Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sometimes You Have To Go A Little Crazy To Stay A Little Sane

OK…so I was wrong. The Germans did not manage to march into the finals. Instead in its place were the Italians. Bad German defense aside, I have actually forgotten how beautiful Alessandro Del Piero is! He was so hot and sexy. Together with Totti, Zidane, Figo – they were like the soon-to-be-retire players, but it was great watching them in action, strutting their stuff on the pitch and to have that final glory. Physical fitness is one thing but experiences do play a vital role as well. The French team has proved that those aging legs of theirs can still pose danger to their opponents. So who will it be? The Azzurri’s or Les Bleus? 1-0 – to the French :)

This week has been very happening. We had a K session the other night; organized by Nikolai – with the presence of Wyatt, Eloise and Stavros. Eloise and Stavros are Boss’s new recruit. But Tommy pointed out that we need an alliance, we need a source; as effective as CNN to report back to us on what Boss & Co. are up to :) So we were not socializing but actually working…overtime…and are not entitle to any entertainment claims :)

We watched ‘Superman Returns’ as well. The movie was boring. Simple storyline, no thrills, no fun. Only this time the special effects look much more real and convincing than those made during the Christopher Reeves era. Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars’ was even better. The cars have such cute animated expressions and they have emotions too.

Yesterday night we celebrated our Q2 with a seafood buffet at Hyatt Saujana and all night party at RP :) A night where everyone was not well-behaved :)

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