Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Air + Ocean

Iron Butterfly resigned! Totally unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my ears when Stewart broke the shock news to me this afternoon. Iron Butterfly is not only a workaholic individual but she is also fully dedicated to the company as well. Iron Butterfly is like married to the job & the company. We never get along well when Iron Butterfly was posted to here in 2008. We have more down moments together than up. Nonetheless, I am very thankful for the knowledge & guidance that Iron Butterfly have passed down to me. I always have and I always will. I heard that the stress was the culprit…I'm almost resigned to the fact that we have the problem of a very weak company and we will never be able to achieve our previous glorious results with the rate & strategies that we are currently going. Only time will tell whether the top management have make the right or the wrong decision in steering us into this direction. And to add to the problem of our ailments, we have a very competitive market & strong and richer competitors.

As for myself, I am not so sure either. I was indeed hesitate to take up the offer. I want the increment but not the title :) It will certainly stress me up to the maximum. But lately, I am feeling GOD’s presence is around me…I think everything should be ok. Even through all the logical, rational ways that I use to make decisions, I find that learning to listen to my own gut more is still a very valid way to find the right path. When something’s amiss, your gut will tell you. When something’s absolutely right, your instincts will let you know too. I think it’s important to advocate positive thinking everyday.

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