Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mr. Cappuccino Butt

Last week was bitter – initially Celtic & Wyatt was supposed to visit our northern territories, then all of a sudden Boss ask me to join them :( It could have been a fun road trip…but with these 2 people, it just spoils everything. Celtic and Wyatt were very nice; of course they were faking it…and so am I :) Nonetheless, it was a good outing, we did local market analysis, visited some key people in the industries and networking.

This week was delightful. Some amazing things happen – plenty of new assortments to play with, figures have been consistently on the rise, got our Q2 incentives and Nikolai was promoted plus this weekend is Nikolai’s birthday as well :) Juan, Tommy and myself organized a birthday lunch at COCA; invited Joachim along too. We did not expect Nikolai’s superior to come but I think Joachim accepted it as a politeness. The steamboat buffet was tasty. We spent close to 3 hours laughing and nattering away about nothing in particular. We certainly can’t say much in front of Joachim anyway :) After lunch, Tommy, Nikolai & myself hang out at Coffee Bean for our private bitching :) It was wonderfully simple, relaxed, casual and down to earth.

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