Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Money Box

The Blue Samurai beat The Socceroos 1 – 0 in Doha, to land their record fourth Asian Cup crown :) By capturing the tournament's cup last night, the Japanese became the most successful team in the history of the competition. I know that I supported Australia, but this is good news as well. Really keen to see that one day…an Asian country can do well in the world stage as well, we may be small in size (short legs & hands)…but strategy and teamwork are above all else…we have the brains, we are thinkers and doers too. Asia is an up-coming continent and we will be the driving force in many areas. Everyone is looking east right now. By the way, another Asian sensation that is making headlines everywhere at the moment is Li Na; who made history when she became the first Asian to make a Grand Slam final at the Australian Open in Melbourne. This will certainly inspire a Russian-style tennis boom in China.

It's ok…cheer up mates! :) And Happy Australia Day! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

daily living

Kacang lupakan kulit – it has been reported that Liverpool superstar Fernando Torres has requested that the Merseysiders to accept the 40 million pounds transfer offers from Chelsea :( I know that every player wants to be in a winning team, wants to win trophies as many as they can so that they can put them in an expensive & beautiful glass cabinet that can be shown off to their family members & friends. Yes, the Reds have not been performing up to expectations in both of the domestic league and also the European league this season but this club has stick with Torres all year long. The club has make him their sole striker for the team, the fans & the top management have not even put in much complaint to his recent poor form & performance compare to last season. The club was so forgiving & understanding with his injuries that he sustains in the last year World Cup which cause El Nino to struggle for form this season. Everyone didn’t blame him when he didn’t deliver the goals. And yet now Torres wants to leave the club during such critical time. The club just got a new manager, the team is starting to deliver the goals, they are getting their pace together, they are seventh in the EPL table, they are on their road to recovery.

Fine, the Kop should take the money and buy new players instead to strengthen the team. No point in keeping an unhappy player. It only demotivates everyone in the dressing room.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coke & Tell

Australia vs. Japan. Tough call. I am also half-hearted. It’s the Asian Cup after all…of course I want an Asian country to win the tournament…but then Australia…is one of my favorite country…and also…sort of like a second home to me…I support anything that is Aussie :) If Australia wins…it is a celebration for them after the devastating floods that hits certain parts of Queensland & Brisbane…wiping out crops, slashing down coal mine production, forcing thousands to fleece from their homes…it is estimated that the flood area covers the size of France & Germany both combine. The win will give them something to cheer about as the Australian didn't start the year 2011 on a high note.
The Asian Cup is a good rehearsal for the upcoming World Cup...for both of the teams.
Oklah…I support Australia :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


What is American Idol without the nasty-fiercely-blunt Simon Cowell? :) For all his caustic snarl, Cowell’s approach worked and he was a massive part of the show’s identity. He had a very specific skill that not everyone can pull it off.

Ladies & Gentleman – this is the new line-up for the tenth season of American Idol.

The new judges? Jennifer Lopez? She brings eye-candy to the show, beautiful & glam but superficial. Steven Tyler? An aging yet sexy rock star. His expressions are so comical, probably adding humor to the season. Kara DioGuardi & Ellen DeGeneres – was, in all honesty, mostly forgettable. And the kooky Paula Abdul, she is just being nice & sweet.

This 10th season will either make or break American Idol. As far as I am concern, the novelty is over & gone with. Because there are just too many of this reality-talent-searching show around. What is going to make this series shone this year will not be the judges but the contestants themselves. Several years have passed since the show actually produced a true breakout sensation who managed to dominate the music charts & captivate arena-sized audiences. And for the last 2 seasons, the qualities of the talents are so-so only. I can’t even remember who won and who was in the Top 3. They don’t make an impact during the show and after the show because they didn’t went and make great songs or albums for the public consumption. I can’t even remember how Kris Allen (winner of Season 8) and Lee DeWyze (winner of Season 9) looks like. We need some good gems this year; charismatic cast of contenders – the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert to shoot up the ratings – powerhouse pop vocalist that entertains. It is not enough to sing a song well, you have to re-invent it, make it your own, be original.

It’s gonna be a kinder American Idol without Simon Cowell :)

Change Maker

Thank you GOD. Praise to the Lord. Bless you GOD. Thank you that there are still job offers pouring in for me. I have received offers from Audley (a key player from the Toy industry), Concord (another up-and-coming potential start-up from the Sports industry) and several key calls from Charis (who is currently now working with the English). Apparently, one of the Director Of Trading; Siew Mei has requested for me. I am just so lucky and blessed. I know there are people out there who are still looking for a job but still no luck. Thank you GOD for being there…for helping me to overcome adversity and have blessed my family & myself so richly, abundantly and generously over the years.

2010 has been has filled me with several momentous events as well, even though it has tortured me with its mere 365 days :) I also know that I keep saying that work is a waste of time - but it is not :) It pays the bills and without it I won’t be here.

I have a much better appreciation for so many things right now. Now I’ve had a lot more thoughts, feelings and learnings. Plus responsibilities too. And as with all new chapters in my life, they are always frightening and rarely comfortable…especially in the beginning. I hope this time around, I am more determined and will not give up halfway. But as what I always say about my life, I have to move forward and embrace what has been laid in my hands.

You know, I love the silver linings behind the dark clouds. And the sun rays that squeezes their way through those thick intimidating clouds to cast a glow on the waters.
It fills my heart with hope.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s like a festival of madness

Café Chulo – in Spanish, chulo is slang for cool. And the place is indeed very cool :) It is our final outing together as a SofLine Team; before we break-up into Team Baz & Team Tex. Sort of like a farewell dinner together cum appreciation for Snow Petrol who have guided us for the past 10 months. We have been through some pretty rough times as a team…but thank GOD, we managed to close 2010. Actually, there will be a new Director for Team Baz & Team Tex. Snow Petrol…will be leading the Private Label Team. To be honest, after seeing Snow Petrol putting in so much of effort into the SoftLine Team, laying the foundation for the’s a bit sad to see Snow Petrol go :( Snow Petrol will not be able to enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Bathed in blue and decked out in glass, Café Chulo evokes a very resort feel. We, of course; chose to be seated on the highest level of their open-air roof garden where the action is…and the whole place was ours the whole night :) The bar inside offers plenty of room to lounge but why bother when you can do that on their rooftop? :) Dining is done alfresco-style, overlooking the crowd in Jaya One.

Café Chulo is located at Jaya One. The concept of Jaya One is pretty nice; situated in the middle island surrounded by the shops lie four small blocks of double story restaurant buildings. While a few restaurants take up both levels, some only occupies a single floor. The upper level of the four blocks are connected via a series of (slightly confusing) walkways with plenty of alfresco-style dining area. Pretty unique and very comfortable. Cafe Chulo is one of the modern Spanish restaurants/pubs on level one with about half of its tables located outdoor. We certainly enjoyed ourselves at Cafe Chulo; the food was good, with great drinks under a very nice ambiance, a very positive dining experience of foreign cuisine without breaking the bank. Their ice-blended mojito (RM16), is their specialty :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the self-righteous inner monologue

The Chinese New Year is just 2 and a half weeks away; but there isn't much excitement just yet. Yes, the annoyingly loud "dong chiang" music is being heard; yes, the Chinese New Year decorations are all up at the shopping malls; yes, all of the clothing outlets have the "CNY Sale" signs popping up everywhere…but the people atmosphere remain so quiet. True also, these days people are rich…everyday is Chinese New Year, everyday can eat good food; don’t have to wait for the big occasion anymore…unlike the previous struggling generations.

I believe everyone is just getting Christmas out of their system…and the new school year has just begun as well; and the kids are just starting to settle down. CNY holidays is coming. Yay! For the food, the stories and the traditions and the historical origins of the festival...and a big big YAY for the LANTERNS! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in my blood

Team Baz is back! Yes, that’s right. In March 2010, the French Top Management makes a shocking announcement that they will split Team App, Baz & Tex into Team HardLine & Team SoftLine. It was a first for the Malaysia operations. And then 10 months later; in January 2011, the French Top Management decide to re-structure back Team HardLine & Team SoftLine to Team App, Baz & Tex. Seriously, these French bosses got nothing better to do is it? And we will be getting a new Director too. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with this new & unexpected announcement. I was so pleased, in fact, I was glowing with pride :)

The last 10 months, I have seen so many of my fellow colleagues left for greener pastures. First it was Trix who decide to work in Singapore, then Iron Butterfly was transferred back to our Singapore operations, followed by the resignations of Patrick, Matte-Marit, Natalie and finally Wendy. I get to know this bunch of people, whom I wouldn’t have otherwise met. And hey, they’re actually nice & good people. They’ve inspired me in more ways than they will know. These are the talented people who have subconsciously influenced, shaped and changed the way I approach life. It was also Team Baz’s darkest hour too. We were neglected and being treated like a stepchild. Truth to be told, not many people care about us anymore. We were left to fend for ourselves; we do not have a leader who is in charge of us. During month-end closing, no one wants to step up to take the responsibilities. Even Snow Petrol hesitates for a while before having the courage and being hands-on to look at the financial figures. Team Baz waited way far too long for this full reunion and in between all that waiting, so many things have changed hands.

Now Team Baz is such a lean structure and understaffed too – only left Rufus, Celtic, Damian and myself. Stewart & Christine will be park permanently under Team App while Tin Min will join Team Tex. The good news is that Rufus have been rescued out. Due to some unknown reasons, Rufus have been put in cold storage for a while and now Rufus is back. Again, it is going to take up a lot of our time & energy to build Team Baz back into its zaman kegemilangan. With such a structure back in place, one thing for sure; the synergy, the integration & the coordination is back. Compare to previously, we are so kelam-kabut. And I know given the time & opportunity, Team Baz will deliver and reinforce its position again as the Number 1 team in the Non-Food Section. We are passionate about our business, we have all these ideas, we each have our fortes and we will have fun doing it. Each member in Team Baz have a 3-in-1 characteristics – Passion, Personality and Perseverance. Oh, trust me; I could go on and on all day long on how amazing Team Baz is.

I also thank GOD that I have gotten the promotion early as well. Thank you to Celtic for the interferences and to Snow Petrol for making the decisions. Right now, Damian & myself will be put under Celtic’s charge. Everything is going to be brand new :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

share my world

Well, for starters; I have started to see signs of my memory deterioration and I’m panicking :(

I’ve got a serious case of baby brain. Really. I used to be able to remember EVERYTHING. I didn’t even need a planner or an organizer to remember all of my appointments at work, what items that I will be advertising in each new mailer or items that already have been advertised in the previous catalogues, action plans with the suppliers & the store team, the contents of each supplier’s contract, the dates of current & up-coming roadshows with different suppliers at different stores and the problems/issues that each store is facing. But these days I CANNOT survive without my pad of Post-It Notes. I’m embarrassed to say I always walk into the office with a to-do-list now. Otherwise I am bound to forget to do something. I used to make the excuse that I was distracted. But after a while, I kind of figured out that there weren’t that many distractions. It’s not the beach, you know. And I’m only 28!

So if I don’t lock down my memories and my experiences right now, I can bet my money on it that I would not be able to remember those important moments, feelings and I would have think that I had led a crappy life when I’m old and wrinkly. The society does not need one more whiney old woman who thinks that her life is shit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

And I will be the girl who...

When I hear of other people stories of their life struggle, when I remember the experience of my very own life ups & downs, when I hear about the many tragedies that is happening in the world, and people who are suffering awful misfortune, and when I am being reminded that my family are growing up so fast (we are actually aging & getting older by the day. only GOD knows how many years that we will still have. because anything could happen the next day) – I am inspired to make the MOST of my current good fortune where I want to share with everyone. Every time something like this happens, I feel humbled.

It is yet another timely reminder to me, that life is short and precious.

We must always cherish everything we have. Our family. Our loved ones. Our home. I believe GOD will answers all of our prayers.

"Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough" - Oprah Winfrey

Chocolate On The Run

I was away at Singapore from the 28th December till 1st January. It was a good holiday where I found my happy place :) but there was one big disappointment…I didn’t manage to get into Universal Studio; all of the tickets were sold out :( But I am very determined to make one more trip back there this year :) I want to take pictures with Shrek, Po (from Kung Fu Panda) and Gloria (the hippo from Madagascar). Yes, I love fat & rounded creatures :) They are cuddly and adorable. Not to mention, they are nice to hug as well. Throughout the whole holiday; I truly enjoyed the company of my friends, had fun in exploring the city, enjoying the food, soaking up the Singaporean very well-polished cosmoplitan culture and I get to meet up with Ken & Trix as well :)

I like this Lion City, the food, the vibrant energy and the shopping! And yes, their MRT & LRT system is so efficient. Public transport there is such a breeze. How I wish Malaysia is also like that. Comparing both of the countries, we are so way behind especially in terms of intellect and civility.

Traveling is life’s best university. Traveling reminds me that there is SO much more in the world out there :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking your soul to work.

Ok, I’ll admit it.
I am a control freak. A little bit :)
It’s freaking irritating. But I can’t help it.
My biggest wish in life would be to have a say in every single thing in my life. Everything would then fall completely in place and according to my plan. I need to be the commander of my ship. I never abandon it. I am stubbornly undeterred by the obstacles that come. I would turn and bend and twist and twirl, and find my way through them.
We are raised to set goals for ourselves. To work hard to meet those goals. We are taught to persevere and never give up. We are raised to plan, strategize and move in a specific direction.
What we are never taught until we are almost close to going mad, is how NOT to bite onto something like a mad dog, refusing to let go.
And THAT is one lesson I badly need to learn. I need to learn that life is not perfect, and I do not need to control everything in it.
Sometimes a tiny part of me wants to let go of the steering wheel for a while too.
But I don’t know how to. I’m used to getting things done in the way I want them to be. I’m used to being resourceful and finding solutions to the problems…and also keeping things to myself.
And suddenly when I am really at a dead end, I have to ask myself, “Do I suffer great losses just to get there? Or do I switch course and learn to manage on a new path?”
If stubborn-ness could kill, I would be dead a long time ago.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In need of a good dream

It's only the first week of January 2011…and I have already forked up RM550 to repair my car. I am so dry now :( I have to change a new clutch plate. The old one has all worn out; with the triangle edges broken to bits. Even the mechanic asks me why I drive so ganas? I don't even speed, even on the highway; the max I go is 100kmph. It must be the wear & tear. After all, the car is already 2 years & 6 months old.

But I thank GOD that the car didn’t break down last week either…it manage to ferry me to work to & fro from last Monday to Friday. I worked late and the Glenmarie route without the streetlights is pretty scarry at night. Whatsmore there are so many foreign workers who cycle and walk back from work during that time as well. Thinking back, bad things could have happen...

Hopefully (touch wood) this new clutch will last me for many more years to come. The car starter and the power window have already broken down before. Hopefully, there are no more major repairs after this. Proton car :(

I’m loving my wheels now. The rush. The speed. The racing of my heart. The cold morning air. The view of my city. It’s incredible :) And the clutch is so much lighter now.

No Bravery

Another defeat – lost to Man U 1 – 0 at the FA Cup. Ryan Giggs scored a penalty goal against Liverpool. What a terrible & horrible season this is :( To be honest, we are not going to see any results or improvements until the end of the season. I foresee that. This season is totally gone. We can only see results in the next season.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Team AllStar

Liverpool has announced that their manager Roy Hodgson has left the club by mutual consent, with Kenny Dalglish put in charge on an interim basis until further notice. Hodgson leaves Anfield following an unhappy six-month reign after taking over from Rafael Benitez. That left the embattled side languishing in 12th position, four points above the relegation zone. Hodgson becomes the third Premier League manager to be axed this season after Chris Hughton at Newcastle and Sam Allardyce at Blackburn. EPL Managers have such a short life span these days. The owners, club chairman and board of directors only want fast results and the team has to win in every matches. Any losing matches – 5 in a row – will see the manager being fired. And Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is hardly the most patient of all owners in town; having fired Jose Mourinho, Luiz Felipe Scolari & Avram Grant within the last 2 years. The only survivors are Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United and Arsenal's Arsene Wenger. I don't think its a healthy culture for the team, the players, the sport itself and for the working environment. Losing matches is part of the sport. It fluctuates. What happen to the re-building process and second chances? Hiring a new manager and re-adapting is only a short-term solution.

Dalglish steps in for his second stint in the Anfield hot seat, his first spell between 1985 and 1991 has harvested three league titles and two FA Cup titles. I hope that Kenny will bring in his considerable experience to the position and provide management and leadership for the rest of the season. It’s not easy to manage a club with such an incredible history, such embedded tradition and such an amazing set of fans. Similarly, the Liverpool players themselves need to stand up & be counted. The big players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Joe Cole, Dirk Kyut and Jamie Carragher in particular seem increasingly disenchanted and the Reds are insipid if these players are not on song. Liverpool right now desperately need a fixer and a groomer for the future.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Earth I Shall Inherit

I love Subway sandwiches…delicious and healthy. It makes my energy levels spike up :) My favorites are the Italian BMT, Subway Melt, Subway Club and Meatball Marinara. And the environment is just nice - unfussy dining.

However, I find their prices are very pricey. Even McDonalds is cheaper. A sub (minus the drink) can cost between RM10.90 – RM12.90. The ingredients that goes into creating the sub does not cost that much…it’s our daily staple; the bread, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, the meats, the dressings/sauces etc – so just imagine how much the company have mark-up their prices and profiteering from us – the customers.

But what makes this business module so successful in 2010? Their Marketing Team has geniusly came up with the idea of Everyday RM7.50 per sub on a daily feature sub and Buy 1 Free 1. Its way cheaper & it caters to the lunch crowd, easier for us to plan on which day we want to eat our favorite sub and it attracts a lot of converts; fast food junkie to health freaks. Brilliant! In every business you start with a plan but the plan has to be re-evaluated, re-assessed and re-considered at every turn. Subway must have realized this and they have found the magic to grow their business. They are mushrooming everywhere right now. Facts change, operating conditions change and Subway must change with the environment. Business is not static and we cannot run on the spot. I am looking forward to more of Subway new menus, offers & promotions :)

The Corridors Of Power

Harimau Muda – You Are The Special Ones :)

Thank you for ending the year of 2010 with a big bang. Good job to the boys, coach K.Rajagopal, the backroom staff, the medical team etc for bringing back the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup to Malaysia after 21 years. The Malaysian team won 4 – 2 on aggregate. Thrashing the Indonesians 3 – 0 in the first leg at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil has been fantastic. Even though, we were beaten 2 -1 on the return leg at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, it was still ecstatic. This achievement is a major turnaround for our Malaysian football industry. The team has made something out of nothing. They turn themselves from laughing stocks to national heroes.

Nonetheless, the government should not lavish these players with titles of Datuk or Tan Sri yet. Their age is way too young to hold these prestigious awards and frankly speaking; no doubt it is a very proud result – still…it is a very small victory in a relatively very small scale competition. It is not the World Cup yet.
Malaysia has enjoyed several key sporting triumphs last year; the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India and the Asian Games in Guangzhou China. Malaysia, we are going places :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Violet Fame

the distance that some people are willing to go to for my sake has humbled me. therefore, i would like to start to pay it forward.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

i am LOVE

It's the beginning of a new year :)
Most people think of it as a milestone; a day to commit new resolutions...I suppose it is a significant excuse to allow yourself a clean slate to start over. As for me; New Year’s Day is just a change in the number ending 201-? Of course the 31st of December makes a very good reason to party and an excuse to get together under fireworks, reminiscing about the past 365 days. Some choose to believe; the beginning of a new year marks a fresh start...with promises of brighter days and bigger dreams. I used to share the same belief; it is this first year of 2011 that I've thought otherwise. Of course it is good to have resolutions and a time for reflection...but my whirlwind of incidents and experiences of 2010 does not come to an end; just because the calendar flips an unfamiliar number or two. There will be the same worries and that similar daily routines adding up to the day that I will eventually succeed to overcome them. The significance of celebrating them at the end of each year is just silly. I want to be able to learn to celebrate each day as it comes :)

2011 will be the time to reclaim myself in many different aspects. Reclaim my time, my space, my body, my interest, my need whilst I continue to be here. Yes, I need to do it, so I can remember who I once was before…because that makes me feel happy and alive again.

I’m awesome. I am filled to overflowing with deep, deep, deep contentment :)

Realize Powerful Ideas. Connect The Dots. Celebrate Opportunities. Have Loads Of Fun.