Monday, December 12, 2011

The Drive Of Life

Lexie drop da’bomb…Stephanie drop da’bomb :(

I’m very happy for these young individuals when they are given the opportunities to further their career elsewhere with better increment & benefits. I’m so excited when someone who has the guts to end what is hindering and negative in their life, to do something positive and enriching. However, the downside to it is that right now Team Baz is really indeed short of horsepower & firepower. What’s more, both of them are leaving the team at the most critical of times – BTS, Christmas & CNY 2012. I remember that I used to job-hop as well…I didn’t stay very long in SAM 25 & in SEGI. But that’s life.

Now, I hope that the company will quickly hire a Toy Buyer and an Admin Executive…seriously, I know it’s not that easy. Yes, there are choices available…but the quality…hmm…I pray to GOD and keep my fingers cross that good candidates can be found. Someone who is determined to go, willing to learn, willing to try, willing to experience, takes the initiative, genuine & sincere, fair & justice, doers rather than talkers, believe in meritocracy, be transparent…I hate people who are into how large their office space is going to be, or "What car do I get?" And, of course, "What's my title?". I pray that the right ones will turn up.

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