Tuesday, July 28, 2015

this is my snow covered home

This Witch is so kecil hati, super sensitive, not professional, berdendam pula tu…whatever lah.

What happen was…last week, Michel & Ice was in the office to meet up with Miguel to discuss on a trade plan. The Witch was invited of course. But she also has a meeting in between. Then, yesterday…suddenly she brought out this subject – I know this supplier is very close with Miguel, you also very support them, I don’t care if they don’t look at me, the supplier is also very close with Emerson (since Emerson is taking care of the department when Emerson was still attach with the English)…whatever you all discuss you all know yourself.

Then, continue the second part today…during lunch time…because she want to belanja the team for Hari Raya lunch…you all keep everything to yourself…never update me…then I replied back that I have email the supplier’s action plan to her & Miguel…you know what this Witch replied me back…I very stupid, I don’t know how to read. Speechless.

Like My Source said…respect is people give…if you want Michel & Ice to look at you, please start to act professionally…like Ursula & Marcus.

Michel & Ice go and say hi to Emerson…there is nothing wrong with it.

But I also found out why Emerson is very annoyed with Alice as well…according to My Source…when Alice ask Miguel something…this stupid dong-dong Miguel ask Alice to refer to Emerson…no wonder Alice is so furious…then she went and kacau Emerson…then Emerson got mad…

If she is revengeful…she will kenakan me kaw-kaw. I sure kalah teruk. I cannot do anything right now. Biar lah. Don’t talk much. Don’t comment much. Don’t say much. Put on my best behavior. Silent.


this is me alone

Sigh…I was on leave on last week Friday.
Pietro report this piece of news back to me. I think Alice wants Pietro to come over to tell me instead of herself. Coward.
What happen was…Pietro told me that Alice was commenting on me very positively…then…this Witch start to say that I bypass her and look for Miguel instead. She claims that she cannot back me up or defend me in case anything happens to me wor. It’s very difficult for me to make every decision, every day and have to consider her feelings. For sure…I will use my gut instinct. If I need to see Miguel, I will see Miguel. Let me be the wild horse that she cannot control of. If she want to kutuk me. Please go ahead. I don't have to explain to the whole world. I will do what is right. I don't give a damn!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

on dates everywhere

I went for an interview…with the Japanese...on last week Friday. I was on leave.
This is my third one...sigh...

GOD – I don’t understand…Ursula, Marcus, Tommy – you took them away from me…where I am heading to after this…remain in G13? The English? The Japanese? Elsewhere? G13 – there is The Witch problem. The English – too far of a destination, my manual car may not be that reliable. The Japanese – may not be able to pay that high, the worst case scenario is to bring home the same income as I am getting right now and to manage a totally different category…

O Father, help me as I think through this issue. I sense there is something here that I need to learn, but I need Your love and wisdom and insight to support me as I learn it. Come close to me – particularly over these next few days. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

like the guy that kept coming back to high school

Went cycling with Clara on a Saturday morning @ Bukit Cahaya. Great workout.

Clara share with me that Emerson is really de-motivating the team.
If they cannot get the Buying Income by month end…salary will be deducted…if cannot cope with this new way of working…they can pack up and leave…but before that, they must help with the new implementation first. Hahaha...who wants to help & do all of the hard work if they know that they are going to leave.

As I always said…as long as I am seating on this chair…I will do my best and give my best. What is my best is subject to everyone’s interpretation. I only have 1 pair of hand…I do as much as I can. My consciences are clear. I fear nothing. If there is an offer on the table…I will take a look…if it’s good…I will consider it…if it’s not…I will wait till the right one comes.

Jeq In The House

Dinner with Ling Ling on a Saturday night – we went Organic :)
Ling Ling looks so much better than before…less stress I guess…after leaving the retail business for good :)

Also manage to get some juicy gossips as well…hahaha…
Both Stewart & Felix always kena marah by their bosses…as there are no results shown by them.
Stewart is not a leadership kind of leader…Stewart is more the type that compiles, coordinates & communicates.
Performances are slow to come by.
Mrs. Simon have changed a lot…a lot of people felt that Stewart should not have promoted Mrs. Simon to Division Manager in the first place.
Mrs. Simon is late for work, always on MC, work never finishes. People just have to clean up after her.
FW resigned because FW cannot get along with the boss.
The Japanese are very slow in making decisions.
They are not willing to invest more.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I would add

This Alice is really a Witch…want to be a Batu Api between Ursula, Christy & myself. Luckily, I just ignore her and shut up my mouth. What happen was…in my stationery department…there is a super glue sub class…Christy’s DIY department also have this sub class as well…so yeah…it’s pretty debatable and it’s kind of a very grey area too. So, in my flat price promotion…I brought in those…there was a store walk the other day…and this Alice…so kan cheong come to my room…tell me to be extra careful if Ursula ask why I brought in those to sell…Alice told me to tell Ursula that I have the green light from Miguel. Then, Christy was in Ursula’s room…close door somemore…this Alice come in to my room for the second time…saying is it Christy will kena from Ursula because of the super glue case. I was very tempted to ask Ursula or Christy directly. But in the end, I held myself back. Thank You GOD…I think it was the right thing to do. I didn't fall into Alice's trap.

First, I check with Marcus on the store walk. Marcus said that all went well. No super glue thingy was mention. Later on, I had lunch with Pietro & Madeleine at KFC…Christy also joined the 3 of us…but from the conversation, it looks like Christy was just having a one-to-one session with Ursula.

Whatever it is…if ever confronted by anyone else…I will just say – let’s settle this sub class issue once and for all. Where to display it? Based on how the customer shops for sure. I really do not see the need to go against or to instigate someone (Ursula) who have taught me well…someone who has treated me well. I know Miguel stands at Alice side…and I know when there is a danger…especially right now…fighting for survival time…Marcus & Ursula or even the others will not stand up for me. It’s a war that I have to fight on my own. I can only tap onto Emerson & Amelia…to get through to Miguel & Maximoff.

The Barefoot Queen

Hmmm…Pietro told me that this Alice together with Pietro will be meeting up with one of Pietro’s supplier in Alice’s room. Then, this Alice…decides to cook up a plan…Alice will pretend to scold Pietro in front of Pietro’s supplier…claiming that this Pietro always never plan for promotion for this supplier…now that Alice have step in…as the new boss…let’s plan something…and also to get money. Pietro agrees with it and play along with it too.

Then…mana tahu…on the other day, I was having lunch with Baldwin…Baldwin ask me…is my boss (referring to Alice) fierce…I said – no…ok ar…then Baldwin told me that someone heard Alice scold Pietro in front of a supplier…in actual fact…it was just only a wayang…but somehow right now…it gives everyone the impression that Alice is fierce…and Pietro cannot do much work.

Judge This

Wah…this Clara is also pretty well loaded this year…bought a new condominium unit…a new car…so, what about Paige…Clara, Paige, Gerrard used to be housemate…then Gerrard bought a new unit and move out…

Chip Kidd

Christian Benteke? The missing link?

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Empty Throne

Hahaha…Pietro & I was walking towards the Food Court for our lunch today…and then we saw both Maximoff & Miguel…they were there to meet up with Boss…the Boss from M13…hmm…interesting…will Boss be hired…but already got Emerson wor?

Uncle Andy already informs me who is the SCM that is leaving…from the Health & Beauty Division…

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Radiant Angel

Ok…let me see…if I can get the chronology correctly…

(1) Tommy tendered resignation.

(2) Maximoff tried to recruit someone from the English…but apparently…the candidate rejected…this info…Tommy kepo with me after Tommy left G13.

(3) So, assuming both Miguel & Maximoff decides to promote Alice. They may have asked Tommy’s opinions and Tommy may have given them the green light as well.

(4) So…assuming that Alice have already been promoted before Tommy left…meaning that Tommy already knew about it then…

(5) After Tommy left…I did WatsApp Tommy…first thing that Tommy ask me was who is the new boss?

(6) Then…Pietro starts to received Miguel’s email…in all of the emails…all Cc to Alice. But I tak kena lah.

(7) Something is wrong somewhere…

(8) I did ask Tommy about it…Tommy did ask me to ask Alice or Miguel directly. No point in guessing & speculating.

(9) Then…the promotion news was announced.

(10) Marcus asks me how I feel…whether I will leave or not…Marcus also feel that Alice got promoted earlier on…just by her actions…

(11) Ainul also have a feeling that Alice got the promotion earlier on…apparently one day…when Maximoff wants to make the announcement to us that Tommy will be resigning in Maximoff’s room…which Tommy did not attend the meeting…Alice came and call Pietro & me…Ainul feel the way that Alice call us was like how a manager call her troops…

(12) Madeleine, Paige, Marcus & the MFT Director – all ask how I feel…nope…I am not going to say a single word. But for sure…if I do leave…I will leave because of Alice. There is no longer a reason for me to stay. Last time…Tommy was around…where I can learn lots…now nothing…even with Miguel & Maximoff around…no point…as I don’t report directly to them. I just felt that with both Marcus & Tommy…too short a time frame…wasted…can’t unlock the treasures in them.

Honest Abe

To have FAITH is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do, you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float – Alan W. Watts.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Starting At The Bottom

Gracious and loving Father, teach me how to handle myself in a Crisis and help me not to be too proud to begin at the lowest level.

Better to have my feet on the lowest rung of the ladder than to be struggling in the mire. Amen.

Stand – and be healthy

So stop wearing out your nervous system.
Cease using up precious energy trying to find ways to make it through this world.
Follow God’s blueprint as laid out in the 8 Beatitudes and yours will be a life which, through the psychology of Jesus, will bring you maximum effectiveness with minimum weariness.
I choose Life.

Wounded Healers


GOD…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…for your Word, for your Text everyday…something for me to hold on to…for me to have hope…that I won’t throw my life away…to keep me sane…that I will not hurt myself…because these burdens are so overly heavy for me…

Facing negative feelings such as grief, sorrow, hurt and emotional pain is essential if we are to know our Lord’s purpose for our lives. When we are willing to go down into the hurt and feel it, then something glorious and transformative happens – we experience the loving comfort and compassion of our Lord. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO MOURN, FOR THEY WILL BE COMFORTED. Comforted? By whom? By the Triune God. He comes alongside us in our pain, and through the comfort He pours into our beings, enables us to become more sensitive to Him, to ourselves and to others.

The happiest people on earth are those who have been hurt but have had those hurts healed through the power of Christ’s transforming love. They are what someone has called ‘wounded healers’. Having been healed themselves, they go out to heal others. Going down into the pain of hurt feelings is not a very pleasant journey, but coming back from it with the comfort of God in your soul is an experience that is positively exhilarating and enriching. Your return, not only with a new sensitivity in your soul, but with a new potential for ministering to others.

Remember this – great sorrow leads to great happiness – and without the sorrow, there can be no genuine happiness. This might sound to many like a contradiction in terms. It is not a contradiction, but a paradox – and a blessed one at that!

A Gift Of Hope

GOD…this Alice is TROUBLE + PROBLEM + No Chemistry + No Same Channel.

Trouble is unavoidable, yet Jesus has the power to rescue us from despair.
Lord, help me to see beyond my circumstances and put my hope in You.
All authority and power are Yours. Remind me of Your Goodness and let me rest in Your Love.
Jesus is the hope that calms life’s storms.

Unexpected Encounter

GOD…I just don’t understand…I have a good boss in Ursula…in Marcus…in Tommy…but why take them away from me…

Sometimes God uses unexpected encounters to bring unexpected blessings.
The Lord repay your work, and a full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel.
Dear Lord, help me to go out of my way to encourage others – whether or not I receive anything in return. My heart’s desire is to help others along the way to know You. May I be Your hands and feet.

Gee & Geek

Meanwhile…I just have to bear with all of it first…

Keep your same strong work ethic.
Arrive on time and put in a full day’s work.
Avoid the gossip groups.
Keep your head down and continue to do your work as you always have.
Continue your theme of staying positive.
Don’t share any negative comments and criticisms of your boss. My feedback will not result in sweeping reforms anyway.
Blaze forward and not backward.

Yellow Brick Road

Wah…My Source kepo with me…Emerson cannot tahan this Alice. Rupa-rupanya, this Alice keeps on bugging Emerson on how to manage the LeisureWare Department…because previously Emerson was managing the LeisureWare Department with the English. My Source said that this Alice wants Emerson to state it until so obvious.

Then, don’t know how true this is…Alice already has her Toy Buyer…but then mana tahu…this Miguel assign the buyer to Emerson.

My Source also told me that this Alice is very jealous of Emerson because Miguel very sayang Emerson. Hahaha…

I think Emerson is very smart…3 times better than Ursula…Ursula need to upgrade her tricks because her tricks are really not that relevant right now. Uncle Andy said that it's too old school. Hahaha...

Alice…if she continues to play her cards poorly…Emerson will only bite back…

This is interesting…Miguel, Amelia, Emerson, Alice…the same team from the French in the early 2000…the only faces that are currently missing are Danny, Matte-Marit & Stewart.

The drama of Alice vs. Emerson is like last time – when Alice vs. Matte-Marit…which of course Matte-Marit won triumphly.



Aiyo…this Alice ar

(1) Miguel wants to see us on every Monday for a Team Briefing…this woman go and think it’s today…the day Miguel sent out the invitation to us…

(2) Miguel ask us to prepare weekly sales update…this woman go and do MTD.

(3) I gave her the comparison data of my department growth – total store vs. GHSA. 3% vs. 10%. This woman goes and interpret that GHSA is only at 3% growth rate, she is worried on the progress that is being made thus far for GHSA.

(4) Miguel ask Pietro to compare 2 suppliers…this woman go and tell Pietro to pick supplier A.

(5) This woman keeps on bashing Pietro like Pietro not doing work like that.

(6) I think she have listening problem, understanding problem, reading problem, interpretation problem. Plus selected hearing as well.

(7) She is very dramatic and loves to exaggerate on things.

(8) She loves to spread negative energy all around.

(9) Sigh………………………………………………………………………

Beary Potter Studio

Hmmm…Uncle Andy kepo with me that one of the SCM resigns…who could it be?
Uncle Andy doesn’t want to tell me which department somemore…at least, I can narrow it down mah
So kan Cheong to know :)

Battling Office Bullies

ALICE – horrible, absolutely impossible, difficult, nasty, backbiting individual…belittle everyone, make people life a living hell…extremely manipulative, good at managing their own bosses…their behavior is a little bit nature plus nurture…usually nasty behavior stems from a deep personal insecurity or an inability to perform their job. They feel inferior and by making you miserable, they are bringing you down…they get perverse satisfaction by doing this. It’s a vandal’s mentality. Smashing nice things that belong to others is fun.

1. Killing porcupines with Kindness

The number one strategy is to kill them with kindness. For every exasperated sigh, provide a calm understanding response. Always stand your ground but don’t react to their nastiness. After throwing kindness in their face, the bad behavior should stop. Best of all, you will know that you have controlled the beast. This will help you stay calm when confronted with accusations, back stabbing campaigns and ghastly behavior. If they keep it up they end up looking like a fool.

2. Move away whenever possible.

This means being aware of a negative environment and removing yourself from it. There is a lot to say for out of sight, out of mind. Let your boss know where you can be found at all times. Don’t give up your territory – just be somewhere else more often.

3. Don’t get MAD, get EVEN

Being emotional makes it impossible to make logical decisions. Learn to manage your own responses and manage the work bully. One way is to lay future fantasy plans about ways to get even with the work bully. With every snide remark, add another imagined revenge. In all likelihood, you will never actually follow through on any of your plans, but there may come a point when you can inflict substantial damage to undermine their career. This sounds evil, but think of all the poor future souls you will be protecting :)

4. Manage the tiger, but never trust

Often the work bully will respond favorably to your kindness, then try to befriend you. No matter how tempting this is , never trust the tiger. This is a professional relationship, let it become more and don’t be surprised if you get bitten.

5. Avoid group engagement against the bully.

The camaraderie may be nice but this type of behavior is unprofessional. Bullies are good at staving off attacks and fighting is their forte. Don’t assume you and your comrades will win the war. Don’t let a nasty co-worker bring you down.

Olfactory Bulb

15 hard lessons everyone should learn in their 20s.

1. Your worldview may be seriously flawed.

It's natural to feel as if you have a solid life philosophy figured out by the time you graduate college, but you will most likely redefine how you see relationships, politics, your career, and anything else you can think of. As Rachel Laine puts it, "[Y]ou discover everything that you thought you had all figured out was tragically wrong, laughably confused, or utterly delusional."

2. Life is hard, and it never gets much easier.

As your responsibilities begin to pile up in your 20s, you'll realize that just getting by — let alone becoming very successful — requires a lot of work. And there will always be failures and setbacks. "You will fail in life, over and over and over. It won't feel fair. Maybe for decades. You've got to keep moving forward. Keep going," Perkins says.

3. You must keep learning if you want to be successful.

Your education is far from over after you leave a classroom for the last time. Dedicate yourself to learning things that will help you in your career, including "the abilities to assimilate, communicate, and persuade," Rich Tatum says.

4. Meaningful relationships are difficult to maintain.

If and when you decide to consider marriage or at least a serious romantic relationship, you're going to realize that it requires plenty of sacrifices and work. You'll realize the same goes for your closest friends, who will also be changing as you grow older. But these relationships are more important to your happiness and fulfillment than anything else in your life, says Tatum. As you go through your 20s, you'll naturally start to drift away from some of your friends. Gone are the days of partying with a room full of your buddies, Bhatt says. You will realize, though, that the friends you put the effort into staying in touch with are the ones who mean the most to you.

5. People will resent you if you try to always be right.

"Let go of having to be right about things — this isn't a contest," Perkins says. "It's not a game. You don't win at life. So say, 'Thanks for your perspective. I'll think about that,' or, 'I was wrong. I'm sorry."

6. You are replaceable at work.

Many companies like to portray themselves as families, but at the end of the day that's just semantics. If your company can no longer afford you or thinks it can invest more wisely in someone else, you'll be cut from that family pretty easily. "The company does not love you. It has no heart," Tatum says.

7. You don't have forever to find and pursue your passion.

The money you make from your job will mean nothing if you're not actually enjoying life, Tatum says. If you pursue a career solely for a big check and set aside the things you love to pursue later, you'll find it becomes significantly harder to change careers or dedicate yourself to a passion project the older you get.

8. You're not entitled to anything.

It's necessary to be humble, Tatum says, especially about advantages you may have received through sheer luck. And never think that just because you put in work for things like degrees from elite universities that they guarantee you privileges in life. Be grateful for what you have, and realize that in a single moment you can lose the things you take for granted.

9. Picking fights and holding grudges will make you miserable.

"Avoid fights. Seriously. Avoid them like a plague: Nobody wins in a fight, even if you walk away unscathed," Tatum writes. Accept apologies, and apologize when you make a mistake. Don't fill your life with negativity.

10. Decisions that take a few seconds to make can have long-term ramifications.

Never make a decision on an emotional impulse. "[S]tupid decisions made in the moment can rob you of years of joy and happiness," Tatum writes.

11. Money is hard to earn.

When your family is supporting you, it can be difficult to grasp how much a dollar is worth, even if you aren't spoiled, Rahul Bhatt says. As you start living on your own, however, you'll soon realize that frivolous things you would normally not give a second thought about purchasing are not worth the hours of work equivalent to the price tag.

12. Hard work isn't always recognized.

You should accept that your boss may not always notice your contributions, Bhatt says. Do not let that be an excuse to become lazy, and don't protest if someone else gets credit for your work.

13. Debt will haunt you.

70% of college students graduated with debt last year, each averaging $30,000 in loans. But the fact that most young professionals are living with debt doesn't make it something you should live with for a long time. Prioritize your spending to get rid of it as quickly as you are able to. And at some point in your 20s you're probably going to get a credit card — use it wisely. "Realize that you will end up paying double, maybe more, for that round of drinks at the bar because you put it on credit instead of saving the cash," Thea Pilarczyk says.

14. There is always someone "better" than you.

"There are always going to be people who are smarter, better looking, more sociable, and just all around 'better' than you. To be happy, then, you have to learn to accept yourself and your shortcomings," Brandon Chu says. Pursue success on your own terms, not by living someone else's life or forever living in the shadow of someone else.

15. You'll never have it "all sorted out."

"Remember when you thought you'd have it all sorted out by 30?" Chu asks. You'll realize how silly that is as your 30th birthday draws closer. The truth is, you'll become wiser with age, but you'll always question your decisions.

Being an adult is more a matter of heightened expectations than any tangible change, Hugh Powell says. As he bluntly puts it: "[N]o matter how good you get at playing the adult, you won't forget that underneath it all, at any age, you are always a scared little child, with no real idea of what you are doing." Use this knowledge to recognize that everyone else is in the same position as you, no matter what image others project to the world. This can help you become more insightful, compassionate, and forgiving, Powell says.

Fishee Coffee

9 skills that are hard to learn but pay off forever.

The best things in life may be free, but that doesn't mean they won't take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire.

1. Time management

Effective time management is one of the most highly valued skills by employers. While there is no one right way, it's important to find a system that works for you and stick to it, Alina Grzegorzewska explains. "The hardest thing to learn for me was how to plan," she writes. "Not to execute what I have planned, but to make so epic a to-do list and to schedule it so thoroughly that I'm really capable of completing all the tasks on the scheduled date."

2. Empathy

"You can be the most disciplined, brilliant, and even wealthy individual in the world, but if you don't care for or empathize with other people, then you are basically nothing but a sociopath," writes Kamia Taylor. Empathy, as business owner Jane Wurdwand explains, is a fundamental human ability that has too readily been forsworn by modern business. "Empathy — the ability to feel what others feel — is what makes good sales and service people truly great. Empathy as in team spirit — esprit d'corps — motivates people to try harder. Empathy drives employees to push beyond their own apathy, to go bigger, because they feel something bigger than just a paycheck," she writes.

3. Mastering your sleep

There are so many prescribed sleep hacks out there it's often hard to keep track. But regardless of what you choose, establishing a ritual can help ensure you have restful nights. Numerous studies show that being consistent with your sleep schedule makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up, and it helps promote better sleep in general.

4. Positive self-talk

"Ultimately it doesn't matter what others think of you," writes Shobhit Singhal, "but what you think of yourself certainly does, and it takes time to build that level of confidence and ability to believe in yourself when nobody else does." On the other side of positive self-talk is negative self-talk, which Betsy Myers, founding director of The Center for Women and Business at Bentley University, believes can slowly chip away at your confidence.

5. Consistency

Whether you're trying a new exercise routine, studying for the LSATs, or working on an important project, Khaleel Syed writes that consistency is vital to maintaining any kind of success. People often stop working hard when they reach the top, he explains, but to maintain that top position, they have to work harder and be more consistent in their work.

6. Asking for help

"I once was told in a job interview, 'You can't have this job if you can't ask for help when you need it," Louise Christy writes. "Naturally, I said I could. Later, I found out that the previous person with that job had screwed up big-time because he was in over his head but couldn't admit it and didn't ask for help." She explains that knowing when you need help and then asking for it is surprisingly difficult to learn and do because no one wants to be perceived as weak or incompetent. But a recent study from the Harvard Business School suggests doing so makes you look more, not less, capable. According to the study authors, when you ask people for advice, you validate their intelligence or expertise, which makes you more likely to win them over.

7. Knowing when to shut up — and actually doing it

"You can't go around whining about every other thing that seems not-so-right to you in this world," writes Roshna Nazir. "Sometimes you just need to shut up." There are many instances when keeping to yourself is the best course. "When we are angry, upset, agitated, or vexed," writes Anwesha Jana, "we blurt out anything and everything that comes to our mind." And later, you tend to regret it. Keeping your mouth shut when you're agitated is one of the most valuable skills to learn, and of course, one of the most difficult. Along with shutting up comes listening, says Richard Careaga. "Most of us in the workplace are so overwhelmed with things to do — instant messaging, phones ringing. I mean, our brain can only tolerate so much information before it snaps," Nicole Lipkin, author of "What Keeps Leaders Up At Night," previously told Business Insider. One tip for active listening is repeating back what you heard to the other person. "It makes things so much easier when everyone is on the same page," she said.

8. Minding your business

"It takes ages to learn and master this," writes Aarushi Ruddra. Sticking your nose into other people's work isn't helpful and wastes time and resources, she says. "You have no right to put forth your two or four cents, even if you are the last righteous person standing."

9. Mastering your thoughts

To do what you want to do and accomplish what you want to accomplish, you need to consciously direct your thinking, writes Mark Givert. "The challenge is that we are the product of our past experience and all of our thinking is the result of this," he says. "However, the past does not equal the future."

Aether Café


Café Lapis


Monday, July 13, 2015

Cubs & Cups

Yikes…Miguel have created a Category Champion where each SCM will be the go-to-person for a selected project.
Emerson – Layout.
Amelia – Monthly Closing.
Marcus – East Malaysia.
Alice – Supply Chain.
Ursula – IT/Others.
See…there is a pattern that is slowly emerging now…who is part of Miguel’s gang is very obvious.
Poor Ursula!
IT/Others...kind of under utilize isn't it?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving Toward Maturity

The correct and biblical way to handle negative emotions is to acknowledge them fully before God and share with Him how we feel.

When our stomachs are churning with grief, sorrow or hurt, we must come before the One who sees and knows everything, and pray a prayer something like this: Lord, right now I am hurting more than I think I can endure. I feel like screaming, running away or hitting somebody. I don’t want to feel like this, dear Lord – but I do. Thank You for loving me as I am. Help me now to handle my feelings in a way that glorifies You and honors Your name. When we pray a prayer like that – and mean it – we are on the way to maturity.

Focusing On God

Okies…I am going to be more Big Heart.

Make it a daily habit to worship the Lord and open your heart to Him in fervent prayer & praise.

You see, it is one of the laws of life that you become like the thing on which you focus. Focus on money and you will become like it – hard and metallic. Focus on getting even with those who act spitefully toward you and you will become like them – mean and inconsiderate. Focus on God and you will become like Him – Good, Gracious & Generous.

O Father, if it is true that I become like that on which I focus, then help me to focus fully on You. Help me to maintain daily contact with You – through worshipping You and reading Your Word. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

When Tempted To Doubt…

How am I going to solve a problem like ALICE?

What is the point of being unduly anxious when we know that God is committed to keeping His Word – not in just one thing, but in everything?

Wait upon God. Be assured – everything He has promised will come to pass. It will be difficult at times to understand the delay. But wait for the vision – it is certain, it is sure, it can never, never fail.

Father, help me to look out at the future, not through the eyes of chilling doubt, but through the eyes of ever-increasing faith. And when I cannot understand, help me just to stand in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Example Of Jesus

I was panic. I trigger a domino effect. I am the catalyst. And now, I have made the situation more severe. I am not even sure of what I want now.

We spend one more day on the issue of learning how to commit a problem to God and wait for Him to answer in His own good time. Do you find it hard to take something you do not understand to God and leave it with Him? If you do, then believe me, you are not alone. Throughout time, as we said, the people of God have found this one of the most difficult lessons they have had to learn.

If you are struggling right now with something that you do not understand – something that is causing you considerable confusion – then get up into the watchtower and just keep looking to God. But don’t just share it with Him – leave it with Him.

Gracious & loving Father, I see that if I am to enjoy peace in the midst of my problems, I must learn this lesson of leaving my problems with You. Help me begin practicing it this very day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

an elite environment

The new Captain – Jordan Henderson!

five operations a day

Who kutuk Pietro?

Marcus told me...Miguel have plans for me...to transfer me to Pietro’s categories...but Marcus have no idea where Miguel will put Pietro thereafter...fired Pietro maybe...OMG...the luggage new concept...also Miguel help to execute one...at least 70% of it is coming from Miguel, the rest only done by Pietro. Hmm...

Then, this morning...Christy also tell me something...don’t know true or false the news is...apparently, the CEO knew about Pietro’s poor performance. The CEO doesn’t know anyone of us that well...that means...someone must have back stab Pietro from behind...but who is the culprit...as I know...there is no one...unless is Alice...to eliminate weak team members...or Miguel or Maximoff. I don’t think the rest of our colleagues are that kepo.

But I also recalled back that on one particular day...when I was with Paige & the MFT Director, both of them told me...that...Tommy got said in front of Mr. Horton that Tommy can do all of the work without Pietro. Oh dear...

the fragility of life through the books

I went to work this morning…Christy was also there…then, Christy kepo some stuffs with me…previously, Christy doesn’t share with me these much when I was under Ursula…but now, that I am no longer under Ursula…somehow, things changed :)

(1) Ursula asked Christy to cough out a total of RM500K for this month Buying Income contribution. This is the weird part…the HouseHold category only have to come out with RM400K…but why Christy’s small category have to come out with so much more?
(2) Miguel instructs Christy to drive the sales but Ursula asks Christy to drive the margin instead.
(3) Two nights in a row…because of these stress…Christy woke up twice in the middle of the night.
(4) Gerrard used to be at the same level with Ursula (Category Manager); under the same team lead by Barry.
(5) Gerrard was hired by Barry to do the analysis for the Textile Department.
(6) Gerrard is a person of principle.
(7) Gerrard dared to menyampuk Ursula :)
(8) During yesterday one-to-one session >> apparently Gerrard have some disagreement with Ursula about the overall direction headed by Miguel.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Power To Survive

GOD – I failed.
I still sinned today.
I got express myself to Uncle Andy & Paige. And Tommy too via WatsApp.
Sigh…I propose to Alice that the 6 bins (for the September Leaflet Promotion)…I don’t want to do all books. 4 bins for books, 1 bin for A4 paper and another 1 bin for color pencil. Straight away, she insists to do the books as per discussion yesterday. Well, luckily Miguel also agrees with me…just that don’t do so many books. Only give 2 bins. The other 2 bins put pencil bags. Cannot like that lah…must I bypass her every time meh…then, she went and call Matte Marit. Matte Marit (our ex-colleague from The French) is working as a supplier right now. Come on lah…it’s all duplication. But just because she doesn’t have enough money…now want to open new account to get more money. Really crazy.

Paige said that I need to support Alice as much as I can…help her as much as possible…it’s a transition period…she needs all the support that she can get. Yes, she has no knowledge about Stationery…but please start to act like a boss…be a team player…stop showing off…be more focus…listen to our plans first before rejecting directly…if don’t know, it’s ok…sigh…Paige said that it is our very own G13 people that is going up...getting this promotion instead of another English people wor.

Our power to survive challenges resides not in us but with God, who dwells within us. We’re not exempt from the punches that life throws at us nor from the storms that inevitably threaten our stability. But with full confidence in His power to sustain us, we can say with Paul – we are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsakes; struck down, but not destroyed.

Lord, give me the grace to trust in Your power to ultimately prevail in the midst of the challenges of life. May my trust in You be rewarded by the power of Your overcoming strength.

all those factors

New boys on board:
Roberto Firmino
Nathaniel Clyne
James Milner
Danny Ings
Joe Gomez

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I will give you all the tools

Met up with one of my supplier today – Zurick – another close supplier of Tommy as well – the kind of relationship with Michel & Ice. Zurick got tell me that Tommy wants to pinch me over to the English side. Do the sports category. Fortunately for me, that Emerson will not be my boss – otherwise the top management cannot notice me. I also got warn Ursula regarding Emerson as well. Zurick & Tommy both advise me to stand out...otherwise Miguel will not notice me. Miguel also like one-to-one session very much. But then again...I did try to stand out...but this Miguel just tak hiraukan me. Sigh...I also give up & I don't care.

it is your responsibility

I kepo with Marcus today...I didn’t know that...3 months here...Tommy already build a strong relationship with Marcus...I am quite surprise by that actually...Marcus told me that Tommy hug Marcus non-stop on Tommy’s last day and even tell Marcus that Ursula is so faking it and that Marcus is so real as a person.

I kepo with Ursula today...I didn’t know that...3 months here...Tommy also already build a strong relationship with Ursula...the both of them got text each other. Ursula said that Tommy really helps LeisureWare a lot. Yes, Tommy helps with the planogram foundation & Ursula helps me with the stock reduction & sales driver. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD because everyone lends a helping hand to sustain this stationery department. Everyone contributes to this piece of jigsaw. Gosh...I feel so much of connections with these people.

the crown is on your head, you're the king of your destiny

GOD – please forgive me...please do...I have sinned very terribly today...I have kutuk so much...I have complained a lot...I talk behind people’s back like crazy...I am babbling non stop...I am whining all the way...I just...GOD, please help me. I need to restraint myself. Tomorrow, I will be on silent mode. Fasting from talking.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Not for me - for them, in order to improve

I don’t like Miguel.
Sigh...nonetheless – I will remember Tommy’s pesanan:
You jangan avoid Miguel.
Later Miguel doesn’t see you.
Maybe bake pavlova for Miguel.
I know that I have Alice as the new SCM now – and I also know that Miguel would much more prefer that I just refer everything to Alice instead of Miguel. And moreover this Miguel is also more interested in Home than in Stationery. Sigh...

Sunday, July 05, 2015

expect something good to happen to you every day

#Nandos – gathering of fellow Olympians :)

A Season For Everything

Had this conversation with Ursula on last week Friday.

Me: Your friend ar…...arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.
Ursula: Take my advice, go and find a new job. You will have a very difficult BTS this year.
Me: It’s all your fault. Why you didn’t want to take me in? Am I that bad?
Ursula: Hahaha…she is good but different…

There is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. As we move from season to season, our priorities change. We may need to put aside what we did in the past and funnel our energy into something else. When life brings changes in our circumstances and obligations, we must responsibly and wisely discern what kind of commitments we should make, seeking in whatever we do to ‘do all to the glory of God’. Proverbs 3:6 promises that as we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will guide us in the way we should go. Heavenly father, give me Your wisdom to know what priorities I need to have at this season of my life. Guide me in all that I do. I only want to bring You the honor You deserve with the way I live.

A Deadly Weapon

Only 1 day – and Pietro already uses these 3 words to describe Alice – CRAZY, STUPID, BITCH.

Pietro hardly uses these words when we were under Tommy. Aiyo...

(1) Alice asks us to run some report for her. Maybe she feels that these reports are necessary for her to understand our category better. Maybe I am not open minded enough. I just felt that it was a waste of time, something that is unnecessary and will tire me out. She wanted these report during our one-to-one session. Thus, Pietro went on to say that this is crazy & stupid. During a one-to-one session – it should be more on sales, what we did well, what we did not so well and our coming action plans to do better.

(2) Later in the evening, Pietro was in Alice’s room. Pietro share with me that Alice really hentam Pietro teruk-teruk inside. Pietro got the impression…is like…Alice want to fired Pietro like that. Then, half way through…Maximoff & Miguel came into Alice’s room…the both of them went on to praise Pietro for job well done for the luggage area. Alice’s face straight away change…was angry because she was bashing Pietro and now the 2 big bosses praise Pietro pula…hahaha…Pietro was so angry with Alice. Then, this Alice also gives the impression that Pietro is so incompetent in front of Miguel.

(3) Pietro also have the impression – that this Alice don’t want to share too much with Pietro – scared that this Pietro will upstage her later on.

(4) Sigh…GOD…how is Pietro & I are going to overcome this?

(5) Taunting can come from anybody, including those who are close to us. Responding to them negatively only saps our energy. But God encourages us through His promises: He will never forsake us and He invites us to rely on His help.

(6) Lord, it’s easy to let discouragement sap my energy and joy. Help me to reject all agents of discouragement in my life and to trust in You for comfort and strength.

The Wicked Will Rise

Marcus shared with me the other day – that previously Tommy have also commented that this Alice is super sensitive. Hahaha. This woman hard sell herself, not a team player, is super sensitive, doesn’t look at the bigger picture of things…indeed she is very hard to layan…Celtic said that she is useless. So, I have to lay like very low at the moment…nothing too drastic…I have to remind myself that I cannot steal her lime light, I must push her towards the spot light…just let her show off…hahaha…

An Ambitious Trick Too Far

Had lunch with Paige the other day. Gossip and more gossip :)

(1) Marcus & Paige feel that the English people whom have invaded us are cold & selfish. I find them to be cold & sarcastic.
(2) Paige thinks that Marcus is not happy in the new portfolio. Marcus felt that the old G13 people are currently being view as useless & hopeless by the new management. Marcus also feel left out from all of the merchandising action.

GOD Is Listening


First time there with Small Ham.
Enjoyed the worship session from the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, The Abundant Church, KL and the Orang Asli Team from Ace Lighthouse, Bentong.

Prayerfulness is not an event; it is a way of being in relationship with God. This kind of intimate relationship is developed when God’s people view prayerfulness as a way of life. The Psalms encourage us to begin each day by lifting our voice to the Lord; to fill our day with conversations with God and in the face of accusations and slander, to give ourselves totally to prayer. We develop prayer as a way of life because we desire to be with God. Prayer is our way of connecting with God in all life’s circumstances. God is always listening. We can talk to Him any time throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

GOD is always hiring


Our big boss from Hong Kong came down for a visit…so both of us (Alice & myself) have to walk him through the selling floor and do our presentation on our range review and the planogram process which we have completed recently.

So, before the actual presentation take place…Maximoff & Miguel decide to have a round of rehearsal with us first. So, of course Alice presented her department first. Along the way, Maximoff & Miguel added in some points to beef up Alice’s presentation. Then, it was my turn. I don’t make things complicated. I just make it simple. I begin with – these are the writing instrument bays…before the planogram was implemented, it was at a -7%, now it is at a +15% growth. These 3 skus are my key iconic lines…last year during the BTS, 30,000 boxes were sold. MTD, these 3 skus contributed a total of 25% to the RM1.7M pen sales. Maximoff praise me Good. 3 times somemore. Maximoff even take me as an example to show to Alice on how a presentation should be done. Just explain the results. But I think Alice was really not that happy with me lor.

After the rehearsal...as we walk back up to the office...Alice put her hand on my shoulder and say to me...you presented well.

Then, during the actual presentation – I just continue to present like how I presented earlier on and I add in more enthusiasm into it. Once it was over – Maximoff acknowledges me first by saying Well Done…then only to Alice. I think by right lah…Maximoff needs to acknowledge Alice first because she is the SCM mah. After that, I have to go off. Maximoff, Miguel & Alice went for lunch together. If Alice wants to kutuk me in front of them...then kutuk lor...

I only told this to Pietro, Celtic, Stephanie…I didn’t even share this with Marcus. Marcus did ask Alice. Alice only mention that we did well. Miguel also blasted out a Thank You email to us. This Alice replied back…I find that she is not a team player…she didn’t reply back as a We but more to herself lor. I will remain humble. If the others ask...I will just say...we just present it...ok ar.

Dangerous Deception

Last year, when I am still under Ursula…Ursula have added me into her Appliance Team WatsApp group. Until now…I still haven’t leave the chat group yet…hahaha…so, on one particular day last week…this Ursula repeat two times…one day I will miss you guys…of course, later on, some store people ask why it sound so weird, it sounds like she is leaving and Ursula ends it with – I am here lah. Hahaha…Ursula won’t leave one. If she leave…pigs fly in the sky :)


That bad meh…my supplier Michel kepo with me…Tommy left G13 is because Tommy cannot adapt into our working culture, the English also counter offer Tommy back with a better package but the major reason was because of Maximoff. Those two really cannot hit it off. Their relationship is really that bad. I recall earlier when Tommy told me that Tommy was so tempted to tender resignation when the news was announced that Maximoff will be on board G13.

The Last Thirteen

Hmm…my source told me that my source respect Miguel very much because Miguel always have a lot of high level ideas but do not like Miguel in another area…Miguel can be very indecisive & not firm at times.

But at least I did it

Hahaha…Marcus kepo with me today...that this Alice loves and also...always hard sell herself :)