Sunday, April 26, 2015

Truth Well Told

Met up with Torres, Miss Klein & Mel Jag…it was in March this year that we met up…the food is ordinary…nothing much to shout about…but I have to say that it’s a great place for the kids because it have a very cheerful environment and the special kids corner which justify a revisit for the parents.

Boomerang Family

Torres, Miss Klein, Mel Jag & myself met up again…for a 2014 Christmas dinner this time around. Torres has bought a new car…a new Mazda CX5…so Torres gave Miss Klein & myself a ride. After dinner…we hang out again at a pastry cum cafĂ©…which I can’t remember what the name of the shop is…but I had a good time :)

the chess toilet scandal

Torres, Miss Klein, Mel Jag & myself went back there for the second time again last year…yes…I know…another late posting again…but need to lock this memory in :) We were so happily overwhelmed with the good food & the bonding session on that day :)

Let the answering machine take the rest

WTD – Positive
MTD – Positive
YTD – Positive
Stock Value & Stock Days – Down Trend
18% growth, 19% growth...30% growth.
Because of the Murah Giler Promotion & 1 A4 Paper :) But it certainly feels good to see the numbers is in the black where as everyone is in the red…except for those who are positive for YTD. Well, Ursula is still the champ.

Faux Pas after Faux Pas

#Lunch.Esquire.Kitchen.With.Ursula & Baldwin.

Ursula ordered online for us & the food was delivered up to our office via Panda Services. Cool :)

Paddock Whispers

Building Planogram.
Seriously, given a chance…I will never pick to do the stationery category again. Of course, Thank God for Tommy. Hands-on, really took me by surprise. Agreed with what Ursula said to me the other day – Tommy is fast and knows what to do…I am only doing the paper work here…thus Ursula feedback to me that now I must learn on how to land the implemention & execution part. Yes Ma’am :)

308 Debut


Celtic apps me…ask me whether I want to go back to manage D33 with the Japanese…sigh…before Tommy arrives…my answer will be Yes…but with Tommy’s arrival…I would like to stay on and learn. I want to combine, merge & integrate the best of M13, the French, G13 & the English. I feel guilty to both Stewart & Celtic…I felt that I have let them down. I do not know…the days ahead…whether being in G13 or with the Japanese…how the coming days will be like…but whatever that will happen…will happen. GOD will provide for me surely.

I have to learn fast & now from Tommy. After all, Tommy is the stationery specialist here. With the others, I will go around more bushes, hit lots of roadblocks, fell down multiple of times and will probably be more depress.

The past 10 years have definitely been a whirlwind of experiences and growth beyond my expectations. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s been amazing! Moving forward, I still want to continue to better myself – whether it was trying to perform at work or to enrich myself as an individual, or trying to achieve something personally (bucket list) or trying to be a better daughter, sister, friend, acquaintance, stranger & servant in serving my Lord God Father. I will also strive to do a bit less in order to get more out of life :) I will also look at finding my centre and strength in my spiritual life. All this will add value into my life. Skills, knowledge, growth, experience, process, the feel of it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mistress Of Puppets

Below are ten amazing things that will happen in your life when you start to enjoy being alone.

1. You’ll get to recharge. Often times when we’re surrounded by other people, we’re expending a lot of energy. Trying to keep others happy, make them laugh, soothe their egos, read their emotions, and all of the other rigors that come along with regular interaction.

It can be mentally draining if you’re constantly connected to other people. A little alone time lets you recharge and take a break from the emotionally and mentally taxing job of constant interaction.

2. You’ll reflect more often. Your life is always moving at a crazy fast pace. So fast in fact, that it’s probably rare when you have a moment alone to sit and reflect on your life.

Being alone gives you the perfect opportunity for a little self reflection. Since you aren’t spending so much time processing the thoughts and feelings of others, it’s the best time to turn your focus inwards.

Solitude provides the perfect environment for reflection.

3. You’ll get in touch with your own emotions. Again, when you’re surrounded by other people all the time, you’re constantly trying to read, and cater to, the other persons’s emotions. So much so, that you could end up losing touch with your own.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll gain a greater perspective for your own emotions. You’ll create a deeper understanding of what makes you happy, what upsets you, and what saddens you.

With that knowledge, it’s then easier to regulate your emotions. But it all starts with understanding how you feel, and that comes from a little bit of solitude.

4. You’ll start doing things you actually enjoy. When you’re constantly in the company of other people, you’re always making compromises in order to find solutions that the entire group can enjoy. And unfortunately, the things you want most, may not always line up with what the group wants.

So it’s easy to enjoy being alone once you realize that doing so gives you more freedom to do the things you actually want to do.

5. You’ll become more productive. Being in the company of other people can be fun and entertaining, but it can also seriously affect your productivity. There are times when the company of other people acts as nothing more than a distraction from getting your work done.

Time spent alone can be some of the most productive time in your life—mostly because there are less distractions, and you can just put your head down and get to work.

6. You’ll enjoy your relationships even more. When you spend time alone on a regular basis, and eventually start to enjoy being alone, you’ll come to find that you also enjoy your relationships with other people even more.

And that’s because the time spent alone gives you a greater appreciation for yourself.

But it also let’s you appreciate all the great things that come from your relationships with other people, most of which you were oblivious to before.

7. You’ll feel more independent. Once you enjoy being alone, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone. And that naturally leads to you feeling more independent.

You’ll no longer feel that anxiety, or burning desire for company, once you learn to enjoy being alone. You won’t feel the need for constant interaction with other people, or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but yourself.

8. You’ll get a break from constantly trying to keep other people happy. Life is filled with relationships, and most relationships only last when both people are kept happy. And that can turn into a draining job depending who that relationship is with. Now, this does’t only apply to personal relationships, but every kind of relationship.

Once you’re alone, the only person’s happiness you have to worry about in that moment, is your own. You can treat yourself to thing that makes you happy, but may have upset someone else.

9. You won’t have to apologize for anything. When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll quickly see that solitude means you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you’ve done. So often, we do things that end up upsetting other people, or hurting someone else’s feelings, and then have to quickly apologize for it.

But when you’re alone, you don’t have to apologize for anything. And that takes a lot of pressure out of most situations. You get to stop second guessing everything you say, or every move you make because you’re afraid someone is going to be offended, or saddened, and angered.

10. You’ll stop looking for validation. So often we feel we the need to get the “OK” from our friends and family before we take action. We constantly look to other people for advice on what we should do next.

Of course, there are times where it’s not only perfectly acceptable to ask for advice, but downright necessary. But there are also times where we’re perfectly capable of acting on our own, but we instead of looking to others for an answer.

When you start to spend more time alone, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without any third party validation.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tarian Palang

Tommy confirms that Amelia has signed and will be on board soon.
Celtic has also confirmed this piece of information too. Apparently, this Amelia has told the suppliers that she will be on board. Marcus has interviewed 3 candidates for Celtic’s position. All also from the English side…so who would it be? Who will be Marcus’s pick? And if Celtic’s replacement is in…Amelia is in…where will Marcus stand in all of this then? Interesting :)

Mula, 3 orang…

Wah, this Alice is really a kaki bodek…even worse than Sabrina.
Tommy doesn’t take in any lunch…only consumes coffee, takes in junkie and cigarettes.
This Alice will tapau lunch occasionally for Tommy. Wah…so caring.

Marcus ask me why I didn’t buy lunch for Tommy…I replied back…if I indeed do that…then, Tommy will finds me to be very fake…nah…I will just be myself :)

By the way, Tommy finds Alice to be very stubborn :)

masih ada 15 minit

Stephanie drop da’bomb. Leaving on 5515 (5th May 2015). Moving over to the Japanese side.

events change men, but men do not change events


Tommy is indeed a guardian angel which God had sent down to help me. Currently, Tommy is teaching me lots, guiding me lots on the range planning, category review, merchandise change, entry price point, gap analysis, trade plan, pricing comparison, merchandise selections and most importantly building a planogram from scratch. Tommy’s arrival was just so timely. Imagine me doing this with Ursula or with Marcus…doing something that is not playing to their strength and has never done before. I think with Ursula is still ok…with Marcus…I die standing. God is the Ultimate & Absolute.

Keep in mind that no matter how dark and difficult things may appear, God is always in control.

O Father, I know You have designed the universe to respond with either results or consequences. When I obey Your laws I get results, when I break them I get consequences. I am determined to get results. Help me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Tingkat 24

Ursula: Your boss is very like you hor
Me: Huh?
Ursula: Tommy is very blunt…
Me: You are also very blunt what…
Ursula: But I have bad intention…I want to win…

mereka berada di mana-mana

OMG – Ursula, Marcus & Paige having BKT for lunch together! Wah…

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Red Vanilla Lite


7:06m/km :)


‪#‎hanging‬'alley' - Stephanie & Celtic.
#great.lunch@SakaeSushi.bowling.'Tong Sui' @ SnowFlake :)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Etta & Otto & Russell & James

Tommy said to me yesterday that I have very good points of referral…but what does that mean?
Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are people talking good about me or are people talking bad about me?

the girl on the train

Liverpool 1 – 4 Arsenal :(
Aiyo…no Top 4…no Champions League spot.