Friday, June 26, 2015

Piper’s Smash

Alice has been promoted as the new SCM for our team.
Game changer. Puih
Gosh…I know…I know…I should give Alice a chance…but knowing that Alice…a simple communication can also go salah lorong…I am only worried on that part…because it will cause confusion and double work on my side. We shall see…

Sunday, June 21, 2015


The 13 most valuable skills that anyone could have:

1. Articulating what you think and feel
“It’s extremely important for a person to learn to put into words what he thinks. It makes a relationship last. It creates an impression on the person you’re talking to. It gives you a chance to explore what others think about your ideas.”

2. “Stealing” from the greats
“If you want to be successful, you must learn to steal! Or, ‘model.’ Modeling is a process of going in and figuring out what the expert does. If you want to be successful in life, find someone who is great and attach to them at the hip. As Pablo Picasso said: ‘Good artists copy. Great artists steal.’

3. Self-discipline
“With self-discipline and perseverance you can acquire any skill. We all make resolutions throughout the year. The only thing stopping us from completing all these resolutions is ourselves. An inner voice within us stops us from waking up early in the morning or meeting new people. If we have proper self discipline we can suppress this voice and live a life that is defined by our own rules.”

4. Knowing what you don’t know
“The only difference between the guy who achieves his own definition of success and the guy who doesn’t, is that one of them knew what questions to ask. One of them knew what needed to be improved upon. One of them decided to be honest about what it is they don’t know.”

5. Charisma
“You can be broke, unintelligent, foolish, and physically unattractive and still be successful if you have the ability to make other people genuinely want to help you. Charismatic people are easy to recognize; they’re the ones you can’t help but like. They make other people feel good about themselves, are always present in the moment in your conversation, and have an uncanny ability to inspire trust.”

6. The ability to accept and move on
“Accept that life can’t always be the way you want. Accept that everyone in the world can’t behave the way you want them to. Accept that you can’t keep everyone happy. Accept that worrying won’t do any good. Accept that your happiness lies in your hands.”

7. Thinking differently
“Do something better than anyone else in the world, even if what you do best has a very tiny niche. Being able to do something that 100 million other people can do, while potentially important, is likely not nearly as valuable as having a skill that is unique.”

8. Empathy
“We all have our demons. Being able to recognize that everyone is fighting their own battle (regardless of how trivial it may seem to you) is a formidable skill to have. It allows for understanding, which often paves the way to friendship, rapport, and a multitude of other fundamental dynamics that allow us to foster real and lasting relationships.”

9. Turning obstacles into opportunities
“Obstacles are everywhere. The weak are broken by it, the strong survive it, and the great turn it into opportunities. What matters most is not what these obstacles are, but how we see them, how we react to them, and whether we keep our composure.”

10. Reading quickly
“Learn to read very quickly with high retention. Tony Robbins taught himself to speed read by reading one book a day. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger spend 80% of their day reading. 86% of wealthy love reading. It is one of the few skills that can directly create other skills.”

11. Mastering graceful confrontation
“Mastering this skill sets your mind free. It not only eases the unwanted stress, but it also gives positivity to an individual because he/she has no underlying layers of emotions towards a certain person. Confront. Say you have a problem. Sort it out. Be happy.”

12. Not taking conflict personally
“Whenever we are engaged in a heated discussion with someone we tend to listen more with the intent of replying, than actually understanding his point of view. We try to combat by bringing things from the past and let our preconceived notions about the other person cloud our judgment. “Respond to his points, not his behavior.”

13. Making people smile
“To make people laugh and not hurt anybody’s feeling is not an easy task. The people with this beautiful skill can tackle any situation.”

Saturday, June 20, 2015

perpetually single sounds amazing

Thank You Tommy :)
Now it’s only left Pietro & me :(
Your arrival was indeed timely…for were GOD sent, like a guardian angel…doing the planogram for Stationery & Toys. The rest of the SCMs & myself will not be able to execute it. You taught us lots, you were very pushy, you were very demanding…you were teaching us the hard way so we can be better. You were noisy, you embarrass us but it’s for our own betterment and that it’s just so your style.

Pietro & myself will try to pull through for the coming days onwards. If we can survive the Ice Queen era, we should be able to survive this too…we will hold on to Marcus’s philosophy…since whatever we do is already wrong, our work are not pleasing to the top management, are not appreciated by them…we might as well - JUST DO IT & SCREW IT.

Changed Perspective

Tommy + June =

Sigh…Tommy drops da’bomb.
Yesterday was Tommy’s last day.
I kena abandoned again. Why lah GOD? Why I keep on changing so many bosses? What’s your plan for me GOD? Tommy only survives 3 months…how I am going to drive the sales from now on…how am I going to do BTS? How am I going to survive?

While we can’t always control the things of life that impact our day, we do have a choice.
We can continue to brood over the ‘mess’, or we can change our perspective.

Dear Lord, grant us the wisdom to change
Our perspective rather than linger over messes.
Help us to see – and fix – the messes
We make for others.

Happiness is my main goal. I know it.

Work Tales – Gossip Compilations:

(1) Kesian Pietro. Kena bashed from Tommy. Tommy keep on repeatedly accusing Pietro that Pietro lied to Tommy. But Pietro did not lied. Pietro just feedback to Tommy on what Pietro’s supplier say.

(2) In one meeting with Pietro’s supplier – Pietro’s supplier keep on bashing Pietro. Tommy did not help poor Pietro, instead Tommy go and tambah api. Tommy went on to agree with the supplier that the excuses that Pietro give is also crap.

(3) Angry…Tommy said that I am stupid…I also went on to raise my voice to Tommy & say that Yes, I am stupid. Sigh…what happen was…Marcus shrink my Raya Deco space. Give more space to Christy’s bamboo torch because Ursula indents too much where as my one is consignment. So, Marcus went on to run the sales report. Only took the sku that was advertised in the leaflet instead of the overall sku in the fixture. So, Tommy question me why I was so stupid, didn’t dump the whole sku into the product list. I mana tahu. Didn’t thought of it mah…this Marcus also…should use the total sku to measure sales return per square foot mah.

(4) Marcus seems to be happy in the new portfolio…learning lots…but busier than before.

(5) Barry said that during the quarterly review with the CEO – Marcus was very nervous, Tommy gets away with it because Tommy is so mat salleh, the CEO don’t understand what Ursula was talking about…the best was FW because FW can tell a very good story and treat it like her own business.

(6) Tommy label Pietro as lazy buying.

Meet Me At The Studio

#Pizza San Francisco – my birthday lunch celebration – with Stewart, Celtic & Stephanie
#Stewart Belanja
#CafeBene – Second Session
#Gossiping & Sharing Love All Around

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lee Rock II

OMG…Mimi told Fify…who then told Celtic…who then shares the information with me…that Ursula resign! However, Maximoff have given Ursula 3 months to re-consider about it. Celtic believes that Ursula is taking a risk here. Not really want to resign one. If Ursula stays…means it gives Maximoff face…and Ursula will eventually become one Maximoff’s own people. Maximoff ask Ursula to stay means Ursula still have value lor. Nice move. I also don’t believe that Ursula will resign. Her ambitious is too big.

Lee Rock

My birthday falls on the 4th…I was on leave…I don’t work on my birthday…then, I went back to the office on the 5th…mana tahu this Tommy…when I came in to the office…early early in the morning…shouted Happy Birthday to me…so the whole office know about it lor…I also score a free lunch from Christy, Ramli, Baldwin, Madeleine & Linda at Secret Recipe. The most unexpected thing was…in the evening…Tommy bought me a birthday cake from Secret Recipe…got the whole team to sing me a birthday song…don’t know whether to hate this Tommy or to feel touch by Tommy’s gesture.

it’s a NO for now

#Movie – Jurassic World
#James’s treats :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

P4 Weekend

Work Tales – Gossip Compilations:

(1) OMG. Emerson from The English has resigned and will be joining us soon. Will be taking over Barry’s position.

(2) Tommy shares with me that both Amelia & Emerson is Miguel & Maximoff’s favorite pet. They are loyal to each other since their French days.

(3) Tommy told me to be careful of Emerson when Emerson arrives in G13. Tommy is quite uncomfortable with Emerson’s arrival. Emerson likes to cucuk belakang one. Emerson is quite evil like Ursula.

(4) Tommy said that Madeleine is currently under a lot of stress lately. Celtic kepo with me, that Madeleine told one of her supplier who went and tell Celtic that Madeleine cannot sleep at night and even cried in her sleep. OMG. Sigh.

(5) That day Paige was also under a lot of stress…Paige was so angry that Paige wants to burst into tears already. I calm Paige down. We are managers…cannot let outside people see us like that…we must be professional.

(6) Rupa-rupanya…Christy already knows that Ursula wants to kill her off. Christy goes and confesses to Pietro on how Ursula torture Christy…always get Christy to run reports. Ursula was very nice to Christy for the first 6 months only.

(7) The MFT Director also notices that Marcus only wants a stable life. While Ursula holds a higher ambition.

(8) Was talking to Paige & the MFT Director the other day…I say that Ursula is the last one standing in Commercial. Paige said no…it might be Marcus who will last till the end…it seems in Ursula’s case…the situation may not be that encouraging…this Ursula may tender her resignation…this Ursula also like to seeks attention one. Well…I hope that Ursula resign because she have a better offer and not because to seek Maximoff & Miguel’s attention.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

it happened at the world’s fair

Golf Dinner – Tommy & Ursula was there.
The Marketing Team told me that Tommy was very very drunk :)

Abad – 15

Hmm…seriously…I have no idea who is Tommy’s source is…I have to be very careful of Tommy now…Tommy knows everything…everything that happens in the past…back until during Mr. Jan Vet’s time…every single details…Tommy knows that I mix around with Danny…Atticus, Miguel & Maximoff tries to get me on board the English team…Ursula’s past behavior…shit…who is the spy…trust no one…I have to be very careful with my choices of words now…

Haraju-Cube Café

I am 33 years old this month :)


God, You are my Giver, my Provider, my Protector.
My Absolute & Ultimate. My Majesty, My Glory, My King. My Sufficiency.

I will keep this short & simple.
I just love the below 2 statements. It covers just about everything.

God is good, and He has a plan for our lives that is greater and more blessed than the lives we pick out for ourselves, and I am so thankful about that. Thank You, Lord, for bringing me this far and to this place. I leave the rest – my future – into those same hands and say Thank You.

God will ultimately make all things right. Trusting that He will turn our pain to gain and use suffering to mature us empowers us to bear fruit in a dry and thirsty land.

Quiet Rest

In the midst of our pressurized days, we sometimes crave peace & quiet.
There is too much noise in the air; there are too many people around. We want to come aside…and rest a while. Can we find a place to do this? Yes, there is such a place. When we take a few moments to reflect on God’s love and mercy and cast our burdens on Him, we will find in that quiet space with God the peace that the world has taken away.

Spending quiet time with God will bring quiet rest.

Fishing & Bakery-Shopping

May I understand what is holding back the submission?

Hahaha…Pietro & myself submit our line selection late…we missed the Tommy email us to enquire why…again; we are just going to screw it & do it…hahaha...


You are not small and the supplier gives you a newbie.

Sigh…kena again…my biggest supplier…decides to have a reshuffle…so move my current key account manager to another client and give me a new key account manager instead. A green hand somemore. So, Tommy is not very happy about it. As Tommy always believes that a key account manager is a very important person…can even determine our success or failure. Sigh…

Daichi Fukuzato

Isn’t that kind of stupid?

Kena embarrass from Tommy again…somemore this time is in front of my supplier; Ice. What happen was…during the range review selection process…for one of the correction tape…listed in the refill but not the body…so it was something very stupid of me lor

room for Squares

OMG – what a retail earthquake it is!
Miguel resigned on Monday and will be joining us tomorrow – as a GM!!!
Gosh…the whole English Team is here. Tommy, Miguel, Maximoff. This chess board is now complete. Scary!!!