Monday, September 17, 2012

Command & Conquer

NEAT – that’s the one & only comment coming out from Leonardo. Duh! Of course it’s neat because we took out every single stock there is and re-arrange them back all over again. I guess I was expecting comments that are more precise, more tactical, more relevant…especially since Leonardo’s position is equivalent to my position as a Division Manager at the French. Even my Advisers & Consultants have given me good & reliable pointers to improve on the planogram moving forward. What needs to be group together, which merchandise that needs to be display first, whether it should be done on a horizontal or a vertical basis, which brand should come first, which area that can be compacted, thus free up more space for other categories – strategic observations with careful premeditated solutions. Not only a word of NEAT :( Sometimes, I feel that Leonardo doesn’t really know much :) Leonardo fully gives Jonas, Alice & Pietro the free hand to do whatever they want. If the sales drop, Leonardo just ask them for action plans such as; do more in-house promotions, when the stock value shoots up, just do some returning or markdown to bring down the stocks days. Leonardo just make sure that everyone and everything is in-line with the budget & target. Whereas for Jonas – when I was doing the planogramming, lots of dead bodies resurface :) And as I dig deeper, I find that even though I may not be better than Jonas, I actually feel that I am on par with Jonas. So…if Jonas decides to or does come back to G13, which I know everyone will be rooting for Jonas (including Leonardo) – no doubt, I will fight for my place in the team as well. I’m not expecting an easy ride. I’ll have to work hard to play my part and I’m prepared to do that. I’ve done it before and it will take me a bit more time to meet everyone and bed in but I’m looking forward to it. Obviously I should ask for help. And I know lots of people I could have called to help me…but the trouble with me is – I don’t like to ask for help. I would rather try and fix something myself. And I’d only ask for help once I have clearly established that I couldn’t fix it myself :)

Overall, I am glad that the whole implantation process is all done & setlle with. I was beside myself! I was floating with pride – it was such an awesome parental moment. Thank You GOD, Praise To The LORD, Bless You GOD. There are areas that I need to tweak and improvise on but that can be done later. I have to thank all of the store team and the suppliers who have helped me to complete this chapter of the department. I mean it, Thank You.

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