Sunday, November 30, 2014

Origanimals and Chameleon

Liverpool 1 – 0 Stoke
A header from Glen Johnson :)


Dear GOD - Please strengthen my FAITH.
Don’t test my faith anymore. Don’t shake my faith anymore. Today, I need FAITH more than anything else in the world. Please help…help me to put my personal life, my prayer life, my working life back on track. God, you are FAITHFUL. I will be FAITHFUL.


My First, My Last, My Everything.
Treasure every moment as life is full of uncertainties.
There’s only one way to deal with the daily, the world’s calamities – treat such events as if they were our last.

Boing The Play Ranger

Marcus asks me to attend the Clear To Zero meeting with the IT & Finance department. Which I did. I wrote down the meeting minutes & email back to Marcus. It was a very small meeting but it is a first step :) THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BELSS YOU GOD – that I was the chosen one.

The Amazing Awang Khenit

The next day – Marcus call for a GST meeting.
In Leonardo’s absence, Baldwin steps in. Ursula was away, so Gerrard was the representative. Then, mana tahu…Marcus also call Alice & me to attend the meeting as well. Once Marcus was done with the meeting – Marcus ask me to brief Pietro. Hahaha…I bet that this Alice hates me very much. And I am very sure that this Alice was shock that Marcus also call me in for the meeting and didn’t ask Alice to pass the message to Pietro.

Rimba Racer

Hahaha…the next day – Marcus ask me to represent Marcus for the coming meetings where Marcus will not be able to attend as Marcus will be away. I said no. Please give it to Alice & Pietro as they are the seniors. I also push it to Pietro because Pietro is the guy mah. Marcus wants us to rotate. Don’t want to let this Alice thinks that Alice have the power all the time. Then, Marcus asks me – Pietro…ok or not? Marcus also approaches Pietro. Mana tahu…this Pietro also don’t want. Pietro only want to do work peacefully. Pietro & I are on the same wavelength but the both of us are very scared of Alice now :)

Vektor 58

Ursula also found out about the MA case. I guess Marcus did a double-check with Paige & Barry. And then this Paige went and informs Ursula about it.

Ursula: Ha ha…I heard u fainted. Cos u hv no MA to do paper work. I got 2 minions…I can lend to u…u see how people can miscommunication.
Me: Thank u boss. Hahaha, ya lor.
Ursula: Lucky you are tough. Otherwise in the hospital.
Me: No, I am on the edge of collapsing. It’s a matter of time only.
Ursula: Ha ha. No worry u will survive.

Sfera Kuasa

November is such an emotional month for me :(

(1) The first range review presentation with The Ice Queen didn’t just end there – The Ice Queen wanted more. I also believe that I can do more…with the right amount of time frame. This one no…all crams into such a tight schedule. Some more ask us to make sacrifice. Celaka betul. I like The Ice Queen because of the knowledge. The Ice Queen’s ideas is not that mind-blowing, business minded, industrious or awesome but The Ice Queen teach you on how to manage the figures and the details. But, I also hate The Ice Queen very much…it’s not a conducive environment to work in. Ok…so, I have to prepare for the second range review presentation with The Ice Queen. I was off on Friday & on Monday…so, I have already lost 2 precious days. Plus, it was the BTS & Xmas season. Additionally, there were repeat orders to do, problem suppliers to manage, problem stores to help out…basically…I was just so overwhelm with everything. I am just so worn out. I even surrender to Marcus that for this second range review – I will submit what I have; I will do what I can…I know that I was responding to all of these very negatively until Marcus question me back – what is your problem?! So, yeah…I lost brownie points there. But THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD - it was cancel & postpone to another week.

(2) Then, there was a meeting concerning about our MAs. Alice went into the meeting on behalf of Marcus. Thereafter, Alice came out and briefs us on what the meeting is all about. Alice said that we no longer will have anymore assistants. All paperwork will be back to the buyers. I don’t denied…I got panic…I got scared. I already cannot cope with my everyday daily routine work and now no more assistants…I lagilah will die. Again, I surrender to Marcus that I will be slower in my work after this. Marcus got very angry with me. All of a sudden, I turn from positive into negative. From someone who is so eager into another person who cannot cope with stress. I came across as a very weak & incompetent person.

(3) Then, upon checking…celaka betul this Alice…bagi salah information. We still have our MAs. Just that, there will be only 1 MA for now, park under one team. Marcus was also angry with Alice. Go in to a meeting for 5 minutes and come out and gave everyone the wrong information. Lucky Pietro & I heard the same thing. I did not make up any stories to frame Alice.

(4) Marcus admit that this Alice give me stress.

(5) Marcus also commented that during Marcus’s absence during the Tuesday floor walk – this Alice only put in gossips into the meeting minutes. Said that Barry disagree with this, with that etc.

(6) Somehow, Paige also knew about this and agrees that Alice was not in a neutral stance when reporting back the meeting minutes.

(7)Some more this Alice ask Pietro not to listen to Ursula during the de-brief session.

All this stupid Alice fault :(

Giggle Garage

Indeed I was right. WatsApp message from Ursula.

Ursula: Alice said u r so happy to leave me. Cos no need to do paper work. She said I give you a lot of work.

Celaka betul this Alice :( When I saw this message…I also don’t know how to reply back. What will be the appropriate answer? This question totally caught me by surprise.

In the end…I only reply this…Boss, up to u to judge lah. I park under u for 1 year, u feel for urself. Hahaha…u judge for urself wat character I am.

Sead Studio

A couple of weeks ago – we (Marcus, Alice, Pietro & myself) went to visit our new store that will be opening tomorrow. Throughout the journey, Marcus was telling us about the good old days during Mr. Jan Vet’s time. Some of the sharing were:

(1) Mr. Jan Vet seems to regret to treating very badly towards Barry, Marcus & Leonardo. Mr. Jan Vet was very pilih kasih during that time. All 3 of them will be scolded except for Ursula. It’s like Mr. Jan Vet kena jampi from Ursula like that.

(2) I agree with Marcus that Ursula likes to smell her hair occasionally. Leonardo finds that a very psycho action :)

(3) Marcus & Alice also mengumpat about Ursula.

(4) Alice claim that Ursula once challenge her and Alice replied back that Alice is not as rich, as powerful or in a higher position as Ursula is.

(5) This is the best part – Marcus ask why Ursula’s team always come back to work on a Saturday. Is it because Ursula asks them to come back. Marcus was curious to know. This Alice immediately pointed the finger at me. Celaka betul. In Pietro’s case – Pietro replied that during Pietro’s time, Ursula will indirectly hint to Pietro to come back to work on a Saturday. I only said this – to be honest, Ursula never ask me to come back on a Saturday to work (which is the truth), I came back because I was inefficient and I cannot finish my work. I let Marcus to interpret.

(6) Then, once we came back to the office…after both Marcus & Leonardo has left…this Alice went to Ursula’s room, sat down there and don’t know what they talk about. Some more, this Alice was in Ursula’s room for a very long time. I tell Celtic – this is not a good thing. This Alice will surely back stab me in front of Ursula. What I didn’t say, also say that I say.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Glue Studio

No matter how bad things get, don’t despair. Keep fighting – Anne Hathaway.


Hahaha…A4 Paper – Double A & IK – they are like P&G and Unilever. Both holds big market share in the industry. The Ice Queen wants me to get rid of Double A, focus on my house brand and to work with IK; the second leading brand in the market. I will still keep Double A, only advertise less, will advertise more on my house brand. I also highlighted this issue to Marcus. Marcus also gave no indication on how to move forward. Sigh…

I mention this to Ursula and she was like – wah…now you start to talk about market share…she seems impress…but I quickly divert the conversation by saying that The English have 7 pages of BTS advertisement. Make Ursula feel that indirectly I also didn’t realize for myself that I start to think like her and apply what I have learned from Ursula into my daily routine work now :)

Big Tent

Hahaha…this is so funny.
Marcus will be away for 2 weeks, on holiday next month.
I have a problem with the books supplier again. The case went all the way up to The Ice Queen :( It was very thoughtful of Ursula to volunteer herself. Ursula mention to me…if we are going to meet up with the supplier during Marcus’s absence…Ursula doesn’t mind in joining in the meeting to back me up. Ursula also got remind me to run the sales report as well. Ursula also asks me to pre-empt Marcus that Ursula might join in. So, I also pretend to ask Marcus will it be ok for Ursula to join in. Marcus said its ok. Marcus also commented that by right, Ursula should join in because she handles the supplier & the category previously. Only don’t know whether this Ursula is willing to help out or not. Of course, I didn’t tell Marcus that Ursula volunteer herself in the first place, I only said that I will try to ask Ursula about it and see how it goes. Then, Marcus mentions to me that Ursula have been very nice to Marcus lately…even suggesting to Marcus on how to run the stationery department. OMG.


This Marcus – tak boleh pakaitak boleh guna…everyday is busy busy busy. If the top management wants to promote Marcus to a GM position…please do so quickly…Marcus cannot do both the GM & SCM job at the same time. Marcus is bound to neglect and can’t be in focus. So, Pietro, Alice & myself will be the abandon one.

Artists Dorm

I am very surprise that Christy shares with me what went on in the range review meeting with The Ice Queen. I am even more surprise that Christy actually told me that Ursula laughs at her. OMG. If I were Christy, I will just zip up my mouth. I don’t even dare to tell a single soul. If I want to express myself…I will only just inform Celtic about it. I mean…it is very embarrassing. You don’t want to back me up, yet you still want to laugh at me. I am very sure that Christy is very disappointed and hurt inside.

Art Space I & II

Range review presentation with The Ice Queen – I FAILED. Big time :(
This Ice Queen also invited Nancy & Miss Dong to attend somemore. Kena kau-kau…I got hit from the top, to the bottom, left, right. The Ice Queen choices of words and actions really make you feel useless, hopeless, stupid, idiot, not fit to be on the job…and embarrass us in front of our peers and bosses. But for me, during the end of the presentation – The Ice Queen only said this – you have a plan, you are the best for today. Yeah right...

Barry’s team got hit the hardest. Apparently, The Ice Queen makes many negative comments on Clara. During the team’s presentation – The Ice Queen make gestures of hitting the head on the wall and going under the table to hide the face. Come on lah…the situation is not healthy at all. It will only bring out 2 outcomes. There will be buyers (like Celtic) who are very determine to prove to themselves to The Ice Queen that they can do it better…or like me…where I will get very de-motivated. I don’t thrive in this kind of environment. It is not conducive for me to work in. I work better in an encouraging support system.

LeisureWare Team – I think we did poorly…but not as badly as Barry’s team.

Hardware & HomeWare Team – I told Paige that these 2 teams will not have any problems at all. Both teams close positive figures in their respective categories. Ursula holds & controls her team very tightly as well. Both Gerrard & Shawn are potential shining stars of the department. The Ice Queen also fancy Celtic & Shawn, both of them should be able to escape. However, mana tahu – the best of the best was Madeleine…Celtic manage to escape…Baldwin also kena because Baldwin bring up the issue that Baldwin have to take care of 2 departments…Shawn also lepas…Gerrard also kena very teruk because the format that Gerrard uses is very complicated. That was a surprise. But bearing in mind that Gerrard uses The General's format which comes from our Hong Kong office. The Ice Queen finds the format very complicated and hated it very much. Apparently, The Ice Queen question Gerrard until Gerrard’s voice also shake. But Ursula was there to back Gerrard up all the way. Christy also kena…but Ursula didn’t back Christy up. Ursula actually laugh…until The Ice Queen said – your own boss is also laughing at you. But according to Miss Dong – Ursula’s laugh is not laughing or teasing at Christy but an embarrass laugh.

Sigh…this Ice Queen is really a witch. I still prefer the Mat Salleh’s style of one-to-one review. I hate this Ice Queen peer pressure concept. Yeah, now everyone in the whole office knew how badly I did…pakai hentam, simply tembak, don’t know anything, pusing like nobody business, kena scold upside down, tough a little bit, still got chance to be rescue, not qualified, malukan Marcus etc.

Bon Ton Shop III

Thursday – range review presentation with The Ice Queen.

Early in the morning @ 6.15am – Ursula's WatsApp message came in:
All the best in ur today category review.
Remember there is no right or wrong and they are there to help you to improve the total business together.
Give ur best… :)

I’m just so touched…because she cares. Of course, to remind me…not to malukan her…hahaha…

Reading Room

Tuesday – Ursula called me.
The first thing that she said was – I think you really miss me :)
The reason Ursula said that is because I haven’t done the BTS & Xmas set-up for the downstairs store yet. Ursula’s meaning is...because she is no longer around to guide me, or to remind me...there is no one to indicate to me or to chase me to quickly to get the set-up done. I told her that the bins are all already done up. Only left the supplier’s standees. The store team has to wait for the Home Fair promotion to finish first before occupying the highway promotion block. According to Ursula, the chocolate category already has their set-up done. Yes, it’s within their own department, same goes with my bins as well mah. As a matter of fact, because we are so late in setting up the BTS this year, my sales also drop like nobody business. Very hard for me to catch-up. But Ursula said that I must try to deliver for Marcus. Wah…all of a sudden…this Ursula is so generous pula.

The Canteen & Bar

Coincidence or what…I was cleaning up my phone messages…then, I came across the Group WatsApp which was created by Ursula for the HardWare Team previously. Sabrina has already left. Then, now Shawn left. Don’t know whether this Shawn tersalah tekan or what. These days…there is a lot of speculation going around in the office. Apparently, there will be a big re-structuring happening soon. Don’t know lah…see how it goes first…just go with the flow…don’t stress over things that cannot be changed.


OMG – Leonardo resign!
According to Celtic, the reason that Leonardo resign is because Leonardo is very stress.
What?! If Leonardo is stress – then what about at our level? We are even more stress than Leonardo. Apparently, Leonardo has problem sleeping at night. I lagi lah stress. Well, it looks like…Celtic might have the opportunity to be promoted. Leonardo has also chosen the right time to leave as well. The department closes on a very positive note – in both Celtic’s & Madeleine’s category. Only Baldwin's is down. Leonardo holds the big department. Everyone will remember Leonardo.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vine & Single

Thursday – Ursula didn’t kacau me as she is away with her team for store visit.

Friday – It was Marcus's team turns to go for store visit. Before I left the office...Ursula drop by at my room. She said – no need to print out so many things...just go there & have fun. I only replied back that I am just doing some of my pending things only.

On the way to the store (Marcus was the driver), I apps Ursula.

Me: Boss, btw, is there any stationery item tat u want to pick up for N? I’m cleaning up my room, b4 I giv all out...
Ursula: Hmm. Maybe for the mother can. The mum today decided to work hard and play hard. I think after work I go mingles around.

Don’t know what happen to Ursula. She keeps on emphasizing that day to remember to work hard and play hard. She also tell me not to inform anybody about her plan to put in the small bins for our downstairs store & also for the new store. She told me not to stress, just enjoy the trip. New boss new style. As long as I perform. Remember that sales determine the space. I only replied back to Ursula that I am still adjusting :(

But, there is this one sentence which was very strange to me...which I don’t get it. I told Ursula that the sales have been dropping compare to last year because last year, for the same month...the BTS set-up are all already done up. Whichever supplier’s standees arrive, the store team will straight away set them up & grab the space. This year was slow because there is already the layout implementation in place.

I am so sorry...nothing will come to my way today...remember work hard, play hard.

I understand that Ursula feels sorry for me...but what does this mean - nothing will come to my way today – meaning: she cannot help me anymore? If she helps, she will not be rewarded for it? Or she is just mumbling again? I am very clueless here.

BTB & Restaurant

Wednesday – The Ice Queen say that we must declare if we have any relatives or friends that is working with the competitors or with the suppliers. Ursula’s husband is a supplier but do not supply goods to G13. Then, this Ursula called me...must she declare...sampat lah I’s your personal matter. I only replied her...who wants to declare all of this...who wants to admit all of this...up to you lah...

Beach St Bakery

Tuesday – Ursula called me.

(1) She realizes that I bring exclusive writing set with FC for BTS and with our company logo printed on it.

(2) Ursula commented that if I do good, she will look good. More pressure on me now :(

(3) Ursula reminded me on the March 2015 Flat Price project. She has already completed her department. Marcus is too busy. I think Marcus would like to care and be more hands-on about it but Marcus is just too busy...Marcus has too many meetings to attend to. And honestly, I have to admit that I am not independent as I think I am. I need guidance. I need the triggers on what to do next. Otherwise, I will get stuck easily. And I don't know how to come out.

(4) I ask Ursula...on why...only her department has the Baru POSM. She said that she go & ask for it, she share the sell-thru data with the store team...survivor mah.

(5) LeisureWare was having a meeting in Marcus’s room which is next to Ursula. Marcus talk so loud that Ursula’s department hutang duit...Ursula overheard the conversation and got offended. And Ursula told me that the price rebates haven’t come in yet. Hahaha...

Kopi C Espresso

That day...I kepo with Paige – manage to dig out lots of information :)

One of Alice’s daughters is Marcus’s goddaughter. OMG.

However, Paige reassures me that Marcus is a very fair person. Marcus has a very good EQ and is very wise. Errr...

Paige also advises me that there are 3 people in the office, whose words must be filter through first before making any decision...because they can be very misleading & misinterpret – Alice, Laura & Clara. They can twist & turn whatever you say. Not you say, also say you say.

No wonder, Marcus terlepas cakap that the Textile Team will be better off without Marcus because in the first place – Clara, Ramli, Linda, Laura & Lionel have never trusted Marcus in the very first place. 5 against 1. They make a lot of comments about Marcus and on the day, when the announcement was made that Barry will come back to the team – all of them...went and celebrate together @ Secret Recipe during lunch time. No wonder, Ursula said that she will change the whole team if she has the chance to lead that department. The 5 of them is poison. Paige said that Marcus is very happy now.

You + Me

Secure Brownie Points with Marcus:

(1) Marcus asks me on one of the Christmas consignment supplier’s payment term. I said that I don’t know. By right, it should be 30 days term. Then, I quickly check with Alice, got the answer and I quickly email back the answer to Marcus.

(2) I praise Marcus. Acknowledging that it is not easy to switch from HomeWare to SoftWare and then to LeisureWare. My salutations to Marcus. Yes, I polished apple :)

(3) After agreeing to Ursula’s ideas of using the bins within my department walkway, I quickly went down to the downstairs stores to make the necessary arrangement. Alas, the idea is not that feasible at all :( If the bins were to park in there, the customer’s trolley cannot push through. I went down, spoke to my store team, took the pictures, took the measurement and present it back to Marcus. I think Marcus is also surprise that I am so fast to expedite on it and are so hands-on with it. Nonetheless, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – finally Marcus allows me to use back my own department space, instead of allowing Alice to put the Christmas toys.

(4) Marcus came into my room, saying that we have to discuss something. I said I know what it is – Buying Income. Marcus was surprise, impress or amuse that I know. Well, Marcus has been bringing up the subject I just remember lor...and I also did a very simple simulation for Marcus on how much buying income that we will be getting in.

(5) We have a range review meeting with The Ice Queen. I think everyone has an advantage over me because all of them have started on their category planning long long time ago...except for me...I didn’t get to start under Leonardo because I was transferred to Ursula. Then, under Ursula’s time...The General resigns. So, I didn’t do anything at all. Then, Marcus reminds me on what I need to do. Before Marcus can say anything – I said yes – the Decision Tree & the Promotion Plan. Marcus was like impress...well, I told Marcus – that Marcus have repeated 3 times to me on the Decision Tree & the Promotion Plan and right now, I am just trying to figure out on how to link both of the concepts together. Marcus commented that I remember.

(6) Marcus & I went through the Premium Format Christmas catalogue together. Marcus wanted to change the description of one of the make it more simple for the customer to understand. Which I also agree. I said Genius Boss :)

(7) As The English have throw price on the IK Paper 70gm @ RM5.90, we have to follow suit but it will incur a negative margin on our side with no, I propose to Marcus that we just do it for our downstairs store only, don’t get our profits hurt so much.

(8) The Ice Queen said that since our competitor always throw price on the IK & Double A Paper – let’s phase out this brand instead and focus on our own house brand. I don’t agree. IK & Double A are like P&G and Unilever. You ask us to be more customer focus, to be in-line with the current market trend, therefore...we must carry and advertise this brand as well. We give customers what they want. Both of these brands represent half of the market share. I only have to balance up the number of times it gets to be advertised and how deep I want to lose. I feel that The Ice Queen is very contradicting.

When It Love Rains, It Love Pours

Marcus & I share the same wavelength – for the new store opening – to throw price for the A4 Paper 70gm. I was thinking at RM6.00. Marcus said – let’s kill the market @ RM5.99!

Love Rain

Ursula is such a genius here again...because the BTS display area is so small...Ursula gave the idea to Marcus to put the bins in my department walkway. I didn’t think about the bins idea at all...I thought of only using the standees the concept that is being used currently in the Health & Beauty section. Marcus told me that it was Ursula’s idea. I also say my thank you to Ursula on that day itself. Ursula is indeed very business-minded & industrious-like in comparison to Barry, Marcus & Leonardo. So lucky of Gerrard, Shawn & Christy to have Ursula as their boss.



Every year, in the month of November – I will be in a very reflective mood. Trying to look back to the events + people for the past 10 months. Career wise – it was good. Personal wise – it was good too. GOD has taken care of my everything. Of course, along the way, I have made some poor decisions, taking the wrong turns, missed some awesome opportunities...but it has been manageable.

Sigh...however, after the departure of Ursula & the arrival of both Marcus & The Ice Queen in October – my life has been made upside down. I will blog about it in another post. Yes, I am scared of Ursula...I am nervous around Marcus, which I also don’t know why and The Ice Queen makes me feel inferior, stupid, hopeless,, I’m in the wrong job, in the wrong place with the wrong people. I am the Problem.

Testing & doubtful times...I am just so tired. Nonetheless, I will hold on to the words that Pastor Joshua preaches this Sunday morning...I know who my GOD is...I will remember all of my God’s past provisions, favorability & blessings that He have showered upon me and GOD will ensure that I will sail right through this storm. I will be calm & still.

Soaked In The Shade

BTS Battle Officially Begins – with GOD’S Grace & Mercy – hope everything will be alright.

I saw The English’s BTS catalogue – one word – IMPRESSIVE. This year, they source for many indent fancy items...mostly on notebooks, pencil bags, metal pencil cases, erasers. I think they are using this to create a more impulsive shopping atmosphere and also to balance up their margin. They throw price for IK Paper 70gm @ RM5.90 :( Their BTS display is also a bit messy this year around. Not that organized as last year. But I think they are trying to fully maximize using their selling spaces.

On the Japanese side – Jonas is still Jonas. Nothing new & refreshing.

Whereas on my side – Ursula praised me :) Saying that this time around, the artwork is more clean, nicer than my previous effort. Prices are sharp too. No doubt, there are no fancy items on display this year, nonetheless...we went back to the most basic of things, went back to the core items. Even Marcus told me that Ursula told Marcus that this year, our BTS leaflet was good.

Against MYDIN – I won the battle on the Exscercise Book and the FC Box of 10 Pen. I can only say THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for God brought in Ursula into the picture and for Ursula’s wisdom in guiding me through.

Another female caught in pop’s cookie-cutter vortex

One Ring To Rule Them All.
One J___ To Unite Them All? – Barry, Leonardo, Marcus & Ursula :) Hahaha...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Memory Loss

Sometimes when we face times of trouble, we may get spiritual amnesia and forget the grace of God. But a good way of re-establishing a thankful heart is to set aside time and deliberately remember God’s past provisions for us and give thanks. When the children of Israel found themselves in a barren, hot desert, they developed memory loss about the grace of God. They began to wish they were back in Egypt, enjoying all its foods and later complained about their water supply. They had forgotten the mighty acts of God in their deliverance and how He had showered them with wealth. They were dwelling on their current circumstances and forgetting God’s gracious past provision.

For His mercy endures forever. The word Mercy means steadfast love. It refers to God’s faithfulness. He has promised to be present always to care for His children. By remembering specific ways God has provided for us in the past, we can change our perspective for the better. God’s steadfast love endures forever.

Wait on the Lord from day to day
Strength He provides in His own way
There’s no need for worry, no need to fear
He is our God who is always near.

Remembering God’s provision for yesterday gives hope and strength for today.

More Than Waiting

Jesus told His followers that He would soon be leaving them and they would need to wait for His return in a little while. After His resurrection, they saw Him again and they hoped He would be establishing His kingdom on earth at that time. But He told them – it is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.

Wait and witness till Jesus returns.

Life’s Darkest Moments

People today frequently face situations bigger than they can handle. Sometimes its temporary despair brought on by fatigue. But often, it’s more than despair and it’s more than temporary. That’s why it is imperative that we talk about depression openly and compassionately. God offers His presence to us in life’s darkest moments, which enables us, in turn, to be His presence to the hurting. Crying out for help – from others and from God – may be the strongest moment of our lives.

Father, grant us the candour to admit to each
Other that sometimes life overwhelms us. And grant
Us the courage to help others find help
And to seek it when we need it.

Hope comes with help from God and others.

Spiritual Navigation

As we navigate the seas of life, we also have a reliable source of spiritual direction – the Bible.
Like the mariners of old, we need a constant guide to help us find our way and stay on course. That’s what happens when we seek the Lord day by day with an open heart and a willing spirit that says – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

We need God’s guidance from above
His daily leading and His love
As we trust Him for direction
To our course He’ll give correction

With God as your navigator, you’re headed in the right direction.

Sunday, November 09, 2014


Marcus share with me the other day…I think…again…Marcus ter-blurted out…because this kind of information…you don’t randomly share with a stranger like me…Marcus felt that the SoftWare Team will be better without Marcus right now…wow, that’s kind of a strong statement…Marcus said that the team always blame Marcus for not taking them to store visit. Inside the team, there is a hard buyer & also a soft buyer…hmmm…I wonder...who is who now...


That day, Isla drop by at my room & ask me how is my BTS going on…I ask Isla why…Isla mention to me…that Ursula mention to Isla…that Ursula is very pening kepala right now…where to put the stocks & how to display the stocks…Ursula is still thinking about it. Sigh…what a good boss Ursula is…she don’t have to worried about this matter anymore. It’s no longer her job. It’s Marcus and this stupid Marcus also…refuse to step up for now…sigh…


Monday – Ursula drop by at my room :)
Pass me the lunch money…now, I’m like her kuli…faxing over the lunch orders for her & Paige…plus doing the food receiving & delivery to Paige’s room as well…


I was in Marcus room for a discussion…then, I think Marcus just ter-blurted out to me…that Marcus find that this Alice is just like Oscar…aggressive but blur, don’t know what is going on. However, both of us agree that Alice needs a lot of attention, tender, loving, care…hahaha…

Funny, Fearless + Fantastic

Thank You For The Endless Grace.

The BTS standees are allowed. I only have 4 blocks of space. 3 for standees & 1 for bin. I will take back my open space which was originally designated for Toys (Alice’s Department). 2 blocks for stationeries and 1 block for Christmas. I will let Marcus to talk to Alice about it. Marcus asks me to try to use the space first. See how it goes. I only scared…later on…all of the Mat Sallehs said cannot…must go by theme…then, I really die standing. Oklah…Marcus did help me a little bit here…


Hahaha…both Ursula & Marcus share the same wavelength. They think the same-same. Both of them ask me to copy the English's merchandise range assortment (which I am currently copying right now) and both of them find Oscar (our China Buying Rep) very blur-blur…

Is Somebody Singing?

Singing illustrates unity as we agree on the lyrics, chords and rhythms. Singing can also promote unity as it binds us together in peace, proclaims God’s power through praise and demonstrates God’s glory to the world.

O for a thousand tongues to sing
My great Redeemer’s praise
The glories of my God and King
The triumphs of His grace.

Singing God’s praises will never go out of style.

Walking Billboards

Let’s take our role seriously. Wherever God places us in this world, He can use us as walking billboards of reconciliation for Jesus Christ.

I am a stranger here, within a foreign land
My home is far away, upon a golden strand
Ambassador to be of realms beyond the sea
I’m here on business for the King!

Good news kept silent is no news at all.

Step Up!

Sometimes our fears can lead to inaction. We worry so much about protecting ourselves that we fail to simply step up. Facing a spiritual challenge? The Lord will help you step up with courage and trust Him for the outcome.

Let the road be rough and dreary
And its end far out of sight
Foot it bravely, strong or weary
Trust in God and do the right.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Rescued: By Jesus’s love
Rescued: For life above
Rescued: To serve my King
Rescued: My praise to bring.

Jesus laid down His life to show His love for us.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

X3 – QuadCopter

Liverpool 1 – 2 Chelsea.
Emre Can scored but it’s still not good enough.
We are for sure #OUT

Air Max 6

I think I have scored some brownie points with Marcus this week.
Yet…I don’t think Marcus likes me…I also dislike Marcus.
Tough road ahead...with Marcus & The Ice Queen.

(1) Tesco Price Card – to show that my dearest English competitor have hijack up their selling prices at a very ridiculous level and then bringing their prices down. Don’t know whether it’s a gimmick or not because by the time the BTS season starts, they can self-declare 50% off or is it because of GST. I am Initiative.

(2) I request to cut my November BTS & Xmas leaflet by 1 page. Can give to the other buyers. I do not need that many pages but I do need additional slots of 3 or 4 items for the leaflets that are in December. I mean come on…does the customer keeps the catalogue for 1 month? I have some very good items (key sales drivers) going on and I would like to go further down on the prices later on & to communicate this information to the customer. I cannot be displaying my best items & best prices to my competitors so soon mah. I need to balance my margin while driving up the sales at the same time. Then, the competitors will copy me. I will not be able to counter-react further because there is no longer any future slots for me. The report has also indicated that the best sell-thru time for my department is from the last 3 weeks of December onwards. Let’s see what this Marcus can come out with. I can Share & I am Analytical.

(3) BTS display layout. I have prepared myself for the worst – no standees are allowed. Imagine that. All items are to be in the bins. Messy. More damage items. That is not the right way to run the stationery business. Stationeries are a business where multiple slices of cake is to be made up into 1 whole cake. Let’s give a fair chance to Marcus to present the standee concept first. Let’s see how it goes from there. I won’t be surprise that in the end, I will be let down and be disappointed. I am a Forward Thinker.

(4) I told Marcus that it is an out of balance arrangement. Ramli’s department contributes only RM3M but got 4 blocks of space. I have 5 blocks of space with a RM5M figure to deliver. Because my items is small? So can bully me easier? I know that I didn’t give any face to Marcus because Marcus was the ex-boss of the department. I am a Fighter.

(5) I have completed my seasonal tagging (HR, CNY, Xmas & BTS) list. I am a Forward Planner.

(6) I got the sponsorship for the next month new store opening. I am a Team Player.

(7) I told Marcus that during Christmas time, give back the space to Alice if its belong to Alice in the first place. Don't give me. I also don't want. It’s ok for the school uniforms to be in the forefront of the location to pull in the crowd. Can put my merchandise right at the back. I Can Compromise & I have a Big Heart. I am also looking at the bigger picture of things. I am not Selfish.


Saturday – again, Ursula Bcc me…saying that the report that the MFT Director run was not that accurate. Again, Marcus did not inform me. Sigh…I wish…one day…I really want to shoot back at Marcus on this…please spend some time to study the new categories. Bugger.

Later on, Ursula came over to my room and asks to borrow of my BIT password. She could have asked from Gerrard, Christy or Shawn…but why me…

Miss Sazabi

Friday – I was having coffee with Stephanie @ Coffee Bean during lunch time. Then, came Ursula & Paige. This Ursula…as usual…sampat betul…pssssst twice…I didn’t know that it was her until Stephanie call me out.

Then, in the late afternoon…Ursula called me…saying this - You Are Fired. You are not qualified…hahaha…rupa-rupanya…in her meeting minutes…she wrote Market Treat. It should have been Market Threat. I also didn’t notice. So careless of me. Gerrard notices it and prompt Ursula about it. Ursula demands a dictionary from me :)


Thursday – Ursula teases me that I don’t have to come to work on a Saturday anymore because Marcus is the type that doesn’t give much work to do. I told Ursula, coming in to work early…going home late…come to work on a Saturday…it’s already a habitual routine for me.


Wednesday – Ursula drop by at my room, asking for directions to Citta Mall in Ara Damansara. There is another farewell dinner going on for The General. I am actually quite surprise that she do not know the way. She could have asked for the directions from Shawn or Gerrard. I am just surprised that she asks me. Or just maybe, that she wants to make conversations with me. Perasan pula. Ursula also ask is the parking is outdoor or indoor…is there jockey parking. Hahaha...

Then, Ursula asks me to help her to check on the Wednesday meeting minutes. I told her that my English is also not that good. Then, she starts to mumble again, like how she used to. Something along the line of favoritism, took pictures of other departments but no pictures on her department, no team work, some new project with the Supply Chain Director, did a good job for the store downstairs & are now being thrown with another new challenge…

I only told Ursula this:
You have 2 daughters; you are bound to favor one than the other.
You know what kind of image that you have, what kind of impression of others have on you.
Your ambition drives you…you derives from it…you feeds on it…The Ice Queen wants to leave a legacy. You want to become a legend. You want the highest office of all.

I think she pengsan...hearing my blunt answers :)

Spell & Sparkle

Tuesday – Ursula is no longer obligated to help me, to guide me, to teach me…the more she does it…the more I feel guilty about it…and what’s more…I can’t even dedicate anything to her…because the sales performance lately really sucks big time…I want to dedicate the overall good sales performance to her, even if it’s just for 1 MTD sales…because Ursula truly deserves it. Her effort, her contributions should be acknowledged & saluted. But the numbers have been performing so badly that I am even ashamed of myself. Ursula also questions me why the sales are so poor these days.

Ursula Bcc an email to me, regarding this Saturday Price Correction Project. She doesn’t have to do that anymore. See, this Marcus doesn’t even bother to notify me. I know that Marcus is very busy but it’s not an excuse. This kind of information must be share so the buyers can prepare in advance. The difference between Ursula & Marcus is that Ursula is more willing…and of course Ursula is in the office earlier than anyone else and is also the last one to leave. She makes the time and effort. This Marcus – Nil :(


Monday – Ursula called me up, I think after seeing me & Marcus went for a meeting together.

Ursula: This week, start Marcus already?
Me: Yeah, angry. I talk to you later.
Ursula: Angry, angry lah…got meeting after this.

Then, Ursula drop by at my room. I told Ursula that I am angry because the books fixtures cannot arrive on that Monday itself but will only be installed on Tuesday instead. Actually, the reason that I am very angry is because Marcus rejected my proposal of advertising the FC Box Of 10 Pens for a new store opening next month. Saying that the item is not strong enough and cannot be bin display. I wrote an email back to Marcus. Stating that the new store is near a college campus, the students need pen to write. The merchandise can be bin display. I have done that before. During the Back To Campus time. I even attach the picture together. To prove to Marcus. And not to be forgotten, during that time of the year, the pen family contributes a total of 10% to the total sales contribution of the department, even outnumbered the paper & files category. I gesture to Ursula to come over and I show her the email. She read it.

This Ursula says change the item then…I said no. I must fight for my right. Then she went and praises herself that she actually takes the time to study my department and analyze it. I have to give credit to Ursula. She is indeed willing to learn, willing to study…and above all, willing to spend the time & effort to understand the whole category. And I can feel that Marcus is very reluctant to do that. For whatever reason lah...

BH6 10”

Of course, I am very sad that I am no longer under Ursula.
At times, I will choked up and tear up occasionally. We have a love-and-hate relationship. It’s tough love from her. Nonetheless, this separation may be a good thing after all. I mean, during her first year with Pietro, Pietro have a very good life and the both of them were very close. But by the second year, Pietro was killed off and was being tortured continuously. Same goes with Christy. I could be like them as well. I don’t know what will happen to me in my second year with Ursula. It could be good, or it could be bad. At least, now that we have gone on our own separate ways…I still have a good impression about her, she still have a good feeling of me. We are still in good terms with each other.

MineCraft: The First Night

Hahaha…I am still talking to Ursula from Monday till Saturday this week.
I thought that it will be the end…of this relationship of ours…but I know…that one day…and that day will come…where we will no longer be talking to each other anymore…silent…as we have let each other to go off into different directions…and start on our new adventures all over again.