Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flying Solo

Liverpool 0 - 0 West Ham.
What a stalemate! :(

with flame-licked steaks

19 Epic Traits of Confident Extroverts

If you work on these simple habits that are the trademark of the self-assured, you'll be the next confident badass in no time. You will always appears calm, happy and ready to get the job done. You will be the coolest of the cool, because you’re a confident goddess.

1. Confident people don't care what other people think of them (no matter what!).
2. They aren't afraid to be alone.
3. They work out (exercise boosts your mood, gives you energy, and helps your brain function).
4. They love the skin they're in.
5. They try new things regularly.
6. They put all their effort into their work, and it pays off. Big time.
7. They're humble - they understand they don't know everything, and are willing to learn from those around them.
8. They're open-minded.
9. They're optimistic about everything.
10. They do what they love. (And if they don't love it? They do something else.)
11. They don't report to anyone but themselves.
12. They meet new people.
13. They aren't afraid to go after the next big promotion.
14. They pay attention to their health.
15. But once in a while, they indulge. (No shame in a little chocolate and white wine!)
16. They don't maintain toxic relationships.
17. They refuse to let the little things stress them out.
18. They draw inspiration from awesome people.
19. They love the world they're in.

Ben Frees

12 Time Management Tips

1. Only go through your mail or emails once. Don’t save them -- answer them right away.

2. Block out time each day where you're totally disconnected.

3. Schedule meetings back to back, but leave time at the end of each one to quickly jot some notes to remember key takeaways.

4. Avoid going to meetings because you think you need to be there. Either you definitely do, or you definitely don’t. Be decisive.

5. Carefully review your calendar every now and then to see how you’ve been spending your time. This is one of the best ways to realize that you're probably wasting more time than you should.

6. It might seem counterintuitive, but take time to work out. It gives you energy to be much more efficient.

7. Set tough but realistic deadlines for yourself. We usually take longer to do things when we give ourselves more time.

8. Get a good night’s sleep.

9. Use the time you spend on airplanes to work on something that can’t be rushed. The forced isolation for a set period of time takes away the pressure of figuring stuff out super fast. Less pressure = more thoughtfulness.

10. Purge, delete and throw out unnecessary emails and paper as well as any other clutter. And do it often.

11. When you hit a roadblock with one of your multiple projects, move to the next. Don’t keep hitting a brick wall.

12. Always wrap up a projects for the day at a point that will be easy to pick up the next day.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Copying Beethoven

Happy Australia Day! :)

This year is the year of sports – there will be the Euro Cup in June & the Rio Olympics in August is on the cards.

Therefore, for this Australia Day – I would like to pay tribute to the West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Football Club which are part of the Australian Football League.

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. Through the AFL Commission, the AFL also serves as the sport's governing body, and is responsible for controlling the Laws of the Game. The league was founded as the Victorian Football League (VFL) as a breakaway from the previous Victorian Football Association (VFA), with its inaugural season commencing in 1897. Originally comprising only teams based in the Australian state of Victoria, the competition's name was changed to the Australian Football League for the 1990 season, after expanding to other states throughout the 1980s.

The league currently consists of 18 teams spread over five of Australia's six states (Tasmania being the exception). Matches have been played in all mainland states and territories of Australia, as well as in New Zealand. The AFL season currently consists of a pre-season competition (currently branded as the "NAB Challenge"), followed by a 23-round regular (or "home-and-away") season, which runs during the Australian winter (March to September). The top eight teams then play off in a four-round finals series, culminating in the AFL Grand Final, which is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground each year. The winning team in the Grand Final is termed the "premiers", and is awarded the premiership cup. The current premiers are Hawthorn.

The current 18 teams are based across 5 states of Australia. The majority (10) still remain in Victoria, including nine teams located in the Melbourne metropolitan area. The states of New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia have two teams each. In 1990 the national nature of the competition resulted in the name change to the Australian Football League. Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory are the only states or mainland territories not to have AFL clubs.

The West Coast Eagles are an Australian rules football club based in Perth. The club trains and plays its home games at Subiaco Oval (Domain Stadium) in Subiaco, having previously also played matches at the WACA Ground. The club was founded in 1986 as an expansion team and entered the competition the following season, along with the Brisbane Bears, making the finals series for the first time in 1988. West Coast won its first premiership in 1992, after being defeated in the grand final the previous year, winning two more in 1994 and 2006. The club's current coach is Adam Simpson, and the current captain is Shannon Hurn. From the 2014 season onwards, the East Perth Football Club, playing in the West Australian Football League (WAFL), has served as West Coast's reserves team, with West Coast players previously distributed among all WAFL teams.

The Fremantle Football Club, nicknamed the Dockers is based in the port city of Fremantle at the mouth of the Swan River in Western Australia. In1995 it became the second team from Western Australia to be admitted to the national Australian rules football competition, honoring the rich footballing tradition and history associated with Fremantle.

Matthew Pavlich has been club captain since the beginning of the 2007 season. High profile players since the club's inception include Pavlich, 2015 Brownlow Medallist Nat Fyfe, the league's tallest ever player Aaron Sandilands, former captains Peter Bell and Shaun McManus, former number one draft pick Clive Waterhouse, winners of the AFL Rising Staraward Paul Hasleby and Rhys Palmer, Jeff Farmer, Luke McPharlin and Hayden Ballantyne.

The club is coached by Ross Lyon following the sacking of Mark Harvey at the end of the 2011 AFL home and away season. Fremantle has not won a premiership during its time in the AFL, however it did win the minor premiership in 2015. Their most successful season to date was the 2013 season in which they finished runner up after losing in their first grand final appearance.

Les Brigades du Tigre

7.15 am…this morning, I officially sign out from Ursula’s WatsApp chat group…see Ursula still haven’t halau me out yet…thank you Ursula for everything. You are the best! :)

Michel Vaillant

Besides the LeisureWare WatsApp group chat which I was previously a participant, I am also the participant in another WatsApp group chat for a new store opening…as my last day was yesterday…at night The Witch remove me again. Celaka betul. I bet she didn’t want to see the store people praise me…hahaha…she will be very sakit hati when she read those messages…hahaha…

Wicker Park

Alice came to my room the other day…asking me what I want for my farewell present. I told her that I don’t need one. Don’t go and waste money. Whatever she buys, I will like it.

Then as usual, The Witch sure stab me one…she said that she don’t know what to get for me. I am not girly girl and I am not man man, I am in between…what the…then she said what about a bicycle since I like cycling…so I say ok. Adoi

Mon Idole

I have sinned again :)

The other day, I had my exit interview.
I told the truth, nothing but the truth on the reasons why I left.
I mean…the platform was given to me…and to ensure that Pietro & Fendi will be ok…I think my feedback is very vital.
I also told Maximoff…I speak out during my HR exit interview.
I know that this feedback will be report back to Alice. Like I told both Marcus & Ursula…I don’t know whether I did the right thing or the wrong thing…probably there is no such thing as right or wrong anyway in such a circumstances…I just felt that I have to do it.

But lately, Alice for sure has become more polite.
Even Marcus feels it but Marcus felt that Alice was forcing it out, not sincere and Alice still do not realize what is the problem, where is the problem and who is the problem.

Alice needs time…good luck to her…and I hope that Miguel will continue to train her.

Reckless Words

Being under Stewart & Celtic…whew…Stewart is more of like a coordinator than a leader…where as Celtic is so in the box…only have a loud voice when negotiating with the suppliers…will they or the top management be able to see what I can bring to the table…can I manage the both of them first…and one more thing…cannot show off in front of Celtic…show off in front of everybody…hahaha…

Dear God, please give me self-control through Your Holy Spirit when I am tempted to retaliate with words.

The Two Bears

I am actually very nervous :) starting my new job with the Japanese on Monday.

For sure, I will be bringing in some English flavor with me on board. Of course, I take note that not everyone will like the English flavor…but I also believe that if it is a good one, we should keep it…the not so good one, we should fine tune it…the bad one, we should just bin it. And I should also remind myself not to pass judgments so quickly and harshly as well. I also don’t want to repeat the same mistakes like those English people when they first on board G13 which cause many existing G13 people to leave.

Hmm…I wonder how Stewart and Celtic will react to me then…

Most fights aren’t about policy and principle, or about right and wrong; they’re almost always about pride. Pride leads to conflict. Quarrels are fueled by pride, by needing to be right, by wanting our way, or by defending our turf or our egos.

On the other side, wisdom resides with the well-advised – those who listen and learn, those who allow themselves to be instructed. There is wisdom in those who humble themselves – those who set aside their own selfish ambition; who acknowledge the limits of their own understanding; who listen to the other person’s point of view; who allow their own ideas to be corrected. This is the wisdom from God that spreads peace wherever it goes.

Dear heavenly Father, help me as I battle pride today. It’s so easy to take my eyes off You and focus on myself. Give me a humble heart.

Monday, January 25, 2016

We Have Fruit!

I am very bad. I have sinned :( How could I do this? Is it because of my insecurities? Arrogance? Envy? All of it? Oh dear...

Celtic call me up on Friday morning…then I ask Celtic casually regarding Harriet.

Apparently, Stewart interviewed Harriet. Stewart finds Harriet to be very aggressive because Harriet mentions that Harriet does this and that. I didn't ask whether Jonas was part of the interview process or not.

Harriet is brought in to replace Jonas’s buyer. If I am not mistaken, this buyer was in charge of managing the books category. According to Zurick – the buyer is also not a real buyer, more of like playing an administerial role in supporting Jonas.

Harriet will be on board somewhere in March.

Yes, I did say that if possible I don’t want to touch the Stationery category anymore…too many skus…but over the years, I have built up my portfolio. It is the extension of it. Management Trainee in M13, doing quite a lot on HouseHold & Appliance in SAM25, then setting up Household & Stationery department with the local retailer…then went over to the French…did Bicycle, Camping, Sports, Nautism, Live Plants, Live Pets, Furniture, Luggage, Toys…went over to G13 and did Stationery. Woah…

So, I should aim for a GM post now? :)

Well, I went and cucuk Harriet in front of Celtic.

Tommy indeed didn’t like this Harriet in the first place because Harriet is not that detail and lazy. Even Zurick also complain about Harriet.

Maybe Harriet & Jonas can work well together…Stewart did said that Jonas is good in paperwork but not creative & innovative enough to drive the business…so Jonas can do all of the paperwork and Harriet can do all of the talking with the suppliers instead.

Thank God for how He has provided in the past. Thank Him for what He will do. Ask Him what He wants you to do. Then trust Him.

Remembering God’s provision for yesterday gives hope and strength for today.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Goodbye Prof Snape

:( The much loved British actor Alan Rickman has died at the aged of 69 in London after suffering from cancer.

In the Harry Potter series, Alan Rickman played Professor Severus Snape, a coldly hostile Hogwarts Potions Master who was one of Harry’s main antagonists. The actor appeared in all eight of the Potter movies.

Snape, a complex character whom readers first saw as a villain but slowly came to love when it was revealed he was hiding deep turmoil. But no one paid Snape as great a tribute as Alan Rickman himself – Snape. There was more to him that met the eye. It’s something unnameable. He lives within a very tight confines emotionally, physically. He lives a solitary kind of existence. Mysterious. He’s very focused. Eventually you get to find out who he is. Innocence. Lost. Resentful. It’s been a complete privilege.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Point de lendemain

Liverpool 5 – 4 Norwich :)

The Infiltrator

Pietro's MC was suppose to end on 24/1. Thus, by right…Pietro needs to report back to work on 25/1. However, on 21/1, when Pietro went back for a check up…the doctor extended Pierto’s MC for another 2 weeks…adoi…that means I don’t even get to see Pietro before I leave G13 :(

The Better Angels

Angry…with The Witch. I am part of the LeisureWare WatsApp group…and on this morning…at 10.02 am…The Witch remove me from the group…she didn’t even give me the opportunity to say my goodbyes to my store team…and she didn’t even do that to Ramly when Ramly resign. Ramly still manage to left a thank you note and left the group on Ramly's last day. But The Witch removes me. Even Ursula have not remove me from her store team WatsApp group until today. Fine…I just personally WatsApp my store team to inform them and to thank them for their support. Bitch!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Can Know

OMG…2 of Tommy’s buyer left…

The first buyer…Tommy’s favorite (I think)…who does Sports, Camping…went over to an Electronics & Furniture retailer in Setapak, KL.

The second buyer…whom Tommy dislikes for being very lazy…is going over to the Japanese side, under Jonas. This buyer plus Jonas plus me…that means that there are a total of 3 stationery buyers under one roof…

And this is the strange part…Stewart did mention that Stewart have the headcount…The Japanese is kind of stingy in paying high salaries…so how come Stewart still can afford to fork out for this English buyer? Stewart also mentions previously that Stewart is not that keen in hiring any English buyer but why is this an exemption? Of course Zurick did mention that this buyer can really talk. And this is the part that I don’t get it…both Stewart & Celtic mention that Jonas’s department is not performing…Jonas already have a books buyer under Jonas…now another Stationery buyer pula in the picture…hmm…

GOD – then me leh?

Doubt can rob us of peace and confidence.
God’s assurance sharpens our faith, lifts us up when we are downhearted and gives us courage in times of doubt.
Dear Lord, during my times of doubt, help me remember the promise of Your Word. Since I have invited Jesus into my life and placed my faith in His payment for my sins, You have promised me eternal life with You.
Recalling God’s promises destroys doubt.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Go Forth & Multiply

Liverpool 0 – 1 Manchester United :(


Miguel went and asks Michel whether Jonas is ok or not…Michel said that Miguel will not be able to work with Jonas. Jonas is stubborn and unwilling to change. Adoi…otherwise, if Jonas leave the Japanese side…I can then lead the Stationery Department there lor…hahaha…

Bag & Forth

Today, I had an appointment with Michel & Ice. Alice also came and join us…handover mah :)

Michel feels that Alice is very pressure when talking to Michel. Michel commented that Alice doesn’t break down the information when communicating, will lump altogether…so that is why it is very confusing. But actually the meaning and intention is correct.

Ice feels that Alice was not paying attention to Michel during the meeting, Alice was only looking at Ice – maybe because Michel knows it all and is very close to Emerson & Miguel. And Alice also doesn’t like Michel’s instructing tone either. Whereas Ice was just listening and didn’t mencelah masuk…like following instructions like that. So, that is why Alice favors Ice more. Hahaha…

Coffee Chemistry

My Source told me – that Alice went over to My Source's workstation to find My Source…ask My Source whether My Source want to take over the Stationery Department or not.

Then My Source told me – Miguel ask Emerson to ask My Source whether My Source want to do DIY/Auto or not. If My Source does take up the offer…where will Miguel put Christy then? Interesting…

Thursday, January 14, 2016

20 dogs & cats

Liverpool 3 - 3 Arsenal :)

Keep Your Eyes On The Tide

Today, The Witch asks me again to stay…ask me what is the reason for my leaving…is it because of the environment, paper work overload, is it because of the superior (meaning her, I guess)…if it is because of the superior, we can compromise…puih…compromise kononya…she still don’t see that the problem is herself isn’t it…

Ursula said that Alice work very hard to be where she is today…good for her…with Pietro who is still on MC, Fendi is still a newbie…I have to give Alice the credit…she is tough and she have proven that she can overcome it.

Anyway, I am leaving…no fuss, no big show, no fanfare…that is my style…just quietly go about my work and hand over until the last day arrive.

Stay In The Kitchen

The Witch came back to the office this morning from her Hong Kong Toy Fair. Upon arriving at the office, The Witch went to see Ursula. She told Ursula – see I told you…Ursula said – told me what…The Witch say – that she (meaning me) will leave once she get her bonus…Ursula said that Alice didn’t tell her that…then Alice say…oh, maybe I told Marcus. Hahaha…I take it that The Witch wants to jaga her air muka…she wants to tell people that she is right about me…

Ursula said that I commented on Alice is another version, Alice commented on me is another version…I told Ursula…I am leaving already…it doesn’t matter anymore…you use your heart to judge…but I think Ursula is on my side a little lah…because Ursula said this…every time got someone, criticize…got another one, criticize…got another one, criticize…I am also no angel as well :)

Ursula said that Alice is jealous of me…I replied – jealous of what…Alice is a SCM, she is a mother of 3, I have nothing…she is even more successful than me. But secretly I know…why Alice is jealous of me…because I am likeable…Miguel & Maximoff sees me as the potential one…Miguel & Maximoff likes me…I can blend in with the old timers and the newbies. I don’t think it’s only Alice…I think everyone is as well.

Emotional Reasoning

I actually told Ursula that Christy is very relief that I am leaving…I really feel that…as Christy earlier thought that Christy will swap with me – not knowing that Miguel’s plans was to put Nigel in Stationery, Christy does the Small Appliances and I take over DIY/Auto.

I told Ursula to continue to encourage Christy.

Ursula also commented that she have a very good performance appraisal session with Christy today. After coming back from the Yiwu buying trip with Miguel, Ursula feels that Christy is more confident now.

Steady As You Go

Ursula drop by at my room today…asking me this question – am I not a team player?

Well, apparently, all of the SCMs have gone down to the selling floor to support Maximoff as they are having a short video shoot for the upcoming CNY event.

I told Ursula that I am no longer obligated to answer since I have throw my letter…Ursula laughed…

I don’t know Ursula did it on purpose or not…she arrange to have performance appraisal with all of her buyers at that point of time…something is not right?

Whose Universe Is This?

Ursula said that I am such a bad influencer…hahaha…she is sending out her CVs right now…

I told Ursula that she does not have to leave…her chessboard is way much better than Marcus.

Soap & Glory

I told Ursula…yes, I make a poor decision at that point of time…if I have chosen DIY/Auto in the first place, and not the Furniture portfolio…maybe things will not end up like what it is today. But then again, even if I do choose wisely…I also don’t know when the effective date will be. And I also have a feeling that Ursula wants me to re-consider & re-choose…sigh…

I would love to be Ursula’s apprentice…perhaps…in another time…

Confidently Beautiful Amidst The Chaos


The Gift & Wrap supplier case.

So, the supplier came up to the office for a meeting with Miguel. The supplier and Miguel got meet up prior to this meeting. I didn’t know that their relationship is this close. The supplier was thinking to buy a condominium unit…and Miguel was actually showing the supplier around the unit in the residential area where Miguel lives…woah…

We brought up the issue…luckily...Miguel also much more prefer on a consignment basis due to the fact that we will not have any stock holding issue and the merchandise will be replenish faster. But in the end, we decided that we should run a report and see the total wrapper business contributes to how much to the total stationery business. The supplier also didn’t bring up who gave the removal instructions in the first place…whew…lucky me…

And when it comes to the refurb charges…the supplier also propose an action plan to off-set the deduction. But Miguel is also very smart…our 2016 contract is also moving into a new direction…the supplier is a manufacturer and can produce good stocklot flat price items for us.

I can say that the meeting went really well. And I really hope that I can be the female version of Miguel. Sigh…I really want to continue to learn from Miguel. Too bad…

A Head Full Of Dreams

Was lepaking in Lionel’s room with Baldwin. There was one part where Lionel hesitates to elaborate further - it was something along the line that The Witch got say something negative about me like that…what ever lah…then they puji me that I got a very good EQ…hahaha…actually The Witch didn’t trigger me that much…just that sometimes it is very annoying that she like to take care of the smaller things but not take care of the bigger things…she don’t trust me that I can do my job…always like to mencelah as though she knows it all…I cannot be better than her…I feel that her insecurity just kills off everything there is.

She Who Can’t Marry

I told Baldwin & Christy that it is actually a good thing that I am leaving. It really gives the opportunity for Alice to find her own team member, whom she can work with. Then, Christy said that both Ramly & myself are too senior…we have our own opinions…that is why we don’t listen to her. The Witch needs to lead people. Hahaha…I very much agree on this…as long as there is logic, common sense…I do listen…but The Witch…sigh…I also want to add on…if no direction given to her, she also don’t know how to drive the business as well…look at the Toys Leaflet…balik-balik the same item…it’s toys ok…it needs to be new…fresh…alive…

But from what Christy said – I guess The Witch memang got kutuk Ramly & myself that we don’t listen to her.

Christy felt that The Witch is also a lalang…can change her mind easily, can be influence easily too. Too blunt with her words and can easily let people see her true intentions.

Monday, January 11, 2016

6 Flying Dragons

On Friday – Comix ask me am I leaving, I said yes.

The Witch told Comix on Wednesday. I saw Comix was very sad on Wednesday, I did ask Comix why, Comix only answer that there is a lot of work, especially now that the kids are reluctant to go to school in the morning.

Comix is also a very loyal person & can keep secrets too. Rupa-rupanya, Alice got mengadu to Comix about me. But Comix did not mention to me anything. The Witch complains to Comix that I don’t listen to her, that I don’t follow her way and that I am the boss of my own department. Hahaha…

Comix ask me why…why I am leaving...I told Comix the same reason why Comix were so eager to transfer to Marcus’s side when Wayne left. Hahaha…Comix reply – tahu pun

Army Of 1

Emerson also did drop by at my room.

Emerson said that Miguel will scold me when Miguel comes back to the office next week.

Emerson asks why I didn’t go and discuss with Miguel about it first.

Emerson got inform Miguel (I think this Emerson likes to api-apikan the keadaan only) to quickly take action…but Miguel said that I didn’t go over and inform Miguel about it...on how I feel...

Come on lah…Miguel is my GM not my boyfriend…I am a mature adult…must I bug Miguel every day? The more I bug Miguel, Miguel will only get more annoyed with me. I think I have already shown how desperate I am. I didn’t even want to see the BTS results. I want an immediate transfer.

It all happens when the transfer to the Furniture Department tak jadi. It was not easy to look for a job ok. I also have to reduce my salary ok. I don’t want to do buying anymore…but right now, I don’t have a choice. Like the Chinese saying – my head is already wet. My skills, my network, my contacts, my experience is scales towards there. What I can do right now…is to wait…wait for that one chance where I can get out from buying.


Taking The 5th

On Thursday – received Ursula’s call.

I told Ursula, it is not that I will miss her, it is her that will miss me. Ursula said – maybe :)

Ursula feels de-motivated, as everyone is leaving, everyone has jobs offers except for her. Besides me, there is another 2 buyers from Grocery & Non Food plus one long service Marketing GM.

Ursula asks me to introduce my headhunter to her.

Ursula has an overseas consultant. She didn’t mention the name but I know that it is Mr. Jan Vet as Ursula have terlepas cakap a few times before and Marcus also told me the same stories as well.

Shawn, Mr. Jan Vet & myself are born in the year of the dog. We are very loyal.

I tease Ursula whether Nigel still have the ambition to mengulingkan her or not.

Ursula’s father has stage 4 cancer. Ursula is paying for the medical bills.

Ursula’s salary is very high. 5 series.

I am so going to missed Ursula...

Boys Of Tomorrow

I call Ursula to tell her about my resignation. It is courtesy that I informed both Ursula & Marcus since they are my ex-bosses too. Ursula said that I am a potato head…hahaha…

Ursula already suspect that something is not right when Marcus ask Ursula whether she knew about it or not…when Ursula went blur, Marcus held back the news.

Ursula’s advise is - don’t look back if you have make up your mind. Just do it.

Ursula will be attending this weekend Education Fair as Mick is waiting for the SPM results. We talk about A-levels, SAM, CPU, Foundation Studies, 3+0 etc.

Ursula said that I will miss her because I will have no friend to talk crap with anymore.

Sesejuk Coconut Shake

OMG…The Witch is so fake. Like Marcus said…maybe The Witch also miscalculated…really didn’t expect that Maximoff will come and see me and to ask me to stay.

The Witch (on the second day)…told me to stay…since you have been working here for so long…you are also being look upon very highly by Maximoff…our misunderstanding is also already settle.

I just smile and walk away.

Excuse me, I have no misunderstanding with you…I just don’t like the way you work…no proper communication, confusing direction, selfishness, self-centeredness. I think both Baldwin & Madeleine are even better than you…I also think that I am also better than you. But I don’t denied that Miguel’s training on you has paid off slightly since you are more polite these days :)

Depraved Heart

So, the next day (Thursday)…I was so bersemangat…I went to see Maximoff.
I told Maximoff that I have decided to leave. Maximoff said that, that it is very sad. I replied – not sad lah. I also told Maximoff what was Miguel’s tentative plan for me, for now…but I also told Maximoff…such an arrangement…is really not that appropriate…Alice will hilang her air muka. I can be nasty. I can not care about her feelings at all. But I am not Alice. How will the other SCMs see me? How the rest of the CMs feel? Maximoff also agrees with me. Then, Maximoff said – give Maximoff one more weekend, wait for Miguel to come back first. Then, Maximoff told me to pull back my letter from the HR Department. I nodded. Then, Maximoff repeat for the second time as I was approaching the exit. But I didn’t do it lah :)

Now, I am only afraid that this Maximoff will do it personally behind my back without notifying me…adoi...

The Einstein Prophecy

Miguel did WatsApp me:

Hi I’m surprised that you tendered your resignation without talking to me first.

If you report directly to me rather than Alice would that help? As I mentioned before that I’m working on the movement plan.

While waiting to me to sort things out first you report to me temporary.

Is always like this isn’t it…when you throw your letter…only solution will start to appear.

It doesn’t look good if I report directly to Miguel, bypassing Alice when the whole world knows that I have tendered.

Pietro said that it really indicates that The Witch is indeed bullshitting all the time. Hahaha…

Paige is of the opinion that Maximoff is really like begging me to stay like that.

The MFT Director thinks that Miguel is really reluctant to let me go. The MFT Director said the stories is that there were too many English people that were recruited; by promoting Alice up, it bring balance to the Division. The same version I heard from Emerson.

Marcus said that this is all Miguel’s fault that I resign. Miguel should have transferred me to another department earlier, or should have given me an effective date to reassure me. But I pointed out that Miguel’s hands were pretty tied too. There were just too many buyers leaving and no replacements were coming in.

I am of the opinion…Miguel will transfer me…but don’t know when only. I won’t be surprise if it is in the second quarter of the year. Because the first quarter of the year, we will be very busy with the TTA 2016 – what’s more the Stationery Department have the most number of suppliers. Both Maximoff & Miguel will utilize me to the max.

1 Night Surprise

Only Maximoff, Miguel, Emerson, Marcus, Ursula, Pietro, Baldwin, My Source, The MFT Director & Paige knows the truth…the actual reason on why I decide to leave. Because of Alice.

On the supplier’s side – I only told Michel & Ice.

My resignation news has spread all over in the office. But I only told 4 people about it – Marcus (who then tells Paige who then informs The MFT Director), Ursula, Baldwin & Pietro. Emerson knew it from Miguel. My Source knew it from Emerson. Nancy heard it from The Witch, so is Comix. The MFT Director told Laura…which I think will tell Lionel…probably Clara & Linda too. I didn’t ask Jordan, Uncle Andy & Siti Laila from whom they heard the news from.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat

Miguel was away – from Wednesday to Friday – Yiwu Buying Trip with Anderson & Christy.

I thought The Witch will only inform Miguel and wait for Miguel to come back. Mana tahu, I saw The Witch in Maximoff’s room. Rupa-rupanya, The Witch got inform Maximoff as well. Then, Maximoff call me to Maximoff’s room.

I am very humble. Like what Baldwin said – Maximoff didn’t see the rest of the buyers (Gerrard, Clara, Linda, Ramly & Madeleine) who left…Maximoff sees me. Even Maximoff also say that. I know…it indicates that Maximoff emphasizes me, I am of some value and I am one of the potential ones.

Maximoff asks me – whether I am leaving because of the package, the office environment, the culture…at first, I hesitate…then, I decide to stab Alice. Yes, naughty me :) Maximoff acknowledge that Miguel have already brief Maximoff about it. I told Maximoff that I do not have any working chemistry with Alice. Then, I also drew the knife deeper…pointing that Maximoff also spotted one of Alice’s flaw in the messy numbers during last year closing. Maximoff said that Maximoff will handle it.

Maximoff said that if it is about me who do not want to work under Alice – then, it’s easy to settle.

Actually, apparently both Maximoff & Miguel have plans for some re-structuring in the Division. Some buyers are just way too long in a particular category.

Maximoff asks me which department that I want to go…Maximoff was looking into HouseHold, Appliances…

Maximoff ask me whether I want to talk to Miguel or not. I say there is no need to.

Maximoff will WatsApp Miguel.

As a conclusion, Maximoff ask me to think about it and give Maximoff the final answer the next day (Thursday).

Beautiful, If Inconsistent

So, on Wednesday morning…I went into the office early.

I drop by first at the HR Department. Handed in my resignation letter. The HR Officer asks me who my current SCM is. I replied back – Alice. The HR Officer said – her again? Hahaha…I guess it is because Ramly left first and now I am going off too.

Thereafter, I went over to Alice’s room. The first attempt, there was another colleague in the room. Then I went back for the second time and handed over my resignation letter to her. As usual lor…she stabs me…loudly she says (in Cantonese) that she expected it already…she told other people (whom I am not sure who they are) that I will leave once I receive my 13th month salary. Her reaction just left me dumb-founded. So, in the end, I just keep quiet and just thank her for everything in 2015. Then, I left her room.

A Sky Full Of Stars

6/1 - I tendered.

Life allows us second chances. There’s always chance for change…for turn around… go for what you want in 2016.

There’s a season for everything…whether it’s slowing down the pace or picking up speed.
A season for material gains. A season for appreciating familial love. A season for working on friendships or yourselves. A season for achieving your dreams.

As long as you are fit & healthy and your mind is in the right place, you are able to meander from one state of life to another. If only you would allow yourself to go with the flow.

Olivia & Sophia

Before I went off on my year end leave…until I came back this week…Fendi is still in Alice’s room everyday…still sitting beside Alice.

Then, the other day...Emerson came to my room…Emerson also notice the same thing…I polish Emerson’s shoe a bit, stating that Emerson is so observant :) Emerson says…that this Alice can really nag Fendi, treating Fendi like a school children, Fendi’s face is so tense up. Then, Emerson told me that Emerson got inform this situation to Miguel…ask Miguel to teach Alice that this is not the way…otherwise Fendi also cannot tahan. This Emerson also like to api-apikan the keadaan.

Later in the same evening – Ursula called me up. Ursula said that she very kesian of my new colleague. Because Ursula also notice the same thing. Again, I go and polish Ursula’s shoe this time, stating that Ursula is so observant :)

Sunday, January 03, 2016

for it to rain donuts

Senja @ Saujana.

Our New Year Dinner together – yesterday evening, fine dining style…with Italian menu and white wine – Torres, Miss Klein, Mel Jag & myself.

Appetiser: Insalata di Pere ed Endivia Belga con Dressing al Gorgonzola e Noci (Belgium Endive Salad, Pears, Gorgonzola Dressing and Walnuts).

Mains: Risotto con Crema d’Aglio, Petto d’Anatra Scottato e Salsa al Vino Rosso (Garlic Cream Risotto, Smoked Duck Breast and Barolo Wine Sauce) and Pizza Salmone.

Dessert: Custard Cream & Chocolate Volcano.

After dinner, we took some selfies & wefies together, than hang out at the Bayu Lounge for some English tea before we adjourned.

We have been friends…on an average of about 10 years. They are very cool, funny, engaging, super fun to talk to and so chilled, plus they are excellent and well-matched companions for me. That’s right, I actually loved hanging out 24/7 with them! :)


Liverpool 0 - 2 West Ham :(
Yo - yo performance.

Holding Me Up

God – I know that today my attitude memang tak boleh pakai…so much of hesitation in me. I actually embarrass myself. I am not a good role model to my Small Ham. Sunday school & teaching is really not me. Not my kind of thing. I know, I am such an ass-hole. But I also know that I don’t have much friends and network…so if this Sunday School thingy is my first step…the very first door…so be it. God – please lead the way. I am still a piece of work in progress…refine me, polish me. I want to do Ministry. So, if I have to work with the small kids and to teach them…then so be it lor…but God – you have to really work extra hard on my heart & perspective.

I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you – Do Not Fear; I Will Help You.



The Stationery Department closes the December month MTD positive @ +7.22% growth, RM368K.
For the YTD 2015 – it was @ -0.47% decline, RM204K.

My third desire was to close the Stationery Department YTD positive…yes, I was nearly there but seeing that it closes MTD and quarterly positive…is also good enough.

Excellent results. The category also closes the last quarter of the year positive – October, November & December.

Thank you God for such an amazing blessings, the store people, the suppliers, the support team, Ursula, Marcus, Tommy & Miguel.

GOD - permission to say this – (I don’t want to feel like I’m too arrogant…or too optimistic here)…2015 ended beautifully for me and I feel that 2016 is also going to be another great year, it will be our year… nothing seemed to shit us at all! :)

Cross Justice

When I was on holiday for the whole of last week – Alice got WatsApp me to check on the artwork for the CNY Part 2 Leaflet…what I did was, I even draft out the whole artwork for her…what items to put first…the flow…I even put in the remarks that for the CNY Artificial Flowers & the Decorative Lights – the samples were already given to the photographer.

Then, on Saturday morning, I went to work to clear out my email inbox so that I will save some time when I go in to the office tomorrow morning.

So, I saw my supplier’s email to Alice, Cc to me. Attach were the flowers pictures. But sedangkan, I have already put in a remark that stated that the samples are with the photographer. So I am not sure is it the photographer who did the photo shooting late or again…The Witch didn’t see properly or didn’t read properly that I have put in a remark (on the draft paper) that the samples were with the photographer. Ok, fine. Then, The Witch emails the flowers pictures to the Marketing Department…Cc Miguel somemore. Why? To show that I didn’t do work is it and she is doing all the work. Small thing like that also want to Cc Miguel. Adoi...

Then the Decorative Lights – I also mention that the samples are with the photographer…again, still featuring the lantern picture. Lantern & lights is 2 different things yo…sigh…

Then Alice email to Zurick…asking for the pencil bag pictures…she can take it from the BTS Leaflet mah…ok, I give her the benefit of the doubt. She don't know. See the item description also know lah…it’s from the Yiwu Buying Trip. Ok, didn't cross her mind.

Drop By Drop

This is confirmed happened in last year November – Celtic’s 35th Birthday celebration day out. Stephanie & I brought her to the newly opened Putrajaya IOI Mall. We went ice skating, we had lunch, we went & watch the new James Bond movie: Spectre and we have yum cha thereafter.

Girl Alone

OMG – this is way back to the year of 2014…Celtic’s birthday celebration…we had steamboat…no idea was it in November, December or October? Day or night? Stephanie is there. But I have no idea which restaurant we were at. The one is Puchong?

Then, in conjunction with Celtic’s farewell from G13 – we had another steamboat dinner @ Gamuda Walk. Celtic drop da’bomb in February last year. So, this farewell dinner must be somewhere around that time.

See…the importance of Blog Punctuality…

Entertainingly Baffling Story

Hahaha…ok…one small thing that I will make sure that I will do this year is Blog Punctuality. Any event that needs to be blogged down, no later than a month. There are so many happenings that the dates are all upside down and are not in the right order of date & time chronologically.

Like the event above – I went ice skating with Celtic & Stephanie…back in November last year.
What an experience. It really requires a lot of good balancing work. I only manage to skate 1 round, around the ice rink…and was holding on to the railings all at the time; together with Celtic. Unlike Stephanie…who skated like a pro.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Embrace Your Microbes

Ok…I will put on my best behavior when I go back to the office on 4/1. I will treat Alice to the niceness :)

Dealing With An Incompetent Boss.

An incompetent person is someone who is functionally inadequate or insufficient in knowledge, skills, judgment or strength. If this is what you’re talking about than you’re right, they are incompetent. It happens. In other words, the boss doesn’t know squat about being a manager and probably knows little to nothing about the area of work you do.

An incompetent boss can seriously damage or derail your career. If they do have a serious lack of knowledge, we know that they can do nothing to grow you as an employee. Let’s look at the potential damage they can inflict and what you can do to minimize or avoid.

Career Impact – the decisions they make can have an impact on you. They lack insight and understanding. This means the impact to you can range from cleaning up a mess to putting you in a position that makes you look like you tanked the business. It can make you lose precious time and focus or even get fired.

Bad Direction – we look for our boss to provide direction. But when the boss is incompetent, their directions can be bad or pointless, often leaving important issues untouched.

Bad Support – our boss can be the single biggest supporter of our career trajectory but if they are clueless about the nature of your work, they may be supporting either the wrong things or person. When you have an incompetent boss, you do have to think through how this person functions in order to use whatever strength they do have to your advantage or minimally avoid career limiting outcomes.

Things You Can Do To Prevail With An Incompetent Boss:

Up Level Yourself >> if you know your area well enough, there is no reason to not go ahead and create and pursue directions you know will achieve results good for your company. People that do this are naturally followed by their peers as an informal leader. Management, although maybe not your direct boss will notice your initiative. Of course, you don’t want to do something that undermines the boss, so keep them in the loop.

Figure Out The Problem >> the boss’s incompetence is annoying, but it usually impacts you and others in specific ways. Try to observe what those are and make a plan to counteract the problem. I once had an incompetent boss; the biggest issue was that he would sometimes make decisions for the group I managed that were ill considered and negatively impacted the company. I asked him if I could be involved in those decision discussions and it mostly worked. There were times when the direction simply wasn’t possible, but people soon learned that they needed to come to me for good decisions. We worked around the problem.

Teach Them >> every time you speak to your boss you have an opportunity to train and teach them about your area. It seems kind of ludicrous to train your boss, but the ongoing investment will be worth it once they are savvy enough to know what you’re talking about.

Look For A Mentor >> look around for someone at a higher level who is sharp and going places with some type of a good connection to you. Ask them to be your mentor.

Leave >> sometimes it’s better for your career to leave rather than try to stick it out. If you’ve tried several things and there is no improvement, it may be the time for you to pursue something else. While an incompetent boss can be annoying and frustrating, you can make up for their short comings and also manage up as they know innately that they lack many skills and knowledge. Don’t let your frustration get in the way of managing the situation more effectively.

I know that The Witch is trying…I can see that she is cutting down communication time with me…to minimize confusion…or if I want to view at it negatively…is to ensure that I do not have the sufficient information to carry out my tasks. Nonetheless, its nature vs. nurture here. It’s already inside her. Miguel’s training will take some time to digest in. Furthermore, The Witch is quite stubborn, refuse to lose and she subconsciously lives in her own world where she mis-interprets things often.

The Last Ever After

10 Core Tenets for 2016.

This is what I want to bring into the my workplace this year.

Cheryl Yeoh; the founding CEO of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC).

Be a purpose driven Buyer. Remember why you are here. Why you are building this business.

Focus on doing one thing really really well, one at a time.

Be insanely optimistic about possibilities but be grounded and practical.

Stay humble. Always be curious and eager to learn.

Dare to fail. Be diligent about experimenting with different strategies and methods every week. Double down on those that work and cut out those that don’t.

Hustle and try harder. Two of the most valuable characteristics of a great buyer is resourcefulness and persistence. There are always 10 different ways of achieving something.

Pay it forward. Give before you take.

When in doubt, always care. Your platoon’s problem is your problem. Their success is your success.

Personal growth is just as important, if not more important than company growth.

Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

Unparallel Lifestyle


Tonight, I want to pay a tribute to You.

Today, I would like to tell the story…from A to Z on the Shelter 101 Project.

God’s Faithfulness, Goodness, Greatness & Awesomeness can be seen throughout the entire journey of this project.

Back in 2014 – either it was in November or December…with the help of a ReapField Real Estate Agent – we saw this house – a 2 storey house (22 x 75) at the address of No: 21, Jalan Kristal 7/69, 40000 Shah Alam. Most importantly, it is a Non-Bumi unit. The house was price @ RM630K.

The house was located close to public amenities – such as multiple bus stops (for Mama Ham), SpeedMart 99, eateries, the government clinic, the government hospital, a recreational lake, an international school, 2 primary schools, 1 secondary school. It is situated in between Klang Bukit Raja, I-City & the Shah Alam Town Center. So, to me…this was a unit that is good for family living & holds good commercial value for re-sell later on.

Then, the journey begins, I first applied for a bank loan (RHB Bank), get on-top funding from my Papa Ham & Mama Ham and select my lawyer as my representative.

What was supposed to be a normal 3 months wait – it turns out to be more than that. This is because the previous owners borrowed money from the government instead from the normal commercial banks, thus the process was even more tedious. The lawyer didn’t help much too. Every time I chase them, there is no update because there was no update from the other party.

So, there was the S&P process, booking fees, consent letter, redemption letter, confirmation letter, differential sum, Bahagian Pinjaman, redeem property, 1st disbursement, 2nd disbursement, title, stamping etc.

So finally on the 19th October 2015 – we finally got the house keys!

Throughout the whole process, I don’t deny that I was reckless, impatient, in agony…just about every other negative feelings there is. I bet God is laughing at me because I may feel that it is a delay, but perhaps in actual fact, with such processes, I may be ahead of schedule. That is why with this Shelter 101 Project – I see the Lord.

And God have fulfilled my first desire – to have a house so my Papa Ham & Mama Ham doesn’t have to climb up the stairs to our apartment anymore. This Shelter 101 Project was kick-start back in 2013...and finally...with God's have reach a beautiful conclusion.

But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God.

I’m so happy to be finishing the year 2015 on a high and eagerly awaiting to see in the new year of 2016!

Experience At The Peak

Happy 2016 Everyone!

Seize the New Year!

Treat your time as a gift for you to create changes in life.

Yes – this is how I want my 2016 to be like…I want to go on more adventures, be around good energy, connect with people, learn new things, grow.

By Jay Jayaraj.

As we get older and life begins to fall into a mundane routine in some areas, it is important to fill it with activities, new goals, aspirations and connections so growth is constant.

Growth is not about what we may have in the bank account. It is more about growing to understand what is important to us, getting our priorities right and getting in touch with ourselves and others around us. Sometimes, we hide ourselves behind the over-used phrase – I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy.

It is true what they say about life being short or unpredictable. Life’s unpredictability brings an excitement and anxiety at the same time, and the fact that things can change in a split second by just a single event is what largely defines life and us as individuals.

A new year is just not another year, another 12 months that will pass by so quickly with routine and the usual events. Instead, think of it as something more and deep. Treat it with a bit more dignity, as a gift and a chance at a personal level to create desirable changes in life.

Create opportunities to be with people who matter the most and pause to think and react calmly when the going gets tough.

Connect with your inner self and find peace. Aim for every year to be the best, so when you look back into your book of life at some point, each chapter is filled with love, positivity and triumph over challenges.