Sunday, September 30, 2012

Full House, Full Heart

Work Tales - I am so busy lately. So much of work, one after the other. Things and to-do-list keeps on piling up like crazy. Suppliers & the Store Team are chasing me like nobody business. So many deadlines; until I don’t know which one to start and do first. Everything is a priority and important.

Nonetheless, today I want to share something that is special yet very significant in many ways.
Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD. First and foremost, Leonardo has confirmed me. My probation is 6 months long…however, this week I have passed my third month with G13. This has taken me by surprise. As the time has passed by so swiftly, I feel like that I didn’t do and contribute much to the team. I think I have only contributed to the Assortment Review and the Re-Planograming project and that is also not perfect. There were many mistakes that were spot-on. Then the second surprise is that Leonardo has given me an additional increment. Well, in my offer letter; it has been stated that once I have been confirmed, I will get this X amount of increment but Leonardo gave me more. I am so Blessed. Baby Sis was right after all – Do What You Love, Love What You Do & The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself :) Totally unexpected. I thank Leonardo for this surprise package and for saving me. Before Leonardo interviewed me for this job, Leonardo actually has met at least 3 candidates. Matte – Marit and the Stationery Buyer. I don’t know who is the third candidate is. Leonardo was searching high & low for a replacement for Jonas and I was the 4th candidate. Looking at Matte – Marit and the Stationery Buyer's background…the both of them should have higher chances at being selected by Leonardo compare to me because their strength and portfolio have always been in Stationery after all. No doubt, I have done Stationery before but that was in 2005 and 2006 and a bit in early of 2008, still it was eons ago. Matte – Marit also has additional help from Alice. Alice straight away condemns me that I am of no use and have been lobbying hard for Matte – Marit. I don’t know what is the reason that Leonardo have chose me or what Leonardo sees in me, but Leonardo has save me from a capsize ship. I hope Leonardo have no regrets about it.

GOD – you make things Real for me. You have open my eyes to the work of your Mighty Hand. And I would love to continue to have your strong & spiritual presence hovering over me everyday, hold my hand and walk beside me for a journey that is full of many possibilities. I found my moment. I am so, so grateful for all of the miracles that You have made possible. TODAY, I'M HAPPY :)

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