Sunday, December 31, 2006

Novel Conquering Pride

Merry Belated Christmas :) Another low-profile for me this festive season. Less stress with everything (dinners & visits) went well. Boss gave us (Damian, Eloise, Wyatt & myself) tickets to a Christmas Choir & Ballet performance. It’s not those grand stage performance kind-of-thing but an amateur concert with the participants aged between 15 – 25. The only downside is that I find the stage was too small, which sort of restrict the dancer’s movements. Dance creativity and technicality was at the minimal. But overall they were good. The ballerinas were all so pretty in their fancy frocks & over-the-top make-up. The choreography was nice; the show was very lively and I could feel the energy. I love they way they use dance to tell a simple and meaningful story. Unlike Wyatt who is clueless and yawning throughout the 90 minutes show. I have to nudge him a few times. It’s disrespectful but I guess that boy will never understand and appreciates such art.

I have only been away for a week and so many things have happen. Of course as usual, right at the top is the magnificent duo of Celtic & Wyatt who is trying to control everything and take away all of my everything with Seth closing one eye :) You know what; my DREAM JOB for next year is to be the boss of my boss of my boss of my boss… :) Boss has been admitted to the hospital for internal bleeding. Not sure which organ but heard that it was quite bad and bed rest is required for the next 2 months. Trix is not leaving after all! Yay! My baby sister is flying to Portland, Oregon on the 9th. She has been selected to participate in a Student Exchange Program under the AntaraBudaya Malaysia Youth Ambassadorship. I feel so so proud :) Troy is back from Firenze! Woo Hoo! Callum and Cassius text-messages - I’m smiling :)

Just finished reading another Jack Reacher’s book “Without Fail” and now reading “Killing Floor”. I’m addicted to Homicide Investigation. It’s the only genre I have been reading lately :) “Without Fail” was like mind-blowing in the beginning where everyone was trying to figure out who wants to assassinate the newly elected Vice-President but towards the end, it just flops. Maybe I was expecting someone from the Opposition, some terrorist, some big fucked-up Multinationals…but it turn up to be 2 bastards from the VP past childhood – school bullies who refuse to admit defeat and wants their revenge. And Reacher falls in love but the female love have to die in the end :( If she was not dead, I think Reacher would have stay for her. The first 16 pages of “Killing Floor” – Reacher is arrested for murder and hopefully the momentum just stays on till the end.

My last post for 2006.
Happy New Year 2007! Go out and party hard tonight – feel great, energetic, zippy, happy, sparkly and glowing. And be careful & safe as well. I will be going down to The Curve – for dinner, the carnivals, the concert and the midnight countdown. Ch

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Firm and Sure

These last few weeks I’ve been battling with a constant spell of gloominess, depression, frustration and overall emptiness. It was a battle from within, hidden and not for all to see. It was regarding decisions, decisions and more decisions - unsure with all this sudden and new changes in M13. I know that life has been incredibly good to me this year, GOD has been very generous, but there is always moments where I’m still trying to piece some of my life pieces back together. Nonetheless, after this *trip* - I’m ready for CHANGE :) The mind has made up. I have taken a very long annual leave; risking the fact that Celtic & Wyatt will take this opportunity to screw me from behind. I caught them a few times already. Maybe it’s their so-called strategy. Damn! Why can’t I just be like them? Why I have to play nice all the time? :) I have conscience. Anyway the holiday was good. Perfect actually.

Thailand Holiday – I have taken a somewhat spontaneous, slightly excessive, couple of days for myself. It was all pretty laid back & casual, but very well organized. I went up to Bangkok and Pattaya with some pals. We booked our AirAsia tickets online and the local ground package. The Land of Smiles has me mesmerized all the time. They are so rich in their ancient Buddhism histories, their Wats’s (temples) pre-historic architecture, the tuk-tuk, their traditional costume (nice texture and nice combination of colors), their culture, heritage and traditions.

First Day – Flight AK880 arrive at Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport at 8.55am (Thailand time; Malaysia is ahead by an hour). Surprised, there were no delays. I have friends complaining to me how AirAsia airlines are always running late. Ours were punctual but there wasn’t much leg room :( We check in at the Twin Towers Hotel. The first day was free at own activities, so we took the tuk-tuk and went sightseeing & shopping. Bangkok traffic is really bad. As the tuk-tuk is window-less, we were breathing the evil fumes the whole day and we smell real bad. We went to Mak Bu Kong, Chinatown and Pat Pong. This country really idolize their King, everywhere we go, buildings & towers will hang their King’s portrait and fly the Royalty flags. Their night markets are way better than our local Pasar Malam too. More assortment varieties and prices are dirt cheap.

Second Day – We had a canal cruise on the floating market. We stop at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). We visit a Leather & Jewelry factory. The bus drove us up to Pattaya. The last stop for the day was at Sriracha Tiger Zoo – I saw pig racing – very cute :) Pattaya is famous for its vibrant clubbing circuit, those night shows and transsexual activities. After dinner we check the place out, the whole street was like Bangsar at night. Open-air, cheap beer flowing, girls doing the pole dancing thing, girls soliciting for business very openly, you see majority of the foreign men being escorted by the local Thai girls. It’s just pity that the Thai tourism has to rely on such trade. And this has become the Thai tourism identity. We paid 240 Bath to watch a Transsexual Musical Performance :) The ladies were drop dead gorgeous and bustier than any ordinary women on the street. They are not cheap to maintain though. That night, some ladies had wardrobe malfunction (on purpose) and plenty of cleavage exposure.

Third Day – We took a speed boat to Koh Lan Island. We spent half a day there on the beach. Then we proceed to Nong Nooch Garden for a Thai Classical Show and a Muay Thai Kick-boxing match.

Fourth Day – We return to Bangkok and stop by at the Dream World (similar to our Genting’s Theme Park) and the trip ended with our last destination at Four Face Buddha.

Fifth Day – We actually wanted to go back today but the air tickets were pricey, so we extended one more day. We went to the Grand Palace (we snap a lot of pictures) and then more shopping at Pratunam. We shop till we drop. We solely rely on our Tour Guide’s recommendation and it was not disappointing. The place sells all the current ‘IN’ fashion at wholesales prices. Nothing more than 400 Bath. I can’t wait to show-off my new bought clothes :)

Sixth Day – We boarded AK881 (ticket at RM79.90) this morning, had breakfast at the airport and reached LCCT at 12.30pm.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Happy Feet – ooh, those penguins are so cute. So adorable. The animation was so good, so real that I want to grab those baby penguins and give them a cuddle :) But Nicole Kidman’s soft whiney voice is terribly annoying. And I prefer Hugh Jackman in the flesh :)

Casino Royale – The most jantan James Bond ever. The blond is hot, sexy and squishy and he was like a tight-assed Latino Dance God that can sweep you off your feet. Eva Green; beautiful in both form and substance :)

Work Tales - Lucius is back! Surprised! Surprised! Boss will be going for a 5-months leave (as per the doctor’s advice due to a work-related reason which has not been make known) and Lucius has been appointed as a temporary caretaker. We had a second briefing, the usual stuff. However, some critical questions were not answered. I’m not sure how long I will last, knowing that Seth will pick Celtic & Wyatt over me. I’m used to that already. But I need to do some thinking and there are decisions to be made :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lock & Lock

The cat is out from the bag! Finally! We have to start speaking the Queen’s English. I was quite impressed with the new buyer’s presentation but the only downside to it was the lack of time frame. We were briefed that it will be a 1 year transition period, with the same business model, more money will be pumping in, at the moment business is as usual and will be run as a separate entity. Definitely a phase that is going to be very challenging and a time where there are lots to learn and knowledge to be pick. I’ve been in M13 for 21 months; started out as a Management Trainee & was attached with 8 different Product Managers as mentors in 8 different departments. I was given a comfirmed position this year. I have worked with 2 different Directors, saw uncountable people left, experience a very difficult economy year (next year is going to be a very poor Chinese New Year as well), struggling with a soft sourcing/buying sentiment, unfavorable policies, unkind people etc – felt like I reached a milestone.

I had a pre-Christmas lunch today at La Bodega; Tapas y Vinos with Juan, Tommy, Nikolai, Damian, Ping and Joachim. We soak up some cafĂ© culture, exchange Christmas present and had rocking conversations. We spent most of the afternoon chatting, laughing, teasing and talking secret women’s stuff over cups of hot Lemon Sun Tea. Haha, it was heaps of fun! The food was tasty. The table was laden with fresh fruit salad, English breakfast with omelets, pancakes, tapas, rice, mussels, breads etc. Then afterwards we went earrings shopping :( Earrings are sissy. However a girl must accessories and I simply love rings and bracelets :)
Final destination was Haagen-Dazs ice cream parlor. A single scoop of rum & raisin with an ice cream cone :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Unwanted, Unimaginable Chaos

Another crappy week.
Business Times reported on Friday in its papers that M13 will be taken over by our British competitor (Tommy joked that we should start speaking English with a British assent). There was a comic strip where a worker was taking down M13 name board and replaced it with the British Tag. And the twists…guess what the management said: “We are sorry for today’s news. We do not denied and yet to confirm the news”. What the! It’s already in the media, and the only decent thing to do is to make a proper corporate announcement to the staff. I think the staff will even be more motivated once we know who the new management is. It’s very unfair for the staff to be the last person to know. Now everything is pending. Luckily some of my projects are not put on hold, I have to say our department suppliers have been very supportive, even though I know that the situation that they are facing are far more demanding – poor thing, they will be worried like hell during this transition period especially regarding payment issues, stock holding etc :( We just want an ending. The staffs deserve better treatment.

Celtic brought me out for dinner at SoulOut in Hartamas – was meeting with some key people (major decision-makers) of an ISO company. Celtic being Celtic; with devilish intention no doubt :) thank GOD I wasn’t intoxicated. The offers, the whole package seems tempting but Celtic just doesn’t understand – I truly know what I want. I know my strengths and I know my flaws well. I’m not going to jumped into something that is unknown. You can go ahead or stick around. I enjoy bugging you and yes we can hold polite conversations now but I am not going to be open with you; I’m not going to reveal anything. Everything is close-guarded. Let you continue to guess :)

Some bastard/asshole stole two wheels from Damian’s MyVi! A good samaritan ran up to the office with the number plates, just to check whether the car belongs to an employee or a customer. At first we thought it was a prank. But when we went down to the parking lot, we were horrified. Two tyres with brand new rims were stolen in broad daylight. The 8 month old MyVi was parked so near to the office. Later it was revealed that there have been several attempts to steal cars in our office compound. Twice on Stavros’s Honda Civic, there was once on Wyatt’s Atos. So insecure!

The weather - and it rained and rained.