Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Secret

I went for the Japanese Interview :) All is well…I will be having 3 buyers working under me…I don’t have to do a weekly catalogue anymore…finding money will be so much easier…their 2012 strategy is to have a major range change, something that I am doing currently…BUT…the main office is very far…and…I have to work on Saturday; alternate Saturday…on a full day basis…when I hear this…I very SIEN already :( I would like to dedicate my weekends to my family, my friends and myself…work-life balance.

They have yet to get back to me…I don’t think they will hire me…even if they want to hire me…as I have blogged earlier on…I already have the answer. This job opportunity is not so much about the opportunity itself…when I was feeling very very down during that period of time…GOD blessed me with this opportunity…that itself indicates to me that GOD is by my side. And that assurance is more than enough. Nonetheless, I hope with this sharing session…I hope that I have build up the relationship & point of contact with them. Who knows…after all, the retail industry in Malaysia is a very small one.

Networking, building relationships, what the Chinese called "Quan Xi", is very important in today's business. Sometimes, its not what you know, but who you know. You never know who you meet may be your guardian angel in disguise. Of course I don’t go around making friends with an ulterior motive – if you are not sincere, people can see through you. If you use people, it can only work once or twice before you lose your reputation and that, if once lost cannot be recovered…especially, in my area of work – ethics are so important. And so, I keep a constant check on my value system. I believe that with a strong value system, one need not fear judgment day because one would have been led by strong values and would have walked a path of good and not one of self destruction.

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