Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eye on Everything's

Deary me. What a hectic week this has been.

The Italians won the World Cup + everything is back to its normality + life has been a bit testy for me + project deadlines + a bad headache + a bruised thigh (I knock myself against a metal table) + driving a van that has a cold (it actually shivers – I am so afraid that it will break down anytime now) + lots of eggtarts :)

However on the bright side, today is Tommy’s birthday! So Nikolai & myself organized a birthday lunch at DELICIOUS; Bangsar Village for some alfresco dining in the company of loved ones :) Tommy was disappointed that they don’t serve chill beer. Hence after makan, we brought Tommy to THE TALK – it was nice and cozy as we sat quietly, sipping our beers, gossiping, bitching (as usual Nikolai has many juicy tales to share), gaze off into the far horizon and think about this & that. For a few hours, I totally forgot about the pending deadlines, housework, bills and other problems in the soup of life.

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