Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cloud Watching

Work has been slow this week, very slow, like a crawling traffic. Laziness reign. Everyone is still away for the holidays; M13 was half-empty, everyone is still in the DeepaRaya mood, taking our own sweet time to do things, coming in the morning late, frequent coffee break in between, going out for lunch early and hoping that time will tick faster so we all can leave the office at 5.30pm sharp :)

Yesterday went to The Rush for a birthday party. It didn’t turn up decent :) Everyone went all out to feel young and crazy and have some irresponsible fun. Drinks and yummy tidbits kept pouring in, heaps of people – Miss Klein, Damian, Trix, Stavros & some other unfamiliar faces was in da’house, great music, sexy dances, nice conversations, lots of hugs was going around. Lovely party! Plus the Halloween deco was cool; all the waitstaff was wearing their monster mask & Halloween props which make the ambience rocks.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Tommy has been recommending me to read Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series. At first when I look at the name – Lee Child. Not a very interesting name. Haven’t heard of him before. No excitement. The first impression that I’ve got is that probably Mr. Child writes heart-broken type of stories. Then I look at the book cover – boring and dull. It doesn’t attract me to spend my dollars and cents on it.
But once I begin to sit down to read ‘The Enemy’ – hey it’s not that bad. It’s very good. It’ an easy-to-read & pick-up-and-put-down kind of books. I love the way he built up the suspense, the momentum really pulls you to delve into it more, but the ending was a bit flat in ‘The Enemy’. However, ‘One Shot’ looks like a crowd pleaser.
To be honest, this is my first time I’m exploring a military character and Reacher is just so laid-back; yet developed, credible and kick-your-ass-kind of personality. At times I find his one-liners pretty sexy as well :) So far the author has yet to really describe how he actually looks like except that he is very tall, very good at what he does and very irresistible to women. I imagine Reacher might be a bit like Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves – in terms of their classic, striking, rough masculine good looks.

I have been sneezing randomly and quite a lot too. Probably there are people who are bitching about me behind my back :) 2 days of absence, Seth, Celtic and Wyatt – they can put their heads together and come out with a plot and trust me, they are great bitchers too :) I have seen their work! Have been receiving SMS updates from Damian, - outburst, exchanging of harsh words, arguments etc etc while I was away – I missed the grand show :(

Friday, October 20, 2006


Deepavali is tomorrow and Hari Raya is only 3 days away. The festive season is here again :)

I’m on leave for the long week and I get to wake up late. No limit. To my heart’s content. And the best part is that I will have days where I do NOTHING. Waking up in the morning and having NO plans, NO goals, NO agenda and NO stress to achieve for the day :)

But once the holiday ends, it’s back to the battlefield. The official announcement will be out and all those questions about our positions will be answered. Everyone is struggling to hold on ruthlessly. It’s like I rather you die than I die. The war zone didn’t create a monster out of me. I didn’t turn up aggressive, vicious…instead I manage to remain calm and the main focus was to work, earn and learn. I did not compromise on my integrity, honesty and ethicality. Unlike someone who manipulates and violently put other people on the spot. I wonder if they have conscience or it has already been numb and cold. There were people who did try to influence me as well, but nonetheless, as Guillermo once pointed out that I can think for myself.

Six months back, I have jotted down in a piece of paper of what my plans are and how I should go about it and looking at the paper now, I’m glad that I’m on track.
Kris Kristofferson said, "Freedom is just another word for nothing left
to lose."

Sunday, October 15, 2006


It’s been a very long, dull and lame week. I’ve got the letter before the due date but was not disappointed that there were no numbers stated. It’s expected, especially knowing what situation we are in at the moment. Somehow in a very mysterious way, a Guardian appears and is fighting on my behalf that I should receive those extra entitlements. I’m not so sure what the intentions are but after a thorough investigation, cross-checking references…I’m under the impression that I’m sort of being protected in a way for the last 8 months. But this new–found information cannot be publicly known. It will jeopardize the Guardian position and reputation. Exchanging conversations is a no no. I think I will just give a good nod of acknowledgement whenever I passed by the Guardian :) On the surface, it looks like an unlikely alliance but if I trace back, we may share the same roots but different procedures. The Guardian may have found the path; I’m still looking for mine. So I’m looking very jolly of my new discovery and unsure. Sometimes I just need to know. Next week, big things are coming my way. And I’m prepared.

The Director got into a very nasty argument with everyone. So we were not in the mood to party on Friday night to celebrate our Q3. We had a polite dinner together at The Ship. Then we went to the Rush. Tommy, Juan and Nikolai drop out on purpose. Seth, Celtic and Wyatt didn’t even appear for the dinner. So I end up with Damian, Eloise, Stavros, Pietro and Pierre Andre. BORING :(

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dirty Pretty Things

This must be a very good month for the Chinese; so many celebrations are being celebrated. I have been attending dinner parties back and forth, back and forth, from the northern corridor to the southern corridor for 3 weeks in a row. Tiring, but it was a wonderful mix of good friends and good food :)

Work Tales – There is so many things that I was not aware of. I didn’t know that there were people who have high hopes on me, I didn’t know that there were people who were disappointed in me, I didn’t know that there were people who expect me to behave in a certain way, I didn’t know that there were people who expect me to do certain things…I was just so clueless. Some people are really discreet. Or perhaps I live a very sheltered life.

Charles Dickens wrote: ‘Life is a series of comings and goings. That’s the way of it’.
Will try to improve, built and enriched myself. I have always said that I am a piece of work in progress. I am a firm believer that progress and improvement is necessary in life to be a better and happy person. I am who I am. I am accountable for myself and I will be proud of myself. And I’m very thankful for the people who love and pray for me throughout my life because they are not one bit scared to shoulder a burden like me.

Tomorrow is Monday – back to work :( Everyone has been having some shocking early-morning grumpiness lately; it’s the entire haze fault. The haze is so bad; it chokes my lungs, my nose and irritates my eyes & throats.