Monday, September 17, 2012


This week is my Mom’s 59th Birthday :) Happy Birthday Mom!

As the years went by, I begin to be very afraid of becoming like my mother when I turn old :) My mom has several strong traits in her and also some negative vibes as well. It is the bad apples that I am afraid off :) I have a dysfunctional relationship with my mother since I was young. Yes, I love her to the max but it is a love that is fraught with tension and the baggage of years. Being her eldest daughter meant being the embodiment of all that she hoped and feared for. Her Jekyll and Hyde nature made it difficult for me while growing up. Nonetheless, growing up I am indeed truly and very lucky that she made sure I was never burdened with house chores and that I had all the time that I needed to study or revise.

But now, as I become an adult myself, I realize that she has weathered so much. Loved so much and lost so much. But she has never given any less than everything when it came to her heart, my Baby Sis & myself. She is both the good and bad parts of me :)

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