, this is applicable on Mak Tiri & Jonas…but in D31…I’m the one who is getting burn and burned out. Celtic didn't even lift a finger! We must be berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing. Wayne, Zila & myself put in equal weight of work. This Celtic only know how to wayang! Back in 2014…I didn’t choose Colgate Palmolive because of Ursula, I was learning lots from her…but today, yes I am learning a lot from Stewart…but no longer from Celtic. I just grow up…

Netherlands Dwarf

Me: Morning. Bright & Shine. Ok, I think, re-think, un-think, don’t want to think, then continue to think…I finally think tat I want to giv the new role a try. So, u don’t think so much. Go and enjoy ur holidays.

Stewart: Sure? Very sure?

Me: U gav me until weekend. I already extend my thinking to another extra 24 hours.

Stewart: Well I was thinking since I not around u can consider until this wkend. Actually I thought u would change ur mind. Sad to see u leave. Initially u seems very uncomfortable but lately u looks settled. Really didn’t expect this. I was hoping u would change ur mind especially u know now is tough time and I need all the good team mbr. Part of the reason d31 is doing well is bcoz u turn the cat around. Really appreciate that and was hopping u can continue doing that n I can have a reason to fight for more benefits for u.

Me: I’m going on holiday, don’t want to be burden with it lah.

Stewart: I did not manage to giv u wat u want when u came in..i think I owe u this.

Me: I hav always been settled. Only tired. No worries, u hav Celtic, Mak Tiri & Jonas. Actually hor, I din’t do anything. Credits must giv to Wayne this year. Grow Wayne, invest the time, Wayne cannot sit down and do orders. Help Wayne to fix this part.

Stewart: If the team is not balance the DMs will also burn out. Mak Tiri is in that line. If no buyer to support the DM oso cannot function la. Is a team thing.

Me: U didn’t own me anything Stewart. Miguel call me back, Tommy call me back, I also didn’t go. I was just waiting to do a new portfolio. It’s time to move a little out from the box, time to re-skill, then I go FMCG.

Stewart: Ur cat is manage properly in sales n margin..that’s the challenge and u been doing that.

Sigh…I indeed had a great year last year…this year all spiraling downwards…hahaha…I learnt a lot…but isn’t it time to move on too?

Mini Rex

WatsApp conversations with Stewart:

Please consider ur decision over the wkend ok.
I know is tiring but still fun to work in the store with the ppl that u love working right!
Pls consider ur decision.
We can discuss on what is ur requirement.

Sigh…I think I have broken Stewart’s heart twice…

Holland Lop

WatsApp Conversations with Captain Johnson:

Pls consider again your decision
The Japanese would like to keep a good talent like you
What you need let’s discuss
Don’t worry
We just hope the best ppl can stay with us
If you are bored with current category then you may explore other category too
The Japanese is big organization
Sure have some other category you want to explore
Your problem we discuss together
Trust me
We seriously hope you can stay
Any problem or concern let us know
No worries

Thank You God, Praise To The Lord, Bless You God – I’m also not that good…all these are just formalities only…no doubt, nice to hear too…hahahaha…

Sunday, May 28, 2017

UnderDog Power

My best skill was that I was Coachable. I was a sponge and aggressive to learn – Michael Jordon.

Your Boss ALWAYS Notices These Things About You

Are you getting to work at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., or 10? Different work cultures require different hours (some offices don't even have a set arrival time), but if you're strolling in at 11:30 every morning, there's probably an issue. Take a cue from your co-workers and get to work around the same time they do.

Again, you may not have a specified 9-to-5 shift, but reflect on the time you're leaving work every day. Before your co-workers? After? Does it vary? Just make sure you're not ducking out early Monday through Friday.

How you present yourself is, and always will be, important at work. Note that the field you're in (or where you live) dictates your dress code. Some offices are totally lax while others are strictly black slacks and blazers. This is another one where you should be taking cues from your colleagues and dressing (relatively) similarly.

Are you actually making work calls on your iPhone, or are you chatting with your roommate about who's making dinner tonight? It's common sense, but you should be focusing your use of technology on work. Limit the Facebook check-ins!

This is fairly basic, but you really shouldn't be cussing up a storm around your co-workers, in or out of the office. The stench of your potty mouth could reach the nose of your boss, and she might not like it.

How do you get along with your colleagues? Are you fitting in, or are you the odd one out? If you're new, chances are that your edges haven't quite squeezed into the intricate, 500-piece puzzle of your office. Attend work events. Round up your co-workers for happy hour. Your boss wants to see that you're a good fit for the team.

Last but not least, are you managing your time well? Do you get things done efficiently and at the proper pace? Or do you linger on stuff that you shouldn't? It's important to prioritize and meet deadlines, always. After all, you're there to work.

Friday, May 26, 2017

What’s The Occasion?

We serve a God who gives us good things to enjoy. Everything He does will endure forever. As we acknowledge Him and follow His loving commands, He infuses our lives with Purpose, Meaning & Joy.

Always In His Care

After the mess that I have created on Tuesday…it is just so re-assuring that every day, I have been getting some glimpse of assurance from the Mighty God himself. Otherwise, I am already in a panic mode which I know will surely affect my daily life. So…I will just assume that the whole world already knows about it…friends & foes alike…people in G13 and those at The Japanese…

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Why did I care about my daughter’s location & circumstances? Because I love her. I care about who she is, what she’s doing and where she’s going in life.

In Psalm 32, David celebrated the marvel of God’s forgiveness, guidance and concern for us. Unlike a human father, God knows every detail of our lives and the deepest needs of our hearts.

Whatever our circumstances today, we can rely on God’s presence and care because the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trust in Him.

Dear Father in heaven, thank You for watching over me in love and guiding me along Your path today.

We are never out of God’s sight and His loving care.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



Aiyo…I so screwed up the whole thing today. I am very worried…what if I lost everything…both of the G13’s offer and The Japanese employment. God, this morning I got prayed You know…I prayed…I prayed that You will put a guard over my mouth…pray that You will guide my choices of words today as I hand in my resignation letter, I pray that You will direct my steps today. Mana tahu, all the terbalik things happen. I should have told Celtic that I am not doing buying and put a full stop to it. Just let Celtic guess where I am going. In the end, I put my foot in my mouth…when Celtic question…I was not steady enough and say – yes, I am heading back to G13, I will be under Marcus, I will be doing Data, Cat Man & Trade Marketing. I really feel like whacking my head. What If Celtic uses this info to sabo me? What if I lost everything and put my family in debts, at risk of losing everything too…what have I done God…I have destroyed my chances. Somemore, I so clever, I told Marcus that I won’t reveal further. Stupid me! Somemore, I will be on leave all the way from 2/6 till 11/6. Anything can happen…people will take this opportunity to kill me off…especially Celtic; full of hatred, envy & jealousy. But when Stewart question me this afternoon, Stewart like don’t know like that lah…but Stewart can pretend lor…there are no secrets between Stewart & Celtic. Shit lor!

God, today…You really make my heart kembang, kecut, kembang, kecut…like a roller coaster ride like that.

Then, the above words came in, from one of the Church WatsApp group…suddenly I feel so assured…God, you know my fear…now I don’t want to think about it anymore, I leave my 2017 Life Board into Your mighty hands…GOD DIRECT MY 2017 STEPSWHERE GOD GUIDES, GOD PROVIDES!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Millionaire Lifestyle

Liverpool secured Champions League football for the second time in eight years as they beat Middlesbrough 3 - 0 at Anfield to finish fourth in the Premier League.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lack Nothing

God is able to bless you abundantly, so that…you will abound in every good work.

Imagine going on a trip without luggage. No basic necessities. No change of clothing. No money or credit cards. Sounds both unwise and terrifying, doesn’t it?

But that’s exactly what Jesus told His 12 disciples to do when He sent them out on their first mission to preach and heal. Take nothing for the journey except a staff, said Jesus. No bread, no bag, no money in your belts. Wear sandals but not an extra shirt.

Yet later on when Jesus was preparing them for their work after He was gone, He told His disciples - if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

So what’s the point here? It’s about trusting God to supply.

When Jesus referred back to that first trip, He asked the disciples – when I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything? And they answered, Nothing. The disciples had everything they needed to carry out what God had called them to do. He was able to supply them with the power to do His work.

Do we trust God to supply our needs? Are we also taking personal responsibility and planning? Let’s have faith that He will give us what we need to carry out His work.

You are good, Lord, and all You do is good.
Help me in my endeavors to pray and to plan and to trust You.

God’s will done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.

Abandon It All

Every successful athlete has to trust the coach enough to do whatever the coach asks them to for the good of the team.

We say to our Savior and Lord – I Trust You. Whatever You want me to do, I am willing. Then He transforms us by renewing our minds to focus on the things that please Him.

It’s helpful to know that God will never call on us to do something for which He has not already equipped us.

As Paul reminds us – we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

Knowing that we can trust God with our lives, we can abandon ourselves to Him, strengthened by the knowledge that He created us and is helping us to make this effort in Him.

There is no risk in abandoning ourselves to God.

Always Loved, Always Valued

We serve a God who loves us more than our work.

Oh it’s true that God wants us to work to feed our families and to responsibly take care of the world He created. And He expects us to serve the weak, hungry, naked, thirsty and broken people around us even as we remain alert to those who have not yet responded to the Holy Spirit’s tug on their lives.

And yet we serve a God who loves us more than our work.

We must never forget this because there may come a time when our ability to do for God is torn from us by health or failure or unforeseen catastrophe. It is in those hours that God wants us to remember that He loves us not for what we do for Him but because of who we are – His Children! Once we call on the name of Christ for salvation, nothing – trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword – will ever again separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

When all we can do or all we have is taken from us, then all He wants us to do is rest in our identity in Him.

Father, help us never lose sight of the unconditional love You have for us, and let me hold on to that hope when our labor and the fruit of our labor are gone.

The reason we exist is to be in fellowship with God.

Thunder & Lightning

The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lighting…the Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. He gives strengths to endure, to be patient, to be kind, to sit quietly, to get up & go, to do nothing at all.

May the God of peace be with you.
Calm my spirit in the storms, Lord.
Grant me Your peace and the strength to walk through this day.

Faith connects our weaknesses to God’s strength.

Instagram Tease

Trade Planning Manager

I did not seek for this job, I did not even apply for this job…it was Marcus who WatsApp me with this offer…

When I didn’t email my resume over to Marcus earlier on…it was Marcus who reminded me for the second time…

Marcus also prep me on Sörenstam before the job interview…

I did not state my expected salary…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD for blessing me with RM8500!

The timing was perfect…The Japanese gave me an increment of RM280 (RM7280) and a bonus; unexpectedly...before the offer came in.

I don’t want to do anymore buying…when I was with The French…I was aiming for the SDD role…but it was a role within Team Baz…this role is much more broader and in-depth.

Sigh…I have my doubts too, God…can I thrive? Can I manage? Can I contribute? Can I get along well with everybody? Will people support me? Will I do well in my new role? The English had a VSS exercise, The Japanese are transferring some staffs to the store level (on a batch by batch basis), will G13 be doing something similar? Somemore hor…I have to serve a 3 month’s notice…anything can happen within these 3 months…what if Mr. Horton’s secretary found a new job…what if Marcus found a new job too…or what if Marcus have been re-designated to another portfolio. What if all of these was a fraud? What if I was cheated & conned?

God, I hold on to Your Words, I hold on to Your Stories, I hold on to YOU!

Laird of Glen Affric

God uses broken things beautifully:
Broken clouds pour rain
Broken soil sets as fields
Broken crop yields seeds
Broken seeds give life to new plants
So when you feel you are broken, be rest assured that God is planning to utilize you for something great.

Empire Damansara Perdana, SOHO 1 >> drop by at Tommy’s studio unit yesterday afternoon…Tommy’s second last day in KL. Tommy’s flight to Singapore is at 2pm today. Went there to collect Tommy’s books. Tommy is giving them away, so I took back 4 bags full!

(1) Tommy also mention to me that Emerson (HR) also called Tommy, ask me why I didn’t prompt Tommy earlier…hahaha…

(2) Tommy ask…if I am doing Trade Planning…why I didn’t consider The English…why G13.

(3) Tommy said that the Trade Planning Department is the engine for The English’s business. In G13, it’s more of a coordinating role. Tommy did not comment whether I make the right decisions or the wrong decisions…but I can see for sure that Tommy was unsure of my new direction.

(4) I acknowledge that…I will be playing the bad guy role…I have to be demanding and challenge the buyers on every angle. Especially for the Grocery, Fresh, Non Food and Health & Beauty…where I don't have much experience...where I don't know anything at all...I will have to be like Stewart…using logic, rationality, quantified things, fair & reasonableness. I will have to invest my time & energy to study the numbers, to get the facts right, to see the patterns & formations.

(5) I think it’s a subtle warning from Tommy that uncooperative people will be my source of frustrations.

(6) This opportunity is really moving me out from my very own comfort zone. I am not going to let this learning opportunity to slip from me again, like the Colgate Palmolive opportunity. I need to make a exit plan from merchandising…earn sufficiently to pay off all of my pending debts…and then…let’s see what God have in store for me…if not now, when...

(7) I am just going to do my best in everything, be on time, be gracious to everyone and live out my live for God.

Audi Polo Challenge

Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with Praise; be Thankful unto Him, and Bless His Name.

I gave Emerson (HR) my 2 reference point of contact: Tommy & Leonardo. Emerson (HR) actually called them…OMG…

Leonardo: Hi, planning to join back G13?

Me: Hi Leonardo. How r u? They offer me a new portfolio. No more buying

Leonardo: I’m fine. Just receive call from HR asking about u. Don’t worry. All good comments

Me: They really call to cross check

Leonardo: You don’t want to do buying after so many years…?

Me: Thank u. Need rest. I think time to re-skill. U got miss buying?

Leonardo: I’m still buying but different product…you know for construction use.

Me: I c. U got miss hyper?

Leonardo: Of course not

Me: Hahaha

Hahaha…see, hyper is so stressful…

7 Keys To Life

God First
Love one another
Never hate
Give generously
Live simply
Forgive quickly
Be kind always

Friday, May 19, 2017

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia

Me: MT still got complain to u ar?

Marcus: No la…last time she does la

Hahaha…I suspect that they still got communicate…

Barclays Center Brooklyn, United States

[Mr. Horton’s secretary actually handling quite well now, by the time u join should not be too much of hiccups. Where u can focus to drive the department to another level!]

However, I have to be extra caution…if anything happen to this department…cost cutting, mergers etc…I will be the first to be transferred out…go back to merchandising…adoi…let’s see…Marcus did mention that Mr. Horton’s secretary is not the aggressive type, Mr. Horton’s secretary will play the coordinator role…I will be reporting to Marcus…so I have to find my role in the picture…fit in and contribute…

Air Canada Centre

[I know…Celtic’s style…Leonardo also complain to me when Leonardo handle Celtic. Your boss don’t care, Celtic normally just give something to wayang, otherwise get her ppl to do for her.]

I didn't know that Leonardo also got complain Celtic to Marcus...hahaha...

Celtic…rupa-rupanya…this is the real you.
I guess I have grow up…I was young & naïve back then…hahaha…nonetheless, I still have to thank GOD, thank You God for putting Celtic in my life because Celtic did help me and shape my career path in the early stages of my career. I become who I am today…and where I want to go…Celtic does a play role too…hahaha…

Celtic is very good at wayang one...anything also Celtic will have the reasons or excuse...and the best part is this...Celtic will come up with one or two topic of conversations...Stewart will then layan Celtic already...adoi...

Arena VFG, Guadalajara, Mexico

[Baldwin in Segi with Ellen Wong. Baldwin wanted to come back. I ask Maximoff, Maximoff sounds interested. I don’t want to push too hard…but]

Previously…Marcus mention that Miguel likes both Baldwin & myself…Maximoff dislike Baldwin…now Maximoff is interested back in Baldwin pula…hahaha…either there is really a shortage of manpower or Maximoff is keen with Baldwin now. Will Baldwin & Madeleine make a comeback?

Parque Simón Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia

[There is actually lots of space to grow. Provided ppl take it positively. Data -> ideas - > solutions. All this is to assist buyers to make better planning with the suppliers for the customers. ]

[Exactly, the best part is we can continue the passion in retail but no need to close margin.]

[And CM in G13 is not going to be easy anymore. New system. New way of reading sales. Range review needs to be done annually & etc…]

[It should be tat way actually. To keep things fresh. So trade plan not only plan calendar but to assists the buyers.]

[Exactly! Some buyers really using their pasar malam way. It should improve already.]

[FOM actually moving to a very proper way of working.]

Whew…so it is exactly what I thought it should be…I did not over think…my thoughts were not exaggerated…so there will be elements of Category Management, Education & Training, Analyses, Research & Management, Consultancy & Advisory, Branding, Communication, Trade Marketing, Marketing & Media all thrown into the mix. It all depends how the ratio mix will be...

Esplanada do Mineirão, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

[During wed floor walk Pietro presented bicycle range, the French CEO praise Pietro! Really weldone to Pietro. Pietro reporting to Miguel now and sitting next to Miguel. But Miguel guiding him well! Miguel is guiding the team well, when they direct report to Miguel.]

I am so jealous…there are so many things that I can learn from Miguel…and that is what a working life is all about…continuous learning… continuous developing…continuous improving… continuous growing…purpose…meaning…be it at an individual level or as a leader...

Palestra Italia Stadium - Palmeiras, Sao Paulo

Me: Lee nee?

Marcus: Do u think she wants to leave AB?

Me: U can try to ask her…

Marcus: She can join H&B.

Me: I don’t speak to her much. Just a gut feeling.

Hahaha…I want MT to join G13…so I can see MT every day.

Rio Arena, Rio de Janeiro

[U know what, Bryan actually knew u will join. Coz Mr. Horton’s secretary told Bryan.]

Err…Bryan wor…did Marcus make a mix up or not…like how I mix up between Emerson and Emerson (HR)…Uncle Andy is it…I know Mr. Horton’s secretary & Uncle Andy are very close. And Uncle Andy did apps me lah…hmm…

Pedreira Paulo Leminski, Curitiba

Very long WatsApp Conversations with Marcus:

Me: Hola. Emerson didn’t call me today. So…shall I sign the letter and start on 23/8…I need to reply within 3 days time. Otherwise, the offer letter become not valid.

Marcus: Really??? Emerson also didn’t reply Sörenstam. You sign first la.

Me: Ok…

Marcus: Btw, welcome back!

Me: Thanks for giving the opportunity to try something new. Really appreciate it. Will scan the copy to Emerson tomorrow night. Original copy will submit later on. Coz this whole week at Ampang store for relaunch next week. I only baru reach home. I also surprise myself.

Marcus: Yeah, grab the opportunity! I actually quite happy that we can used our experience to develop this Trade Plan department. Mr. Horton’s secretary actually handling quite well now, by the time u join should not be too much of hiccups. Where u can focus to drive the department to another level! U know what, Bryan actually knew u will join. Coz Mr. Horton’s secretary told Bryan.

Me: There is actually lots of space to grow. Provided ppl take it positively. Data -> ideas - > solutions. All this is to assist buyers to make better planning with the suppliers for the customers. Some buyers may be resistant and think we just talk & grab their job. I didn’t know they can hold conversations.

Marcus: Exactly, the best part is we can continue the passion in retail but no need to close margin.

Me: Well said.

Marcus: Many buyers aiming at this job. I tell no one about your joining except Mr. Horton’s secretary.

Me: We need to retire gracefully from merchandising. I also let u know something. Miguel got approach me. Before u approach me. But I turn Miguel down. If I were to continue buying, I think I AB will be better.

Marcus: Really!!! They r so short of hands now. And CM in G13 is not going to be easy anymore. New system. New way of reading sales. Range review needs to be done annually & etc…

Me: It should be tat way actually. To keep things fresh. So trade plan not only plan calendar but to assists the buyers. Even in AB, all new buyers, they don’t know how to read report to identify gap. Now Japanese teaching us. All mathematics.

Marcus: Exactly! Some buyers really using their pasar malam way. It should improve already. If they can’t follow, no choice will need new blood…that’s reality, not cruelty.

Me: True. But I’m looking forward to the grocery and health & beauty. I think tat one will be damn interesting and challenging.

Marcus: FOM actually moving to a very proper way of working.

Me: I c…

Marcus: Yes, I have some experience in non food & H&B. Very interesting! Imagine dealing with Unilever and P&G. They have full set of business strategy to the retailer.

Me: This also move me out from my comfort zone. Dealing with a different grp of ppl, different type of business. Really require mindset shift.

Marcus: Yes! Btw, anyone else looking for job? We have lots of slots to fill. Food, non food, GMS.

Me: Baldwin found job already?

Marcus: Baldwin in Segi with Ellen Wong. Baldwin wanted to come back. I ask Maximoff, Maximoff sounds interested. I don’t want to push too hard…but

Me: But u just drop hints…I think Madeleine would like to come back. Madeleine have to travel far and work on Saturday.

Marcus: Madeleine can try grocery. I think Andrew will take Madeleine.

Me: I also found out tat Ramly also left LuLu.

Marcus: Yes, Ramly is in an online company. Heard from Madeleine. Let me ask Madeleine.

Me: Aladdin Internet.

Marcus: Oh…

Me: Lee nee?

Marcus: Do u think she wants to leave AB?

Me: U can try to ask her…

Marcus: She can join H&B.

Me: I don’t speak to her much. Just a gut feeling.

Marcus: Ok, let me try. She still not ngam with SF?

Me: :)

Marcus: Good news about ur brother Pietro!

Me: Pietro’s getting married?

Marcus: During wed floor walk Pietro presented bicycle range, the French CEO praise Pietro!

Me: Excellent. Giv Pietro confidence.

Marcus: Really weldone to Pietro. Pietro reporting to Miguel now and sitting next to Miguel. But Miguel guiding him well!

Me: Miguel is also another good teacher. We really wasted our time under Alice.

Marcus: Miguel is! If without Emerson & Amelia around, Miguel can do well.

Me: Oh really?

Marcus: These 2 ppl everyday confused Miguel.

Me: Bad influence.

Marcus: Yes!

Me: MT still got complain to u ar?

Marcus: Miguel is guiding the team well, when they direct report to Miguel. No la…last time she does la

Me: Hopefully Miguel can get the right ppl to drive GMS.

Marcus: But still not showing on numbers yet. They are really good in presenting…

Me: Let’s c how we can help.

Marcus: Actually Maximoff very smart to sell the nice face of GMS.

Me: But cannot last long one. Must hav wayang + performance.

Marcus: Maximoff doesn’t really spend time to study the categories well, not like Matthew. European are always good in building the base. But this Malaysian woman is too smart to cover the ugly side…

Me: So fast u finish talking to Baldwin…

Marcus: Yes. Baldwin is keen! Miguel called Baldwin, Peggy also called Baldwin! But no follow up from them. I asked Baldwin to text Miguel, Baldwin prefer GMS. They could be too busy la.

Me: Looks like ur household and leisureware minions are back. Celtic?

Marcus: Why? Celtic wants to come back meh? No more SCM woh.

Me: I don’t know.

Marcus: Don’t think Celtic can work with Amelia and Miguel lo.

Me: True also.

Marcus: Celtic can’t tahan Miguel, and sure clashed with Amelia. How is Celtic in AB? Stress also? Well, everywhere also stress in fact. Market is just so bad.

Me: And Celtic also ego and want to win. Like u say. Celtic delegate all to me and Wayne.

Marcus: I know…Celtic’s style…Leonardo also complain to me when Leonardo handle Celtic. Your boss don’t care, Celtic normally just give something to wayang, otherwise get her ppl to do for her. How’s Wayne?

Me: I c MT and Jonas very busy. And their analysis and presentation very good. Bingo. And u r also right. Celtic cannot answer, Celtic pusing 1 big round. Then ur face will pop in my mind. I think Wayne very patient.

Marcus: Wayne is very patient, and very kind. But at least Wayne is a CM now!

Me: Yes. But I guess no one is perfect. We just hav to manage accordingly. Yes. Opportunity for Wayne to learn.

Marcus: That was a good move for Wayne, in GMS Wayne will have no chance. Maximoff very racist, Tommy said that to me. And Maximoff’s really racist, that’s why Maximoff doesn’t like Madeleine.

Estadio Unico Ciudad de La Plata, La Plata

WatsApp Conversations with Marcus:

Marcus: J___, Emerson (HR) told Sörenstam you will join 23/8. My boss asked why not 23/6? You signe letter already?

Me: 3 months notice ma’am. Emerson (HR) just call me this morning.

Marcus: I know…Let’s see what Emerson reply to Sörenstam. May b they buy u over leh.

Me: Emerson didn’t mention this wor

Marcus: Let’s see.

God, I want to take up this offer…but please also let me serve my 3 month’s notice as well. I want to do a proper final job for Stewart. If it is Celtic, I will cabut immediately…hahaha…but this is for Stewart.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Song Of Dependence

I need Thee every hour, most gracious Lord.
Great words. True words. Honest words.
Words of dependence.
Words that form the song of our hearts as we cry out in prayer to the Father who loves us.
Words that form more than a pinprick of a drill hole.
Words that embrace the greatness of the God upon whom we so deeply depend - and the One to whom we pray.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Blessing Of Dependence

Dependence is often portrayed as something to be mourned, not celebrated.
Yet it is through dependence upon God that we grow in understanding of our need for Him and the depths of His grace. Perhaps, that is why the scriptures so often describe men and women being brought to the end of themselves – so that they might find all they need in Him.

Job lost everything.
Joseph was sold into slavery and unjustly imprisoned.
Hannah was tormented by her adversary.
David was pursued, first by his King, then by his son.
The widow of Zarephath endured famine.
Daniel was taken into captivity in Babylon.
An unnamed woman had an incurable disease.
Peter sank when trying to walk on water.

In each case, these men and women cry to us from the pages of the scriptures that their seasons of struggle ended up being cause for blessing. Why? Because each of these individuals was driven to the God of heaven who is sufficient.

If we are to abandon ourselves to God’s strength, we must first be brought to the point of recognizing our own weakness. Only then will we acknowledge, live in, and grow to appreciate the extraordinary blessing of being dependent upon God.

Auctus Mentis Spiritusque

Liverpool 4 - 0 West Ham United :)
Yes, a perfect afternoon indeed.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Necessity Of Dependence

Prayer is very simple.
Prayer is acknowledging our dependence upon God.
It is accepting in our own hearts and minds what God already knows – that we need Him.

It is not our talent, our skill, our brilliance, our knowledge, our abilities or our personal charisma that get us through life. All these come from God, and every moment of our lives is in His hands.

Life is too big for us. We are badly over-matched. We can never be strong enough. That kind of strength is not in us. It is in Him and that is why we pray.

This dependence is not a curse or a handicap; it is one of the greatest blessings we have been given.

beef tongue tacos, quesadillas, and tequila

Stewart say Mak Tiri good to do the report and no mistake. And I let u all do. I say cuz u all are good and trustable. And I know I no good as I better shut up. MT have to do cuz she too great, her people cannot be good.

Now Stewart found out that Jonas using wrong budget like me. Seems only MT know the new budget. Both 2 teams salah buat but only MT betul. Now total division cannot submit homework cuz semua salah.

Problem now is whatever Jonas did but the buyer not really know. For Household now problem is no buyer around but only DM ada.

Hahaha…Marcus was right about Celtic after all.

Hahaha…both Wayne & myself did the template together. Reason being…I think if Celtic wants to do, Celtic can do…I do because I want to learn, I need to learn…because this Celtic is very poor in communication. Is not that Celtic doesn’t channel down the message, Celtic does channel them down…bits & parts in pieces, at times irrelevant, api-apikan the situasi. I have to be hands-on so I will know what is going on in the department itself. Sometimes, I really wish that Mak Tiri is my boss.

I don’t know whether Stewart sees it or not…maybe Stewart does see through Celtic…but need Celtic to kau tim the Plastic suppliers…sigh…

Claudia so sibuk

I am so stressed…

(1) More big & red acne popping out on my face non-stop everyday. God, when is this going to stop? :(

(2) Went cycling with Clara yesterday…hearing news that makes my faith slightly shaky…not slightly, but very...

(3) It’s confirmed…Laura will go back to G13, somewhere in June. Lionel is over the moon on Laura’s returning. Laura’s reason for leaving was that the current office in Sunway is kind of far and Laura is not really good at adapting to a new environment. Apparently, it was both Maximoff & Emerson who approach Laura to come back. Nonetheless, Emerson has warned Laura that the current situation in G13 is very challenging, is very different and that the new French CEO is very detail. So, should I go back or not?

(4) Apparently, both Maximoff & Miguel is also looking for job! Shit lor…G13 still have a future in Malaysia or not? I still think that both Maximoff & Miguel posses strong leadership & visionary skill, but they cannot copy & paste The English way 100% into the G13 structure. G13 have to find its own identity.

(5) Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal – Sörenstam’s career with these FMCG companies…all last for 3 years only…shit lorwill Sörenstam cabut half way or not…then leaving the whole team stranded?

(6) Ramly have already resigned from LuLu. Only Madeleine is still there. Currently Ramly is working with an e-commerce company but did attend an interview for Laura’s position.

(7) Jecca has been promoted as a Shoe Buyer. I commented to Clara that Jecca have no buying experience, Jecca was previously under Marcus doing Promotion. Then, Clara said that if you can talk, can already lah. Jecca is currently Maximoff’s pet and is cozying up with Shawn right now.

(8) I also told Clara, going back to G13’s Merchandising Team right now, might be a bit risky…but within a supporting role, will still be ok. I was trying to calm myself...sigh...

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Collins Quarter

I don’t WatsApp Mak Tiri on a weekend, but today I did…I wonder if I caught her by surprise.

Me: U r right! Laura is going back to G13

MT: Do u know which dept

Me: Textile. Children. Y? U going back there too. No…

MT: I want to retire…lol. Btw I registered touchngo online. Can view history…don’t have to go to d toll off to print statement

Me: (emoji: rolled eyes) pig fly in the sky. Cannot. Mousie needs to eat. Pet food expensive

Mak Tiri probably thinks that I am so sampat! Hahaha…


Hahaha…ok, I admit I was very naughty. Whenever Stewart calls for a meeting…my seating place will be facing Stewart. Henry will be on my right whereas Jonas will be on my left. Then, on last week Friday, Stewart called for a short briefing…Jonas was on leave, so Mak Tiri was on my left…but she didn’t came near me, she position herself on the left, behind my back. But I know MT was there. So, once the meeting have ended, I purposely swing back fast & furious, with the intention of having my knees bump into MT’s knees…but the plan backfired because I end up stepping on her toes and dirty her black rock chick heels instead…hahaha…

Cinta PHD

Mak Tiri has a very similar pair of heels as per the above picture.
I called them the Cinderella Shoes…hahaha…